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Nabari no Ou: Prayer by Hearii - After finishing Nabari no Ou the other day and having gone through many of the fanart sites for it already, I started cautiously poking at FFNET (because I wasn't aware of any authors I knew who'd written for it) and stumbled over this piece. It's a short one, more about the imagery and the atmosphere and Miharu's emotions as he sits in the snow while Yoite is gone. It's simple, but lovely. (I guess it could be implied Yoite/Miharu.)

Nabari no Ou: befriending a killing machine by surestsmile - You know, I don't know if I would have sought out fic for Yukimi and Yoite (but neither would I have avoided it) on purpose, but when I happened to stumble over it... it's a really nice little piece. I adore the Yukimi characterization here as he gets to know Yoite better and can't help coming to care about him as a friend, even when he probably should know better. And the writing is lovely and it's a charming little piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

Nabari no Ou: deathseeker by surestsmile - This was an interesting piece about Yoite's point of view early on in the series, the way the kira ability eats him up inside and how much darkness is in him and how painful everything was for him, why he sought not just death, but more than that from Miharu. The fic is short, but the writing is pretty and it evoked a lot of the same feel that I thought Yoite had in the original series, it was easy to see these thoughts rolling around his head. (No warnings/pairings.)

Nabari no Ou: Naiveté by worblehat - I admit, during the series I developed a lingering fondness for the idea of Raikou/Raimei/Gau as an OT3, so I'm sort of, "....but where's Raimei? *sadface*" while seeing any links for Raikou/Gau fic. But that's a personal quirk and I know it. XD And this fic was very nice, the author did a great job with both characters and the way they interact, it's gentle in a way, even though they're both fighters. You can tell how much Gau hero worships Raikou and how fond of Gau Raikou is, it just comes through in the way they talk to each other, the way they touch each other. The writing is very nice, the smut just as solidly done. The Nabari fandom is really small, but this fic makes it a little more tolerable. <3 (Raikou/Gau, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Nabari no Ou: It's Cold Out There. by allira_dream - This was a simple piece, only 500 words, just Yoite and Miharu on the train, leaning against each other for warmth. But it's about what that gesture means, how Yoite feels about this quiet moment in time, how he feels about Miharu, how so much is said without having to say it, the way the author writes lovely turns of phrase that really make this a wonderful little read. (Yoite/Miharu.)

Nabari no Ou: Voice Unkind. by allira_dream - [Note: There are spoilers in this fic and this rec.] Bit by bit, I become a little more satisfied with the Nabari no Ou fandom. Even if this fic does sort of crush my soul. But it does it in a really beautiful way, the interaction between Yukimi and Miharu is really gorgeous and aches all the more because the author wasn't trying too hard, because it will be okay, just not yet. Lovely and heartbreaking. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

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