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- One Piece - A Lesson Taught by meethzoonk - Do you know how badly I wanted a Luffy/Nami fic that was both IC and well-written? Oh, it pained me that I had yet to find one. And then this story came along. And it was funny. It wasn't just tolerable, it actually sparkled and was funny and clever and, oh, Luffy was perfect in his cluelessness and Nami was perfect in her frustration and being practically the only sane person on that boat. I really just sort of flail over this story because I laughed so hard over it and because it had all the right sort of details with Nami's map and Luffy's being distracted with food (without being cliche, I thought! <3), but also because I could see this happening. It felt very natural to me... well, at least natural in the sense of One Piece, which is whacky and fun. Just... *happy sigh* I am an incoherently happy Luffy/Nami fangirl. (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - I.O.U. by meethzoonk - Every time I read this fic, I just... I start laughing all over again because it so precisely hits what I love about the One Piece sense of humor. The things that, in hindsight, seem like they obviously would have turned out that way, but you never really expected it going in. Plus? FUNNY. The author has a very strong sense for comedic timing and she really does an excellent job with Nami and Luffy's characters. I could JUST SEE this, to the point where I could nearly have imagined it in the manga. (Not actually Luffy/Nami, pretty much completely gen, but, dammit, I need fics in that catagory, so. XD)

- One Piece - The Pirate Tradition by cneko2 - This is one of those stories where you just sort of... have to go with the story, you have to be an unrepetent fan of the characters/pairings/crack presented within and just... have fun with it. And if you can do that? This fic made me giggle so much. Just... the casual way Luffy has some sort of hair-brained idea and the others are all "WTF!" or "IDIOT!!" at hime is great. Nami's treatment of Luffy especially just made me sparkle with mad laughter, when he just casually blurts out he's been sleeping with Nami and... and... *dies* Sanji and Zoro's reactions are PERFECT. Especially Zoro's. I can just see him thinking that about them, too. Just... silly, silly fun. (Very light LuffyxNami and Zoro/Sanji sliiiiiiiiiighty hinted at, but I don't know that I'd even count it.)

- One Piece - When I Close My Eyes by Archica - I admit, I probably forgave this story a little for the Nami characterization (especially so early on in her time with the Strawhat Pirates) because I'm such the Luffy/Nami fan, but... at the same time, the writing was very nice and there were so many little touches to the story that I thought were really nicely done. You have to probably be a fan of the pairing to enjoy it the way I did, you probably have to want the couple like I do, and if you do... this was a sweet little fic. Arlong's presence in Nami's life was nicely done, as was the way Luffy interacted and was characterized--the balance between nitwit and surprisingly good instincts and loyal captain/friend was really well-done. Also? The line about Luffy's response about what next and their interaction while she's doing her usual chores to look good were also nicely done. I liked the fic. (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - Reckless by starah - Have you ever done anything completely reckless? Something so strange and bizarre and so out of proportion not even you realise or understand what you're actually attempting to do? I suspect this is another story that... mm, well, first of all, I wouldn't really call it Luffy/Nami, but you could read that into it if you liked (as the author states) and I suspect that it's a story that you'll probably get the most out of it if you really like the dynamic between Luffy and Nami as I do, but it's also a really good gen fic, too. Nami thinking about Luffy, all the things she considers and all the issues she has with trusting people and the way Luffy just sort of blows through all those without even realizing what he's doing, that when he looks at you and trusts you so completely you can't help but trust him back. Even when you probably should know better. But you do and he never, ever lets you down. That's one of the most touching things about One Piece and it was so nice to see it illustrated in this fic, especially knowing what happens just after when this is set, when Luffy climbs the Drum Island mountains with Nami on his back. (Not really Luffy/Nami, but I'm sticking it in both that and the gen sections.)

- One Piece - Driving Curiosity by meethzoonk - You know, I'd feel worse for a story about Sanji stumbling over Luffy and Nami together (not that they're doing anything, they're just sort of hanging out in the same room together, but it's the way they're doing it, the way they're laughing or Nami's not smacking him out of the room or Luffy's settling down a little that raises Sanji's hackles and made me really like the lack of a sledgehammer here, it works better this way, feels much more in the style of One Piece for me), except that I like to kick him over to the swordsman, so. But, yes. This is a nicely done fic for the way it portrays Luffy and Nami's friendship/relationship from Sanji's eyes, the way it affects him, the way he wonders a little, none of it being too obvious or too much, still managing to make me believe it. Sanji's characterization is nice and I'd really like to see more of this fic. <3 (Luffy/Nami, but faint for now.)

- One Piece - Evening by Alissa - This fic was cute and sweet for most of the way, just a simple night as Nami tends to her mikan trees and watches as the scenery goes by her. I liked the story because it painted these pretty images in my head, all these colors that I strongly associate with the series itself. But it was the final line of the piece that stopped me in my tracks and made me wibble in delight. So lovely. *wibbles* (Luffy/Nami hinted at.)

- One Piece - twenty-three minutes on the deck by Zau - There are precious few Luffy/Nami stories in existance that really hit me hard, which is why this one sent me into squeeing, flailing fits. It's so... Nami as she watches Luffy, all these gorgeous little details, this perfect characterization. It brings to mind the perfect background setting for it without having to try, it's just there in my head, the Going Merry, the waves of the ocean around them, the slight distance between them, the wind ruffling their hair. And there is a fabulous opening paragraph, the kind that sucked me right in and wouldn't let go until it was done. *__* (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - Sunset at Port Gold by Rio Grande - This is not a perfect fic, there's a lot of telling rather than showing, a lot of rough edges in both the writing and the characterization, there are a lot of points where I would have liked to have taken a mental red pen to the words or actions of the characters and tweaked them just a little to put them back on the right track, but I can look past this because a) Luffy characterization is a rather difficult thing to get into text often times, b) because there are moments in the story that are just too much fun or too darling to complain too much and c) because I wanted to. Because I like Luffy/Nami and this story hit a lot of the buttons I wanted hit. The other thing that helps tremendously is that the author actually builds a plot, one that actually felt at home in the One Piece world. There's a villain with a crazy pirate theme, with crazy themed underlings, Luffy and Nami running around having an adventure, even fight scenes!

The story doesn't drag on for too long, but neither does it shortchange the reader, it's a good, long story that's actually interesting. With longer stories, I tend to have my attention span waver if there isn't an actual worthwhile story to read, no matter how much I'm craving a particular pairing. And this story accomplished that nicely, the plot of the adventure actually made sense, it was used nicely to further the Luffy/Nami relationship along, it was paralleled nicely with Nami's own experiences, it had action in it, and I still can't get over the... charm of the story. It may not convince someone of the pairing if they're on the fence about it, but for those that do like the pairing, it was definitely worth the read and I had no trouble sticking with the entire thing. (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - The Storm by Alissa - Oh, this was a beautiful Nami (and slightly Luffy/Nami) fic that just... Alissa's writing is always lovely, but there was something to the flow of this one, a smooth, wonderful pace that fit the writing and the tone of the story just beautifully. The prose was just... somehow soothing to read. But it was also the characterization of Nami, how brilliantly she came across here, her determination and pain she lives with every day, that weigh so heavily on her, but she never lets it wear her down, she never complains. The way there are three moments from the series, each of them reflecting a piece of her and her motivations, the way Luffy changed her life, the way it made my chest ache at the end, but in entirely the right, happy way. And, oh, the last line of this is just so perfect. I wish I could describe it better, but I'm falling into inocherent squee... so, instead, just go read it! (Not Luffy/Nami, but not not Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - ode to the gentleman and the secret lovers by Zau - I always look forward to Zau's writing, because she puts these fabulous little spins on the characters, takes these deceptively simple things or aspects or turns of phrase or imagery and turns them into something brilliant, so much like the anime does. So, Luffy and Nami and bumping of elbows while they're tangled up in each other or Sanji sitting down next to Robin while she smiles at him and he tells his stories or Usopp plots great, poetic odes or Zoro has a sword tossed over the edge of the ship, these things could have been so simple, but somehow they come alive here and just flourish to clarity in my head. Not only that, but the way she plays the everyday antics of the crew against the more intimate moments between the couple and potential couple (because Sanji/Robin is so very much a potential couple here and it's gorgeous because it fits with them and there's this raw, aching sort of well of potential there that's only barely touched on, the way Sanji is so young in some ways and maybe someday Robin will be, too, it's a brilliant insight into their dynamic), it's just lovely. Not to mention, I love her touches of Zoro and Sanji's friendship here, they, too, were just so perfect. ♥ (Luffy/Nami and potential Sanji/Robin.)

- One Piece - Choices and Will and The Consequence of Worship - I'm going to put these two together, despite that they have radically different tones, since they're related to each other. The first, Choices and Will, is something that I have a difficult time describing because... a part of me wants to squee at the pairing, despite that it's not really the point at all. It's more about mature concepts and the way the One Piece characters react to them, the dash of the worser parts of reality somehow not jarring against the lighter tone of the series. Somehow, this fic has the characters discussing some of the more realistic things that can happen and still makes me feel like it's One Piece, the way the characters react to each other and Luffy's reactions in particular are just... they make my heart turn over in that same way the series itself does. The second fic is much more light-hearted, more comedic in tone, more fun for the Zoro/Sanji dynamic and Nami's moods. Together, they're... well, honestly, making me want to dive back into OP fic. (Some Luffy/Nami, some Zoro/Sanji, I'd still recommend the first, even if you're not a fan.)

- One Piece - and in your silence i found you by Zau - It feels like ages since I've read OP fic and I've missed it rather terribly, especially when it's Luffy/Nami fic that's actually intelligent and has this lingering sort of effectiveness. The way Zau phrases her imagery, the little details that make you feel along with the characters, whether it's a physical sensation or an emotional one, whether it's the wind aginst a face, the salt of the ocean against lips, or the desperate and afraid touch of someone who doesn't want to lose the other or the lingering afteraffects of the touch. There are at least five paragraphs in this fic that could have been the defining point around which the fic was written, all these beautiful little insights into the characters as Nami lies sick with a fever just before Drum Island, the way Luffy is always there at her side and such a pure soul even without the author having to tell us this, the way Nami is so... Nami by this point, the way she cares and loves these people and lives her life now. Even the rest of the crew in the background are achingly lovely. It's a really, really beautiful piece set during her fever/illness and fits together so well with these characters I love. (Luffy/Nami implied.)

- One Piece - untitled by Zau - I was actually reading One Piece fic tonight, I'd written a bunch of recs even, when Zau posted this fic tonight, which was the perfect way to cap off my morning of reading. Her writing is gorgeous, it has this way of making you feel like you're in the story, you can feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin, the breath in your lungs, you feel like you can reach out and touch the ship. But it's not just that. It's the little details, the sparkle of characterization in Zau's hands, the way Luffy and Nami are perfect, brilliant together in a quiet, warm, happy moment like this. It's moments like this that make me love Nami so damn much, makes me love Luffy so damn much, because he can be childishly happy and still hot/sexy in that way he has. I can't imagine not loving this pairing, not when there's fic like this for them. (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - Letters Home by Celeste - You know how sometimes there'll be one of those fics that comes along that hits a particular set of notes with you, so that you're left practically frothing at the mouth because of how much you loved a certain pairing in it and the way it was presented? No? Just me, huh? Well, anyway. Yeah. That's what this fic did to me somehow. The way Nami sits down to write a letter home to Nojiko and the way it completely and utterly gets the OP batshit quality in the background (and, hell, the foreground, too), the way it's seemingly chaos until you realize the author is orchestrating everything perfectly. And, god. God, the characterization is awesome here. Nami is brilliant. Luffy is brilliant. Zoro and Sanji in the background are brilliant. Robin and Usopp are brilliant, too. The Luffy/Nami dynamic is perfect, it strides that line between something I can take seriously and absolute batshit insanity that's so pervasive in Oda's world. They're... well, frankly, crazy and that's exactly the way it should be. I think I may have literally kicked my feet in happiness after reading this, it hit me just right. Maybe it'll be just me, maybe I really am that OTP over LuNa, but... whatever the reason, I enjoyed the hell out of this. ♥ (Luffy/Nami, some Zoro/Sanji in the background.)

- One Piece - Four things, out of many, that Nami has to put up with by Maaya - The longer I'm into the OP fandom, the more I suspect that Luffy/Nami is my true love of the series. Or, perhaps, I'm just so starved for fic that each one seems so much more precious and squee-inducing. Either way, this fic was wonderful and got me to fall in love with the characters all over again. Four scenes between Luffy and Nami that could have almost been gen, but with possibilities for more, especially the final scene (which totally had me in a pile of melted goo on the floor in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE OMG ♥), which I liked because I could see these things actually happening with the characters. The characterization is wonderful, Nami's temper and Luffy's craziness, somehow they manage to meet in the middle and find something insightful or touching. The use of the various types of weather islands was lovely, the writing was lovely, and I just... god, as dorky as it sounds, I'm happy after this fic. ♥ (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - Sea by Maaya - Obviously, I frequently like Maaya's writing and squee about it a lot. So it doesn't come as a surprise that I liked this fic, especially being as it's more Luffy/Nami. What did surprise me is that there's a... hm. A quality to it that's elegant in a different way from her usual style, something that reminds me more of ink on parched paper (and, I know, my metaphors are terrible, shush) or perhaps that's a quality I associate with manga and this captured it. The details are wonderful here, they create a beautiful background world for the characters to move through, all these strange, quirky, beautiful little bits of a world that Oda created coming to life in this story. The characterization is, as well, something that I can barely being to describe without descending into obnoxious fangirl noises because it doesn't have to try too hard and you can just feel the pull between Luffy and Nami. The way the author writes them simply sitting together on the deck or Nami watching as Luffy and the others have a silly mock fight. The way the fic puts all these gorgeous images in my head of Nami watching the sea from the deck or the way the two of them grin at each other and it's just... oh, brilliantly right. (Luffy/Nami, some slight Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Matters Not by Maaya - You know, for all that I started with the Zoro/Sanji pairing in the series and considered that my OTP... I'm not sure I ever had quite the same squeeing reaction to a fic for them like I do for Luffy/Nami like this. I mean, not really that much even has to happen (in terms of sexual relations) and I'm practically flapping my hands or clutching my heart because, oh, they're so cute and adorable and fabulous together. Maaya writes them beautifully, she can do emotionally touching even while she still captures the sense of fun of the world and weaves together these short scenes that combine for a greater whole. Little scenes around the theme of never keeping track of things and... okay, the third one shouldn't have had me in a puddle of goo on the floor because I have my principles, dammit, but, yeah, goo on the floor. *squishes* (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - how the legends live by Zau - One Piece is a series that strikes me as being potentially difficult to write future!fic for, because... how do you keep the sense of epic adventure without sacrificing that the plot actually moves forward and the characters grow? But the way Zau writes it here, it's all the things I would hope for from the OP future, the way the characters are these larger than life legends, but you still remember all the times they worked and worked to hone their talents. You remember every time Sanji carefully prepared a meal or Usopp told a story or Luffy fought a battle, even while they have a new sense of gravitas to them. The way the story is written, every little detail, the use of the narrative voice that reads almost like a book of legends or a historical piece, the way you still recognize these characters... it's fabulous. I would love this fic even if it wasn't about the Pirate King and Pirate Queen, just for the technical aspects of it, just for Zau's way with words. The LuNa just makes it that much more devestatingly beautiful. (Luffy/Nami, some Sanji/Robin.)

- One Piece - Final Distance by kenbu - I have such a great weakness for Luffy/Nami and the idea of Pirate King and Pirate Queen, especially when the writing of such fic is as lovely as this one. The author has a way with imagery, the turns of phrase that fit the characters so well and prompt such lovely images in my head. Luffy, newly christened Pirate King after what must have been a great battle and that sense of... the emotion that sweeps even Nami up in that moment as she kneels beside him in the dust and then he pulls them both to their feet, the way the author gives a lovely sense of intimacy and immediacy in that moment. There's a real sense of being on top of the world that I really liked with this fic. (Luffy/Nami.)

- One Piece - The Annoying Thing About Happy Endings... by Maldoror - I was intrigued by the author writing One Piece genfic (which doesn't get nearly enough love, of course), but then she started sliding towards ZoSan? Omg, of course I was going to read and gush at some point. ♥ It's just. It's not really a serious fic, but it's not a parody fic either, it's that really great space between where it's funny and charming and totally OP-ish and just. Just. Just. Omg. This is a great future for the characters, something that I would love to see and something that would be good for them and there's that line when the kid is introduced and I literally had to turn away from the screen and laugh out loud for a good thirty seconds. The dialogue in this fic is just fabulous, especially any time Zeff or Sanji opened their mouths, I could absolutely hear their voices speaking. And I was totally over the moon for the mentions of Luffy and Nami. This was a great fic set after the characters have reached their dreams, a story that feels like it doesn't take anything away from having reached them so young or the sense never-ending adventure of a series like One Piece. (Zoro/Sanji, some Luffy/Nami mentioned.)

One Piece: Parchment and Ink by Kaku - And then, sometimes, I get an urge for Luffy/Nami fic (especially if I've recently caught up on the manga, like I have in the last week) and happen to stumble over something cute and fun like this. The first chapter is really sweet, about their ship being robbed and it's Nami's maps and treasure that were taken, what that says about her and her dreams, and I love that Nami's willing to go get her own dreams back, even if Luffy got there first. Combined with the second chapter, which is a quieter, sunnier little piece on a lazy day of sailing, this fic left me with a warm, comfortable feeling and happy about this pairing again. That was nice. ♥ (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece: Read to me by lovelymaia_chan - idiosyn pointed this fic out tonight since she thought I might like it and I was really quietly charmed by it. It's very sweet, but in the lazy, sunny day where everything feels at peace that you know happen in the OP world, even if the manga focuses on the action most of the time. And it's really sweet of Luffy to pick up Nami's navigation book to help her out in his own way, one of those Awww-inspiring moments that I just. Like. ♥ (Luffy/Nami potentially implied, but it could be gen, too.)

One Piece: passenger seat by Zau - Well, if I'm going to read One Piece fic, I couldn't resist reading this one as well. I love the way Zau's writing comes across, she does such amazing things with it, and this piece is no exception. I love the way the crew is celebrating their latest victory, the big one, Luffy's goal of becoming the Pirate King, and you can feel the comraderie between the Straw Hats. And now that's balanced out by a slightly more sombre Luffy elsewhere, this moment alone with Nami that isn't quite about their relationship and yet it's so important and just. a ;sldkfjalsk I love it. <3 (Luffy/Nami.)

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