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- Nabari no Ou - [ Chinese Fanart Site ] - If there's a proper site for this artist, I would love to find it, rather than linking to this account, but neither I or ashleigh_lin (who linked me here in the first place) know where it is. I might not have linked here anyway, since I try to abide by the rules as much as I can, but--! SO GORGEOUS OMG. There are some stunning images found on these pages, the one of Yoite and Miharu in the forest is a personal favorite because the colors and details and everything about it are just so lush and beautiful. Even the sketches have the same amazing detail and beautiful quality where I feel like I could stare at each and every piece for an hour, there's just something so... slick and pretty about the style. I'm having a terrible time describing this artist's work, but it's probably my favorite site that I've seen so far in the Nabari fandom, it's absolutely worth visiting. ♥ (Some Yoite/Miharu.)

- Nabari no Ou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I definitely wish there had been more art on this site, I think there was probably less than ten illustrations total, but! Nabari is kind of a small-ish fandom as far as I can tell and I really did like this site a lot. It took me about three clicks into the gallery to come to fall for the site, because there's a surprising amount of detail in her Miharu illustrations and the one where he's going all Shinra Banshou, the words starting to crawl up his skin is gorgeous for the beautiful colors and soft, clean lines of it. *__* There's also another gorgeous one of Yoite crying and a few of the rest of the cast and... there might not be a lot of art here, but what is here is absolutely worth your while. A very satisfying little site. ♥ (Maybe a smidge of Yoite/Miharu, but on the level of canon.)

- Nabari no Ou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a minute to figure out where the Nabari no Ou art was on this site, but it was totally worth the extra effort. The artist has these really lovely, shining colors that just about glow and combines them with nice, clean lines and often times a lot of detail to make these pieces that are just... really pretty. It might not be everyone's favorite style, the artist definitely goes with the canon style of skinny limbs and huge eyes, especially on Miharu, but they're gorgeous big, green eyes on him. *__* In the b&w images you can really see how pretty the artist's linework is and she really nails the canon style. I enjoyed this site a lot. *__* (Yoite/Miharu.)

- Nabari no Ou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Maybe I'm just easy on fandom right now since it's all new and shiny and everything, but I think it's also just that I'm quietly charmed by the cuteness of the art here. Plus, it's nice to see some Raikou/Gau after all the Yoite/Miharu that I've been seeing (not that I don't love them and seek them out first, mind <3) and there's even a little of the other characters. It's a lot of cute oekaki art, but some of them are really adorable--the chibi Raikou/Gau one where they're holding the oversized brush together? SUPER CUTE. There are even a couple of interesting ones of Shijima, which always makes me happy. XD (Some Raikou/Gau, some Yoite/Miharu.)

- Nabari no Ou - Pitapan [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went a little back and forth on this site, there's not a lot of art here and not everything was my cup of tea. But there's one really fantastic illustration of Shijima that stuck with me while I was browsing the rest of the gallery and I couldn't quite let go of it. And the more I clicked, the more I realized that I was really kind of enjoying the girls on this site more than the illustrations of the guys, which is a rare thing in Nabari fandom, I suspect. So I wanted to recommend it just for the cool little illustrations of the girls and a nice little stop this afternoon. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Nabari no Ou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is the other site that ashleigh_lin linked me to when getting me into Nabari no Ou and it's definitely one of my favorite sites from the fandom so far. The art starts out in a very solid style, clean lines and a good amount of detail and all that, but it quickly gets really pretty and you can see the artist grow and grow until she's doing gorgeous stuff. There's one of Yoite and Miharu sleeping against each other on the train that's just perfect, there's a fantastic one of Shijima leaping onto Kouichi's head that's gorgeously done, there's a bunch of really fantastic oekaki, there's a gorgeous one of Kouichi shedding feathers, there's a stunning one of Miharu and "yosei-san", there's-- well, there's a lot of really gorgeous art on this site. I love the colors that work perfectly with the artist's lines, I love how smooth everything is, I love how polished all of it is, I love how amazing each piece is. This is one of those must-see sites in the fandom that will spoil you for just about everything else. ♥♥♥ (Some Yoite/Miharu, some gen.)

- Nabari no Ou - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There isn't a lot of art here, but I kind of got sucked into the site anyway because OMG KOUICHI ART EXCELLENT. I've seen pieces here and there of him, of course, but this site centers around him a bit more than most--and while the art isn't perfect all of the time, there are a handful that a really kinda cool looking and I would love to see more from this artist. There's one of Kouichi and Shijima that's especially well-done and worth visiting the site for alone, I think. So, a nice little site to further round out my collection of Nabari sites, which is all I ask. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

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