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- Fruits Basket/Inu-Yasha/Miscellaneous - Oasis Time [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Waiwai! Such cute art! There are so many from this gallery that I wanted to specifically point out, but I'd wind up with half of the gallery. However, just a few... a pretty trio illustration, lovely Shigure, gorgeous Kyou, and beautiful Ayame. The art is a little bit cutesy, but it actually adds to the style rather than detracting from it. And the Inu-Yasha stuff is freaking adorable! I love the illustration currently on the main page (also found here) and one of the kiriban illustrations with Kyou and Inu-Yash! *hearts* (A few HatorixTohru and ShigurexTohru and Inu-Yasha/Kagome illustrations.)

- Nadesico/Fruits Basket - Honey [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Don't let the illustration on the front fool you, there really isn't much hentai at all here. However, there are some absolutely stunning Ruri-chan from Nadesico illustrations here. *_* I think this one is my favorite. Just... wow. As for Fruits Basket, I did like the splash page illustration and this one is adorable. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Saint Seiya - Heroes Factory [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I admit I know almost nothing about Saint Seiya and I barely recognized the characters, I mostly clicked onto this site because it looked like it had really pretty art. And, holy shit, did it ever. This is some fantastic fan art, very, very professional looking. My only complaint is that they're not bigger in order to really see the details. *pouts*

- Tales of Eternia - Healing Garden [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not really much of a ToE fan either (I never got past the first couple of episodes of the anime), but, holy fuck, this is some amazing fan art. The sheer skill of these artists makes my head spin. *_* Like this one of Meredy is just gorgeous.

- Miscellaneous/Original/Ogiwara Noriko/Harry Potter - Fish Garden [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - (I believe I've rec'd the HP section of this site before, but I'm concentrating on this art gallery this time.) There's just something about this art style that I really like. Like with this illustration of Fred and George Weasley and this illustration of James. It's... pretty. And I kinda like the almost sketch-like quality; it's a good style but without being sloppy. There's also some really beautiful Ogiwara Noriko art, like this adorable illustration (they really look like James and Lily Potter to me ^_^;; ) Another cool HP illustration that I really liked. And, wheee! Inu-Yasha!

- Gundam Wing/Cardcaptor Sakura/Lord of the Rings - Izumi 01: The Fountain District [ Fan Art Site ] - I believe I've rec'd this site before, but it was probably for just the Gundam Wing stuff (which is the predominant series here) and I wanted to re-rec it because there are a lot of other series here as well. AlexeCinz's art style took me awhile to get used to (it's not a typical style), but once I did... she does some of the most gorgeous anime fanarts out there. I'm not really sure how to describe them, other than lush, gorgeous, beautiful, etc. It's also wonderful to see that she focuses on all the characters equally, and no blatant favoritism shows up. One of my absolute favorite GW sites. Ooh! And her Cardcaptor Sakura illustrations are gorgeous, too. Babble, babble, babble. (No single pairing theme, really.)

- Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Fujimi no Orchestra - mondschein [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *squeaks happily* Fujimi no Orchestra fanart!!! XD XD XD And gorgeous fanart at that! *hyuuu* Becky is a happy, happy fangirl. (I don't know why I was so taken with Fujimi no Orchestra, but I just adored it.) *ahem* Okay, calming down, I utterly adore this artist's style, it's more of that gorgeous, lush, very nearly glowing fanart that, were I an artist, would make me want to cut off my own hands. (A little bit SiriusxHarry/SiriusxJames, AragornxFrodo, and KeixYuki.)

- Star Ocean 2nd Story/Original - [ Japanese Art Site ] - *squeaks* This site has one of the cutest Leon (from Star Ocean 2nd Story) illustrations I've ever seen!!! XD XD XD The art on this site is very cute, but what I fell utterly in love with are the beautiful colors. I've seen a lot of art by now, and this kind of coloring never ceases to amaze me. (But, then, it's a favorite of mine, I love those soft, almost glowing, sparkly colors. +_+) Hell, I even went through the Angelique (which I know nothing about) gallery, I liked the art so much. (No warnings.)

- Original/Vampire Princess Miyu - [ Japanese Art Site ] - Augh! Another site I valiently, but vainly, tried not to rec, because it's mostly cute girls looking... well, cute, and I've seen enough of that for one day. And, once again, the gorgeous artwork has won me over, with the lovely hair, the pretty eyes, and gorgeous colors. *sigh* With art styles I'm only lukewarm on, I'll only click randomly through a gallery, hoping to happen to stop on some of the best... but with sites like these I go through every last illustration because I'm such a sucker for pretty art. *_* Which led me to the Vampire Princess Miyu art. *hyuu* I don't think I've ever seen such pretty Miyu art! +_+ (No warnings.)

- Original/Miscellaneous - Shee's Cafe [ Japanese Art Site ] - Damn, that is an incredible amount of detail, what with all those images. *_* (There's this one of a woman on a horse in the gallery that's just stunning.) I'm having trouble describing the style of this artist, because it's a little bit different with each image. It's more CG work, but the kind that's really, really well done (at least I think it's CG work, there are a couple I'm not sure of.... At least the Original Gallery is CG, I think, I'm not sure about the Secret Garden.). And, ooh! Pretty boys! *hearts*

- Scryed/Fushigi Yuugi/Miscellaneous - LIVELY NEWS [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to add this site to the FY section, just for the gorgeous Nuriko illustration there is. +_+ There are a couple of really spiffy Tasuki illustrations as well, but my main draw to this site was the Scryed art. Not that there's much here (only two illustrations that I can find so far), but they're beautiful ones of Mimori and Kanami--which they also offer as wallpapers! *hearts* (And when I say beautiful, I mean really, really beautiful.) The other draw to the site is that they have Scryed cosplayers! I'm disappointed that they have no Kazuma, but their Urizane (watermellon boy) was frelling perfect! And when their Cougar hit the right pose, he was great! (No real warnings.)

- Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There is just something about this art style (that was used for several illustrations) that appeals to me... at least when it comes to HP and LotR. I couldn't tell you why, and normally I'm not crazy about it, I thought it really worked here. And the colored painting-esque illustrations were lovely, really capturing the darker feel to certain moments of both series. There's a Marauders illustration, where they're making the map, that I just adore on the site, too. (No warnings.)

- Hellsing/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings - M1A1 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn, there's some kick-ass Hellsing fanart out there--and this site is definitely one of them. This is top-notch use of CG work, I just love it to pieces--the colors are those gorgeous dark shades that fit Hellsing so well, and the coloring/shading/skill is amazing! There's an incredible one of Alucard and that dog here, as well as some fantastic group images that, well, I also adore to pieces. Just... cool. +_+ I'm not as crazy about the HP stuff, but there are some fantastic group illustrations and holy crap is that a gorgeous Legolas. +____+

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Chobits/X/CLAMP - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site's style is really gorgeous, very soft and delicate and romantic looking and almost glowing at times, much like CLAMP themselves. I honestly don't think I could pick a favorite--though, the one of Touya and Syaoran is adorable and the little Kohaku chibi is gorgeous. +_+ I loved that they had illustratiosn from a number of different series, too--it's always nice to see other fans who like a bunch of CLAMP series rather than just one or two. Anyway. Just go. Gorgeous art. (No warnings.)

- X/RG Veda/Wish/Chobits/CLAMP - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first illustration in this gallery is this CUTE illustration of Kamui that just... just... just... I don't know how to describe why I like it so much. There are a lot of neat illustrations here, including a really nice one of Yuzuriha and one of Hinoto. But the Wish ones are my favorites, they're gorgeous; very soft and bright and almost have a sort of shine to them. Ooh, and a gorgeous Hokuto-chan. So, anyway, right. Go through the gallery, there's some neat stuff here. *nods* (Oh, and one more thing. Then I'm done. ICCHAN!!!! *hearts*) (No warnings.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Magic Knight Rayearth/Angelic Layer/X/CLAMP - Seraphic Forest [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first illustration I saw on this site was a gorgeous Sakura and Tomoyo illustration and while I wasn't as crazy about the following illustrations, there were some really cute and lovely ones here. (Which are actually impressing me more the second time through.) There's an animated Suu that makes me squeak happily and the MKR ones are really, really good. ^_^v (No warnings.)

- Magic Knight Rayearth/X/CLAMP - CLAMP*PARK [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I absolutely love this site's Hikaru--she is SO CUTE! *hearts* The Kamui illustration is also adorable and so is the Sumomo one, and I seem to remember a cute Chii one... so, basically, there's a lot of very cute art. I like! ^_^v (No warnings.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Hikaru no Go/Naruto - Spring Villa [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, no, no, nononononoooo! Not Yu-Gi-Oh! But... but... but.... *sigh* They're so freaking pretty. I still don't get the show, but, damn, this art is pretty. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous details and great poses and fantastic drawings and *cries* I can't believe I caved on a Yu-Gi-Oh site! (No offense to the show, I haven't watched enough to scorn, but I don't even watch it, and yet I'm finding fanart. >_<) The Lord of the Rings was much easier to take, even if it was Aragorn/Boromir. ^_~ There was a beautiful Legolas to distract me, though. ^_~

The Harry Potter fanart is adorable and gorgeously detailed; Harry and Ron look so cute! There are also two beautiful ones of Draco and Snape that impressed the heck out of even me. And then the real reason I love this site.... ^_~ Hikaru no Go and Naruto art! Okay, I admit, the Hikago fanart kinda freaks me out, but I doubt anyone could see Ogata in a pink female nurse's uniform, standing over Touya and not be at least a little twigged. ^_~ The Akira illustrations are adorable, though. ^_^v And, of course, the Naruto illustrations are wonderful--there is a gorgeous Kakashi-sensei illustration that is offcially my favorite Naruto fanart. *heartheartheart* (Lots of yaoi, mostly Boromir/Aragorn, Harry/Ron, Touya-sense/Ogata, and Akira/Hikaru.)

- Gatchaman - [ Series: Beer Night onwards ] by Lori McDonald - Grk. I wasn't sure how to write down the linked text up there, since this series doesn't really have a name, but I didn't want to lump all of Lori's Gatchaman fics into the rec. So, err. Hopefully, you can figure it out. You know, I originally read this series because it was back when I had free time to kill and was running out of other things to read. I'd been an X-Men fan for awhile, so I'd read Lori's X-fic, then when I saw she was currently writing Yuu Yuu Hakusho fic, I had to tag along (Thus making YYH my gateway anime that eventually led to Gundam Wing, which then led to YST and that led to just about everything else under the sun.) and eventually I'd gotten through all of her YYH fic, too, so I had to start in on her other stuff, even if I wasn't too familiar with the series. Or, you know, at all.

Gatchaman was one of those series that was hell for me to figure out, to get straight in my head, becasue it was so very old school and unavailable and had a wacky dub to confuse things further. But I kept reading because Lori writes these stories that are just... fabulous and hooks you in with them and truly deserve the description of "epic". She has a wonderful way of writing, just so smooth and readable and sparkly and the characters are fantastic, really shining through.

Christ, this rec sucks so far. (My excuse is that, at the time I'm writing this, half of my brain is trying to memorize formulas for a math test that night. But I'm on study break, so I figured I'd try to write a few recs.) Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that this is the fic series that made a Gatchaman fan out of me, was enjoyable in its own right (meaning that you don't really have to be that familiar with the series to enjoy it), and I absolutely loved what she did with the characters. I believed their evolution of character and loved that there were no real easy answers for these characters. Just... I love. (Ken/Joe, some graphic content.)

- Cosplay (Tokyo Babylon/Final Fantasy/Inu-Yasha/Hellsing/Other) - [ Japanese Cosplay Fansite ] - Damn did these people do amazing jobs with their Tokyo Babylon costumes. I wasn't completely and 100% blown away by the site, something didn't feel quite right, but these guys are still awesome cosplayers and costume makers. I loved all the costumes, but the TB and Inu-Yasha ones struck me as especially gorgeous. Oh! And the Yuna (FFX) was just... wow. Now, that one did completely blow me away. *_*

- Prince of Tennis/Saiyuki/Yami no Matsuei/Peace Maker - W-Grip [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *bounce*bounce* This site has some wonderful TezukaFuji and OishiEiji, just... the kind that make me go *hanyaaaa~n*. And then there's the CHIBI-TEZUKAFUJI THAT I'M GOING TO SHRIEK OVER BECAUSE IT'S JUST SO GODDAMNED CUTE!!!!! ....sorry. ^_^;; These illustrations are full of nicely subtle colors, soft looks or touches, somehow managing to be wonderfully gay, yet not Supa!Gay, the kind I just adore, the occcasionaly goddamned cute chibis, and, wow do I adore those Hyotei group illustrations. Just... my love for these illustrations cannot be conveyed with mere words, just like my love for TezukaFuji cannot be conveyed with mere words. I cannot shove people at this site fast enough. ^_^

The Saiyuki illustrations are much the same, a lot of them, full of nice colors, good drawing skill, cool poses, and the group illustrations are fantastic--especially the later ones. Just... damn. *_*v

The Yami no Matsuei art I swear I've seen before, but I don't have the URL in my files anywhere, so... erm... this site may get rec'd twice. The Yamimatsu illustrations remind me of some style that I've seen before, but that I can't quite put my finger on, possibly some yaoi manga or something. Anyway, they're pretty good, the artist has a lot of talent for cool-looking poses/designs for them, making them look more like paitings or posters for the series rather than just fanart. Oh! Going through the gallery, I recognize that one of Tsuzuki with the dog as being from a doujinshi, so that's also contributing to why I recognize this style. Anyway, good, solid, fun art here, too. ^_^v

The Peace Maker (It always surprises me when I come across PM fanart, because I assume I'm the only one who's ever heard of it. ^_^;;; ) fanart is quite nice as well, which is wonderful for such a rare series. ....anyway, I'll shut up about this site now. (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, Sanzo+Gojyo, Sanzo+Hakkai, Gojyo+Hakkai, Tatsumi+Tsuzuki, Muraki+Tsuzuki, other mild shounen ai vibes.)

- Fushigi Yuugi - ARCADIA [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, what lovely Fushigi Yuugi art! *_* There's this absolutely gorgeous Tasuki/Nuriko illustration that I just fell in utter love with as well as a another gorgeous illustration of Tamahome and Miaka. Some of the art is really good enough to almost be mistaken for official art, the drawings very smooth and detailed and the colors very pretty. I had fun here. ^_^v (Some Tasuki-centric pairings if you want to look at them that way.)

- Seikimatsu Darling - Naruto-Net [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I totally ganked this site from Elena, but I couldn't help it because... holy crap! Seikimatsu Darling fanart!! I loved the OAV of the series, it was just so cute, but I never expected to find fanart for it--much less such fantastic fanart! Very, very nice CG work and a nice selection of art. *hearts* (No more warnings than Seikimatsu Darling itself warrents.)

- Hikaru no Go/Naruto/Prince of Tennis/Star Ocean/Get Backers - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that Isa pointed out to me, and despite it not being my usual Hikago pairings, it's really friggin' cute. Plus a lot of art tucked away here. Good colors, good drawings, and lots of cute. Very solid site. But what I really like is that there's a ton of different series here and the little sprites are freakishly cute--the Star Ocean section has some the cutest Leon illustrations I've ever seen, too. XD And, like, I was happy to see Kaga show up a few times in the Hikaru no Go section and I don't think I've ever seen Get Backers fanart before.... (KakaNaru, EijiRyoma, Claude/Ashton, Hikaru/Waya, Ban/Ginji)

- Last Exile/Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I might not have rec'd this site on its own just for the FMA fanart, but when I got to the Last Exile stuff... oooh, I knew I had to, because it's such a rare treat to find LE fanart, much less such prettypretty stuff. The artist uses this softened effect on her art that really works well with her style--it makes the one of Alex and Sopha just beautiful. As for the FMA fanart, it's cute stuff, very nice. I was especially fond of the one of Roy playing the violin and there's one of Ed standing in filtered sunlight that has just gorgeous colors. So, it was a nice site to run through this afternoon. ^_^v (Some potential het, but it's more gen than anything.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! - Feimao [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I probably wouldn't have rec'd this site (it's very good art, it's just that there's not a whole lot on the site), except... holy crap, there's Konjiki no Gash Bell!! fanart!! And really pretty artwork, too--the artist especially draws a beautiful Gash, the colors and details just lovely. The HagaRen fanart is actually really nice as well--the artist does a fantastic human!Al and I love the choice of a matching blue coat (as opposed to Ed's red one) that the artist has chosen for him. Plus, there was this one gorgeous Quatre illustration on the site... anyway, very nice. (I wouldn't say there were any pairings/warnings, really, though, perhaps a little Al/Ed.)

- Prince of Tennis/Lord of the Rings - Cherrymania [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that may not appeal to everyone but that I found that, even if it didn't have my favorite pairings (Well, I like KamioShinji a lot. ♥) I was won over by the sheer level of detail with the images. The artist puts a lot of time into each and every one and those who are Senbe fans or Fudomine fans will probably really like it--the artist also does really nice things with her colors, though, I'm at a loss how to explain just exactly what that is. They're very shiny/glowy, though, but in a really nice way. It's also nice to see the occasional site that's all over the map--while Senbe and Kamio/Shinji seem to get the most attention, there are also some really beautiful Rikkai illustrations here, there's some wonderful group Hyoutei illustrations, there was a nice AkuSen as well, it had one of my new favorite Jackal/Marui illustrations, too... so probably something here for everyone. ♥

Now, originally, I wasn't going to put this in the LotR section because there's only about six illustrations or so, but. There's this one of Legolas on a horse while he leans over to kiss Aragorn that was just absolute stunning. There was also one of Aragorn kissing Legolas at the end of Return of the King that was just absolutely beautifully drawn and also took my breath away. These were some of the most flat-out beautiful LotR fanart I've ever seen, so I had to include them. (Main focuses are Senbe and KamioShinji, but it's an inter-school site, with a good dollop of Rikkai on it. Aragorn/Legolas for LotR.)

- Chobits/Inuyasha/Fushigi Yuugi - [ English Fanart Site ] - I came to this account for the Inuyasha fanart, but then stayed for the OMGLOOKATTHOSEDETAILSTHAT'SGORGEOUS Chobits fanart. Seriously. I mean, LOOK at this! (I normally hate to deep link to any art, but I figure dA people are probably more okay with it and this was the image that knocked me over the head and made me say, "Okay, I'm looking at ALL YOUR FANART NOW. +__+") Just... the colors are terrific, the level of detail with the clothing on the Chobits characters is fantastic, the proportions are great, just... wow. I'm in love. With Chobits fanart. It's the same with her Inuyasha fanart--her Sesshoumaru is beautiful, the details with his clothes and hair are terrific and I love, love, LOVE the ones of him and Inuyasha. ESPECIALLY THE CHIBIS! XD XD XD Seriously, though, the artist just... I can't even pick too many out, because there's the one of Inuyasha in Sesshoumaru's lap that shouldn't work but is so damned gorgeous that I'm all *_____* over it or there's a gorgeous one of Tasuki surrounded by flames or there's the one of Chii in this amazing pink dress or there's that one of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fighting or... well, yes. You get the idea. Beautiful artwork here. (No real pairings/warnings, I don't think.)

- Prince of Tennis/Eyeshield 21/Full Metal Alchemist/Uninhabited Planet Survive - Dog Tail [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I can't believe I wound up on a site with UPS art. I mean, I've only seen the first five episodes or so, but it's enough to know that I kinda like it and enough for me to recognize the characters and be astounded that they were so pretty. The artist does light and airy lines, soft colors and it all comes together wonderfully--I am in love with her Kaoru especially. Her Prince of Tennis stuff is the kind that's all over the map (though, with a strong fondness for putting Fuji with people, mostly intra-Seigaku pairings), continuing the soft lines and bright colors that somehow really work for me. And, okay, I admit that it was probably the two Tezuka/Fuji illustrations that won me over--they're beautiful. Tezuka and Fuji with the racket between them and the looks on their face...! Or the beautiful blue shades used in the one where Tezuka has his arm slung around Fuji's shoulders? I swoon. As for FMA, her Ed is gorgeous, her Roy is gorgeous, her RoyEd is gorgeous, I really liked her Havoc/Ed stuff, that one of Roy vs Envy was SO COOL, and despite that I'm not talking as much about them, I think her FMA work might be the strongest. Though, her Eyeshield 21 stuff has some great lines and I flail over her beautiful Shin/Sakuraba. Excellently done, really. Just... the whole site is worth going through. ♥ (Lots of shounen-ai, Fuji-pairings, Shin/Sakuraba, RoyEd, HavocEd, and possibly others.)

- Juuni Kokki/Digimon/Full Metal Alchemist - oresame game [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - One of the first things to catch my eye about this site was the OMG CUTE LITTLE 12K SPRITES EEEEEE YAY! But what really won me over with the site were the oekaki-like illustrations that had a surprising amount of detail to them and a lot of them were just really cool. Or adorably cute, like chibi Enki cuddling with chibi Taiki under a tree. Or school!Al and Ed... with Al in his school uniform while still in armor form. >D Or an absolutely adorable one of the Hughes family that I totally wibbled over. Or bored!Youko doodling on a scrool that has Keiki twitching in annoyance and a fiery aura of DOOM in the background. Or warmly colored Harry Potter illustrations of the main trio that somehow fit the book's style so well. (My favorite was probably the Marauders-era one, though. Or possibly the trio one where they decorate Snape like a Christmas tree. That was hysterical.) Or absolutely adorable group Digimon illustrations. (I think the one of Mimi and Lirimon was my favorite, it was just... perfectly colored and detailed and the feel was right for them.) Pretty much any series that this artist tackles, she does wonderfully well, each batch of illustrations is a *treat* to go through. *sparkles* (No real warnings/pairings, I don't think? Maybe some hints, but not enough to warn for.)

- Gohou Drug - Morning by Elihice - Oh, man, Kazahaya's characterization just sparkles here, beyond just being in character, the writing is terribly clever and sharp, the kind that absolutely drags me in and won't let me back out until I'm done reading the story and whining that there's not more. The dynamic between Kazahaya and Rikuou is perfect, the various ways Rikuou annoys him with waking him up, the way Kazahaya is positively gleeful about having woken up first for once, and then the absolutely perfect, perfect ending. I couldn't stop shimmering the entire way through this. ♥ (Rikuou/Kazahaya.)

- Petshop of Horrors/XXXholic - Welcome Gift by Crysi - This should probably go in with the drabbles, but it was too priceless not to give it a full rec. Because... heeheehee, Yuuko and D in the same universe. Brilliant. And poor Watanuki. So much love for this ficlet and the possibilities it represents. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Rapunzel - A Boy by r_avis - Oh, my god. Someone wrote Wild/Rapunzel fic! SOMEONE WROTE WILD/RAPUNZEL FIC. HOLY SHIT. THIS WARRANTS EXTREME ABUSE OF THE CAPSLOCK KEY AND MUCH, MUCH FLAILING. But I'll be good. Sort of. It's just... I've waited for years for Wild/Rapunzel fic, especially fic that captures that delicate, surprisingly gentle way the two characters had, that... for all the weight of everything between them, the intensity of the feelings, there's something so light and... I guess I think of this fic as being a blue-ish-white or a very, very pale blue, much like the color I associate with the manga. I think of birds in flight and long, soft hair when I read this, but it's not pretentious, it's perfect for these characters. I just... oh, why isn't there more Wild/Rapunzel fic in the world? This was so, so lovely. ♥ (Wild/Rapunzel.)

- MONSTER - Twin by Tari Gwaemir - [Note: There are no real direct spoilers, but I would still advise to not read until you've finished the series first.] I admit, I really hesitate to click on some of the MONSTER fics I've been seeing cross the 31_days path, because it was a series--to me--that needed nothing else said about it, it was perfect as it was. But I enjoy the author's fics enough that I thought, what the hell, I'll give it a shot. I'm really glad I did because this fic was done in a really creative style that actually fits with the series, that I could see this being tacked onto the canon and the piece just... brought back all the emotional impact that the manga itself had on me. Just... I could hear Nina's voice in this, it was brilliantly, beautifully written in exactly the right style. So much love for this piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gohou Drug - Idiot by Elihice - I have been strangely craving Gohou Drug fic lately, I think it's that xxxHOLiC has put me in a nostalgic mood for Rikuou and Kazahaya. So, naturally, when seeing that Elihice had written them, I immediately skipped over to pounce on the fic. And it was just... it was so entertaining, that fun, spastic dynamic between Kazahaya and Rikuou that I enjoy so much, the way I really do like both of them and you know they should just find a room somewhere and yet you understand why they don't and the teasing and the hurling of insults and it's just such a fun fic. I really liked the ending a lot, too, with Kazahaya realizing so many different things, so much trauma heaped on him all at once, and then the *happy sigh*-inducing ending. Elihice really reminds me of why I liked these characters in the first place, reminds me of the sparkly, clever fun these two are. ♥ (Rikuou/Kazahaya, with implied Saiga/Kakei.)

- Saint Seiya - AQUOi [ Japense Fanart Site ] - I randomly got here from a Sailor Moon site of all things and spent most of the time clicking through the galleries alternating between, "Homg, so pretty. *__*" and "....wait. This series seems familiar." (I had to Google the characters' names to confirm, yes, I believe these are from Saint Seiya. The armor and tons and tons of hair did look familiar.) And, really, that's what I have to say about this site for the most part, that I didn't really even recognize/know the characters but got sucked into the beautiful, beautiful coloring and hair and armor and hair and coloring and hair and the coloring and zomg so pretty. The details on some of the images, especially any time one of the characters are in their armor, is incredible, the artist is amazingly talented and I'm just completely in love with the reds and golds of the site. ♥ (Some yaoi/shounen ai implied, I'd say.)

- Naruto/Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE - der Flugel [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was sort of waffling on this site, the art started out all right, grew tremendously over the next few images (I burbled happily over the Kakashi/Iruka stuff because I tend to do that, but the Itachi ones really were beautifully done), but it was when I hit the single page comic of Yondaime holding a screaming baby and starting the seal and it had all these gorgeous shades of yellow and red that I knew I just... it's not necessarily traditionally pretty, but it's got this really kick ass stylized feel to it. Plus, yeah, okay, I'm easy when it comes to Kakashi and Iruka lounging on the porch while Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura run around in the yard and it's actually pretty. XD Or! Omg, Kakashi and Iruka in modern day clothes walking through the snow-covered village and the colors are just lovely, squee. And then. Good lord, the Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE fanart starts out cute, but by about five illustrations in, there's an absolute gorgeous one of Luna and Kaoru and I was completely knocked for a loop. The lines and softness and colors of the images are all just beautiful and I swoon. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka, Kaoru/Luna.)

- Gundam SEED/Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE - 1010 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - If this had been just about any other pairing, I probably would have only skimmed and sat on the fence and eventually gone on my way. But it's Yzak/Frey and I have such fondness for the pairing and it's so very, very rare. And it's not just that I'd rec any old site, I actually do really like the site, the artist has thicker lines than I usually prefer to art, but the poses are absolutely adorable and she draws their uniforms wonderfully and the coloring is really nice. There's an occasional image that has a quality sort of in between something drawn with markers and a CG style and it just... hits the right button for me somehow. But also, as the artist goes along, she gets better and better, so her recent stuff? GOOD. There's one of Yzak holding Frey in his arms and holding a gun and it's so... it shouldn't work, protective!Yzak should make me snort or laugh, but... the way the artist draws it, I love it somehow. And the almost-kiss one is beautiful. *__* So, yeah, I'm influenced by liking the pairing, but I actually think the recent stuff is worth checking out for anyone. ♥ Also, holy crap, there's UPS fanart here and it's actually really kinda pretty! Man, I have such an odd affection for that show and this site totally captures that same feeling of why I like the show. (Yzak/Frey, Howard/Shera, a smidge of Kaoru/Luna, some other het maybe.)

- Sousei no Aquarion - AQUARIA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - alfsdjal;sdfj, dammit, I meant to just quickly skim this site and catch the small handful of Toma art that appealed to me. And then I found myself saving about half of the images and appreciating the way the artist drew Toma/Apollonius especially in her oekaki art. Her style is greatly suited to the characters, all that wavy hair and light colors works well with them. Also, I go completely and utterly wibbly over the two of them and this site just furthers that all the more. Especially Toma. Omg, the artist's Toma is adorable and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. ♥ (Toma/Apollonius.)

- Code Geass/Rozen Maiden - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I tried to resist this site, I really did. But I'm weak to the first two beautifully detailed Rozen Maiden images and then the site followed that up with some utterly adorable sketches and beautiful colors in the art and just... I couldn't help it. Every so often I'll see Rozen Maiden fanart on a site, but it's usually only one or two images, not enough to really make me stick around just for that, but this site... it reminds me of why I loved the show so much, why the dolls were just so beautiful and adorable and how I actually really want to have dolls like that. Really, really fantastic and lovely site, the artist really knows how to pull me in with that certain something the best fanartists have, even when some of the images might look rather simple, they're so much fun As for the Code Geass fanart, much of the same applies--so many of the images are basically sketches with some light coloring, but because the artist puts such life into her drawings, even though there's really only a handful, I had to recommend the site. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/Fate/Stay Night - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist uses a very CG style to her art, it almost makes the characters look rather simple, but it's a style that fits with the series and she can still get across the cute/creepy thing the series has going on. Her colors are similar light pastels like the ones used in the series and I find myself especially charmed by her Rena illustrations. Rena is a character that I expected to annoy me, since her archetype rarely does anything for me, but I wound up actually liking her, so seeing an artist that does her well is fun. As for the Fate/Stay Night art, it's probably even prettier, I think. The colors are soft and almost glowing and the characters look fantastic. I'm especially delighted with the artist's Rin or Saber illustrations, they look utterly lovely. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/Rozen Maiden - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't sure if I wanted to recommend this site at first, the first few illustrations were okay and kinda interesting, but I wasn't sure it was my style. There was a gorgeous Rena illustration, though, and so I kept poking through the gallery. Some cute Rika and Satoko illustrations after that. Then there was this really beautiful piece of Rena, Keiichi, and Mion in fancy clothes against the dark backdrop of various scenes, the colors pretty and lush, and I was pretty much officially sold at that point. There's not a ton of art here (for either series), but once the artist finds her niche, it gets good and even the sketches look fantastic. ♥ The Rozen Maiden art is much the same, it has the same rich and beautiful colors, the sketches look fantastic. A really beautiful site to have made my way through. (No real warnings/pairings, aside from the usual ones that come with Higurashi. Gen for Rozen Maiden.)

- Fate/Stay Night - Master K [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I never got that far into Fate/Stay Night, it just couldn't hold my attention, even if it was very pretty. But I was wandering idly around various fanart sites and happened to stop by this one that has some really, really beautiful Archer/Rin illustrations and I couldn't resist. Rin is especially lovely and the amount of detail put into the artwork is impressive at times. There's one where Archer is pulling Rin close, possibly kissing the side of her face, that's just beautiful and the reason I wound up caving on the site in the first place. Very nice. (Archer/Rin.)

- X/Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/CLAMP - Q.E.D [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wow, has it ever been ages since I visited a CLAMP site, much less one with some really impressive art. The style on this site is very much like the old-school CLAMP art, with the tremendously huge eyes and all the wisps of hair around the characters' faces (like early X art and MKR era art) and while that's not my favorite CLAMP era, the artist certainly does a fantastic job with it. Several of the illustrations are so well done, that with a little tweaking they could just about be mistaken for official art, the artist especially doing an amazing job with Kamui. However, there is also an illustration of Kobato and I don't think I knew how long I'd been waiting just for one fanart image of Kobato. ♥ It's amazing how much detail the artist puts into every illustration on the site (it's seriously amazing just looking at the feathers sometimes!), how beautiful the colors are, and how very, very CLAMP-esque the art all feels. A fantastic site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Keroro Gunsou - pinoshiki [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh god see okay I was trying to avoid the Keroro Gunsou art because the last site had a few cute illustrations and I was happy enough just looking at them and smiling and oh what the heck I'll go take a look at the links page and oh that banner looks interesting. *cries* And then it was hell because I stumbled across this site first and the art is so gorgeous, each illustration on this site is just beautifully done and so slick and so brightly colored and it could pass for official art and the artist clearly loves Giroro like a whole hell of a lot and it's just. It's one of those sites that's exactly what will suck me into a fandom and make me open up about 40 tabs in my browser and I want to stop looking at the site, but I can't because it's too awesome and the art is just too damn gorgeous. *obsessively crawls all over the site* (, pretty much everyone/Giroro.)

- Keroro Gunsou - Seburo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I promised myself just one more Keroro Gunsou site and I was even going to try to be really picky. If I'm going down this path, I'm only going to go for the really awesome sites. But then this site kind of won me over pretty fast because it drew cute little froggies and then drew human forms of the frogs (I think? .__.) and they were kind of awesome. Also, there are human froggie versions fused with other series and there's kind of nothing greater than seeing a Keroro Gunsou/Higurashi fusion. XDDD That was worth the site alone right there. (Several pairings, I'm not sure what themes to label them, though.)

- Bleach/D.Gray-man/Air Gear - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't think this site is going to be for everyone, the art is very much the cutesy style, but what won me over is what I hope will appeal to others as well--namely that it's a Bleach site that's actually focused on the girls! Orihime and Rukia are the two most common and while there's not a ton of art, I'm just pleased as punch that a site like this exists. The chibi-esque art is something I've grown to really kinda like over time and I was just really fond of this site. The D.Gray-man art on the site is balanced out a bit more and I'd actually say it's stronger, the artist has clearly improved tons over time. There's an occasionall Allen or Rinali or Lala or Kanda or group picture that looks really fantastic. Not everything is perfect, but there was enough here that was really cute or the occasional truly lovely piece (oh, man, I'm so looking forward to anything this artist adds from now on!) that I loved it a lot. Plus! There were so many random series that had just one or two illustrations on them! There was Kamen Rider Den-O fanart omg. And it was super fucking cute. ♥♥♥ (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Maria-sama ga Miteru - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Possibly this is a re-rec that I just didn't see on my list, but. Well, that happens sometimes. XD Anyway. I kind of wavered on this site for a bit, it was cute and had some interesting stuff on it, and there was at least a little Asch/Natalia, so I was intrigued and wanted to go through the whole site just for that. But what ultimately won me over was a combination of the amount of art on the site and that the basic lineart is really kinda pretty. It's sort of doujinshi-like (several illustrations on the junk log page are indeed straight out of a comic or doujinshi, I'm assuming) and I'm weak to that when done right. Plus. You know. There's an illustration of Peony trying to kiss Nephry and you almost NEVER find fanart of those two! But there's a solid selection of art of several characters, mostly the Keterburg-related characters, but occasionally some Luke or Asch/Natalia pops up. As for the Maria-sama art, it's much in the same style, with the same soft lines and soft colors that works even better for this series. ♥ (Some Asch/Natalia, maybe a little Jade/Luke, maybe some other, maybe some gen. Nothing I'm going to warn for with Maria-sama ga Miteru)

- MONSTER/Dragonball - sackcloth and ashes [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took about two links into this site (well, one, really) to react with: HOLY SHIT, MONSTER FANART, OH MY GOD. Because a) I didn't think MONSTER fanart would exist or b) that it was really even necessary. Except this artist is kind of totally rocking out with the illustrations, they're really gorgeous! They're all faded, almost sepia-toned colors or a style that looks almost like an oil painting and a style that's not realistic so much as it's... I don't know. But it fits with the mood of the series and I am just utterly floored by how much I adored this site. Johann looks gorgeous and beautiful even as he's creepy as he should be, there's one of Tenma that's just stunning, and it's just-- oh, my. I didn't know how much I needed this until I found it. It's the same for the Dragonball art, they're like paintings and just beautifully done, there's not a lot of art out there like it. ....a-also, the Vejiita/Bulma ones may have made me squeak in delight and Vejiita with baby Bra omg! ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Kekkaishi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really should not be browsing Kekkaishi art sites yet. I'm only working on volume 7 of the manga (and have been stalled on it for ages), but I stumbled over the link to a really awesome looking Masamori illustration and I couldn't resist clicking. And this is some really kick ass art, it nicely keeps the feel of the original manga while still also being about the artist's own style, some of her color art is fantastic even. Plus, I am not opposed to the idea of Masamori/Shishio, not when some of the art looks damn near like it could have come from the original series itself. *__* (Masamori/Shishio.)

American McGee's Alice/Yu-Gi-Oh!: untitled by actualize - Admittedly, I don't know enough about Yu-Gi-Oh! to catch the references in the crossover, but I do know American McGee's alice and a;sldkjalskj wow this was a gorgeous, gorgeous piece for it. The almost surreal calm about Alice as she has all these violent thoughts, the tone of her language and even her thoughts/narration of this piece are a perfect fit with the creepy, creepy atmosphere that that game made. It's not a long piece, but it's certainly an awesome one. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Uninhabited Planet Survive - 9bit [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not even sure what I originally came to this site for (possibly Higurashi? maybe Vesperia?) but I was clicking through the gallery and went, "Hey, wait... is that Luna and Kaoru from Uninhabited Planet Surive??" And sure enough! I... I have a weakness for the idea of Kaoru/Luna and j-fanart really hasn't helped curb that because of sites like this, where the art is super cute and the colors are really bright and vivid and it's just... really pretty stuff. I love the delicate lines on the sketches, I love Luna's bright red hair, I love her beautiful blue eyes, I love how cute and how freaking adorable everything is! It's the kind of site that really makes me wish there was a bigger fandom for it. ♥ (Kaoru/Luna.)

Final Fantasy XII/Chii's Sweet Home: Secret Weapon by white_aster - asdl;fkjaslkjs this was so freaking cute! The author has a great Chii voice to start out the fic with, totally setting the tone for the super adorable, and then brings in the FFXII cast and it's kind of delightful how well these two series go together. The characters are all delightful, the sense of friendship between these four, as Vaan and Penelo visit Larsa and Basch, is easy and light, which matches that it's a Chii's Sweet Home crossover. Plus, the characterization of Larsa is really fun here. <3 (Some implied potential Larsa/Penelo, but it's only half the point.)

- Ookiku Furikabutte - alCaphrah [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know, I know. Already been here for the HP and the Tales of the Abyss art, but--! The Ookiku art is so adorable! It's more of the same stylized art that works here for me because of the pretty watercolor like feel of the images, the really delightful warm-hearted feeling and group images, the kind where everyone is smiling and clearly having a blast, that makes it fit with the original series so well for me. And as;ldkfjasl;jk the log art pages kind of threatened to make me explode a little from all the SUPER ADORABLE god. Seriously, the sepia colors of the log art pages was kind of killing me after awhile because it just. asl;dfkjasl;jk this is what I wanted! ♥ (Maybe a little Abe/Mihashi, but I'd say it's mostly gen and focused on everyone.)

Nodame Cantabile: no in-betweens by Zau - I hadn't planned on doing much fic reading along with the current batch of recs I was doing but I at least had this tab open and thought, eh, why not. And once I started reading, I could not put this down, because it captures that sense of music and... well, whatever it is that makes up Chiaki and his relationship with Nodame. It's a really beautifully written piece and says so much through imagery and subtlety, one of the best pieces I could find to start off my reading for this fandom, I suspect. <3 (Chiaki/Nodame.)

- Fate/Stay Night - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here for the DQV fanart, but it was such a beautiful site that I had to look around to see what else was there. I happened to wander by the Fate/Stay Night section and... well, there's not a lot of art here, but it's so pretty that I couldn't help myself. The artist especially goes a beautiful Saber, the CG coloring that looks really smooth and professional is really nice on her character, the artist does these vivid, almost glowing colors that I love so much. It kind of made me almost want to go on a spree for the fandom again. >_> (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Mononoke - [ Japenese Fanart Site ] - I was actually looking for Gurren Lagann fanart when I stumbled over this artist's work and, okay, I still have yet to watch Mononoke (it's high on my list of shows to just sit down and watch already, though) but I couldn't resist this site. The artist does a beautiful job with the medicine seller, she really gets the feel of the character and this richly detailed world down in each of the images. Even the pchat images are amazing, the patterns of the clothes, the details of the face paint, and accessories, all of it is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Easily a must see site if you like the series. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Mononoke - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Completely independant of the previous site, I just happened to run across another Mononoke site tonight that I couldn't quite resist. I was there for the Gurren Lagann art first, then the Final Fantasy Dissidia art, and then I saw the Mononoke stuff. While it's not as big as the other two sections, it had some really nice stuff in it, it's got all these patterns and details that fit with the style of the series and then there's a whole bunch of doodles on the log pages and it was just really worth going to this morning. (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

Totally Captivated: In Heat by lovefujitez - So, having finished all of Totally Captivated, I pretty much immediately set out for fandom and went to look for fic. 31_days is the first place I found anything and this was a cute fic that played on all the things I loved about Mookyul/Ewon and their dysfunctional yet somehow functional relationship. They're apart for several days here, while Ewon has to travel for a bit, and it's an interesting look at how far they've both come, how much more stable their relationship is, even as it still has all the same quirks as before. (Moonkyul/Ewon.)

Totally Captivated: Untitled by lovefujitez - Since the author had another fic, well, of course I had to go read it. I am clawing at the walls for more of a fandom for this series! And this was another one of those fics where I really like how the author gets their progress, even as the little touches are all the same. Mookyul is still posessive and a total dick at times, Ewon is still put-upon and annoyed, but it's... better, there's trust and balance there now. So, it's cute to see Ewon come home after a long day and Mookyul obviously missed him in his cranky way and things go about how you'd expect. XD (Mookyul/Ewon.)

GANGSTA: The Things We Can't Say by inkstone, nicolas/alex, 3k
    How does a survivor reclaim control? Alex, Nicolas, and what remains unsaid.
    There are some pairings that feel almost entirely made for UST (for a time at least), for unsaid yet still understood things, and this fic does a lovely job of capturing that for Nico/Alex. It's a little (or sometimes a lot) awkward, there's some fumbling, but I love Alex's determination and Nicolas being hard to read in ways that struck me as being spot on for these characters and everything they're carrying around. It's a quiet fic in all the right ways and works perfectly for this ship at the point they're at and makes me love both these awkward nerds so much.

HAIKYUU!! - How To Become Educated In The Art Of Homosexuality by justhavesex, kageyama/hinata + team, humor, 2.1k
    The world ends on a Thursday when Kageyama accidentally kisses Hinata during practice.
    There were at least two moments where I fucking cackled while reading this, especially at Tsukishima's teasing of them! But also Kageyama's fury and cute team dynamics and just so much adorable hilarity, exactly what I wanted from this ship!

HAIKYUU!! - home is where your heart is set in stone by dizzyondreams, kageyama/hinata, fluff, ftm!hinata, 2.1k
    "Donít fall asleep on me." Kageyama muttered as Hinata curled into his side, awkward with the armrest between them.
    This was pure fluff, the kind of fic you read when you're already converted to the ship and want them being adorable! I definitely got all waffy at the cranky snuggling and hand-holding, awww.

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