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- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suspect that one of the things that made me rather fond towards this site is that it has NejiHina fanart! ♥ Not a ton, there's probably more KibaHina fanart than any other pairing, but enough that I was humming happily as I went through the gallery. It's also that the artist does a really lovely Hinata, she has this gentle look on his face or this delicate touch to her face and hair and eyes or she just being cute as heck around the other characters. And I really do love the art because it can be so pretty, especially when she's drawn the characters in the middle of a gust of wind and you can see how pretty she really does draw their hair or when you can see she spent a lot of time on their eyes and they're just lovely... actually, in a lot of ways, the art reminds me of Fruits Basket, which somehow just utterly works here. *__* (Mostly Kiba/Hinata, some Neji/Hinata, maybe a few others.)

- Naruto - World's Weekend [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here for the Yondaime fanart and I'm really, really glad I did because it's got some of the most adorable stuff with the character, as well as Jiraiya and Kakashi. God knows I'm a sucker for a site that has even one fanart of the three of them together, but then toss in a site that puts Yondaime in, like, a zillion different situations? Even more love! ♥ Especially since the art is good and really manages to somehow capture the character's personality, the sometimes-serious, sometimes-grinning like an idiot, while not making him a carbon copy of an adult-looking Naruto. Meaning, I could somehow actually tell the difference, that this was Yondaime, the kind of art that just... makes me want to scream at Kishimoto to give us more information about the character. And, god, do I love the way this artist draws his hair, there's just... so much of it! Plus, she's really good with the mid-action pose stuff as well, which always works nicely with Naruto. Just... definitely one of the best Yondaime sites I've seen in awhile. :DDDDDD (Several occasional pairings with Yondaime or the others, both het and yaoi, but no major themes, it's more gen than anything.)

- Naruto - oekaki-club [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site I came to for the Jiraiya and Yondaime fanart (mostly the Jiraiya fanart, as he's on the banner) and became pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety on the site. In particular, I was pleased to see a couple of KakaIru illustrations that I really liked, especially the one of them on a bridge surrounded by all these brilliantly red leaves. *__* But, yes, the real treat here is the Jiraiaya fanart, where he's all broad shoulders and tons of hair and strong muscles and just... well, yes. Okay. I have a thing for Jiraiya. But the CG-ish style of the art here is actually really pretty good when it comes to him and you've got stuff like Jiraiya, Yondaime, and kiddie!Kakashi which always just OWN ME when they're done well. The artist uses these bright, solid colors so it really gives it an anime-like feel, but still softens (?) the lines up a little bit so that it keeps her own style and it just... if you like Jiraiya (or Yondaime or Kakashi or a decent mix of all Naruto characters), I think this site is definitely worth a visit. (Hints of pairings here and there, but the only one I could really pin down is KakaIru. But there is also a lot of gen.)

- Naruto - ANIITI WEB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I stuck around this site for a couple of reasons--one, I'm on a Jiraiya - Yondaime - Kakashi high and this site fed right into that, they're the three most represented characters on this site. And, two, there were a handful of illustrations that actually struck me as innovative and not the same endlessly repetitive stuff I get a sense of from the fandom. Like! Team Yondaime all grown up and looking fantastic! Or chibi versions of the parents and the art is just fantastic CG work! Or Jiraiya yelling at Team Yondaime and Kakashi has the best expression on his face and Obito and Rin and Yondaime are so cute! Or grumpy!Jiraiya thumping student!Yondaime on the head! Or chibi Kakashi and Yondaime being freaking ADORABLE! ♥ I do tend to be a sucker for anything dealing with Kakashi and Yondaime and Jiraiya, but this site actually does have those occasional images that are just knocked right out of the park and it really fed my love for the characters and interaction between them. So, I happily recommend this site. Just... eeeee! ♥ (Maybe a little yaoi with Jiraiya, Yondaime, and Kakashi mixtures, but it's barely there most of the time, a fair amount of KakaIru in the comics section.)

- Naruto - Echigoya [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came to this site for the Itachi and/or Sasuke fanart, but wound up staying because it's actually a good, solid all-around site that covers a lot of different characters. And then I knew I was sunk when I started getting into the comics because there's a little KakaIru and there's this absolutely adorable five-page comic with Yondaime and Kakashi that's cute as hell, but also actually really pretty! Which about sums up my feelings really--kickass Itachi fanart (the kind that's almost professional-level quality, really *__*), a good selection of other characters (as always, I have much fondness for the Neji art) and a lot of art, and just enough Kakashi fanart to keep me entertained and sparkling like crazy. (Make sure you comb through all of the galleries, by the way, there's more art there than you might think at first.) ....btw, despite my rather generic rec for this site, I do think it's worth visiting for the main galleries because the Itachi art is really good. Plus! Plus! Jiraiya and kiddie!Yondaime! The kind that plays directly into my fondness for the characters and makes me want mooooooore! XD (No real warnings/pairing themes. Hints of some, but it's mostly a gen site.)

- Naruto - Gomoku Yakimesi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site for the Neji fanart (which there's some really fantastic stuff here, I really adore the artist's style, the way she uses her colors and almost flat lines to create a really cool, but not overwhelming/too obvious style), but wound up staying partially for the Neji/TenTen fanart, which I hadn't really seen much of before. Not only that, it's pretty fanart, the kind that could make me fall for the pairing, I suspect. Especially seeing Part 2!Neji with the longer hair and better clothes or seeing both him and TenTen in Chinese-style clothing as he touches her face gently or CHRISTMAS NEJITEN. So great. ♥ It's that combination of pretty art and fun concepts that always makes me fall hard for a site. ♥ (Some gen, some Neji/TenTen.)

- Naruto - concretegirl [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that has art I don't usually find a whole lot of, but... there were a few Team 8 fanarts here that just completely owned. The artist's Ino is fabulous, I love that the girls get as much attention as the boys... of course, even as I say that, I'm bouncing over to the absolutely, utterly adorable fanart of tiny!Chouji next to a piece of giant cake that's actually really beautifully drawn. But the three of them all get their turns, there's great art for each of them and the artist uses these warm, almost-but-not-quite earth tone colors that go with the characters amazingly well. Plus. You've got stuff like the three of them as kids in Halloween costumes and it is the cutest thing ever. Or! Or! Chouji with the most amazingly beautiful butterfly wings or Ino being absolutely adorable as she's working in the flowershop or Ino and Shikamaru leaning back to back with this great use of color or amazing details out side her parents' shop or just the two of them walking along together or Shikamaru being a lazy ass or-- ....well, yes. I think this is an absolute must see for Team 8 fans. *__* (Lots of gen, some Shikamaru/Ino.)

- Naruto/Bleach/Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man. This is totally my new favorite NejiHina site, because it's just gorgeous. I mean, the very first image I saw was of an older Neji and Hinata, where her hair had grown out and he was holding her close and she was blushing and it was just so soft and pretty and the colors practically shone in that way I love and I totally squeaked in happiness. The artist's lines are fantastic, probably my favorite type, the kind that are just the right width, look so clean, but then are just tremendously beautiful. The coloring helps even further, because the artist just has this style that... shines is the only way I can think to describe it. And, man, her NejiHina totally does it for me, because there are so many different poses and a certain sort of delicate intimacy that just works for the pairing. I get all wobbly every time I see them in kimono and Neji's pulling her close or the underwater kiss or-- ....not that NejiHina is the only pairing on this site, some of the Gaara/Naruto illustrations are fantastic, I love, love, love the one of them both as Hokage. And there's a ton of gen stuff that's totally worth visiting for. Then there's the Bleach section that started out with a beautiful Ikkaku/Yumichika, provided me with a gorgeous Renji in the oekaki section, and totally made me spaz for the pretty one of Yachiru doing Zaraki's hair. Also, I swear this site has one of Hitsugaya's face in Matsumoto's boobs again. You really cannot go wrong with either of those. The Prince of Tennis section is much the same, spending time between TakaFuji and InuKai for the most part and while I don't seek those pairings out often, when I stumble across them, it's nice. There's not a ton of art here for Tenipuri, but the handful of OishiEiji and couple of TezuRyo images also make it worth the visit? (Neji/Hinata, some Shikamaru/Temari, some Naruto/Hinata, a lot of gen. Bleach pairings are all over the place, a lot of gen. Taka/Fuji, Inui/Kaidoh, a hint of Oishi/Eiji, a hint of Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Argh! Okay, I was going to just skim this site, set it aside for later perusal when I had more time, and think about whether or not to rec it later when the Kakashi and/or Iruka as chibi kids art got to me. I mean, I was enjoying the bright, cel-style coloring and the really cute poses and the warm, fluffy without being too sugary feeling, and totally enjoying the super-cute KakaIru illustrations, but then the damn chibi kids just sunk me. I was also surprised at how well-drawn the comics on the site where--a lot of times I'll skip over them because artists don't have the time to really make them detailed or the lack of color brings out the flaws, but this artist has some really cute stuff in her comics, I love the way her Iruka looks and I love the sureness of the lines. But even more than that, you can tell the artist really had a lot of fun with the KakaIru art or the oekaki stuff where there are just pages of various images with cute concepts and I swear I want to just about explode into a shower of fangirl bits at some the cute art on the site. (Kakashi/Iruka, a little bit of Naruto/Hinata, and a lot of gen.)

- Naruto/Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And, again, another site that I'm won over by because, zomg, Neji fanart that's occasionally really, really beautiful. Most of the artist's work in the main gallery seems to be very realistic style art, which I'm not entirely sure is my thing, but when she does ANBU!Neji on a moonlit roof with his cape fluttering in the wind? Gorgeous. Or Neji crumbled over with his hair spilling around him, ANBU mask laying cracked next to? Also gorgeous. I don't think the site will end up being one of my favorites, it's just not my cup of tea (though, the artist is tremendously talented), but I think it's definitely worth a poke around if you're a Neji fan, the artist does some really amazing stuff with his hair and eyes. As for the Bleach fanart, my feelings are about the same, that the super-realistic style takes a lot of talent, but it's not entirely my thing. But I did enjoy the art a lot, I really like the artist's coloring and the way she drew Ukitake's hair and, hey, any Shunsui/Ukitake fan is one after my own heart. (Shunsui/Ukitake, maybe a little Naruto/Neji, but it's mostly Neji gen.)

- Naruto - Pororoco [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Originally, I wasn't sure I was going to recommend this site, but... the artist quickly got really good, her Neji fanart is fantastic, and then she had NejiHina fanart! One with them being absolutely adorable little kids together and the colors were bright and lovely and it was just happy and I squeed. But what really, really won me over was the one of them a little older, Neji's hands on Hinata's shoulders as he leans against her back, Hinata's kimono half off her as she turns toward him and there are all these beautiful shades of gray and purple and beautiful patterns on the kimono and highlights in their hair and... love. So much love for my inner NejiHina fangirl. The artist has a really interesting style, it's sort of like a painting in the way she's colored/shaded the images, the colors feeling very rich and almost textured. You can tell the artist has a real fondness for Neji's character, so she focuses on him a lot, but I also enjoy the images of him with others and, omg, the Team 10 b&w comic is a thing of beauty for Lee and Tenten as well. I really, really liked this site. ♥ (Some NejiHina, some Neji gen.)

- Naruto - Closed Orbin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, finally some super-cute Lee fanart! I've been looking everywhere, it seems like. The artist doesn't have a lot of art in the main gallery, but she's got a lot of oekaki here and it is absolutely adorable, especially with the warm, almost earth-tone (but not quite) colors she uses that makes them just... I want to hug them and snuggle them and carry them all around with me forever. <3 She doesn't do just Lee, of course, there's a good smattering of a lot of the other characters (I especially like her Neji) and it wound up being one of those sites that I was just really glad to get my fix from. :D (Maybe some Gaara/Lee, Neji/Tenten if you look closely.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And yet another site where I sort of waffled and just thought, well, I'll comb through it and save the stuff I think is cute and then probably wander off... and somewhere along the line, the absolute, utter adorableness of the characters when they were kids or the surprisingly hot group illustrations or the way the artist really grows stronger as you get further and further into the galleries or that there's team eight fanart and that totally doesn't happen enough (though, the one of kiddie!Ino dragging kiddie!Shikamaru up the stairs while they're both in kimono just absolutely owns me) or that there's a really good selection of almost all the characters or, holy shit, ickle wee Kakashi kicking Yondaime's leg with a terribly grumpy expression while Yondaime just ruffles his hair and it's the CUTES THING IN THE WORLD. Yeah, you can tell I totally loved this site. There is a bit of a focus on Team 8 or Shikamaru in particular, but it's got enough of everything that it should appeal to just about anyone, I think. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, maaaaaybe a little ShikaIno if you're really looking for it.)

- Naruto/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is going to be another one of those sites that isn't going to be for everyone, but that I found myself rather fond of. Part of it is that the Neji/Hinata fanart is absolutely adorable and, yes, I'm weak to the pairing, but the art actually is really good. It's got that nice, smooth CG coloring and it's shiny without being too over the top about it. The art is very cute, almost chibi-esque, but that doesn't bother me because I usually want to scoop Hinata up and happily squish her in a great big hug anyway, you know? I also love that the artist's current work is getting to be really well-done, her details are coming along wonderfully and she adds just enough of a softening filter and shine to the images that I go all fluttery over them. Hinata in kimono is just... *happy sigh* I love the artist's colors. Now, not everyone is going to be into the almost lolicon-ish images when Hinata is put in... uh, compromising positions, but they're (mostly) easy enough to skip over if they're not your thing. As for the Gintama fanart, it's pretty much all of the same as above (except substituting Kagura in for Hinata), the adorable little characters, the pretty colors, the nice shine to everything, except possibly a bit more consistent. I really enjoyed the artist's Gintama works a lot. It, uh, didn't hurt that there was a page of Hijikata/Okita, too. ♥ (Neji/Hinata, maybe a hint of Naruto/Hinata, a lot of Hinata gen. A lot of Kagura pairings, but a lot of gen for her, too.)

- Naruto/One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yondaime, Jiraiya, and kid!Kakashi comics? Okay, I'm listening. Comics that are actually really well drawn, with really clean, solid lines, good proportions, and adorable concepts? Sold! I tend to skip over comic sections on sites most of the time, it's just not the kind of art that usually gets me going, but there's something about this site (and my love for Yondaime and Jiraiya, who don't get nearly enough art for them) that drew me in here. I love that the artist... it's not that the style is exactly like the original manga, but that I somehow get the same sense from it, something about the arrangement of panels or the crisp shading/lines that are very solid that appeal to me like with Kishimoto's art. But, yeah, it's also totally about Yondaime, Jiraiya, and Kakashi who are some of my favorite characters and I have a weakness for any art with them. It's much the same with the OP art--and that's how I know I actually think it's good, solid art, because the artist is more of a Zoro/Luffy fan, but I still think the art is really shiny and neat. (Maybe some Jiraiya/Yondaime, but I'm determinedly going to think it's gen. Some Zoro/Luffy.)

- Dragonball Z/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site because the Naruto images weren't quite my thing. There were some solid images I enjoyed a lot, but I wasn't overall effected. Then I hit up the Dragonball Z images and instantly fell in love. The Naruto section is strong, there's a lot of art and some of it is really good and there's a wide variety of characters, all the usual things I look for. The DBZ art, on the other hand, sends me into orbit because there are so many cute images, whether it's the kids or Vejiita slinging Bulma over his shoulder or Goku and Chichi when they were younger or, holy shit, the cute of Vejiita fastening a cape onto chibi!Trunks' Saiyajin armor or Goten and Trunks being such boys together or Goku and little!Gohan or a million other images. The artist really captures the DBZ style and feel, making every page an absolute delight to go through. And there's so muuuuuch art, to the point I just want to roll around happily in it like the giant fanart dork I am. ....shush, it was 5am when I wrote this rec, I'm allowed to be dippy. (Naruto/Sasuke, Sasuke/Sakura, a LOT of gen/other. Vejiita/Bulma, Goku/Chichi, implications of anything else that might have been canon, a LOT of gen.)

- Naruto - Aniitiweb [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I'm weak to the Yondaime and Kakashi fanart, so I'm going to wander through sites even that pair them up. I mean... it's sort of hard to argue when the artist is a bit subtle about it, it's more a vibe I get off them than actual kissing or what have you, and the art is just so cool. She draws the characters really well and, god, she hits so many of my kinks--pretty Kakashi, pretty Yondaime, ANBU!Kakashi, teenage!Kakashi, cute colors, cute style, Jiraiya showing up often enough (though, again, ignoring the potential pairing vibe between Jiraiya and Yondaime, too) and, god, there's this one of kiddie!Yondaime with a down expression and someone's hand scrubbing his hair affectionately and it is the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD. It helps that the site focuses on my favorite characters, but it's more than that, the art is actually really good, the lines are solid, the colors are solid, the poses are great, everything a good Naruto fanart site needs. But the whole Jiraiya - Yondaime - Kakashi thing? Totally sends it over the top for me, yes. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Some Yondaime/Kakashi, Jiraiya/Yondaime implied, but I'm resolutely here for the gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn/Naruto - PHIL PHIL [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure this site will appeal to absolutely everyone, but I thought that in the few b&w illustrations the artist did, you could really see how totally rockin her lineart could be. It's detailed and sharp and clean and looks really hot. Occasionally, I really like what she does with colors as well, but often times what she does instead of normal coloring, she just uses a few splashes or faintly coloring things and it gives her style a cool feel. I also find her Gokudera suitably hot at all the right times and her GokuTsuna is really adorable or sweet or touching in all the right moments as well. As for her Naruto fanart, much of the same applies, there's some solid lineart that reflects the tone of the series well and she often uses these warm, orange and gold colors. Shikamaru/Naruto isn't a pairing I've really seen much of before, but this artist draws it really well. And her gen group stuff or her Naruto with the fox tails sneaking out of his coat are awesome. (Gokudera/Tsuna for Reborn!. Shikamaru/Naruto, a little bit of Sasuke/Naruto and a little other yaoi for Naruto.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - There are a handful of English NaruSaku fanartists that do lovely work and more than just a small handful of illustrations that I have to hunt high and low for. This artist does some really cute stuff and then some really beautiful stuff, she uses the pink and yellow and orange colors of these two characters very well, the sunrise/sunset illustrations especially look fantastic. Or there's illustrations like protect you that look just beautiful or Naruto and Sakura flying through the sky together or kissing. There's at least one kissing illustration done by this artist and there are some cute chibis and I just-- Yes. I totally want to hunt down more NaruSaku fanart after seeing this artist's work. ♥ (Naruto/Sakura.)

- Naruto/Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I probably would have skipped right past the Naruto section on this site if not for a few things: I do really like the artist's style, it's interesting and cool to look at, it's not a style I see super-often, but when it's done well, it's good. The Sasuke stand-alone character art was fun for me to look at, the almost b&w style the artist has is a little reminiscent of a shounen manga style (different enough from Kishimoto's to be interesting, but similar enough to be recognizable, a good balance) and I know there are a lot of people who like Kakashi/Sasuke. As for the REBORN! art, the style suits the characters as well (though, I thought maybe the Naruto art was a little bit better done) and the artist's Gokudera is especially fantastic. The amazing amount of detail she puts into illustrations with him is terrific. ♥ Though, I think the Gintama art might just be the best out of them all, since the detail and b&w-esque style works so perfectly with the feel of the Gintama art, it's very canon-like! (Kakashi/Sasuke for Naruto. Maybe some Mukuro/Tsuna for REBORN!, but mostly gen. Mostly gen for Gintama.)

- Naruto - Silver Clear [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I think I was looking for Mushishi fanart of all things (not that I really found that much) and stumbled over this site, which caught my attention because... was that Sakura and Yamato? I-- I had to click on the site and see. And SURE ENOUGH. XDDDD The art is actually kind of really gorgeous, though, so even if it's not my usual pairing, I was totally happy to look at it. There's not a ton of art here, but a handful of the illustrations available are either very canon-esque or else they're just really pretty to look at, the artist especially does a lovely job with Sakura. Though, I have to say her out-of-his-regular-uniform!Yamato is pretty hot when done by this artist as well. (Some Yamato/Sakura, some gen.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - This artist has a couple of realistic-style Naruto/Sakura illustrations in the gallery and every time I'm browsing around Naruto-friendly favorites pages (or at least NaruSaku-friendly ones, which I seem to run into fairly often? maybe I'm just gravitating there) and I so often see these people up, with good reason. NaruSaku:Sleep is kind of a class and you can see why, it's just such a cool looking image! While there's not a super-ton of art here, it has some of the better stuff in fandom and is always one of my favorite NaruSaku devART accounts. (Naruto/Sakura.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Speaking of some of my favorite NaruSaku art. *___* Not that the artist only does NaruSaku, there's a handful of SasuNaru and other pairings as well, which makes me love the artist even more. They have this really light, warm coloring style that looks so pretty with characters like Naruto and Sakura, all those soft golds and soft pinks that look like sunset colors together. The basic lineart of the illustrations are kind of really fantastic, some of the pieces from this artist are just gorgeous and there's enough here, with various pairings (mostly focused on Naruto himself, but occasionally others as well) that it's really a satisfying site. I don't know if the style will be for everyone, the characters are older and look a little rougher, the characters look way more bulked up (especially Naruto, but often Sasuke when he's in an image, too), but because of pieces like To Safety or the could of NejiHina ones the artist did, I totally love this artist. <3 Some of the older stuff (on page 3 or so) is actually even prettier. *__* (Naruto/Sakura, Sasuke/Naruto, some other yaoi/het. Not quite safe for work, but not porny, either.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - I've seen several of this artist's pieces, I've probably linked to them individually when I've done devART trawling sprees before, but I don't think I recommended the whole account by itself? Anyway, I continued to be in a NaruSaku mood one morning, which led me here again, and I'm glad because I really like this artist's work, they have this really nice anime cel-style look to them with the most recent images. The older ones are a little rougher, but you can see the evolving style and I'm a sucker for Naruto and Sakura in the rain or SUPER ADORABLE chibis or really light, airy colors on a Sakura illustration so that it practically glows. Also, there is frequently making out and this pleases me a lot. narusaku sunset is especially nicely done, showing the solid coloring job, the just detailed enough lineart, and the very nice kissface. :Db (Naruto/Sakura, a little gen.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oddly enough, I skimmed a lot of the more recent art and kept glancing over the artist's older work and actually liked that more. There's something about the simpler style, the more rounded cuteness that appealed to me more and they just seem generally more solid. Rush is probably my favorite, but Stay Gold is really cute and sweet and so much of what I liked about the site. There's a solid amount of illustrations as well and I'd definitely like to see more from this artist. (Naruto/Sakura, some gen.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Every so often, I still come across Naruto art sites and often times this is because I've been browsing around for Naruto/Sakura art, I admit. >__> I'm not sure when I began to ship them rather seriously, but I have always liked them, all the way back from when the first few episodes came out (just, I got distracted by other pairings for awhile), so they're one of the ones I keep returning for. What caught my eye with this artist originally was the colors, the anime cel-style coloring that really does come pretty close to canon. And you can tell that the images are fanart, of course, but some of them come damn close to looking like they're on the level of official art and I love it when artists can do that. But even more than that, it's the handful of illustrations that show off the artist's love for the pairing and reminds me of why I like them so much. There's not a lot here, but the ANBU ones totally won me over, shut up. XD (Naruto/Sakura.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - I was randomly browsing devART again the other day and I know I've seen various pieces from this artist before, but I don't think I've recommended the account properly? Which I wanted to do because there's some really adorable Naruto/Sakura stuff here, which I grow increasingly weak to with fanart. <3 The earlier stuff is a little more shakey, but the artist improves a lot and has some really darling chibi stuff (my favorite chibi one is this one, I think), but there's also makeouts and babies occasionally and you all shut up, I am weak. :| But the art is really fun here and I'd really like to see more from this artist. (Naruto/Sakura.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - So, I was looking for devART recs to compile together and happened across one of this artist's images, then wandered into the gallery, and just sort of... got swept up in it. I really like this style, it almost looks like Flash animation-esque, the clean lines of it and the soft colors, which I'm weak to. But the artist also does a great job of keeping the spirit of the original characters and getting a solid amount of various characters drawn. I like that there's an Ino image one minute, then a Sakura the next, then a Neji/Lee/Tenten image, then a Naruto image, etc. It was a cool site to visit this afternoon. <3 (Some Neji/Tenten, but it's primarily a gen site.)

  - Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember how I stumbled over this account today, given that I'd been spending most of my time looking at Disney fanart on dA. But somehow I did. And I flew right over to pretty much everything this artist has done for three reasons: 1) Kakashi/Rin! My beloved rare pairing! And there's a whole thing with KakaRin having a kidlet together and, wow, am I ever ridiculously easy for cute baby art. 2) Super, super cute chibis! Little ones of their kid! Of Kakashi as an ANBU! Of Rin taking care of injured Kakashi, both of them chibi! So freaking cute! And 3) sometimes the art is actually pretty cool-looking. In combination, these three things made this one of the most FUN Naruto sites I've been on in awhile! Kakashi fix, check. KakaRin fix, check. Chibi fix, check. Babyart fix, check. Hilarious comics, check. Kidlet I kind of want to read fic about, check. Explosion of love in my fangirl chest that feels like it's going to burst forth and eat everyone, check. There's not much else I need! :Db (Kakashi/Rin, occasional bits of gen if you step carefully.)

  - Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - I was just intending to do a liiiiittle more searching for Naruto fanart and was actually looking for Naruto/Sakura art more than anything. I don't particularly mind uncommon ships in the fandom, but I don't seek them out very much either. But with this artist... I couldn't help clicking on the various commissions and rare pairing art they did, because the basic lineart is just so damn good and then some of the art becomes even more amazing when it's colored. I was trying to just collect a few for the artbits section but then I stumbled over the commission for Sasuke and Hinata as Seiryuu and Byakko and it's just so damn stunning that I couldn't help it. I had to tear through the entire rest of the gallery! The artist does amazing and epic hair on the characters, usually when they're older and it's grown out a bit, then often combines it with ANBU uniforms and I just. How am I supposed to resist that?? Not when it's this pretty! Just. This is what keeps me coming back to the Naruto fandom. ♥ (Sasuke/Hinata is the most common, but there's some other/Hinata and Naruto/Sakura and a bunch of rare het pairings.)

  - Naruto - [ Pixiv Account ] - Do you know what else I'm all the hell over? Minato, Kushina, and baby Naruto, I eat that kind of thing up like it's delicious candy and people need to provide me more of it. I love the sharpness this artist often has with the characters, especially when it comes to Kushina and her beautiful long as hell red hair. I mostly came here for those two characters, but I occasionally got distracted away by the very nice SasuNaru art or the occasional beautiful Itachi image or gorgeous Naruto and kitsune image (the colors on that one are fantastic), rounding things out nicely here. It's not a huge account, but it was satisfying for what I was after this morning. (Some Naruto/Sasuke, some Minato/Kushina, some gen.)

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