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- Mushishi - a taste of honey by trixie - I was a little wary of Mushishi fic, I wasn't sure that it was entirely necessary or that it wouldn't feel somehow awkward, given the tone of the original series. But trixie manages to write an absolutely lovely epilogue of sorts to episode fifteen, she manages to capture the quiet, subtle, gentle feel the series has, the way things feel so simple and almost dreamlike with everything, even when they're not.'s a difficult show to describe, okay? But the way trixie wrote this fic, I'm so, so glad to have read it, the little details are lovely, the concept and execution of it are perfect, and the ending was brilliant. I don't really dare say too much more, lest I give anything away (though, it's not really about the surprise factor any more than an episode of the series is about the surprise factor), except that I absolutely loved this for everything it said about Ginko, both directly and without having to specifically say it at all. Beautiful. (Some pairings, but it's not the point of the fic. Not really.)

- Mushishi - Excerpts from the notes of an apprentice mushishi by Tari Gwaemir - This was such a fascinating concept for a Mushishi fic, almost more like a report than fic, yet still having the creativity of a fic. The author does a beautiful job of capturing just the right tone for the fic, the detached without being cold quality of the Mushishi apprentice here, the way the notes on the Mushi feel like they could slide right into canon, the way they reflect the tone and nature of the canon, the way they're so creative and interesting. There's something of an almost dreamlike quality here as well, much like... oh, god, I can only say "like the original canon" so many times before even I want to smack myself. But, oh, the story of the Mushi that took human form was beautiful, slightly aching and bittersweet but not depressing instead there's a quiet sort of beauty about the story (and the story about the well!) to it. I just... flap my hands incoherently and shoo people toward the fic instead now. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - Writing To Reach You by ambientlight - There is far too little Mushishi fic in the world, much less fic that deals with an interesting mushi (the linked cocoons) and the way Adashino and Ginko are this odd sort of friends that just works for them. And the characters are so quietly themselves, the little details (like how Ginko doesn't use them as much as Adashino woud like or the way he prefers telling stories aloud or how Adashino can be so sneaky) and the surprising weight of the scene with Aya that... didn't quiet break my heart, but certainly sent a pang through it. This was absolutely lovely. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - Indigo Ink by tin - [Note: This fic is locked, but the author friends back all those who friend the journal, so I'm making an exception.] It's interesting. I can see tin's style in each of the pieces she writes, but at the same time it's like each one is somehow a little different from the previous ones. When I read her Naruto fic, I picture Kishimoto's style, even as I recognize tin's style first and foremost. Now, reading this fic, getting caught up in the texture and details of a book with ink and paper, I still recognize tin's style but now picture it in the Mushishi style. It's interesting. And, of course, this is another lovely fic from her about Tanyuu and it makes me wish I had more episodes to watch right now. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - Gift by Tari Gwaemir - Mushishi fic is such a rare treat, especially when it has that same beautiful, soft, almost delicate while still feeling rich and textured style. I didn't have any trouble hearing Ginko's voice in my head or the soft speech of all the characters, picturing the slow, easy-paced movements of everything. It's a short fic, but it's gorgeous nonetheless and gave me my fix for today. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Mushishi - Remembrance by surestsmile - I picked the link for this one up from 31_days and it's a really lovely, quiet piece that gives me the same feeling the series itself did. While I'm not sure Ginko would have even these fleeting bits of memory left to him, some part of me wishes he did in a way much like this. The imagery is lovely, very evocative and pretty, it has a nice impact to it despite the short length. (No warnings/pairings.)

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