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- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really like how... strong this artist is, her work is very solidly done, there's a lot of details, the proportions look right, the colors look right, the anatomy lines up right, and she does some great concepts and lines with the characters. There's one of Kakashi and Iruka getting drunk that I just LOVE and one of Kakashi sleeping in Iruka's lab that's just fantastic, and the most ADORABLE ONE OF YOUNGER LEE JUST ABOUT EVER. I squee over Gai and Lee, I really do. ♥ But there's also one of Kakakshi holding Iruka's hand in his own and... I just love that both their hands look so large and strong, there's no feminization of the characters in it. I want my KakaIru to look like ninjas, like men, and this artist gives me that. I want mooooooooore from this site. *__* (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - Sakegami [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site is very... the CG cutesy kind, you know? But I find myself liking the art anyway because the artist has a strong sense for color, because her poses are fantastic, and because when she captures the whole KakaIru vibe that I vibe on, she does it in that sort of "classic" (as in my own experiences, mind, what I remember from my early tour through the fandom, that is) way that I LOVE. And, yes, there are a few chick!Iruka illustrations, but... they're cute and just... the overall tone of the site is HAPPY and FUN and I adore that. There is one KakaIru illustration where they're both banged up and bloody and Iruka seems to be dead in Kakashi's arms that's just... WHOA. PRETTY. And then there are chibis that make me squeak with glee. And then there are those simpler illustrations where Kakashi and Iruka are simply smiling at each other (or Kakashi sleeping with his head in Iruka's lap... I LOVE that stuff so, so much)(Oh, and don't forget the chibi Kakashi groping the chibi Iruka with the O_O!!! expression on his face that's PRICELESS. XD) and it makes me just melt because the Naruto series hurts a lot sometimes and I NEED art like this that just makes me HAPPY. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - kumoji-no-sato [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, the art can be a little off at times on this site, but the more and more I went through the gallery, the more I found myself really being won over by the art because it's so much of what I vibe on--I LOVE the way the artist will take the time to draw Kakashi and Iruka's outfits in such wonderful detail, I LOVE the way the artist will put in these lovely colors that work together, but aren't monotone, I LOVE the way her Iruka looks his with his down occasionally, I LOVE the almost-kisses that happen occasionally, I LOVE them in the snow, with the huge scarf wrapped around both them, etc. There are also a couple of gorgeous kisses in the gift section. *__* The artist also does really good single-character illustrations (there's one of Kakashi standing over the stone with the names written on it with a ghost on top of it that's just... really, really well-done) and overall... occasionally her lines will be off, but by the time I was done with the site, I was in a happy, floaty KakaIru place, so. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sort of sat on the fence about this site for awhile... but I eventually tipped over onto the side of wanting to rec it because there's this gorgeous set of four illustrations of Iruka finding and taking care of a kitten and Kakakshi... not being all that thrilled about it. It doesn't sound as neat as when I describe it, but the aritst did a lovely, lovely job with them and I couldn't help but fall in love. The artist's single-character illustrations are all right, but once you get into her KakaIru stuff, it's lovely again and there were some illustrations that I found myself really fluttering happily over. Her lines/poses/concepts/colors/expressions for the characters, all that, were done in that way that just makes me... happy, I guess. Very fun, 'cause it's always amusing to see Iruka surprised/irritated when Kakashi glomps onto him. XD Oh, and the snow picture. *wibbles* SO. PRETTY. (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - Frozen Rose [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are times when I rec a site because there are a handful of illustrations I liked, even if the rest weren't my favorites. Or sometimes I just get an overall satisfied feeling after viewing a site, even if I couldn't point out a specific image I liked. This site is sort of in between those two reasons... there were some illustrations that I REALLY liked (chibi Iruka out at night or the gorgeous one of Iruka in what looks like an outfit straight out of a Final Fantasy game or shirtless Iruka straddled across Kakashi's hips and his hair down around his shoulders or ANBU!Kakashi back to back with fighting!Iruka or Christmas!chibis or a beautiful close-up of Kakashi or WHATEVER) and I was left with a happy feeling by the end of the site and wanted more from the artist. She uses lots of different styles, but they've all got some really nice, solid line art that make them all worthwhile to look at. And I ♥ a site that can encompass a bunch of different styles this way. (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suspect that half the reason I'm rec'ing this site is because I effing love those icons on the site--the one of Iruka lecturing at Kakashi and Naruto? PRICELESS. XD Or Iruka and Kakashi sharing an umbrella? (Or pretty much ANY two characters sharing an umbrella. *skips about* LEE AND SAKURA UNDER AN UMBRELLA! LEESAKU UMBRELLA~! YAY~! *sparkles and loves* Or the one of Kakashi and Iruka sleeping at the table, Kakashi waking up and POUNCING on Iruka to drag him under the table... I could watch that for hours. XD) *coughs* Anyway. I also really kinda like the comics the artist has done... they're cute and amusing little strips that always make me smile or giggle and I find myself growing more and more fond of the art style the more I look at it. It's not overly flashy, so it lets you focus on the cute little mini-story it's telling or the "...WTF?? O_O" expression Iruka's face or the ^_\\ on Kakashi's or the >__> on everyone else's face. Just... FUN and very amusing. I love that in a site. XD (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - OGIWORKS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site might be a little bit difficult to find (click on the little Iruka head towards the bottom of the left-hand menu), but it's so very worth it, because... well, I was going through the site while talking with gaki and I could not stop squee'ing over Iruka here, to the point I'm sure she must have been giving me strange looks. I must have shoved thirty seperate illustrations at her because they were all just amazing. This is one of those sites that reconfirms my love for the characters and for J-fanart in general because the overall quality of the work here is just so fantastic--it's not one or two illustrations, it's damn near all of them. Iruka looking gorgeous or adorable or incredibly kick-ass or the hysterically cute illustrations or a beautiful KakaIru of them both kicking ass or being cutely intimate in one of those gorgeous fanarts, etc. I'm not describing the site very well, it's just... if you're an Iruka fan, I think this is a must-see site and highly recommended for any KakaIru fans, because she just nails the classic Naruto fanart that I so desperately crave. (Some KakaIru, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Naruto - Kakure Wild [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So you know how I'm in love with Naruto fanart, especially if it's of my three favorite characters? Well, this site just feeds even more into that, because the art is like the 'classic' sites that caused me to fall in love in the first place--an incredibly solid and pretty style overall, with so many individual illustrations that I would want to shove at friends that it's honestly easier just to shove the entire site at them. I just... I kinda like the smooth feeling to the images, something almost like an oil painting (and the Matrix!Iruka one is brilliant, I swear XD) and the KakaIru gropey ones make me a happy, happy fangirl. Plus, hey, that one of Kakashi and Iruka standing on a Konoha rooftop and watching the sun or of them in the snow holding hands are worth the price of admission alone. <3 (KakaIru.)

- Prince of Tennis/Bleach/Full Metal Alchemist/Death Note/Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oh, I knew I'd be rec'ing this artist when I saw the KakaIru chibis with the cake, because HOLY SHIT THAT IS SO FUCKING CUTE EEEEEEEEE OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE SQUEEEEEEEEE is pretty much the response I had. But there is also this utterly fantastic five-page FMA comic with Ed and a little chibi Roy that just... *sporfles* oh, it's pretty and utterly hysterical. There's also this utterly gorgeous Roy illustration, a heart-breaking Hughes one, a couple of beautifully colored Death Note illustrations, a couple of beautiful Bleach illustrations, and even a couple of adorable Tenipuri ones. I just... I really like the artist's coloring, it's that kind of richly textured look that makes everything look so pretty, in addition to REALLY nice lines. Just... very fun artist here, especially the FMA and Naruto stuff. (Some KakaIru, some other shounen ai pairings, but no real themes.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, the art starts off a little shakey with this artist, but get a few illustrations in and it really strengthens up to where she's doing these beautiful illustrations that have these rich, gorgeous colors to them. The details of the eyes are especially gorgeous, almost going towards something realistic, yet that's not exactly it... the best I can think of to call it is 'very detailed', I guess. (Though, sometimes Iruka's hair really DOES border on realistic, I think. And I love the gorgeous shading on both Kakashi and Iruka's hair. *__*) Toss in a few slightly smutty illustrations, some really nice lineart and brush effects (I think?), and you've got a site that was a lot of fun for me to go through. (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oho, another artist I was totally won over by because there is a really fun KakaIru comic in the gallery, which I actually think is some of the artist's best work. The artist does have solid line art, but it looks even better with coloring/shading (which the KakaIru has, whereas the NaruSasu has mostly just line art--though, damn, it's just so... much FUN and I love Hokage!Naruto and, whoooo, there was actually a scene using ninjutsu~!) and the CHIBIS ARE SO CUTE. Kakashi imitating all his students in the KakaIru comic is the CUTEST THING JUST ABOUT EVER, too. XD (Some KakaIru, some NaruSasu.)

- Naruto - RE-MAKE*AKS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I might not have rec'd this site, since the lines can be a little off sometimes, but... well, then the artist drew this one of Kakashi and Iruka sharing one of those Konoha outfits (Kakashi with the pants, Iruka with the shirt) and I was all, "*____* Heeeeeeee, LOVE YOU~" and was won over. I just... I really like the way the artist draws Iruka, he's really well-done, lots of detail, good use of colors, and all that. It's not perfect art, but I enjoyed going through the site--especially the kissing ones~ *__*--and wanted to shove several images at friends, so. (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- One Piece/Naruto/Bleach/Death Note - 032 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, see, I have this thing about sprites, right? If I could, I would totally be adopting, like, eight bajillion of them, but I never know which ones are all right to use and which ones are off-limits. And I see a lot of sprites and they're all really cute, but this site... oh, man, I think I nearly hurt something squee'ing over the cute. All those little One Piece or Naruto or Bleach or Death Note characters... well, it definitely helps that the site is KakaIru friendly and has some of the flat-out best sprites ever, like the ones of Kakashi with his nin dogs or Yondaime trying to summon a powerful frog (I nearly spit my soda back onto the screen at that one) or Kakashi kissing Iruka with little hearts floating around or Asuma and Shikamaru playing Go or just whatever. I could stare at these sprites all day long. (Even if I do bemoan the lack of an Orihime sprite.) I love this site more than bold and italics tags can convey. (Maybe a little Zoro/Sanji or KakaIru, but it's also gen-friendly, if you avoid the one page of KakaIru sprites. >_>)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was won over by this site by how it was just... a really solid, good site. I was probably mostly won over by the handful of KakaIru illustrations on the site, but I think I'm ultimately rec'ing this site because it has a variety of things, because I like the illustration of Hinata or I liked the illustration of Anko and Kakashi or I liked the illustration of Iruka and Naruto or I liked the oekaki illustrations--which are really kinda cool. XD And, interestingly enough, I found I kinda liked the Kakashi/Anko illustrations here. They were well-done. As were... well, everything I suppose. One of those mish-mash sites that I just... liked. XD (A little tiny bit of KakaIru, some KakaAnko, lots and lots of gen.)

- Naruto/Harry Potter - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - For all that I came to this site for the KakaIru fanart, I wound up liking the Harry Potter fanart better, because the artist just does a terrific job with the Sirius/Remus illustrations--they're gorgeously detailed, the lines are fantastic, I even really like the way her colors are used. I think, though, that it's because the Naruto fanart may be older and you can see how much the artist has progressed over time? Because the current top illustration of kiddie!Iruka holding an Icha Icha Paradise book on a stick out in front of kiddie!Kakashi to make him run looks really good--and who wouldn't want to see that, btw? Totally worth going to the site for. XD But the best illustration on the site? Even better than Kakashi, Iruka, and Naruto swimming underwater with the dolphin? Even better than the beautifully color Marauders group illustration? There's this stunning one of Sirius and Remus lying back in the grass that utterly wins my heart over. Not a ton of art here, but I happily got my fix just a little bit from the site. :D :D :D (KakaIru, a little Sirius/Remus that could totally be gen.)

- Naruto - Totokian-Tamakura [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I am weak to this sort of art. Weak. The big-headed, uber-adorable chibis with the pretty coloring? So. Much. Love. From. Me. Normally, I don't really get into a site too much if it's just chibis, but this artist has enough skill, does these really pretty, fine lines and combines it with these lovely colors, the bright kind that I just go for... then tosses in ultra-cute poses and I am squeeing from the cute. Just... there are so many I'd love to directly point out because they are so. freaking. cute. *is spazzy fangirl happy* ♥ ♥ ♥ (KakaIru.)

- Naruto - ASURA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really hesitated over this site at first, because I wans't sure if I wanted to rec it or not, but... when the artist draws the characters with a scarf around their face or a mask over their features or just something to cover up the lower half of their faces, the art is actually pretty cool. Which, of course, thankfully means there's a lot of really nice Kakashi illustrations on the site and a couple of really cute KakaIru illustrations--I'm particularily fond of the one of them lying on each other in the grass. <3 But I suspect the real reason I was won over was the under gallery. >__>a I'm pretty easy to be won over when you have intense kisses that the author's vaguely rough sketch-like stuff really lends itself well to or when you have Kakashi and Iruka sleeping in the same bed--which I would have fawned over anyway, but it doesn't hurt that it was some of the artist's best work--or the occasional R-rated ones that are nice. *___* (KakaIru, content warning for the ura gallery, obviously.)

- Naruto - nineg [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site (as of the date I originally visited it here) I knew would probably be good, since there was this really nice b&w sketch of older!Sakura and... well, it did take me awhile to warm up to the gallery proper, but you get a little ways into the gallery and you can just see the artist getting better and better. Her lines tighten up, her details get stronger, and she has some really kick-ass poses--there's one of Kakashi and one of the nin dogs with an unfurled scroll arcing over their heads that's just COOL. The one right after it, a back shot of Kakashi with a bloodied katana and a circle of blood around him that was also really just kind of COOL. Oh, oh, and the one of Kakashi, Rin, and Obito! The lines were some of the artist's strongest yet. <3 Then there's the oekaki section of the various Naruto characters that actually gets a pretty good mix across the board and looks really good and that becomes the other highlight of the site. That there's one of Kiba sometimes or one of Zabuza that looks really good or Jiraiya and Naruto or Yondaime and Naruto and so on. I had fun. XD (Some KakaIru, some gen.)

- Naruto - sui-sui [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's been awhile since I came upon a Naruto site that had this genuinely good CG-style of art that... well, I suppose I shouldn't call it CG art, it's more like cel-style art and the artist here really does a good job with it. Her colors aren't too bright or flat and her lines are really good--you can especially tell in all of the illustrations of Sasuke and Naruto. (Though, I think my favorite was of Jiraiya, Yondaime, and Naruto or the sweetly adorable one of Yondaime kissing infant!Naruto's head... ooh, or the great one of Yondaime and Sasuke's father staring at each other while their toddler kids climb all over them. Right down to the touch of the little plush Itachi!doll in toddler!Sasuke's hands. XD) Overall, it was just a really strong site that I quite enjoyed and I don't normally seek out the SasuNaru art. <3 (Some SasuNaru, some KakaIru, some gen.)

- Naruto - SIDORO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I found the art of this site to be rather hit-or-miss at first, there were many I didn't quite care for, but... as always, there only needs to be a handful of illustrations I genuinely liked or a prettypretty KakaIru kiss (with the hint of more) and I'll start caving. When you compare the artist's later work to her earlier stuff, I think you can really see improvement--that one grayscale one where Kakashi is leaning on top of Iruka, one hand in his hair, the other clasping his hand? So fantastically detailed, the lines of each of their hair are tremendous and I swoon from the intensity of it. Also, the one of Tsunade and Orochimaru (with Jiraiya and Kakashi in the background) should not be as neat as it is, but I actually found it to be really kind of cool. *__* Same with the one of adult!Neji. *__* So... yeah. I'm on the fence about some, I really loved others, which makes this a fun site for me. XD (Half KakaIru, half gen.)

- Naruto - SHARA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, remember what I said about how I'm often easily won over by KakaIru kissing or slightly smutty fanart? That may apply here a bit as well. The artist isn't bad at all, I actually rather like her b&w sketches, especially when she draws these nicely intense kisses with just a hint of roughness to them that really fits with the characters. Plus, there's a good selection, I like the way she does fighting!characters, I like the way she often draws Iruka's hair loose, I like the way her Kakashi looks unmasked, and I really kind of enjoyed the couple of animated smutty illustrations. Another one of those sites that gave me my fix and happily so. ♥ (KakaIru.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I am almost positive that I've rec'd this site before (I know I've seen some of the illustrations before), but... well, I'll skim the three pages of recs I have, but I have no idea where it could gotten off to in that rat's nest I call an archive. So, if this is a re-rec... well, it'll hardly be the first time. ^_~ Anyway, this is one of those sites that has several illustrations that... I don't know how stunning they are individually, but when you add many of them up together, when you look at the site as a whole, I adore the art on it. The artist has a really good sense for lines, colors, poses, all of that, even tries out different styles (some look hand-drawn, while others look they must have been completely CG'd--the closeup of a snow-laded!Kakashi pre-Sharingan eye is really cool for the way your focus is drawn towards his eyes, which look so vivid, but the one of ANBU!Kakashi back to back with chuunin!Iruka, both holding their weapons in fighting stances while sakura petals drift by is also just so, so pretty) and occasionally draws the smutty illustration here and there... well, yes, I love all of that. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - HB*7 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really sort of sat on the fence for this site. For one, I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd been here before and rec'd it, but... well, as usual, not in my recs that I can find. Second, it was only about every fifth illustration that I was all *__* over, that was a really cool illustration of Kakakshi in fighting mode or spiffy KakaIru illustration. But then I got to the section with the seven part (for now, it looks to still be in progress) mini-pic story thing with ANBU!Kakashi all beat up in the forest, looking dangerous and cool and weary, when little!glowing!Iruka pops up and it's just this ultra-cool little thing that I'm all aflutter over. The art is REALLY effective and the b&w-with-bits-of-color style really lets you see how talented the artist actually is. And, okay, there are some illustrations in the gallery proper that I loved--hard for me NOT to love naked!KakaIru tied up in red strings pressed against each other and Iruka's hair whipping around his face. Or the occasional one of Kakashi being SO COOL while posing dangerously with a kunai in hand or THERE IS EVEN ONE OF GAI AND LEE POSING or sunset!Iruka or ANBU!KakaIru or the oekaki that I think everyone should go see, because there are a zillion super-spiffy illustrations of several characters. That was half of the appeal of the site, honestly, that the oekaki was really very, very well-done, that for every Iruka or Kakashi or KakaIru, there was also an adorable one of Hinata or Sasuke looking cool or Kurenai being beautiful or Jiraiya and Naruto travelling or Lee being surprisingly serious or a zillion other things. I was totally won over by the end. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - derived from boredom by ironpuncher2 [ English Fanart Comic ] - I was unsure of how to catagorize this at first (fic? art? which way to go?) and just eventually wound up labelling it "fanart comic" rather than a site and will shove it in that section. Anyway. I read this this morning and was amused the whole way through--Naruto and Sakura having found a Icha Icha Monthly magazine and they're rather surprised about the contents--but it was when Iruka started spazzing that I started to really laugh. And the ending is brilliant, as I did not see that coming. Heeheehee. Just... so amusing and adorable. ♥ (KakaIru.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I sat on the fence over this site for a little while, but was eventually won over because I <3 this pairing so much and because I grew rather fond of the artist's soft lines and the gentle colors she often uses. Plus, every so often there's an illustration that really makes the site worthwhile, especially anything with Kakashi jumping a reluctant Iruka or when they're being absolutely adorable as kids. Also, the comics were a lot of fun, had some rather nice lines and inking, and just... the whole site scratched that itch I always seem to have for these two. :D (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - dragonflystore [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really do have such a weakness for KakaIru art, especially a site that does a pretty Iruka or has a lot of softer detail on the clothing and hair. So all I had to see was the illustration of Kakashi and Iruka in current-day normal street clothes sharing a piece of chocolate where there are all these perfect lines to Iruka's sweater and white shirt underneath and I was happily a goner. But it's also that one of them in jeans, walking along, Iruka's orange scarf and skinny legs and that wallet chain and I just... for some reason it's that kind of art that does it for me. Much love for this site. ♥ (KakaIru.)

- Naruto - Beehive [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm almost positive I've been to this site before, but... as always, when I say that, I can't find the link anywhere in my files, so I'm going to assume that I didn't bother before or I'm just misremembering or I lost the link or whatever. Really, the reason I like this site so much is that, while no single illustration really blew me away, it was the combined effect of the entire site that really started to slowly draw me in after awhile. I sort of started to gain a real appreciation for the oekaki illustrations in particular, but I also couldn't help the fondness of Kakashi and/or Iruka with cat ears that would pop up now and again or the small handful of Yondaime oekaki that were really rather good or Kakashi curled up in bed with his smutty book clutched close or the semi-frequent use of the ANBU outfits. I'll forgive a lot for ANBU outfits. XD (Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, you know what I said about pretty Yondaime art mixed with Jiraiya + Yondaime + Kakashi art? Well, when you add a little bit of KakaIru into the mix, I get even more spastically happy about a site. Though, honestly, the fun part about the site is the Yondaime-centric stuff--the artist uses these soft, pretty colors that somehow work for the characters/series, especially with all the bushy, messy hair these characters have. Plus, it's totally worth it for the image of younger hot!Jiraiya picking up kiddie!Yondaime to cart him off with a grumpy expression. XD Or, omg, Yondaime with kiddie!Iruka on his lap and kiddie!Kakashi off to the side. Or Yondaime surrounded by sakura petals with baby Naruto in his arms. Or omghot!Jiraiya and Jiraiya being all teacher-ish with student!Yondaime and I just... yeah, much squeeing and flapping of hands in happiness here. ♥ (A lot of gen, a little Kakashi/Iruka.)

- Naruto - oekaki-club [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site I came to for the Jiraiya and Yondaime fanart (mostly the Jiraiya fanart, as he's on the banner) and became pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety on the site. In particular, I was pleased to see a couple of KakaIru illustrations that I really liked, especially the one of them on a bridge surrounded by all these brilliantly red leaves. *__* But, yes, the real treat here is the Jiraiaya fanart, where he's all broad shoulders and tons of hair and strong muscles and just... well, yes. Okay. I have a thing for Jiraiya. But the CG-ish style of the art here is actually really pretty good when it comes to him and you've got stuff like Jiraiya, Yondaime, and kiddie!Kakashi which always just OWN ME when they're done well. The artist uses these bright, solid colors so it really gives it an anime-like feel, but still softens (?) the lines up a little bit so that it keeps her own style and it just... if you like Jiraiya (or Yondaime or Kakashi or a decent mix of all Naruto characters), I think this site is definitely worth a visit. (Hints of pairings here and there, but the only one I could really pin down is KakaIru. But there is also a lot of gen.)

- Naruto - ANIITI WEB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I stuck around this site for a couple of reasons--one, I'm on a Jiraiya - Yondaime - Kakashi high and this site fed right into that, they're the three most represented characters on this site. And, two, there were a handful of illustrations that actually struck me as innovative and not the same endlessly repetitive stuff I get a sense of from the fandom. Like! Team Yondaime all grown up and looking fantastic! Or chibi versions of the parents and the art is just fantastic CG work! Or Jiraiya yelling at Team Yondaime and Kakashi has the best expression on his face and Obito and Rin and Yondaime are so cute! Or grumpy!Jiraiya thumping student!Yondaime on the head! Or chibi Kakashi and Yondaime being freaking ADORABLE! ♥ I do tend to be a sucker for anything dealing with Kakashi and Yondaime and Jiraiya, but this site actually does have those occasional images that are just knocked right out of the park and it really fed my love for the characters and interaction between them. So, I happily recommend this site. Just... eeeee! ♥ (Maybe a little yaoi with Jiraiya, Yondaime, and Kakashi mixtures, but it's barely there most of the time, a fair amount of KakaIru in the comics section.)

- Naruto/Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I am totally recommending this site for two reasons--one, the Naruto diary art is absolutely adorable and, two, the FFVII fanart is really, really pretty. I was unsure about the site for awhile simply because there wasn't a whole lot of art actually on the site and it was tough to justify. But then I hit the diary and I really love the paint-like quality of the KakaIru art, the way the colors seem so much richer than most fanart, like I could almost take my fingers and actually feel the texture of the paint just by looking at them. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they're really pretty and are totally about Kakashi annoying the hell out of Iruka in that way they have. ♥ Then the FFX and FFVII fanart isn't that extensive, but what is there? PRETTY. There's an absolutely gorgeous one of Lulu, a beautiful one of Yuna, a fantastic one of Reno, and one of THE prettiest Vincent fanarts I've ever seen. It's one of those sites that may not have a ton of art, but it makes up for it in style and quality, so I'll keep checking back every few months to see if there's anything new. <3 (Maybe a little KakaIru, a lot of gen.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Argh! Okay, I was going to just skim this site, set it aside for later perusal when I had more time, and think about whether or not to rec it later when the Kakashi and/or Iruka as chibi kids art got to me. I mean, I was enjoying the bright, cel-style coloring and the really cute poses and the warm, fluffy without being too sugary feeling, and totally enjoying the super-cute KakaIru illustrations, but then the damn chibi kids just sunk me. I was also surprised at how well-drawn the comics on the site where--a lot of times I'll skip over them because artists don't have the time to really make them detailed or the lack of color brings out the flaws, but this artist has some really cute stuff in her comics, I love the way her Iruka looks and I love the sureness of the lines. But even more than that, you can tell the artist really had a lot of fun with the KakaIru art or the oekaki stuff where there are just pages of various images with cute concepts and I swear I want to just about explode into a shower of fangirl bits at some the cute art on the site. (Kakashi/Iruka, a little bit of Naruto/Hinata, and a lot of gen.)

- Naruto/Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE - der Flugel [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was sort of waffling on this site, the art started out all right, grew tremendously over the next few images (I burbled happily over the Kakashi/Iruka stuff because I tend to do that, but the Itachi ones really were beautifully done), but it was when I hit the single page comic of Yondaime holding a screaming baby and starting the seal and it had all these gorgeous shades of yellow and red that I knew I just... it's not necessarily traditionally pretty, but it's got this really kick ass stylized feel to it. Plus, yeah, okay, I'm easy when it comes to Kakashi and Iruka lounging on the porch while Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura run around in the yard and it's actually pretty. XD Or! Omg, Kakashi and Iruka in modern day clothes walking through the snow-covered village and the colors are just lovely, squee. And then. Good lord, the Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE fanart starts out cute, but by about five illustrations in, there's an absolute gorgeous one of Luna and Kaoru and I was completely knocked for a loop. The lines and softness and colors of the images are all just beautiful and I swoon. ♥ (Kakashi/Iruka, Kaoru/Luna.)

  - Naruto - [ Pixiv Account ] - I continue to have my weaknesses when it comes to fandom and a set of cute chibis is still one of those things. There might not be a lot of art here and I wish there had been more chibis, because that's where the artist really excels and it seems like their art is the strongest, but this was a cute, fun little account to stumble over today, especially since I'd already gotten sidetracked with Naruto art and just wanted a small KakaIru fix. This totally provided that for me. :D (Some Kakashi/Iruka, some gen.)

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