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bite the apple by stereobone [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, spanking, 1.2k
    The first thing Loki does upon waking is laugh. Thor doesnít know why this surprises him, but it does.
    So, I'd read anything by stereobone, but seeing spanking fic written by stereobone? Jesus fuck, let me at that right the hell now. I was supposed to be in bed sleeping, just checking tumblr one quick final time and OH HEY IS THAT NEW FIC AND-- OH SWEET JESUS I AM READING THIS RIGHT NOW. And, wow, was it really fucking good. Loki being so twisty and viciously goading Thor into wanting to hurt him, that delicate balance between both of them wanting Thor to hurt Loki and actually not wanting real hurt, because they do love each other under all the anger and hurt, it was perfectly walked.

And then there's that moment, that perfectly done moment, where the atmosphere changes, as Thor yanks Loki over his knee and they could almost go back, stop this, and I love that moment, all the more for the way Thor doesn't stop. And then it's this super hot blend between punishing Loki and this being about the sexual attraction between them, this perfect blend of such intense love for his brother and wanting to put him back in his place because Thor's so angry at him for everything he's done, especially after Loki provoked him deliberately, and, oh, it's so, so good. Especially when Thor touches him gently afterwards and that's when Loki finally spills and then there's some awkwardness at the end, except that's perfect, too. Just. Ugh, leave me here to die of hotness and feels and incoherency.

Master of the Hunt by AdamantSteve, thor/loki, NSFW, mortal au, period piece, spanking, 1k
    As acting Lord of the Manor, it's up to Thor to deal with Loki's misdeeds, such as running the hunt through Laufeyson land.
    Oh, sweet jesus, this was good for me. Mortal AU/period piece where Loki is a little shit who lounges around to deliberately stir Thor into pulling Loki across his lap to spank him and then slide his hand between Loki's legs to see that this is turning him on and then fucking him hard right on the chaise lounge? And then the perfect ending? Jfc. Just go on without me. This was fantastically written and, for a fic that's only about a thousand words, that was everything I wanted. Always give me more of Thor's temper + Loki's being a little shit about it. Always.

15 Day OTP Challenge (chapter 2) by umakoo [ tumblr link ], thor/loki, NSFW, kid!loki, spanking, underage, fingering, ~1k
    Thor brought his hand down on his brotherís naked bottom, cringing at the loud smack that broke the silence of their otherwise quiet bedroom.
    This fic is not going to be for everyone and I probably would have skipped it if it weren't for this author and how much I enjoy her work, because underage fic generally isn't my thing. But the best part of the way umakoo writes kid!Loki is that he is very clearly not being taken advantage of here, that he's not really human even if he looks it, and that he knows what he wants, that he gets petulant about Thor breaking character, that it's not about being pressured into this. The fic makes it clear that this is about what Loki wants, that he wants Thor to "punish" him this way, and that it's all in good fun. And that's so much of what made it enjoyable for me, that I wish more fic was just fun like this, because it can make things so much hotter.

30 Day OTP Challenge - 28. Spanking by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, spanking, human au, rockstar au, 2,6k
    Thor slams open the door to the hotel suite and doesnít even need to say anything for the room to instantly clear, the band and assorted staff slipping past him in a mad rush, heading for the relative safety of the lobby or their own rooms. Thor bangs the door shut behind him once theyíre gone and stalks through the lounge to the bigger of the two bedrooms, dimly aware that this is the angriest he has ever been.
    I am so weak to Loki being such a little shit and Thor snapping to put Loki over his knee to spank him. You don't understand just how weak to this I am, because it plays on how much I love how strong Thor is, but even more what it means for/does to Loki. Because it gets him the attention he wants, it puts a halt to his little shit antics (even if only temporarily), it shows that Thor cares about him while still playing into how Loki can get under his skin and look what he can make Thor do! All of that is what I just eat up with a spoon, every time. And this fic does a lovely job of showing that moment, where Loki's viciousness finally breaks, that he's getting this attention and enjoying Thor's temper, that this is what is at the heart of it in this fic, mmm. :9 I also enjoyed the goth rocker Loki element and how much of a mean little spoiled brat he is and how Thor sees through that by the end. Plus, oh, man, it's just really hot when Thor spanks Loki. Bless this fandom for making a nice collection of this trope.

Strange Customs by HRH After Dark (hannahrhen), thor/loki, NSFW, spanking, war trophy!loki, barbarian au, crack, 3.6k
    Loki is captured by the most perverted villagers in the history of mankind. He kind of doesn't mind.
    This is some glorious spanking fic that whole-heartedly embraces the perviness of it's concept and is just so good-hearted and enthusiastic about it! It was such unabashed fun that I loved it like you wouldn't believe. One of my favorite things about some of the kinkier fics is when the writing (or the characters) are just so happy and enthusiastic about the kink in the story, it makes it fun, and that's what Hannah has done beautifully here. So, I would have loved it for that alone, but, oh, wow, this was the spanking fic of the kind I want for always and was so incredibly hot and well described and just. Loki over Thor's leg and how hard Loki was for it and I-- I needed a minute after this one. So good for me.

Tether by cavaleira, thor/loki, NSFW, spanking, rough sex, mild bondage, loki in chains, 3.1k
    "The dying embers of firelight reflect off of the gold of Loki's chains, which Thor imagines are the main cause of his brother's ire."
    Loki in those chains has been one of the best things for fandom and, oh, this fic did wonderfully with it. That Loki continues to need and prod until Thor has had enough and drags him into the woods to fuck a bit of sense inoto him is beautifully done here. And I loved this for the ridiculously hot sex, the spanking and then fucking Loki up against a tree, but it's the firm hand Thor uses with him, the breaking of all things soft between them, even as Thor loves him and would be gentle with him if he could, that really gets me when it's done well like it is here. When Thor directly tells Loki that he sees him, that Loki can twist himself and others around, but he will still always year for Thor? Holy fuck, so hot and an utterly perfect moment of characterization. Especially when Loki snarls at him but Thor just keeps firmly fucking him. This is Thor and all the things he knows even before they happen or are deep down truths. This is Loki who is such an intriguing mess that I want to smack him and love him desperately at the same time. And also ridiculously satisfying sex.

Avengers/Thor: untitled by a-walking-accident - Spank fic is one of those things where I feel like I like the idea of it more than I like the actual fic that usually comes out of it--mostly because I have an embarrassment squick and the humiliation aspect that comes along with it leaves me cold. But this fic somehow walked that fine line that I have trouble articulating about what I want--probably because it's used to give insight into Loki's self-hatred and wish to be punished for it, but turned just enough that it's also about how much Thor loves him and knows that Loki is hurting, which isn't really quite the point of what they're doing. It's got just enough power dynamics and Loki egging Thor on that I didn't even mind that it was really short or that it stopped before the actual banging. It was a good mix of kink and characterization, my favorite of all things. (Thor/Loki, a bit nsfw, spank fic.) AVENGERS/THOR: The Sound of One Hand Clapping by velociraptor-hands SUMMARY: kinkmeme prompt: One day Loki is trying to reason with Thor, who constantly ignores his advice. Eventually Thor sends the guards out and spanks Loki long and hard for his disobedience/disrespect, possibly whilst sitting on the throne. REC: I have long thought that I like the idea of spank fic, but I never found much that didn't hit my embarrassment squick or that wasn't about humiliation. But this fic hits the right buttons for me, because it's all about how much Thor dearly loves Loki and how that's explicitly stated by the characters, how Thor even makes a point of having Loki repeat that back to him, the why of his actions, which, ahhhhh, yes, that's the good stuff for me. It's just enough about power dynamics (and I do love Thor as king with Loki as his adviser, any fic where that happens automatically wins points with me and I love this fic for doing such!) and also about breaking down Loki's prickly attitude to get at something real, in addition to being about the spanking kink itself, that, yes, I find myself wanting more like this, especially with the bonus of the hints of the relationship between them. (Thor/Loki, NSFW for spank fic.)
AVENGERS/THOR: untitled by chubbychoco
SUMMARY: Loki yelped as Thorís hand flew over his bottom, leaving a bright red print.
REC: Yes, good, more spank porn that I really enjoyed! After reading a long UST-filled fic today I really, really needed more quick, short fics that were just about the sexual resolution and, okay, there's not actually a lot of fucking here, but it's hot and obviously they're in a relationship and that's good enough for me. Especially because, oh, Loki enjoying what Thor does to him, even as he's still affected, squirmy and turned on and taunting Thor that he's turned on by this, too, the firm hand that Thor takes to him, and the final line... all of it was really delicious. (Thor/Loki, nsfw, spanking.) → His Chilled Burning by I Don't Burn, thor/loki + other asgardians, in heat!loki, mild spanking, 6.2k
    Held in quarantined isolation Loki is left to re-evaluate himself, his actions and his feelings for his brother. Of course it can't be that simple though. Not when he's entering his first Heat;the appearance of other realm Gods.
    I'm going to have a bit of a difficult time explaining this fic, I suspect. Because the writing is rough around the edges, the author slides into too many descriptors when a more minimal approach would work better (but it's mild, so it didn't keep me from enjoying this--and it's more that I think the author has so much potential, already they're doing good work!), and there are moments when I have no idea what's going on, when things probably needed to be clearer. That said. (I say these things to put readers in the right frame of mind, I hope, because, yes, it's rough, but, oh, man, it's so good for me, too, and knowing that I should just roll with it helps me to see the fantastic much easier.) Oh, man, this fic. It's one of those fics that gives me those tropes that should be guilty pleasures--Loki going into heat, Thor being furious that Loki can't even stay put for the lightest slaps on the wrist for punishment, Thor literally throwing Loki over his shoulder and storming back to his room to drop him off again--but instead, nope, they're the best and I enjoyed them genuinely, without irony.

The thing about this fic is that it made me happy--Odin and Frigga aren't in it terribly much, but they clearly love Loki and he gets a pretty light punishment, all things considered, even if this was written pre-Avengers, pretty much the Asgardian equivalent of being sent to his room without dinner, and I LOVE THAT. THAT SHOULD HAPPEN MORE OFTEN. But also Loki being confused as hell because something is happening to him, which is also always good for me. And then bonus LOKI WITH A TAIL. Yes. Give me that. Give it to me without irony, I will love it. I wouldn't say that this fic is fluff, but it's not a heartbreaker, it's trope-laden fic, but that just made me love it more. It hasn't been updated in a year, so I don't think it'll be finished, but I enjoyed what was here of it!

Man Cannot Live On Bread Alone by CalamityCain, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, dub-con, food kink, kitchen sex, spanking, 3k
    In the cramped quarters of wall-to-wall tenement apartments, one thing leads to another: an open window, a voyeurís gaze, sliced onions, a kitchen fire.
    This is a fic you definitely need to pay attention to the warnings on, it's dub-con and a bit dark, but if you like a bit of power play, where Thor realizes Loki gets off on being taken in hand, then this is a gorgeous fic. It's a human AU where they're neighbors and it's really a pwp with a food kink, but it's a great mix of dark and yet happy! It's perfect for me, not only hitting the kinks that I am really into, but not making it cruel or mean-spirited, but that there's something enthusiastic and almost sweet afterwards. There's an almost anonymous quality to the fic and yet it's so easy to see the characters and their relationship here! Thor bending Loki over the counter and spanking him and then fucking him, just all rought intensity that Loki responds to and then sweetness afterwards, it's a delicious blend of good and yet fucked up. And so hot, oh my god, the porn was amazingly good for me, right down to the taking Loki in hand and fucking him until he has trouble walking. I needed some time after that.

Fantasy Night by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, spanking, handcuffs, rough sex, 3.4k
    So far, Loki has been making Thorís fantasies reality. Tonight, Thor is determined to give back.
    When I read this fic, it absolutely ruined me for the rest of that night, because it's rough sex with Loki wanting to be Thor's Jotunn whore and Thor indulges him, which makes it this really great mix of fucked up and not fucked up and rough and sweet, in a way that works for these characters. For all that it's dub-con, it's a bit on the sweet and fluffy side of Loki, but I like that you get that there are still a lot of things about him that are a complete mess. You can feel how much Thor loves him and even in the roleplay, that affection is entirely clear as he fucks the delightful Jotunn beneath him. Add in some very nice sex and this was really good for me.

(In)Effective Punishments by Misaya, thor/loki + background clint/natsha + background avengers, NSFW, intersex!loki, piercings, some d/s play, some spanking, orgasm delay, 3.7k
    Thor has just about had it up to here with Loki's pranks and practical jokes, and decides to punish him for his misdeeds.
    This fic is part of a series that can be read in order or standalone!
    I'm serious about how happy this author makes me because it's just such happy fic that always cheers me up and then delivers tasty porn. The orgasm denial in this one, because Loki is such a little shit and this is Thor's "punishment" for him, was ridiculously hot, the way he was on edge the entire time and desperate to come, but Thor held him back, the control of it was really delicious. Just. All of that was so good for me, I am always here for lovingingly punishing that little shit, especially with marathon sex and surprisingly hot use of piercings and Thor going down on Loki's female bits and then fucking him, like, yesssss, give me that.

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