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Flowers on the sand by jeza_red, thor/loki, adventure fic, 18.7k
    Thor jumps after Loki. And then there's desert, slavers and cat-faced people, and real trouble begins.
    I have a great fondness for the idea of Thor jumping after Loki at the end of the Thor movie, but I wasn't sure I ever expected to find a lengthy, satisfying fic that dealt with it! And then I saw this one was over 18k and the summary was intriguing! And, ahhhhh, it's SO GOOD. The story jumps into the middle of a scene, they're already caught by slavers and the author still does all this gorgeous world building that I fell in love with, the use of other creatures that they fall in with, the OCs that I came to genuinely like, the threads of the other cultures that were woven into this story, all without taking away from the wrenching story of Thor and Loki trying to deal with this situation on top of everything that happened before. The fic is gorgeous because it takes its time with their relationship, putting them into dangerous situations that force them to set aside their differences for just long enough to really start seeing each other again, both of them. And, oh, the author did gorgeously at taking time with it, not just immediately shoving them into that understanding, but instead it takes time for them both to work through things, enough that I bought their hard-won beginning to inner peace. This is another one of those stories that I just sank into, that I was wrapped up in, that I could nearly feel the physical heat of the desert they were trapped in, because the author did such a lovely job of setting a scene. And it was even one of those fics where, yes, they are probably going to be a pairing, there are other people calling them a couple, but the emotional resolution they found was so satisfying that I didn't even miss makeouts or confessions. I was content with exactly what the author was going for here and I was satisfied with the ending that was exactly what the story called for. Ugh, I'm just going to go roll around in my feels now for awhile longer.

The Saga of Loki and the Wyrms of Titan by Goblin Cat KC, thor/loki + avengers + thanos, 26k wip
    Loki does what he does best Ė make trouble and have someone get him out of it again. With a dungeon escape, trolling the Avengers, and thwarting an alien invasion.
    There's no way I'm going to be able to remember everything I wanted to say about this fic, which is frustrationg because this is so much the post-Avengers Thanos fic that I want so far! But I guess the best way for me to describe my feelings about this fic is... this is a weird image, I know, but every once in awhile, I read a fic that gives me the mental image of myself grabbing great handfuls of the story and chomping down on them, inhaling scene after scene because it's so good and I can't stop. How many times I meant to put the fic down for a bit, but, oh, just one more scene, just let me get through one more conversation, then I'll stop.... I read through all 26k words of this and, yeah, okay, it's not finished yet and I'm going to be clawing the walls for the rest of it, but I absolutely do not regret starting this fic at all.

Everyone is exquisitely in character--well, mostly it's Loki that the story spends the majority of the time with, but there's also several scenes with Thor and appearances by the other Avengers and Fury, all of which the author just absolutely nails down beautifully. The premise of the fic is that things are more complicated with Loki, that his true motivations and reasons haven't been fully unveiled yet, but now that he's escaped Asgard and is on the run from Thanos and working to keep building up the Avengers, he's in over his head and certain things become a lot more apparent. Like Loki may still be a little shit, but their goals may not be entirely different. And, oh, this fic absolutely does not forget that Loki is unhinged and dangerous and damaged, even while it's also exploring how desperately he wants Thor to protect him again, to be safe with Thor. Every scene he shares with Thor is so incredibly emotionally satisfying for how stubborn Loki is, how one wrong thing sets him off again, but also Thor is starting to put more of the pieces together (especially as Loki's motivations are being revealed) and his determination to help his little brother is perfect. There's a scene where Loki is wounded and Thor has picked him up to carry him to safety and is going to feed him a golden apple to help him heal, where Loki tries to refuse simply because Loki is stubborn and Thor just presses on with him anyway, force feeding him (by taking a bit of the apple himself and kissing Loki to press it into him, then holding him until he swallows), in a way that was so perfect to the character, that that's when I knew the fic had me.

The relationship between them isn't smooth or suddenly perfect again, because there's still that tremendous weight of everything that's happened between them, as well as the reveal of Loki using the Avengers to defeat the Chitauri and Thanos doesn't suddenly make everything good again, because he's still lost and still vicious and the old wounds are still there. But there's also comfort, and Loki finally having shelter from Thor again and, oh, my feelings on that were just ridiculous. Add in that the plot is fascinating, the other characters are pretty great (Tony gets a couple of pretty choice lines as well), Thanos is genuinely terrifying, and, basically, I want to shove this fic at everyone and make you all read it with me because I have been waiting for this fic. Even if I'm going to go claw at the walls for more of it now.

Trajectories by glayish, thor/loki + avengers + thanos, nsfw, action fic, 38k
    They would become two sides of the same spinning coin. For neither one could exist without the other, but neither would they stand side by side. Touched but never touched, they would fight in desperation. Together but apart, they would long with love. Brothers, standing back to back, Thor pointed towards the light and Loki spun around to live on the dark side. It would have to be enough. The Chitauri and Thanos capture Thor to cause Loki the most unimaginable pain. Loki joins with the Avengers to get him back.
    Chapters 01-04: I have been eying this fandom for awhile, trying to figure out where all the good Thanos fic is hiding and, ahhhhh, finally, yesssss, this is what I have been waiting for. Loki is taken back to Asgard, Thanos isn't done with him yet, but it's not in the way Loki things--they're not coming for him, they're coming for Thor. That is what will cause him the most pain, after all. I would have been happy if this was gen, but NOPE, I get Thor/Loki along with it! And not only is it full of Thor trying again and again to reach out to Loki, not only is it full of a gorgeous Loki characterization post-movie, but also Loki has to ask the Avengers for help. Oh, man, that was so good for me, you don't even know. Especially because he's working through so much shit, trying to keep Thor at arm's length because he's still a box of cats inside, something dark is still twisting him up and he doesn't believe anything better would ever accept him, but then there's the plot with Thanos building and the Avengers getting sucked back in and, oh, the pacing and plotting of this are delicious, because the author actually takes the time to build this story up properly. I just sunk into this fic as soon as I started reading it, it wouldn't let me go until I'd devoured everything there was of it so far (4 chapters at the time of this rec) and now I'm going to go claw at the walls and desperately wait for more of it. Because, oh, I will warn that ch4 ends on a rather brutal cliffhanger.
    Chapter 05: Ahhhh, this fic continues to be really good for me because it's building up to the climax of the story and the author does action scenes! Good action scenes! I have not found enough of those in fandom yet, so finding one that's set between Thanos' minions vs the Avengers and Thor vs Loki, ahhhh, yes, good. And what's really good--and sort of frustrating because asdl;kfjalskj I need the next part now, okay!--is just... everything that's between Thor and Lok in their confrontation while Thor is under Thanos' control. There's so much there and Loki is still so twisted around and angry and bitter and damaged but this situation is intolerable and it's cutting at him terribly, which makes me want to go read all the fluffy fic the internet will provide me with, but also I am enjoying this jagged edged relationship so much in this fic. The writing continues to be lovely, the cliffhanger is brutal again, and I'm back to clawing the walls while I wait.
    Chapters 06-08: It's a plotful fic about what happens post-Avengers, dealing with Thanos and the Chitauri and the threats they made against Loki. Chapter 5 ended on a hell of a cliffhanger, which these three chapters pick up from and, oh, the action just does not let up the entire time, both emotionally and physically. There are actual fight scenes! A truly epic battle against Thanos! The author does an amazing job of balancing all the team members, keeping a strong focus on Thor and Loki, but not forgetting any of the other team members and their roles in this battle. The writing is fantastic, it's the kind where I practically had to force myself to slow down because I was sliding into almost skipping parts of it because I desperately wanted to know what happened next, the tension and anxious feeling I had was totally delicious. And, of course, there was a very satisfying ending, it could only have ended the way it did, and the language of it was gorgeous and the feelings all tangled up inside me as Loki was faced with a possessed Thor, all the anger and hurt and desperation and fear and love and everything he went through. The ending may not have been perfect, but it was incredibly satisfying and, oh, this is a terrible rec for such a fantastic story, one that I've been pining for since I first walked out of the theater, and now I have it. I could not have asked for anything more from this fic, it gave me everything I wanted.

a road uncharted by aintitnifty, thor/loki, adventure fic, 23.8k
    Wherein Thor and Loki are lost, found, and mistaken for... well, gods.
    Chapter 1: If you've been in the Thor fandom for more than five minutes, you've probably seen Thor and Loki compared to Miguel and Tulio from The Road to El Dorado, which is hilarious, but now! This author has taken that idea and turned it into a fic--not a straight up fusion, but something I think I'm going to enjoy even better! A story that's similar to that idea, where Thor and Loki get themselves lost, then found, the mistaken for gods. And I love the sense of adventure of the story already, the fight scene and magic use and things going wrong and then things going a little better and, ahhhh, it's so interesting (I love the author's use of Loki's magic as much as I love Thor's fighting prowess, but also the slight touches of world building) and the friendly banter between the brothers is delightful, the way they bicker and then instantly know how to fight together, and just. This fic is really good for me and I want the next chapter already.
    Chapter 2: When I started reading this fic, I pretty much only expected a cute, maybe a little frothy Road to El Dorado fusion that I would just read for fun. But somewhere along the way, this fic turned quietly amazing in the little detail of how Thor and Loki interact with each other, their half-arguments that never really go anywhere but give an undercurrent to their relationship, the little details of the society they're in woven into the writing, some truly excellent banter between them that conveys the dynamic they have so well--they antagonize each other easily, but they love each other dearly, too. And then, oh, the ending was SO INTRIGUING and I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT ALL MEANS and now I'm just kind writhing around and wanting the next chapter already!
    Chapter 3: I dunno, maybe it's because I read this chapter during my shark week, but this chapter seriously gave me a whole lot of feels. Though, I kind of suspect that it was just really... well, this is currently one of my favorite fics, one of those that I go OMG UPDATE!! over whenever I see a new chapter, despite that I'm not really sure I could precisely explain why, other than to say it's really well-written. I suspect part of it is, with this chapter, it's from Thor's point of view, and it's a good Thor characterization (which, as I complain long and loudly to all, is surprisingly hard to find in this fandom) and it balances so much of everything that makes up the character, both good and bad, both anger and kindness, both immense strength and the tempering of it, especially as this chapter is centered around the rift that's grown between him and Loki, made all the worse when Thor realizes that Loki doesn't actually want to leave, that this place seems much better to him than their home. That realization is one of the reasons I read fic, to have Thor dealing with a Loki who isn't as at home in Asgard as he is, but without casting too much blame on either side. I feel for both of them, I love that I don't know if I want Loki to stay or not, I love that I'm pulled into the dilemma here. And I love how protective this Thor is of Loki, even when he knows that Loki doesn't really need it, I love that he automatically wants to teach the kids in the village how to be better fighters, I love that I love this Thor in this chapter. I picked up this fic for the "Whee! Road to El Dorado AU!" aspect, but wound up staying because it's giving me all the Thor&Loki Feels as well. And, um, I may have actually gotten a little achey during some of the scenes here.
    Chapter 4: Ahhhh, I don't want this to be the penultimate chapter! I want it to go on much, much longer than that! Which is a bit unfair of me, this fic is already at nearly 19k words (at the time of this rec), which is a goodly amount, just... this fic never fails to give me a lot of really intense feelings when I read a new chapter and it's got all this neat world-building and excellent characterization and I just... really don't want it to end. There's something that's really gorgeous about this story and the writing here that I don't want to give up! Especially since the author has been doing such a great job of teasing Thor and Loki's futures in half-remembered visions they have, keeping me wondering if this is going to go full AU to fix things or if it's meant to be set in the canon timeline! But it's also how, with every chapter I pick up again, I find myself thinking, mmm, I don't think this fic can really give me as many intense feelings as it did last time, there's no way my chest will actually ache a little while reading. And then every time it happens again!

The previous chapter and this chapter are both ones that are pretty punch me in the feelings because they deal with one of the issues I most love to see dealt with--that Loki finds a place that's better suited to his talents, where he has people who encourage him and appreciate him and respect him for his skills, but Thor is not as comfortable here and refuses to give up his brother. The author does an absolutely gorgeous job of how Thor isn't trying to be cruel or selfish, but he does not want Loki to stay, especially when he doesn't trust this place. It's that fine line between Thor being right, but also being selfish, Loki being blinded to what's going on around them, but also right in that this place does suit him better. It's gorgeously done and I love it all the more for how angry they both get in this argument, as you can absolutely feel how much it comes from so, so much weighted history between them, both good and bad.

But it's also in the little touches that this fic enthralls me. Whether it's Thor punching a wall because he's angry at Loki's refusal to come back home or wrapping an arm around Loki to sleep with him because Thor wants to actually literally hold on thim just for a little while and Loki's reaction to that (which is perfect and, oh, it hit me right in the feelings) or the way Thor talks to the villagers or even the cliffhanger ending. All of it is delicious. ....jeez, that's a lot of feelings I apparently had to vent out over this fic.

Hammer, Horn, and Heart by umakoo, thor/loki + loki/mjolnir, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, in heat!loki, berserker!thor, mythology, NSFW, 10k
    Thor often chose to visit him in the summer, for his golden skin was not made to withstand the cruel winters of Lokiís homeland. They would hunt together and feast together, tell stories and sing songs, spar and play and roam the land. Sometimes they bickered and came to blows, but no argument ever kept them from fucking for days on end, taking pleasure from each otherís bodies until their youthful lust was sated.
    This is a sequel to A Prelude, which should probably be read first, but, ahhh, this fic is such a fantastic follow-up to that one, it keeps doing all the right things and hitting all the right buttons for me, so much that I'm left fearing a terribly incoherent rec once again. The fic continues to have that level of comfort and easy familiarity with the mythology, so that this truly feels like a fusion of both mythology and Marvel characters, it blends them seemlessly and feels very natural to read. The fic continues to have a strong sense of the world these characters inhabit, so many little details of culture and background world building worked into the story (instead of just being infodumped on the reader), but also a strong sense of who both of these characters are. I love the way this author writes both of them, Loki with his fierce independence even as he's lonely and rather dearly wants to stay with/go with Thor, and Thor with his temper and cheerful good nature and how he clearly cares deeply about Loki but doesn't push too hard.

And, oh, when berserker!Thor happens, not only was it already an excellent action scene (I LOVE ACTION SCENES, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH, especially when they're written as super badass Thor against a terrible and fearsome foe like Angrboda, making it feel like a truly epic battle adventure of gods), but berserker!Thor is pretty goddamned terrifying. That's one of the things that this fic does so well, it balances Loki's sharp cunning and wily ways against the brewing storm that is Thor, I truly felt the god-like presence of Thor, especially in that fight. It balances that these two characters clearly care so much about each other, Loki trying not to be vulnerable but can't help how much he cares, Thor not wanting to put Loki in a cage or force him into anything but wanting to take Loki with him, wanting children with Loki, wanting more from him.

So, by the time the fic ends, I love that it's not about being super saccharine, but it's a happy ending, it's the perfect note the story needed to end on, right down to the words said to each other and the way they resolve their arguments. And I love that they do argue here, that it's a major part of the story that they fight just as fiercely as they fuck, because I love me some fluff for always, but my favorite is when they snarl and yell at each other just as much as they wrap themselves up in each other and fuck for days. Which, by the way, they definitely do as well. And, oh, the sex in this fic is so good for me, because it's intersex!Loki and there's Loki riding Thor's hand and then there's sex with Mjolnir that works so incredibly well because it's a combination of things, of respect for Mjolnir, there's clearly great affection from the author and the characters, so this is something glorious, not just a handy sex tool, but also because of the seidr and faint lightning Thor runs through, jfc, that was really good, and EVEN THEN THEY'RE NOT DONE, when Loki is on his hands as knees as Thor fucks into him and just. It's lengthy sex that hits so, so many of my kinks and is super hot and wonderfully characterized and truly feels like this is how gods fuck.

The entire story feels like a story about gods, really. The entire time I was reading, it felt like this is one of those adventures that's part of their epic mythologies, that further working with the feel of blending in the mythology here. So, to recap. Beautiful characterization (and in case I hadn't mentioned it, do you know how much I love that Thor is forever touching Loki in various ways, not always about sex, just that Thor is a very physical person, not even anything being made of it here, he just is), beautiful world building/blending of mythology into the characters, fantastic battle scene, an emotionally satisfying ending, and super satisfying sex. That's it, I'm done now, go on without me, I can't go any further.

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