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- One Piece - ode to the gentleman and the secret lovers by Zau - I always look forward to Zau's writing, because she puts these fabulous little spins on the characters, takes these deceptively simple things or aspects or turns of phrase or imagery and turns them into something brilliant, so much like the anime does. So, Luffy and Nami and bumping of elbows while they're tangled up in each other or Sanji sitting down next to Robin while she smiles at him and he tells his stories or Usopp plots great, poetic odes or Zoro has a sword tossed over the edge of the ship, these things could have been so simple, but somehow they come alive here and just flourish to clarity in my head. Not only that, but the way she plays the everyday antics of the crew against the more intimate moments between the couple and potential couple (because Sanji/Robin is so very much a potential couple here and it's gorgeous because it fits with them and there's this raw, aching sort of well of potential there that's only barely touched on, the way Sanji is so young in some ways and maybe someday Robin will be, too, it's a brilliant insight into their dynamic), it's just lovely. Not to mention, I love her touches of Zoro and Sanji's friendship here, they, too, were just so perfect. ♥ (Luffy/Nami and potential Sanji/Robin.)

- One Piece - Jam by Ranier - Eeeee! Sanji and Robin fic! I sparkled with love and had to pretty much immediately pounce on this fic. ♥ It's very... mm, I wouldn't say "sweet", but it's that kind of bittersweet, yet uplifting fic that hit the right notes with these characters. Robin is subtly jaded and Sanji is persistent and quietly idealistic and something, all through such a simple thing as a sandwich covered in jam. Plus, I liked that there was this sense of... color to the fic, much like I associate with the manga color inserts or the anime itself. Lovely. ♥ (Hints of Sanji/Robin.)

- One Piece - Five stories read aloud by Robin, in the sanctity of the kitchen at night by Zau - What to say? Zau's always done a beautiful job with the One Piece characters, you can feel her love and affection for the characters, you can feel her strength for little details that are almost throwaway until they set this beautifully rich scene for you, so much like with Oda's manga itself. Five scenes, five books, five times Robin picked up a book and Sanji was near and five things said about their relationship (and the progression of it--I love how each one is different even while there's the theme of them always moving forward, little bit by little bit), and all of it is wonderful. I love that it aches and yet it's so happy, yet again so much like Oda's manga. I love that Sanji is all bright enthusiasm and idealism to Robin's smiles, laughter, and cynicism, I love that they slowly meet in the middle, that they find all these little ways to connect and, goodness, I'm babbling at this point. It's a rather emotional piece, but it's genuinely so. And the ending is just... oh, the ending makes me want to cry a little in exactly the way that all OP fic should. (Sanji/Robin.)

- One Piece - how the legends live by Zau - One Piece is a series that strikes me as being potentially difficult to write future!fic for, because... how do you keep the sense of epic adventure without sacrificing that the plot actually moves forward and the characters grow? But the way Zau writes it here, it's all the things I would hope for from the OP future, the way the characters are these larger than life legends, but you still remember all the times they worked and worked to hone their talents. You remember every time Sanji carefully prepared a meal or Usopp told a story or Luffy fought a battle, even while they have a new sense of gravitas to them. The way the story is written, every little detail, the use of the narrative voice that reads almost like a book of legends or a historical piece, the way you still recognize these characters... it's fabulous. I would love this fic even if it wasn't about the Pirate King and Pirate Queen, just for the technical aspects of it, just for Zau's way with words. The LuNa just makes it that much more devestatingly beautiful. (Luffy/Nami, some Sanji/Robin.)

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