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- One Piece - Emptiness by Archica - Admittedly, the prose was a little stilted with this story, but it was far from unreadable. The real attraction to this fic comes from... it's hard to describe, but when I first read the summary, I'd been hoping for something cutely Zoro/Nami-ish, since they don't get as much fic as I'd like, and I was a little disconcerted to see that this was an AU fic, because so often AU fics just don't hit the right buttons with me. (And, really, I hate to use the generic "AU" term since this is still technically inside the One Piece universe, just a couple of elements changed and you see how that affects the timeline. Which is something I do really like.) But with this... there was a sense of... like I was watching two characters from the series who had a story to tell, but it wasn't their place to be main characters, sort of like Norland and Kuragara in the Skypiea arc. If Luffy hadn't come into their lives, how would the characters' lives have been different? This story explored that in a really interesting way, that sense of tragedy never wavering with it, that sense of... that this could have happened if they hadn't had their lives turn out for the better. ....that's still a crappy way of explaining it, but I thought this fic was worth reading for it. :D (Zoro/Nami.)

- One Piece - 12 ZxN Snippets by tokyofish - Oh, these were quite a lovely read this afternoon, there's not a lot of Zoro/Nami fic that catches my attention (it's usually a pain just to drag me into ZoSan fic even these days, if it's not something by an author I recognize), but I thought I recognized the author's name, so I gave them a shot. They were twelve little bits of fic that were all these lovely little moments between Zoro and Nami (or occasionally other characters) that were just... right from the beginning, they felt so very much like the characters, there's such surprising depth and variety to the way they interact. Whether a little spastic or surprisingly weighty, all of these moments felt like they could happen, that they sparkled in their own way., that's a terrible rec. These really deserved better, I think. <3 (Zoro/Nami.)

- One Piece - Because by X-parrot - Oh, this was beautiful, the Nami characterization is just breathtakingly perfect, for all the complicated layers she has, the way she holds herself back, but still loves the rest of the crew so much. The parallels X-parrot draws between Nami and Zoro here are brilliant for what was needed, to show how they're alike in a lot of ways, despite the way we also know they're so different, the relationship between them worked here. She found this beautiful balance between meaningless sex (which it could never be with two people from the Straw Hat crew) and meaning too much (which both Nami and Zoro are both too smart for), that instead it's just exactly what Nami needs, it's what helps them. Really, I started this story for the Zoro/Nami aspect because I like the idea of the pairing so much, but the brilliant characterization and the amazing three-dimensional depth to them both is what impressed me more than anything. It's just... it was perfect and I loved the ending and it was a story that left me feeling far more satisfied than I was expecting. (Which I really should learn better by now, but eh. ^_~) <3<3<3 (Zoro/Nami.)

- One Piece - Tears and Sympathy by tokyofish - I really liked this, even though it's rather short, it feels right, it feels completed, like it's the perfect pace, tone, and length that the idea called for. "Tears and sympathy" strikes me as a theme that might be difficult with characters like Zoro and Nami, who tend to bicker more than they have quiet moments of understanding, but with a deft hand, it works. The imagery is just lovely and... I can see the images in my head, there are all these little descriptions that seem so simple, but somehow allow me to picture the scene in wonderful detail, because it touches lightly on everything I need to know without ruining the pace. Which is an odd thing to focus on, I suspect, but I found I appreciated it because it made this fic work for me. ♥ (Zoro/Nami.)

- Gundam Wing/One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I didn't intend to look at the OP fanart on this site, I meant to skip right on over to the GundamW stuff, but... there was so much OP fanart and I was just going to go through a few of them and then there were a couple of uber-cute Zoro/Nami images (especially in the hit galleries omgggg ♥) and that pairing is a weakness of mine... and then somewhere along the way, it became a quietly solid, enjoyable site. The artis really does do a very cute Nami and some cute group pictures and adorable Zoro and Chopper images that are worth going through the site for. It's definitely a site with a cumulative effect and positive feelings because of a semi-rare pairing that I like, but there are some really nice images to be found here. It's similar with the GundamW art, where there's a lot of images of all the pilots and they're cute, but I also really enjoyed the Trowa/Duo a lot. :D (Some Zoro/Nami, some Zoro/Sanji, but a lot gen for OP. Trowa/Duo and some gen for GW.)

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