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Black is the color by mjnobody, thor/loki, NSFW, dub-con bordering on non-con, intersex!loki, rough sex, manipulative loki, size kink, 12.6k
    Even the Golden Odinson has a dirty little secret.
    Jesus Christ this fic could have pretty much been written just for me! This is one of those fics that bumps up against the non-con line to the point that some readers may not be comfortable with it, but I found that it worked for me because of two things. One, probably most importantly, is because this is idfic and the writing of the fic wholly embraces that, given the way Thor's actions are treated here and the way the story is tagged. Two, because Thor's treatment of Loki is contrasted against the treatment of other people he has sex with, the way he treats Loki is entirely differenlty from them, how Thor completely loses any arousal he had when his wife is reluctant and upset by their sex, her tears completely kill any desire he had to bed her. And that's entirely genuine, he doesn't enjoy hurting her whatsoever, only continues because he feels obligated by the necessity of the situation. You combine these two things and you have a recipe for a fic that's not going to be for everyone but I found that, by the end of the fic, I was utterly and completely in love.

A lot of this is because of the build-up, where Loki clearly enjoys that Thor wants to pin him down, he practically lights up when he discovers this about Thor, and you can practically see his wheels turning, even from Thor's point of view. Loki even enjoys the sex, for all that he protests (again, not a line everyone is going to be comfortable on and that's okay!), and the author finds this balance between power plays and Loki being a manipulative little shit. That and it's just ridiculously hot sex, it's a combination of love and anger wound together with these two, it's all about how Thor finally wants to pin his slippery and wily brother down already and enjoys taking him apart (with his dick) when he does. The way the author builds up the tension between the characters, the banter they have that shows their long familiarity with each other and that they're such brothers when they so casually and easily slip into shit talking, the way they act around each other!

Yet, for all that they're brothers, there's something more lurking under the surface between them and you feel that the entire way through this fic, until it finally comes to a head and Loki goads Thor into finally unleashing his temper and his wants. The way he straddles Thor's lap and talks about his cunt, the way Thor does want to touch it and explore it, the way he hauls Loki into bed once he's been goaded and tells him to spread his legs so Thor can see what he's got, that utterly delicious bit of roughness between them that works so well. And, wow, this was actually really excellen Thor characterization, from the way he sticks his dick into just about anything that moves to the way he loves Loki but won't just give him whatever he wants no matter how Loki promises to behave to the way his temper is quick to flare when it comes to Loki, because Loki is that one thing Thor will never be wholly emotionally healthy about. It's a bit on the dark side from what I usually read, but this author pulled it off and it was fantastic.

Goad by hannahrhen, thor/loki, NSFW, size kink, rough sex, 2k
    Thor hesitates. Loki encourages.
    Holy mother of fuck this was hot. I love when fic lovingly goes on about the size of Thor's cock, especially when you can practically feel Loki salivating over wanting that in him now, which the fic does wonderfully well with, but it's also that dynamic I love. Thor is rough, he regrets how rough he is with his brother, Loki is like, no, I want this, you dumbshit, so he goads Thor with just the right combination of insults, which Thor knows he's doing, but it's clear Loki wants it, so he unleashes everything and just. I will never get enough of that ever. Especially not when it's scorchingly hot, when Loki wriggles his hips to taunt Thor, when there's a playful sort of rough sex going on, that Thor's pinned him down and Loki loves it, it's sheer delight the way Loki enjoys this so much, enjoys his huge brother against his back. That Thor is just so... Thor here, the way you love him all the more for this, and Loki is so Loki in his twisty and gleeful ways, getting the thorough fucking and attention that he wants. This is so wonderfully characterized and ridiculously hot porn that I'm in love with the fandom all over again.

untitled by norselovers [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, size kink, 2.8k
    Another smirk spread Loki’s lips and in a flash, Thor was shoved down on the bed and Loki was straddling his hips. “I think you need a professional, brother,” he purred, his eyes glimmering like an emerald flame. “Not silly little warriors and women. You need someone that you can unleash upon. Luckily, I think he’s available tonight.”
    This fic starts out a bit rough in the beginning, but it's the kind of writing that I think has so much potential and I really want to see the writer keep writing, I want more fic just like this one, because once it gets going, the fic just happily embraces the size kink, how much Loki really wants Thor's huge cock and how Thor is happy to give it to him, to fuck Loki until he's been completely wrecked. I love how enthusiastically kinky it is in how much Loki enjoys taking such a huge dick, that he likes a little bit of the pain with it, that he likes being wrecked by it. That he's good at taking this. Then you add in that it's a really satisying sex scene, just completely hitting the kink I wanted and giving me what I hoped for, so I would have loved it just for the hot sex even without Thor with a huge dick and Loki practically salivating over the idea of getting that into him. But instead I got both and it was fantastic for me. Bless and thank, fandom.

bring my soul to bear by Lise [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, mild enema and size kink, 1.9k
    Loki shifted, hands flexing. He suddenly wasn’t sure why he’d agreed to this. After a long soak in a hot bath, though, and then Thor’s hands massaging his back until his muscles were warm and loose and he was sprawled comfortably spread-eagled on the floor, he supposed, he would have agreed to almost anything. Now, though…
    If this had been another author, I might have looked at the summary and raised an eyebrow, but I trust Lise to make anything she puts her hand to be really good for me. And, holy fuck, was this good. Loki is still prickly but likes Thor's cock and Thor loves Loki so much you can feel it in the way he enjoys this and wants Loki pliant and wrecked and all of that only makes him want to fuck Loki more. It's that combination of care and yet steamroller that's perfect, how Thor just does things he wants, but also clearly loves his brother. And, oh, Loki was made to be stuffed full and he's so relaxed and that makes me love this, that it's hot and sweet and kind of filthy and full of adoration, all at the same time. But also it's genuinely the sex and it's hot as hell and the size kink bits were the perfect topper. Unf, this was good for me.

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