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- Spirited Away/Okami - Wolf Heaven Bath by canis_m - Oh, this was a breathtakingly beautiful fic, two worlds that fit together so wonderfully and with such gorgeous writing that it makes me ache a little. The way Haku sees Amaterasu as she runs by, the language the author used to describe her, even the lush, gorgeous scenery described around the characters (at the Sparrow Inn! Omg, so cute!), the way the imagery and tones of each series blend so seamlessly here is amazing. There are even little details that are fabulous--like the "suddenly nightfall" bit, eeeee!--and weave together an anime with a video game and it's just... perfect. ♥ (Some Haku/Chihiro, but it's not entirely the point.)

- Okami - How friends and devotees call you by Kirisame - I really kinda liked this piece, it's hard to set a story from Amaterasu's point of view because she never has any lines in the game and while you do have some sense of her personality, how do you translate that into fic form? Yet this fic does a nice job of it, the way she doesn't care what people call her, so much as the meaning behind it, how they feel about her, rather than what may or may not be proper. It makes good use of the various nicknames and titles given to her throughout the game, it makes good use of showing her relationships with various people/creatures as the game goes along, even as Amaterasu is figuring things out herself. Very nice. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Okami - Catching the Wind by murinae - [Note: There are vague spoilers for the end of the game in this fic.] The idea of Okami fic intrigues me, because it's a game I would desperately like to have a fandom, but I also wonder how one would write about a character that never had any actual speaking lines, despite having such a prominent personality. And this is a lovely piece that starts out reflective, about Amaterasu and Ushiwaka, their natures and then turns into a much more playful piece. Even though it's very short, I really enjoyed this a lot. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Okami/xxxHOLiC - untitled by Pengie - If you had asked me ahead of time, I don't think xxxHOLiC would have been high on my list of series to cross over with Okami, but this was Pengie, so I was happy to read anyway. Especially after her super-hilarious commentary on the Okami replay she's been doing. ♥ (Seriously, could I just trade my praise and demon fangs in for a stray bead instead of having to race Kai, please???) The two worlds blend together surprisingly well, the interaction between Amaterasu and Watanuki is delightful to read, and oh my god is her Amaterasu perfect. So much said without Amaterasu ever uttering a single thing! I can just picture the expressions on her face perfectly! SO MUCH AWESOMENESS. (Including reading the commentary on the game itself.) Everything about this fic is perfect, I just want to doodle little hearts around it and Waka's silly, silly hat. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Okami/Legend of Zelda - untitled by chibimazoku - I was journalhopping and happened to stumble over this short little ficlet and even if I'm only passingly familiar with Zelda, I had to read it. Which I'm very glad I did because it was a super-hilarious, adorable little meeting scene between two wolves and the little companions they travel with and Issun is just utterly delightful here. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Okami - Someday by lurk_stiltzkin - I was tempted into reading this fic because it was labeled as Ushiwaka/Amaterasu and while it's not really a pairing fic, it's much more gen than anything, (though, if you shipped them in canon, you could probably ship them here) and I think I actually liked it more for that. The use of little details and the passage of time and the references to the sunrises and the way Waka seems so... seperate... and yet so involved in all the major events and the way the Brush Gods were touched on, is all really nicely done. It covers the time period from when Shiranui died to shortly before Amaterasu was born again and it's really lovely. (This is gen, but if you liked Waka/Amaterasu, you might like this.)

Okami: Land of One Hundred Stories by v_voltaire - I've had this fic at the top of my to-read list pretty much since the beginning of the year when the Yuletide fics were first posted, I'm not sure why it took me so long to read... possibly because once I finished it, I wouldn't have any more beautifully written Okami fic to read. I have a problem with wanting to ration everything. But I sat down to read it again this afternoon and I got sucked into it like I knew I would, I knew it would be a fantastic story. And yet it still managed to be so much more than I was ever expecting from the Okami fandom (as lovely as it is) because it truly... it truly feels like it does justice to the idea of post-game fic with plot. The use of fairy tales and cleverly funny little lines and even Amaterasu's characterization (while she never says a word!) and oh my god Waka in all of his brilliance and all of it is brilliant, every single inch of this story is perfectly crafted. I laughed out loud at all the right moments, I wibbled over all the adorably perfect bonding moments, I was impressed as hell by the world-building the author did here, and the use of Japanese fairy tales? Oh my god yes plz they were so fantastic. Even the use of in-game mechanics were brilliantly woven into the story! I had zero trouble imagining this story in the Okami style, right down to Waka's little headwind during his prophecies or Amaterasu headbutting people. It's all just. Wow. Possibly I shall never need another Okami fic again. ....that's a total lie, now I want fic even more, knowing something like this can be produced. *__* (No real warnings/pairings.)

Okami/Juuni Koki: Family Reunion by Pengie - Ever since Pengie mentioned this one time, I have been quietly pining for this particular crossover. And, of course, she writes it in such a way that it's utterly delightful and somehow works perfectly well, despite the two separate universes. Well, there is a certain something, a quality that both series have and it's certainly easy enough to imagine traveling between them, but it's the little details! The creatures they run into! The way Amaterasu has such a distinct personality and Waka is so... well, Waka! And the sort of mocking of him! The use of Ammy's tail! The interaction with Taiki! And this really is a great way to resolve that pesky problem of Taiki's and I love that... Pengie writes borderline parody stuff, but she skates the line between outright parody and something that I actually think was wonderful on a serious level, too. Well, not gravely serious, but like I'm not just going LOL, I actually really liked this! ....if that makes sense. Shut up, it does in my head. (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

Okami: Territory by kunenk - This was a short little piece that I almost didn't read just because I tend to skip the shorter pieces on 31_days. But it was Okami fic and it's been ages. And of course I'm glad I stopped to read it because it's a beautiful little thing about Gekigami and Kabegami and the darkness that rolls over the land, the imagery is lovely in this piece and it's so easy to see something exactly like this happening. (No warnings/pairings.)

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