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- Naruto - Times Changed by Hiasobi - I admit, I've been sort of wheeling around, looking for that Neji pairing that really strikes home with me. NejiNaru seems to have potential, but I think I like it more of a theoretical way. NejiTenten certainly has my interesting and I would like to see more shiny fic for it. But, the longer I'm a big, giant dork of a Neji-fan, the more the idea of NejiHina appeals to me as well. This fic was... well, Hiasobi is a fabulous writer, so I was curious about her approach to the pairing, and this fic... there's something about it that hit me the right way. That Neji loved her, but it wasn't easy, he was jealous and angry and resentful and things weren't perfect even after he had his eyes opened by Naruto, especially the way she still looked at the idiot. And Hinata's side wasn't any easier, this wasn't what she'd pictured, it wasn't the sweet and gentle and slightly awkward way she'd dreamed of for so long, there was something that was just a little wrong and not right about this. Which is what ultimately sold me, honestly. Because nothing is ever really perfect or absolutely right in the Naruto series and yet there's this... something that is right, something that's very, very real between them, that way the author nailed the characters and the feel of the series. It vibed for me. And, god, the NejiHina lime scenes? So pretty and so hot. I wish I could describe this fic better, I do. Because it deserves a sharp and insightful comment rather than just me babbling about my experiences and yet. So... instead I'll just keep making the *___* expression and quietly hum to myself over the prettypretty fic. (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Unspoken by Hiasobi - I... I think I'm firmly onboard with the NejiHina 'ship after this fic. I'd read the author's other works previously, I'd really liked them, I felt a certain spark of something, but... with this fic, in the way that there are so many unspoken words between Neji and Hinata when she comes to see him one night and there was this heavy feeling in my heart, well, that's when I knew that I was sunk with this pairing. The words of this story are gorgeous, the characterization beautiful, the emotion of it, as Hinata stands in front of Neji, not quite meeting his eyes, as Neji stands in front of Hinata, not saying the words he should, it's all beautiful. Such an elegant, lovely piece. *wibbles* (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Mistakes by Hiasobi - *squeaks happily* Given that I read this one just after the previous one, it came along at just the right time for me, the way Neji and Hinata each have their own pain, the way they're so distant from each other, but, at the same time, there's so much feeling and connection there. The writing is beautiful, taking the characters from harsh and angry kisses to something more genuine, a little awkward at times, and real. The author does a brilliant Hinata, the way she's gentle but still strong in her own way, the way Neji is angry and bitter but still somehow gentler with this person, and it's all believable. It's different and strange for them both, waking up together after a night that should have been a mistake, the way he doesn't let go of her, the way she doesn't know what to say, but the feelings are so strong and real. I loved this, the author writes them both so wonderfully, the dynamic between them the kind that sends me into fluttery breaths as I try not to fangirl too hard. ♥ (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - [this is not love] & [the lies we tell each other] by Hiasobi - It is a struggle not to flutter happily, given how much of an OTP NejiHina is becoming with me, given how much I love the little moments between them in this short fic. The references to the marks they leave each other with, the little touches they share when no one sees, the way it shouldn't be love, the way everyone says that it's not love, but somehow it is. There's such a connection with this writing and it just fills me with fannish delight. ♥ (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Night by Hiasobi - As much as I sometimes like to read fluffy NejiHina or Neji-and-Hinata-against-the-world fics, there's also something to be said for the more melancholy stories, the ones that have an inexorable bond between them that isn't such a happy thing. It's not a horrible thing (and, yet, in some ways it is for Hinata), there's small comforts and you don't hate either of them and it's complicated and lovely and the fic is all of these things shown to the reader rather than told. There's a real sensuality to the fic, to the imagery between every scene, there's a real ache that touches everything, and there's just a certain style to the writing that matches this pairing and what's happening here. I admit that I hurt at the idea of Neji and Hinata in something much akin to a one-sided marriage (though, it's not precisely that, either and I love that the fic portrays it so subtly that I can't describe it without flattening the depth of it), but it's such a lovely piece and the characterizations are so lovely that I'm won over by it anyway. (Neji/Hinata, possible R-rated content.)

- Naruto - Hyuuga clan staring contest by ChibiRisu-chan - Man, Neji and Hinata having a staring contest/fight without using words? How could I not snatch this one up to read immediately? And, okay, yes, the Neji - Hinata interaction is what really put me over the top with the fic, despite that it was probably entirely gen. (Shut up, I just like their interaction however it's done.) But even more than that, it's cute and it's fun to see Hinata coming into her own without having to put Neji down to do it, there's a sense of... whatever it is, it makes me love both characters so very much. Plus, omg, Naruto gets the best line in the whole fic when he gives his opinion on what he thinks about Neji and Hinata's way of arguing. And the ending... *melts into a puddle of warm fuzzies* (Not Neji/Hinata by any means, but fans of the pairing may enjoy it.)

- Naruto - Perception by Hiasobi - part 00 - part 01 - I'll start off with admitting that these two parts are a little rough, there are several moments when the author could have polished them a little more, but at the same time, there's still that basic talent, that basic style of interaction between Neji, Hinata, and the rest of the Hyuuga that made me fall for the author's writing and the pairing itself. There's a certain delicacy to Hinata and the writing here, the gentle nature of her character comes through so strongly, even when up against Neji's rage/pain and her own pain/loss and determination. The way Hinata has been through a lot, her family's disappointment in her, her relationship with the Branch family members... I terribly look forward to more of this story and enjoy what there is of it so far. (Not Neji/Hinata, but I'll include it in that section.)

- Naruto - Keep your heart broken by Chevira Lowe - This fic is really rather terribly short, but I had to rec it properly anyway because it's Neji and Hinata and the language of it is soft and beautiful and heartbreaking in exactly the way the author intended it. It does feel rather short, like it's only a piece of what should be longer, but I have no real criticisms of it otherwise, it's... I suppose it hurts because I can picture it so easily for their future. And, oh, the ending is just heart-tuggingly perfect and made me ache quietly. (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Inside Out by Sintari - There's something about the NejiHina pairing that lends itself to rather sad, depressing, but beautifully aching stories, I think. Which are normally not my preference for fic reading, but when you love a pairing, you'll read any and all goodfic you can find. Which isn't meant to be a backhanded compliment, because this story was beautifully told, from Neji and Hinata's first forbidden time together to each time they were together afterwards to the eventual, inevitable ending. The author's language is lovely here, there's a softness and a sense of silk kimono and graceful gestures that fit the pairing so well, but even more than that, I really am intrigued by the characterizations of both of them. There's a real heat between the characters, from both Neji and Hinata as they want each other, as they come together yet again, as they stand on opposite sides of the room and are so very aware of each other. With another fic, I might not have believed that Hinata would be unfaithful in a marraige, even an arranged one, not so surely of herself, not without guilt, but in this fic, the author absolutely sold it to me, she was lovely here. There's such passion in the characters here, from both Neji and Hinata, both showing it in different ways, but I felt it rather than having to be told about it. And the intimacy and sex between the characters was beautiful without having to be graphic--the scene with their first time is just beautiful. I know I've abused that term in this rec, but I'm still all aglow over this one, leave me alone. XD (Neji/Hinata, R-verging-on-NC-17 content.)

- Naruto - Moments by link no miko - As you can see, I've been scouring the fandom for more NejiHina fic recently and I hadn't realized that link no miko had written one until I happened to stumble over it the other day. The author can always be counted on for a good, solid story, one that gives me another fix that I want so very much. And I do like the almost still quiet of this fic, the way Neji watches Hinata as she sleeps and his internal thoughts go over the emotions that well up in him because of her. I also liked that there was a certain sensuality to the piece, the way Hinata was described in soft hair and flashes of pale skin and hints of curves as she shifted in her sleep. And I'm really rather fond of the... sort of acceptance Neji has here, of Hinata and the kind of person she is, rather than the way the rest of the family treats her. <3 (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Picking Up The Pieces by lynnxlady - I really liked the narrative voice for this piece, it had a hint of something sharp and snappy to it without sacrificing the characterization to get it. I also really liked the way Hinata was written here, still shy and nervous and a little fidgety, but with that finally found core of something like strength to her, the way I just fell rather completely in love with her all over again, the way her shyness and stammering were endearing here because they weren't the only thing to her character. At the same time, I also loved Neji's characterization, the way he sees her a little differently now, the way they interact when Hinata works up the courage to ask for a second fight, this time without the bitterness, because she doesn't think it's good for him and the surprisingly complex and subtle way Neji responds to her words. While the ending is a bit abrupt, it was a fic that made me really just happy to like these two so much. (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Bandages by pinkpuruu - Given when this story was written, it's obviously AU from what actually happened, but if you set that aside, it's a lovely story about the way things could have gone after Neji's fight during the mission to retrieve Sasuke. There's a certain style to the writing of the fic, the way the imagery is soft and gentle, which makes the intensity of it all the stronger, the way Neji is so hard to read, the way Hinata is shy and hesitant, but manages to make her hands move and give him comfort when he needs it the most. But, more than that, more than the lovely characterization for both of them, the way bandaging Neji's wounds and Hinata can barely stand to look at them now, more than the graceful descriptions of the characters, it was the intimacy without having to do anything that made my fangirl heart flip over while reading this fic. (Neji/Hinata, though, you could almost say this was gen.)

- Naruto - Fall by Tammaiya - To be fair, this fic is only 270 words long, so I probably shouldn't rec it properly, but... eh, again, my journal/site, my rules, blah, blah, blah. XD There's just something about the mood of this piece, the almost lyrical feel of the atmosphere somehow, the way I felt the cold rainwater on my skin, too, the quiet balance between bittersweet and maybe something more hopeful with Neji and Hinata standing as they are and something in my chest tightens over this. (Neji/Hinata, but it could be gen, too.)

- Naruto - untitled by gamera - I'd just finished reading the author's Gintama fic and saw she'd written a short little NejiHina thing. I was curious and decided to read and... it was cute and interesting for the most part, a bit short but not in a bad way... and then I got to the ending. There was something about the timing or the tone of it, something about the punchline that hit me just exactly the right way and I did one of those "....ppffttt." sort of choked laughs. Totally worth reading for the ending line, hee. (Neji/Hinata, but.)

- Naruto - Cemetery Garden by Urei Sachi - NejiHina is a pairing that is sort of complicated for me, since I prefer something less fluffy and sweet, but that also means the fics usually end up being a bit more heartbreaking than I would prefer. It's hard to give them a happy ending, the way I like them. And yet I'll still continue to read the more tragic fics because they're often written like this one, with beautiful writing and this subtle sense of inevitability and fate. I especially like that this fic wasn't too over the top about it, Hinata's acceptance of her role in the Hyuuga family and Neji never quite putting words to what it is he feels for her, the way it's all in small gestures or small glances is really lovely. (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Flame by Dan'yu - This is a very short piece, not even 300 words, it's a small moment in time, simple Neji watching Hinata and she can feel his gaze on her, the intensity of it burns her. While there's not much direct character musing here, the fic instead captures the dynamic of these two with each other, the way they are both gentle and harsh with each other at the same time. It's a really pretty little piece. (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Heir by Dan'yu - You know, as much as I usually go for something more bittersweet with NejiHina, occasionally I just want that to be balanced out with something softer, sweetier, fluffier, and more adorable. This fic totally fills that need for me, something happier in a Neji/Hinata future as Neji rushes across Konoha half-naked and uncaring, after a message has been delivered to him. It's probably only going to appeal to those who already like the pairing, but it made me honestly happy to read. <3 (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - To Promise To Fly by Dan'yu - This is a bit closer to what I usually read, if still on the warmer and fuzzier site (not that I'm complaining <3), where Neji is stubborn and thinks about flying a lot and is kind of a dumbass, but in a Neji sort of way. The imagery the author uses in this fic is lovely, it's almost introspective for Neji, but not precisely, as he pushes himself too hard to return home. The NejiHina relationship is just quiet enough and just sweet enough here that I really adored the fic., this is a terrible rec. Just go read the fic. (Neji/Hinata.)

- Naruto - Raindancer by empath_eia - I was journalhopping this morning and happened to come across this fic and, hey, I hadn't read NejiHina fic in forever, so, sure, why not? Fic where Hinata grows up to be really strong and a good fighter aren't usually my thing, but this author did it in such a way that I didn't really mind, I found her interesting because she was still Hinata and still nervous and kind and scared and doing her best to stand up and do the right thing anyway. The sense of the years passing, the way that fear never really leaves her, the way Neji matures and makes his own realizations so very slowly and makes his own choices, all of it was a really satisfying story here. (Neji/Hinata.)

Naruto: Umbrella by Empatheia - It feels like it's been ages since I read much Naruto fic, much less a good NejiHina, much less one as lovely as this. I love that it doesn't ignore Neji's hatred of Hinata, even as it's slowly tempering into something more, I love how strong a person Hinata is in this fic without making her out of character because she is still weak and frail compared to a lot of people, even when she's grown so much. I love that there's a lot of heartache that they don't consciously try to change, but somehow it eventually does temper out and Neji finally really understands her. I love the use of words in this fic, it's such a pretty thing to read! But mostly I love the ending. Because that's what I want out of NejiHina--not something easy or carefree, but eventually they balance each other, her patience with his genius, they're each stronger together than they were apart. Yes plz. (Neji/Hinata.)

Naruto: Fragile by fujiko1601 - I was browsing springkink and setting aside some fics to read and this one caught my eye as well, since... I think maybe I have a great obsession with other characters/pairings from Naruto, but NejiHina is the one I never felt satisfied with, so it's the one I keep coming back to, even after all this time. I liked what the author did here, the way Hinata's strengths and weaknesses were both used, the way Hinata used her frail looks to her advantage because she kind of had to. I really liked that she was stronger and more lethal, but still a Hinata that I could recognize! Plus, it's nice to have actual ninja antics in a fic sometimes! (Neji/Hinata.)

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