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- One Piece - Enter Summer by snarkymonkey - Mmm, ZoSan kissing in cold weather and bitching and snarking at each other the whole time, I really don't need too much more from my OP fic. ^_~ Though, really, whatever else I might say about the fic, I was quite entranced by the focus on an actually good kiss, because it can be terribly difficult to find writing that actually manages to make a simple (or perhaps not so simple) kiss hot. This fic didn't need smut, instead it had Zoro bantering with Sanji and, before Sanji knows it, he's backed up against a wall and Zoro's a surprisingly good kisser and they don't lose that same snarling, bantering relationship they have and a niiiiiiice suggestive ending. :D (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Associated Chaos by snarkymonkey - Again, the author does a good job with Zoro and Sanji bitching and snarking, with kisses (or almost-kisses) and harsh shoves and pushes and grabs that have that sharp edge of UST to them, while still being about how much that other bastard really does piss you off. Of writing a fic that has, at most kissing and maybe a little touching, that doesn't have to be graphic to be interesting. (I admit, I tend to think Zoro's a little better at interpersonal relationships... but I'm also a screaming Zoro fangirl, what do you expect of me? And I admit that he's also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, either. ^_~) The author does a really nice job of keeping the sharpness between the characters all the way through, of not backing down from it. And, eee, good fic with Zoro and Sanji, I was hoping for some of this! :D (Sanji/Zoro.)

- One Piece - Similar Waters by snarkymonkey - I think this may actually be the strongest of snarkymonkey's fics yet, the prose and dialogue are smoothing out even more than they were before (she's always gotten the characters very right, but her writing is getting even stronger here, I think) and her imagery is smoothing down so that it really works. I could buy Sanji wandering over to Zoro here, despite the way they're bitching and it's very genuine, there's a little something more between them and it hits just the right notes. And then the kiss... man, the author is really good at writing a kiss, the kind that you can actually feel, the kind that has an impact, the kind that actually felt like autumn, just like the theme of the fic. Plus, Luffy and the others in the background were just TOO CUTE and all the little details were great. (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Sword Play by Tripsoverhercats - I really paused at the labellings of this story, I don't normally read "kink" stories, not with swordplay, but something about this one made me say, well, okay, I'll just read the first few paragraphs. Now, while I hesitate a little over Zoro actually killing people (because, unless you've been dead for years, NO ONE dies in One Piece), the rest of the story just sucked me right in. I actually really like the darker take on the characters here, the way "dangerous" just rolls off Zoro in waves, the way Sanji calmly goes about his business, knowing the fight is coming, but fine with it, because it's okay this way, it's good this way. Zoro with the sword, cutting away the pieces of Sanji's clothing, the way it whispered across his skin, the sex at the end... all of it was wonderfully in character, that sharp edge of anger and fight between them, but understanding even deeper than that and then really, really hot sex mixed in with wonderfully smooth, clean writing. Definitely worth a read. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji, verging on NC-17? Definitely not quite work-safe.)

- One Piece - Beautiful Soul by Cairnsy - Sanji doesn't think that Zoro has a pristine soul, but because it's cleaner than most Sanji sometimes pretends that it is, if only because it would piss Zoro off if he knew. I'm not sure how I missed this fic previously, considering how much I loved Cairnsy's other OP story, but that's what that year-in-fic meme is good for. ♥ And this is lovely, the edge of annoyance that colors everything in Sanji's thoughts is perfect, because he couldn't think about Zoro's soul, couldn't have himself think about such things any other way. And it really worked in this instance, the way her Sanji looks at the world and things suchs and souls and colors and purity and being jaded through failure. It never lingers too long on any one thing, each thought rolls smoothly into the next, and it all wraps up in this fantastic little character piece. (Zoro/Sanji, but so light that it might as well be gen.)

- One Piece - Choices and Will and The Consequence of Worship - I'm going to put these two together, despite that they have radically different tones, since they're related to each other. The first, Choices and Will, is something that I have a difficult time describing because... a part of me wants to squee at the pairing, despite that it's not really the point at all. It's more about mature concepts and the way the One Piece characters react to them, the dash of the worser parts of reality somehow not jarring against the lighter tone of the series. Somehow, this fic has the characters discussing some of the more realistic things that can happen and still makes me feel like it's One Piece, the way the characters react to each other and Luffy's reactions in particular are just... they make my heart turn over in that same way the series itself does. The second fic is much more light-hearted, more comedic in tone, more fun for the Zoro/Sanji dynamic and Nami's moods. Together, they're... well, honestly, making me want to dive back into OP fic. (Some Luffy/Nami, some Zoro/Sanji, I'd still recommend the first, even if you're not a fan.)

- One Piece - Payback's a Bitch by _paperpencil - I might have saved this fic for the bits & pieces section, but there's more stuff to be found in the comments, which made it justifiable to me. I just. Every time I read this, it gets more and more brilliantly funny. The comment mini-fic is gold, too. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - What Never Happened by _paperpencil - Sequel to the previous fic. And there's something you have to understand about this fic. It's part parodyfic (well, not quite, but something like that, it's not entirely serious), it's part kinkfic, and it's part something else. And all hot as hell. The writing is actually really lovely, the author has this smooth, clean sort of prose that I love, the kind that's actually a pleasure to read, not just something I have to wade through to get the idea of the story. And her Sanji, even when he's unconscious, is so very hot. And caveman!Zoro (well, he might as well be at that point XD) is hot as hell, too. The imagery, the word useage, all of it plays up to my kinks and had me fanning myself from the hot by the end. There's an intensity, a sort of raw power to the writing... and then that ending just totally blindsides you. It was awesome. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji, assorted crew members/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Initiate! Confrontation! by Kanthia - adsf;lijadfljkas, holy crap, this is made of WIN AND AWESOME. There are certain fics that come along every once in awhile that are just so cutely creative or fun or different from the usual stuff and this fic is the kind that can renew my faith in fandom. It's clever and it's fun and it's got some great lines and the format is awesome and. Just. WIN, okay? XD (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - The Sadness of Young Roronoa by _paperpencil - This was actually one of the first fics I read by this author the other day when I was on an OP kick and it was one of those short little fics, only 300 words, that convinced me to dive back into the fandom. It's short, yes, but it's beautifully timed and Sanji is just... beautiful and, asdlfjasdlfjkalsdj, I laugh like a loon every time he starts yelling out at the ocean. Every damn time, I laugh. (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Smells Like… by Celeste - I have such massive love for Celeste's "Courtship Rituals" universe because her Zoro and Sanji are so retarded and crabby at each other, because she has this way of... I mean, they're married and that should be totally dumb, right? But it's not, it's somehow the best thing in the world because they're still fighting and calling each other names even while they're having sex (and, god, this was kinda hot, even though most of the action was implied). Plus, the ending is just. It's perfectly timed. Celeste really has a talent for writing the ends of her fics with little flourishes like this that just makes them totally worth it or make me laugh out loud or just go, "....dude, yes." Or all three! XD (Zoro/Sanji, R-rating.)

- One Piece - Domestic Violence Is Sweet Like Your Kisses that Tear My Lip and Leave It Bleeding by _paperpencil - This author is getting really good at these short little fics that are almost more satisfying than any of the longer ones I've read. She has a great way of actually getting the point across in a short fic, as well as a beautiful style and some great dialogue. And, god. Zoro and Sanji bitching at each other about their relationship and Luffy's denseness and it really is this great slice-of-life piece about those two retards and then the comments. Just great. XD (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Mapping Ground by paxnirvana - A nice little ficlet that's all about sex, but it's not... I mean, yes, it's PWP, but it's the kind that shows hotness between two characters, has those little details that makes it Zoro and Sanji, shows one potential dynamic between them while they're having sex. And it's just. Zoro. Oh, Zoro. So, so hot. And Sanji being all writhing and panting? So, so hot, too. *_* (Zoro/Sanji, NC-17.)

- One Piece - My Fuckwit Valentine by _paperpencil - This fic is... it's so odd and I don't know what the hell to make of it half the time. But the other half of the time, I'm either going, "Awww, they're so cute when they're retarded and in love!" or "HAHAHAHAHAHA, OMG, THAT'S GREAT." or even "HELL YES." It's just. It's humorous and WTF-ish without being charicatures of the cast, it's completely off the wall and batshit, but in that way that I actually like, rather than just cracked out stereotypical characterization. ....which makes sense in my head, shut up. But it's also that the author took her time actually developing the storyline, it actually unfolds scene by scene as Zoro tries to figure what the hell is going on. And the ending is just. HARTS. Nami is especially awesome in this fic and I love how manipulative she is, but that even she has her girly weaknesses and the Zoro/Sanji is kinda really hot and just... it was fun and enjoyable. (Zoro/Sanji... ...a little Everyone/Sanji. >_>a)

- One Piece - untitled by _paperpencil - You should probably at least skim the fic this is posted to so this fic will have context. I just. I had to rec this one because just about anything by _paperpencil, especially when it's so totally cracked out, sends me into gales of laughter and Zoro discussing his love life with his swords (that can talk, obviously) is just both brilliant and off-the-wall and I mentioned the whole laughing like a hyena thing? Because, god, that's just about how that conversation would go. Kitetsu's suggestion is all kinds of brilliant, too. (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - the distance of one cigarette by dreamlessness - When I first started reading this fic, I thought I'd perhaps read it before, because I've seen the concept done with other fics. But the thing is, I kept reading then I knew I hadn't because the fic did manage to somehow distinguish itself in my mind and that's almost more impressive to me than the lovely writing of the piece. Taking an idea that I've seen before, Sanji measuring time in cigarettes, but still making a fic stand out, still putting an impression on me with the characterization of Sanji that resonated strongly with me... that's talent, in my eyes. And the characterization is really strong, the way there's a solid punch to the character's experiences, especially when he thinks about Zeff and when he goes without cigarettes or when the rest of the ship is driving him crazy. Tons of wonderful little details that I loved. ♥ (Some Zoro/Sanji, but it's 90% a Sanji piece.)

- One Piece - Love Shanty by _paperpencil - I probably wouldn't have clicked on this fic if I hadn't become rather enamored with this author's work over the past few months. I was curious about something longer of hers, especially since it was apparently from Nami's POV. Before long, I was entranced by the writing and the gorgeous characterization of Nami as she watched Zoro and Sanji; for all that the fic is labelled with their pairing and how they are the focus of the fic, it's not really about them. It's about Nami and it could not be more perfect. All the pieces are here, the gorgeous characterization, the lovely writing, the fantastic pacing and build-up so that the ending knocks you on your ass. But somehow it's more than that, too. It's Nami watching Zoro and Sanji, trying to figure out if they're in love or if it's something else, the sheer emotion of the piece slowly wraps around you until your little fangirl heart aches in your fangirl chest and the ending makes you want to cry. I may have started the fic for the ZoSan, but I stayed for Nami. This piece is brilliant down to every last little thing. ('s sort of ZoSan, but it's not really. It's not gen, but it's not slash. It's about Nami more than anything.)

- One Piece - Worth Dying For by Celeste - God, you have no idea how happy I am with the OP fic lately. It's been not just readable, but good. And Celeste is furthering that trend by writing more of her "Courtship Rituals" fic that I have such fondness for. It's not that they're married (which I wouldn't think I'd like, but she writes it in a somehow brilliant way), it's the way they react to it. How it ties them together in a new way, but it doesn't change how they react to each other, how goddamned annoying they find each other, how much they still fight and snarl at each other. She does a lovely job of contrasting the idea of an ideal romance (all soft looks and sweet words and gentle touches) with what they have, the way the two clash against each other, are complete opposites, and what that means for a romantic like Sanji. I admit, I hurt for the character a little during the fic... but I also had the biggest grin on my face, too, because they're just so... batshit insane. I adored this. (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Letters Home by Celeste - You know how sometimes there'll be one of those fics that comes along that hits a particular set of notes with you, so that you're left practically frothing at the mouth because of how much you loved a certain pairing in it and the way it was presented? No? Just me, huh? Well, anyway. Yeah. That's what this fic did to me somehow. The way Nami sits down to write a letter home to Nojiko and the way it completely and utterly gets the OP batshit quality in the background (and, hell, the foreground, too), the way it's seemingly chaos until you realize the author is orchestrating everything perfectly. And, god. God, the characterization is awesome here. Nami is brilliant. Luffy is brilliant. Zoro and Sanji in the background are brilliant. Robin and Usopp are brilliant, too. The Luffy/Nami dynamic is perfect, it strides that line between something I can take seriously and absolute batshit insanity that's so pervasive in Oda's world. They're... well, frankly, crazy and that's exactly the way it should be. I think I may have literally kicked my feet in happiness after reading this, it hit me just right. Maybe it'll be just me, maybe I really am that OTP over LuNa, but... whatever the reason, I enjoyed the hell out of this. ♥ (Luffy/Nami, some Zoro/Sanji in the background.)

- One Piece - Like Clockwork by Celeste - No matter how many times I read fic in this universe of hers, some part of me still boggles that Celeste managed to make the whole concept work. Married. aslkfjalksdf, why does it work?? And, yet, somehow, it does. Her characterization is fantastic, they never lose that edge of fighting and snarling at each other, bitching at each other one minute and practically shoving their tongues down each other's throats the next. I love that it doesn't quit even as the years pass on, the little ways they change, the big ways they don't, the way the fic is structured so that... even if contains some death, it's actually a fic that made me all warm and happy (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Sea by Maaya - Obviously, I frequently like Maaya's writing and squee about it a lot. So it doesn't come as a surprise that I liked this fic, especially being as it's more Luffy/Nami. What did surprise me is that there's a... hm. A quality to it that's elegant in a different way from her usual style, something that reminds me more of ink on parched paper (and, I know, my metaphors are terrible, shush) or perhaps that's a quality I associate with manga and this captured it. The details are wonderful here, they create a beautiful background world for the characters to move through, all these strange, quirky, beautiful little bits of a world that Oda created coming to life in this story. The characterization is, as well, something that I can barely being to describe without descending into obnoxious fangirl noises because it doesn't have to try too hard and you can just feel the pull between Luffy and Nami. The way the author writes them simply sitting together on the deck or Nami watching as Luffy and the others have a silly mock fight. The way the fic puts all these gorgeous images in my head of Nami watching the sea from the deck or the way the two of them grin at each other and it's just... oh, brilliantly right. (Luffy/Nami, some slight Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - The Annoying Thing About Happy Endings... by Maldoror - I was intrigued by the author writing One Piece genfic (which doesn't get nearly enough love, of course), but then she started sliding towards ZoSan? Omg, of course I was going to read and gush at some point. ♥ It's just. It's not really a serious fic, but it's not a parody fic either, it's that really great space between where it's funny and charming and totally OP-ish and just. Just. Just. Omg. This is a great future for the characters, something that I would love to see and something that would be good for them and there's that line when the kid is introduced and I literally had to turn away from the screen and laugh out loud for a good thirty seconds. The dialogue in this fic is just fabulous, especially any time Zeff or Sanji opened their mouths, I could absolutely hear their voices speaking. And I was totally over the moon for the mentions of Luffy and Nami. This was a great fic set after the characters have reached their dreams, a story that feels like it doesn't take anything away from having reached them so young or the sense never-ending adventure of a series like One Piece. (Zoro/Sanji, some Luffy/Nami mentioned.)

- One Piece - Turn On by Celeste - Only Zoro would consider a kick to the head as a come on.

And only Sanji would think a tongue down the throat was nothing more than some sort of crazy new attack Zoro had come up with to try and weaken him in the knees when they fought. I probably say this every time, but I continue to love Celeste's ZoSan fic because she captures that sense of how they're such... idiots and fighters and constantly snarling/snarking at each other, even when the dynamic turns romantic. And I love that she captures how... how idiotic the crew is most of the time (especially... no, especially all of them) and how Robin and Nami are the only two sane ones left anymore and yet it's never over the top, instead capturing that sense that the series itself has. Such utter love for her OP fic. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji.)

One Piece: Quitting's Easy by Tammaiya - I love that this was only supposed to be a quick, short little fic about Sanji quitting smoking and some tossed in jokes about the English dub using a lollipop instead of his cigarette and then maybe some Zoro/Sanji UST, but somehow it turned into a ~10,000 word monster on her; that's hilarious and awesome. Especially since I really love this characterization of Sanji, he's polished in some ways and rough in some ways, that balance that you see in the original manga is captured so well here. His potty mouth, the constant stream of swearing that goes through his head without being too over the top about it, the way he interacts with everyone in the crew are all spot-on for him--not to mention that I really love all the scenes he has with those different people! He interacts with Chopper and Usopp and Nami and Luffy and Robin and everyone! I love when authors work in the rest of the Strawhats! Plus, mmm, her Zoro is really hot, too. I swear, this fic just flew by and I didn't want it to end, like, ever. Except I'm okay with that because a) the resolution is satisfying and b) now she can move on to writing MOAR! :D (Zoro/Sanji, crew antics, a hint of Luffy/Nami that you'll blink and miss it.)

One Piece: Roronoa Zoro: World's Greatest Swordsman Bug-Killer by Tammaiya - This fic is really funny and hilarious because, yes, of course Sanji would be afraid of bugs and deal with it exactly like this and of course Zoro's life would be full of pain. It's fun because Sanji is still Sanji about it and even when he wants something from Zoro, it's not like he's going to be nice about it or anything! But what I also love about this fic is that it doesn't forget there are other Strawhats around, especially the PURE GOLD ENDING OMG. I think Luffy might be my favorite thing just about ever in this fic homg. XD Though, Chopper comes a seriously close second and, hell, I love everyone's reactions to the bugs in this fic! (Zoro/Sanji.)

One Piece: untitled by clarify - Siobhan linked this fic to me and I was almost wary of it because kinkmemes and I often do not get along, but... as;dflkjas;lkj oh man this fic just hit me exactly right--Zoro is out in the forest and finds a trail of familiar clothes, until he comes upon a naked Sanji and things go about how you'd expect from there. I like it for the Zoro point of view, which is fun and snappy but still IC for his character, but also for the dynamic between him and Sanji that hits me where I live--snarky and pissy with each other, but both really want this to happen. The sex was super, super hot (one of my favorites, especially from recent times, mmm) but the alternate ending was also total gold, heeee. It's a simple story concept and it's not meant to be more than pwp, but if you like ZoSan, I think it's one of the bigger must-read fics I've come across in awhile. *__* (Zoro/Sanji, NC-17.)

One Piece: Anger by cuethe_pulse - You know, as much as I love the current arc, I've definitely been pining for more of the Strawhats, too, especially since I started going back to all the shiny ZoSan doujinshi out there. And then came the fic that Siobhan's been writing and linking me towards. And then there was this fic. Which was set post-Thriller Bark, after Zoro took on all of Luffy's wounds and nearly died, where the writing captures the sheer intensity and painful sharpness that was everything Zoro went through and what that put Sanji through. I love this Zoro, because he felt spot on to me in regards to how he's actually a pretty observant, intelligent guy and he notices shit. He just usually doesn't care much one way or the other. But when he does... it's intense like this and Sanji being just so furious and angry only made it all the more delicious a read. (Zoro/Sanji.)

One Piece: Classic Disney Romance Moments: Epically Retold with Zoro and Sanji by cuethe_pulse - Apparently, I'm in quite the ZoSan mood again, so I've been going back through a lot of the fics posted over the last year or so, kind of inhaling them (for my usual rate, anyway) and that got me to stumble over this one, where it's several various Disney movies as retold with Zoro and Sanji. I had been smiling throughout the whole thing, but it was when I got to the Hercules tale that I kind of totally lost it because asd;lfkja;slks ahahahaha that's perfect for Zoro and Sanji. I love how the author touches on the original movies, but gives them all very clear ZoSan twists and making them genuinely hilarious. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji.)

One Piece: Breaking by cuethe_pulse - Well, eventually I had to get back into the more heartbreaking stuff again, too. Set during the Water 7 arc, where the Strawhats are falling apart for awhile, Robin and Usopp are both gone, Chopper's crying all the time, and Sanji is a mess and needs something, which Zoro can give him. And I love how it's not really an established relationship, but it's not a first time, either. How it balances between their usual dynamic and something more comforting because that's what's needed right then. I especially love the descriptions of the previous times they'd been together because I can just totally see that, but I love how... hard and painful and wrenching this piece is, to go along with everything they were going through at that point. (Zoro/Sanji.)

One Piece: In Which Zoro Misses the Smell of the Galley and Perona Sets Stuff on Fire by cuethe_pulse - You know what I actually wound up liking the most about this fic? Zoro and Perona antics! Him searching for his swords that she hid, her trying not to get attached, it being Zoro's birthday and he's not with his nakama, but he's very Zoro about it, and then Perona does something almost nice and it's just. asdl;fkjaslkj sometimes I love these characters so much and ZORO AND PERONA ANTICS. HOW I HAVE WANTED THIS. :D :D :D (Implied Zoro/Sanji.)

One Piece: We Call This Boy on Boy by Pero - Ahahahaha, I love fics like this, where the crew ends up on some random island with its own culture and of course it ends in hijinks of the ZoSan kind. It's hilarious to see them end up on a primitive sort of island where the women are trying to make Zoro and Sanji their property by kissing them, so, well, what're they to do about this predicament? I love Robin in this fic as well, because she's clearly having a hilarious time and of course she would. AHHHH I LOVE THIS PAIRING'S CRACK, it's such a great fit with the original canon. :D (Zoro/Sanji.)

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