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Merlin: When Daylight Fades, We'll Still Be Us by rah_rah_ramen - This fic is rather vague, it's difficult to get a sense of what's going on or what's happened or why they're where they are, but that's not really what the fic is about, it's about a complicated future and the moment Arthur and Merlin share and how it's just them here, which the author does a very nice job of. I liked the Merlin pov, the almost bittersweetness of it when he thinks of how much less complicated things used to be, and it created a nice, pretty little piece. (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Stones That Arenít Stones by jade_dragoness - [Note: There may be spoilers up through 1x11 in this fic.] ;alksdjfl;akjsl;kj oh my god Merlin fandom. Why, why, why are you so good to us? This is another fic Meg linked and it's all about Merlin adopting dragon babies and it's like. It's like. It's like Merlin fandom loves us and wants us to be happy. This was delightful, I don't think I stopped grinning and/or laughing the entire way through because it was adorable and light-hearted and wonderful and satisfying for all the old-school slash fanfic buttons it pushed. And the joke of the dragons calling Merlin mommy? Never got old. The whole thing was just. Absolutely everything it needed to be and made me happy in my heart. (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: The Dragon was a Babble-mouth by jade_dragoness - [Note: There may be spoilers up through 1x11 in this fic.] After reading the author's previous fic, I wanted to give more of her stuff a shot and al;sdkfjals;kj I am so glad I did because this is another one of those fics that's just. Deeply satisfying to me and all about the old-school-esque slash fanfic button-hitting that I love so very much--Arthur gets it into his head, through a series of trains of thought crossing each other, that he'll know the person who's right for him when he kisses that person. And he goes around kissing everyone in Albion except the one we most want him to kiss and as;dlfkjaslkjs it's so fabulous. It's light-hearted and funny and utterly delightful and charming, the fic has some really great characterization and the build-up just makes the ending so, so much more satisfactory. *happy sigh* I could be happy in this fandom forever with fic like this. (Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/everyone.)

Merlin: Pointed Hat by ramtops_witch - I wasn't quite sure what to make of this fic at first, but I kept getting amused at certain lines, so I kept reading and somewhere around the middle... just... as;dlfkjasl;kj I was kind of cracking up really hard. The style is just over the top enough while still keeping the feel of the show's language that it worked for me and a;sdlfkjal;skjslkj this Merlin is just so very great that I love him kind of maybe a lot. Just. lololololol for this fic. ♥ (Arthur/Merlin, not quite SFW.)

Merlin: From the Ground by greensilver - Another fic Meg linked and... oh my god, Merlin fandom, did you just give me wingfic? Holy crap, I love this fic with such a fierceness that it, too, is ridiculous. Just. asd;flkjas;lkslkj it's so spot-on with the characters and the voices and so easy to see sliding between the frames of canon and Merlin's narrative is great and OMFG WINGFIC AND IT'S SO AWESOME. *revels in* (Arthur/Merlin pre-slash.)

Merlin: our horizon is the creation by Honooko - a;dlwkjasl the wonderful thing about this fandom is that it's sucking everyone in and nobody is going to escape and that just means more fic for me. And this fic was really good, it's all about Merlin's progression of understanding over the course of it, touching on the moments from various episodes that all build a little further and a little further until Merlin finally gets it. The emotion of the piece, intense when it needs to be and mixed with some really great humor when it needs to be (there are a couple of lines that had me totally cracking up) and a great voice/narrative for Merlin, it really nailed the feeling of the show for me. But mostly that sense of something between him and Arthur, that whatever it is that pulls at the two of them, it's fantastic. *__* (Arthuer/Merlin pre-slash.)

Merlin: This Whole Deception Lark by kageygirl - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x07 in this fic and this rec.] asdkfj;las what a great little fic set at the end of the episode where Arthur was enchanted by the evil fairies, where Gaius and Merlin have to work to come up with a story that hides what happened and Merlin is really, really terrible at this whole deception thing. I adore it for the narrative and the voices, how easy it was to see this, but also for what it doesn't have to say about Merlin's willingness to help Arthur, even when he's obviously still not recovered from the attack himself. The last two scenes of this are just pure fantasticness. (Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, I'd say.)

Merlin: August by Pru - I find it really difficult to know where to even begin with describing how much satisfaction and love this story gave me, because it's just so... much, so much of everything I want from this fandom and fanfic in general. It has great dialogue and characterization, there are moments when I was practically having to shove my hand against my mouth to keep from laughing out loud because the timing was just spot-on, there were moments when I was really kind of enthralled with the characters and the looks inside their heads, and there were even times where I was making those little fangirl sighs of contenment because the fic hit all the right buttons. Pru really does a brilliant job with this story, with making each of their lives hellish without going too far with it, instead making it feel so very much like the show, except maybe even funnier. And a;lsdfkjas;lkj this is quite seriously possibly my favorite characterization of Hunith ever and I would read so many fics of Merlin and Arthur going back to Merlin's village and just hanging out, especially if it touches on so many different things and moods and emotions and mentions of events in canon like this one did. *__* (Arthur/Merlin, somewhere around an R rating, I'd say.)

Merlin: Breaking Up and Making Up by Triste - And this one was still yet more fun, which I adored, because so often the bickering in Merlin fic is all about the making up by itself, whereas this one is all about the cycle of it and the utter delightfulness that is their sniping at each other. They're just. Such boys about it and there are so many lolarious moments and I love Gaius' patience through the whole thing (he's a saint, really) and just. So much fun. ♥ (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: we play in the night time by green_postit - I still can't believe I've been reading AU fics for this fandom, much less a fashion AU, but I liked this author's other fic and today I gave this one a shot and a;lskdjfa;lkjs it was kind of really, really good. Part of it was the porn and a lot of it was how Arthur is really, really hot when he's being all predatory in bed like this, but part of it is that the characters mapped really delightfully well onto this story, making it a really fun read. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17.)

Merlin: Between Times by suaine - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x10 in this fic and this rec.] This was a really lovely look at the aftermath of 1x10 and it had a lot of things that I really liked--I really like the idea that Arthurs has known about Merlin for awhile/knew after that episode, so how he reacted here, the kindness he showed even though Merlin didn't realize it. I liked the way Merlin's emotions so clearly showed here and how Arthur felt for him and how much didn't have to be said but was still very obvious here. It was a nice coda for the episode. (This is gen, but could be read as Arthur/Merlin pre-slash.)

Merlin: Light Up For Me by phantomjam - You know, it's surprisingly been awhile since I've read an "Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic" story, which are ones I love and will keep coming back for more of, but they do tend to start to run together after awhile. What I liked about this one was that it wasn't about the betrayal there, so much as it was about Arthur's understanding without Merlin having to hit him over the head with it, you could really see the good man that Arthur was. But it was also about the connection it forged between them, the sex was only half the point, the other half being the way it drew them together and bound them even tighter. It was kind of really lovely the way Merlin's magic tied them together here, the way it wound into the fic and the way it nearly overtook him and even Arthur felt part of that. ....okay, I'm describing this badly, but it was a really nice scene. *__* (Arthur/Merlin, I'd say an R or so.)

Merlin: Not in the Room by franticsga - Oh, what a delightful little fic here, I really adored the author's narrative for Arthur, the annoyance that Merlin is distracted of all things is really well done, not too over the top to make Arthur a parody of himself, but still make it really funny. And Merlin is delightful as well, the writing of this is just so smooth and clean and really charming and I adore the friendship and possible something more that's budding here. Oh, also. A++ description: He was Prince Arthur of Camelot, not Prince Arthur, Despoiler of Shite Manservants. (Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, I'd say.)

Merlin: Uneasy Lies the Head by Uther - This is a breathtaking look into Uther's head, made all the more amazing because it was written so early into the first season's run and yet really does a brilliant job of making Uther an interesting character, one full of complexities and his own sense of doing what's right. The way he raised Arthur, the way he looks at his son, the way he's doing what he feels needs to be done to make Arthur a stronger king, the way he's so proud of his son for being able to stand on his own, even if it means Arthur is moving away from him, all of it is gorgeously done and the way Uther looks at Merlin here... it packs one hell of a punch. (Implied Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Hunting Merlin by exlibris_tenisu - I was attracted to this fic because of the premise--Arthur realizes he wants Merlin and goes about it in his usual Arthur way, of hunting and laying traps and just generally being such an idiot guy about it that. That I love. It's not like Arthur has no social skills, it's just. As Meg once said and I have taken as gospel truth because I think of it every time I see the royal family together, Arthur was clearly raised by wolves. And this fic matched up really well with my feelings on Arthur and Merlin was adorable in his obliviousness, and yet I could believe that he wouldn't get it. Also, totally adorable and happy. ♥ (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Bookends by lo0o0ony_lauren - I have a great fondness for this style of fic--two halves, each one dedicated to a different character (Arthur and Merlin, in this case), showing their circumstances and getting inside their heads. The Merlin one is very solid, I like what doesn't need to be said yet is still so clearly said about him in the second half, but it was the first half, the Arthur piece that really impressed me. His interactions with Morgana when he was younger were especially stunning and it's just so easy to see this as background for him. (This is gen, but you could easily see Arthur/Merlin in this.)

Merlin: In Confidence by kageygirl - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x07 in this fic and this rec.] This is a lovely coda for the episode with the evil fairies, where Arthur nearly drowned and Merlin had to drag him out of the water, because Arthur really remembers very little of what happened there, so this situation makes sense and I could easily see it happening. But the best part is the really lovely Gaius point of view/narrative, the author really nails the voices of the characters wonderfully. (This is gen, but you could easily see Arthur/Merlin in this.)

Merlin: New Light by kageygirl - This is a rather short and simple piece, Arthur defeats a basilisk but has to be blindfolded to do it, so there's a bit of a heightening with the other senses, the author doing a really lovely job of getting at the... intimate feel of it, the way Arthur is feeling rather than seeing here. I could read so, so many fics of Merlin touching Arthur to take things off (the blindfold in this case) while Arthur's hands are light in return and just. Keep coming back for more. This had some really pretty imagery and some lovely language, making it a really nice read. *__* (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Let the Enemy Guns by lo0o0ony_lauren - God, you'd think I'd get tired of fic where Arthur and Merlin get together eventually, wouldn't you? And yet I keep going back for more. Especially because there are fics like this, ones that have really lovely characterization of the two of them, a really nice Arthur narrative, and some really gorgeous language throughout the whole piece. I adored that there was a sense of... there's so much unsaid between these two, yet it's still somehow so clear, there's a strong emotional impact even in the littlest things here, just the two of them sitting side by side sometimes was enough to be full of beautifully done tension. *__* (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: from the Poker to the Prize by lo0o0ony_lauren - Fics like this can be a bit hit or miss at times, sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a story like this or it's just not pulled off quite right (you'll see what I mean when you get further into the fic, I'm aware I'm being vague XD) but this one... this one really worked well for me. Part of it is the author's lovely writing, which continues to be just fantastic and her characterization is solid, but part of it is also that it wasn't pushed too hard and I adored all of what it said about the relationship between Arthur and Merlin that it may or may not have been there. It just. Hit all the right notes. (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Turn 30, Rule the Kingdom by jade_dragoness - This was a simple little fic, Arthur's coronation when he turns thirty, and the way some things don't change. Not a lot happens, it's pretty much pure fluff, but sometimes that's nice to balance out the angst of the fandom, too. And I did like that they're obviously older here, but still recognizably themselves. <3 (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Haven & Prison by lickingbeads - And then sometimes you find a fandom that gives you honest to god porn, rather than the light NC-17 stuff that most people call smut. Not that I don't love those stories, sometimes that's all I want, sometimes that's the perfect balance for me. And sometimes I want real NC-17 fic, especially when it totally hits my preferences the right way--I am totally a fan of raised-by-wolves!Arthur (as Meg put it and asl;dkfjaslk I will forever see him that way) who is such a predator when he wants to be and this. a;sdlfkjaslkjs it's so good and just what I wanted and the writing is lovely and it's all about Merlin's need and what Arthur does to him and, nnnfff, yes plz. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17.)

Merlin: promise to leave my weapons left by the bedside by lickingbeads - After having read the author's previous fic, of course I had to read this one as well and it's just as beautifully written, the language the author uses just as pretty to read as her other one. This is a more bittersweet piece, more about the wanting and pull Merlin feels towards Arthur, how difficult it can be, this destiny that he didn't ask for, but he feels pulling at him nonetheless. It's not overly angsty and it's easy to see things getting better for Merlin in the future, but sometimes I like just a light sprinkling of angst to round the morning out. <3 (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Who Is Tied to Someone Else's Glove. by allira_dream - I get so very wary of Arthur/Guinevere fics in fandom because it's so hard to see the characters as they are in the show coming to that particular conclusion, but... I've liked this author's work in many other fandoms, so I gave it a shot. And this is. This was rather breathtaking in how much it fit these characters and how things could have gone in this direction, how things could have wound up so terribly wrong here despite the best of intentions. The portrayal of Arthur and Gwen's relationship felt painfully spot on here, both in the way it was good and bad, in the way they connected because of their shared ghosts. The writing is gorgeous and I wish I could do a better rec for this one, because it was such an amazing piece, as much as I have become wary of this particular genre, I'm so glad I read this one. (Arthur/Gwen, implied Arthur/Merlin and Gwen/Morgana and maybe Lancelot/Gwen.)

Merlin: he Hazel and the Honeysuckle. by Aleathiel - a;sldkfja apparently today is the day for angsty Merlin fic, but I couldn't help getting swept up into this fic, because the writing and characterization was fantastic and it had something of a plot (if not a lot of action scenes, at least a retelling of a legend that fit right in with this series) and it was really quite engrossing. I really adored the format the author used, the now vs then scenes, the way everything was slowly revealed and the story unfolded to where you got what the author was getting at all along. Everything about this fic was just gorgeous, even if it was bittersweet. (Arthur/Merlin implied.)

Merlin: In a Minute There Is Time by celeste9 - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for 1x10.] a;sldfkja another angsty one, but! It's from a genre I love! Where Arthur knows that Merlin is a sorcerer, but keeps silent for his own reasons and yet wants Merlin to tell him the truth about it. I really liked this Arthur here, I liked the way his reactions swung from one to the next, from frustration to anger to protectiveness to hurt to everything else. It was a really solid little fic and the kind that I totally keep coming back for more of. *__* (This is gen, but it can be read as Arthur/Merlin pre-slash.)

Merlin: Time Yet for a Hundred Indecisions by celeste9 - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for 1x10.] I don't think this fic is directly related to the previous one, despite that they share similar concepts (in this one, it's Merlin who is torn on whether or not to tell Arthur the truth after Will's death), but it does work really well as a look at the other side of the situation, at Merlin's hesitance and fear about telling Arthur the truth. I liked this characterization of Merlin, the reasons why he just hasn't been able to bring himself to tell the truth yet. It was a nice read this morning. (This is gen, but it can be read as Arthur/Merlin pre-slash.)

Merlin: Playing on the Edge of Forever by phantomjam - Admittedly, it was a little difficult for me to imagine the Uther part of this story, but everything else was just exactly what I wanted after the more angsty fics I'd been reading. Just something playful and in the mood of the season, making it so easy to feel the bite of the cold and the crisp snow underfoot and it was just an utter delight to read snowball fight fic. And of course Arthur and Merlin's snowball fight would go exactly like that, it was really easy to see the whole thing playing out. Just. a sd;fkljasljk I still keep coming back for more exactly like this. ♥ (This is gen, but it can be read as Arthur/Merlin pre-slash.)

Merlin: Hunith's Yule by doomcanary - a;klsdjflkj Arthur and Merlin go back to Ealdor for Yule and Hunith is awesome, just by being herself, her characterization was lovely here. She really was my favorite part, especially the end and a;sldkfas that kind of really did a lot for me, the kind of ending that totally captured my imagination. But also! There was porn! It's like the author was giving me a holiday gift herself. <3 A rather light story, for all that there were a couple of serious moments, just the kind of thing that put a smile on my face and utterly charmed me, perfect for the holiday season. (Arthur/Merlin, some R to NC-17 content.)

Merlin: Favorite by skellerbvvt - So, I've been randomly poking at the comms, but also snatching links from recs posts and if they lead me to drunk sex fic, well, then, that's incredibly nice of them. And I'm hit or miss with drunkfic a lot, but this one... it was just so adorable! Merlin drunk! Arthur drunk but not as drunk as Merlin! The light-hearted tone of the entire piece and, well, if this is "creepy Arthur", then I am all for that. I love this Arthur who--and I can see why the author would put a vaguely dubcon warning on the fic, though, it's very light if there at all, because they're both pretty drunk--pretty much, well, takes advantage, but in a really adorable way. (Arthur/Merlin, a light NC-17 or so.)

Merlin: The Lantern-bearer by Valderys - This is another fic that hit me just perfectly this afternoon, because of course the issue of Arthur needing to marry is something that's going to come up, he can hardly leave the kingdom without an heir, but that does make it tricky for the Arthur/Merlin relationship. And I adore how the author used "The Gates of Avalon" to bring this up and work it into their current relationship, the slightly painful tone of the whole thing, but ending on a really good note. That's what I love the most about it, the way it ends as best it can and they find some middle ground and this is totally how I think their future is going to go, shut up. Add in some lovely writing, dialogue, and characterization and I really liked this one. <3 (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: To Be Known by esohpe - My only complaint about this fic is that I really want to know what happened next. But other than that. asd;lfkjasl;jk I love the Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic genre and I love the delicious angst that comes with it when written by the right author. Possibly I should not enjoy it so much, but as long as fandom keeps feeding me, I shall keep enjoying it. And this one is one of the best I've read for that, Arthur's angry and fury can be felt here, Merlin's misery and heartbreak as well. I love the little touches, I love how Merlin always thought it would be, how it actually happens, the descriptions of the magic and loss of it. The writing is gorgeous and the emotional content is just so intense and asd;lfkjasl;kjffff I loved this fic kind of ridiculous amounts. *__* (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Changes by bakarini - ....RAISED BY WOLVES, RAISED BY WOLVES, RAISED BY WOLVES. God, I love raised-by-wolves!Arthur so much and this fic is just utterly delicious about going full force with that. (Meg's description of that is still the best thing ever.) I loved the way this fic started out with Arthur's thoughts, how irritated he is and how he views that irritation, how he tries to deal with his hyper-awareness of Merlin lately (and, oh, god, I nearly quoted that entire fifth paragraph because that is Arthur right there), and I loved how he reacted to all of it and asd;flkjasldjkffffffffnnnnnnnn possessive!Arthur is really, really hot. (Arthur/Merlin, R-rated.)

Merlin: Punches of Love by bakarini - al;sdkfjaslkj oh god I was just about crying with laughter at Arthur's characterization in this fic. There were three or four points where I had to stop just to laugh for a minute or two because they were perfectly worded and timed, you could just see the expressions on their faces that would go with it. And it's not parody, because I really love both Arthur and Merlin in this, but it's just. Really goddamned funny. And then there's punching each other in the face while they're out hunting and then sex in the middle of the forrest and asd;lfkjaslkjnnffff so much fun. I loved this kind of a lot. (Arthur/Merlin, a light NC-17 or so.)

Merlin: Black Eyes & Bruised Ribs by bakaniri - a;sldkfjal;ksjlkjs this is an excellent place to stop for the day because this was really good. I love this author's Arthur a whole lot, because he can be so intense and angry and really powerful, not just in physical strength, but in his presence in a room, almost frightening for it and that is Arthur. But I love the way Merlin learns to deal with it, also so very Merlin about it, and I love their fighting, the sharpness of the anger and the way it turns to something else and the really gorgeous sex here, really gorgeous fight sex and you have no idea how much I love it for that. Just. It's gorgeous writing, gorgeous characterization, and gorgeous sex. EVERYTHING I WANT FROM FANDOM. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17 or so.)

Merlin: Keepsake by Triste - God, I love Merlin fandom. I love that it can give me fluff with Arthur and Merlin, from Hunith's point of view, and yet still keep so well to the tone of the show. And I really adore this Hunith voice and characterization, a little bittersweet about her son growing up and away from her, but happy because he's found his place and it's everything she wanted for him. I adore it because she's so fond of Arthur, even if he's still a touch awkward around her, but yet he's such a good person underneath the gruffness and it all just. Comes shining through here. (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Slighted by Triste - It can be really difficult to pull off the whole "misunderstanding in a conversation", where two people aren't quite having the same conversation with each other, but this fic does a beautiful job of it and keeps the banter in there! It was so easy to hear the characters' voices in this, to see the expressions on their faces, it was pulled off with just as much of a deft hand was needed. Also, Arthur trying to pin down what Merlin was trying to hide was really kind of hot and jokes about Merlin's masuclinity, or lack thereof, never ever stop being funny. ♥ (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Refuge by flecalicious - I still get wary of Arthur/Gwen in this fandom, but I'm also sort of drawn to the idea because I want to see how people might make it work and I really liked this one because it balances really well between being about Merlin's ghost between them and yet not just using each other, there's something genuine there, even if it's not quite what they try to make it. Gwen has a lovely pov here, I really adore her as a character and this fic does very nicely with her. (Arthur/Gwen, background Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Just A Little Unwell by hils - Meg linked me to this story because she is a good person and it's the kind of thing I revel in, just a little. (Shut up.) Arthur has the flu and Merlin has to nurse him through it and it's all about the delicious h/c (without having to have anyone too hurt) and the UST between them that you could just about reach out and hold in your hand. Plus, it makes some of the angstier fics in fandom that much more easy to bear, since it was such a warm-hearted fic. <3 (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Baby It's Cold Outside by hils - asdl;kfja;lskjslkj yes. Seeing as it was winter when I read this and I was totally looking for happy things in fandom, this was just perfect. There's something strange that Arthur finds in his bedroom and it's adorable and the ending totally put a ridiculous smile on my face and the banter was lovely. All I want from Merlin fandom. ♥ (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin: Sorry is the Hardest Word + While You Were Sleeping by hils - I'm putting these two fics together since they're both short and the second is a sequel to the first, both of them set around the events of 'Excalibur'. They're really interesting in that they fill in a few of the little details that one might have wondered about, Arthur apologizing for pointing his sword at Merlin, then why Merlin didn't try to wake Arthur while Uther had Excalibur. They fit nicely with the canon, the UST between the characters just the right amount that I was in the mood for. <3 (Sort of implied Arthur/Merlin?)

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