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- Naruto - Sunshine by Kaminiko - Aww, this was a light, fluffy sweet story that made me smile to read it. I loved the very soft shounen ai, barely there, I could see it with the characters--I was especially fond of Naruto's characterization... his loneliness and pain were there to see if you knew what to look for, but it was all wrapped up in his usual cheerful persona... he himself probably didn't even realize he was doing it, when he talked about wanting to be able to take sunshine with him, which was a marvelous plot point. And the SasuNaru was so gently sweet, yet still with that same SasuNaru spark. Bah, I'm blathering. Cute, fluffy WAFF. I liked. ^_^ (SasuNaru.)

- Naruto - Weak Knees Goldilocks by Kaminiko - This story... was on CRACK. But the good kind. Oh, so the good kind. XD Normally, I really don't care for fairy tale parodies because they're just... bleah, but this one was actually really cute and funny and made me laugh so much. It was the discussion about whether or not to keep Naruto that just made the fic for me and sent me into even more giggles. The writing itself is actually really smoothly readable, making this even more enjoyable to read... just fun! (Some SasuNaru, KakaIru.)

- Naruto - To Snare a Kitsune by Amiko - There are a few problems with this story that keep it from being really great--the bad formatting on FFNET (what I did to be able to read it was saved a copy and went through, replacing the break tags with paragraph tags, then replacing multiple paragraph tags in a row with paragraph-break-break so as to keep the scene breaks and that made it much more readable) and the concept is just... ow. Gay ninja club has kidnapped Sakura and Sasuke and Naruto need to go in "undercover" to rescue her and just... guh, cliche yaoi ficness abounds. But... at the same time, the writing itself is really good. It's sharp and clever and genuinely funny (I could have done without Naruto's disdain for the other ninjas who were "like that"), the characters wonderfully themselves, Sasuke and Naruto's interaction perfect, being their usual bickering selves, but able to work together when necessary. The kissing and touching was done just right so I could really believe it, especially when it came to be a competition over who was better between them. XD Plus... the scene at the end is one of my favorites from SasuNaru fic, it's just adorable. *rereads* (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - The Golden Rule and Morning After by Moonsheen - When I first started watching the Naruto anime, I was immediately attracted to SasuNaru, because it seemed the obvious and interesting pairing, and then Kakashi-sensei showed up and there was all this KakaIru on the net and I got distracted. But Moonsheen reminds me of why I liked SasuNaru in the first place--those elements of teammates, friendship, rivalry, and attraction all mixed together in a fun little relationship with sparks flying everywhere. Moonsheen writes with a sense of humor that permeates the whole fic, not making it parody or a laugh-a-minute riot, but the kind that keeps you with a smile on your face the whole time you're reading. I really, really liked the way The Golden Rule was written, it's not a style you see very often and it worked so well for Naruto, really nailing down both his and Sasuke's characterizations and Morning After continued that and I is a haaaa~ppy fangirl. XD (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - Lyric Wheel Challenge - Miss You Love - Silverchair by Jamjar - There are three lines in this story that stand out for me, even after an entire day later: And- it would be easy to get Naruto to fall in love with him, or something close to it. Naruto doesn’t have a clue when it comes to people. All Sasuke would have to do would be to smile at him, tell Naruto he wasn’t a complete waste of space. The author really did a terrific job at capturing the characters--they're not happy, shiny, rose-petal-strewn love, but there's a sense of magnetic attraction there and the way Naruto was written through Sasuke's eyes... it was wonderful. It wasn't happy, it wasn't unhappy, but it was just exactly what I needed yesterday morning. (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - Summer by Pellaz - This is quite possibly my ultimate SasuNaru fic because... well, okay, see, I could go on this huge, long jag about how I see the characters, where I think they're going, what I want from the series, but I think the fic says it better than I could. I love this story because the writing is wonderful, the characterization and dialogue are sharp, insightful, and damn near perfect, and it's the aftermath of Sasuke's betrayal (and eventual ass-kicking delivered by Naruto) that I wanted to see so damn badly. Her characterizations are just spot-on (the scene with Naruto and Iruka is fabulous, even if Naruto's speech is a little off--which straightens out about a third of the way in and is just rocking from then on out) and I lovelovelove that Sasuke and Naruto deal with their issues in a very SasuNaru sort of way. Snark, snarling, and an odd sort of understanding. Excuse me while I go have fits of happy fangirl joy. (SasuNaru.)

- Naruto - Flash Frame by rondaview - There's nothing particularly loving about the way they touch each other. In fact, Naruto is secretly convinced that Sasuke's been tucking these moments into the back of his head all along, probably for future blackmail or some other equally nefarious purpose. The thing that I absolutely, positively love about this story? That it's not really fluffy, but it's not really ouchy, either. It's sharp-edged and it's not particularily nice, but it doesn't make me want to curl up in a little ball, either. The way the narrative flows over each point is nicely done, the way it's a character piece, but never gets too caught up in the trying to explain feelings, instead showing us moments that help show us the SasuNaru relationship, in so much of its complexity. This is why I haven't given up in disgust on the Naruto fandom. (SasuNaru.)

- Naruto - Special Relationships by Tammaiya - Okay, so, it was late, Tammaiya was reading the Naruto manga, getting to some of the more NejiNaru-friendly scenes and we started talking and bemoaning that both of us were more SasuNaru fans, but there was something that wouldn't quite disperse about the idea of NejiNaru, especially since we love Neji to squishy, squishy little pieces and were so, so amused at the idea of what would happen if Hinata found out. It, of course, immediately turned to crack and Tammaiya wrote this genius fic. GENIUS, I tell you. It's the kind where there's a joke every five lines that absolutely had me rolling around on the floor and clutching my sides with the kind of laughter that was so high-pitched only dogs could hear it. And, yet, it never felt crowded for everything that she managed to pack into it, it was just this steady stream of OMG FUNNY. It's also really clever funny--as the fic requires that there be a base misunderstanding, but it's the kind that could happen, not the kind that indicates the cast doesn't have half a brain to share between them, instead it was beautifully worded to make the crack story premise work. But, hell, even that's not the end of the reasons to read the fic--she manages to put in little details for this wide variety of characters that make them come alive. Hinata is the sweetest manga girl just about ever and I could not stop wanting to hug her the entire way. Kurenai was just genius, TenTen was even more genius, Iruka made me want to spaz and hug him so much, Kakashi was his usually SADISTIC FREAK self that had me cracking up, Neji was just absolutely brilliant, and Sasuke and Naruto were... perfect. I will not spoil any more of it than that, just... GO READ. SO FUNNY. Also, the ending is hilarious. (NejiNaru, SasuNaru, a few other pairings references or hinted at.)

- Naruto - Goin' Back to Bed by Moonsheen - Moonsheen is one of the few authors that not only will I read Sasuke and Naruto for, but I will dive onto it with glee. It's not that I don't like SasuNaru, because I do, it's just that canon satisfies me for the most part. But, man, Moonsheen knows how to write them, so that they have this incredibly sharp edge to their dialogue, it just sparkles it's so damn sharp and right for the characters. And their interaction is perfect, right down to Sasuke's "epiphany" and the way Naruto simply moves, even when all they're doing is arguing the second they wake up. God, I love BOTH Sasuke and Naruto SO MUCH here. Insert lots and lots of fangirl flailing here. (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - Smatterings by Saro - There are three pieces to this story, each focusing on a different relationship, but I'm going to rec them all together since it seems to fit better that way. I don't usually read outside of my Kakashi-friendly fic, but I'd read the author's GundamW fic and loved it so much that I thought she might be able to do SasuNaru in such a way that I'd be interested. And I really liked the first fic, the way whatever it was between them wasn't attraction because that implied something too soft and gentle, this was much harder. The way the fic only showed glimpses of what might come for them, even in such a short little thing, it was powerful and intense. And then! And then there was Jiraiya and Tsunade and I definitely knew I was going to be in love with this fic because it was just as sharp and harsh and powerful and intense. The way things change over the years, the way they don't, the way each moment contributes to the growing tension of the piece, the way it's so painfully Jiraiya and Tsunade. I was in love. But not only that, there was also a Neji/Naruto chapter, one of the few fics that I've read that actually did justice to that pairing, that actually kept my interest for it. It had that same hard, painfully sharp edge to it that made me fall in love with this series in the first place. A very nice collection of fics. *__* (SasuNaru, Jiraiya/Tsunade, and Naruto/Neji, respectively.)

- Naruto - Angstylocks and the Three Ninjas by sexybee - How on earth am I going to explain my love for this fic without degenerating into all caps or screaming fits? Because it's difficult to get across the utter glee and sparkle-laden enthusiasm I had for this fic's humor, especially given that it's a Naruto/Goldilocks fusion, which could have been so trite and cliche. But the author was really great about all the little details worked into the story (the reading material Angstylocks flipped through utterly cracked me up) and the writing was really smooth and clean, so the fic wound up just utterly working for me. I totally cackled at the ending and beamed the entire way through. ♥ (Very, very faint hints of SasuNaru and KakaIru, but it's not really the point.)

- Naruto - Art of Losing by Lady Cosmos - How much do I love LC? Because the idea of a fic about Sakura realizing she's being left behind, because she can't not notice since she's the analytical and smart one, that Sasuke is never going to be hers, it all had to be done with a very careful hand. Because this is actually a lovely Sakura POV piece, because it doesn't just relegate her to the third wheel, it makes her sympathetic and human as she watches Sasuke not looking her way, instead looking Naruto's way in the way she wished he'd look her way. The beautiful thing about this story is that I came out of it liking Sakura even more, because she doesn't hate, she's just... a smart girl who can't deny the truth, a sad girl, a human girl who tries not to be overwhelmed. The writing is lovely and I really liked this fic. ♥ (Sasuke/Naruto implied, one-sided Sasuke/Sakura.)

- Naruto - Set for Defrost by Moonsheen - I swear, Moonsheen is still one of the few authors that I'll stop and read SasuNaru for, because she does such a fabulous job with them. And I really do adore the way her Naruto and Sasuke interact, the way they fight and snarl and growl and snap at each other, but it's obviously layered over a real connection between them. The way her Sasuke and Naruto deal with the things both of them have done (well, okay, mostly Sasuke's dumbass-ness) in that way they have, it's not unimportant what happened, but it's not a dealbreaker, either. This was lovely. (SasuNaru.)

- Naruto - Ripple Effect by rayemars - Argh! I had about three paragraphs of a review written out for this fic and somewhere along the line, when porting my list of recs back and forth between this computer and the laptop, I seem to have erased or lost them! Which means I have to start all over again, oy. *rolls up sleeves* Okay. I am of mixed feelings when it comes to this fic. There are things that the author did that are pretty awesome. There are things that the author did that distract the hell out of me. The fic is good, it achieves far more than it doesn't achieve, which sort of makes the flaws stand out more to me. For one thing, the -chan usage in the fic is massively distracting to me, with pretty much every dramatic scene in the story, I can rarely fully let myself be immersed because I'm constantly being jarred by Sakura calling her friends Ino-chan or Hinata-chan or Anko-chan when they should have either long outgrown the -chan honorific or would never have used it at all. I also am not sure how onboard I am with the whole "Naruto's used too much of the Kyuubi's chakra and it's taking over him, so he's not allowed to use it anymore and now Sakura is hatching a plan to fix him and take the chakra out." idea. Just... it's not badly done, but I'm not sure I want to read about a Naruto without Kyuubi's role in his life.

On the other hand, this fic does so many things right. The characterization is solid, the dialogue sparkles, and it has some of my favorite dynamics very present and well-done. Sasuke and Naruto's relationship is done extremely well here, which comes out through the dialogue (the way they snark and snarl at each other really fits with the characters I know, it's actually interesting to me and keeps me entertained when I'm not really that SasuNaru focused as a Naruto fangirl) and in the way things aren't easy for either of them and the way they spar against each other. They fight, Naruto doesn't really let Sasuke forget that he was a dumbass to leave Konoha for Orochimaru, but neither does he drag it around their relationship constantly. Naruto is Naruto here. And Sasuke's betrayal of the village isn't forgotten, it's hard to be back when everyone looks at him with contempt now (and yet it's not over the line, it feels like this is how it would go if Sasuke came back), nor are the flashbacks of some of the things he endured/did under Orochimaru's care softened. Sasuke participated in some really awful things.

The other thing that totally sent me over the moon was the relationship between Lee and Sakura, which also just sparkled. They're not completely wrapped up in each other, but they do love each other very much and their feelings for each other don't waver, not even in the face of everything Sakura is going to go through with Sasuke back in the village and Naruto going through some bad stuff (given that he keeps slipping and using the Kyuubi's chakra at times). They're fun here and I always sit up a little straighter and beam whenever they have a scene together, because it's not all schmoopy love and smoochy faces, but it's still Lee and Sakura. I love Lee's characterization, honestly, because he's a wonderful blend of Lee and being more mature that a lot of people would expect of him. The whole relationship is wonderfully mature and I would rec this fic just for that.

Which brings me to the final point, I think, the other thing that I really appreciate about this story. For all that I'm wary of where the story is going with Naruto, it's a personal quirk, not one with the story, because it's actually doing it very, very well. The author also has a destination in mind for her story and each scene moves it forward a little and doesn't forget the things it needs to remember. What I mean by that is that Orochimaru isn't forgotten when Sasuke escapes, it isn't forgotten that Konoha is a village full of ninja on the brink of war again. There's plot here and it's the kind that feels like a natural extention of where the storyline might be going rather than throwing in an entirely new plot element. Which doesn't seem like it's all that interesting, but I don't find a lot of fics like that, honestly, that don't just create an entirely new plot, but instead work with what the series has given the readers and still makes it interesting and feeling like it could slide into the Naruto universe itself.

So, overall, I do have reservations about this story, I think the writing could be tightened up in a lot of places, a few things reworked, but all the necessary things are there and very strong. The author had me reading SasuNaru or Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura interaction scenes and not losing my interesting, which is rare. The author has a real flair for the sparkle of a fic, that certain element that makes it snap, rather than making my eyes glaze over with boredom. The LeeSaku relationship is fabulous and I would rec it just for that. And, hell, the author got me to read fifteen chapters (where I stopped when I wrote this rec) of a REALLY LONG fic and I have no trouble bailing on a fic that isn't working for me. Whatever reservations I have, I still think this is one of the more interesting fics in the fandom, period. (Romance isn't really the point/focus. It's gen more than anything. The SasuNaru isn't official, but there's enough interaction and if you squint and tilt your head and want to see it as romance... it's enough that I'll count it. LeeSaku is definitely romantic, though.)

- Naruto - Choosing Who by gelfling8604 - [ part 1 - part 2 ] I say this increasingly more and more these days, but it seems more and more appropriate as my attention span continues to fluctuate. It's one thing for me to sit and happily read 70k of a Kakashi fic, given how obessed I am. It's another for me to be glued to the screen for a SasuNaru fic, despite my fondness for them. It's not that I'm disinterested many times, it's that SasuNaru is one of those pairings where the canon is so complex and so good that not much in the fandom can really live up to it. But this fic was brilliant, the dull, throbbing pain I felt in my chest the entire time that Naruto was trapped in Sound's care, the way everything about Sasuke tugged at him, the way you could really feel the gravity of everything between them. Which is not an easy thing to capture in fic, it's more than just a certain style of writing or dialogue or characterization, it's the way it all came together.

It helped that I really felt Naruto's bruises and scrapes, that that's how everything felt while reading this fic--bruised and aching. Even when hope sprung up, it was the kind that hurt... much like the series at its finest. I really like the author's Naruto, the way he feels about Sasuke, the sharpness of his character, the way he views everything that's happened to him. It's rough and painful and everything hurts, but Naruto always has that certain quality that makes him believe. I really can't say much more about this fic, other than that I think it's a breath-taking read, something anyone interested in SasuNaru should read, a story that made my bones hurt not from the physical pain, but from everything these two have been through. Brilliant story and, damn, that ending was one hell of a punch. (Sasuke/Naruto, some NC-17 content.)

- Naruto - untitled by ChibiRisu-chan - Awww, Sasuke and Naruto and it's fluff, but it's not horrible sappy, OOC fluff. Naruto dragging Sasuke off to see fireworks is one of those things that really requires a deft touch from the author, but I found it to totally work here. I say over and over again that I don't read much SasuNaru fic, so when I finally do... yeah, this is the kind of thing I want, the kind of writing that's just so smooth that it sucks me in, the kind that makes me feel good about the pairing again. (Sasuke/Naruto hints, but.)

- Naruto - Passing Over by gelfling8604 - [Note: There are spoilers for recent chapters in the manga.] I've been recommending a lot of fic that's really short lately, but... well, lately, there's been short fic that's actually catching my attention. And this fic was just exactly a perfect addition to Sasuke's return in the manga, this fit together beautifully with Naruto's reaction to the scene. With Sasuke's treatment of Naruto in that scene. With the way Sasuke didn't give a damn about Naruto, the way that hit Naruto harder than any punch he could have thrown, the way the author gets that across without even having to say it. This is SasuNaru like SasuNaru should be done. Also, kitty omg omg omg. *heap of fangirl squee* (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - Ashes, Ashes by The Engine Driver - This fic is a bit of a strange bird for me. It departs from the feel of canon themes because it's a much darker ending than I would imagine for the characters. On the other hand, I don't find it out of character, I can see, in a more hopless potential future for the characters, Naruto turning out like that, his inability to give up channeling his actions into a scenario like this. It takes all those things that make Naruto such a strong character and sort of turns them in on himself without breaking the spell of disbelief for me. The scenes between Sakura and Naruto were lovely, the pacing of the piece keeps it moving along and it doesn't drag its feet, the scenes are evocative and powerful. It's... yeah, I didn't quite figure out the ending, so the punch of it hit me just right. It's one of those rare SasuNaru fics that kept me interested because it felt like the pairing, but covered new ground for me. And there was that sense of... there are happy things and there are hard things in the Narutoverse and sometimes things don't work out the way you hope they do. And. Just. Ouch. (Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - Mana Mana Meme Drabbles by gelfling8604 - I originally clicked on this to first read the two short Avatar fics, but then I went back to read the Naruto ones and... there are few authors who get the SasuNaru pairing like this one. Her short little fics pack such an incredible punch and have this darkness to them (without being too over the top, the feel right to the manga for me) that it nearly makes my teeth ache with the perfection of them. All these different ways things could happen, the way each of them is hard and difficult and hurts and yet there's still that connection, in the end it's Sasuke and Naruto and it's hard. That's just how I like my SasuNaru. There are other pairings (and I was surprised at how much I liked the one with Yondaime and Kakashi), but most of them are SasuNaru and it's the real reason you want to read this collection of shortfics. (Sasuke/Naruto, a little other.)

- Naruto - Nah by gelfling8604 - God, I love this author's Naruto fic. These is the kind of sharp-edged characters I want to read about in the fandom and I love her take on Naruto's character. I love that he notices little things about Jiraiya, that he's got that... rough quality to him. He and Jiraiya both. God, Jiraiya. He's everything I love about him in this fic and Naruto is everything I love about him in this fic. And I shouldn't be flailing so hard over a fic that's really just about Naruto burning off some extra energy because of a weird night and Jiraiya bitching him out about it, but it's perfect. It says everything it needs to and is blissfully in character. (Implications of Sasuke/Naruto.)

- Naruto - Stocking Feet by Mina - adsfl;kjasdlfjalkfs;, SASUKE AND NARUTO BEING RETARDS ON CHRISTMAS. Every winter holiday season should have Sasuke and Naruto being retards and completely socially inept BOTH OF THEM just like this! I had a lot of fun reading this fic and I adore Mina's writing when it comes to WJ series and Naruto is no exception. I love that it's not really even about the gay, this could have been gen or you could read more into it and, ads;lfkjasdlf;kjasd, holy crap, the ending is great. Great. (Sasuke/Naruto if you want to squint. It's more gen than anything.)

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