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What Is Decent by allourheroes, thor/loki, human au, historical au, ~1k
    Loki was raised with manners, with grace, but he is not the heir. (A sort of Downton Abbey AU.)
    I know pretty much nothing of Downtown Abbey, so you can definitely read this without knowing the series, but I imagine you probably would get more out of it if you knew. But it's still a lovely little piece, that's just about a brief sketch of this AU's beginning, where Thor and Loki meet for the first time in a historical setting, and the author does a lovely job of making you feel like there's so much more here, that a whole world and story could unwind from what's being hinted at here.

for queen and country by versy, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, historical au, 3.2k
    Loki lies back and thinks of England.
    When you have an author's note that says, "This is playing at being Victorian for the sake of terrible porn so please excuse any inaccuracies.", I'm pretty much going to react with a, "....I am going to read the shit out of that." Yes, the premise is humorous, but the fic itself isn't really meant to be cracky or lolarious, but instead just gleefully running straight towards the premise and how its a wonderful thing and this author clearly loves me. Thor and Loki on their wedding night, with some Victorian era sensibilities being played at, so Loki's just supposed to lie back and think of England and all that, but it doesn't quite work out that way, of course, because they end up wildly attracted to each other. And there's something really hot about the Victorian sense of... well, the attempts to be shamed about enjoying sex isn't precisely what's hot about it, it's the sense of overcoming that shame that Loki thinks he's supposed to feel, of the intimacy that he has with Thor despite himself, the way the author wrote a gorgeously hot sex scene with them. When passion overcomes "sensibility", the way it did beautifully here, that is what's really hot. Though, the sex itself was also just straight-up hot, too, especially because I never get tired of Thor being totally turned on just by looking at Loki all spread out like that.

Master of the Hunt by AdamantSteve, thor/loki, NSFW, mortal au, period piece, spanking, 1k
    As acting Lord of the Manor, it's up to Thor to deal with Loki's misdeeds, such as running the hunt through Laufeyson land.
    Oh, sweet jesus, this was good for me. Mortal AU/period piece where Loki is a little shit who lounges around to deliberately stir Thor into pulling Loki across his lap to spank him and then slide his hand between Loki's legs to see that this is turning him on and then fucking him hard right on the chaise lounge? And then the perfect ending? Jfc. Just go on without me. This was fantastically written and, for a fic that's only about a thousand words, that was everything I wanted. Always give me more of Thor's temper + Loki's being a little shit about it. Always.

As if he were the Sun by ohfreckle, thor/loki + other thor characters, NSFW, human au, russian historical au, some crossdressing, 5.5k wip
    Thor is a Russian nobleman and Loki is his spoiled rotten consort who’s drenched in jewels and furs and is constantly whispering conspiracies and scandal into Thor’s ear.
    Russian nobleman!Thor and spoiled consort!Loki, oh, this was an utterly amazing prompt and I love this first chapter for it already. It's fantastic how much you can feel the research that went into the background of this story, so that there are all these little casual details that lead to a richness of the story (the clothes, the drinks, the problems they'd face, the solutions Loki offers up) but without feeling at all like the fic grinds to a halt to give them. They are just simply part of the story that's being told, the everyday part of their lives in this historical period! But, as much as I love it for being an amazing prompt that was given serious consideration, as much as I love it for being about LOKI IN FURS and RUSSIAN NOBLEMAN THOR, it's also beautifully characterized. This Thor is so indulging and knows maybe he shouldn't be, but doesn't care because he cares about Loki, he likes spoiling him! And this Loki is so cutting and sharp, there's something almost mean about him, except not, because there's something genuine between them and the balance is spot on with their characterizations. Loki being such a shit and Thor half finding him amusing and half loving him for it, that's the sweet spot with these two, ahhh.

This is also a Loki who is that kind of twisty seductive that I love, who knows how to manipulate to get what he wants, whether it's Thor or the people that are sort of 'enemies' (as much as they have them in this universe). Whether that means walking around in little more than women's underwear or tempting Thor with how ready to fuck he is, it's perfection because Loki should always be a little manipulative and Thor should always know that about him and half love him for it and half just see right through him but still be affected by it. Which is, again, that sweet spot for these two and where I live, because it makes everything so good, but without giving up their sharp edges. And, oh, Loki's love of clothes and how pampered he is (and the good advice he gives Thor) and how extravagent his tastes are, this are so very excellent, too.

And then there's the sex. The night-ruining sex for me, where Loki had been waiting for Thor to return, already worked open and waiting for Thor's cock and I about exploded on the spot over that. Then he climbed onto Thor's lap, this mix of genuine appreciate for the new present he'd just gotten and vicious little shit, while Thor fucked up into him because he loved spoiling this little shit? Yeah, that was really good for me. Loki riding Thor's dick while those big hands are on him and supporting him and holding him, so it's just a bit rough but also so good and full of love, that does it for me. Thor wanting to see him, wanting to see his cock in Loki's ass, wanting to see the sated, wanton look on him, the possessiveness he has towards Loki. Just. Leave me here with my feelings.

As if he were the Sun by ohfreckle, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, russian nobility au, historical au, 9.9k wip [update rec]
    Thor is a Russian nobleman and Loki is his spoiled rotten consort who’s drenched in jewels and furs and is constantly whispering conspiracies and scandal into Thor’s ear.
    Yesss, I was waiting for the next chapter of this fic and it was so good for me. I love the set up so much, where Thor is a wealthy Russian noble and Loki is taken in and despite that this isn't a good political match, Thor doesn't care and Loki is sharp and good at ways to help him. There's tension in the fic, they should be careful, but it's about polite society and this situation isn't overdone and that makes it really well balanced and also genuinely pleasurable to read! It keeps a sharp edge but without me ever rolling my eyes at things feeling forced, instead it's far more engaging for being the right mix of "walk carefully" and "things are going well here"!

The fic has a ton of little details of the time period worked in in natural ways, and I lvoe that Thor is so openly affectionate with Loki who has trouble sometimes, who needs to be reassured, as well as Thor is absolutely ready to fuck Loki just about in public and, oh, intercrural sex can be difficult to write well, but the edge of desperation here, the way Loki wants that cock in him now, but they can't here, yes, that was scorchingly hot, mmm.

Paying the Viking's Price by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, human au, historical au, pwp, 1.1k
    Loki was beginning to wonder why he insisted on staying, it wasn’t as though he had cared much for his father or his things. He should’ve gone while he had the chance…
    This was short but a ton of fun! It's like a Thor/Loki romance novel snippet (as intended) which made me rather desperately want to find an actual romance novel on-line and change the names just for my personal reading! That's the kind of fun and "I want more of this!" the fic gave me, that it was a scream I could have read 100k of. Add in Loki riding Thor's dick and Thor cheerfully fucking up into him, it was delicious and captured the romance novel feel very nicely. ♥ Especially brute!Thor but not really, that is one of my very favorite things.

Our kingdom come by amberfox17, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, human au, historical period au, vikings au, 2.5k
    Vikings (TV) inspired AU ficlets: Thor is a Viking Jarl who has attacked the lands of Loki, the King of Anglo-Saxon Wessex. Loki invites Thor to join him in his private baths, as he has an interesting proposition for him...
    I did not expect this to be as hot as it was, considering that it's not actually porn, but goddamn it was really hot. The world fits the characters really well, with Loki as a cunning English king and Thor as a terrifying Norse Viking warlord, who would fight for Loki, who would follow his plans on the battlefield and then put Loki on his cock in bed and this dynamic is perfect here, it turns them both on, the sly and slithering Loki, the pure power and directness of Thor. I think this probably works better if you're familiar with season 2 of the show Vikings, this is a blend of Thor/Loki and Ragnar/Ecbert and it's so delicious to keep that dynamic in mind as you read--though, it's not 100% necessary.

The second chapter is ouchy and yet somehow emotionally satisfying for all that it's a bad ending/sort of a cliffhanger, because the strength of the scene conveys the context needed, so you know everything you need to, you feel the emotional beats of it. I hope the rest of the story will be written, but even if it isn't, it still packed a bpunch and can stand on it's own as a really cool fusion/au!

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