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- Naruto - Delicate by sna - [Note: Spoilers for the Kakashi Gaiden.] There is something about the idea of Kakashi/Rin that appeals to me, even if I can't say why. I just... I like the idea of Kakashi and someone more gentle and warm to balance out his world-weary, tired life, so the way this was written really sort of appealed to me. It wasn't fluffy, exactly, but there was a certain chemistry there, a certain connection/bond between these two teammates, a certain... I guess it was a certain yearning I felt, that maybe Kakashi could have something more positive in his life. It was the understanding present, right from the moment Rin talked to the plant in Kakashi's apartment, I knew I would kind of like these two together. The writing was lovely and the ending was lovely, hitting the notes it was trying to achieve. Surprisingly good story about a pairing I was a little wary of. (Kakashi/Rin.)

- Naruto - Fifteen by sna - As the author's notes say, it'd be good to read (or at least be aware of the circumstances of) "Butterfly in Reverse", as this is sort of a side-story/expansion to that fic, but it can stand on its own, too. Now, it's been an hour since I read the fic when I'm trying to write this rec and it's going to be difficult, because I could toss out compliments to the author's writing or the characterization or the way she builds this amazingly intense atmosphere and I'd mean every single thing I said. But that doesn't make for a distinctive rec. Not that what I'm going to do is any better, but... err, at least I'm aware of it? Anyway. An hour later, what stays with me the strongest about this fic is indeed that intense atmosphere, the way everything felt like it was being pulled tighter and tighter, almost like it was a physical sensation. The other thing that stayed with me is the way the author wrote the story, this light touch of something that's almost stream-of-conscious, but not exactly because it's very linear and clear. It's... it's feelings more than actions and emotions are such a difficult thing to get into a story, to write it so that you feel like you could actually be in the story rather than just watching it, so that there's this sense of jagged emotions that nearly hurt, all without crossing the line over into over-the-top or pretentious. The author doesn't just state that Kakashi and Rin are screwed up or that they care for each other but Kakashi keeps Obito's ghost between them or that they have trouble being happy because of all the shit they've gone through in the past, instead she brings that through amazingly well in each little movement they make or the way their thoughts swirl and never quite connect with each other. Yet, at the same time, there's such care and history there, it's not a cold and distant relationship, it's complicated and messy and aching and it's brilliant. I wish there could be more fic like this, even if it would eventually make me want to burst into tears. (Kakashi/Rin.)

- Naruto - Right Enough by sna - So, I've mentioned that I have this thing for Kakashi/Rin, yes? Because there's something about the pairing that appeals to me, something about the character, even with what little we know of her, that would fit with Kakashi, someone to ground him in that way he needs, yet can still shuffle through the morass of complications that is Kakashi. And this fic does a really fantastic job of showing that... even if things went as right as they could, even if Kakashi and Rin hurt and heal each other in equal parts just by being there, even if they're absolutely necessary to each other, it's never going to be idyllic and... yeah, I love that about Naruto. Even when they're in love and they're good for each other, it still hurts and that comes through beautifully in the writing. This is the kind of fic that just makes me fall even further in love with this pairing, because they FIT here, both with each other and the series in general. And I know a fic is good and I love the pairing when it can make my little fangirl heart ache. ;__; (Kakashi/Rin.)

- Naruto - Fair Play by nescione - [Note: Kakashi Gaiden spoilers.] ........WAH. ;____; Kakashi and Yondaime and a brilliant little story that just... makes my fangirl heart hurt and yet attracts me at the same time, because Yondaime and Kakashi and you just do not see enough of that in fic! Much less in fic that feels so absolutely right and true to both characters and the way they interact. Yondaime is just... I can't imagine that this is anything other than accurate, the way he smiles, the way he's such a dangerous fighter, but still such a likable, sunny person, the way there's a real bond between teacher and student. And little serious!Kakashi and an absolutely killer ending to the story that broke my heart. This was really good. ;__; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Genius Under Fire by sna - [Note: Spoilers for the Kakashi Gaiden.] Oh, well, now this was just... there were one or two moments I was nearly thrown out of the story (Kakashi couldn't count past eighty? If he's a genius, he can figure out the patterns, I'd think. If you can count seven-eight-nine, you can get seventy-nine, eighty, eighty-one, etc.), but the overall effect was breath-taking. The comparison of Hatake Sakumo and Hatake Kakashi as they moved through similar points/milestones in their lives and the punch the author hit the readers with was intense. It brilliantly showcased the differences and heartbreak father and son went through, the way their lives eeriely ran parallel, yet are completely different, but both hurt like hell. Just... the writing is gorgeous here, the effect the author was going for brilliantly achieved and I really can't go "....holy shit." enough. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Persistance of Vision by sna - [Note: Kakashi gaiden spoilers.] Quite literally, Kakashi's always got someone keeping an eye out for him. Oh, my god, this was so good. Just brilliant, really. The people in Kakashi's life, the ones he's loved and lost and how they continue to watch out for him, the way Obito, even in death, still watches out for him, because Kakashi needs it. The entire story, whenever Kakashi would get better or worse, whenever he would get closer to people or more alone, whenever he would lose another person, it all tugged at my heartstrings, because it makes beautiful sense of the characters and their relationships, it just nails the heartache of them (Kakashi especially). It's got a lovely pacing to it as well, the way it covers years and everything just flows together and... brilliant writing, brilliant tone/style, brilliant heartache, brilliant characterization, and a brilliant ending. I ached reading this. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Naruto - Girl Talk by sna - Oh, man, I loved this story. So many little details about the kunoichi in the village, a lovely way of having them all interact that doesn't feel forced, there was such a natural feel to the entire story that was really impressive. Add to that that there was some fantastic stuff with Yondaime and Rin, making them such realized characters, making them so... vibrant, really, the way they both just came to life here. I really, really like sna's take on Rin's character and her writing is gorgeous and my only complaint is that there isn't more of her writing. ^_~ (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Naruto - Icarus by Chevira Lowe - [Note: Kakashi Gaiden spoilers both in the fic and the rec.] I've been on a Kakashi fic-reading spree lately and I finally got around to reading this fic and... I'm not sure what took me so long to finally get here, because this is another one of those stories that's really good. The writing is sharp and clever, it strides the line between angsty and too angsty, so that everything hurts even more because it's so Kakashi about it. The interaction between Yondaime and a young, worn-down Kakashi is heartbreaking and sparkling all at the same time, the way the chirping sound of the Chidori is woven into the entire piece, the way the ending hit me like a ton of bricks. Just... ouch. Heartbreaking and beautiful. ;__; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - No Perfect Endings by link no miko - Okay. See. I am a Kakashi fan. So when I read a story that's genuinely really well-written and packs this amazing emotional punch, it makes my heart hurt and I feel like I could start edging towards tears. Especially when the heartache of the story isn't so amped up that it becomes overwhelming, instead it's deftly written and manages to show how much pain and loss Kakashi goes through, the events that have shaped him from the beginning and just... it's the kind of story that forces me to take a deep breath at the end because it hit me just right. And I love, love that this is the Kakashi I recognized from the Gaiden, that this feels so exactly like what Yondaime must have been like, that young!Kakashi must have been exactly like this, so cold and hard-edged already, but not cruel or inhuman. He is a genius, but he is also human and, gah, I wish I could do a better rec, because this fic was fantastic. The kind that rips your heart out but doesn't stomp on it because he's still there and still human. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Conscience by Lisse - I'm sure I've mentioned before how much I geek out on Kakashi fics, because, man, do I. I adored this story because it was a beautiful way to show the effects of the various people in Kakashi's life on him, the way he's taken on--or wonders if he'll ever take on--aspects of them, the way he takes pieces of those people and makes them a part of himself. But the fic never has to say that, it just shows it to the reader, shows how much he cares about these people, how tired he is, even how quirky and kinda batshit insane he is. Each little section, each fragment of Kakashi's life that we see here is beautiful and just the right tone to make me hurt for the character all over again. Lovely fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Spirals by nescione - Oh, man, how much do I love the whole interconnected quality of Naruto? So much. I love the way this fic is written, the way you start at one point and a thread spins off the first scene to the next, with a related character. Which then spins off a thread of its own to connect to the next character. Each scene has a moment or a particular insight about my favorite characters as I do so love the Konoha characters, from Jiraiya and Tsunade and Orochimaru and Sarutobi-sensei to Yondaime and Kakashi and Obito and Rin to Naruto and Sasuke and Sakura, but it makes it even better when you get a fic like this to see those connections and parallels. Then on top of that, each scene reminds you of all the tough lives these characters have to live, the pain they go through in their lives, all wrapped up in beautiful language. And god did the Kakashi parts hit me especially hard. I don't usually get hit as hard by Team 7 interactions, but somehow, here, the author really nailed Kakashi in those scenes, I thought. Brilliant fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Handle With Care by Kilerkki - So, I've mentioned before that I have a weakness for Yondaime and Kakashi interaction fics, right? Because, man, I do. And it's especially nice to run into one that doesn't have angst, but also is really sort of fun (because Yondaime thinking about his surprisingly young new genin, being surprisingly young himself, about legends, about Jiraiya, about the expectations put on their shoulders, about how very human Jiraiya is sometimes, too, all of that was just delightful fun), and the Yondaime characterization is really solid. Which is what you're reading this fic for, really. Also, I liked that I didn't even notice the lack of a name to call him until afterwards, which I thought was sort of neat. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - That He Should Weep by UE - You know, I'm not quite sure how to catagorize my reaction to this fic, because it can be a little difficult to keep your focus in the fic, almost like the picture is just a notch fuzzy, but at the same time that adds a certain atmosphere to the story. Part of it is also that so little actually happened that I'm having trouble remembering what it was that I liked about it, what left me with the feeling of, "That was a good fic!" Because it was, the way Kakashi moves through his life, before things went to hell, during, after, all the while a vague sense of loss and bitterness and aching and pain present, but without going overboard. It's more felt than told, in the little details with the way Kakashi holds himself or the way people react to him or what's expected of him (the expectations with Itachi hit me especially hard in this fic), even the way Sakumo reminds him about the way to treat the dogs he summons. And there's really ouchy ending to go with everything, creating an overall really interesting take on Kakashi's character that I liked a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Not Found In Stone by Phoenix of Eternity - You know how some fic leaves you breathless or heartsick after reading it, because it hit the exact right notes that made you want to cry because the characters go through so much pain? Yeah, this one had my little fangirl heart hurting because of the way it recounts the tragedies in Kakashi's life, the way so much has been piled on shoulders so young at the time. But it's also the interaction between Kakashi and Yondaime that drew me to this fic, the utterly brilliant way the author portrays child!Kakashi around his Sensei, around his teammates, around his father. This was brilliant and perfect and all those other gushing adjectives, for all the little details (the description of Kakashi and Yondaime sitting in front of the Hero's Stone was magnificent, really) and reactions and just... I wish I could describe it better. Every little piece of it hit me exactly right, every little piece of it was just as sharp as the rest. *wobbles* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Naruto - Rollercoaster by Bubblegum - I picked up this story (or aki_omoi pointed it out to me, I have a very hazy memory sometimes, sorry ~_~) because of the Kakashi/Rin pairing and how it's been awhile since I read anything for it and... I think I liked this fic, there are enough lines in it that really hit the emotional resonance the author was going for. (One of my favorites was: When you were hurt, you would come to my place and I would spare you the hospital (why you hate this place is still a mystery to me; none of them died there).) The relationship between the characters is interesting here, there is a sense of elasticity, they're closer than anyone else one minute, miles apart the next. Rin's frustration and confusion and anger and love for Kakashi all swirl together in this piece, the way she sees him, the way she knows what he's doing, the way he's treating Obito's gift--which was my other favorite line: And you won't give me any explanation or excuse (Do you ever think of my nightmares? This eye in not only yours, it is also mine.). It's those moments in this fic that really won me over, I think. There was just... something lurking around the edges of this fic that really made me rather like it. (Kakashi/Rin.)

- Naruto - Pity by gelfling8604 - As I've mentioned many times before, Yondaime and Kakashi fic is an all too rare treasure, especially by an author that I glee over their work. And this fic is such a fantastic one because it gets that line between pity and sympathy and brattiness and loss and anger and not-quite-coping that Kakashi went through after his father died and the beautiful way Yondaime handled it as best he could, two genius nin who stumble through these moments. But it's not a fic that makes me hurt necessarily, it's almost a lighter sort of fic without sacrificing the weight of what happened. Because it's about Kakashi being such a bratty little kid, but still respect and loyalty for Yondaime, almost anger in a way because he can't say no to him, yet you can still see the person he's going to grow up to be... in a way. Anyway, yes, it's a fabulous character piece on Kakashi that I was rather well over the moon for. ♥ (No warnings/pairings, not really.)

- Naruto - The Perils of Anthrax by gelfling8604 - I was a little nervous to click on this link. It was labelled KakaYonda and slight KakaNaru, two pairings that I like better as gen and feel sort of squicky about with romance. But I read. And it was vaguely romantic. And almost outright romantic towards the end. And, oh my god, this is the only fic, the only way that Kakashi/Naruto would work for me. Because of all the weight and history and Kakashi's feelings and it's so, so screwed up, even when nothing happens, only that sort of flutter in my chest of a raised heartbeat sort of feeling. That's what I felt like reading this, what I felt between them. The physical reactions this fic got from me were fantastic and the atmosphere of this piece has this really strong intensity to it and the writer actually pulls off the feeling of immediacy and sticky sense of feeling like you're covered in blood and bone-tired. Also, there are moments of humor where the author wants them and I just. I... I just. I keyboard mash in love at the connection between Kakashi and Jiraiya here. (Kakashi/Yondaime, Kakashi/Naruto implied a little.)

- Naruto - Count on Me by namistai8 - [Note: Some spoilers for recent-ish manga events.] A few years back, I was vaguely interested in the potential of Kakashi/Kurenai (this was before Asuma/Kurenai really had much to go on in canon), but it never really went anywhere. The idea still lingers just a little, so I was curious to read this fic, especially after Asuma's death and I knew it wouldn't exactly be a happy fic. And the fic is indeed utterly heartbreaking, the language is beautiful, the Kakashi perspective as he watches Kurenai mourn and hurt and cry, he thinks of his own loss, and the author does it beautifully. The connections the author weaves between the two characters, the parallels between them, the sense of loss they both feel, it's all beautifully done. The final scene just... it made my fangirl heart just hurt, in the way that was so true to the series. (Kakashi/Kurenai that's really gen, Asuma/Kurenai, and Kakashi/Rin.)

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