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- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oh, Lee fanart, how precious and rare you are, especially LeeSaku fanart that's just absolutely adorable! And I think one of my favorite things about this artist is that her style really captures the feel of Lee's character--that sort of enthusiastic, bright, earnest, adorable sense that Lee has that won my heart with him. I probably would have rec'd this artist just because she draws really adorable SakuLee illustrations, but then she won me over with the multitude of Naruto chibi illustrations--I think she drew every major character as a cute little animal and I think I wanted to squee over nearly every one of them. She also does Gaara/Lee illustrations that I actually find really kind of adorable because her art is very solid and, hell, I even thought the Naruto/Teen Titans illustration was damned cute. XD And I mentioned the adorable, adorable chibis, right? Because I loved those. (Lee/Sakura, Gaara/Lee, a lot of Other/Lee, some other random pairings mixed in, and some gen as well.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - What is it about Itachi-friendly artists that attracts some of the most amazing talent? Well, the artist isn't just drawing Itachi, but, damn, this is good art. She does these amazing things with lines, colors, and details that's just... there's this one Kimimaro fanart that is stunning. And, oh, I think her Ayame fanart might be the most beautiful Ayame fanart I've ever seen. It's hard to explain why I'm so impressed, because it's more than just that her lines are really fine and detailed, they're... beautiful, without going into shoujo territory, I think. The colors look almost like they were brushed on somehow, even when she's doing chibi art! Everything looks so... drawn down to the last detail and their hair sends me into orbit and she does these cute little comics that make me smile and, oh, god, there's this utterly gorgeous one of Neji, too, and just... this artist is really good, I thought. I doubt I could sing her praises much more highly. ^_~ ....and, man, the temptation to shove pretty much half the gallery into links in this rec was immense. _o_ (Some Itachi/Sasuke, a lot of gen, too.)

- Bleach/Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - I probably only had to spot the beautiful Renji/Rukia illustration from this artist to know I was sold, but it doesn't hurt that there's actually a lot of Bleach art that's really well-drawn here. The lines are really, really pretty and the colors are wonderfully done and everything just sort of combines together for a really cool affect. Plus, that illustration of Neji? In those loose clothes? Holy crap, that one was hot. His eyes were amazing and the lines and just... god, everything about it was gorgeous. My only complaint about this artist is that there isn't more. *stomps foot petulantly* (No single pairing theme, really.)

- Naruto - 2co [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site really does a fantastic Sasuke and there's a ton of art here. Some of the earlier stuff might not be as well-done, but the more recent stuff is terrific, right down to the surprising amount of detail on the clothes in what look like they could almost be oekaki art. (#170 in the image section is probably my favorite, the pattern on the cloth looks fantastic.) It really is the strength of the clothes and all the positions that the artist puts Sasuke in that are the highlight of this site, one of those sites that's great because you can spend an hour there looking at all the art she's drawn, especially if you like Sasuke at all. (Maybe a little Sasuke/Naruto and Sasuke/Sakura? Though, I don't know that I'd call it romance, it looks more gen-ish to me.)

- Naruto - SIDORO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I found the art of this site to be rather hit-or-miss at first, there were many I didn't quite care for, but... as always, there only needs to be a handful of illustrations I genuinely liked or a prettypretty KakaIru kiss (with the hint of more) and I'll start caving. When you compare the artist's later work to her earlier stuff, I think you can really see improvement--that one grayscale one where Kakashi is leaning on top of Iruka, one hand in his hair, the other clasping his hand? So fantastically detailed, the lines of each of their hair are tremendous and I swoon from the intensity of it. Also, the one of Tsunade and Orochimaru (with Jiraiya and Kakashi in the background) should not be as neat as it is, but I actually found it to be really kind of cool. *__* Same with the one of adult!Neji. *__* So... yeah. I'm on the fence about some, I really loved others, which makes this a fun site for me. XD (Half KakaIru, half gen.)

- Naruto - Honey Hive [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Well, this site was just kind of neat, the colors are a little darker than maybe I usually see, but it wasn't entirely bad, I grew to rather like the dark-gold look or the ashen grays that the artist often used, it contributed to a sort of mood with the style that won me over. Plus, it was also that artist often put a lot of detail into her work, giving it a slightly edgier, slightly darker tone, much like the Naruto manga can have at times. Well, that and I can hardly resist a site that draws Kakashi like the artist did in #7, with those beautifully patterned/styled clothes. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - H+E+Y [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, it only took one illustration on this site to win me over and that was of ANBU!Yondaime, which is something I'm surprised I don't see more often. The overall impression I get from the site is that the art is solid, there were a lot of illustrations that I really liked, but it was that one of Yondaime that really stood out for me (well, okay, and the one of Yondaime and kid!Kakashi, Obito, and Rin) and got me to rec the site. (There's also another one in the oekaki log sections that's NICE. *__*) The rest of the gallery is worth going through, too, I think and I had fun with the oekaki board/oekaki log sections. Plus! There was that one really nice oekaki of Gintama's Hijikata. And the FUNNIEST Gash Bell! fusion ever. Orochimaru as Gash and Kimimaro as Kiomaru. BRILLIANT. <3 (No real warnings/pairings?)

- Bleach/Naruto/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - To be honest, I sat on the fence over this site for awhile, there was just little art that really grabbed me, despite it being rather well done art. But there were just enough of illustrations like that one of Team Gai or Yondaime that have these warm, comfortable-feeling colors that I was sort of teetering towards this side and then... there are the occasional oekaki of illustrations like Yondaime with ANBU!Kakashi and the main illustration gallery held a lot more art. That's where the real stuff I fell in love with was--more of those same warm, golden-like colors and absolutely adorable stuff like Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade as kids or lovely Byakuya and Renji or just enough really quite cute Gintama fanart that I had to toss in there, too. Lots of different concepts/poses, lots of really pretty elegant characters or absolutely adorable fun characters, there's a good range here and that always wins points with me. Plus, I just love the colors, I don't know why. XD (Hmm, maybe a little Byakuya/Renji, but I'm not willing to label any other pairings.)

- Bleach/Naruto - candy*store [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I don't often go out of my way for Team 10 art, largely because there's not enough of it for me to seek out, but I saw a cute banner on a site elsewhere, decided to check it out, and was pleasantly surprised. Though, the first illustration I saw on this site was actually a Kiba one that was fantastic and while not everything was as impressive, there was a ton of art on the site that's just... I mean, if you're a Shikamaru fan, I think this is one of the must-see sites. The artist makes really good use of her style, with those gold-green tones she uses, the lines are good, and occasionally the characters look just awesome. I mean, there's this one of Shikamaru standing next to a Temari in a black dress where she looks utterly gorgeous. Or there's a Gaara one in front of candles that has such a great look to his eyes or Shikamaru's father with baby!Shikamaru which is utterly adorable or Shikamaru and Temari holding hands just outside of the frame of the illustration at sunset or the ADORABLE kid!Neji being held by his dad or that other incredibly gorgeous Kiba or--well, yes, you get the idea. Ooh, ooh, and one must TOTALLY go for the Sandsibs illustration that's all kinds of cool! XD But I also mustn't forget about the Bleach, which... okay, to be honest, there are only about five illustrations that I really liked, but how could you NOT go for that fantastic one of Renji holding up a cat? Or the really, genuinely lovely Hitsugaya illustrations? I had to include it! XD (Maybe a little Shikamaru/Temari, but there's a lot of gen and no Bleach pairings.)

- Naruto - Happy Collection [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, for all that the current illustration (when I wrote this rec) was of Naruto and Sakura fighting back to back, there was actually very little of the main characters on this site. Not that I found myself particularily minding when there was some absolutely adorable Team 10 art, especially a nice focus on Shikamaru and Ino. Mostly seperately, but I do get a sense of a liiiiiittle bit of ShikaIno off the site, which I certainly hope I'm not mistaken about. What was interesting is that I went through the artist's b&w sketches first so I got to see that she really does have some great linework going on under the cute coloring jobs she does. And, OMG, the Team 10 group illustrations are the best part of this site, totally worth going for, especially the one of them as kids where Ino's got her arms around both of them. It's just so... much fun! (Maybe a little ShikaIno, but probably not.)

- Final Fantasy 7/Naruto/Inuyasha - 22 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Despite that there's not a ton of fanart here, I had to recommend it, because what is here is just so very lovely--the one of Yondaime with a white nine-tailed spirit fox hovering over his shoulder? Just beautiful. Or there's ANBU!Yondaime, which is a weakness of mine when done as beautifully as this site does it, the lines and colors are just... pretty! There are only about four FFVII illustrations or so, but the Tifa one (and the Aerith one of her in the Lifestream) was just so beautiful that I had to rec it for that alone. It's that kind of CG that takes a lot of skill to do well, the kind that looks very professional, especially to make it recognizable as the characters. And then there was the utterly stunning illustration of Kikyou that sent me over the edge with this site--there are actually a lot more in the oekaki section, but I'm most fond of the main gallery art. *__* (Maybe a few hints of pairings, but no real themes.)

- Naruto - World's Weekend [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here for the Yondaime fanart and I'm really, really glad I did because it's got some of the most adorable stuff with the character, as well as Jiraiya and Kakashi. God knows I'm a sucker for a site that has even one fanart of the three of them together, but then toss in a site that puts Yondaime in, like, a zillion different situations? Even more love! ♥ Especially since the art is good and really manages to somehow capture the character's personality, the sometimes-serious, sometimes-grinning like an idiot, while not making him a carbon copy of an adult-looking Naruto. Meaning, I could somehow actually tell the difference, that this was Yondaime, the kind of art that just... makes me want to scream at Kishimoto to give us more information about the character. And, god, do I love the way this artist draws his hair, there's just... so much of it! Plus, she's really good with the mid-action pose stuff as well, which always works nicely with Naruto. Just... definitely one of the best Yondaime sites I've seen in awhile. :DDDDDD (Several occasional pairings with Yondaime or the others, both het and yaoi, but no major themes, it's more gen than anything.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, you know what I said about pretty Yondaime art mixed with Jiraiya + Yondaime + Kakashi art? Well, when you add a little bit of KakaIru into the mix, I get even more spastically happy about a site. Though, honestly, the fun part about the site is the Yondaime-centric stuff--the artist uses these soft, pretty colors that somehow work for the characters/series, especially with all the bushy, messy hair these characters have. Plus, it's totally worth it for the image of younger hot!Jiraiya picking up kiddie!Yondaime to cart him off with a grumpy expression. XD Or, omg, Yondaime with kiddie!Iruka on his lap and kiddie!Kakashi off to the side. Or Yondaime surrounded by sakura petals with baby Naruto in his arms. Or omghot!Jiraiya and Jiraiya being all teacher-ish with student!Yondaime and I just... yeah, much squeeing and flapping of hands in happiness here. ♥ (A lot of gen, a little Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - oekaki-club [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site I came to for the Jiraiya and Yondaime fanart (mostly the Jiraiya fanart, as he's on the banner) and became pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety on the site. In particular, I was pleased to see a couple of KakaIru illustrations that I really liked, especially the one of them on a bridge surrounded by all these brilliantly red leaves. *__* But, yes, the real treat here is the Jiraiaya fanart, where he's all broad shoulders and tons of hair and strong muscles and just... well, yes. Okay. I have a thing for Jiraiya. But the CG-ish style of the art here is actually really pretty good when it comes to him and you've got stuff like Jiraiya, Yondaime, and kiddie!Kakashi which always just OWN ME when they're done well. The artist uses these bright, solid colors so it really gives it an anime-like feel, but still softens (?) the lines up a little bit so that it keeps her own style and it just... if you like Jiraiya (or Yondaime or Kakashi or a decent mix of all Naruto characters), I think this site is definitely worth a visit. (Hints of pairings here and there, but the only one I could really pin down is KakaIru. But there is also a lot of gen.)

- Naruto - ANIITI WEB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I stuck around this site for a couple of reasons--one, I'm on a Jiraiya - Yondaime - Kakashi high and this site fed right into that, they're the three most represented characters on this site. And, two, there were a handful of illustrations that actually struck me as innovative and not the same endlessly repetitive stuff I get a sense of from the fandom. Like! Team Yondaime all grown up and looking fantastic! Or chibi versions of the parents and the art is just fantastic CG work! Or Jiraiya yelling at Team Yondaime and Kakashi has the best expression on his face and Obito and Rin and Yondaime are so cute! Or grumpy!Jiraiya thumping student!Yondaime on the head! Or chibi Kakashi and Yondaime being freaking ADORABLE! ♥ I do tend to be a sucker for anything dealing with Kakashi and Yondaime and Jiraiya, but this site actually does have those occasional images that are just knocked right out of the park and it really fed my love for the characters and interaction between them. So, I happily recommend this site. Just... eeeee! ♥ (Maybe a little yaoi with Jiraiya, Yondaime, and Kakashi mixtures, but it's barely there most of the time, a fair amount of KakaIru in the comics section.)

- Naruto - black rush 57 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'd been going back and forth on this site, the art was occasionally very good, there would be an illustration of Temari or Neji that would just impress the heck out of me, but I wasn't completely sold... until I got to the illustration of Team 7 dressed up like more traditional ninjas and lounging about on the Konoha rooftops that I was just utterly won over. It was just somehow... neat, one of those images that struck me for a reason I can't quite articulate, you know? And, hell, beyond that, the site is pretty good, there's some nice variety for just about whatever you're looking for, solid images (there are a couple of good Neji ones, a couple really good Obito ones, and even one of Yondaime and Kakashi that I liked a lot) and a solid style. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I could swear I've been to this site before, that I've rec'd it before, but I can't find it in my files, so if I re-rec it... well, enh. Wouldn't be the first time. ^_~ The thing that I like so much about this site is that it's got some great Yondaime fanart, there're all these little details and lines with his hair that always send me into sparkling bouts of delight because he looks so cool. But I also like that the artist seems to use several different styles of coloring, so there's actually some variety here--like the one of Yondaime with the Rasengan-implied spiral in the middle of his palm has these lovely heavy colors, whereas other ones are almost light and airy. ....but, yeah, okay, I was won over by the occasional group image more than anything. Any site with a fanart of Jiraiya, Yondaime, and Kakashi that looks pretty? Will almost assuredly win me over. ♥ Especially when the artist also has the most adorable Team Yondaime-era comic and, omg, his little brats are so cute, eeee! XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Echigoya [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came to this site for the Itachi and/or Sasuke fanart, but wound up staying because it's actually a good, solid all-around site that covers a lot of different characters. And then I knew I was sunk when I started getting into the comics because there's a little KakaIru and there's this absolutely adorable five-page comic with Yondaime and Kakashi that's cute as hell, but also actually really pretty! Which about sums up my feelings really--kickass Itachi fanart (the kind that's almost professional-level quality, really *__*), a good selection of other characters (as always, I have much fondness for the Neji art) and a lot of art, and just enough Kakashi fanart to keep me entertained and sparkling like crazy. (Make sure you comb through all of the galleries, by the way, there's more art there than you might think at first.) ....btw, despite my rather generic rec for this site, I do think it's worth visiting for the main galleries because the Itachi art is really good. Plus! Plus! Jiraiya and kiddie!Yondaime! The kind that plays directly into my fondness for the characters and makes me want mooooooore! XD (No real warnings/pairing themes. Hints of some, but it's mostly a gen site.)

- Naruto/Dragonball Z/Final Fantasy VII - [ English Fanart Site ] - Have I never rec'd this site/artist before? I would have sworn I would have.... She does these illustrations that just nail anime-style professionalism sometimes... and then backs them up with either utter cuteness (the Cowboy Bebop Christmas one is just great XD) or genuinely funny humor moments. But, man, her DBZ fanart is just... there are a handful in there that really could have been official--"Homecoming" is probably one of my favorites for that. And then there's her FFVII bookmark series, where I just love her colors (The blues and greens of Sephiroth and JENOVA? Ooh, shiny. *__* Cloud sitting against the Buster Sword with Zack's reflection on it's surface? Awesome.) and the poses/concepts she comes up with for them. Just... so much neat stuff here. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally planning to rec this dA account, but when I saw there was an oekaki/whatever illustration for just about every regular character I sort of fell a little in love. I originally came for the illustrations of Shino and Chouji--which I still think are the best ones of all of them--but the whole gallery is worth going through. The art definitely gets stronger as she draws more, the recent ones look terrific, but I still love the Kakashi one she drew. I suppose I'm mostly rec'ing this site because I have a strong love of collections of art that give me a varied feel. As much as I love my favorites, sometimes it's nice to see a site that covers just about everything. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Gomoku Yakimesi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site for the Neji fanart (which there's some really fantastic stuff here, I really adore the artist's style, the way she uses her colors and almost flat lines to create a really cool, but not overwhelming/too obvious style), but wound up staying partially for the Neji/TenTen fanart, which I hadn't really seen much of before. Not only that, it's pretty fanart, the kind that could make me fall for the pairing, I suspect. Especially seeing Part 2!Neji with the longer hair and better clothes or seeing both him and TenTen in Chinese-style clothing as he touches her face gently or CHRISTMAS NEJITEN. So great. ♥ It's that combination of pretty art and fun concepts that always makes me fall hard for a site. ♥ (Some gen, some Neji/TenTen.)

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