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- Naruto - Happy Collection [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, for all that the current illustration (when I wrote this rec) was of Naruto and Sakura fighting back to back, there was actually very little of the main characters on this site. Not that I found myself particularily minding when there was some absolutely adorable Team 10 art, especially a nice focus on Shikamaru and Ino. Mostly seperately, but I do get a sense of a liiiiiittle bit of ShikaIno off the site, which I certainly hope I'm not mistaken about. What was interesting is that I went through the artist's b&w sketches first so I got to see that she really does have some great linework going on under the cute coloring jobs she does. And, OMG, the Team 10 group illustrations are the best part of this site, totally worth going for, especially the one of them as kids where Ino's got her arms around both of them. It's just so... much fun! (Maybe a little ShikaIno, but probably not.)

- Naruto - concretegirl [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that has art I don't usually find a whole lot of, but... there were a few Team 8 fanarts here that just completely owned. The artist's Ino is fabulous, I love that the girls get as much attention as the boys... of course, even as I say that, I'm bouncing over to the absolutely, utterly adorable fanart of tiny!Chouji next to a piece of giant cake that's actually really beautifully drawn. But the three of them all get their turns, there's great art for each of them and the artist uses these warm, almost-but-not-quite earth tone colors that go with the characters amazingly well. Plus. You've got stuff like the three of them as kids in Halloween costumes and it is the cutest thing ever. Or! Or! Chouji with the most amazingly beautiful butterfly wings or Ino being absolutely adorable as she's working in the flowershop or Ino and Shikamaru leaning back to back with this great use of color or amazing details out side her parents' shop or just the two of them walking along together or Shikamaru being a lazy ass or-- ....well, yes. I think this is an absolute must see for Team 8 fans. *__* (Lots of gen, some Shikamaru/Ino.)

- Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And yet another site where I sort of waffled and just thought, well, I'll comb through it and save the stuff I think is cute and then probably wander off... and somewhere along the line, the absolute, utter adorableness of the characters when they were kids or the surprisingly hot group illustrations or the way the artist really grows stronger as you get further and further into the galleries or that there's team eight fanart and that totally doesn't happen enough (though, the one of kiddie!Ino dragging kiddie!Shikamaru up the stairs while they're both in kimono just absolutely owns me) or that there's a really good selection of almost all the characters or, holy shit, ickle wee Kakashi kicking Yondaime's leg with a terribly grumpy expression while Yondaime just ruffles his hair and it's the CUTES THING IN THE WORLD. Yeah, you can tell I totally loved this site. There is a bit of a focus on Team 8 or Shikamaru in particular, but it's got enough of everything that it should appeal to just about anyone, I think. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, maaaaaybe a little ShikaIno if you're really looking for it.)

- Naruto - PPS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here looking for Gurren Lagann fanart, but got sidetracked by the two pages full of Naruto art. There's not an absolute ton here and it's not the kind of art that's going to win someone over if they're not interested, but there's very like Shikamaru/Ino fanart out there that I like and this site just... quietly appealed to me. I like the style, the soft colors on Ino's hair and eyes, the cuteness of many images, the stylized look of the artist's take on them. That's not the only characters present on the site, there's actually a bunch of illustrations of various characters in the Narutoverse, but unless you're at least somewhat fond of ShikaIno, I wouldn't recommend this site. If you do like the pairing, this site was kinda cute. (Shikamaru/Ino, some gen.)

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