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- One Piece - Straw Hat [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first thing that immediately caught my attention with this site was that the artist really captured the style of the One Piece manga/anime in a lot of the illustrations--plus, there was this series of the main characters as kids that were just fantasticly done. The other thing that caught my attention was that Chopper was just absolutely adorable, to the point where I couldn't stop muttering, "Good god, he wounds me with the cute!" to anyone on AIM with me. ^_~ It also helps that the site seems to be rather pro-LuffyxNami (as well as pro-ZoroxRobin, which I don't mind at all), which is exactly what I was looking for. This is definitely one of the best OP sites out there that manages to capture the style and spirit of the original series, recreating what makes the series so much fun for me. I love. ♥ (Some Luffy/Nami, Zoro/Robin.)

- One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't run across that many Zoro/Robin sites, especially not ones that have smut, especially not ones that have pretty smut. Which is what initially attracted me to the site, but I eventually became fond of it for its own sake because... I dunno, it's the same reason that I'm attracted to Zoro/Robin in the first place, I guess. It's not something I've been able to put into words yet. But the artist has done quite a lot of art and there're a good chunk of them that really capture that One Piece feel--there's one of Zoro and Robin in skimpy clothing leaning against the mast of the ship and even in a relaxed pose, you can see what fighters these characters are, their muscle definition just nice. I also like the way the colors are used and the artist seems to have a good grip of getting across that One Piece style. Toss in the smut and I'm a happy fangirl. ^_~ (Zoro/Robin, some other pairings, some graphic content.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - I'll admit upfront that this artist isn't going to be for everyone, because there's some graphic Zoro/Robin sex and a lot of Robin nakedness strewn throughout the images. But if that doesn't bother you, then this is a gorgeous set of artwork, the kind where I can look at the images every time I come across this artist's account and still stop and stare. Santa-themed Zoro/Robin or the two of them sitting back to back on the main deck with one of his swords in her lap as she reads and he naps (which is my favorite, the colors are gorgeous, the lines are gorgeous, the pose is gorgeous, everything is gorgeous), or even Ace vs Aokiji (which my heart cries out for not getting), all of them are fantastic. Even the simple ones of his sword at her throat and hand in her hair, her hands coming up to hold onto him, or the Strawhats group image (you can tell I love this artist because I can't stop linking images *__*) they all manage to capture something of the series or just be really hot. I looooove this artist kind of a lot. ♥ (Zoro/Robin, some gen, watch out for a fair amount of NC-17.)

  - One Piece - [ Pixiv Account ] - Granted, I have a lot of weaknesses when it comes to One Piece, but Zoro/Robin is genuinely among them. Maybe not one I seek out as often as I do other ships, but when I come across it? Yeah, I'm all over it. So I jumped at this account when I saw the most recent (at the time, of course) image of Zoro slinging Robin over his shoulder in their STRONGWORLD clothes and, sure, I could have done without the pantyshot of it, but otherwise! Kind of totally my thing! Then the artist sealed the deal with me by having a really cute Luffy/Nami post-time skip image that I liked and a whoooole lot more Zoro/Robin. The earlier the art, the less sure it is, so it's probably not going to be for everyone (or non-Zoro/Robin fans) but I think the artist shows a lot of potential in images like post-time-skip Zoro/Robin or Zoro/Robin in black & white or this series of meme answers. I'd like to see where they go from here, too. (Zoro/Robin, a smidge of Luffy/Nami. Occasionally NSFW.)

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