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Compulsory Elements ( part 1 + part 2) by fickleobsessions [ mobile ver. pt 1 + mobile ver. pt 2 ], thor/loki, skating au, 3k
    It isn’t an easy choice to make, picking up his entire life and routine and moving to America, but in the end it’s less than five hundred days to Sochi and Loki isn’t going to be satisfied if he comes home from the Olympics with anything less than a gold medal.
    part 1: I’ve seen the hockey/ice skating fanart that’s made the rounds in fandom. I’ve seen the Hiddlesworth AU summary that went around. And I loved both of those things with a fiery intensity and continued to pine for an actual fic with Thor and Loki and a;sldfkjaslkj NOW I HAVE THE BEGINNING OF ONE. I mean, I super super want more of this, but at least this exists now! And I have read it! And it’s just as delicious as I was hoping for, even with only the one meeting between the tightly wound figure skater Loki and the enormously friendly personal space invading hockey player Thor so far. I actually made ridiculous wriggling around motions in my seat as I saw this/finished it, because a) I am that ridiculous and b) it’s ridiculously good for me. I love the set up already and I love Loki’s characterization/motivations and I love that the author has me clawing at the screen for more.
    part 2: AHHHH, SECOND CHAPTER. Of Loki as a figure skater and Thor a hockey player, which is something I have been pining for and this update was wonderful. Even before Thor and Loki had any interaction, I was adoring this chapter for the continued world building with Loki getting to know Natasha a little better, who is perfectly transported into this world as well, she is so spot on for her character and makes such sense here and I am always forever in love with Loki&Natasha friendships in AUs. Or something like the beginning of a friendship. I would have enjoyed it just for that, but it gets even better when Thor shows up again and it’s that perfect dynamic I love so much—he’s just so cheerful and outgoing and likes Loki and so goes after him, while Loki is prickly and defensive and doesn’t want to admit that he’s interested, not even to himself. It’s a dynamic that could easily become cliche in the wrong author’s hands, but here it just sparkles and is pure delight to watch them interact. I don’t know which I love this fic more for—Loki as a figure skater and that world he lives in or the Thor/Loki interaction. Thankfully, I don’t have to choose, I get both in one fic, and I could very nearly beam ridiculously from it.

love on the ice by secret-smile19, thor/loki, skating au, 2.5k
    Hockey player!Thor & figure skater!Loki
    I am so fond of this prompt/concept, you have no idea. I've read the other Thor/Loki hockey player/ice skater AU in the fandom, but I'm not even a little bit kidding when I say I want a dozen of these and I would enjoy each of them genuinely. And, oh, I love how Thor is just totally attracted to Loki and completely open about how he wants to bang the gorgeous figure skater, but has no idea how to actually talk to him in a way that doesn't leave Loki annoyed with him, because everyone else just tends to fall for his charm and sleep with him immediately. I love stories where Thor has to stop and actually think about what Loki's thinking/feeling and how to approach him better, while he slowly starts to actually understand and comes to genuinely like and appreciate Loki. All set against the backdrop of hockey playing and ice skating! This was totally adorable and sweet to find today!

the ice is getting thinner by thorgasmed [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, skating au, 2.1k
    For all the meticulous and calculated planning he does, when Loki chooses to be impulsive, he somehow manages to go to the extremes of it. After a draining ten hour flight and being greeted by colourful signs that read “WELCOME TO THE OLYMPICS/VELKOMMEN TIL OL”, he should be in his own hotel room, but he isn’t. He should be asleep, but he is far from it.
    I feel like, yes, this is the fic I've been waiting for! Loki doing what he wants, prickly and beautiful, then won over by Thor's presence and natural charm! The sex is scorchingly hot and fantastic, the way Loki wants him, the way Thor feels on him, the weight of him, and it is the hottest thing ever when Thor loves Loki's gorgeous ass. The sex is brief, but Thor enjoying sliding back into Loki the next morning left me in need of a cold shower for a few minutes there. Plus, yesss, Thor finding him afterwards and actually wants to date him, because he's a gentleman! That is Thor. ♥ I am totally excited for more of this one!

untitled by LadyCharity [ mobile ver. ], thor & loki, skating au, 1.1k
    'Con Te Partiro' was already playing when Thor quietly pushed open the emergency exit door to come in. He tried to squeeze through only three inches of open door—the stadium is empty and any noise he made would echo like snapping bullets.
    For all that this is a Thor pov piece, there's not much of him here, it's entirely about Loki (and has a bit of wrong!Thor, I guess?), but the language is so lovely that I enjoyed it immensely. The descriptions are very pretty, making the skating a true artform, which is what I enjoy most about this piece. Everything about Loki is so elegant and lovely, as it should be!

untitled by amberfox17, thor/loki, skating au, ~1k
    The last beats of the song fade away and the figure on the ice comes to a shuddering halt, chest heaving, legs splayed, body arching as he halts his slide across the ice. He’s about half a minute behind the track, and as he gets to his feet its obvious he knows it, snarling and kicking in a brief tantrum.
    Another piece focusing on figure skating Loki and how very nearly magical it is to watch him on the ice! The fic captures that aspect very nicely, ahhhh. There's a bit more Thor in this one, but Loki is still the focus and what a beautiful diva he is, which made this completely fun to read!

untitled by thejotunpoledancer [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, skating au, ~1k
    It had not always been like this.
    This is very short, just over 300 words, but it's a fun snipet about the first stirrings of attraction Thor has for Loki and how amazing he looks on the ice. Well, most of the time! It was lovely and fun, a neat addition to this collection of skating au fics.

Skates on Sale by Donya, thor/loki, skating au, ~1k
    Figure skating AU. Loki lives for skating and one night with Thor changes everything.
    The writing here is more tell than show and stiff in places, as well as it's a sad ending, but it's one of those fics that's fun when you're reading it in a collection of stories in a theme (because I can handle sad endings better in collections of a theme) and so I'm glad I read it for that! Plus there was a half a line of porn that put a pretty image in my mind and I always enjoy that!

Winter Bird by manysidesofmyself [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, skating au, 2k
    Out of the corner of the rink, he entered, head held high, haughty, slender. Alabaster skin contrasting with his raven hair pulled back, falling like dark feathers behind his ears. The black and white leotard clinging appreciatively to his curves, skates white as his skin with the gleaming blade scratching the ice quietly.
    This fic definitely tries too hard and overdoes the mpetaphors, but there's a charm in reading how Loki is like a beautiful winter bird and there's potential in the descriptions of how pretty he is. It's another fic that focuses almost entirely on Loki, as well as the style is not going to be for everyone, especially if you're not here for an ode to Loki's attractiveness, but it's cute and fun to read! And I enjoy first time meetings between Thor and Loki, okay.

Break the ice by Beethelesda, thor/loki, skating au, 2.5k
    I kept on showing up, always on time. He kept on ignoring me. I kept on failing at touching him, always.
    The structure of this could be better, the formatting can be distracting, and the style isn't going to be for everyone, it's a bit rough and could be polished more, but I read it like a dreamy story a bit like a fairy tale, the imagery used fits with that in a way that I liked, and I found myself glad to have found it. And I would have kept going, if there had been more to the fic, which is always the mark of something I honestly enjoyed.

What Courage Yet Unproven by reserve, thor/loki, human au, skating au, 6.9k wip
    Thor is a Freshman hockey player with UMASS's Minutemen; Loki is an injured Olympic hopeful training at the International Skating Center of Connecticut. When it becomes obvious that Thor's difficulty skating is holding both him and his team back, Coach Yevenko calls in the big guns: one extremely talented, finicky figure skater who begrudgingly accepts working with Thor for reasons of his own.
    I was initially hesitatnt about a Thor who couldn't skate well kind of fic, because it seemed against the spirit of the character, but once this fic gets underway, it's utterly delightful and charming and now my new favorite skating AU!! :D The characters are sharp, where Loki is prickly and Thor is charming (as well as more to them, of course, but that's what they first see in each other), with all these little thoughts or moments of sarcasm or cuteness that completely work. It's about the first stirrings of attraction between them, the development of a friendship that's heading towards being more on both their parts, and I can't get enough of that. There's a scene where Thor deliberately holds Loki's hand while they're skating together and it's so perfectly Thor, who is such a lovable obnoxious dick, that I knew I was in love! This is pure fun and good for me and has that sharp edge I'm always looking for and now I want the rest of this fic immediately.

the ice is getting thinner (part 2) by thorgasmed [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, human au, skating au, 1.8k
    February is upon them and Loki spends just as much time on the ice as he does off it.
    This is one of the other must-reads for the the skating au trope and I love pretty much everything about this chapter and how happy it made me! Even when both Thor and Loki are worried about their upcoming events, the tone of the story is happy and good, while they're flirting and just... naturally fitting together. It's dating fic of a sort! Being able to read about these characters in a human au setting is always tricky, because retaining their spirits but also not having the same dramatic experiences can be a hard line to walk, but when it's nailed, it's one of the most satisfying things, because there is a sharpness to the characters here that I'm unable to convey properly. But they feel spot on to me and they're falling in love and they just immediately click with each other, they work together as a pairing, and it's just-- You don't know how much I want that for always. The fic is also really good at working in detail that gives the story a richer feel and the writing just sails along whenever I pick it up. It sucks me in every time there's a new chapter to read!

the ice is getting thinner (part 3) by thorgasmed [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, mildly nsfw, human au, skating au, 1.4k
    Just before Thor suits up for his game, Loki insists on pulling his hair out of that ‘gauche ponytail’ and tying it half-up instead. “This is a good look for you, I promise.” He insists. As an afterthought, he takes a section of Thor’s hair and braids it, securing it with a small green hair elastic he keeps in his pocket for himself. “What’s that for?” Loki shrugs. “Just for me, I guess.”
    This is a shorter chapter, but it's still so very good and, oh, I really love this Loki, who is not as broken as canon is, but has echoes of the same issues and drive, if his relationship with Thor is less convoluted, because these are different circumstances. But that doesn't mean it's any less interesting, because this Thor is really great, who is sincere and charming and you can feel the sheer presence of he has in Loki's life already, as well as he has moments where he nearly steamrolls over everything but then is so genuine and good-natured about it that you still love him and he takes up so much room in Loki's thoughts, even as he is so damned determined to win gold this year. The writing continues to be delightful and I love watching these two fall in love, which Loki is entirely cranky about! ♥

on thin ice by hiddendemon-666 part 1 [ mobile ver. ] + part 2 [ mobile ver. ] + part 3 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, human au, skating au, 13.8k
    His skates cut fresh groves into the ice as he gained speed, the soft rhythm of a song playing in the empty rink, echoing its beats in time to the skater’s feet. He spun, once, twice, and then gracefully glided into another loop, carving his routine into the frozen glass.
    There are too many epithets here, the pov switches back and forth constantly, and it's stiff in the writing, but it's the kind of that has potential in the future! I enjoyed the early scenes in the first chapter especially--while it heads off into angsty territory after that, it often winds back to cuteness and that's when the fic is at its best, with the cute flirting and the beginnings of attraction and the start of the relationship, all the really fun stuff. This isn't going to be a story for everyone, it's not really canon!Loki, but instead that softer version from fanon where he's a lot more fragile and you have to roll with that, but I like this Thor a lot and this is an au so I can roll with a whole bunch of different kinds of Loki and I actually like just some straight out fluffier Loki at times. So I found that I was reading pretty much all 13k of this in one sitting and I would have kept going, had there been more! It embraces the tropes it's writing, which is something I love from fluffier fic, even the angsty fluff kind, as well as I felt this was a nicely filling fic for when I was in the mood for more skating au, especially when Thor and Loki are moving into Thor's apartment and being cute and having a bit of a nsfw handjob. I hope to see more from this fic soon, especially since I'm enjoying having a longer skating au to read!

Of Fire and Ice by erilanya part 1 [ mobile ver. ] + part 2 [ mobile ver. ] + part 3 [ mobile ver. ] + part 4 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, human au, skating au, 4.3k wip
    As the music picked up the pace, so did he, the jumps becoming higher and faster. The critical moment was approaching. When he came out of us sitting spin, he immediately lined up for quadruple axel, but his turn was way too short and he fell flat again. The music stopped and all the lights popped back on. His coach was massaging his temples as Loki skated over to him.
    The writing of this one is rough, but I'm hugnry for all things skating au and this fic knows to embrace the tropes of it. With a little time and practice, this could be a very cute and sweet au fic to add to the skating au collection, so I will definitely continue to keep an eye on it!

First Date - Cardiff Winter Wonderland by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, human au, semi-skating au, fluff, 1.4k
    “I thought you said you could skate?” “I can skate,” Thor says indignantly. “I am skating.”
    This was sweet and short, but utterly charming and sharply written and just a total joy to read. It's all about the fluffier things with Thor and Loki on their first date, that sense of banter that comes from flirting between them in that way that makes my heart glad to read about, it's just nice to see a bit of teasing that comes right along with the fresh and new sense of falling in love. That, in some universes, they can just simply be happy, where Loki flirts and teases and Thor loves him entirely and they can just be. I love how Amber writes fluff sometimes, because the little touches of their skating and the hot chocolate and the ferris wheel ride and the way Thor holds Loki and he feels a bit fragile and yet he's not and then there's kissing and just. Happy sigh.

Am I too late for NSFW day? by eatingcroutons [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, human au, skating au, ~1k
    The guy is an Asshole. With a capital A, and not just because Loki doesn’t know his actual name. He’s a walking hockey stereotype: built like a mountain, square-jawed, blond-haired, perpetually grinning and joking and laughing far louder than necessary.
    Oh, this was perfect, this is why I fell in love with the skating AUs in the first place, becaus they can be such fun and so very sharp to read! This Thor is exquisitely written, the sheer presence of him, the weight and heft of his character, the way he's not actually an asshole, but he's not precisely nice, as he pins Loki up against a wall and pretty much growls how he's going to fuck him, after all the dancing they've done around each other. And that promise is followed through on, in such a Thor way, this modern day warrior who's a decent person, these things don't conflict with Thor. The scenes are short, but perfectly paced and structured, and the brief sex was ridiculously hot, ahhhh.

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