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- Mushishi/Gundam SEED - saika [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here because it was one of the few Mushishi sites that was actually pretty good, but then I got entirely sucked into the Gundam SEED fanart as well, because the colors are just lush and beautiful and the characters look so fantastic. There's one of Cagalli in uniform with a sword surrounded by so much gold coloring and it's amazingly beautiful. There's one of the characters dressed in the Gintama uniforms and it's so very hot. There's only a handful of them, but I had to rec the site for them. Now, the Mushishi fanart is much the same, there's not nearly enough of it for my taste, but what is there is lovely. The artist is tremendously talented and does lovely things with color, but even beyond that, there's a sense of... I don't know, something to the art that I really hit it off it. The way she did little illustrations for different episodes was kinda cool, the art and different concepts fitting with the feel of each episode, not quite happy, not quite sad, sometimes a little of everything. And the textures are so pretty--the one of the little boy who lost his hearing and grew horns is just gorgeous, pretty much on the same level as the animation in the series itself. Which I consider to be pretty high praise indeed. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi/Kyou Kara Maou! - Papillon mania [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is only the second site I've found that I've liked the Mushishi fanart on... and, of course, it only has a very few illustrations to be found. But, it's also got some really interesting MaruMa fanart and I want to keep track of the site for checking back on later, so I'm going to rec it now. The MaruMa fanart starts out as something that's not really to my taste, but somewhere along the line, the artist starts to refine her style a little and while it's still a little strange, I found I really, really liked the ones of Gunter or Yuuri, there's a watercolor-esque quality to the coloring that's just neat. And, man, is her Mushishi fanart gorgeous, the one of Ginko in so much blue, smoking admist a bunch of little fireflies/Mushi (?) is stunning. The one of him lying in the green, green grass is also incredibly vivid and stunning. She has this use of color in her fanart that amazes me. ♥ (Maybe a little Yuuri/Wolfram, a lot of gen. No Mushishi warnings.)

- Mushishi - fukarerumamani [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I am up to three Mushishi fanart sites I liked now! XD What I liked about this artist is that she shows a lot of promise and I hope that she keeps drawing and getting better and better. I also like that there's a decent amount of art here, that she draws little sketches from almost all the episodes, so the main focus in Ginko, but you still get a good selection of the other characters. The artist has a sort of warmth to her illustrations and there's even an oekaki board that I happily skipped through to find more here. It's a sit that I just... quietly liked rather well, despite the roughness to the art. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - Black Diamond [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suspect I'm probably mostly rec'ing this site for the current top illustration, this really pretty blueish-white watercolor-like Ginko fanart that I was entirely taken with. The rest of the site is good as well (though, I'm probably kinder because I'm looking so hard for Mushishi fanart), but it's that one image that really won me over entire site and sometimes that's all it takes, okay? But there is a fair amount of art here, the oekaki is solid, the artist shows a lot of potential and I'd like to keep an eye on this site. She uses the light, white-ish colors really well, I think. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - COCO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I tried to resist this site, I really did. And I sort of waffled on a few of the illustrations, but held mostly firm. But then I got to the junk page and there was a Ginko sprite and it was totally cute and that's my weakness. The rest of the art is decent, there's actually some rather cool concepts mixed in and the clap art is quite nice and I did enjoy the site, but... yeah. The sprite, omfg. My love. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Now this is getting towards what I've been looking for, this artist does some really pretty Ginko illustrations, there's a quietness to them that I really like. They're... light and airy much of the time and maybe that's not a style I would have thought of for a series like Mushishi, but it's actually kinda cool. It's almost like watercolors with the art, which gives it a certain sort of feeling that I like, something almost old-world-ish, except that's not quite it. Also, also, also! There's Nui fanart that I really like, too! And, god, Ginko walking through the autumn trees, cigarette in its usual place as he looks ahead... so pretty. I really enjoyed this site. It wasn't perfect, but it was good. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - Clicking Tongue of the God [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It didn't take me terribly long to be won over by this site. It's not absolutely perfect, but it's another one of those that's good and I genuinely enjoyed seeing the artist's work, especially as she grows in talent more and more. Some of the oekaki were honestly just fantastic and the artist even manages to make cute little comics where Ginko has cat ears actually work. The colors are lovely, the green of Ginko's eye is always so vivid, and there's a good selection of various concepts/poses here and, hell, even some of the sketches were enough to impress me and I don't usually go for those. There's a certain softness to some of the illustrations in the gallery proper and I'd really like to see more from this artist. <3 (Maybe a little Adashino/Ginko, but it's mostly gen, I think.)

- Mushishi/Fullmetal Alchemist - Cozy Place [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I don't care that there are only four illustrations here (though, you can go through the diary art to find one or two more), because, yes, now this is what I'm talking about! The artist doesn't do a "good" job with her latest one of Ginko sitting on the floor and examining scrolls by candlelight, she does a beautiful job of it, she absolutely nails the feeling of the series and the anime-style coloring/lines so that it looks like it could have been a still from the series itself. I so, so, so want her to do more art. *__* The FMA fanart is much the same way, though, you can tell its a little older, which doesn't make it any less pretty, I don't think. The colors are bright without being gaudy, the details are lovely, and they're just overall really strong illustrations. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, well, now, this was another just quietly likable site that... it may not have had a lot of fanart or been absolutely stunning, but I was glad to go through the oekaki board to find more art. There were some really lovely ones (I was especially fond of the two based on episode 15 ♥) and the artist really does show tremendous promise as she goes along. You can see that the latest ones are getting to be quite good little scribbles in their own way (or maybe I'm just happy to have decent Mushishi fanart XD) and it's a solid site that gave me a little bit more of a fix. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, look. I know I've been rec'ing a lot of sites that are little more than a handful of decent oekaki images tossed onto a page. But this site had Ginko with Jack Skellington and giving him a great WTF? look and so I had to, okay? But I do think the artist does decent mouseart/oekaki, there's a certain deftness to the way she draws the characters that I like--especially with her b&w ones, somehow they end up looking rather nice. I'm not just snatching them up because I'm desperate for Mushishi fanart, I'm doing so because I actually really like them. Again, not a perfect site, but a good solid one and it helps ease the cravings while I wait between episodes. (No warnings/pairings.)

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