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- One Piece - Refraction by Calico Kat - Refraction, n. 1. the change of direction of a ray of light, sound, or heat, or the like, in passing obliquely from one medium to another in which its speed is different is how this story starts out and I adore this quote at the beginning because, once you understand the concept of the story (four different drabbles with different Zoro pairings), it's lovely. This was a lovely piece to showcase the relationship between Zoro and four different people, showing why and how each of them work, beautiful writing and wonderful character insight woven into each and every one. OP fic like this needs to be treasured. ^_~ (Het and shounen ai.)

- One Piece - Sanji and the Magic Gyoza by Shiru-chan - Mwahahahaha, this was such a funny story and so beautifully, perfectly writting. The author writes fabulously, but even more than that, she nailed Sanji's character so, so beautifully. And she wasn't afraid to poke fun at ALL the characters and she captured both their friendships and their antagonisms so wonderfully with each other. This is the kind of thing I could honestly see slipping right into canon. And the ending!! Bwah. So, so, so funny. And perfect. And beautiful. Hell, and the very, very end, too. I sporfle muchly. (Some Sanji/Nami, but no more than in the series itself. Technically. Still, run away if even vague het makes your skin crawl.)

- One Piece - The Devil Fruit Made Me Do It by solderini - Solderini does good parody fic, genuinely clever little bits and plot twists in her writing, something that I'm so very glad to see in the One Piece fandom. The show is so good that it really deserves at least a handful of good authors writing for it. ^_~ There are two strengths to the series--one is that the author does capture the sense of... interaction between the characters; it's not just the same character interacting with the same other character over and over again. It's one of the things I love about the series, any two characters could interact--one minute it could be Luffy and Sanji, the next minute it could be Zoro and Nami, the next it's Luffy and Usopp, the next it's two other characters. The other is that it's genuinely well-written and funny--Zoro's attempted suicide in chapter three still makes me giggle. XD (Het and shounen ai references, but it's parody.)

- One Piece - The Lion and the Lamb by Quatrina Raberba - To be perfectly honest, the Zoro/Luffy part of this fic really felt forced to me. But, in keeping with that same honesty, that could largely be because the pairing doesn't work for me and I don't know how it would come off to someone else who liked the pairing. But I also sympathize with that it was kind of necessary given the plot of the fic and it really wasn't the point. The point? That Zoro kind of scares Usopp early on in their journey. And I loved Usopp trying to rationlize with himself, trying to convince himself that Zoro wasn't really that dangerous, it was gorgeous characterization. Plus? I laughed at the ending and I think you can read this fic just for the gen aspects of it, which is a really wonderful fic. (Some Zoro/Luffy in the background.)

- One Piece - The Terribly Romantic Romance of Ace and Chopper by Calico Kat - This one just never stops being funny, it really doesn't. It's just... it makes me love it SO MUCH because the voices for both Ace and Chopper are both right on, just perfect, and the writing is solid and just... *sporfles* SO. FUNNY. (Ace/Chopper... ....what?)

- One Piece - Hands by Katchoo - It seems a natural progression that he notices the hands of others, that they are the first thing he looks at when he meets someone, and hes found that he can tell a lot about a person that way. This is one of those story ideas that is surprisingly simple, if very solid, on its own, but depends on the skill of the author's execution of it to be either simply "okay" or to be "great". I believe this is the second fic I've read by this author and I've adored both of her stories, because she has this way of writing such beautiful insight into her stories, that it's not just about the surface details, it's about what they say about a person. In this story, Sanji notices people's hands and what they tell about each person. Each paragraph is absolutely lovely and so very telling and true about each character's personality. I adored this. (Some hints of Sanji pairings, but it would be difficult to pin down. Zoro/Sanji if I must say something specific.)

- One Piece - Next Exit, Heart by Luz Nocturnal - Sanji/Luffy is one of those pairings that I'm not really sure why I like it, why I'm occasionally attracted to it, just that... something about seeing it in enough J-fanart to get me started thinking on it and feeling it out... it slowly started to work for me. And this fic is really a great way for me to start out with English fic for the two of them (since fanart is so visual, it's easier for me to tolerate, whereas fic is much harder for me to actually vibe with) because it seemed quite in character and the little touches were perfect. Luffy was rather dense/oblivious to the effects he had on Sanji, but it wasn't overboard or parody-ish. And the little details of Luffy's love of food, Sanji's interest in Nami, both were nicely done--food is one of the ways that Sanji and Luffy would almost HAVE to be tied together and it could so easily become cliche, but I didn't think it was here, it WORKED for me. Plus, Luffy licking spilled frosting off Sanji's jacket? Uhh. I'll be over in the corner *__*-ing now, thanks. (Luffy/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Pretend by paopao - When I clicked onto this story, I'd hoped for something that was at least vaguely readable, maybe a light little read that didn't suck. Instead, what I got was a wonderful little story about Sanji's ruminations that drew these beautiful parallels between himself and Luffy that made so much sense and were just so... they fit with the series and the characters. It played with their dreams in such a very One Piece way (at least the more serious moments of One Piece) and the Sanji characterization in respect to his dream was just brilliant. It was almost painful to read Sanji thinking about the way the rest of the world had no idea what it was like to reach for a dream, because it just hit exactly the right notes for me. I wish I could have been more intelligent about this fic, because it was so, so lovely and deserved them. (Mild, mild hints of Sanji/Luffy.)

- One Piece - Haircut by Erithil - This was a sweet little Sanji/Luffy story that made me smile to read it. Just a quiet moment where Sanji's the only one available to give Luffy a haircut (and because Nami had commented that Luffy needed it ^_~) and Sanji knows that he cares a lot about this bright young person, who leads them all on their merry little journey. The writing could use a little polishing in places, but it got the feel of the characters and their fondness for each other across wonderfully so that I wound up with that warm, happy "Awww." feeling in my chest, much like I do with some of the sweeter moments in the manga itself. Plus, the ending was just right and I love a fic that can do that. <3 (Maybe some light Sanji/Luffy.)

- One Piece - One Sided Love by Jaelle - This was... oh, this was adorable and funny and made me giggle the entire way through. The silliness, the snark, the amount of detail you could glean off the situation, even with just the dialogue and then a perfect ending. (One-sided Sanji pairing.)

- One Piece - The In-Laws by Jaelle - Heeheehee, I loved this, it's just so... One Piece-like. It's hard to describe it without giving the whole thing away, but it's set about ten years in the future, with the marraige of Koby and Rika ("the little girl who feeds Zoro riceballs WAAAAY back at his first appearance") and... well, you can about imagine all of the batshit insanity that's going to happen given the setting. Jaelle does it beautifully, too, the kind of writing that has just the right amount of details, heart, amusement (Koby and Helmeppo arguing at the beginning is priceless <3), and batshit insanity that I could just see this happening in the actual series itself. And, god, the ending. So much fun. (Koby/Rika.)

- One Pieece - Hot Water by incandescens - You know how most really likable fics have that one point in it where you just know that you're going to like the whole thing? This one's point came when Tashigi was chasing Zoro through the hot springs and was absently ID'ing his crewmates as she went by and I literally laughed out loud for a good thirty seconds at the way she mentally described Chopper. One of those little things that's not even meant to be the Big Joke, just an offhand one, but I had to put the fic down and just laugh for awhile after that. The whole thing is just... it's fun, though, it's got a really strong sense of comedic timing, the humor flows from one moment to the next, it's genuinely amusing, and it somehow has that spirit of One Piece, despite being a silly parody-ish thing. It's got that style that you don't see as often anymore, where there's a lot happening in the background that Tashigi just Doesn't Get, but you the reader can still clearly pick up on everything or the way you get to play Spot the Reference because we're aware of the whole cast of characters of OP, but Tashigi might not be, and the whole thing just... sparkled. I know it's a strange thing for me to focus on, but I love stories like this, the kind that feel almost 'old school' these days. :D Plus, it's always nice to see a story set from a minor character's POV. <3 (Some hints of everything in the background.)

- One Piece - Polaris by Selphish - One thing I will suggest, before delving into this rec, is to read the fic right below this one as well, they work better together, I think. Especially as you can see the progression of the author's writing, that what stiffness there is in this fic is being smoothed out as she goes. I expect the next fics in this series will likely be even better, which I'm very much looking forward to. The characterization here is solid, a quiet moment between Robin and Zoro that doesn't entirely ease the mistrust between them, but doesn't take it too far over the line, either. I really liked the images presented, too, of Zoro and Robin and the night sky. Something about that just... appeals to me. (Hints of future Zoro/Robin.)

- One Piece - Even You by Selphish - As I said in the previous rec, these two stories go better together, so that you can see the progression of the writing, as I think this story is definitely the stronger of the two. It becomes less expositiony and the little details woven into the story become stronger. The theme of news/letter was used really well, something that fits well into the One Piece universe as well as providing a very interesting way to catalyze the Zoro/Robin dynamic just a little bit more. Which I really liked because it led to a scene that felt right for the characters, the conversation they had about the letters Robin was receiving felt right to me, the way the mistrust is slowly starting to melt away, but it's only one moment for now, the characterization in the final moments very solid. I'm definitely looking forward to more, yes. <3 (Hints of future Zoro/Robin.)

- One Piece - What a Girl Wants by jadeprince - Admittedly, this fic is very short and maybe should have possibly been saved for a ficbits post instead, but I'm going to give myself an exception here again because it's a Zoro x Sanji x Robin threesomefic. And it was hot. I didn't think such a thing would ever exist, not without being oddly awkward or not quite right somehow, yet this fic... somehow the ending hit just the right exact button for me, the perfect use of Robin's power and a fantastic balance between three of my favorite characters. This could totally be my One Piece OT3. *shimmers* (Zoro/Sanji/Robin, NC-17 content.)

- One Piece - Mugiwara Love In The Grand Line by Eggy - I picked this up from the greentangerine comm and just... oh, One Piece, I love you and your creative fans who manage to get me to laugh out loud. This is a rearrangement of selected panels from the manga to create this cracked out Zoro/Nami little comic and it's just... it's totally on-crack, but it's the kind that's actually rather IC, you know? Nami's reasons for falling in love with Zoro, Sanji's reactions, the background characters' reactions, everything was chosen really well and put together beautifully and it actually just about looks like it could have been done that way originally. It looks very streamlined. But, oh, god, you're reading this for the humor. Because I laughed out loud and am so glad that no one was around to hear it and then make me explain. Just... go read. ♥ (Multiple pairings referenced, but it's not particularily serious, so.)

- One Piece - What Never Happened by _paperpencil - Sequel to the previous fic. And there's something you have to understand about this fic. It's part parodyfic (well, not quite, but something like that, it's not entirely serious), it's part kinkfic, and it's part something else. And all hot as hell. The writing is actually really lovely, the author has this smooth, clean sort of prose that I love, the kind that's actually a pleasure to read, not just something I have to wade through to get the idea of the story. And her Sanji, even when he's unconscious, is so very hot. And caveman!Zoro (well, he might as well be at that point XD) is hot as hell, too. The imagery, the word useage, all of it plays up to my kinks and had me fanning myself from the hot by the end. There's an intensity, a sort of raw power to the writing... and then that ending just totally blindsides you. It was awesome. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji, assorted crew members/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Degenerate Uses of Dexterity by morriwritestuff - The thing about the idea of a Nami/Zoro/Sanji threesome is that it's rarely written in such a way that attracts me to the fic, which isn't anything personal, just that I have a vague set of kinks that leaves me cool towards most fic. Just the way some people are built, I guess. But this... this was hot and said so much about the characters, especially Sanji and the different way he acts towards Nami and Sanji and then it was porn and it was hot. It was fun and delightful and kinda evil and it features one of my favorite Sanji kinks and the writing was lovely (and did I mention hot?), which puts me back a little in love with the OP fandom. (Nami/Zoro/Sanji, at the very least a hard R rating.)

- One Piece - Stiff Competition I, II and III by _paperpencil - Oh, god. Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god. I was so hesitant to click on this fic because of the AN and Smoker and Zeff and then Sanji was there, but... I loved the author's writing and I could always bail if I started to not like it. And this. This was pure batshit brilliance in that way that the manga is pure batshit brilliance. Just. The writing. The characterization. The brilliance of fifteen-year-old Sanji on the Baratie and being a little brat and, god, Zeff and Smoker was actually kind of awesome, but Sanji was perfect in this fic. I can only laugh and laugh and smash on the keyboard and laugh some more. And then there was THE ENDING. I'm a sucker for a perfect ending and that could not have been better written. LOVE. ('s Smoker/Zeff, but it's more implied than anything and you HAVE TO READ IT.)

- One Piece - Hit and Run by Adali - I'm generally not one for threesome fics, but I like Zoro, Sanji, and Nami all a lot and I was in the mood for some more One Piece fic and I liked the author, so I gave this one a shot. And I wound up liking both aspects of this fic--what Zoro's going through and thinking as he just about dies in the middle of a fight, how stupid it is and yet how stubborn he is, the regrets of unfinished things still lingering. But also I liked how nicely subtle the fic was on his feelings for both Sanji and Nami, how annoyed as hell he could be by both of them and the images he thought of when he was was fading out. The ending was perfectly Zoro as well and I really like this author's take on the situation. (Some Zoro/Sanji/Nami, but you could also read this as gen.)

One Piece: Tradition by prpl_pen - I've always liked the idea of Robin/Nami more than I've liked most of what fandom had to offer, but I was curious to give this one a shot and I'm really glad I did--it's got a really fun, smooth Nami point of view and I really liked the blend of devious/genuinely sweet she had here. The author also did a nice job at describing the rum cake that Sanji served to her and Robin, along with the kiss that's eventually shared between the two women, and it was just... fun and hot and really delightful. A very nice fic that really made me like both characters even more than before. (Robin/Nami.)

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