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Won't Be Held Down by Who I Used to Be by dreamlittleyo, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie, 4.5k
    Pre-Movie. Thor gives MjŲlnir to Loki in order to level the playing field. Loki doesn't react the way he expects.
    I went into this fic really only expecting more sexytimes. Instead, I got a fic that left me with that fannish ache because, oh, feelings. It's before everything falls apart with them, but before things have gone anywhere, until they do. The use of alternating povs is really well used here, because it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying without seeing the realization between them, of just what Loki really feels to how Thor reacts to realizing these things Loki tries so hard to hide, right along with how these two interact with each other. As difficult as Loki can be to write, getting Thor down perfectly, his good nature mixed with how he tends to dominate everything in the room just by sheer presence--it's a fine line to walk, but this author does it beautifully. It's not totally one-sided, because Thor cares very much about Loki, he knows that he's hopelessly outclassed by Loki's wit, and this is a dyanmic that's about... what this attraction does to both of them, how deeply it goes for both of them. The sexytimes are gorgeous as well, but it's also the final scene, Loki's manipulations of Thor that are as much about gaining an advantage as they are about Loki's own feelings driving him. Just. Gorgeous porn and gorgeous characterization and gorgeous feelings it gives me. Fuck this fucking fandom.

The Well of Urūr by epistolic, thor/loki, pre-movie, 5.6k
    "You will be the one to kill your brother," the woman says. Her finger rises and, like a needle, points in his direction. "He will not reign three moons, but you will kill him for his throne. You will be the one."
    Oh, this was gorgeous. It had a combination of many things I loved--world building set pre-movies so it gets into all the fantasy-style culture they might have had, stunningly lovely writing, and a great sense of how to be subtle and build up the tension in a way where you can't quite put your finger on it, but you can feel it. This is contributed to by one of the core themes of the fic being about fate, of those around Loki and especially Loki himself, the unsettling questions raised that don't have answers are perfect. This is not a tragic fic, at least not in the sense that it ends badly or leaves everyone doomed to inevitable tragedy, but it is written much like a prologue to the events of the movie, where you feel that sense of things looming in the future.

For me, who is rather a delicate flower when it comes to these things, I read it well, because this is a Loki who is growing up and starting to understand how others see him and understand himself and truly starting to graps the full force of how he thinks and what he's capable of. It's terrifying for him, because he loves Thor so dearly and there's such a strong pull between them, the idea of killing his brother sends him into this beautifully quiet tailspin that is so perfectly a younger Loki that I was a little breathless with it. Add in an almost kiss or two and, oh, this is one of the most gorgeous things I've read lately.

A Fire To Melt The Ice by ThunderThor, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie (?) 3.6k
    It was by accident that Thor first discovered the power he occupied over his brother.
    This fic is definitely rough around the edges and it took me a bit of time to really get into it, but I'm saying this merely as caveats on a story that I wound up truly, genuinely enjoying! Because what this fic did was give me a slow build until Thor and Loki are sneaking off and, wow, was that porn super satisfying for me, when Thor pushes his younger brother over a table and fucks him completely and thoroughly. I have a kink for Loki being a little shit and secretly enjoying Thor's strength and this fic hit it straight on, especially when they both were just so eager for each other, when Thor thinks Loki is gorgeous like this, when Loki enjoys being held up the way he is, when the sex isn't just a paragraph or two, but instead a good, solid amount. I admit to being easier on the fic because it hit my kinks so well, but I think this author has a lot of potential and would enjoy seeing more from them!

Strange Steps by LolaFeist, thor/loki, pre-movie, ~1k
    Loki invades Thor's bath.
    This is a short piece, but the writing is lovely and I'm in the mood for... well, it's not precisely a happy piece, but neither is it tragic. It's a piece about Loki and Thor when they're growing into their bodies, when their attractions are starting to awaken, but it's still awkward and Thor doesn't really quite know how to handle any of it and it's really kind of adorable, but also kind of sweet. But also kind of just a touch sad, even as it's a lovely piece.

Not a Wordsmith by blacktofade, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie, 2.3k
    Four snapshots of Thor and Loki's relationship.
    Oh, I adored this piece, for the outside perspective on moments between the two of them, by different characters, who only see part of their dynamic, making for such interesting reads. I especially loved Frigga watching her two sons and the underlying affection she so clearly has for them, but also Sif's sparring with Loki when he's angry, the way she sees him well, too. But it's also the fourth scene, between Thor and Loki themselves, where it's half about the super hot sexytimes, but also half about the sheer attraction between them, the way just a look ignites them, the way they just can't say no to each other, to the point that it drives Thor to some frustration. Except, no, he really loves that obnoxious little shit. Ahhhh, this is the kind of fic I could read forever, the kind I want to keep come across always.

No One's King by blacktofade, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie, 6.1k
    Thor catches Loki using his magic for indecent practises.
    Oh, this fic could have been terrible. Thor hiding in Loki's room to give him a fright, only he gets a sight that he never expected, with Loki having created a magical copy of him, then Thor realizing how desperately he wants his brother, and being unable to stay away.from watching again. But, with this author, the way Thor's point of view is used to show just what a good-hearted person he is, how deeply he loves, and the realization of just how much he wants Loki, coupled with a Loki that is difficult to read in the way that Thor often finds him difficult to read, sharp tongued and sly when confronted, all of it is incredibly satisfying even beyond the super hot sexytimes. Which were indeed superhot. Because there's desk porn. I would read a hundred fics of Thor fucking Loki right there on the desk and I'm not even kidding a little bit, certainly not if they were written as well as this fic was to hit so many of my kinks.

Before the Gold and Glimmer Have Been Replaced by RazzleDazzle, thor/loki + sif, pre-movie/semi-comics, teenagers, 2.6k
    Despite Thor's consistencies, he always somehow manages to surprise him; tonight, of course, is no exception.
    As I was reading this fic, I definitely felt the characterization was much more comics than it was MCU, though, the setting felt more MCU than 616. When I got to the end, the author basically said as much, so it's one of those fics that would probably be the best benefit to you if you're at least passingly familiar with both. Especially since I think the Loki vs Sif dynamic works better if you're more familiar with their comics history, as it's not precisely the same in the MCU. The thing I liked about this fic, though, is that this Loki is elegant and charming and utterly poisonous, even as we see from his point of view that he does have deeper feelings and he almost sort of does this to keep people from his true self as much as because he enjoys stirring people up. It may be a short scene, but one of the intriguing things this fic does is make you want to pull the relationships between these three characters apart to examine them, to look at it from all sides, especially as you can feel that Thor/Sif is important, even if this is a Thor/Loki fic. And that's often what I look for in fic! Especially when Loki is surprisingly calm and almost sweet around Thor in their quieter moments.

like a virgin by cavaleira [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, intersex!loki, pre-movie, 3.1k
    featuring nervous, intersex!Loki getting cunnilingus from Thor for the first time
    Oh, man, I am all over this intersex!Loki trend as of late, especially with Thor eating Loki out, and I want every last fic about it, especially when it's written like this, where it's warm and happy and enthusiastic and makes my heart ridiculously glad. There's just enough background world-building with Loki knowing he's different and how he's hidden his dual parts, which leads up to why he's so nervous about the first time he'll show Thor, but it's perfect because Thor is just so delighted by him, just so eager to taste him and love him and get right in there. I love it I love it I love it. Like, that is a shot straight to my heart, when Thor is just hungry for Loki and thinks him gorgeous like this. Add into that the really delicious sex, with Thor slowly bringing Loki out of his defensive mood, until Loki was writhing against his mouth, because Thor was slowly working his clit until Loki was an utter mess and greedy for more of Thor. Just. Yes, leave me here to wallow in feels and porn, the best combination there is.

Cut Out My Heart by sinemoras09, thor/loki (pre-slash?), pre- & post-movie, 3.7k
    Because the world is black and cold. (Loki-centric.)
    It's almost difficult to describe this fic, because it does a lot of the same things that many other fics in this vein do, it's about Loki returning to Asgard with Thor post-movie, it's about their childhoods together, it's about Loki growing ever more twisted up inside, without anyone really quite realizing the anger that grew in him, all told through various scenes set along their history. The timeline of the story jumps back and forth between the present and the past, and this works beautifully to show all of the everything between them, told with lovely language. It's not really a happy piece, but neither is it about crushing everything between them, as it ends with where they stood before and the memory of how much love they had for each other still there., I'm explaining this badly, getting caught up in my own head too much. But it is a lovely story and I enjoyed it a lot.

Garnet by peppermintquartz, thor/loki (pre-slash or gen), pre-movie, fluff, 1.6k
    Snowflakes curl dreamily from the heavens and float to earth. Loki remembers their first hunt in the snow.
    This fic is the eighth part in a longer series, but I found that it stands well on its own, you can read it out of order if you wish.
    This is a really sweet fic about Thor and Loki as kids, when Thor drags them both out on their first hunt, which does about as well as you'd expect, because they're little trouble magnets. And I enjoyed that, despite that this was part of a larger Thor/Loki series, this is just sweet little baby brotherly stuff, because that makes sense for them at this point. They're still adorable and still little hellions and yet such sweet precious babies when they find themselves in over their heads. And I love it for the sense of adventure and how they're in a warrior's culture, just for the way it fills in the background of their childhood so delightfully.

The Dare by infraredphaeton, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 2.4k
    Thor keeps boasting about his prowess in the bedroom. Loki doesn't believe him. PWP like whoa
    I am realizing, as I read this fic, that I have a definite weakness for fics where Thor just completely takes Loki apart. And it's not that I don't love bamf!Loki, who is precious and dear to my heart, it's just that... I want him to be happy, too. And having Thor fuck him into a boneless mess, even if this is pre-movies, so all the really bad shit is still to come, sometimes that really helps me feel better about his character. Especially when it's super hot writing and Loki is so snarky at times and Thor just loves him so much and it's all one giant excuse for sexytimes that are very satisfying. And having Loki be like, pft, you're exaggerating, Thor, you're not that good in bed, which Thor takes as CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, just... *flaps hands* that is so perfect for me.

Weary and Wary by Erin_A2, thor/loki pre-slash, pre-movie, 5.7k
    More than anything else, Loki is tired. AKA: In which Loki would like little more than to sleep his life away in his Asgardian prison cell, whereas Thor would very much prefer to talk about their feelings.
    Apparently, I like to hurt myself by reading one wrenching fic after another. Though, actually, this one ends rather well, if bittersweetly. In this story, Loki is taken back to Asgard and he's just so tired, so bone-tired that I felt it in every word I read, and that's what makes the slow healing process work for me here. Loki is still bitter and twisted up, but he's also just so very tired and that lowers his defenses and Thor is just so... Thor, in the way he treats Loki, the way he touches him, the way he brings things to Loki's cell for him. For all that this fic dredged a lot of heartbreaking feelings, it was a good one for me to end my reading spree on this night, because it was beautifully written and it was going somewhere better, and was just a really satisfying, feels-laden read.

Asgard's Lay by anonymous, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, pre-movies, jealous!thor, 1.8k
    Prompt: Pre-movie, young men Thor and Loki are coming of age (Thor naturally a little ahead of Loki, as ever). Thor is already known for bedding the loveliest maidens. Loki has no interest in that though. After much thought, the younger God has realised he prefers the build of a stronger man and the position of a weaker woman. Now he need only test this theory. And so it is that Thor begins to hear rumours of his younger brother becoming a tease and a wanton flirt...
    I do love this trope--where Loki seduces and lays half of Asgard, just about, while Thor burns with anger and jealousy--but it has to be done very carefully and with skill to not come off terribly. But, oh, this author does it beautifully and Loki is so sly and he has such lovely lines (my favorite being probably everyone's favorite, when Thor accuses him of not being decent in how he lays with people--You may not be able to do things, Thor, but I am not limited by anything you may call decent. I am only limited by what I dare.) and gorgeous moments of insight (Loki's discomfort with the truth, even as he brushes the discomfort aside, is especially lovely) make this a beautifully done piece.

As the Wind Said to the Trees by ester_inc, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie, jealous!thor, 4.3k
    An old rumor reaches Thor's ears; his confrontation with Loki has unforeseen consequences.
    And, then, I needed to read some sexytimes that didn't crush my heart. Which this fic provided nicely, even if it was a little heartwrenching-ish. But still mostly good and happy, at least by the end. It plays on a common trope, where Loki does what and who he wants, which Thor finds totally unacceptable and eventually realizes it's out of jealousy, which Loki winds around his fingers, intending to drag Thor down with him, but that's not quite how it works out. But it's that balance of something not good and something much more good than expected that I love with this pairing, all wrapped up in delicious porn, which is also a gorgeous mix of Loki being so desperately in love with Thor but also so angry about everything, while Thor is just so in love with him and just really wants to fuck him and, ugh, I could read fic like this forever. Especially when the author is so good at twisting my heart just enough, in the casual descriptions of the previous people Loki has taken to bed, the signifigant ones more than once just... say everything about him. This has a bittersweet edge, but it's still so good for me.

of desire by secret_smile19, thor/loki, supernatural, pre-movie, 1.2k
    Thor knows his brother more than others do. He knows that his brother enjoys magic more than physical fighting. He knows that his brother has a silver-tongue with which he lies magnificently. He knows that his brother loves to test his own knowledge, through one way or another. He knows that his brother loves mischief. He knows that his brother enjoys his solitude more than the company of others. Itís this last fact that makes this night strange.
    So. This is pre-movie and it's about an incubus finding Loki, after he's dabbled in some of the darker magics, and, oh, that kind of hit a lot of kinks of mine. The sparse prose of the story fits it really well, it gives just enough detail and imagery to be really good, it has a great build-up to the reveal, and, oh, Thor's protectiveness and desire for Loki and the sense of wrong about Loki, when he's so quiet and doesn't have much to say, it's beautifully done. Short, but very good.

A Battle None Too Vicious by dreamlittleyo, thor & loki, pre-movie, ~1k
    In which Thor doesn't get his way and Loki is exasperated.
    Oh, I love this fic. I love it because Thor is so... good-naturedly spoiled, when it comes to Loki and that's a lot of what I see in the early scenes of Thor. Someone who is used to getting his way, who is used to everyone doing what he wants, but isn't cruel or mean about it, he's good-natured and supportive, but still... spoiled. So, when Loki decides not to go with Thor on a campaign, Thor is annoyed by this and Loki is... Loki and, ahhhh, so good and so many feelings about it! Because it's all about how Thor always wants Loki around and it's about hugs and that's always good for me.

On The Bifrost by verizonhorizon, thor/loki, pre-movies, ~1k
    Thor and Loki meet upon the Bifrost.
    This is short, but I really needed something kind of sweet (though, not precisely fluffy) and... sort of... uncomplicated. It's just a moment, pre-Thor, with Loki and Thor on the Bifrost, being brothers (well, more than brothers, but) and bantering with each other, each of them fighting back in their own way, not quite willing to step over certain lines yet, at least not Thor, which Loki knows. It's difficult to describe, I suppose, but it was just soothing enough, just sweet enough that it was what I needed this afternoon.

we're halfway to complete by kiyala, thor/loki, NSFW, face fucking, hair pulling, pre-movies, 1.8k
    After watching Thor getting rough and dirty in the training yard, Loki helps him relax in the royal baths.
    Again, I picked up a fic because, hey, sexytimes, I'll take that!, but wound up getting something just as good out of it--a quiet sort of intimacy between Thor and Loki, the kind of characterization I really, really enjoy with Loki, where he wants Thor, where he knows he can't entirely control Thor, but he can manipulate him, and Loki knows what he's doing and what he wants. And that's how Loki keeps him, how he gives Thor something that no one else can give him, and, oh, that dynamic is so good for me. It's just a hint of something harder while still being a mostly good and happy fic, which made it super satisfying for me.

Liar's Lips by Pectus Noctem, thor/loki, pre-movies, ~1k
    It was a healthy curiosity between brothers, a negative that could coincide with a positive to create a whole. A complete picture.
    The author described this fic as, "Small, generic piece of Thorki. More a character study between two characters than anything else, as well as an exercise in this fandom." and they're not incorrect, but... it's hard to describe again, why I enjoy these fics. Just because something isn't really covering new ground--Thor watches Loki's smile as they grow up, wanting it, eventually having it, but maybe not really having it--doesn't mean that it's not interesting or without insight into the characters. It's one of those fics that's a good exercise piece for an author and a good sidedish for me as a reader, that's all it needed to be to be satisfying.

the only thing by kiyala, thor/loki, pre-movies, ~1k
    Thor, in his teens, knows exactly why he wants to spend so much time with his brother. It might be a bad idea, but that doesn't stop him.
    I would never have thought I'd become so weak to younger fic in this fandom, but it's kind of nice to have fic where things aren't so god-awful and miserable all the time. Where Thor can't stop watching Loki, knowing that he shouldn't, knowing that he can't really explain why he feels this way, but unable to stop himself, either. And, of course Loki notices, and is so sharp and clever, they're both just perfect and this is adorable and heartwarming and sweet. I definitely needed this today.

Beyond Borders by mintleaf, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, pre-movies, secret relationship, 2.1k
    This is what they are, what they do during the time they have when itís just them, free in a way Asgard could never allow them to be.
    Oh, this fic is somehow difficult to describe, because it's mostly just... moments in Thor and Loki's relationship, the two princes in their time together away from Asgard when they were younger, when their relationship first started. And I wouldn't really call it sweet or even adorable, but it's... happy, even if there are moments of something heavier mixed in, especially when Loki seems to turn a little more blue in the cold than maybe he should. But they're Thor and Loki, they bicker over whose fault it is that they're trapped in the snow, they play-taunt each other when they're finally together, and they love each other dearly. I loved this just as much for the way they came together emotionally as I did for the light porn that the author worked in. I loved it for the sense of traveling they do together, because that's something I want more of--especially like this fic, when it starts out with Thor grabbing hold of Loki and throwing himself off with Mjolnir and dragging Loki along. Yes, that's very good.

Marvel Movieverse Slash Ficlets - Chapter 4 - Intent by Salmon_Pink, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, pre-movies, ~1k
    Lokiís eyes are wide, his cheeks pink. He watches Thorís every movement, somehow looking younger than his years, and Thor feels clumsy and reckless, mead and Lokiís gaze warming his blood.
    NOTE: This is a series of non-connected ficlets, so I'm linking to chapter 4 but you don't need to have read the preceding chapters.
    This is just a short piece, a ficlet as the title says, but it's a lovely addition to my reading for today. It's all about the physical intimacy in the moment, giving me that sense of nothing else in the world mattering to them right at that time, of how much Thor and Loki both want each other, of painting a lovely picture with the descriptions. It's short, but I also really loved the characterization, it fits so perfectly with their pre-movie relationship, and, ugh, sometimes kissing and the promise of more can be just as hot as actual sex.

untitled by malkinisms [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki (pre-slash?), pre-movies, ~1k
    "Come, brother! Itís snowing!" Thor pokes his head in to Lokiís bedroom, where heís sitting with books strewn about him and papers floating in the air.
    Oh, this was a lovely and soft piece without being saccharine about it. Thor and his friends are out playing in the snow and he tries to coax Loki out into playing with them, but Loki would rather spend time with his books... at least until Frigga speaks with him and then maybe Loki does want to join them. And I love it for being a light-hearted piece that's about one of the really good moments pre-movie, that it shows Loki's tendency to distance himself, but that sometimes Thor still managed to draw him out just by being Thor, showing how much of a connection there is there. Just. Ahhhh, good things!

Water Hemlock by Aquamarine Stag, thor/loki, pre-movies, 2k
    In their youth, Odin broods on his decision to bring Loki to Asgard and the troubling situation as Loki and Thor are drawn closer to one another.
    This is not precisely the Odin I saw in the movie (or the Frigga), that this Odin is more distant from Loki, doesn't entirely love him or consider him a son, but it's still closer to MCU Odin than it is anything else. And, with a lot of authors, I might have found myself put off by that, but here... I dunno, something about the way this author writes, it worked really well here. There's something otherworldly about this Loki, even as a child, something alluring and beautiful and graceful and dark. I love love love the theory that Loki is only half-Frost Giant, that he might be part-fey, and this fic doesn't go into much detail on it, but does touch on it and in a beautiful way. And I love the way Odin watches the relationship between Thor and Loki grow, how it's not perfect, but maybe it's a little too good, Thor's a little too protective at times, a little too wound around Loki's finger. And, oh, the ending is absolutely lovely. I'm having a terrible time writing a rec for this, but I really loved this piece a lot, I think it's one of my new favorites, the author has a way with the writing here, it's really beautiful.

Adoration by Martsa, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 2.1k
    Thor is the firstborn, the king to be, the favorite son of all Asgard. Everybody loves Thor, Loki included, and it's really no wonder. Thor is the embodiment of everything that's beautiful and sacred in the world. Thor is light, Thor is warmth, Thor is love. Loki is made of sharp edges and ponds of deep, dark water.
    I don't remember how I stumbled over the link for this fic, but it's one of those... it's a bit trope-heavy, it's one of those fics that I saved for when I wanted something bite-sized and happy (though, there are moments of something darker growing, with Loki's resentment of Thor being the perfect son, even as he loves Thor for all the same reasons), and when I wanted something porny after all the non-porny things I've read lately. It's light and fun, it's about how much they both only have eyes for each other, and, fuck you guys, sometimes I need that.

Mistletoe by Aquamarine Stag, thor/loki + one-sided balder/loki, pre-movies, 3.2k
    Thor finds out his father's plans for Loki and experiences betrayal by a close friend.
    You have no idea how frustrating it is to me that this author hasn't written a hundred different fics in this fandom, because the writing here is just so gorgeous and hits everything I want so perfectly. Thor/Loki with one-sided Balder/Loki? Thor assuming that Balder will be loyal, but Balder doesn't think Thor and Loki are good for each other, so he doesn't back down when Odin arranges a marriage between him and Loki? Oh, that could have been so terrible, but somehow this author makes it brilliant! The writing is absolutely sharp and lovely, it had my feelings all over the place, it made me feel for all of the characters, it made me actually enjoy the love triangle and briefly almost half-wish that Balder could reach Loki. It does a gorgeous job of making this feel like an epic story, part of a larger tapestry of epic Norse storytelling, while staying close to the MCU world, blending those two things so very well. And, oh, the characterization. This Thor, who is a bit arrogant and sure of himself, but genuine and good-hearted, who prizes loyalty so intensely, this Balder who is solid and caring and passionate, this Loki who is sharp and charismatic and fierce, all of it is gorgeously done in this fic. I wish I could read this author pretty much forever.

Cradle by catiepie182002, thor/loki, sick!loki, fluff, pre-movies, ~1k
    Loki is ill and Thor is doting.
    This is short, probably around 600 words, but I love when a fic knows not to push a premise too far--even if I would totally have read 100k of this kind of thing! It's only when Loki is sick that he lets Thor truly dote on him and it's ~600 words of sheer heart warming delight for it. Because Loki is one of those sick people that 99% of us can't stand--he's whiny, he's obnoxious, he's demanding, he's never happy, but he lets Thor sit with him and tell him stories and touch him and lets Thor pull Loki onto him for a giant body pillow, which, ugh, that's the best for me, because I fucking love it when the prickly character gets sick and stops being prickly because they're too miserable for it and Loki just lets Thor love him for awhile. The author does a fantastic job of selling it, too, without overdoing it, instead it's actually rather easy to see and just what I wanted.

Einarr by GeminiStep, thor/loki implied, pre-movies, 4.6k
    A young Loki makes a friend in some old ruins as he tries to deal with his brother pulling away.
    I can't lie, this fic gave me a whole lot of feels. Between a younger Loki feeling isolated and lonely with Thor growing distant from him as well as his bonding with a cat he meets out in the woods, yeah, this fic was pretty well designed to punch me in the feelings. Which it definitely wound up doing by the end of the fic, even when I knew where this had to be going. What the author does is get across Loki's confusion about why Thor doesn't seem to want to be around him anymore and the growing anger at that, the growing isolation of a kid who doesn't really fit in, then adds in an animal companion that makes for a good creature to spill all his woes to, as he's still young enough to do so. It's actually pretty sweet in all the right moments (without being saccharine!) and will likely hit pretty hard with those who have had cats before, as the author clearly as, not just from this being cathartic for that, but in the way... the way you treat a cat, the way a cat treats you, the relationship you form with the cat, that all felt spot on here. But it's also in the end with Loki having grown up a lot (despite the lengthy duration of their lives, which the author wove in nicely), the passage of time, and even Loki getting his moments of bamfness and as;ldfkjasl;kj the brief Thor pov scene at the end! The way he obviously does care about his brother and has his own reasons for behaving the way he does! I totally had all the feelings inside me by the end of this fic.

The Century He Was Sixteen by killyourheroes, thor/loki, pre-movies, 1.2k
    Teenage godlings. Loki accompanies Thor to a sparring match. Naturally, Loki gets to request a boon of Thor, despite the fact that Thor is doing the fighting. Loki asks for something unexpected and ends up being the one surprised.
    Another short story tonight, I know, but I'm in the middle of longer ones so I keep taking breaks with shorter pieces while I read. And this one is lovely, it's just a short scene, it could almost have been routine in their lives, for Thor challenging another fighter and having a great battle that he enjoys, except this time Loki asks a boon of him if he wins--a kiss. The author does a beautiful job of getting in Loki's sly motivations and yet his nervousness, that this is important to him and he's not entirely sure how to handle it, especially when he doesn't really fit in normally, much less with these feelings he has for Thor. The writing does such a fantastic job of getting across that they're teenagers here, it just feels so very... teenager. It's a lovely mix of good writing, good characterization, love and resentment, happiness and anger, and, oh, a lovely ending that was just a touch hot/gorgeous and totally feelings-laden.

Hand in Hand by Canute, thor/loki + odin + frigga, briefly nsfw, pre-movies, 1.8k
    It is wrong, and Thor cannot help it.
    I don't always read everything right away (I put stuff on my reader and I don't always have time when I'm actively on-line) but I haunt the Loki tag on AO3, so I see when stuff gets posted, and, oh, this author posted something? Well, let me make a special point to read that immediately then. And, boy, am I glad I did because it's beautifully written, spanning from when Loki was just an infant that Thor watched protectively over, to their childhood, to becoming young adults, giving a lovely sense of how deep their history is, winding it together with the common theme of their joined hands. Whether it's walking through the palace together or Thor holding Loki's hand while he does magic for the first time or helping him walk for the first time or when he's imagining fucking Loki for the first time, hands roaming everywhere on him. All of it's gorgeously done, beautiful for the emotions and the brotherly (and not-so-brotherly) relationship between them. This was such a beautiful read tonight.

Kissing by cuervonegro [ mobile ver. ], frigga & thor/loki, kid!thor + kid!loki, pre-movies, ~1k
    'Remember when you two kissed?'
    I know this is a short piece, one that should almost belong in the fancomics recs section (as the accompanying art is a large part of the draw) but, whatever, I do what I want. And, oh, this is so precious and darling that I can hardly stand it! You know what the fandom needs more of? Well, one of the things. EMBARRASSING BABY STORIES. Especially ones with accompanying art that show precious darling babies Thor and Loki dressing up for a wedding and kissing, as well as the current day sketch of Thor and Loki being embarrassed and Frigga enjoying their suffering. Nothing about this is not a pure explosion of JOY.

Holding Hands by cuervonegro [ mobil ver. ], thor/loki, pre-movies, ~1k
    As if reassuring Loki, as if reassuring himself, Thor caught his brotherís hand under the table and squeezed it.
    This is another tiny little ficlet with accompanying art that's half of the point of it, but, again, it's my blog, I do what I want, Thor. And this is just as lovely as the previous one, with a sketch of the House of Odin family at dinner, encouraging Thor to find a spouse soon, and their sons unable to tell them why they're hesitant. It's a little bittersweet, but in a good way, because they both clearly love each other and just-- Feelings, okay. A lot of feelings.

The Prologue by anonymous, thor/loki, pre-movies, angsty, 2.5k
    Thor laughs and drains his tankard. Fandral is detailing his latest dalliance with some lady and Volstagg is assisting by providing hand gestures. When heís done, Fandral looks over to him and raises his eyebrows. ďWeíve heard of the many youíve had, Thor, but Iíve a question.Ē The other three are staring at him curiously. ďWhat of your brother?Ē
    This is one of those fics that you'll need to have something happy onhand after you read it, because it's an absolute heartbreaker. I almost didn't want to read it, because I knew it was going to be sad going in, but... it was so beautifully written and I have a weakness for fics where Thor woos Loki. And, for all that it's a heartbreaker of a fic, I didn't feel that it was malicious about it, even knowing that Thor beds Loki because of a bet, that this was going to hurt Loki terribly--because, I can buy this from pre-movie Thor, that he would do this without thinking it through. That he would see Loki soften around him, realizing how far under Loki's skin he's gotten, and start to realize how cruel this really is to his brother.

And that's why I could take this fic (that and it wasn't terribly long and, because it was set pre-movie, I feel there's still room for things to work out eventually), because the (narratively speaking, not necessarily character-wise) the point was to show why Loki was so hurt and how tragic it is that he had happiness for awhile, even if it wasn't meant to last. And, oh, when Loki realizes and when you understand what's happening in the background, while Thor never really entirely puts it together (because he doesn't want to), as their relationship freezes and then begins to thaw and you realize why it begins to thaw, it's so perfectly written that I loved it, even as it broke my heart.

The Throne by Killer_Rabbit_of_Caerbannog, thor/loki, pre-movies, 1k
    Loki knows his brother's mind well.
    It can be difficult to pull off what this fic did, at least to do it well. To be ostensibly talking about one thing, while clearly meaning another, all while keeping a natural flow to the conversation, it's easy for that to go awry. But this fic is beautifully written, where Thor thinks about how he will eventually hold the throne of Asgard and Loki notices his thoughts, which aren't just about claiming the throne, but also claiming something else. There's such an intense attraction between them, wrapped up in that way they can't help challenging each other, the way Loki's weapons are words and Thor's is his determination, how this arouses both of them. Which is all well and good, I would read it just for that. But the final moments of this scene, where Loki challenges Thor to show him why this throne (not just the throne) will be his when he's king, it doesn't even need to be graphic to be hot as goddamned hell. Loki nearly hissing, Thor pressing between Loki's legs, Thor's almost kiss against him, all of it promises so much and was really hot omg.

The Necessity of Play by altilis, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 1.4k
    Pre-movie. Thor wants to spar.
    This is a short piece, but it's satisfying and lovely. Good frottage/handjob fic can be hard to find, it's often easier for writers to write intercourse sex instead (and I hardly mind, I enjoy that probably best of all), but once in awhile you find a fic that does an excellent job of two characters grinding together, both lovely and super hot. I especially loved how playful it was, how there's just a touch of rivalry and tension here, but mostly they're both enthused for this and want each other, which works really nicely when they're pressed together and touching each other. Plus, the ending line is absolutely perfect. ♥

The Sensation of Nothingness by Canute, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, rough sex, 3.4k
    He is the wind, and nothing more.
    I've been reading a lot of (really, intensely good) genfic lately, so sometimes I need to balance that out with finding a fic with resolution and porn, even if it is an angsty one. But not one that's without a chance for a happy ending! So, it was still a really good, satisfying read for me tonight, especially because, oh, Loki sitting in Thor's lap, riding him like hell while Thor has a firm hold on him, that's one of my favorite things, it's so good for me, especially when the author writes it as well as this one does. I'm a sucker for fics that have Thor and Loki mutually pining for each other, but not figuring it out until they practically trip over it and then they're just unleashed on each other, especially Thor, who really wants to fuck his brother and does so very thoroughly. Sure, the angst was tasty and I liked the use of Loki's magic, but, oh, the porn was really fucking hot.

Changeling Child by icarus_chained, thor & loki, pre-movies, canon!jotunn!thor, 1.4k
    An AU in which Thor, and not Loki, was the Jotun. Set just after the trip to Jotunheim, and before Thor's banishment, as he and Loki deal with the discovery

    When I'm away from the computer, I sometimes jot notes down to remind myself of what came to mind while reading a fic, for later help when writing a rec. Less than 500 words into this fic, I'd already grabbed my pen because, short as this fic may be, just a sketch of the idea of Thor as the Jotunn foundling instead of Loki, it's breathtakingly characterized in so many little ways. The way the author contrasts the way Thor is acting here against the way he usually acts, the way the fight seems to have gone out of him when he's usually so quick to brawl at the drop of a cup, the sense of wrong Loki feels is gorgeous. And when Loki comes upon him: He almost didnít see him, at first. He had been looking for the most dynamic figure in the room, for the way Thor, even at his most perfectly still, was yet the thing that drew every eye. He had been looking for the Prince of Asgard, golden and boisterous and strong. So Ö he almost didnít see. I may have let out a bit of a ridiculous sigh at that.

In my defense, good Thor characterization/description is sorely lacking in this fandom, so when something that punches me in the feelings like this fic did comes along... well, I have a lot of words about it. But it's even more than that, it's the way Loki reacts to all of this, how it makes such sense that this would be his reaction to the role reversal (not that they know it's a reversal, but) makes me both... both satisfied at this fic and also dearly wishing that I could have 100k of it to read, even as genfic.

Hunt and Game by plastic_cello, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie, 5.2k
    He had gotten to fulfill one of his darkest fantasies and he imagined it could evolve into so much more if Loki would have him. And that mattered so much more than his pride and game alike.
    The thing that I really liked about this fic is that it's set pre-movies, so there's this arrogance and entitlement from Thor that's both obnoxious and kind of attractive, there's a clear mindset of taking what he wants because he will be king and because that's simply Thor, always and forever, even when it's later tempered. But it's never cruel and it's clear that he loves Loki and I enjoyed the way this fic wrote Thor as holding back his desire for Loki until it breaks, in such a way that I could believe he wouldn't have already done something about it. And I enjoyed that Loki was always pushing and pushing, always goading, always a little bit mocking, always seeking to poke at Thor and get a reaction. Then there's the sex, where Thor fucks roughly into Loki and Loki loves this, wants Thor to really fuck him. To take everything of Loki's, to fill him up and leave him wrecked, because Thor is everything to him, and I read this as both mocking and genuine at the same time, that Loki's feelings for Thor are complicated enough that both are true. It's lovely and ridiculously hot as Thor holds him open and watches his cock disappear into the perfect head of Loki. Bless, this iwas a lovely read!

Wet Season by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki, NSFW, outdoor sex, pre-movies, ~1k
    Loki watched from his room as Asgard was drenched once again with rain. The clouds gave an odd, rosy cast to the world, humid gusts of air blowing the fat drops of water sideways every so often. Loki knew who exactly was the cause of this, again, and with a heavy sigh, vanished.
    A lovely pre-movie pwp where it's sweet and darling and paints a very nice picture as Thor thrusts against Loki, both their cocks in his huge hand while the rain falls down on them as they lay in the grass. The use of the weather is also lovely, it's very much there but not overdone and I love the connection with Thor and his easy control over it! What a sheer delight to read and very tasty porn--plus cuddles! All the things pre-movie fic should be!

Loki's Lessons by WolfenM, thor/loki + fandral/loki (both implied) + other thor characters, pre-movies, adventure fic, 9.8k
    Thor, Loki, Sif, and the Warriors Three set out to Vanaheim to slay a giant spider.
    There are a couple of caveats to this story--too many epithets, woobie!Loki, Hogun and Sif are too harsh with Loki--but they are more than balanced by how things work out for the characters, the fic is entirely good-spirited about bringing everyone together, and making things better. It's a fun pre-movies adventure fic that focuses on Loki without sacrificing the other characters, especially Thor, who shines in that way that he always does in Loki's life, and Thor's love for Loki is constant, the balance between Thor/Loki and Fandral/Loki was exactly what I wanted, caring and understanding parents, and the hint of romantic relationships and a bit of Loki whump (of the kind that I eat up with a spoon because it's so tasty). There's also a bit of action and fighting against the spider, there's Loki trying to be stronger than he is because he fears being looked down on, there's Odin understanding that Loki needs a bit of a different approach, basically all the stuff that I wanted to read in a fic like this. I was surprised that it was ~9,800 words because it went much faster than that and definitely didn't feel that long! This is a delightful piece that just satisfied me today, the kind of woobie!Loki that everyone loves and adores that I enjoy reading.

untitled by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 1k
    So. This is a direct prequel to the first Thor movie, only with more porn. Warnings: Loki.
    This was a gorgeous fic for balacing everything about Loki that I love and doing it with such deftness that I was head over heels all over again. It's a mix of selfishness and love of Thor, resentment and trying to do something sort of good, both manipulative and genuine, all the tangled crap that makes up Loki that gets heightened in the events of the movies. Even without the brief (and lovely) sex, I would have loved this for being exactly what I want from Loki fic.

Dirty by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, ~1k
    Based on the prompt: During the story, a character gets dirty.
    I have a great weakness for Loki fantasizing about all the things Thor could do to him and, when you combine it with Thor's fighting prowess and how turned on Loki is by that, it makes this fic absolutely delicious. It's short and pre-movies and has some ridiculously hot images in it, just a hint of an edge to things while they're still good here, it's everything I wanted from pwp fic, ahhhh.

Dirtier by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, rough sex, 1.5k
    Sequel to my oneshot "Dirty". It gets... dirtier.
    This fic is a sequel to Dirty, which should be read first.
    If the first one was ridiculously hot, then this one is even more so, with Thor seeing Loki masturbate and that hits a breaking point between them and it's just pure intense fucking after that. :9 The way Thor shoves him to his knees, then onto the bed, then shoves Loki's legs apart, until Loki is practically howling for Thor to fuck him already, the way Thor is a storm unleashed, it's just... so good for me. It may be short, but goddamn it was delcious. *__*

shared beds by kiyala, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movie, somnophilia, 1.8k
    Thor has a liking for sleeping in Loki's bed. The results are predictable.
    I love fics where Thor and Loki share a bed, where Loki has fantasized about sex with Thor and he's touched himself at the idea and where he has to convince Thor that it's all right ot want his little minx of a baby brother. It's sharp but feel-good, the kind of pre-movie fic I was in the mood for, fun while having a few sharp edges to it. Plus, Thor grinding against Loki's ass in his sleep! I really enjoyed that a lot. :D

Say You're Mine (Even If You Have To Lie) by orphan_account, thor/loki, NSFW, dub-con, pre-morives, rough sex, marathon sex, 3.6k
    The sensations register one by one; the hands tightly gripping his hips, the raw soreness as he feels himself get tugged forward and dragged back again and again, the puffs of air panted against his cheek.
    Holy fuck. Okay, this is a fic that you need to read the warnings on, where it's authorally intended as dub-con, but it acknowledges that it'll bump up against non-con for some. This is pre-movies, so Thor is more arrogant than he is later, but it works because he's cheerful about his arrogance and possessiveness, as well as Loki doesn't ever fear him, instead insults and goads him, in that way he has. So the dynamic works for me for that, but also because jealous!Thor and possessive!Thor, that is my thing, so hard. This fic is scorchingly hot, every description is perfect as Thor turns Loki onto his stomach or pulls Loki into his lap to drop him down the length of Thor's cock or flips him over to fuck into him again--I honestly shivered at Thor's pure strength and stamina and how much he loved and desired Loki, how the sex was rough but loving, that is my thing, holy shit. How Thor would make Loki feel it for a week, make him unable to walk properly so he would be right where Thor put him, that if Loki used a healing stone, he'd start all over again to bring him back to this point. Possessive!Thor and 'fuck off I belong to no one'!Loki are stunning together and Loki being fucked out and having all of Thor's attention, oh my god, I was so completely gone on this one. It is one of my absolute favorites in the fandom now.

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