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Merlin Fanvid - That's How You Know - I'm stealing this link off centric's journal but I had to, because it's one of the greatest fanvids I've seen. Merlin plus music from Enchanted, the two of them (Merlin and Disney) combining in a way that's just. asdl;fkjalskdj awesome. The choice of clips and how brilliantly they fit the lyrics and the beat of the song are wonderful, and just. The entire concept. I couldn't decide if I wanted to fangirl forever or if I wanted to LOL forever. It helps that I adore the song, too, but it's a really well-put together video. XDDD

Merlin Fanvid - Something There - Another link I'm stealing off centric, but. But but but. More Merlin and Disney songs! This time a song from Beauty & the Beast, with Arthur as the Beast omfg you have no idea how hard I laughed at the concept alone, but this was actually a really well-done video, too! The clips were chosen wonderfully and I think my face hurt from grinning by the time it was done, but it's also... it's kind of a brilliant, brilliant fit with Merlin. All about something being there between them that wasn't there before, something that softens the edges a little and a;lsdjflasjk yes. Beautiful. (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin Fanvid - Friend Like Me - [Note: There may be some spoilers for the finale in this vid.] So, I was browsing the vidmaker's youtube channel and decided to start clicking on more links because Disney songs!! Plus Merlin!! DO WANT! And this one was just. Fabulous. I enjoyed it from the beginning, it was a surprisingly good fit, both for Merlin being like the Genie and yet contrasting against the Genie's personality, because Merlin's kind of the opposite, but. It was about 1:10 in that it just got awesome, especially with the "can your friends do this, can your friends do that, can your friends pull this out their little hat" bit that just. Totally cemented this one as one of my favorites. ♥ Some of the clip choices are just brilliant for how well they match the song.

Merlin Fanvid - Merlin's Shoop Shoop Song - Okay, one more Merlin fanvid because I couldn't resist, it was really cute and funny and just really a delight to watch and then there were a couple of minutes that got genuine laughter out of me because the artist so clearly had fun with this and chose some great clips. Also, the concept of it is great, the Shoop Shoop song (which I'm weak to, shut up) and the looks on Merlin's face at times! Much lolarity. (Some potential Arthur/Merlin.)

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