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One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated): Dakishimetara Kisu wo Shiyou - [Note: This is an ecchi/hentai site and while the current layout isn't that bad, it's not work safe, either. The download link has very NSFW ads as well!] All right, this is from a hentai site and I almost would have skipped it if not for two things. One, it's Luffy/Nami and I love that pairing so, so much. And, two, the description said: Basically a love story. Not a hard core manga but its still a great read with awesome artwork. So, a doujin that was more towards ecchi than hentai? That sounded about my speed. And it was still obviously hentai, but not as bad as the usual crop of it, hell, there was actually more worksafe stuff than there was non-worksafe stuff and the story was actually really pretty damn good! The artwork often times looks like it could have come straight out of the earlier manga pages (not always, but sometimes) and the characterization was spot-on. The way the author dealt with Luffy and Nami wondering how much he know about sex and Luffy's reactions to the situation all felt right. He's often simple-minded, but he's never stupid, so he knows basic things, even if he's still very... straightforward. It'll probably still be a little too on the hentai side for absolutely everyone, but if you don't mind some NC-17 rated stuff for these two, it's actually probably one of the best doujinshi you're going to find, and I loved it so much, it was practically everything I could have asked for. (Luffy/Nami, NC-17.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Amefuri Jasmine - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] So. As long as I was reading OP doujinshi, I thought I'd hunt around to see if there were any for my other favorite pairing and decided to hit up the luffyxnami comm. I'm going to be using this link for all the doujinshi, but recommending them separately, especially as some of them are not safe for work and because I'll want to talk about them separately and, who knows, some may interest people and some may not. It makes sense in my mind, shut up. Anyway, the first one is a short little thing that's not even ten pages long but asl;kdfjalskj it's just exactly what I wanted to start out my tour with, a sweet little thing where Nami and Luffy get caught in a downpour and Luffy goes to get her a towel because her shirt is too thin and the art is really sweet and cute, just enough like canon to remind me of the original source, but still doujinshi enough to give me my shoujo fix. I think my favorite part of this doujinshi is the way certain panels look, the ones that show Luffy and Nami from the back, when he leans in to kiss her or when he's got an arm around her shoulder or when they're just holding hands from the side. as;dfklalskj so, so pretty. (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Anata ga Kureru Taskusan no Shiawase - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] Second doujin from this post and it's only four pages long (two of which are the cover) but holy crap I cannot complain because the cover is this super, super cute chibi-esque Nami in a ruffly dress and angel wings and it's so freaking adorable. And the doujinshi is just a cute little thing where Nami sees Luffy sleeping and decides to "mount an attack", so Luffy wakes up and kisses her. It's not really the style of OP, but it's recognizable and it is cute as hell and just slightly suggestive and a;sdlkfjalsjk that's what I want from my Luffy and Nami. So, I loved this. (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Blue Spring - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] Another one that's not quite 10 pages long (which I really don't mind that much, I prefer longer ones, but sometimes a short little piece of candy is fun when you're inhaling them one after another XD) and it's a really simple story--Nami wanders across a sleeping Luffy and stops to really consider him, noticing that there are some boyish things about him, but some things not so boyish. And then she kisses him on the cheek and promises to wake him up in time for lunch and it's just really cute. It's total fluff, but the art is cute and I like that Nami is really noticing Luffy here, it's a nice transition from the canon to (eventual, for me, when I dig further into fandom) makeouts and porn later, I kind of get to experience their relationship going from one place to another, if that makes sense? And this doujinshi was really good for that, in addition to being super cute. (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Dakishimetara Kisu wo Shiyou - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] Now, I know I've read this doujin somewhere before, whether snatching it up elsewhere or from the luffyxnami comm or whatever, I'm not sure. And I feel like I've recommended it before, but I don't see where I would have stashed any OP recs before. So, if this is a re-rec, well... it's one of my favorites ever, so it deserves it. It's over forty pages long and while the art isn't completely perfect, it's a nice blend of Oda's original style and the doujinshika's own style and the best thing, the best thing about this doujinshi is that it's adult, but it's not really hentai in the usual way. There's a plot here, there's a relationship build up and it's not just all about getting to the sex, it's about the sex as an extension of the relationship that's developing here. The doujinshi continues on even after the sex, furthering the relationship, rather than that just being the ultimate point of the doujin. And Luffy's characterization is fantastic, he's still that laughing idiot we know so well, but he's not stupid, he gets what's going on and he knows enough about what they're doing. The sex is lovely, too. Sure, there are a lot of body fluids and the doujinshi isn't shy about showing certain things, but there's this fantastic sense of how they both want this, how it was a mutual decision to do this, how it's about both of them. The doujinshi also touches on a handful of moments from the manga (like on Drum Island when he carried her or when he was injured at Rainbase) and works those into the relationship here as well. Just. a sd;flkjaslkj this is what I want from Luffy/Nami fandom, yesss. (Luffy/Nami, a light-to-medium NC-17.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - God in Logue Town - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] This is a bit of a different take, one I haven't really seen that much of in fic or doujinshi before, the way Nami is still harboring bitterness after Arlong, still suspicious of the crew, even after she's changed so much and clearly wants to believe. I'm not sure I could read a lot of takes on her character like this, but for this one time, it was really interesting. I'm not sure what I think of the art, but it fit the story mood well enough and certain panels looked really good. It was just... a really interesting read, not one I expected, but one I'm glad I picked up. (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Hito de Nashi no - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] This doujinshi, in contrast to a lot of the other ones I've been reading lately, has a lot of unused white space, some pages hardly have more than a few drawings on them at all. But this artist knows how to use them, how to make it so that it creates a light and airy effect (which contrasts against the heavier emotions Nami is feeling, but somehow it works well anyway!) that's really, really pretty. It helps that her style works well with a lot of unused space, especially because some of her close-ups of Nami are just gorgeous. There's a surprising amount of detail here, some of the drawings of Nami are beautiful enough that I would really kind of love to see this doujinshika get her own manga. *__* As for the plot, it's pretty simple, Nami wandering across Luffy sleeping on the deck after the Alabasta fight and all her emotions start coming up to the surface, which don't really have a lot of resolution to them, but it wasn't meant to. I love that it could almost be gen, because I just love these two characters' relationship in all ways. (Maybe Luffy/Nami, maybe gen.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - I Don't Like Birthday - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] This one started out as being fairly... mm, I'm not sure how to say it. But I didn't expect something that would really knock me off my feet. And, I dunno, maybe I'm just in the right mood or something, but somehow... somehow this doujinshi really got me, somehow about halfway through (or maybe even just a third of the way through), the art tightened up just enough and the story went in a direction I wasn't quite expecting and it sucker-punched me with some SUPER FREAKING CUTE scenes when Luffy is just hovering over Nami and that whole entire conversation that shed a lot of light on both of them. I think that's what I really loved, aside from the kissing and the surprisingly pretty art, was that the doujinshi made a lot of really interesting insights into both characters and then had the two of them connecting. So, I wound up feeling like this was one of the more satisfying doujinshi I read today. ♥ (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Kemono-En - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] a;sldkfjal;sljs oh god this might not be for everyone, it kind of verges into shoujo territory, but I don't care one bit because asld;kfjalskjl they are so cute. It's a simple concept--Luffy is standing on the deck, calling Nami's name, who goes over to him and notices that their shadows have merged. Luffy notices it, too, and says, wouldn't that be a cool technique? He's going to call it "Naffy". as;dlkfjaslkjls it's just so hilariously adorable. And this doujin, right down to Nami's thoughts and her girly clothes and the way the panels were arranged and the pretty art, are all really kind of totally shoujo, but it somehow worked here. I just really loved the feel of this one, adorable and funny and a quick kiss, that's all I ask from this one. ♥ (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Koi no Yamai - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] I know the art of this one isn't perfect, but doujinshi is always a mixed bag at best sometimes. And the story itself is very cute, just a lot of random scenes here and there, not really connecting except in theme, but that's okay because somehow it works for the doujinshi. It's a light, fluffy story but the characterization is decent and it was worth the download and time it took to read. Plus, kissing! That always charms me. XD (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Little Cloud (kiss hands) - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] Another short one that's just a little over ten pages long and really could be gen more than a pairing, but the focus is on the Luffy/Nami interaction, so fans of the pairing will probably enjoy it, too. And it's a really cute little thing, Nami worried that she was just waiting around to be saved, but Luffy points out that they wouldn't have fought with her if she weren't fighting herself. It's sweet and has a few moments of potential implications for a pairing, but it's not really about that and it's just a light, fun, fluffy little read that made me melt into fangirl goo just a little bit. Because I'm a sap, I know. Shut up. (Maybe Luffy/Nami. maybe gen.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Something - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] I suspect this doujinshi was drawn over a fairly long period of time because the art starts out very rough, but by the midway point, you can notice great improvement by the artist and it actually gets really kinda pretty by the end. The plot is all about Nami letting go of all the things that held her back before, how she's able to just be a girl again, how she has room for those feelings and everything else to start surfacing again, all triggered by Luffy's presence around her. The second half of the story, where Luffy has a fever and Nami's taking medicinal soup in to him, while thinking of things he's said earlier, thinking of her own feelings (and realizing that even Luffy can get sick, even Luffy is human) and it all builds up into this really satisfying little story. The art in the second half has quite a few really pretty panels and Nami looks more and more beautiful with each one and there's even a kiss! I'd love to see more from this doujinshika. <3 (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Taiyou no Gravity - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable. Hit up the SaveFile link for all the downloads.] ....I think my reaction to this doujinshi was colored because I spent the last hour or so reading a lot of G or PG rated Luffy/Nami, so by the time I got to this one, I was firmly in the mood for them and the porn didn't feel as much to me like it came out of nowhere. It's still pretty much a thin excuse for porn, but I liked that it was happy porn! Like, Nami was a little embarrassed by it, but she was a very willing participant, she had her say in what they were doing, it was obvious they cared deeply about each other, and the art was pretty cute. That made this one really satisfying for me., it was nice to end my current spree with this one, doujinshi sprees should always end with porn. XD (Luffy/Nami, NC-17.)

One Piece Doujinshi (raw) - Holidays - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I do, however, make exceptions for Luffy/Nami raw doujinshi because it's such a small pairing and I do view doujinshi to be sort of similar to fanart site viewing, in that I'm really just in it for the art a lot of the times, otherwise, I'd go read more fic. XD And this doujinshika isn't perfect, you can tell that she's got talent and put a lot of effort and detail into this, but just needs a bit more practice to refine her work, I think, but this is cute enough that I had fun reading it now. And, hey, it's always nice to see Zoro/Sanji interaction in the background (my two favorite doujinshi pairings! even if I'm not entirely certain they were meant to be implied, probably not, really XD) and the artist does have a decent grip on the spirit of the OP style of art. My favorites were the flashback images, something about those looked really pretty and I would definitely like to see more from this doujinshika. (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (raw) - Breakthrough - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] It was pretty much instant love for me with this doujinshika, even before I got to the sex scenes. (Which are pretty tame, they're more about Luffy and Nami being in a more intimate state than it is about the porn itself.) The art can be rather rough in spots, but even then it's somehow really fitting for these two characters and I adore how pretty Nami looks and, when the author spends time on a page, it looks really fantastic. And a;slkjfslkj what I wouldn't give for a proper scanslation of this one (which I don't think I've stumbled over yet? I'm still going through the comm, though) because it's just so... I don't know, somehow really charming and fun. (Luffy/Nami, I'd say about a mid-to-hard-R rating.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated + raw) - Gran Happiness - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] Now, only the first story in this doujinshi has been scanslated, which is only about ten pages long, but it's really super cute and worth a read. The whole doujinshi is really cute, actually, and there's even almost!porn, which is more about the R-rated intimacy and connection between them than about the porn itself. The art is rough in a lot of places, but! So many kisses! And the scanslated story is adorable--Luffy's staring at Nami and wishing she would come over, so she does and he thinks she's amazing for just knowing. Super, super adorable. <3 (Luffy/Nami, slightly R-rated in the second story.)

One Piece Doujinshi (raw) - moment of happiness - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] Unfortunately, the second link on this post doesn't work, so I'm really only able to recommend the first one, but! I adore this doujinshika! I love how surprisingly detailed the art is, even if you can tell she's not that used to drawing the others besides Luffy and Nami, I adore how sharp everything looks and some of the crowd scenes look really kind of terrific and the story is so adorable and Luffy and Nami look terrific and, man, the cover is kind of really pretty and has gorgeous colors. Very, very fun to go through this afternoon. (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (raw) - Cap.Over - I was surprised to see this post pop up recently, but pleased because it's been awhile since I'd gone through any Luffy/Nami doujinshi and this one was a lot longer than I expected--90 pages! The art is a bit on the simple side, but the artist works well with the style and some of the panels turn out to look really nice. Any time Luffy or Nami are leaning on one or the other, any time Luffy's sleeping in her lap or Nami's plunked down into his, any time he's looking at the curve of her shoulder where the tattoo covers the scars, it's really pretty. Plus, there are occasional chibis and the the artist kept just enough of the OP style to make it fun for me. I enjoyed this a lot. <3 (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Doujinshi (scanslated) - Time of Happiness - I think I've seen this doujinshi raw before, but! Scanslated! And asd;lkfjasl;kj omg it is so cute and it's just the kind of thing I love with Luffy and Nami! They stop at an island and each go into the market and Luffy catches sight of Nami talking with some guys and he gets all fidgety for the rest of the day, even he doesn't know why. And the resolution could technically be gen, but it's all about Nami's feelings about and loyalty to and care for Luffy and how he obviously cares back and it's all super cute and the art is half-pretty, half-adorable and the ending was really touching and just. I loved it a lot. ♥ (Luffy/Nami implied.)

One Piece Doujinshi (raw+translation): Burn - The interesting thing about this doujinshi is, for all that it was posted to the Luffy/Nami community and has a lot of interaction between them, it could also satisfy a Zoro/Luffy fan as well, I suspect. It's set during the time after they get Nami out of a jam, but before she joins them properly, as the rescues them from Buggy's crew and burns her hand on the ropes, which she's taking care of as they head off in their boat. It's darling for the way Luffy helps her bandage her hands and is just a ray of sunshine that she's so desperate not to be taken in by, but you can see her slipping already, as Luffy already can see what a kind person she really is. The art style is nicely done, it's just enough like Oda's style to be recognizable, but still very much a doujinshi. The scans are pretty huge, though, so fair warning. (Luffy/Nami.)

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