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- Naruto - Twin Ocean [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeeee!! This fanart is so cute! I just... it wounds my soul with its cuteness. XD It's one of those sites I couldn't tell you why it was so cute without pointing you towards specific illustrations, but if you click through the galleries enough, you'll see what I mean. (And, oy, I feel badly for the people I was talking with. They got to hear a lot of random, "AAAWWW!!! SO CUTE!" ^_^;; ) (Kakashi/Iruka and Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ohhhh, wow, I think we have my new favorite SasuNaru artist here. *_* I've seen some of her work on doujinshi, so it was wonderful to see her actual site... this is one of those artists who makes me fall in love with the pairing all over again and makes me crave her doujinshi. Anyway, gorgeous, gorgeous lines, gorgeous colors, gorgeous poses, and just a joy to go through. Looking at her doujinshi samples makes me want them so much... did I mention that already? ^_~ Anyway, Sasuke and Naruto make me melt with the cuteness and just... *LOVE*. *incoherent* (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, I love this site! Such wonderful snuggly KakaIru illustrations, such gorgeous characters, lovely colors, kick ass poses, just everything! This is another one of those sites where I couldn't shove my friends at it fast enough because I adored the art so much and it made me fall in love with these characters all over again. *_* There are a few illustrations that just made me laugh so hard--like the one of a naked Kakashi unwrapping his towel in front of Iruka to flash him and Iruka just freaks. There are some that just utterly made me melt, like Kakashi carrying a sleeping Iruka on his back.... *melts all over again* Or Kakashi wrapping his arms around Iruka while they're both sitting--and that one was just gorgeous. There are some really, really pretty Sasuke/Naruto illustrations here and I actually really liked the couple of Sakura on the site, too! And... well, I could go on for a long time, but I'll stop fangirling now. A wonderful site. +_+ (Mostly KakaIru, occasional SasuNaru.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist's style starts out as just being one of those artists who draws the most adorable illustrations you've ever seen. The kind where you want to pick the characters up and just hug them to little pieces. Then as the artist draws more and more, as she progresses, her style becomes this beautiful ability, drawing these absolutely gorgeous characters. Some of the Naruto ones (especially of the 4th Hokage) just took my breath away. And just... guh, the artist draws a beautiful, beautiful Tezuka. The artist also does a beautiful Fuji and an adorable Eiji and, guh was that top illustration of Keigo gorgeous. Plus? Any site that includes two of my favorite shounen series like this? Loooooooove. (Some mildly shounen ai pairings, no PoT theme, some SasuNaru.)

- Naruto - WONDERWALL [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I could swear I've rec'd this site before, but since I can't find the URL in my files, I'm just going to assume I've seen the artist's work on other sites as gift art. Anyway, it's not that I don't like the pairing, because I do, it's just that I don't come across a lot of SasuNaru that I like. So, to find a site like this, one I really like, it's nice. The artist draws these kick ass illustrations that just bowl me over with how effing cool and pretty they are! She uses a handful of different styles, but they all have that same quality to them, that kick-ass style, which one really needs for a good SasuNaru site. Anyway, I'm babbling. But this site is definitely one of the best out there, just gorgeous work, especially with SasuNaru. (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto/One Piece - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I think I've rec'd this artist/doujinshika's site before for her Houshin Engi art (since that was all I knew at the time), but I wanted to re-rec her for her Naruto, and One Piece, because I could very, very easily fall in love with her work even more than I already have. I've seen her Naruto doujinshi on Yahoo!Japan a lot and I love her lines. Her colors are pretty and her shading is good, but it's the lines of the images that are just fantastic. Her group Naruto illustrations are just amazing in the level of detail she puts into them, making them look incredible. She doesn't have as much One Piece art, but what she does have is NICE, especially her Zoro. There are a lot of really pretty Sanji's around, but it's rare to find a gorgeous Zoro (even though he is XD) and her coloring skillers are even better on these than her Naruto ones. I think she might be getting interested in FMA, too, which would just totally make me happy. (Some KakaIru, SasuNaru, ZoroxSanji.)

- Naruto - DISCORD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ha! When was the last time I rec'd something Naruto that 1) wasn't KakaIru or 2) part of something else? (Like a site with Tenipuri art that just happened to have some Naruto art on it.) But I saw this site's banner and the art looked really pretty, so I had to check it out and... wow, this is beautifully done SasuNaru fanart. It's just... the colors are sometimes those light, soft, almost airy colors that I love so much and the lines are light and airy as well, but without being too shoujo-y or too girly. They're just right. Plus, her basic lineart is fantastic--I'm utterly in love with Sasuke's hair. +__+ Really, really top-notch site for her 2003 and 2004 work! (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto/Saiyuki/Original - Kine in [AQUA] [ Korean Fanart Site ] - When I first clicked onto this site, I wasn't entirely sure what to make of the art, because it was very... hmm, the best way I keep thinking of to describe it is that it almost looks like the artist could have been from Ribbon; very beautiful colors, delicate lines, very shoujo-y. And normally for series like Naruto or Saiyuki that doesn't really work for me, but somehow... the more I went through this artist's gallery, the more I just absolutely fell in LOVE with her art. The early stuff is a little shakier, especially with the lines around the eyes, but as she goes along, her skill gets stronger and stronger and it really... just looks like some of the prettiest Ribbon art out there. The colors are incredible, these soft, beautiful shades, the lines and details just amazing--each illustration is FULL of smooth, clean lines, the artist very solid in her style. She just... she does these amazing SasuNaru and KakaIru illustrations that I... I kind of know I shouldn't like Ribbon!SasuNaru/KakaIru, but... it WORKS here. And her Saiyuki fanart? BEAUTIFUL. Just... wow, I'm in love with the details and fine lines for the illustrations. I also had to chuck this rec into the original art section because as pretty as her fanart is, the original art is even more gorgeous. Just... go and see the pretty art! *__* (SasuNaru, KakaIru, no real Saiyuki pairings.)

- Naruto - B PLUS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I tend not to find a lot of SasuNaru fanart... I'm not sure if that's because I don't look for it as rabidly or if it's just not as prevalent, but every once in awhile I find some really gorgeous stuff--and this artist does a sort of CG style that looks amazing. Her Sasuke is absolutely gorgeous, the colors of her CG-style art are just amazingly well-done, seeming to almost glow, but without being gaudy about it. Her Naruto is a little on the small side, especially as compared to Sasuke, but he's still gorgeous and when you see him in Hokage wear and Sasuke in the official ninja outfits, both looking a little older... they're so gorgeous that I don't care. Or when Naruto's posing dramatically on top of a summoned frog. XD But, really, all in all, her Sasuke is the highlight of the site, he's just perfectly done. *__* (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - ZIG ZAG [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I... have a very strong soft spot for SasuNaru fanart, despite not really finding sites with art for it as often as I would like. (I'm convinced that nothing can beat KakaIru for sheer volume of gorgeous fanart. *__* Which seems backwards to me, since SasuNaru is the one that gets all the screen time in the series... NOT that I am complaining, mind you. >:D) And this artist was just... cute. Perhaps not all the images sent me over the moon, but there were ones that were just so damned CUTE that I couldn't help flailing just a bit anyway. There's this one of kitty!Naruto with chibi!kitty!Sasuke sitting in the back of his hood that is just the most adorable thing EVER. But then there was one of older!Sasuke in the green and dark blue ninja outfit that's just beautiful. And then there's the one of Sasuke and Naruto holding hands that's just... beautifully colored and wibble-inducing. So, I had to rec the site, because the art made me fangirl a little and that's always something I look for. XD (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - Omega Plus [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, considering SasuNaru isn't my favorite pairing with Naruto, I seem to be spending an awful lot of time finding art for the two of them lately. But... well, I couldn't help being won over by this site because the artist draws really cute art--the kind that's vaguely sketchy, but the style really works because it's just fuzzy enough to look Really Pretty, but she also uses these softened colors (especially her various shades of blue *__*) that make the illustrations look even more lovely. There are even a couple of close-ups of Sasuke on the sight which are just GORGEOUS (the stunning way your eyes are drawn to his intense eyes or the beautiful hair) or her ADORABLE Naruto, who still has that light, sunny look to him that I adore so much with fanart. Just... yeah, this helps remind me why I really do like SasuNaru a lot. XD (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oho, another artist I was totally won over by because there is a really fun KakaIru comic in the gallery, which I actually think is some of the artist's best work. The artist does have solid line art, but it looks even better with coloring/shading (which the KakaIru has, whereas the NaruSasu has mostly just line art--though, damn, it's just so... much FUN and I love Hokage!Naruto and, whoooo, there was actually a scene using ninjutsu~!) and the CHIBIS ARE SO CUTE. Kakashi imitating all his students in the KakaIru comic is the CUTEST THING JUST ABOUT EVER, too. XD (Some KakaIru, some NaruSasu.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've seen this site before, but I can't find it in my recs, so I'm going to assume that I haven't rec'd it yet. (Aha, I've been to this part of the site before, but not for the FMA stuff.) This artist is just... she's incredible at drawing the characters in the style of the manga... which isn't necessarily my favorite style, but she makes it look really good here. Her Ed - Al illustrations are just SO ADORABLE and SO CUTE, just so perfectly cute with the way the Elric brothers were when they were younger. I'm not sure if it's meant to be Elriccest or what, but I'm going to assume it's not, but stick it into the section anyway. I also find that I really kinda like her Roy/Ed, she does a great job capturing the spirit/feel of the characters, I guess. Plus, there's a TON of art. *twirls* As for the Naruto stuff, she really does a FUN job with the Naruto characters, capturing the sense of... shounen I guess, rather than prettyboy-ifying them, even when they're in 'pretty' situtations. I guess... if you like the style of the manga for each series, you'll probably like this fanartist. (Some gen-Al-Ed, some Roy/Ed, a LOT of gen, and SasuNaru.)

- Naruto - 2co [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site really does a fantastic Sasuke and there's a ton of art here. Some of the earlier stuff might not be as well-done, but the more recent stuff is terrific, right down to the surprising amount of detail on the clothes in what look like they could almost be oekaki art. (#170 in the image section is probably my favorite, the pattern on the cloth looks fantastic.) It really is the strength of the clothes and all the positions that the artist puts Sasuke in that are the highlight of this site, one of those sites that's great because you can spend an hour there looking at all the art she's drawn, especially if you like Sasuke at all. (Maybe a little Sasuke/Naruto and Sasuke/Sakura? Though, I don't know that I'd call it romance, it looks more gen-ish to me.)

- Naruto - sui-sui [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's been awhile since I came upon a Naruto site that had this genuinely good CG-style of art that... well, I suppose I shouldn't call it CG art, it's more like cel-style art and the artist here really does a good job with it. Her colors aren't too bright or flat and her lines are really good--you can especially tell in all of the illustrations of Sasuke and Naruto. (Though, I think my favorite was of Jiraiya, Yondaime, and Naruto or the sweetly adorable one of Yondaime kissing infant!Naruto's head... ooh, or the great one of Yondaime and Sasuke's father staring at each other while their toddler kids climb all over them. Right down to the touch of the little plush Itachi!doll in toddler!Sasuke's hands. XD) Overall, it was just a really strong site that I quite enjoyed and I don't normally seek out the SasuNaru art. <3 (Some SasuNaru, some KakaIru, some gen.)

- Naruto - +97 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was actually initially attracted here for the Yondaime holding baby!Naruto banner, but stayed for the kickass SasuNaru illustrations. Surprisingly, with a few exceptions (like the utterly fabulous one of Sasuke's arm around smiling!Naruto's neck on... a field somewhere?), I actually liked the b&w comics the best, they're what utterly won me over with the site. Because how you can see chibi!Sasuke in kimono running after Itachi and tripping to fall on his face and not melt into a big pile of mushy goo, I'll never know. But it's also that the SasuNaru comics were just utterly everything I love about the pairing, the sharp intensity between them, the genuinely pretty art, and so on. Because you can really see how fabulous the artist's lines are in the b&w comics, how much her art has improved with time and dude! Those Sasuke and/or Naruto oekaki illustrations? With the gorgeous shading and use of black&white? Those were awesome. Totally worth going to the site for. *___* (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It was definitely the chibis on the banner that got to me. The artist does start out as being a little shakey in her earlier art, but she also manages to put some really beautiful colors into the images. So, by the time you get around to her more recent stuff, when her lines have started strengthening up, she's actually drawing some really beautiful Sasuke and Naruto illustrations. Plus, omg, her chibis are adorable. Oddly enough, though, for all that I love the artist's coloring, her b&w line sketches are probably the prettiest ones on the site, you can see just how much talent she has in them, there's a softness to the lines that's just... really quite lovely. And, really, the site is worth visiting for the illustration of the fight from the Valley of the End, when Sasuke is on Level 2 (I think?) and Naruto is all Kyuubified and the artist's talent seems to have really come into focus with that one. Probably a definite must for SasuNaru fans. (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- D.Gray-man/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really didn't plan to rec this one. I'd only saved a few of the illustrations (though, I really liked the one of Allen flipping over Kanda's head), but it was good enough to keep clicking through because the artist was showing a lot of potential. The art is very clean and I liked the lighter colors and the comics were actually pretty good. And then I spotted the two-page comic with Rabi/Rinali and that is my darling pet pairing that'll never be, based on, like, three panels they had together. I was pretty well lost after that, given how easy I am on my pet pairings (especially the rare ones). To be fair, though, the comics actually are quite good, the artist has some talent for laying her pages out and drawing in a lot of really solid details and, god, the expressions on her characters' faces are great. Now, the Naruto fanart, on the other hand, impressed me straight away, the first link to a SasuNaru fanart is just beautiful--Sasuke leaning over to kiss Naruto in the rain? Swoon. I'm not as wild about the rest of the art, but it's a really good, really solid site and probably definitely worth visiting for SasuNaru fans. :D (Kanda/Allen, a teensy smidge of Rabi/Rinalli, a lot of gen, and Sasuke/Naruto for Naruto.)

- Dragonball Z/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site because the Naruto images weren't quite my thing. There were some solid images I enjoyed a lot, but I wasn't overall effected. Then I hit up the Dragonball Z images and instantly fell in love. The Naruto section is strong, there's a lot of art and some of it is really good and there's a wide variety of characters, all the usual things I look for. The DBZ art, on the other hand, sends me into orbit because there are so many cute images, whether it's the kids or Vejiita slinging Bulma over his shoulder or Goku and Chichi when they were younger or, holy shit, the cute of Vejiita fastening a cape onto chibi!Trunks' Saiyajin armor or Goten and Trunks being such boys together or Goku and little!Gohan or a million other images. The artist really captures the DBZ style and feel, making every page an absolute delight to go through. And there's so muuuuuch art, to the point I just want to roll around happily in it like the giant fanart dork I am. ....shush, it was 5am when I wrote this rec, I'm allowed to be dippy. (Naruto/Sasuke, Sasuke/Sakura, a LOT of gen/other. Vejiita/Bulma, Goku/Chichi, implications of anything else that might have been canon, a LOT of gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn/Naruto - PHIL PHIL [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure this site will appeal to absolutely everyone, but I thought that in the few b&w illustrations the artist did, you could really see how totally rockin her lineart could be. It's detailed and sharp and clean and looks really hot. Occasionally, I really like what she does with colors as well, but often times what she does instead of normal coloring, she just uses a few splashes or faintly coloring things and it gives her style a cool feel. I also find her Gokudera suitably hot at all the right times and her GokuTsuna is really adorable or sweet or touching in all the right moments as well. As for her Naruto fanart, much of the same applies, there's some solid lineart that reflects the tone of the series well and she often uses these warm, orange and gold colors. Shikamaru/Naruto isn't a pairing I've really seen much of before, but this artist draws it really well. And her gen group stuff or her Naruto with the fox tails sneaking out of his coat are awesome. (Gokudera/Tsuna for Reborn!. Shikamaru/Naruto, a little bit of Sasuke/Naruto and a little other yaoi for Naruto.)

- Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Speaking of some of my favorite NaruSaku art. *___* Not that the artist only does NaruSaku, there's a handful of SasuNaru and other pairings as well, which makes me love the artist even more. They have this really light, warm coloring style that looks so pretty with characters like Naruto and Sakura, all those soft golds and soft pinks that look like sunset colors together. The basic lineart of the illustrations are kind of really fantastic, some of the pieces from this artist are just gorgeous and there's enough here, with various pairings (mostly focused on Naruto himself, but occasionally others as well) that it's really a satisfying site. I don't know if the style will be for everyone, the characters are older and look a little rougher, the characters look way more bulked up (especially Naruto, but often Sasuke when he's in an image, too), but because of pieces like To Safety or the could of NejiHina ones the artist did, I totally love this artist. <3 Some of the older stuff (on page 3 or so) is actually even prettier. *__* (Naruto/Sakura, Sasuke/Naruto, some other yaoi/het. Not quite safe for work, but not porny, either.)

- Vampire Knight/Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - God only knows what I was looking for when I stumbled over this site, possibly looking at random Naruto art, but then spied the Vampire Knight fanart in the artist's gallery. And I was curious. I like the REBORN! and Naruto art a lot, both of them, but it's the VK art that really made me sit up and take notice because there's something about the artist's style that works so well with the characters and style of the manga. And I... I mean, I like Zero/Yuuki and I ship it as the OTP, but... with Kaname/Zero... I've always liked the idea (and Hino seriously totally fucking encourages it) and this artist draws them gorgeously. There's not a lot of REBORN! art here on the other hand, but. I am weak to this style, with the soft colors and long lines and cg styling, it's one of those that might not be for everyone, but I like seeing it sometimes. (Some Kaname/Zero for VK. Some Sasuke/Naruto for Naruto. Gen for pretty much all three.)

  - Naruto - [ Pixiv Account ] - Do you know what else I'm all the hell over? Minato, Kushina, and baby Naruto, I eat that kind of thing up like it's delicious candy and people need to provide me more of it. I love the sharpness this artist often has with the characters, especially when it comes to Kushina and her beautiful long as hell red hair. I mostly came here for those two characters, but I occasionally got distracted away by the very nice SasuNaru art or the occasional beautiful Itachi image or gorgeous Naruto and kitsune image (the colors on that one are fantastic), rounding things out nicely here. It's not a huge account, but it was satisfying for what I was after this morning. (Some Naruto/Sasuke, some Minato/Kushina, some gen.)

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