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- Odin Sphere - Foolish Beating Heart by Ethereal Vesper - It's way, way too early for me to be reading Odin Sphere fanfic, but I couldn't quite help myself. I'm so intrigued by the relationship between Oswald and Gwendolyn and this fic was the right one at the right time for me, it's about Gwendolyn's struggle to deal with her feelings, both for her new husband and for the loss of her old life, that uncomfortable, terrible period after she lost so much. I like it, because you can feel how much of a Valkyrie she was here, how tragic her fall was for her, and how something new is beginning for her. I really liked the way this played out, it feeds my intrigue over these two. (Oswald/Gwendolyn.)

- Odin Sphere - Time Apart by Ethereal Vesper - After playing through Mercedes' book in the game, I was struck by the utter need I had for an Ingway/Mercedes fic and so I wandered over to FFNET to find something. And this was a cute little fic (with perhaps some spoilers for the end of Mercedes' book?), just a quiet little thing where Mercedes goes back into the forest to hunt frogs again (since the last promise didn't really count) and thinks about Ingway. She lays down for a nap and when she wakes, perhaps someone has come to visit her while she was asleep. It's just... really cute and the characterization is solid. And I'm delighted that I'm not the only fan of these two. ♥ (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - I Wish by Shamanic Nuriko - [Note: There are spoilers for Mercedes' book in this fic and this rec.] Since I've basically finished the game (and spoiled myself for the ending, as I'm on the final fights now), I'm finally letting myself dig into the fandom to look for fic and I really want more Ingway/Mercedes fic especially. This was a lovely little piece set from Mercedes' point of view, thinking about all that's happened, thinking about the frog that helped her so much. I love that the fic touches on maybe why she bonded so strongly to someone just after her mother's death, but doesn't take away from the loveliness of the relationship. It's a really interesting look at Mercedes' character, someone who grew so much in the course of the game, someone I wasn't sure about at first, but she became one of my favorite characters. Very lovely. (Some Ingway/Mercedes implied.)

- Odin Sphere - In the Midst by MaverickJediSabyne - [Note: There are spoilers for the end of the game in this fic and this rec.] Since seeing the ending of the game, I've been a bit desperate for anything Inwgay/Mercedes because they turned out to be a pairing I adored deeply and their ending... their ending was beautiful and almost had to happen, but it certainly left a lot to be fannishly desired. So, Ingway/Mercedes fic it is. This is an interesting Ingway piece as he lies dying and thinks about her death after the fight with Onyx. It's sad, of course, but I like that... there's still some form of hope for whatever comes after death, that Ingway still has enough of something positive in him that his soul would spend the rest of eternity looking for her. Plus, that totally helps soothe the fannish ache. (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - Once Upon A Time... by Moonsheen - [Note: There are some spoilers for the end of the game and Mercedes' book in this fic and this rec.] This is a really cute little fic that... well, I'm not sure how many spoilers are actually in it, but it does reference some things you probably wouldn't get unless you'd played through the ending of the game. It's a very cute little fic that has an adorable little Alice and a charming ending that ties back into the game wonderfully. It's a short fic, but it's one of those things that you could practically just see happening in Alice's time. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Odin Sphere - A Midsummer's Night by Moonsheen - [Note: There are some spoilers for Mercedes' story in this fic and this rec.] One of the most interesting things about Odin Sphere is how the characters are all connected, even when they don't realize the connections and parallels are there. This fic is an adorable scene between Mercedes and frog!Ingway and it would have been lovely just for that, but it also touches on comparing/contrasting the two just a little, just enough that you realize a little more of the depth of Ingway's problems and the things that haunt him the most. Mercedes is adorable and you can see the flashes of the strong queen she's growing into and the frog/fairy dynamic is just so very cute yet again. (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - Soft Shadow by Moonsheen - [Note: There are some spoilers for Gwendolyn's book and inferences to Oswald's book in this fic and this rec.] Oswald/Gwendolyn was one of the first pairings that I came to fall in love with in the game. Oswald was really kind of utterly hilarious and I loved him instantly for his emotard ways, especially when he got all stalkery with Gwendolyn. Somehow, the two of them were perfect for each other and, yet, Oswald's obsessive creepy stalkery ways are never any less hilarious. The tone of this fic is very... it's rather terse, in a way, but I thought that fit with a fic set from Oswald's perspective, and I really liked the use of alchemy in the fic. The use of the feather was also lovely and it's an interesting little piece set between moments in canon, a very interesting look at Oswald's character. (Oswald/Gwendolyn.)

- Odin Sphere - Pocket Change by Moonsheen - I don't think I'll ever tire of Ingway/Mercedes interaction, they are just delightfully adorable together. This is just a short little piece, with Ingway trying to be practical and help Mercedes out, while she is a little >_o over his, ah, help. It's adorable because you can tell how much they like each other even when they're being adorably dumb and hilarious kids. (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - untitled by WhiteCat - You know. I'm not sure I would want NC-17 porn for Ingway/Mercedes (th-though, I suppose I would always be willing to find out....), partially because Mercedes was so young and partially because it would be tough to fit into the events of the game and mostly because I'm just not sure they need it. But something that's somewhere between a PG-13 and a light R? That works really well, especially for Ingway, who is... kind of a dark character. This is lovely, it's not harsh, but it's not sweetness and light, either. It's... Ingway, thinking about Mercedes. Thinking about all the things he'd seen and how much darkness has been in his life, yet how much he surprisingly cares about this tiny little queen. The imagery is lovely and it's a very pretty look at these characters. (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - untitled by WhiteCat - [Note: While there are no specific spoilers in this fic, there are references to events that you can only grasp fully if you know the ending. So, I'm still giving this fic and rec a spoiler warning, you should at least be into Oswald's book, if not the whole ending.] There's a line that Oswald says in the game, even after he realizes that Melvin no longer sees him as anything but a human tool, that there must have been something at the start of his adoption by the fairy. This fic does a really lovely job of it, there's something there when Melvin stumbles across baby Oswald, who is so direct and steady even as an infant, there's something when he looks into those little eyes and holds him. You can still see how it all went wrong eventually, you can already feel the stirrings of arrogance, but the something is still real. This fits very nicely with the game and the Melvin - Oswald relationship. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Odin Sphere - Some Day (My Prince Will Come) by Moonsheen - This was a cute potential first meeting between Cornelius and Velvet, it's neat to see the way Cornelius was immediately intrigued by this strange helpless maiden who wasn't so helpless and he's totally adorable here. He's... he's kind of ridiculous and almost cliche, except he has a really good heart and you can see that nicely here. The references to princely behavior is an interesting one, especially considering Velvet's situation, and I liked this fic a lot. (Cornelius/Velvet.)

- Odin Sphere - No Happy Endings by Aeanagwen - [Note: There are spoilers for the end of the game in both the fic and this rec.] While I understood why both Ingway and Mercedes almost had to die (otherwise it would have been kind of a cop-out), I'm still saddened that, no matter what ending you got for the characters, they always, always died. There was such potential there and this fic is an interesting look at Ingway's view of what could have been and how bitter he is about having lost it. How hurt and frustrated with the world he is, how almost resigned he is to his fate, even when he's still angry as he lay dying after her death. Even if it's not a happy fic, it helps fill the fannish void left by never getting a happy ending for those two. (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - A Fateful Meeting by MaverickJediSabyne - This was an interesting look at both Oswald and Gwendolyn, the dual perspectives of their meeting on the battlefield worked well here. I thought Oswald's interal voice was a little off, but the narration for both of them had really solid characterization and I loved that Oswald's chapter was just as hilariously super serious as he was, it was a rather perfect style for his character. I liked that it wasn't instant love for either of them, I liked that they both had such intense battlelust running through their veins, I liked that it was only a moment of being caught, something that Gwendolyn didn't know how to put into words and something that was kinda stalkery for Oswald, before the battle continued onwards. It was a good look into both of them at that moment. (Oswald/Gwendolyn.)

- Odin Sphere - Never and Always by MayPirate - [Note: There are few specific spoilers in this fic or this rec, but you may want to steer clear of it until you know the ending of the game.] Oh, my. This is a lovely look at Ingway's character, such a bitter and jaded person who knows that he's done terrible things and is going to do more, but watching Mercedes while she sleeps, he thinks about stories and maybe some part of him wishes for something else. I really like how emotionally scarred this Ingway is, without being too over the top about it, how you don't have to be told how much he's gone through, you can feel it in every thought that goes through his head. And yet there's something very sweet here, something almost charming in the way he thinks of Mercedes. The writing is gorgeous, the use of stories and endings as themes is lovely, and this story touched my fangirl heart. As much as I want a happy ending for them, this is the kind of thing that I went into the Odin Sphere fandom for. (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - The Last Psypher by May Flyer - [Note: This fic will, if not contain outright SPOILERS for the game, then it will at least not be as understandable if you haven't gotten to the ending.] I am a little unsure of how a Pooka would survive to the day that this fic takes place in, since all of them should have died (nor do I think they reproduce?), but when I set that confusion aside, I really liked what the author did with this story. The use of the original characters and the details of Norse mythology that the author wound into the fic, the use of the psyphers and phozons and what they might mean, it was all really pretty and really interesting. The heart of the piece, the flashes of what might have been for Ingway and Mercedes, is bittersweet and beautifully done, the way the scenes flash on the soldiers and the Valkyrie and Ingway as he made his way through the storyline, little moments that told so much. It's a lovely piece to add to the fandom, rather brilliantly done. (Some Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - Feathers by Miss Aertih - I'm almost sort of surprised at how short this fic was. It's not that it felt extremely long, but there was a certain satisfaction of the story having achieved everything it had set out to do by the end, the author covered everything between Gwendolyn and Oswald and how they looked at each other and how they came to love each other, very well. The world of the game is not exactly a happy place, but it's cetainly beautiful and this fic does a lovely job of capturing that. (Oswald/Gwendolyn.)

- Odin Sphere - hearts no longer lonely by Miss Aerith - It's been awhile since I found new Odin Sphere fic and... I may not have read this fic for a different series, but I found I rather liked it with these characters because they've got such a fairy tale tone to them and the game itself is such a visual one, with all those bright, lovely colors. And I do so enjoy this pairing and how Oswald won over Gwendolyn simply by loving her so deeply and truly, by being willing to do so much for her without trapping her, how Gwendolyn saw that. So, it gets at a lot of what I loved about these two. <3 (Oswald/Gwendolyn.)

- Odin Sphere - Renewal by lurk-stiltzkin - [Note: There are major spoilers for the end of the game in this fic and in this rec.] Given the way the game ended, I'm still heartbroken that Ingway and Mercedes didn't get a happy ending, in the "good" ending, they didn't even get to meet again at all. So, sometimes fandom will write fix-it fics and I appreciate them a lot, this is one such fic that actually doesn't change the ending of the game, but tacks on something that I can see fitting with what we know of the canon, I really kind of loved what the fic did with Ingway after he died. The sense of so many issues and burdens he had sort of peeling away in death was a nice one and this fic made me feel better about their fates. (Ingway/Mercedes.)

- Odin Sphere - breath, bone, and soul by nekokoban - [Note: There are spoilers for the end of the first book in this fic and in this rec.] This is a really pretty fic about Oswald and Gwendolyn together, the author uses a lot of really lovely turns of phrases and descriptions that remind me of the game's graphics and style. There's a seriousness to the way both of them speak, but it's not overdone, there's a subtle quality to it as well, a real eye for detail of all the little connections between the characters and the things they carry around with them, the things that they've done and the things that still mark them. Very, very nice. (Oswald/Gwendolyn.)

Odin Sphere: Chasing ever afters by lurk_stiltzkin - [Note: This fic and this rec will have spoilers for the game's ending.] It's been ages since I read an Odin Sphere fic, but this one was very nice, just a simple story of Ingway, a few of the missing pieces and background details, him taking the ring to Elfaria, him meeting Mercedes long before the game started, him watching her in Titania, all the little details of the game (the wizards there! the dragon in the sewers! the psypher!) very nicely present here. The writing is smooth and clean, the fic just sailed right along for me, I loved the way these short ficlets connected together to one larger whole. And then ending with Velvet. a sdl;fkjasljk so perfect and so easy to see all of this fitting in with the game. <3 (Ingway/Mercedes.)

Odin Sphere: untitled by Tammaiya - So. Siobhan was doing a high school AU ficlet meme and like I could resist the chance to make her do Odin Sphere. There are some fandoms that just work as a high school AU, that are practically made for it, and Odin Sphere is one of them. It's not something I might have necessarily thought of on my own, but. The cast of characters (my favorite is so totally Ingway) and the roles they're assigned to here is great and I'd totally read more of this. XD (Implied Ingway/Mercedes.)

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