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- One Piece - Bajo el sol [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I don't remember how I got on the idea of looking for Kuro fanart this morning, but I ran across a link somehow and started following other links and just got into a One Piece mood this morning, which makes me glad I did, because holy crap some of the art on this page is gorgeous. It's not as Kuro-centric as I was originally hoping for, but that quickly came to no matter at all, because the art so very well captures the spirit of the series and is really, really well-done. There's this one image of Zoro and Kuro fighting that just totally and utterly made me go *____* because it was SO COOL (and beautiful). There were also some fantastic Smoker illustrations (I have an odd sort of crush on Smoker, I think), there were some really neat poster-style illustrations for the whole crew, and the Zoro illustrations were fantastic. Great details, great lines, great colors, I was just a happy, happy fangirl here. ♥ (No warnings/pairings... well, maybe a little bit of Kuro/Jango.)

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