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- Naruto/One Piece/Full Metal Alchemist - DUO BRAND [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeeee! It's this artist! I've seen her doujinshi on Yahoo!Japan a lot and she can do one of the most drop-dead gorgeous Kakashi-senseis that I've ever seen, he's just stunning in her hands sometimes. (Occasionally, the proportions are off, but when she does it right, she does one of my FAVORITE Kakashi-senseis.) Her sense of color is just stunning, these beautiful, vivid shades that I just love, everything seems to just glow. Her Full Metal Alchemist art is just as strong with the colors and the sense of detail, very professional looking. And the One Piece art... ohhh, the One Piece art. *fawns* The site is very Shanks-centric, which is juuuuust fine by me because the artist does an incredible Shanks; the colors are stunning and the poses fabulous. Shanks is a very cool character and looking at him in these illustrations... that really comes through, his sense of adventure and how COOL he is. My gaze is always drawn to his eyes, which are this incredible shade of blue and... well... Shanks is hot. *___* And then there's this incredible one of Mihawk and one of a smiling Kuro. *wibbles* I am definitely in love with this site. (Some KakaIru, some random yaoi pairings with FMA and OP.)

- One Piece - Love & Piece [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Every once in awhile, I come across a site that just makes me *SQUEE* with wild abandon because it captures the feeling of the One Piece style/art so incredibly well AND gives me exactly what I want, that I just fangirl like mad crazy. This is one of those sites because the artist is incredibly talented but also because she draws some of my favorite pairings from the series AND does fantastic gen stuff. (There's the regular gallery, but also check out her Weekly Jump section, because she's got some fantastic sketches based off the chapters there. ♥) She's got that grin that Oda-sensei does down phenominally well, really helping along that sense of FUN that One Piece has. Her colors are also incredible, her lines fantastic, her poses perfect, her One Piece-tone amazing, and all of that. But, really, the thing that just made me twirl around the room in utter glee? That I believed these pairing illustrations. Sometimes, with some art sites, I have to squint a little to match the characters up with the ones in my head (This isn't an insult--this is something that happens with even the most STUNNING sites, many of which are among my absolute favorites.), but with this site... I dunno, I just SAW the characters (and pairings) that I adore so much. Because THIS is my Zoro/Nami, toally. And, really, I'm all about the squee-factor. If it makes ME fangirl, then I'm terrifically happy to have seen the site. ♥ (Some Zoro/Nami, some Sanji/Nami and some Luffy/Nami, and some gen.)

- One Piece - Sunroom [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know how sometimes a site doesn't have the absolute best art, but it can win you over because the art is so fecking CUTE? Yeah, that's pretty much what this site did. The artist really does have great lines, they're just a bit rounder than what I'm used to--however, the absolute adorable and coo-worthy positions/situations she draws the characters in just completely and utterly WON ME OVER, despite the pairing not being my favorite. Just... I don't know how to explain it any better than that. I mean, yeah, it helped that there's a good content of Zoro/Nami on the site, too, but... geehhh, Sanji/Luffy SO FRICKIN CUTE. XD Plus? Best. Action. Figure. Poses. EVER. Seriously, that alone is worth visiting this site for. XD And, hey, it's good to expand my catagories sections once in awhile. ^_~ (Sanji/Luffy, some Zoro/Nami.)

- Bleach/One Piece - Paradise View [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I... am slowly developing a strong fondness for Sanji/Luffy and I'm not entirely sure why. I couldn't even come up with an armchair psychobabbly reason for why the pairing would work or anything, I just know that something about it appeals to me. And then I stumble on a site that has OMG ART THAT IS SO FREAKING CUTE (it's the kind where the artist is really good with her style--yeah, it's very chibi-esque, but her colors and lines absolutely rock, the inking looking very profession and her colors are really well done and the poses are ADORABLE and all that) and I just become further convinced that there might be something to the pairing. And, hey, if it fits with my ZoroxNami fondness, all the better. *coughs* >_> Plus, I love seeing the artist's cat!Sanji and cat!Luffy lounging all over each other. And then there's the Bleach art that's much the same--the artist draws a fantastic Kon that I just want to pick up and snuggle with. And when the artist does her little chibi Rukia or Ichigo with him? OMG SO ADORABLE AND PERFECT. XD (A little Sanji/Luffy, no Bleach pairings.)

- One Piece - KKD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, the characters' hips can be a little off with this artist, but the rest of the illustrations--right down to the clothes and the poses--are so fantastically done, so keeping with the FEEL of One Piece that I just fell in love. Mostly the artist does Robin--who looks FANATASTIC, she's got some of the most fantastically drawn costumes the artist puts her in--but occasionally does the main cast and some of the other characters, too. There was a really great Smoker illustration, there was a fantastic illustration of Kuragara and Norland that just made me wibble all over the place, and all in all... it was one of those sites that drew the characters in such a way that it reminded me of the One Piece series (the artist has really good coloring, too, very well shaded and detailed)... and I keep harping on that because... I mean, it's not a perfect replication, it's a bit more CG-ish in style, but... it felt like each piece of the background detail was thought out, I guess? Plus, dude, Robin fanart that's REALLY PRETTY. How could I not love? XD (Some Robin/Crocodile, some gen.)

- One Piece - Evil Bunny [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I sort of had to rec this site, because how often do you run across Mihawk fanart that's actually really pretty hot? I don't usually look for art based on the character, but I happened to stumble across this site and... the artist is really talented. There's this one Halloween!Mihawk that even I would have to say was hot and, ooh, there was this one oekaki of Shanks (apparently wearing some sort of black fur?) that was beautiful. And, uhm, holy crap, there's this one Shank/Mihawk illustration that's gorgeous and... yeah. One of those sites that I wound up liking despite myself. (Err, a little Shanks/Mihawk, maybe a little Mihawk/Zoro, Mihawk/Eneru, a little other stuff implied.)

- One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is my new favorite site. ♥ Because, do you know what this site has? It has a comic of Luffy feeling up Sanji and Nami at the same time. Brilliant! And then! Then it had smutty Luffy/Sanji/Robin threesome comics and I was in love. The site isn't necessarily going to be for everyone, it tends to follow a lot of the traditional yaoi stereotypes (and Sanji can look a little skinny sometimes), but it absolutely hit my Luffy/Sanji kink perfectly and I found myself enamored with the art, because the artist is really good at drawing her basic lineart, the lines are really clean and the characters are very recognizable, and she's got a lot of discipline in the way she lays out her comic pages. Her artwork is genuinely attractive and hot, I love this site. ♥ (Luffy/Sanji, a little Luffy/Sanji/Nami and Luffy/Sanji/Robin, not work safe.)

- One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was initially attracted here because of the banner that had an interesting-looking illustration of Iceberg and Frankie on it, which actually turned out to be pretty cool. But then I stayed for the really neat Skypiea minor characters-based fanart, because how often do you see really cool Norland fanart? And, dude. There's genuinely good Frankie fanart! Of all the Water 7 characters, really--there's this absolutely fantastic one of Paulie and there are about three or four really amazing Ace illustrations and... yeah, there's not a lot of the Straw Hat crew themselves, but sometimes it's nice to have a site about the background characters. Especially when the artist draws them really well and she uses these bright colors that somehow really work for the images and the poses are all so COOL. Oh, and make sure to check out the comics, where you can see that the artist isn't just using pretty colors, she can actually draw. <3 (A little shounen ai, mostly Norland/Karugara and Iceberg/Frankie.)

- One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site probably isn't going to hit everyone the way it hit me, but there's something about the art style that really sort of charmed me. I think a lot of it is the pairing, since Luffy/Sanji works better with the cuter, almost chibi-esque style that the artist uses here, both characters do well with the style. Not that I'm complaining about the occasional group illustration that pops up because they're SO CUTE, but I think I really liked this site because it hit my Luffy/Sanji button or because Chopper was SO ABSOLUTELY CUTE OMG. Really, though, once you stare at the art for a little while, you start to see that her lines are actually really good, very clean and detailed and she does some really nice shading and coloring and... yeah, I just like it. XD;; (Luffy/Sanji, maybe a little other shounen ai.)

- One Piece - cafe*Ruanky [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - What makes this site doubly special, aside from that I rather like the art of it, is that finally there's a Sanji/Robin art site! ♥ I've really become fond of the pairing in the recent chapters, so I've been hoping that more fic and art would come about because of it. It's not always perfect, but the artist shows tremendous growth already, her current art is very pretty and she does some adorable (and some very hot/sexy) illustrations of the two of them. I'm also just really quite fond of the color themes, the almost-pastels work surprisingly well with the characters and she backs it up with more and more detail as she goes along--some of the group illustrations are fantastic. The one of Robin and Nami on one end of the couch with Sanji and an extra pair of Robin's arms on the other is just beautiful and the bathtub one with Robin, Sanji, and Zoro is one of my all-time favorite OP fanart illustrations ever. *__* It's just... the artist has this way of making so much of her illustrations to be slinky and sexy, the vibe I really wanted with Sanji and Robin, there's usually just enough skin showing to be alluring without being graphic. ♥ (Sanji/Robin, occasional not-safe-for-work content.)

- Naruto/One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yondaime, Jiraiya, and kid!Kakashi comics? Okay, I'm listening. Comics that are actually really well drawn, with really clean, solid lines, good proportions, and adorable concepts? Sold! I tend to skip over comic sections on sites most of the time, it's just not the kind of art that usually gets me going, but there's something about this site (and my love for Yondaime and Jiraiya, who don't get nearly enough art for them) that drew me in here. I love that the artist... it's not that the style is exactly like the original manga, but that I somehow get the same sense from it, something about the arrangement of panels or the crisp shading/lines that are very solid that appeal to me like with Kishimoto's art. But, yeah, it's also totally about Yondaime, Jiraiya, and Kakashi who are some of my favorite characters and I have a weakness for any art with them. It's much the same with the OP art--and that's how I know I actually think it's good, solid art, because the artist is more of a Zoro/Luffy fan, but I still think the art is really shiny and neat. (Maybe some Jiraiya/Yondaime, but I'm determinedly going to think it's gen. Some Zoro/Luffy.)

- One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - One of the first things that caught my attention about this site? "Oh, hey, neat, a ZoSan site that has art of Nami, too! I LOVE that everyone loves Nami!" Then I got a little further into the site. My reaction then? "OMG, YAY. ZoSan site that is also LuNa! This artist totally loves me! ♥" And, no, the art's not perfect, but it's light-hearted and fun, as well as containing my two OTPs. My love shimmered and sparkled the entire time I was here. You can tell the artist's favorite character is Sanji, you'll see a lot of him on the site and he probably looks the best, but... I found I actually enjoyed the Luffy/Nami stuff most of all. Maybe it's the rarity, but I think it was more that there was that certain spark between them that I love. It's mostly oekaki-style art on the site, but I find I like that here, it adds to the light-hearted quality. ....also, Luffy and Nami in a grassy field with him lying in her lap and grinning like hell up at her? Yeah, I was sold. Oh, and be sure to scout all over the site, there's a lot of art tucked into different galleries. (Zoro/Sanji, Luffy/Nami, maybe a little other.)

- One Piece/Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - CHITTYCHITTY [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those times that I wish I could like the Zoro/Luffy pairing more, because the artist here draws them so incredibly like canon, it's sort of amazing. The wonderful thing (both for me and for all One Piece fans) is that she doesn't just draw that pairing, she draws all the characters, you can find art of pretty much every main character and they all look fantastic. Plus, the illustrations are fun and happy, so much like the style of Oda's color illustrations, too. In comparison, there's not nearly as much Reborn! fanart (compared to the solid section of One Piece), but what's here is adorable Gokudera/Tsuna art. The lines are so clean and so much like their canon selves, I love it! A fantastic site. ♥ (Zoro/Luffy, and a lot of gen for OP. Gokudera/Tsuna for Reborn!.)

- One Piece - Hinakick Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know I said I wasn't going to rec each series separately from this site, but... well, I'm a little weak. Especially since there's more OP art here than I thought. And it really deserves its own rec. The artist does the same thing here she's done with most of the other series I've looked at on her site--she takes a pairing that's not one that really occurs much to me (though I can easily see where it comes from) and makes me interested because the art is just so damn gorgeous. I originally came here for the HP art, but got caught up in her stunning Lucci/Kaku art that's just. The colors shine and the details are amazing on every single image and the lines are so slick and clean and her animal forms for the CP9 are just. as;ldkfja;lskj wow. There's a lot of impressive variety here, too--from the sexualized stuff to the cuddly stuff to the sleepy morning in bed stuff to the kick ass action poses stuff to the super cute little baby Kaku. Totally worth going through even if the pairing isn't your thing. ♥ (Some gen, some Lucci/Kaku. Not entirely SFW.)

- One Piece - Gensou Mokeizu [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was a little hesitant about this site at first, I wasn't sure the art was going to be my thing, it looked a little off at first. But the more I clicked on the links, the more I saw the level of detail that went into the illustrations and how really kind of amazing they were. I knew I was going to be recommending the site just based on the top page illustrations alone, but then I started getting into the pairing stuff and a;lskdfjasl;kj this site has such a hot ass Nami. Even if the art is a little off sometimes, the site captures the essence of her and how totally amazing and awesome she is, how gorgeous she is, how sexy she is. And, okay, I'm easy for sites that have Zoro/Nami, especially when she's totally a match for him and they're all about the makeouts and hotness and beautiful colors mixing together. ....that's pretty much what I want from Zoro/Nami, honestly. That and pretty art, which this site totally delivers on. And. As if that weren't awesome enough, there's also some gorgeous Zoro/Nami/Luffy art. And some gorgeous Luffy/Nami art where Nami continues to be smoking hot and there are gorgeous colors and there are sexy times in some of them! YES PLZ. And there's even some stand-alone art that's really fantastic and just. a s;dlfkjasl;kjslkj it's like this artist wanted to make me happy. And how she did. (Some Zoro/Nami, some Luffy/Nami, some Zoro/Nami/Luffy, some Sanji/Nami, some other, some gen.)

- One Piece - Crimson [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I find it kind of really difficult to believe that I would have missed this site before, the layout looks familiar and I obviously love this kind of style of art. But... not on my list. a;sldkfjaslkj maybe I'm just hallucinating or something. Anyway, this is some darn good art here, the kind that even back in 2006 was striving at (and doing well at) keeping the style/spirit of the canon style in the illustrations. It is rougher early on, but you can see the artist improve over time and... Shanks! Shanks fanart! Not enough of that in the world! Plus there are some hotass Ace illustrations, some adorable ones with Zeff and kidlet Sanji, some super great Ace and Luffy illustrations, and even some of the rest of the Strawhats. But the real attraction here is the Shanks - Ace - Luffy group (as;dlfkjasl the current/recent one of all three of them shirtless while lounging on a sofa? yes plz) and the Water 7 group that got its own section, making it just a really cool site to go through. (Mostly gen, maybe some Shanks/Ben, if you want to see it that way.)

- One Piece - Sen [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was a little unsure of what to make of this site at first, if it was going to be my thing or not, because the art style is a little more... mmm, a rough sort of stylized than I usually go for. But it was interesting enough (and had lots of Ace and Luffy!) that I kept going and... I dunno, somewhere around the creepy zombie-looking (Halloween?) illustration of Ace and Luffy, I just sort of caved because it was really interesting art. In a lot of ways, it kind of reminds me of the style of the sixth movie, which wouldn't have been my choice, but is kinda cool here. It's neat to see a site focused on the D family and, later on, the art does start to strongly resemble the canon's style and a;sdlkfjaslkj Luffy's grandfather! How often do you see him in fanart? The whole thing was just really fun, especially if you like that family, but even if you don't, there's a little extra around to find. (I'd say this was gen, but maybe a little Ace/Luffy if you want to see it that way.)

- One Piece - ALWAYS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It pretty much took me two links into this gallery to know I was going to love the art. Makino and little kidlets Luffy and Ace, all done up in a Christmas style illustration, the kind that did really well with the OP canon style! Yes plz. I mean, not everything is perfect, but the artist progresses over time and gets some really cute stuff along the way, especially with the D brothers. The colors are warm and pretty, the kind I associate with these characters already and even the sketches are super cute and always put them in different clothes or different poses/concepts or just generally makes each one really fun to look at. And as;ldfkjasljk now I want Ace back in the manga so bad. Also! The gifs of the various places or major items in OP, the kind that are almost pixelated? SO COOL OMG. Water 7 looks SO COOL OMG. XD XD XD (I'd say this site was gen, but it could be Ace/Luffy if you want to see it that way. Same for a little bit of Marco/Ace.)

- One Piece - CountDown [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - A couple of things about this site. It admittedly took me a little time to get into the artist's style/for her to really strengthen up her art, but... by the time I got to the end of the ZoSan section of the gallery, I was making a lot more *__* faces over her art with each image. The other thing that I liked about the site is that there wasn't just Zoro/Sanji art here, but there was also a lot of Zoro-only or Sanji-only or other character art and... well, obviously I liked the pairing art a lot, but I was really impressed with the standalone stuff, too! Her Sanji is especially hot. There's some gorgeous Nami ones, a couple of Luffy/Nami illustrations (omg, it makes me ridiculously happy when a site has both Zoro/Sanji and Luffy/Nami!) and I was just. Really charmed by this site. ....especially when I kept scouting around the various gallery sections and stumbled over evenmore Nami art and WHY HELLO NEW ARTIST I ADORE FOR DRAWING HALF-NAKED NAMI. *__* (Zoro/Sanji, some gen, some Luffy/Nami, some Franky/Robin.)

- One Piece - [ English Fanart Site ] - This is one of those artists who was just, like, made for me because the art hits me where I live so hard. Zoro/Nami plus Zoro/Sanji plus the occasional bit of Luffy/Nami, all done in a style that's reminiscent of the manga, but with brighter, shinier colors? Sometimes I love fandom a lot. I actually originally came here for the Zoro/Sanji art (and, boy, do I ever love this image of them--probably NSFW on that one, btw) but then noticed the artist also had some really really good art of Zoro/Nami as well, which is still totally that ship I just can't shake off, no matter how long I'm a fan of One Piece. Because it's a mix of sweeter moments with them and then stuff like Zoro just carting her off and it's all designed to make me weak. I love the artist's bright, warm colors as well, it's such a treat to go through each and every image ♥ (Zoro/Nami, Zoro/Sanji, a little other.)

- One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Right from the current top illustration of Garp holding kidlet versions of Ace and Luffy, I was pretty sure I was going to love this site a whole hell of a lot. And it's full of art that's just so much fun, especially with Luffy flinging himself all over the place or various groups of the Strawhats watching the nighttime sky together or Ace/Luffy being adorable kidlets together or fantastic portraits of Luffy-- and so on. The art is clean with shiny colors, very cg feeling, but still managing to keep the spirit of One Piece and just having grand adventures and big smiles everywhere. I love the one of Luffy in Ace's outfit or pretty much any time he's giving Ace a tackle-glomping hug, it all reminds me of just how damn much I love Luffy and how much this artist clearly loves him, too. I wish there'd been a bit more art here, but what the artist does have is fantastic. The oekaki board is worth checking out as well for the art there--the Ace stuff is fantastic and there's an awesome one of Roger, too! ♥ (This is mostly a gen site, but maybe a little Ace/Luffy if you want to see it that way.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - Do you know what's another thing I love? A really cute Zoro/Nami piece to catch my attention that'll lead me back to an account that has a bunch more really cute art with shoujo, sparkly, bright colors that are totally my thing. Also, there is hotass Zoro. And a STRONGWORLD inspired Luffy/Nami hug. And Nami and Namizou in awesome clothes. And Luffy and Zoro both hugging Nami in their own ways with more warm, almost shoujo-style coloring. And, really, I wanted to say something coherent about this artist, how the lineart is really good in a lot of images, how I like the colors, how I'm totally in love with their love for Nami, etc. But then there's Nami at four stages in her life all bundled together or the Durarara!! pairing with Nami (or Namizou) in the Strawhats' outfits and I'm just too *___*♥ to be coherent. This artist is totally my kind of thing, I have to admit. *___* (Some Zoro/Nami, some Luffy/Nami, some other/Nami, a few NC-17 images, but there's also some gen.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I'm going to have a little trouble describing why I liked this artist's work so much when I kind of maybe shouldn't? The art is very well done, the lines are fantastic and the darker colors work really well with the strong inking and the detail is great, but... it's not nice art? That's the best way I can put it. It's Doflamingo/Crocodile and that pairing tends to come with a lot of not-nice kinks--not that this artist is particularly hardcore about it (though, there is that one series of images....) but that it's not going to be for everyone. But I have this thing with the Doflamingo/Crocodile ship. I don't want it to be nice or fluffy. So, when Crocodile is tied up or chained down or there's a fist in his hair, all while he's still wearing those awesome (and gorgeous) suits of his, I'm kind of all over art that's as well done as this. Not for everyone, but if you like this ship, I think you might like this artist. (Doflamingo/Crocodile, NSFW often times.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - Granted, I have a lot of weaknesses when it comes to One Piece, but Zoro/Robin is genuinely among them. Maybe not one I seek out as often as I do other ships, but when I come across it? Yeah, I'm all over it. So I jumped at this account when I saw the most recent (at the time, of course) image of Zoro slinging Robin over his shoulder in their STRONGWORLD clothes and, sure, I could have done without the pantyshot of it, but otherwise! Kind of totally my thing! Then the artist sealed the deal with me by having a really cute Luffy/Nami post-time skip image that I liked and a whoooole lot more Zoro/Robin. The earlier the art, the less sure it is, so it's probably not going to be for everyone (or non-Zoro/Robin fans) but I think the artist shows a lot of potential in images like post-time-skip Zoro/Robin or Zoro/Robin in black & white or this series of meme answers. I'd like to see where they go from here, too. (Zoro/Robin, a smidge of Luffy/Nami. Occasionally NSFW.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I think I would have recommended this site just for the sheer novelty of finding a Marco/Crocodile shipper's collection of art! MARCO and CROCODILE! I don't think I'd seen that done even once before, to be honest. But! I love novelty! And this artist does some really kind of amazing work, the detail on both Crocodile and Marco is really fantastic and, while there's only a handful of images here, they're all on the same level of quality. I do wish the images were a smidge bigger, just to appreciate all that attention she's put into the images, but I appreciate art like this just existing. :Db (Some Marco/Crocodile, some gen.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - Oh! Speaking of ships that I can't ignore if I'm doing a One Piece recommendations spree! Especially if it's a Pixiv spree! Ace/Luffy is one of those ships that I never thought I'd like... and then along came the Whitebeard War saga and, wham, FAN FOR LIFE. And I love artist like this, even if there's not a whole lot of art here, you get things like Halloween cuteness or Pirate King!Ace + Revolutionary!Luffy (with Dragon's tattoooossss on Luffy's face, did not know how much I wanted that until I saw it here) or grown up Ace, Luffy, and Sabo (my heartttttt) or even just total adorable cuteness with almost-kisses and hugs. The artist's style is just enough like Oda's in spirit that I enjoyed it that much more, and I was just. Really happy to stumble over this one today. ♥ (Ace/Luffy.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I wasn't sure I was going to recommend this account at first, since there's only eight images on it so far, but... well, the first image I saw of Law snuggled into bed and then there were a handful of Kid/Law images (I'm a sucker for novelty once again--though, that ship isn't that rare, all things considered, I don't think?) and then... well, Ace, Luffy, and Sabo and Iceberg/Franky when they were kids and, well. This artist clearly knew the way to get to me. But I really do like the warm, almost earthy sort of colors, the tons of detail the artist puts into their work, and how they just made me want to smile. That's what I keep going back to fanart for! (Some Kid/Law, some other, some gen.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - Another one where I hesitated a bit, some of the earlier art could use some polishing (which the artist clearly did), there's not a ton of art here, a fair amount of them are borderline ecchi, but... oh, man, how hard do I love Luffy kicking Sakazuki's ass and then Luffy kicking Kizaru's ass, TWO OF THE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE IT THE MOST. Those two images were worth it pretty much RIGHT THERE. I also enjoyed Sanjiko in a very pretty dress and I don't oppose the Luffy/Robin art, so, you know. It was an interesting site with some really out of the park images along the way. (Some gen, some Luffy/Robin, occasional NSFW content.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - This is another one of those accounts where I feel I should put a big warning on about the hentai art found on these pages, almost like I should feel badly for liking the artist's work, except... aside from the exaggerated porn style, the artist actually does some really delightful pieces! Luffy protecting Nami during STRONGWORLD, Nami trying to get back the recording while Luffy tries to keept it out of her hands, Luffy and Nami in their Fruit Warriors costumes, another STRONGWORLD touching moment with the two of them, a really kind of excellent Luffy/Nami kiss, and so on. If you can step lightly, there's some really fun stuff and I like the artist's very bright, solid coloring and, of course, I love how much you can feel their affection for the LuNa ship. And yet there's also a lot of affection for Hancock and a fondness for school uniforms (which I approve of) and the occasional bit of everything else. I always wind up really enjoying this artist whenever I come across a new image of theirs. ♥ (Luffy/Nami, some one-sided Luffy/Hancock, occasionally NC-17.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I kind of love this artist's work ridiculously. Whether it's Nami in a wedding gown or Sanji in a black and red suit or Ace and Luffy falling through the sky together or more of Doflamingo/Crocodile or cute group sketches of the Strawhats or awesome Sanji and Usopp from their STRONGWORLD adventure or one of the hotter Namizou, Luffyko, and Sanjiko images I've come across and even a little bit of Zoro/Sanji AU (with guns!) as a bonus. All of them are well-drawn, there's a whole bunch of them here, and the artist nicely captures the spirit of One Piece, both in the solo images and the awesome ENTIRE GROUP images. How could I ask for more? I love this artist kind of a lot. ♥ (Maybe some Ace/Luffy, but I think this is primarily a gen account.)

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