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Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Guruguru Tornado - Aiyoku - So, you know what I haven't done in ages and I've kind of missed? Gone on a doujin spree. I've been especially geared towards finding Tales of the Abyss doujin lately and, as long as I was looking up scanslators, I stumbled over several Naruto ones. And, hell, since I'm getting close to my deadline, why not? And a;sldkfjaslk I missed this series and this pairing more than I knew, because it took me all of about three or four pages into this file to want to keyboard mash with love all over again, because the color inserts are super hot here and the doujin!KakaIru dynamic is so much fun with Kakashi being so... cheerful about what he wants. And, as much as I love the proper art of the doujin (which is just rough enough, just detailed enough, and gives the characters enough scars and edges, that I love it), it's also the little chibi tiny little panels where Iruka is making clawing faces or Kakashi is beaming while he pounces that just as;ldkfjalksj I love this fandom. It's not a long doujin (only 10 pages or so), but it's fantastic. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Toriko - Have I mentioned that I've missed KakaIru doujinshi? Because I have. And this one is really nice, it's not very long and it's sort of pwp, but it's the best kind of pwp. The kind with characterization and insights into the characters, the way they each feel chained down by the other, but it's not entirely a bad thing. Which is the kind of KakaIru I love, where the sex is pretty and the lines are clean yet there's still rough edges around them (my favorite kind of Naruto fanart/doujin), but there's also hints of something deeper/a little bit darker going on. The artist isn't always perfect, but she has some great panels here and there and, man, is this scanslation pretty. <3 (Kakashi/Iruka, NSFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Night Jar - This is a little different from the doujinshi I usually read for these two, it's a different take on Iruka, who's less about having a fit at Kakashi's weirdness and more thoughtful/almost with a touch of melancholy. It's also a different reason that they're seeking each other out, not because they were initially attracted to each other, but because they were both looking for a warm body to spend the night next to, when it suddenly turned into more than that. But it's not bad, it's interesting to read something a little different once in awhile and the art is really pretty and the sex was very nice. I really like the two of them in normal clothes as well and her Kakashi is v. v. nice especially. Just a really nice little doujinshi (at a little less than 20 pages) to read, especially if you haven't had enough porn in awhile. :Db (Kakashi/Iruka, NSFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Money - asl;dkfjals;jk aw man this is so freaking cute. It's kind of total fluff and yet it's also kind of actually a little bit bittersweet, because Iruka feels like he's drowning in Kakashi's words, even though Kakashi has no real idea how deeply they affect him. Plus, the art is really nice, it's clean and fits well with the Naruto style and has lots of those fun little touches. Like Kakashi resting on a dolphin-shaped pillow (a;sdlkfjal;sk STFU to any haters of that bit, I love those things XD) and one of the better uses of a dolphin story that I've read. No real smut with this one, but! Lots of makeouts and Kakashi being kind of weird/silly, so it was really fun. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Shinobi Icha Ero - [Note: You'll have to download all five of the doujinshi on this page, but they're not big files, I don't think?] And, well. Like I could do KakaIru doujinshi recs without hunting down as many of my old favorites as I could find. XD And this one is so, so much love. It's only a little over ten pages long, but the art is just gorgeous, it's one of the most detailed and beautiful things I'd ever seen and one of the reasons KakaIru was such a huge pairing for me. Because the fandom catered to all my kinks--like bathtub sex. The story is pretty simple, it's Iruka's birthday and Kakashi is giving him a "present" and okay. I take back what I said earlier about being tired of porn. I WILL NEVER BE TIRED OF IT. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka, NSFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Sweet Hand - [Note: You'll have to download all five of the doujinshi on this page, but they're not big files, I don't think?] Speaking of doujinshika that are gorgeous and are making with the super hot porn that makes me want to stay in the fandom forever. This doujinshi pretty much launches straight into the porn and it's pure pwp, but a fun one. It's not really about much, it's just Kakashi and Iruka in bed and noticing little things about each other and being posessive or being irritated that Kakashi is going for round two (because he's deflecting attention away from serious thoughts, imo) and it's nice for that. I do like the characterization and the little moments between them. But mostly it's about the porno. \o/ (Kakashi/Iruka, NSFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Castro - [Note: You'll have to download all five of the doujinshi on this page, but they're not big files, I don't think?] And like I could let this set of recs go by without something from Sannasubi, whom I have great affection for. I think I read nearly all of her doujinshi at some point, because they're just... somehow really addicting. I think it's partly that they go really fast, you can just zip right on through them, but they're also satisfying and she often does some really pretty stuff with the characters. This one is total gag doujin, though, it's all about Kakashi being a TOTAL FREAK (and probably on purpose, too XD) and Iruka trying to make sense of him and eventually just giving up. I totally laughed and/or grinned my entire way through this one. XD (Kakashi/Iruka, probably NSFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Gin Neko - [Note: You'll have to download all five of the doujinshi on this page, but they're not big files, I don't think?] This is another one that I couldn't let go by, as along as I was doing KakaIru doujin recs again. Of course Dragonfly chose a lot of really pretty doujinshi to work on, so these are all pretty high quality, but that doesn't mean that each one of them isn't delightful in its own way. This one is a simple story, but what I really like about it, setting aside the whole obvious parallel, is that it reminds us that Iruka has his issues as well, that he was not all that perfect as a kid, either, and it explains a bit about his relationship with Kakashi. (Well. It potentially could anyway.) The art is very detailed and while some panels didn't 100% work for me, there were other pages that were just lovely and I think the extra sketch on the free talk page, where Kakashi is kissing Iruka in his lap, is one of the prettiest things ever. XD (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - A child without a name - You can tell that this doujinshi was done awhile ago (2002, I believe) because it varies a little from canon, but if you keep in that frame of mind, it should be too bothersome. (The only real thing I noticed was the origin of Kakashi's name, which obviously wasn't given to him by Sandaime.) Aside from that, it was an interesting little doujinshi set when both Kakashi and Iruka were younger, when Kakashi was in ANBU, when Iruka was still trying to figure himself out after the death of his parents, and how they were connected to each other, even in only the briefest of moments. I really liked that the doujin didn't feel like it was trying to make them FATED, but instead focused on each of their characters and how they could be drawn to each other, the moments of coincidence (and then later intrigue) that drew them together. The art is also very nice, it's a little rough, but there's a lot of detail and it looks really fantastic. Certain panels look really, really lovely and, really, I've read professional manga that didn't look as well drawn as this. <3 (Future Kakashi/Iruka implied.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Paradise - I'm a little bit at a loss for how to take this doujinshi, because it sort of skips around a little. For the most part I could follow it, but it was actually the sex that came seemingly out of nowhere (and making it difficult for me to parse their relationship--was it an established relationship? soldiers with benefits? dub-con? fever dreams?) that kind of threw me for the biggest loop. Aside from that (and I'll grant that I enjoyed the scenes because they were pretty), this was actually a really cool doujin because it actually had something of a plot. Admittedly, it was told from Iruka's point of view, so it was mostly him resting and Kakashi returning from fighting people or Iruka collapsing in the woods or what have you, but! For a doujin, that's pretty good! And it was very interesting to read, the art just as solidly done as the prequel was, the storyline intriguing, and I feel like I'm giving this a half-hearted recommendation when I really liked it a lot. (Kakashi/Iruka, maybe not entirely SFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Color - as;dlfkjasl;kj Kine in AQUA doujinshi! Like a lot of fandom, I'm totally weak to her style, it's just so pretty and full of so much detail and I've been kind of really wanting to read more of her some of her work for the longest time. (Though, I think this was read left to right? Which escaped me for more pages than it probably should have. XD) I wasn't sure anyone actually had scanslated her stuff, but! This is a really sweet little doujinshi that's all about the sense of... it's hard to explain, I guess. It has a very Asian feel to it, though, the sense of two people being different colors, so they would spoil each other, but instead Iruka says that they would come together and form a new color, their own color. And I've grown to really like that kind of story, so it worked really well for me--especially in addition to the bits of humor she works in. But mostly asl;dfkjasl;kjsl her art, I love it so. *__* (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Joke Box 6.5 - And HALCO! I LOVE HER WORK, TOO. She does a lot of doujinshi and this is a really short one at only about five pages (half of the doujinshi is taken up by credits or by extra sketch pages--which, by the way, are actually pretty cool, I love her sketch work *__*), but it was a light, fun little thing that I enjoyed. Basically, it's all about how hard Iruka's life is with Kakashi, who's an idiot (well, pretending to be an idiot, one strongly suspects XD) and really super annoying, but that's what you're reading KakaIru doujinshi for, pretty much. XD (Kakashi/Iruka. The main doujin is PG at most, but the sketches have some R-rated stuff.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Promise - [Note: You'll have to scroll down to find the entry for this doujinshi, it'd probably be easier to just Ctrl+F for it.] - This doujinshi is definitely not perfect, but there are a handful of panels and pages that are just really pretty to look at. It's also a pretty straightforward doujin, the plot is basically just... Kakashi is missing on a mission, Iruka goes to look for him, Iruka gets hurt, Kakashi is a lot more affected than he thinks, it's all very fluffy, but... well, that's what you get with doujinshi. XD It's decently long at not quite 30 pages and it's a nice, light read, there are a handful of smutty pages (which were very nice!) and really kind of amazingly detailed. I liked it a lot. (Kakashi/Iruka. A couple of pages are NSFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Weak for You - [Note: You'll have to scroll down to find the entry for this doujinshi, it'd probably be easier to just Ctrl+F for it.] - Awww, more fluff, but really adorable fluff. The art is very... well, shounen-like, which wouldn't work for me with a lot of series, but Naruto doujinshi does really well with this style. Plus! Hey! How many times do you see handjobs in a doujin instead of something more? Not that I don't miss the something more, but sometimes it's nice to see something like this, especially when the artist is pretty good about laying out her pages so that there are some really pretty panels for it--Kakashi and Iruka lying together on the bed was very pretty. <3 (Kakashi/Iruka, somewhere between PG13 and R, so not entirely SFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Sensei no Kao - [Note: You'll have to scroll down to find the entry for this doujinshi, it'd probably be easier to just Ctrl+F for it.] - In contrast to the kind of doujinshi that usually catches my eye (where it looks really pretty at first, but not all the panels hold up), this one seemed really simplistic and shounen-esque at first, but got to be surprisingly pretty in particular places. Another one that's not long, but is just the right length for the sweet little moment that it's telling--Kakashi and Iruka walk home in the rain and Kakashi totally pounces when they get home. I like that kind of thing, shut up. The implied smut was also very nice and there's a total LOL line (for me anyway) at the end. A light read, but a really kind of great one for it. (Kakashi/Iruka, a very, very light R. If that.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Homing Instinct - [Note: You'll have to scroll down to find the entry for this doujinshi, it'd probably be easier to just Ctrl+F for it.] - This one was slightly longer than some of the others, almost 20 pages, but it was a perfect little doujinshi, set after a mission, when Kakashi comes home and where he wants to go, how he wants to go straight to Iruka, rather than stopping anywhere else first. (It's better in the doujin than I make it sound, honest. XD) And, sure, I liked it for the porn and for the fluff, but I also liked it because there were times when the artist really just kind of nailed the Naruto style. Of course there are times when you can totally tell it's a doujinshi (as if the content and makeouts/porn wouldn't give it away XD) but the artist did a really good job of matching her style to the original and while Naruto's art isn't my favorite, sometimes it's really nice to read something like that. <3 (Kakashi/Iruka, R-rated.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Pleasure Zone - Oh, man, this doujinshi has the two things I want from Naruto doujinshi--porn and lolz. The art is really kinda pretty, it's some of the better stuff in fandom and both of the characters look really fantastic. The sex is very nice as well, graphic without being too much, instead it's just really pretty and really hot. And Kakashi is this really great blend of curious and total dog and kind of batshit in the head, while Iruka... asl;dfkjasl;kj the ending of this one might be one of my favorite Iruka moments ever. This was really a nice treat to read today. <3 (Kakashi/Iruka, NC-17.)

Naruto Doujinshi (raw+summary) - Tears on Snow - Okay, see, this is the kind of thing that I'm totally weak to (and would like a proper scanslation for someday, but the summary is very helpful and gets you what you really need to know to enjoy this doujinshi) because the artist has this style that's somewhere between the usual doujin-style and something similar to the canon art style. I mostly downloaded this one to enjoy it for the art, so that's one of the most important things to me, though, okay, I'm weak to snowy confessions and two people in love with each other who don't realize it and happy endings. You all shut up, I have my needs. :| (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (raw+summary) - L'espoir Contus - I sort of went back and forth on this artist's style, because there were times when it hit that line between doujin-style and canon-style, but other times it was awfully pointing and just a little off. But it also had some really great use of blank space and some really hot panels here and there, plus a whole lot of detail packed in. I feel like the doujinshika could use a little time to tighten up her characters, but the actual level of strength of lines and shading is all already there. On the other hand, it might just be her style and while it's not my favorite, it was certainly intriguing to look at. Not to mention I'm also weak to stories where Kakashi is doing his level best to pull Iruka into this relationship as much as he already is, Iruka trying not to fall that hard, but it's kind of not working. Again, I have my needs. :| (Kakashi/Iruka, not quite SFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (raw+summary) - The client who won't admit to love - This one can be a little confusing to follow (in the sense that it's a bit like a soap opera, but that's kind of what made me love it) so I do kind of wish it had gotten a regular scanslation, but the summary notes explain the story pretty well and I still enjoyed it a lot. The art is a smidge on the simple side--but that's judging by the level of detail I usually expect from KakaIru doujinshika, who are kind of insanely good. I love stories that have something approaching an actual plot, so Iruka having a mission to protect a civialian that looks just like Kakashi was totally fun for me. XD (Kakashi/Iruka, not quite SFW, about an R-rating or so, I'd say.)

Naruto Doujinshi (raw+summary) - Marriage Rhapsody - asd;lfjka;slkj oh my god shut up every last one of you. I don't care if it makes me a silly fangirl, it's KakaIru marriage antics and I am weak to that kind of shit, okay? I think it's hilarious and the art is adorable and occasionally really kind of pretty and the cover art is hot and that is all I ask for. XD (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Rakuen - I could swear I've read/recommended this doujinshi before, but it's not anywhere that I can find on my list. :/ Either way, well. I liked it, so here goes. It's one of those doujinshi that's been around in the fandom for ages and the style is what I really like--reminscent of Kishimoto's style, but a little softer and prettier. And one of the things that kind of impresses me is... well, when I see a doujinshi is nearly 60 pages long, I sort of go @__@ a little and wonder how long it'll take me to read. But this just sails by--it's a pretty simple plot, Kakashi rescues Iruka and uses too much chakra to do it, so it sort of leaves Iruka a little turned upside down about Kakashi, and there are occasional pages of implied sex (which are confusing, since you're not sure how much is consentual and how much isn't) and then it sort of ends. Partly because there's a sequel doujinshi, but partly because it's just this odd little event that starts things in motion, not meant to be more than that. It's a very clean and smooth read, it put me right back in the mood for Naruto doujinshi. <3 (Kakashi/Iruka, not quite SFW.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Rakuen Miman - [Note: This is the sequel to Rakuen, which should be read first.] And this is the follow-up story to Rakuen (and part of a series, I guess?) and it keeps the storyline ball running, but is still just sort of a quiet moment between Kakashi and Iruka. After Kakashi is worn out, but they're both safe, Iruka goes to see him and there's a brief conversation and a soft sort of wordless agreement about their relationship, as the doujinshika says, "more or less a happy ending". It's still a little dark, but I've always found this pairing most interesting when it's a little off in some way or other. The art is nice and the scanslation is really smooth, definitely worth the 18 page read. <3 (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Guruguru guruguru - This is... as;dlkj I don't even know how to describe this book. It's a series of shorter stories that are all completely on crack and they're very... well, doujinshi-esque, but surprisingly PG about it, just. Well, you'll probably like it if you're looking for something silly and goofy, something where Kakashi is a freak and Iruka is driven up the wall by pretty much the entire world. The art is solid and surprisingly detailed, but mostly I read this for the fun of it, the gag stories were amusing and I enjoyed it a lot. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated) - Will of Flames - This doujinshi is actually two stories, the first one is set just after the Third Hokage died and it's about Iruka's loss and his memories of the Third Hokage and the way he looks around at the other people at the funeral and their losses, too. It's a bittersweet, sort of simple story that created a nice little atmosphere and was an interesting read. I have to admit, sometimes it's nice to read something about just Iruka that's not about Kakashi at all. Except I do still like the KakaIru, so the second story being a more traditional piece where it snows and they go out to have a snowball fight and then makeouts, while Kakashi deliberately acts like a freak and Iruka hates the world (except not really) and I just. I still totally eat that kind of thing up. The art is cute, but does err on the simple side--it works pretty well for the stories this book is telling, though. I enjoyed it. (Kakashi/Iruka, maybe PG-13 or so.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated): Unrequited Love Compilation 6 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I love the Naruto fandom. And I love the KakaIru pairing and its doujinshika because they love the crack with these characters. This collection is actually about three stories (all of them about ten pages long) and are all about Kakashi being a pervert and a totally batshit in the head freak about chasing after Iruka-sensei or crying because he's recovering and can't embrace Iruka-senseiiiiiii or Iruka-sensei's childhood dream is one he can't provide!!11 and just. as;dlfkjaslkjs I was cracking up the whole way through. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

Naruto Doujinshi (scanslated): Ginya - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] This is actually two different stories put into one file, but they work well together and it was nice to have something long-ish to read. The first is a story about Kakashi randomly picking Iruka up and developing a deep connection to him, so much that he uses Iruka as a key to unlocking his sealed memories when it's needed. The second is actually more of an Iruka-centric story about Naruto and the Nine-Tail's effect on the village's people even years later, along with how Kakashi intersected with his life along the way. Both are very nicely drawn and just solid, interesting stories that are admittedly fluffy, but still delightful to read. (Kakashi/Iruka.)

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