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- One Pieece - Hot Water by incandescens - You know how most really likable fics have that one point in it where you just know that you're going to like the whole thing? This one's point came when Tashigi was chasing Zoro through the hot springs and was absently ID'ing his crewmates as she went by and I literally laughed out loud for a good thirty seconds at the way she mentally described Chopper. One of those little things that's not even meant to be the Big Joke, just an offhand one, but I had to put the fic down and just laugh for awhile after that. The whole thing is just... it's fun, though, it's got a really strong sense of comedic timing, the humor flows from one moment to the next, it's genuinely amusing, and it somehow has that spirit of One Piece, despite being a silly parody-ish thing. It's got that style that you don't see as often anymore, where there's a lot happening in the background that Tashigi just Doesn't Get, but you the reader can still clearly pick up on everything or the way you get to play Spot the Reference because we're aware of the whole cast of characters of OP, but Tashigi might not be, and the whole thing just... sparkled. I know it's a strange thing for me to focus on, but I love stories like this, the kind that feel almost 'old school' these days. :D Plus, it's always nice to see a story set from a minor character's POV. <3 (Some hints of everything in the background.)

- One Piece - The Call of Piracy by incandescens - Hee! One Piece meets Lovecraft! It's not something I would have thought would go so well together, much less would be so readable, but incandescens somehow makes it not just work, but it's entertaining as all get out. Hell, even beyond that, the way the events of the series are fused with a Lovecraft sort of style was genuinely clever and somehow this wound up working just utterly brilliantly. Just... genius. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- One Piece - Cat's Claw by incandescens - Ohmigod! You have no idea how much I am pining for more of this fic because, dude! Plotfic! Tashigi getting to do stuff and being so very herself! And! PLOT STARTING TO TAKE SHAPE. Tashigi setting into motion a plan to join a group of pirates in order to go help find out where Smoker is and her unwavering sense of justice battling against her loyalty and desire to help Smoker! And BACKGROUND DETAILS and ACTION and ONE PIECE-STYLE HUMOR. Oh, I find myself desperately hoping incandescens continues this story because I can already feel myself falling in love with it, her writing is fantastic and it's gen plotfic done right and it's got all these fabulous details (Oh, my god, do I love her Hina, so perfect! And her reactions to Zoro, even when it's just a wanted poster of him among a bunch of others, is so fabulous.) and I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA OF TASHIGI HAVING TO RESCUE WHO SHE RESCUES FROM A MARINE PRISON. HEE HEE HEE. ♥ And, yes, this fic deserved all the caps, shut up. (No warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - The Cook's Pride by Tonko - Ooh, this was a really interesting take on what might have happened after the third One Piece movie, a fantastic way to show just how stupid the characters can be in totally understandable ways. Sanji's reactions and reasons behind them here are fantastic, the way he endangers himself by not taking care of himself, the way Zoro gets pissed off as hell at him, but is still a nakama, it's one of those scenes that could have come straight out of the manga. Especially Zoro's attempts at taunting him and Sanji's automatic, reflexive attempt to hit him, that was one of those perfect little touches. Very, very nice characterization here. (No warnings/pairings, but I'll shove this into the ZoSan-Except-Not section.)

- One Piece - lost on the way by incandescens - Vivi and Robin aren't two characters that I would have thought to compare/contrast against each other this way, but incandescens makes it work brilliantly, tying it so wonderfully into the theme and creating this... this atmosphere that's part harsh almost-tragedy, part determination, part shiver-inducting that's just... it's so perfect for these two characters, there's such depth here even in such a short fic. I adored this one and the fabulous play with the theme. (No warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - random acts of piracy by Zau - All the things I always say about Zau's writing are still just as true for this story, I still wish just as desperately that I could drag her into the One Piece fandom and keep her there forever. ....of course, I say the same thing about Furuba, but I mean it! This is a gorgeous piece that gets at the emotion this series evokes from me, the sheer level of how much I care about the characters, how connected they all are, how much Robin means to them all. How, when one of them is in trouble, the entire crew feels it through ripple effects, each of them in their own way. One of the most powerful moments in the story is Sanji thinking that, after their encounter with Aokiji, that this must be what it's like to have nakama, to want to rage and tear things apart when certain things are said about your nakama, somehow that line just hit me like a two-by-four. And then, god, the end. I mean, I was all wibbly from Zoro and Chopper's interaction, which was just precious, but the ending? Beautiful. ;__; (No real warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - Mugiwara Love In The Grand Line by Eggy - I picked this up from the greentangerine comm and just... oh, One Piece, I love you and your creative fans who manage to get me to laugh out loud. This is a rearrangement of selected panels from the manga to create this cracked out Zoro/Nami little comic and it's just... it's totally on-crack, but it's the kind that's actually rather IC, you know? Nami's reasons for falling in love with Zoro, Sanji's reactions, the background characters' reactions, everything was chosen really well and put together beautifully and it actually just about looks like it could have been done that way originally. It looks very streamlined. But, oh, god, you're reading this for the humor. Because I laughed out loud and am so glad that no one was around to hear it and then make me explain. Just... go read. ♥ (Multiple pairings referenced, but it's not particularily serious, so.)

- One Piece - The Storm by Alissa - Oh, this was a beautiful Nami (and slightly Luffy/Nami) fic that just... Alissa's writing is always lovely, but there was something to the flow of this one, a smooth, wonderful pace that fit the writing and the tone of the story just beautifully. The prose was just... somehow soothing to read. But it was also the characterization of Nami, how brilliantly she came across here, her determination and pain she lives with every day, that weigh so heavily on her, but she never lets it wear her down, she never complains. The way there are three moments from the series, each of them reflecting a piece of her and her motivations, the way Luffy changed her life, the way it made my chest ache at the end, but in entirely the right, happy way. And, oh, the last line of this is just so perfect. I wish I could describe it better, but I'm falling into inocherent squee... so, instead, just go read it! (Not Luffy/Nami, but not not Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - Go Fish by Moon Klutz - Hee. Sanji's take on Zoro, which really doesn't stop being old when it's cutely done like this. I think my favorite part had to be the ending, when Zoro goes "fishing" to catch their dinner and Sanji thinks: Who fished with a fucking sword? Idiot didn't even know good fish from bad, he just brought shit up and threw it on the deck like a cat with a dead mouse. It's just... good, solid, fun nakama fic, with a little flavoring of the usual Zoro/Sanji snarking at each other, which always makes me happy. So much fun! ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- X/One Piece - X Piece by Jaelle - If you'd mentioned the concept of an X/One Piece fusion/crossover/whatever to me before I'd read this, I probably would have given you a, "" reaction. But reading it in this author's hands, it's genius, I tell you. The infusion of the Straw Hats (who are beautifully in character) into Subaru's life... the beautiful way the author uses this to actually play off the depressing Subaru and actually has fantastic little details worked in and the casting is a thing of beauty. It's just... it should be batshit fluff, but it actually has just enough weight to it to be good. I mean, it's a humor piece, but it's not just randomly mashing them together, it finds little connections and parallels and ways to bring them together and just... oh, Luffy and Subaru in the same room and that Special Person and the Straw Hats in the background being so very themselves and I could not stop grinning the entire time. (Hints of pairings, but not really the point.)

- One Piece - The Edge of Reason by _paperpencil - [Note: There may be some spoilers for recent happenings in the Water 7 arc at the time this fic was posted.] I've been browsing onepieceyaoi100 a lot lately because a lot of the fics are actually quite a bit longer than that. And some of them are really, really good. This fic. Just. Somehow the scenes placed together as they were just quietly devestated me with love for Chopper, for all the characters. For how much he loves them, how much I love him, how much they love him, how much I love them all. It's a brilliant fic that makes me ache with love. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - Stiff Competition I, II and III by _paperpencil - Oh, god. Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god. I was so hesitant to click on this fic because of the AN and Smoker and Zeff and then Sanji was there, but... I loved the author's writing and I could always bail if I started to not like it. And this. This was pure batshit brilliance in that way that the manga is pure batshit brilliance. Just. The writing. The characterization. The brilliance of fifteen-year-old Sanji on the Baratie and being a little brat and, god, Zeff and Smoker was actually kind of awesome, but Sanji was perfect in this fic. I can only laugh and laugh and smash on the keyboard and laugh some more. And then there was THE ENDING. I'm a sucker for a perfect ending and that could not have been better written. LOVE. ('s Smoker/Zeff, but it's more implied than anything and you HAVE TO READ IT.)

- One Piece - Owned by ptps - Okay, I had to rec this fic for two reasons. One, because Usopp gets to be awesome and, c'mon, he totally deserves that sometimes. Especially in such a batshit, beautiful way because that's totally the kind of thing that happens in the manga. And, two, because the ending totally had me with my mouth hanging open in the exact reaction the rest of the crew went through. I loved that the author totally timed that perfectly and a;dlsfjasldaljksdf you have to read it. Just. Read it. (And Sanji is great spaz in this, I love him dearly.) (No warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - the distance of one cigarette by dreamlessness - When I first started reading this fic, I thought I'd perhaps read it before, because I've seen the concept done with other fics. But the thing is, I kept reading then I knew I hadn't because the fic did manage to somehow distinguish itself in my mind and that's almost more impressive to me than the lovely writing of the piece. Taking an idea that I've seen before, Sanji measuring time in cigarettes, but still making a fic stand out, still putting an impression on me with the characterization of Sanji that resonated strongly with me... that's talent, in my eyes. And the characterization is really strong, the way there's a solid punch to the character's experiences, especially when he thinks about Zeff and when he goes without cigarettes or when the rest of the ship is driving him crazy. Tons of wonderful little details that I loved. ♥ (Some Zoro/Sanji, but it's 90% a Sanji piece.)

- One Piece - There is a palace by tin - [Note: This fic is locked, but the author friends back anyone who friends the journal, so I'm making an exception.] There is something so quietly amazing and satisfying about this fic that I feel a little bit dumb just trying to talk about it. On the surface, it's such a simple story, about a stretch of very long days that wear on the Strawhat crew and then an island they land on, where yet another story awaits them. But it's the details, the rich tapestry of them that's woven into everything, the way the woman's story itself unfolds as you read further into the fic, every little touch of characterization and the objects used in the story. In a lot of ways, I was sort of reminded of Mushishi, the way it's a quiet story with a rich background and it was really sort of awesome for that. And I just. I loved the quiet characterization of the Strawhat crew somehow, too. It said so much somehow, but I can't even pin down how. It's just... a gorgeous, lovely story. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - Love Shanty by _paperpencil - I probably wouldn't have clicked on this fic if I hadn't become rather enamored with this author's work over the past few months. I was curious about something longer of hers, especially since it was apparently from Nami's POV. Before long, I was entranced by the writing and the gorgeous characterization of Nami as she watched Zoro and Sanji; for all that the fic is labelled with their pairing and how they are the focus of the fic, it's not really about them. It's about Nami and it could not be more perfect. All the pieces are here, the gorgeous characterization, the lovely writing, the fantastic pacing and build-up so that the ending knocks you on your ass. But somehow it's more than that, too. It's Nami watching Zoro and Sanji, trying to figure out if they're in love or if it's something else, the sheer emotion of the piece slowly wraps around you until your little fangirl heart aches in your fangirl chest and the ending makes you want to cry. I may have started the fic for the ZoSan, but I stayed for Nami. This piece is brilliant down to every last little thing. ('s sort of ZoSan, but it's not really. It's not gen, but it's not slash. It's about Nami more than anything.)

- One Piece - The Red Coast by maldoror_gw - I've liked this author's work in the past, so I was fairly certain that I would like this fic as well. What I didn't quite expect was how much of an OP mood this was going to put me in--even just a few paragraphs into the fic I was already opening more tabs to load up some of the other OP fic that'd been posted recently. And the rest of this fic doesn't disappoint, it's a not-often-used tactic of creating a bunch of OC villains that actually fit into Oda's world like I could absolutely believe, does it actually really well, the kind that almost makes you like the group of new bad guys. They're kinda dumb, but they've got all these fabulous little quirks that had me laughing as they went down one by one, the way you knew they would. The author is terrific at sliding little details in, at letting you picture what happened to each of them as they went up against a Strawhat, at creating something surprisingly detailed and deft for a group of mangy shipwreckers. It just had such a sense of fun to it, the sense of zany adventure like the original manga, the kind that I don't get to read nearly enough. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - Sacrifice of Kings by idiosyn - This fic makes me feel conflicted. On the one hand, part of me disagrees with taking the characters in the direction the author went. On the other, part of me is also going, "Oooh, that was kinda cool. +_+" It's very confusing! But I actually do find the take on the characters interesting and the author was very effective at conveying what she wanted to get across, the emotion of it hurt just as was intended. Luffy's reactions were wonderful, I really loved him in this piece even when he wasn't doing much because he was reactionive more than active but... okay, clearly I'm trying to describe what I liked without saying spoilers and am failing rather spectactularly. Just. Go read. It's short and interesting! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - Aftermaths: Zoro - Luffy - Sanji - Chopper by Maldoror - I'm linking these together because they're short enough that I feel better this way and because they're all a part of a theme--short ficlets set two weeks after the characters' defining 'events'. And good lord what a fabulous, fabulous idea and execution! They're little scenes that I can see slipping in between the pages of canon, little ideas that are just gems for what they say about the hope and resiliancy of the characters and the OP world as a whole. I honestly can't pick a favorite--every time I read the ending of the Chopper one (omg omg omg why isn't there more of Chopper learning under Kureha?), I think about how brilliant the Zoro one was, how adorable the Luffy one was, or how perfect the Sanji one was. Each one shows an insight or an aspect of the character, shows how they picked themselves up and kept going, stronger than before, because that's what these characters are. Just. Fabulous. (No warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece/Bleach - Thirteen Going on Fourteen by Celeste - Sanji sighed to himself as he heard the sound of weapons being drawn. The chef wondered rather philosophically, why dying was necessary if the parts that came afterwards were exactly the same as the ones you’d been through when you were alive. I sort of knew I wanted a OP/Bleach crossover, but I didn't know how badly I wanted it or how beautiful Zoro and Sanji in the afterlife would be until I read this. It's just. It's just. The author so beautifully captures the whole... so strong it's stupid attitude of both series that makes this crossover work. That's the beautiful thing about the OP characters in Soul Society, that they'd be ridiculously, idiotically strong and I would laugh the entire way through it because they wouldn't stop bitching at each for a minute. The other thing I love about this story is that it captures the... it's not quite crude dialogue (though, there is a lot of swearing), but there's a very rough quality to these characters and it's great for both Bleach and OP that further contributes to how much it makes the fic work. It's just. A crossover that works, omg. After the Naruto/Hunter x Hunter crossover Celeste did, I'm ready to call her Queen of the JUMP Crossovers now. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - untitled by Mooncalf - Some days I think I like the gen better with these two than the possible gay, because they're just so great around each other. But it's also that the author managed to capture that sense of whatever it is that Oda puts into his manga that makes me love it so much, some combination of brilliantly hilarious imagery and comedic timing/pacing, the kind that leaves me rolling around on the floor and laughing wildly. This was just. Fun and so very, very Sanji and Zoro. And so very, very One Piece as Zoro sleeps and Sanji cooks and it's life as normal on the Going Merry. Fabulous. (This is entirely gen, but Zoro/Sanji fans might enjoy it, too.)

- One Piece - Necessities in Life by Pero - I haven't actually watched the fillers these are based on (I had to Wiki them, but it sounds sort of awesome of OP to got that route for filler omg ♥), but I think they stood well enough on their own. I really do ♥ Pero's OP fic, she captures that sense of batshit crazy about the world, the exaggerated qualities that still have an internal consistency. And, god, her Nami is just so utterly fabulous and her Zoro and Sanji interaction is fabulous and her Luffy is just... heeee, dragging in some nameless monk just 'cause he's a new friend and that's so Luffy and all the little details that go into this and just... yeah, I had a ton of fun with this one. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/One Piece - The Six Phases Of A Project by incandescens - Bleach and One Piece! I didn't think this kind of crossover would work (despite that they're obviously two of my favorite series) but this was just delightful fun and the two slid together in this way that... it's a combination of the sense of humor of both Bleach and One Piece, it has this style that manages to fit both of them. Plus, Smoker, Tashigi, and the other Marines! Adding Shunsui and Nanao into that mix! Craziness in the way that these two series should have craziness! Really a greatly fun fic. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings beyond what you'd see in canon.)

- One Piece/Tiny Toon Adventures - Pets by Icka! M. Chif - There are just some crossovers that you are so completely not expecting that you have to click on the link, especially when done by an author you like. And this. This. This is beautiful. I was laughing the entire way through because the One Piece characters with Elmyra would go exactly like this and the ending was absolutely, utterly pitch perfect. Both for Luffy and from everyone else. Just. Brilliant. \o/ (No warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - If Only by Adali - This is a very short piece, but it's a fantastic look at Nami's life and what she wishes she could be at various points in her life. Each paragraph has her understanding a little more about the world and her own abilities and what she wants to achieve, what she has to achieve, and the final one is just... it's wonderful and so very in the spirit of One Piece. A great little Nami piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

- One Piece - Hit and Run by Adali - I'm generally not one for threesome fics, but I like Zoro, Sanji, and Nami all a lot and I was in the mood for some more One Piece fic and I liked the author, so I gave this one a shot. And I wound up liking both aspects of this fic--what Zoro's going through and thinking as he just about dies in the middle of a fight, how stupid it is and yet how stubborn he is, the regrets of unfinished things still lingering. But also I liked how nicely subtle the fic was on his feelings for both Sanji and Nami, how annoyed as hell he could be by both of them and the images he thought of when he was was fading out. The ending was perfectly Zoro as well and I really like this author's take on the situation. (Some Zoro/Sanji/Nami, but you could also read this as gen.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/One Piece - Friends We Haven't Met Yet by Jaelle - As I was reading the author's notes, I wasn't sure I could read a fic with Nami and Yuuko in the same scene and not be disappointed because... well, how could a mere mortal live up to the potential of such an idea? But Jaelle does a fabulous job of it and I could picture it so easily and it's really hilarious and these two universes fit together so well. It's a hilarious little fic that's an utter gem of a read. Especially the ending. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Through Children's Eyes by factorielle - [Note: This is the first part of a multi-chaptered fic, but you can just keep clicking the links at the bottom of the page to go to the next chapter.] You know, once again, the last thing I need to be doing right now is reading a 30,000+ word fic, but I swear it did not feel that long at all, it just sailed right on by because I was enjoying it so much. I couldn't put it down because it was just so damn good. The concept is such a cliche one--Luffy and Zoro are turned into kids for a month and the rest of the Strawhats have to deal with that--but done so very, very well that I didn't want it to end. The characterization of this is fantastic, the slow build up of the relationship between Zoro and Sanji, done in a really believable way and never sacrificing who they both are at their core beings, while never forgetting the rest of the crew, made this feel so much in the spirit of the original manga. I cannot tell you how much I loved everyone in this fic, how much I loved that I clicked onto it for the ZoSan but actually ended up staying for the gen.

The pacing was fantastic as well, it never dragged, but never skimmed over something too fast, either. The use of their backgrounds, their individual issues and the pasts that have shaped them into who they are, none of that was ever forgotten. The use of revolving POVs, different characters for different scenes, yet all of them were wonderfully in character. And a;sldkjfalskj the slow bonding of Zoro and Sanji even as neither of them were particularly happy about it, yet they were nakama and they always would be and just as;ldkfjaslj yes. I love, love, love that it's about Zoro and Sanji's relationship, but it's not really a pairing fic (though, I'd say it leans towards pre-slash) and it was all the stronger for it. Everything I could have asked from this fic--characterization, writing, pacing, that gleeful wriggle-inducing quality that leaves me feeling satisfied after the fic was done--it delivered on. Plus as;dflkjaslj that ending, omg so good. (This is entirely gen, but if you like Zoro/Sanji, you should like this.)

One Piece: Quitting's Easy by Tammaiya - I love that this was only supposed to be a quick, short little fic about Sanji quitting smoking and some tossed in jokes about the English dub using a lollipop instead of his cigarette and then maybe some Zoro/Sanji UST, but somehow it turned into a ~10,000 word monster on her; that's hilarious and awesome. Especially since I really love this characterization of Sanji, he's polished in some ways and rough in some ways, that balance that you see in the original manga is captured so well here. His potty mouth, the constant stream of swearing that goes through his head without being too over the top about it, the way he interacts with everyone in the crew are all spot-on for him--not to mention that I really love all the scenes he has with those different people! He interacts with Chopper and Usopp and Nami and Luffy and Robin and everyone! I love when authors work in the rest of the Strawhats! Plus, mmm, her Zoro is really hot, too. I swear, this fic just flew by and I didn't want it to end, like, ever. Except I'm okay with that because a) the resolution is satisfying and b) now she can move on to writing MOAR! :D (Zoro/Sanji, crew antics, a hint of Luffy/Nami that you'll blink and miss it.)

One Piece: Council Of Power by Tammaiya - Man, I love Siobhan being into One Piece. We discussed this idea back and forth and it's one thing to have this mental image in your head, but it's another to actually have the written fic. Because the summary describes it beautifully: Wherein Red-Haired Shanks, Whitebeard, Revolutionary Dragon and Fire-Fist Ace (plus Garp) call a meeting, the Marines collectively shit themselves and Sengoku bursts a blood vessel. The most powerful men in the world getting together and this is how they spend that time--and it's written brilliantly here, right down to ACE, YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Oh, god, I love Ace in this fic. And Shanks. GOD, SHANKS IS SO HILARIOUS IN THIS FIC. And Garp. I LOVE GARP SO FREAKING MUCH. Also, the last line is perfect and als;dkfja;lsjkalsj if Sengoku weren't on my shit list, I might love him a little just out of sympathy. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Home by eiliem - [Note: There may be SPOILERS for chapter 574 in the fic and in this rec.] aori_tsuki linked this fic to me and it's the first of a four fics that were written before 574 (but I'm still putting on a spoiler warning since that chapter will be mentioned in the recs, most likely) and are a different take on how the confrontation at Marineford could go. Instead of what happened to Ace, things are better, he's rescued and Luffy (along with the other Strawhats that manage to show up somehow) stays with the Whitebeard crew for awhile until they can get back to Sabaody Archipelago and it's. It's all about Ace trying to rearrange his worldview while being completely exhausted and it... helps to fix things, a little. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Healing by eiliem - [Note: There may be SPOILERS for chapter 574 in the fic and in this rec. This is also the second fic in a series linked together.] The second fic of the family reunion series, this is more about Ace having more time to get to observe Luffy's crew one by one, along with having more time to settle into himself after the events of Marineford. I liked the balance between really deep angst and Ace being... well, Ace. He worries about Luffy and you can feel that creeping up on him, strained further by being the center of attention after his rescue, and you can feel that it's building towards something. I also like seeing the Strawhats interacting with Whitebeard's crew and to see their irreverant devotion to Luffy the whole time. It's nice. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Happiness by eiliem - [Note: There may be SPOILERS for chapter 574 in the fic and in this rec. This is also the third fic in a series linked together.] Part three of the series and it's more of Ace observing the Strawhats as they interact with the Whitebeard pirates or are just entirely themselves and Luffy is Luffy, all while this feeling of... quiet before the storm builds. Even the Whitebeard pirates are expanded upon, giving several of the characters personality and One Piece-style quirks. It's great fun to watch everyone be sure that Luffy can't really eat that much or else be completely sure that oh yes he can, all while Ace has this moment of calm while watching his little brother that was just. Really nice to get. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Heart to Heart by eiliem - [Note: There may be SPOILERS for chapter 574 in the fic and in this rec. This is also the fourth fic in a series linked together.] Part four of the series and it gets more into the Strawhats' usual antics, which were really fun to see on Whitebeard's ship--I really kind of delighted in Luffy having Robin show everyone the Chopper thing and you can just feel Robin's fondness as she complies. And I like that this is the breaking point that Ace had to eventually get to, trying to sort through all the feelings he had about Luffy breaking into Impel Down of all places and then Marineford, all that reckless stupidity just for Ace, but it's... as much as it hurts with the way it happens, it's a good thing, and the author captures that really well. Combined with the previous fics, it's a series that gets Ace back to a better place. Maybe not all the way to good, but... better, clearing the air with Luffy after Marineford, slowly coming around to accepting the acceptance of his crew, and so forth. It helped me as a reader, too. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Ship Without a Rudder by eiliem - [Note: There may be SPOILERS for chapter 574 in the fic and in this rec.] Well, as long as I was reading Divergent Timeline fic re: 574, I might as well go all-in, right? Especially since I'd like this author's previous fic that I'd read from her and I was curious to see how she'd handle a oneshot where Whitebeard was the one to die in Marineford instead of Ace. I think this actually wound up being my favorite of her fics, because it gets into so much of what's going on with Ace that's painful and the burden that's been put on his shoulders his entire life and how that's affected how he sees everyone. The rest of the Whitebeard pirates don't really know how to deal with him now, but Luffy is just Luffy at him, all through his grief until Ace is ready to break out of it. And I LOVE how Luffy handles that, too, because it's just so... they're such brothers about it. I really enjoyed this one. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Name by zhadra_ahni - [Note: There are some spoilers for recent-is events in the fic and this rec.] This is a look at Ace and the names (or lack of names) he's had in his life and it's this short thing that's not even 500 words, but it helped... well, obviously, I'm all over Ace because of the more recent chapters, so this helped give me that extra bit of time with the character and got into just what exactly all of Ace's different names mean to him. I love how Luffy just whirlwinds his way into Ace's life and it's perfect for these two. (No warnings/pairings.)

One Piece: Infamy by Tammaiya - [Note: It will probably have helped to have read the previous fic but both stand pretty well on their own. There may also be some spoilers for recent events--vague ones, but still definitely spoiler-ish.] Seven different scenes of people who heard about Monkey D Luffy looooong before they ever actually met him and, seriously, I could read this kind of fic forever. I honestly can't pick a favorite among these scenes--so many of the world's most powerful people and they all adore Luffy or they're all damn sick of hearing about him, it's amazing to see how far his influence spreads. I love how damn epic you realize the world and the characters are, just from how many people have heard of Luffy, but I also love that each of these scenes has its own tone and gets inside these different characters' heads. Tammaiya does a fantastic job with each of them. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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