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- Houshin Engi/Naruto - Bird Sheep [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I've rec'd this site before for their Hikaru no Go art, but that was back before I was looking more for Houshin Engi or Naruto fanart, I think. I love this artist's style, it's so warm and she really makes the golden colors work for her. I wasn't too terribly impressed with the first few Naruto illustrations I saw until I got to the Kakashi/Naruto one, which is just gorgeous. I just... love everything about the way she drew Kakashi, from his outfit to his hair, to what we can see of his face to his gloves to everything. Actually, both of the Naruto/Kakashi illustrations are just gorgeous, and I adore the one of Naruto out of his usual orange jumper. Yum. :9

The Houshin Engi illustrations are on the same level as the Hikaru no Go ones, just full of these gorgeous colors and details and clean lines and just... I love this artist, one of my absolute favorites. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drool over their latest Kaga/Hikaru illustrations. *_* (Some mild shounen ai hints, but nothing more than some suggestive hugging.)

- Fruits Basket/Hunter x Hunter/Naruto - NET de MOLE [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was really surprised to see so many different series I liked here--I mainly came for the Furuba art, but I was more than happy to see Naruto and HxH here. I really liked the Naruto art, it had a very shounen manga-type feel to it, not necessarily the style that's my favorite (I'm still a shoujo fangirl, even if I adore these shounen series), but very, very professional looking in that illustration of Naruto and Iruka-sensei. The Hunter x Hunter stuff could use a little polishing, but I'm going to assume those were much older, so you can really see the progression of the art--not that that third illustration of Gon and the fishing rod isn't cool and very well-drawn.

As for the Furuba art... so cute. The very first one just kills my soul with its cuteness. I just can't get over it; every time I look at it, I'm sucked back into its hypnotic adorableness. Beyond that, the character sketches are nice and there's this series of illustrations of the majority of the cast that's just... gorgeous. Kyou and Yuki look amazing and Hatori... *swoons* Hatori is HOT. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto/Prince of Tennis - Kaleidoscope [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was so, so impressed by this art, the details and style art just... so rich. The PoT ones were just full of soft details and gorgeous lines. The Naruto illustrations looked more like paintings than regular fanart, the details were so fluid and the colors blended so well. I liked this art well enough that I actually went through the other galleries, beyond just the series I was looking for, and enjoyed them immensly.

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wheee! More pretty Kakashi-sensei fanart! *hearts* One of my favorite things about this artist's style is the inking of the lines, they're very solid and clean, yet still retaining that slight bit of... something akin to a shoujo-like element... that makes the characters just pretty enough to appeal to my inner shoujo fangirl. Eheh. That sounded... well, not quite the way I intended, but I'll shut up about that. ^_~ Anyway, I love the way the artist draws Kakashi-sensei's hair in some of the more recent, softer illustraions (like the one on the blue rain-like background where he's crying), it's got this gorgeous almost-slate-grey coloring to it that looks like it should be dull and boring, but actually looks soft and almost textured. Really nice site. ^_^v (No real warnings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The illustrations here are all very cute and adorable and there are a couple of Kakashi that made me go *_* but it was the two illustrations of Iruka and Naruto that put them over the top. The first one just melted me it was so lovely and heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time and the second was just adorable. That relationship really is one of my favorites in the series. The thing that makes these illustrations so cool is that the artist chooses poses that are kick-ass and draws them really, really well. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Hika Space [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I really found myself very fond of this artist's fanart, the characters often so damned cute and she seems to be an Iruka fan and I always love that. ^_^v The illustrations are cute, make me *squee* a little, and just want to randomly huggle them. But what really sold me on the site where the animations--there's one of the area near Iruka's eye twitching violently that I just *LOVED*! XD XD XD *huggles Iruka-sensei* (No warnings.)

- Naruto - channel [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooohhh, this site does some gorgeous CG work, really amazing colors and patterns in the illustrations--plus, it's nice to see a good focus on Haku (and Zabuza), whom I adore. *_* But there's also a good selection of a lot of the other Naruto characters (I especially liked the Gaara illustrations. *_*). I'm just so impressed by some of those Zabuza and Haku illustrations, just... wow. *_* (No real warnings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art & Cosplay Site ] - The art on this site is very cute and I really enjoyed looking through it, but what really caught my attention was the fantastic cosplayers. Damn, they're good--the people looked a lot like the characters they were playing, the poses they used for the pictures looked awesome, the clothes were great, the props were great, they even did a lot of little moments from the series, and they really paid attention to the characters, too. (Like with the adorable pictures of Iruka and Naruto! XD) I especially love their Kakashi--the hair looks fantastic. *_* Just... wow. I'm so very, very impressed. (No real warnings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I absolutely love it when artists can do backgrounds to their illustrations, when it's not just the characters (not that I don't absolutely love just the characters by themselves, because sometimes the backgrounds can pull attention away from the character), but all these rich details all around them and can do it so well. I'm just in love with the group illustrations on this site, they're just beautifully done and such cool poses for the characters. The colors are lovely as well, such wonderful shading with them--and, Christ, I must have shoved half of them at my friends going, "Look! Look! Look at how pretty these are!" *_* (No real warnings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, what gorgeous art--I've noticed that while there's not a TON of art for him out there, what I've seen of the fanart for the 4th Hokage, tends to be very nice, and this is one of those sites that just makes me stop and stare at how pretty the illustrations are--the one of the 4th Hokage and younger Naruto having just melted my heart. *_* And goodness are those comics adorable. XD (No real warnings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Noel pointed this site out to me and just... whoa. Those illustrations are alternately gorgeous and fucking COOL! There's one of Naruto with the Nine-Tails superimposed on the background that's just amazing, and the artist also does this gorgeous Kakashi, or! Or! When she does this heart-breaking Naruto, who just needs a hug, but is still so beautiful.... And, DAMN, is the 4th Hokage COOL! *sparkles and twirls* Amazing site. *_* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....WOW. Just... wow. *_* This site has some of the most amazing Kakashi-sensei art I've seen, it's just... the colors and proportions are amazing, really professional quality stuff. The gaki and I drooled over this Kakashi-sensei, he was so... beautiful. *_* And then there's this one of Kurenai that's just amazing. There's also one of Kakashi wearing glasses and dressed in regular clothes that I just fell in love with. *_* And then the artist does an awesome Anbu!Kakashi-sensei! I just... this is one of those sites that reduces me to fangirl goo, I'm so impressed. o_o

- Naruto - Green Peace [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] -, beautiful illustrations, the artist is very, very talented. *_* I liked that each one seemed to have a slightly different style than the others and that each character got at least one illustration (Except for Hayate, who is the artist's favorite. ^_^) and they were all really cool. My favorite was probably the CG of Naruto, it was just... COOL. Oh and I effing *heart* that Lee illustration. The Gaara one was one of the best I've seen of him, too... bah, I'm fangirling wildly now, so I'll move along. Really. Very, very cool site, though. ^_^v (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Holy crap, that's a lot of fanart. *_* This is another one of those sites where the oekaki is just so good that you find you don't really miss regular-drawn art, because the artist is just damn talented. Plus, there's a lot of oekaki art here and of pretty much every single character. That's so cool. XD Not only is pretty much every character represented here, they're in a lot of really kick-ass different poses/situations and different styles, so this site has something for everyone. While I may have my favorites, I love it when a site can do that. ^_^v (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site can be a little difficult to navigate, I admit, and not all the art stuns me, but... there's enough beautiful art here, enough pretty TezuFuji art here that I had to rec it. Well, that and there are some AMAZINGLY CUTE ICONS AND ANIMATIONS here! OMG, the little ZukaFuji animation of them in teacups killed me with the cute, the icons were just... verged on being painful, they were so pretty and cute (they're tucked away in the "materials" section, btw). And then you've got the OishiEiji/TezuFuji comic... that... just... stole my breath away when Tezuka kissed Fuji underneath the tree. It was so incredibly beautiful and well-drawn that... I would rec this site for that alone. And I'm tossing this into the Naruto section because there are Naruto illustrations scattered across the site and in the icon section, they were GORGEOUS. (Some TezuFuji, OishiEiji.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh/Naruto - GOGYONAMJA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Every once in awhile I come across a YGO site that just... eh, I don't really browse YGO fanart much, since I'm not really into the series, but every once in awhile I'll come across a banner on another site and the art will intrigue me and I'll find something like this. The artist has a phenominal level of detail to her art, she really nails the CG style, and her colors are beautiful. It's not necessarily going to be for everyone, it's very CG-ish, but... I dunno, I was really impressed with some of her newer stuff. (Her OP art was just... cute, really. Like OP meets a Ribbon manga, yet somehow it was CUTE! XD) ....I still boggle that I find these things, though. Still. Pretty art! ♥ I'm going to stick this in the Naruto section as well because there are about seven or eight illustrations and they're all just SO FREAKING CUTE. I love the artist's sense for those jewel-toned colors; they may not be in line with the original series, but they're so pretty that I was won over. Plus, a couple of absolutely adorable YYH illustrations and I was sold! ^_^v (No real warnings/I don't know the YGO pairings, no Naruto pairings. >_>)

- Naruto - Area.325 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, the early art on this site is a little shakey, but once you get further and further into the gallery, the art gets very NICE--there were several illustrations that I squee'd madly over, including some great group illustrations, some fantastic Sasuke illustrations (I think the Sasuke ones may be the best on the site, actually), some adorable KakaIru ones, and even a squee-worthy Naruto and the 4th one. It's one of those sites that isn't really a niche site, it doesn't cater to any particular character or pairing, so it was a lot of fun to go through and see the nice, clean art with the pretty colors. Plus, there was a GREAT Jiraiya in the gift section and I love this artist's Kakashi-sensei deeply. ♥ (No particular pairing/character theme.)

- Naruto - UTD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit that I was a little hesitant on this site at first, because the art was very... round and almost cutesy, even if I loved the artist's sense for colors. But the more and more you get into the gallery... the more I started to fall in love with the art here. The artist does the kind of KakaIru that made me fall for the pairing and the fandom in the first place, just capturing the spirit of the characters I love so much. Fun, action-y, that sense of chemistry/attraction, just... it's hard to explain beyond that. Just the feel I associate with KakaIru that I love so, so, so much. ♥ Plus, her colors are lovely, very sunset-like and warm, which I also love so much. XD And once you get to the oekaki (I think?) section? Gorgeous art. Seriously. Her lines and details are so solid and smooth that they look professional and she draws them in such a myriad of styles and poses that I had stars in my eyes by the time I was done with the site and sad that there was no more for me to go through. Her shading and coloring are amazing, she's just nailed the softer CG style that actually looks like it could have come straight from the series itself in a lot of places, yet... prettier and more detailed, I think. Her illustrations of Kakashi-sensei or Iruka-sensei in mid-action or mid-fighting-pose are just phenominal, they look SO COOL. I really can't express how much fun I had here. Love this site. ♥ (KakaIru, but some gen, too.)

- Naruto - SHIRO-USAGI - It seems like I should have this site linked somehwere on my Naruto pages, but I can't find the link for it there, yet it's in the HxH section, so... onto the recs pages it goes again, possibly for the second time. This is one of the sites I stumbled over early on in my Naruto fanart hunting and, to this day, it remains to be one of the most gorgeous sites I've seen in the fandom. The artwork is really quite stunning--the softness of the lines and colors, the incredibly rich details of the illustrations, the very cool poses the artist puts the characters into, just EVERYTHING. I mean, even if you don't do much Naruto fanart searching, this one is a MUST SEE because the artwork is so well done--I mean, I just can't stop STARING at the most recent one of the 4th in the tree, it's just... BEAUTIFUL. No matter how many times I go through the gallery, it's still amazing. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, I'm not far enough into the Bleach manga to understand who a lot of the characters are on this site (I'm only on chapter 66 as I write this), but I'm going to rec the site anyway, because the art is pretty. The artist does that soft-but-not-girly/delicate/too soft sort of style that I love so much and just draws so... solidly well with her lines that I find myself intrigued by the series/characters all over and again it makes me want to run back to the manga to finish reading the rest of it. And then there's the Naruto art... oh, man, right from the beginning I was in love; the artist does a gorgeous 4th, her lines are fantastic, her use of color subtle but still interesting, and I mentioned the whoel drop-dead gorgeous, thing, right? There's one about halfway in where he's smiling this incredible smile that just breaks my heart and fall in love all over again. ....which seems to be a theme with this artist. ♥ (Maybe a few hints there and there, but mostly gen.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist was... nice, in the first set of illustrations I went through... but when I got her 4th Hokage stuff? OMG SO PRETTY. She just... it's hard to describe, but the level of detail of the lines and colors were amazingly done, but the illustrations were also wibble-inducing. There were some absolutely stunning ones of the 4th and baby!Naruto or with Kakashi (who also looked gorgeous), just... her style almost looks like watercolors, but the kind of skill with them that I could never have in a hundred years. There's almost... it's not quite a softness to the art, but the colors are a touch more subtle/soft, so the images all look really pretty and her basic underlying lineart is just fantastic. I was so, so impressed by the art here. (No really sure there are any pairings...?)

- Naruto - OGIWORKS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site might be a little bit difficult to find (click on the little Iruka head towards the bottom of the left-hand menu), but it's so very worth it, because... well, I was going through the site while talking with gaki and I could not stop squee'ing over Iruka here, to the point I'm sure she must have been giving me strange looks. I must have shoved thirty seperate illustrations at her because they were all just amazing. This is one of those sites that reconfirms my love for the characters and for J-fanart in general because the overall quality of the work here is just so fantastic--it's not one or two illustrations, it's damn near all of them. Iruka looking gorgeous or adorable or incredibly kick-ass or the hysterically cute illustrations or a beautiful KakaIru of them both kicking ass or being cutely intimate in one of those gorgeous fanarts, etc. I'm not describing the site very well, it's just... if you're an Iruka fan, I think this is a must-see site and highly recommended for any KakaIru fans, because she just nails the classic Naruto fanart that I so desperately crave. (Some KakaIru, but a lot of gen, too.)

- One Piece/Naruto/Bleach/Death Note - 032 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, see, I have this thing about sprites, right? If I could, I would totally be adopting, like, eight bajillion of them, but I never know which ones are all right to use and which ones are off-limits. And I see a lot of sprites and they're all really cute, but this site... oh, man, I think I nearly hurt something squee'ing over the cute. All those little One Piece or Naruto or Bleach or Death Note characters... well, it definitely helps that the site is KakaIru friendly and has some of the flat-out best sprites ever, like the ones of Kakashi with his nin dogs or Yondaime trying to summon a powerful frog (I nearly spit my soda back onto the screen at that one) or Kakashi kissing Iruka with little hearts floating around or Asuma and Shikamaru playing Go or just whatever. I could stare at these sprites all day long. (Even if I do bemoan the lack of an Orihime sprite.) I love this site more than bold and italics tags can convey. (Maybe a little Zoro/Sanji or KakaIru, but it's also gen-friendly, if you avoid the one page of KakaIru sprites. >_>)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Lee-friendly site! Lee-friendly site! EEEEEEEE! And there is an adorable LeeSaku illustration that I love to tiny little pieces on the site. I do wish there'd been more LeeSaku fanart, but that's just my pairing bias coming through, really. The site, while not having a ton of art was really fun for me to go through because it was very Lee-friendly (not Lee-only, but I think he's the artist's favorite) and she did these really... well, neat watercolor-like painting-esque images of him in a lot of different situations/with a lot of different people. She did some absolute adorable illustrations of Lee when he was younger, some really nice group illustrations (I found I actually really kinda like her Lee/TenTen ones, too.) and I just... ahhhh, my heart is happy to know that Lee fanart exists~ (No real pairing themes/warnings.)

- Naruto - Wyld Heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, hell, I have to rec this site, too, because it's a little bit more Gai-centric than it is Lee-centric, but Lee appears in a lot of the illustrations and he is SO CUTE that I just fell in love again. Also, the artist did the most adorable illustration of the Sannin as kids and then one of puppy!Gai and puppy!Lee and I think I about spazzed at levels only dogs can hear at that. >_> The artist has a sketch-like quality to her work, but it works for the illustrations, especially with the colors she uses often times, and her Lee is just... the most adorable thing and I waaaaaaant one! *loves* (No real pairing themes/warnings.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was won over by this site by how it was just... a really solid, good site. I was probably mostly won over by the handful of KakaIru illustrations on the site, but I think I'm ultimately rec'ing this site because it has a variety of things, because I like the illustration of Hinata or I liked the illustration of Anko and Kakashi or I liked the illustration of Iruka and Naruto or I liked the oekaki illustrations--which are really kinda cool. XD And, interestingly enough, I found I kinda liked the Kakashi/Anko illustrations here. They were well-done. As were... well, everything I suppose. One of those mish-mash sites that I just... liked. XD (A little tiny bit of KakaIru, some KakaAnko, lots and lots of gen.)

- Naruto - NICE GUY [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't generally seek out Gai sites, but I was on a Lee kick this morning and that lead me to this site, which is really pretty good. There's this one of Lee crying against Gai, who has the gentlest look on his face that's just... it's lovely, which isn't something you can often say about Gai. (I'm not calling him ugly, but there's a difference between that and 'lovely', y'know?) And the main focus is Gai, but he's drawn really well, and there were a handful of Lee illustrations to keep my attention on the site, so I wound up liking it a lot. The artist really has a lot of affection for Gai, you can tell, and she really nails the spirit of the character, I think. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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