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- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site Hemlocke pointed out to me and I absolutely love this site. I mean... just... I *heart* this site so much, I'm bordering on incoherent again. It's because... well, first of all, it's KakaIru, which always makes me happy. But there's all this art that makes me *SQUEE!* from the cuteness--like this series of quick sketches of almost SD Kakashi and Iruka sleeping in bed together, where as you flip through them, you see Kakashi wake up, sliiiiiide on down Iruka and under the covers, Iruka wakes up with a major start, and then poor, bruised Kakashi sitting a distance away, with bandages on his head that just made me XD XD XD til it hurt. ^_~ There are also a couple of wonderful regular illustrations of the two of them lying in bed together and that just makes my black little heart flutter with fangirl goo-ness. *sparkles* Plus! Plus! The artist draws Kakashi as a white dog and Iruka as a black dog half of the time and it's hysterical to watch that poor black dog as the white dog sniffs it or pounces on it! And the animations!!! *giggles* Oh, I love this site so much!! (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - Blue Continent [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew I liked this site when it had one of those illustrations where Kakashi-sensei is sliding his hands under Iruka-sensei's clothes, little hearts floating above his head, cheerful ^_\\ expression, and Iruka's blushing like crazy, trying to swat his hands away. XD OH! AND! SD-esque Kakashi grabbing onto SD-esque Iruka's pants and being dragged along as SD-esque Iruka tries to stomp off? I loved that one. XD XD XD And there is an absolutely brilliant comic in the comics section, too~! *ahem* Anyway, yeah, that's what this site is all about--cute, sweet, and fun illustrations that make me smile with happiness and coo over the pretty characters. *sparkles* ^_^v (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - Krazy Salt [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The top illustration/layout looks very familiar to me, so I think I might have rec'd this site before, but since I can't find it in my files... oops, if I rec it twice. ^_^; I dunno how to put into words what I like about this site, except to say that I just really, really like the KakaIru illustrations, there's something about the almost-fuzzy looking colors that really appeals to me, the way the artist draws the two of them interacting with/looking at each other, the light kissing... it all just comes together to make me have so much fun with the site. Plus! Iruka dressed in a Santa's outfit with Kakashi glomping onto him, dressed as a reindeer? Priceless. I love. *sparkles* (Some Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - APB News [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site's artist can do these lovely sort of hazy, soft Kakashi/Iruka/KakaIru illustrations that I just love because they're so pretty. I love that hazy effect when done right. Plus the kissing! I *heart* kissing. However, what made me absolutely *thud* over this site was more graphic content--this site has some of the hottest KakashixIruka illustrations I've ever seen. Just a little bit on the kinky side, enough to appeal to me juuuuust right, and just... guh. Nice. I fucking *heart* this site. *_* (Kakashi/Iruka, some graphic content.)

- Naruto - Sweet Box [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ohhh, I love sites like this, that capture that feeling of KakaIru that makes me love the pairings so very, very much, but also does a beautiful job with the illustrations. The colors are that kind of blend between watercolors and CG work ( and my weird art critiques.... >_>) that I just adore make the illustrations beautiful and almost more like paintings than fanart work. The colors are often these soft shades that aren't really pastels, but just soft enough to make me coo. And then! There are some kick-ass Iruka illustrations here, I love that. And then! The second comic on the site is when I knew I had to drop everything to rec the site right then and there because it made me giggle so much! I adore this site! XD (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site has a few of those illustrations where I would just stop and stare because Kakashi-sensei looks so damn good. *_* There's one of him in a red outfit that doesn't really have a shirt that just... GUH. Iruka-sensei is a very, very lucky uke. +_+ There's also this amazing one of Anbu!Kakashi that has the most fantatistic coloring and subtle lines, almost making it look like official art. And the comics! Eee! So much KakaIru cuteness! *sparkles* I *heart* this site so, so much, it's got some lovely illustrations--oh! And the ones where Kakashi almost looks like a photomanipulation rather than a fanart--those are effing COOL! *_* (Some Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I had to rec this site, because I giggled so damn much over the cute illustrations--many of which spawned new, cute little skits/ideas between the gaki and I. XD Keep in mind that it was 5am in the morning and I was over-tired, but this site is one of those that I just had a fun time going through because the art make me giggle or go "Awww!" at the cute KakaIru--it really captured their personalities, I thought. The sheer number of times we said, "I love Kakashi-sensei so much!" while browsing this site was just astounding. XD Blah, crappy rec. Go~ Have fun~~ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Aaaaand so continues my search to find still yet more Naruto fanart and *sparkles* I love this site! =^_^= I absolutely love those sites that have a ton of art on them, so that it takes me awhile to get through the gallery, but it's not a chore to do so, it's actually fun to keep clicking through. The art is cute and sweet and makes my little KakaIru-obsessed heart sparkle with joy--plus there's also a ton of gift art which makes it fun to go visit about fifty thousand other sites and I love that, too. But what really stole my heart? Ecchiness~~ *sparklesparkle* If you poke around long enough ( sounds so bad when I put it that way >_o) you can find the hentai section and I love the way this artist draws KakashixIruka, they're really, really nice. *_* And, wow, did I have fun with that oekaki board! XD *loves the site muchly* (Kakashi/Iruka, some graphic content.)

- Naruto - Go! Go! Indoor [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I just kinda like some of the KakaIru illustrations in their gallery, they're just... neat and I thought some of the comics were cute. But, I'll also admit that I made a beeline for the ecchi section and barely glanced back as I did so. XD It's rare for me to find actual ecchi/hentai for this series, so it's wonderful when I do and when it's good. *sparkles* I just like the... intensity of the KakaIru ecchi illustrations, the passion and heat of them--but, then, I freel admit I'm an ecchi yaoi fangirl and this site helps tremendously. ^_^v (Kakashi/Iruka, some graphic content.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site has some really cute, sweet Kakashi-sensei and Iruka-sensei illustrations here, some nice colors, just a nice sketch-like quality to the art that I liked, just one of those sites that I like to go through when I'm in the mood for fanart. What really caught my attention, however, was the nice ecchi/hentai section--like the last site I rec'd, the artist really knows how to capture that sense of intensity, heat, and passion with these two characters, knows how to draw a fantastic sex scene, and it just made me really, really happy to go through the site. *sparkles* (Kakashi/Iruka, some graphic content.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are two reasons I'm going to rec this site. One is that the artist's work is really lovely, she draws very, very well and I wish she'd done more. She has these two illustrations of Iruka-sensei that I just adore, one of them because he's mostly naked and... just... YUM! :9 There's also a cool one of Sasuke that I just adored seeing. The second reason that I am going to rec this site is... this is a girl after my own heart. She took her Kakashi-sensei and Iruka-sensei pictures and posed them in dirty positions and took pictures! I love her! So much that mere words cannot expression my adoration. Just... love. (Some Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - First, Prince of Tennis: I really wound up liking this artist, her colors are soft and pretty and she does kick ass shading! She also has a couple of MomoRyo illustrations and that always makes me happy. She also draws their eyes just perfect, really pretty and striking... and the hair looks so soft and just makes me want to run my fingers through it. ^_^;; Next, Naruto: I flail in my adoration of this artist's Naruto art! The lines are perfect, the colors are perfect, and I wobble around from the sheer gorgeousness/adorableness of the situations/poses the artist puts the characters into! The tones/shading/coloring is just amazing, and I fawn over the art. *_* While I drool over her KakaIru, I think it was the illustration of the three girl Chuunin-tachi that was my favorite, it was just amazing. Though, chibi-Iruka with the pumpkin and Kakashi-sensei hiding in the bigger pumpkin was damned close for second place. ....maybe. I dunno, I can't decide between the two. *fawns more* (Some KakaIru.)

- Naruto/One Piece/Full Metal Alchemist - DUO BRAND [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeeee! It's this artist! I've seen her doujinshi on Yahoo!Japan a lot and she can do one of the most drop-dead gorgeous Kakashi-senseis that I've ever seen, he's just stunning in her hands sometimes. (Occasionally, the proportions are off, but when she does it right, she does one of my FAVORITE Kakashi-senseis.) Her sense of color is just stunning, these beautiful, vivid shades that I just love, everything seems to just glow. Her Full Metal Alchemist art is just as strong with the colors and the sense of detail, very professional looking. And the One Piece art... ohhh, the One Piece art. *fawns* The site is very Shanks-centric, which is juuuuust fine by me because the artist does an incredible Shanks; the colors are stunning and the poses fabulous. Shanks is a very cool character and looking at him in these illustrations... that really comes through, his sense of adventure and how COOL he is. My gaze is always drawn to his eyes, which are this incredible shade of blue and... well... Shanks is hot. *___* And then there's this incredible one of Mihawk and one of a smiling Kuro. *wibbles* I am definitely in love with this site. (Some KakaIru, some random yaoi pairings with FMA and OP.)

- Naruto/One Piece - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I think I've rec'd this artist/doujinshika's site before for her Houshin Engi art (since that was all I knew at the time), but I wanted to re-rec her for her Naruto, and One Piece, because I could very, very easily fall in love with her work even more than I already have. I've seen her Naruto doujinshi on Yahoo!Japan a lot and I love her lines. Her colors are pretty and her shading is good, but it's the lines of the images that are just fantastic. Her group Naruto illustrations are just amazing in the level of detail she puts into them, making them look incredible. She doesn't have as much One Piece art, but what she does have is NICE, especially her Zoro. There are a lot of really pretty Sanji's around, but it's rare to find a gorgeous Zoro (even though he is XD) and her coloring skillers are even better on these than her Naruto ones. I think she might be getting interested in FMA, too, which would just totally make me happy. (Some KakaIru, SasuNaru, ZoroxSanji.)

- Naruto/Saiyuki/Original - Kine in [AQUA] [ Korean Fanart Site ] - When I first clicked onto this site, I wasn't entirely sure what to make of the art, because it was very... hmm, the best way I keep thinking of to describe it is that it almost looks like the artist could have been from Ribbon; very beautiful colors, delicate lines, very shoujo-y. And normally for series like Naruto or Saiyuki that doesn't really work for me, but somehow... the more I went through this artist's gallery, the more I just absolutely fell in LOVE with her art. The early stuff is a little shakier, especially with the lines around the eyes, but as she goes along, her skill gets stronger and stronger and it really... just looks like some of the prettiest Ribbon art out there. The colors are incredible, these soft, beautiful shades, the lines and details just amazing--each illustration is FULL of smooth, clean lines, the artist very solid in her style. She just... she does these amazing SasuNaru and KakaIru illustrations that I... I kind of know I shouldn't like Ribbon!SasuNaru/KakaIru, but... it WORKS here. And her Saiyuki fanart? BEAUTIFUL. Just... wow, I'm in love with the details and fine lines for the illustrations. I also had to chuck this rec into the original art section because as pretty as her fanart is, the original art is even more gorgeous. Just... go and see the pretty art! *__* (SasuNaru, KakaIru, no real Saiyuki pairings.)

- Naruto - UTD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit that I was a little hesitant on this site at first, because the art was very... round and almost cutesy, even if I loved the artist's sense for colors. But the more and more you get into the gallery... the more I started to fall in love with the art here. The artist does the kind of KakaIru that made me fall for the pairing and the fandom in the first place, just capturing the spirit of the characters I love so much. Fun, action-y, that sense of chemistry/attraction, just... it's hard to explain beyond that. Just the feel I associate with KakaIru that I love so, so, so much. ♥ Plus, her colors are lovely, very sunset-like and warm, which I also love so much. XD And once you get to the oekaki (I think?) section? Gorgeous art. Seriously. Her lines and details are so solid and smooth that they look professional and she draws them in such a myriad of styles and poses that I had stars in my eyes by the time I was done with the site and sad that there was no more for me to go through. Her shading and coloring are amazing, she's just nailed the softer CG style that actually looks like it could have come straight from the series itself in a lot of places, yet... prettier and more detailed, I think. Her illustrations of Kakashi-sensei or Iruka-sensei in mid-action or mid-fighting-pose are just phenominal, they look SO COOL. I really can't express how much fun I had here. Love this site. ♥ (KakaIru, but some gen, too.)

- Naruto - Chikadoh Wal [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that really kind of makes me nostalgic because it's the kind of site that really sold me on the KakaIru dynamic in the first place. It's one of those sites where the artist can tell so much just through expressions or body language or a still image--you could make little stories surrounding her illustrations and it gives you a feel for what the characters are like. I love that in a site. Plus, I love when a site can reduce me to squee'ing fangirl, like this site could when the artist would draw Kakashi and Iruka in the rain or when Iruka fell asleep on Kakashi or the the gorgeous one of them in a hug and Kakashi with a sword (these two most recent ones are just stunningly well-drawn *__*)--very heart-warming art, I guess, very positive art, very fun art, the kind that made me fall for the pairing in the first place. XD (Kakashi/Iruka.)

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