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Wicked Games by dreamlittleyo, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, ~1k
    Thor doesn't dare let go.
    I have enjoyed everything I've read by this author, the blend of dubious consent and yet making it very clear that that's one of the parts that gives the charge to their relationship on both sides. This one is short, it jumps straight into the middle of the sexytimes, but it's also still full of characterization post-Thor, it's full of showing Thor's side of this twisted, complicated, messy relationship, just as much as Loki's. Also, it's super hot.

Like Rolling Thunder by BeesKnees, thor/loki, NSFW, voice kink, 1.7k
    Loki may be the one who is able to weave words together, but everyone likes listening to Thor.
    I am enjoying the more intense, darker fics that take place later in Thor and Loki's lives as well, but sometimes a fic like this is just perfect for what I want, too. It's when they're a bit younger, before everything went to hell, when they were side by side, but the posessiveness was still the same. It's a fic that's half about a bird's eye view of the way the two of them grow up together, the way Thor changes in front of Loki, but they're no less connected, instead, it becomes something more adult and intense. It's about being caught up in each other, it's about what they do to each other, just being near each other. It's about Thor being able to undo Loki by pulling him close and telling Loki what he'll do to him later that night. It's beautifully written and super hot and, yesss, that is what I wanted.

15 Day OTP Challenge (chapter 5) by umakoo [ tumblr link ], thor/loki, NSFW, fingering, ~1k
    Loki threw back the thick fur covers, certain that Thor was in deep slumber after being so thoroughly satisfied.
    This is short, but it's sleepy and lazy and warm and comfortable, which I love, because there's not nearly enough fluff in this fandom for me, especially not when it's about physical intimacy and cuddling. I love it for the mentions of the sex, how well they've fucked the previous night, but it's also used as a way to show the closeness between them, ahhh, all of that is my favorite, especially when combined with slow fingering, because, holy crap, I love that.

15 Day OTP Challenge (chapter 6) by umakoo [ tumblr link ], thor/loki, NSFW, mild gore, rimming, ~1k
    Rivers of fresh blood ran in the hall of Thrym, and a host of bodies lay scattered around a banquet table, limbs torn and skulls broken by Thor's mighty hammer, finally retrieved from deep underground where the giant king had hidden it.
    Do you know what I love? I love when fic deals with what a warrior god Thor is, how terrifying in battle he can be, and how that often times just turns Loki on like nothing else. The use of Thrym's hall, the legend we're all familiar with, the stealing of Mjolnir and Thor regaining her, the rage that he has afterwards and the sheer violence of what he's capable of here, oh, that's beautifully captured. The rough sex, almost angry except that they like this, the way they're fucking amongst their dead enemies, the sheer intensity of how gods fuck is right in my wheelhouse.

30 Day OTP Porn Challenge - 3. Body fluids by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, werewolf!thor + human!loki AU, dub-con, 2k
    Loki idly runs his hand along the cool bars of the cell, tapping out an uneven rhythm as his rings catch against the steel. Thorís vacant eyes do not track the movement, but his head turns as Loki moves, nostrils flaring as he inhales Lokiís scent.
    Jesus christ. What a glorious fic that used the prompt so well and werewolves and Loki having a plan and presnting himself to Thor and my face will never recover, I fear, and the rough, intense fucking that is so delicious. I'm not sure I can even be coherent about how much I loved this fic and how good it was for me, because there's a lot of good on a technical level here--the author captures everything needed for the AU in the fic, you feel the whole world of it in the background even as it's still a pwp that focuses on this one moment, all of this takes talent!--but, really, this porn. I can't get past it. Because, oh, Thor is so frecious and wild and the sheer size and power of him! Which is exactly what Loki is so attracted to! And the sneaking, crafty way that Loki winds around him and gets what he wants, the use of the prompt for this fic, all of it is so good for me. I just. Huff, I'm going to need a minute here.

For Glory by cavaleira [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, mildly rough sex, 2.3k
    In which Loki is thoroughly impressed and then gets thoroughly fucked.
    There are certain things just about guaranteed to make me love a fic and Loki being turned on by Thor's battle prowess/strength and Thor enjoying what that does to Loki? So on that list of things that make me instantly perk up in a fic. So I enjoyed that part a lot, as well as a fic from happier times, but, oh, man, the sex was good for me even more than that. It's just rought and messy enough for me, with Thor's fucking into Loki and then holding his hips in place to keep him at the right angle and Loki revels in how possessive and violent Thor is for him. How Thor uses that strenght he has because he wants to wreck Loki, that it's so good for Loki, and look how Thor wants to do all this to him. It's just that hint of fucked up but in a still positive way that I love from earlier fics, that make them fit with their later twists and turns we see in canon, but not breaking my heart while reading. That can be a tough balance sometimes, but this fic does it wonderfully. It's so hot and then there's Thor fingering him a bit afterwards, not at all sorry about the mess and that does things for me, so I fully encourage the reading of this perfect piece.

bite the apple by stereobone [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, spanking, 1.2k
    The first thing Loki does upon waking is laugh. Thor doesnít know why this surprises him, but it does.
    So, I'd read anything by stereobone, but seeing spanking fic written by stereobone? Jesus fuck, let me at that right the hell now. I was supposed to be in bed sleeping, just checking tumblr one quick final time and OH HEY IS THAT NEW FIC AND-- OH SWEET JESUS I AM READING THIS RIGHT NOW. And, wow, was it really fucking good. Loki being so twisty and viciously goading Thor into wanting to hurt him, that delicate balance between both of them wanting Thor to hurt Loki and actually not wanting real hurt, because they do love each other under all the anger and hurt, it was perfectly walked.

And then there's that moment, that perfectly done moment, where the atmosphere changes, as Thor yanks Loki over his knee and they could almost go back, stop this, and I love that moment, all the more for the way Thor doesn't stop. And then it's this super hot blend between punishing Loki and this being about the sexual attraction between them, this perfect blend of such intense love for his brother and wanting to put him back in his place because Thor's so angry at him for everything he's done, especially after Loki provoked him deliberately, and, oh, it's so, so good. Especially when Thor touches him gently afterwards and that's when Loki finally spills and then there's some awkwardness at the end, except that's perfect, too. Just. Ugh, leave me here to die of hotness and feels and incoherency.

The Bitter Taste of Hope by riventhorn, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, 1.6k
    Gagged and imprisoned, Loki can only wait for his brother to come to him
    Another fic that's post-movie and heartbreaking and so painful, but also there's still so much love here and still hope for something better. I found this fic to really capture the dynamic that I love about this ship and what also drives me a bit batty--that Thor doesn't really get how Loki thinks, that Loki has all this anger at being pushed aside and expected to heel to everyone else's commands, but neither does Loki understand that Thor truly loves him and doesn't want him to beg. Well, maybe a little. But in that way that's because Thor loves him and knows Loki is strong enough to be worthy. But the author never has to tell us any of this, which is fantastic, instead I simply felt that, yes, everything was right on here, including the lovely sexytimes in the dark dungeon Loki is put into post-movie. Ugh, fucking fandom, giving me all these feels.

Possession by tailor31415, thor/loki, NSFW, some dub con, 3k
    A brother is like another half of your soul. To Thor, that meant Loki was to be his everything, and he was to be everything to Loki.
    This fic is not going to be for everyone, but it worked for me because I felt the narrative wasn't precisely condoning Thor's possessiveness of Loki, instead focusing on just that it was what it was. Which, I can't lie, I find utterly fascinating, to explore that side of Thor, who loves his brother deeply and wants everything of him, no matter how much time or hurt has passed betwee them. The final scene, set post-Avengers, when Loki has been wounded (but not terribly so) in a fight, Thor marks those wounds as his now, that everything of Loki is his.

And, oh, it's deliciously fucked up in a way that I can buy from them, that's so goddamned hot, that any time someone else leaves a mark on Loki or takes too much of his time, Thor reclaims him again. It's all the more delicious because Loki understands what they have, in a way that Thor's mortal friends can't, he's just as much in this as Thor is. And the sex is deliciously hot, but it's half because it's good sex, but also half because of the atmosphere the author wove for them here. It's not a fic for everyone, but it hit quite a number of the kinks on my list and was so good for me.

everything we are by stereobone, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, references to drug use, 2.4k
    They donít speak the whole ride home. The car is silent, radio turned off, windows rolled up. Loki keeps his lips pursed, stubborn, but still terrified to glance at Thor in the driverís seat, Thor who has not said one word since he walked in on it.
    Oh, sweet jesus, this was so fucking good. If it had been a lot of other authors, I would have taken one look at it and thought, "Disgraced royalty Thor and Loki, with Loki having a coke problem? Ehhhhh." and put it towards the bottom of my to-read pile. But I love stereobone's writing, so, sure, what the hell. And, jesus, that was so goddamned hot. I have a kink for angry!possessive!Thor with Loki, especially when it clearly turns Loki on, who goads Thor further into it, which is done breathtakingly well here. Absolutely every inch of this is gorgeous, from the tense car-ride home where you're just waiting for them to get back to their apartment, you're practically in the moment with them, feeling that building sense of tension, to when Thor's control finally breaks as you knew it would, to when Loki's egging Thor on, to when Thor pushes him down onto the bed and fucks him and won't let anyone else touch him. It's one of those fics that hits that vein of kinks so perfectly that it practically ruined me for any other fic for the rest of the night. Jfc, that was super hot.

Be Calm, Brother by Desade, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, some bondage, 2k
    "Be calm, brother," Thor whispered into Loki's ear, breathing in the familiar scent of sweat, magic and menace Loki always seemed to exude. "Be still. Hear me, if you would."
    The fanart attached to this image is one of my favorites, so I was greatly intrigued by a fic based on it! And, boy, did this fic not disappoint. It hit pretty much every button I had, with the light power dynamic kink and yet genuine love, genuine desire for this on both sides. It's a tricky line to walk (and those who eschew dub-con will likely want to avoid this one as well) but when done right? Most satisfying smutfics in the fandom for me. Because it's all about how much Thor loves his brother, how he can see through Loki's lies to the truth of him, how Thor wants him to come home, how Thor means to have him and will. It is super fucking hot, with Thor pressed against his back, one hand on his throat, whispering in his ear about memories that Loki didn't realize he remembered, how Thor would have had him a long time ago if Loki hadn't left, but he will have him now. How it's about breaking through Loki's so much of anger, to get him to admit that he wants this, and how it's about the really good sex. The author walks that delicate balance perfectly for me and, sweet jesus, this was hot as fuck, especially when Thor's control finally frays and fucks into his brother, marking him. Yes. Yes, give me this forever.

untitled by thescentofwhiteroses [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, ~1k
    Loki was sprawled out on his belly; hands fisted into the furs of Thorís bed as his brotherís hand ghosted along his spine.
    Speaking of things I needed! There is a severe lack of fic where Thor finger fucks Loki in this fandom, so this fic helps out with that a lot and, oh, was it really good for me. It's super hot, especially that first line with Loki's hands fisted in the furs of Thor's bed, like, you have no idea how much I appreciate that. I have an intense love of fic where, even if they banter about it, both Thor and Loki enjoy this, Loki enjoys being completely fucked out, Thor enjoys undoing his brother this way, enjoys drawing this out so that Loki can barely form words anymore. Just. Ahhhh, give me this always. This was super satisfying to find, just perfect for what I needed to read after all the genfic I've been reading lately. Short, but lovely.

30 Day OTP Porn Challenge: #27 - Sex Toys by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, toys, 1.5k
    Loki picked the toy up, the smooth, curved metal warming to his touch. He skimmed his fingers down the length and shivered when it vibrated.
    Ugh, so good for me. Both the descriptions of Loki fucking himself with the toy, how it felt inside him, and when Thor finds him, Loki having to keep calm with it still inside him, were really good for me. This is in addition to the fantasies Loki had of wanting someone so big, large hands on him and large cock in him, the thought of his knees being spread and pushed back to open him up, adding to the build up and how he's just so turned on and the toy keeps vibrating inside him while Thor's talking to him and he has to try to keep his haughty cool and, yes. Yes, that worked very nicely, especially because I love when Thor realizes what's happening and just steams right ahead with Loki. Of course he does. Okay, go on without me, I need a minute to compose myself.

untitled by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, mortal au, teenager au, 1k
    Teenage Thor and Loki being reckless and naughty and fucking in the back of a car.
    Teenagers Thor/Loki gets an automatic click on your fic from me and, oh, god, I just love them so much. Especially because they are SUCH STUPID AND RECKLESS TEENAGE ASSHOLES, which is, like, the whole great thing about teenager AU fics! Especially when they're sneaking around late at night and Loki is blowing Thor while they're driving, so Thor just pulls over and fucks Loki in the back of the seat and, of course, things hardly get any calmer from there. It's just completely embracing of the wildness of it, mixed with Loki being a greedy little shit who goads Thor into fucking him and enjoys the hell out of it, as much as Thor enjoys fucking into him, which, by the way, was super hot, yum. Bless and thank, fandom.

Red, Blue and Gold by K_dAzrael, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, 2.5k
    ďOh, donít fret Ė Iíve lain with Aesir before.Ē Loki covered his mouth with his hand, eyebrows raising in an exaggerated show of dismay. ďOh dear, I wasnít supposed to say that, was I?"
    This fic is not going to be for everyone, it's kind of... well, FROST GIANTS. But I am totally in love with arranged marriage AUs and this Loki, who is in Frost Giant form in this universe, is snarky and biting and kind of amazing. It's not a long fic, so there's not a lot of time for worldbuilding, but the author gets some great little moments in, especially once they're married and Loki has more power to weild and OH BOY DOES HE, in the greatest way. And that's what I really liked about this fic, how sharp the edges of Loki's character were!

In Silence by blacktofade, thor/loki, NSFW, 2.1k
    Loki gets caught in the rain and Thor finds him.
    There are some things that should just always happen in fandom and rain-soaked!Loki is one of them. Which would have been enough to win me over, but then this fic was also about how Thor can often be... demanding and doing as he pleases without consideration for others, which, in this instance, is what Loki pushes back against but also it turns him on even more fiercely. And that push-and-pull is what appeals to me with this pairing so many times, when Thor just takes and Loki has such cutting words, but that only spurs Thor on all the more, which Loki knew... and that's one of the hottest things with this pairing, how that push and pull works with them.

Sleeping Beauty by lies_d, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, somnophilia, 2k
    The Avengers find Loki has been cursed with a sleeping spell. When kissing doesn't wake him up, Thor decides to use a cure from the very oldest version of the sleeping beauty story.
    I feel like I may have recommended this fic before? Certainly, I remember reading it and then stumbling over it again later today and rereading it, but I can't recall if I did a proper rec or not. Eh, well, either way! This is one of the first fics I read when I started cautiously poking about for Thor/Loki fic, so new to the fandom and so wary of it, and yet drawn to the idea of Loki being cursed under a sleeping spell and how that had potential for AWESOME. And this fic did not disappoint! It starts with Thor making everyone kiss a sleeping Loki to see if they can wake him and then Thor kissing him and that still doesn't work so he's eventually forced into other measures and then it just... spirals off into this amazing place that I love with my whole heart. I just rolled around in glee during this whole fic, honestly.

The Dare by infraredphaeton, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 2.4k
    Thor keeps boasting about his prowess in the bedroom. Loki doesn't believe him. PWP like whoa
    I am realizing, as I read this fic, that I have a definite weakness for fics where Thor just completely takes Loki apart. And it's not that I don't love bamf!Loki, who is precious and dear to my heart, it's just that... I want him to be happy, too. And having Thor fuck him into a boneless mess, even if this is pre-movies, so all the really bad shit is still to come, sometimes that really helps me feel better about his character. Especially when it's super hot writing and Loki is so snarky at times and Thor just loves him so much and it's all one giant excuse for sexytimes that are very satisfying. And having Loki be like, pft, you're exaggerating, Thor, you're not that good in bed, which Thor takes as CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, just... *flaps hands* that is so perfect for me.

Disillusioned by hannahrhen, thor/loki, nsfw, ~1k
    ďIt was an illusion, Thor,Ē he spat after he was certain of his own control. ďA trick is what a whore does for money.Ē
    I think, if this fic hadn't been as well-written as it was or by an author I didn't trust as much, I may have run in the other direction, because I don't like things being unhappy. Not that this is precisely a tragic fic, but it's not really a hopeful fic, either. And it is about the anger between them, about Thor being very nearly cruel to Loki (who has almost assuredly goaded it on), but... it's also about the way Loki tries to make Thor feel guilty for the rough sex they've just had, for the way Thor completely debauched his little brother. It's one of those fics where the author does a lovely job of giving the reader just enough context to start spinning ideas in our thoughts or to assume certain things happened (I saw this as Thor hitting a temporary limit with Loki, who has pulled so much shit that eventually Thor's temper snaps sometimes, too), as well as knowing how to punch me right in the feelings with such efficiently and beautifully chosen words. It's not for when you're in the mood for something happy, but if you like being occasionally punched in the feelings, this one is good for that.

30 Day OTP NSFW Challenge: Day 30 - Whatever You Like by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, rough sex, wallsex, ~1k
    Loki felt like he had only just fallen asleep on the cold and dirty floor when he was pulled up roughly by the throat and slammed against the wall.
    And then to finish off my reading, yes, Loki in prison and Thor visits him and of course it just devolves into Thor fucking Loki right there against the wall. I have been sorely lacking in wallsex fic to read, so this was a very nice boon to come across, but I also love it for the way Loki goads Thor into fucking him, that this isn't precisely a happy fic, but it's not heartbreaking, either. Instead it's satisfying porn, especially when, oh, Loki only has a moment to prepare himself and I love that moment of things almost spinning beyond his control, that flare of panic because once Thor starts, it's nearly impossible to stop him, at the same time, of course Loki will find a way to use this to his advantage. All of that is super hot! I mean, wallsex and a good dynamic between the two of them post-movies, yes, good, give me that again.

to the ruler and the killer, baby by miikkaa_xx, thor/loki, NSFW, ~1k
    Loki knows what it feels to claim and be claimed all at once. (PWP!fic, with Loki's thought process.)
    Sure, I clicked on this one for the sexytimes. And it was a delicious take on Thor/Loki, with Loki taking his brother in, reveling in how much Thor wants him while fucking him, the way that can be twisted around his fingers, the posession that consumes Loki as often as it does Thor in fic. On the surface, it's pure porn, but it's also about the characterization of it, of the darker edges to their relationship, even while you're reading for super hot sexytimes. Very satisfying, yes.

Imprint by fio, thor/loki, NSFW, 1.6k
    Loki rides Thor to mark him and make him his.
    So, this was a thing I pretty much dove onto and read as soon as I saw it. Loki possessively riding Thor is super hot and I would love this just for the sexytimes that are right near the top of my bulletproof kink list, but also the writing is gorgeous and the Loki characterization is stunning. He's teasing and manipulative and there are dark things under the surface, but there's love there as well, so much love for his brother. And that is one of my favorite things ever--super hot sexytimes with characters, bless you, author.

Chances Lost by marchingjaybird, thor/loki, NSFW, ~1k
    Loki falls into old patterns again.
    This fic is almost a little hard to describe, it's more... almost like a missing scene, one that wouldn't affect the scenes on either side of it, not really, and yet it's a very illuminating piece for characterization of Loki, who loves his brother and yet there's resentment, which is stemming from love and you can already feel the two of them twining around each other in him. The writing is lovely and the sexytimes were very hot, but I think it was the opening lines that were my favorite part: It seems, sometimes, that chances are all he gets. Second and third chances for all of the times that he's mis-stepped.

They Are My Death and I Am Theirs by belle_nuit, thor/loki, NSFW, 1.8k
    Loki knows he has enemies in Asgard and until Odin dies Thor is his only protection. But even that is fragile. A 'Tudors' inspired fic from the kink meme, with angry sex and Loki as the toppiest bottom ever.
    This fic is a little tell-not-show in the writing of it, almost more summary than fic in the first half, but it smooths out halfway through and, oh, the characterization is right in my wheelhouse. Loki is tightly wound, there's so much anger in him, so many jagged edges, as he's back in Asgard and not particularly loved by the place, with only Thor's protection, which does not sit well with him. And the author does a good job of that twisted together love and hate Loki has with Thor, which shows itself in the reason for the fic--the sexytimes scene where Loki flips them over and angrily rides Thor until they're both bound together all over again. And that's a super yes plz do want more of that.

Permission by blacktofade, thor/loki, NSFW, toys, 2k
    Based on the prompt: Thor fucks Loki bareback, then uses a butt plug to keep his come inside Loki. Bonus if he does this in the movieverse right before his (interrupted) crowning ceremony.
    This is one of those prompts that I might have just passed on by, but somehow it works for me in this fandom. Plus, it's wallsex. I have a very deep and true fondness for wallsex and magic to make things quicker and the promise of more and that's what this author winds together--how much they both want each other, playing on the intense attraction between them, but also how a scene like this could slip between the frames of canon, it portrays how they could be fucking at any time, even if they're composed on the surface a few moments later. Plus, it's just really hot sexytimes and very satisfying, especially for the promise of what they'll do later.

I'm Waiting for That Setting Sun to Burn Me by milky_haven, thor/loki, NSFW, amnesia, 1.7k
    Loki fell into the abyss and there was someone else who fell with him.
    Ahhhh, another fic that was so good. Set just after the Thor movie, when Loki falls, he didn't fall alone. But when he lands, he remembers nothing of who he used to be, instead, there's him and Thor, giving them time to settle and calm and just be. The writing is lovely, the way Loki doesn't remember anything, but this new quiet is something he likes, and that just says everything. My favorite, though, is how you can just feel everything Thor feels, even through Loki's point of view, how it breaks my heart, but also warms it, because, oh, he's so sad and angry and relieved and maybe a little happy again finally and he loves Loki so much and when they talk about Loki's brother, it threatened to crush my heart out. And the author even worked in beautifully done, if brief, sexytimes! All in less than 2k, which is pretty impressive.

untitled by anonymous, thor/loki, NSFW, 1.3k
    It has become habit for Thor to seek his brother out after combat, to sate his battle-heightened lusts on his accommodating sibling.
    So, I went into this one for the summary: It has become habit for Thor to seek his brother out after combat, to sate his battle-heightened lusts on his accommodating sibling. because, well, of course I'm going to want to read that. What I didn't expect to find, aside from the lovely writing and something so sharp that's difficult to put one's finger on most of the time, was the heavy weight of their interaction here. At first, it's simply about the aftermath of a battle and the adrenaline still in Thor's system, but Loki is Loki and that's not how it stays, until it's the end of the fic and I find myself overcome by that last shattering blow. An intense, lovely read with gorgeous Loki characterization through Thor's eyes.

Thrall by bellacatbee, thor/loki, a bit nsfw, war prize!loki, ~1k
    Thor is gifted Loki after a victory.
    This fic is a few things that are not going to work for everyone--it's more of a sketch of an alternate universe rather than a fully fleshed out story, as well as this Loki is far less wiley (that we see here) and very delicate. But, whatever, I eat this kind of thing up! The summary is: Thor is gifted Loki after a victory. and I have grown SUPER FOND of AUs where they're arranged for a political marriage or spoils of war or whatever else, especially if Loki is cold and distant, until Thor eventually gets through to him. We don't see the details of that here, but I was intrigued by this set up and the writing is smooth and clean, so I wanted to recommend it.

untitled by thesynapticsnap, thor/loki, NSFW, 1,8k
    "Are you mad?" Loki ground out as he felt Thor shift inside of him. "Get off of me, you fool."
    This was just utterly filthy and fantastic and satsifying, wow. Thor so very thoroughly fucking Loki, with enthusiasm and softer, caring touches in equal measure, the way he flipped Loki onto his back to see his face and the way he fingered Loki afterwards was just... jfc, that was scorchingly hot. And then there's Thor teasing Loki over his lack of declarations of affection during, which was the further perfect when Loki was so "bleh" about it and just wanting Thor to fuck him already, because he's such an idiot and Loki can't stand how obnoxious he is and how much Loki wants him, all in the same breath. This was the hottest thing I've read in ages (so good for me, oh my god), but it also had the most delicous characterization and dynamic between them, with Thor so intensely loving his brother and being kind of a dick on purpose about it, teasing Loki, and then fucking him so hard that it's almost angry. Just. Just leave me here, go on without me, I'm no use to anyone anymore.

Thunderstorm by Leezzee, thor/loki, NSFW, rough sex, wall sex, pwp, thor 2 spoilers, 1.2k
    Thor and Loki finally meet again and it isn't on the best terms. They try to work off a bit of frustration.
    There's some stiff word choice here and too many epithets used, but other than that this was a delightfully satisfying pwp fic! I definitely want more from this author, there's such potential here, and, yeah, Thor fucking Loki angrily up against the pillar was ridiculously hot. This fic is the reason pwps are great in between longer fics, it was perfect for me as it was. *__*

Wet Season by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki, NSFW, outdoor sex, pre-movies, ~1k
    Loki watched from his room as Asgard was drenched once again with rain. The clouds gave an odd, rosy cast to the world, humid gusts of air blowing the fat drops of water sideways every so often. Loki knew who exactly was the cause of this, again, and with a heavy sigh, vanished.
    A lovely pre-movie pwp where it's sweet and darling and paints a very nice picture as Thor thrusts against Loki, both their cocks in his huge hand while the rain falls down on them as they lay in the grass. The use of the weather is also lovely, it's very much there but not overdone and I love the connection with Thor and his easy control over it! What a sheer delight to read and very tasty porn--plus cuddles! All the things pre-movie fic should be!

Yggdrasil, In Spring by Cthonical, thor/loki, NSFW, some fem!loki, 2.2k
    There's more than one reason why Loki likes to make Thor jealous.
    I've talked a bit about this elsewhere, but this fic really reminded me of just how much I enjoy a genderfluid Loki and how fandom embraces that. This is basically a pwp, where Loki shows up in a female body and eggs Thor on into fucking him this way, which is already super hot, especially since there's not a lot of super hot written of going down on women, but it's also got that sharp bite I love with Loki's character and his comfort in a female body because he likes it sometimes and the insight into both characters and their relationship. The back and forth, Loki trying to stay in control, having all those razor sharp words at his disposal, but Thor being possessive and having all that strength undoes him, and yet he never loses himself completely and just, ugh, yes, that's everything I want.

Porn by DictionaryWrites, thor/loki, nsfw, ~1k
    Loki cursed in every tongue he knew, arching and desperately clawing at Thorís back for some kind of purchase.
    This is really short, but hopefully the (lack of) length won't turn people away, because it's a nice supplement to have, when you've been reading a lot of genfic and/or pg-rated fic lately. It's pure pwp, about how much Loki likes when Thor holds him down and fucks him, about the intense sex they have, how the only thing saving it from being angry sex is that they both like it. There's also hair yanking and wrists being pinned and Loki clawing at Thor's back. I just. Really needed this fic and it was super good for me.

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