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- One Piece - Listen and The Call of the Tide by Sherry Marie - *taps fingers against the keyboard in thought* When I first read this story, I was rather struck by the whole... *waves hands* lack of sparkle with the fic. Reading all of what's been posted so far makes me realize that it isn't a problem with the scenarios or the characterizations, it's that the writing needs a little polishing. Why do I harp on this? Because the author shows signs and glimmers of being a great writer and I tend to be tougher on those than I am just 'good' writers. Because, dammit, I will... err... make them be the writer I know they can be through my sheer force of will while staring at the screen? ....right.

Anyway, that aside, I actually really liked these stories because the characterization is incredibly solid, because they're both still such guys, because I can easily see the characters I watch on the screen in these characters, because things aren't easy for them, but neither are they angstangstaaaaangst. They're not teenaged girls and I could kiss the author for that. <333 Because she also keeps elements of their adventures and harrowing escapes from all sorts of nasty situations in the writing, because she still keeps that element of something like philosophy (like listening to the sea) that the series has. And I mentioned the incredibly solid characterizations, right? Just checking. Loved that part. XD (ZoroxSanji.)

- One Piece - Sharp and Pointy Things: A Tale of Machismo by Asenath - Oooh, now this was fun and wonderful. Sharp, clever writing that was both genuinely hysterical and wonderfully in character writing that played upon Zoro and Sanji's backgrounds and personalities to draw them together. They were both such guys here and the little details were fabulous and the writing was great. The characterizations were sharp and I could absolutely see this and I'm gushing now, aren't I? ~_~ Anyway, what I really liked is that this story touched on their backstories, the tough events they've gone through, the things that made them who they are today, but without dragging it all out and basically giving us a flashback. We all know, they move forward with these things... and that's what this story did. Which is an odd thing to compliment, I know, but I like it when authors can just touch on the necessary parts of a backstory, when they can reference it and we GET what they're after without them having to draw us a map. I fawn. (No real pairings/warnings, but could be Zoro/Sanji hinty if you wanted to see it that way.)

- One Piece - A Strange Emotion by Sunfreak - This was a nicely written little fic that, despite its brevity, manages to capture a certain atmosphere to it. I think it's partly the... it's hard to describe, but the way the author gets across that Zoro's inhibitions have been lowered because he's drunk, but never really stating it or making it obvious, it's just sort of there. It's also partly the style of the fic--I particularily liked: It's such a vague concept, anyway, and nothing next to this moment that tastes like gin and lime, that is the same color as Sanji's eyes, that stretches out as long as the other's smile. Nice little Zoro/Sanji fic that makes me despair a little less for the state of OP yaoi fic. ^_~ (Sanji/Zoro.)

- One Piece - Truths by X-parrot - Argh! Argh, argh, argh, no fair tempting me back over to the yaoi side of the OP fence! ~_~ Even in such a short little piece, X-parrot has reminded me of why I like the Zoro/Sanji pairing as an actual pairing, rather than purely gen. It's just... it's one of those little situations where it rang so clearly true, where I could just PICTURE the entire thing, practically right out of the manga (I love it when I can actually picture a fic in Oda-sensei's style) that it made me fall in love all over again. Wah. ;__; (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Bothered by Sherry Marie - Ahhh, I have such a love of Zoro and Sanji still being at each other's throats even after they're sleeping together and the author has a really good, strong handle on the antagonism that's such a part of their dynamic. The dialogue was strong and the piece was just long enough as it needed to be to illustrate the little Moment fic that it turned out to be. ....dammit, I am sliding back into the yaoi for OP. >_> (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Housebroken by Celeste - you know how much I loved this fic? How much the author's style has utterly clicked into place for me? How grand and glorious and sparkling and fucking PERFECT her characterization was? How beautifully the writing sailed along and how much I could HEAR the characters and how much freaking FUN this was? *happy, sated sigh* Sanji was Sanji and Zoro was Zoro and they were their antagonistic, abrasive selves, but they still FIT. Sanji wasn't prissy, Zoro wasn't stupid, they weren't necessarily trying to kill each other, but they ANNOYED each other, yet you could still so clearly SEE WHY they were together and, oh, god, I literally had the biggest grin on my face THE ENTIRE TIME I was reading. Seriously. Because, oh, man, the funny here? Brilliant and beautiful and SO FUCKING PERFECT. I mean, honest to god, this is one of my favorites for the Zoro/Sanji pairing now, because... just... yeah. Funny AND insightful in its own way and so fucking entertaining without being parody or stupid or anything like that. I cannot comment coherently enough on the beauty that is this fic. XD XD XD I must reread it several times now! *is happy again* (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Warm Place by Celeste - Yeah, yeah, again with the rec'ing drabbles instead of full-length fics, but, dammit, this is another one of those stories that just rekindles my love of Zoro/Sanji interaction because the characterization is so spot-on, because Zoro and Sanji can work together while still sniping at each other, and that dynamic is just perfect. Plus? That last line? Like so many of the other commentors, I am in love with the perfectness of it. XD (Very, very light Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Leaks by Sherry Marie - And, of course, here I go again with the rec'ing of drabbles when I should be reading the longer fics. I know. But, dammit, I'm running out of One Piece manga and anime to read and, wahhh, I'm all obsessed again. Plus, this was just... oh, man, this is what I needed. Sanji and Zoro were beautifully in character and the writing is lovely, very smoothly written, and just... *cackles* the end is PERFECT OMG SO PERFECT. Especially Sanji's last thought right before they start speaking again. That just... *cackles more* XD XD XD Oh, yeah, and the very faint hint at sex was nice. *hums happily* (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Leaving Your Mark by Celeste - This just... you know how sometimes you're at a loss for words as to how much you enjoyed the fuck out of something? How it left you with a case of the giggles or a bit shit-eating grin or just so entirely vibed with you that it left you feeling sated and like you couldn't have asked for anything more? Yeah. Right from the moment Zoro ruins the moment at the beginning to Sanji's revenge at the end, there is no point of this fic that I didn't love. Fabulous, fabulous dialogue that is SO LIKE THEM, not flinging away from the swearing or insults, yet not being crude about it or destroying that sense of friendship they have. Or. You know. Something-that's-not-quite-hate-ship they have. This is Sanji and Zoro and it's fucking funny and even beyond that it's CLEVER and just so beautifully THEM. From the way Zoro viewed their relationship to Sanji's snarling at him for being an idiot to Zoro insulting the love-cook right back to the way you never doubted for a second that sense of strength they have (I loved, loved, loved, LOVED that Zoro never thought HE would kick anyone's ass if they commented on their relationship, it was always THEY, because Sanji's strength is a complete given, that Zoro really, honestly respects him that much.), and did I mention the fabulous, fabulous, fabulous banter? God, I'm still laughing. This is my perfect ZoSan and I am IN LOVE all over again. It's just... if ZoSan was gonna happen in canon, this is how it would happen. Also? The end? I cannot think of it without giggling all over again. Seriously. (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Adult Entertainment by Celeste - *cackles* Oh, this is just... this is one of the best OP drabbles ever. Seriously. Because... just... the Straw Hat pirates having to find their own entertainment in the middle of the ocean... and... just... *dissolves into laughter again* I could just picture this in my head, complete with the In a near-silent flurry of chairs and crates and hushed whispers, the crew of the Going Merry assembled for today’s show. And the WAY they watch... *dies* such perfect body language for the crew. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Stimulation by Sherry Marie - Damn the OP drabble comm, because more good fic comes through there... anyway, this was cute in that oblivious-to-anything-but-sharp-and-pointy-things!Zoro and god-you're-an-idiot!Sanji sort of way. Plus, the author always keeps up the ZoSan banter, making it irritable and aggrivated, but still keeping the whole 'nakama' thing underneath all that, even without having to say it. <3 (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Day in the Life - Sanji and Day in the Life 2 - Sanji's Yaoi Special by Celeste - I'm going to put these two together, despite the first one being gen and the second being yaoi... well, really, just because it's easier for me. ^_~ But also because they're sort of the same theme and most people who enjoy one will enjoy the other. I love that these two fics sort of illustrate... both the way the Going Merry crew interacts with each other (the way Sanji can tame just about anyone with a cookie or punish them with a good, strong kick or overly spicey food--the mental image of Zoro drinking all that water cracks me up XD) and because it illustrates something I love about the One Piece story--there are all these little moments that are just so much fun and clever and heart-warming and even during the most routine day, the Going Merry crew is a fascinating bunch. The running tally of who beats more enemies, Zoro or Sanji, made me laugh so much, because that is just SO something Sanji would keep track of (hell, they'd both keep track of it XD) and the way, in the second one, Vivi and Nami liked him more now that he kissed boys, but he still got no action. Just... much love for the stories that have so many FUNNY little details. (Gen for the first, Zoro/Sanji for the second.)

- One Piece - Hidden Perceptions by Rei - This was such a treat to read one morning because it was full of those subtle little signs that I think could be the only way that Sanji and Zoro would be... well, perhaps not nice to each other, but would let any sort of positive feeling show. They never lose the bickering edge, it's still there covering up that the other is important and I adore the way it was set through Nami's eyes, the way she's perceptive enough to pick up on it, because she WOULD be the one to notice first, if things went this way, I would think. And her reaction is just spot-on, I thought, the way it slowly sort of creeps up on her, the way the characters are then filtered through her perception, all of it wonderfully subtle. (Sanji/Zoro referenced.)

- One Piece - Sand by Shadow Omega - There've been a lot of really excellent Zoro/Sanji stories lately that are so wonderfully dealing with the way the characters snipe at each other and really get on each other's nerves, yet there's still the undercurrent of being able to work together and still finding each other attractive, and it all blends together in one sharp-tongued, clever fic like this one here. I adore the characterization because it's not just the basics that anyone can get, you know? It's actually sharp and sexy for the way they don't get along, which is what wins me over every time. Zoro and Sanji on the beach and the troubles that causes because male/male sex isn't exactly easy without a lot of preperation and yet it's not such a big deal and it's got all these little details to practically make you feel the sand on your skin and the attraction between them working for that snarking attitude, even as it's genuinely annoying and... holy crap, this is a bad rec, but you should go read the fic anyway. (Zoro/Sanji, maybe R-ish rated for language?)

- One Piece - The Pirate Tradition by cneko2 - This is one of those stories where you just sort of... have to go with the story, you have to be an unrepetent fan of the characters/pairings/crack presented within and just... have fun with it. And if you can do that? This fic made me giggle so much. Just... the casual way Luffy has some sort of hair-brained idea and the others are all "WTF!" or "IDIOT!!" at hime is great. Nami's treatment of Luffy especially just made me sparkle with mad laughter, when he just casually blurts out he's been sleeping with Nami and... and... *dies* Sanji and Zoro's reactions are PERFECT. Especially Zoro's. I can just see him thinking that about them, too. Just... silly, silly fun. (Very light LuffyxNami and Zoro/Sanji sliiiiiiiiiighty hinted at, but I don't know that I'd even count it.)

- One Piece - Hands by Katchoo - It seems a natural progression that he notices the hands of others, that they are the first thing he looks at when he meets someone, and he’s found that he can tell a lot about a person that way. This is one of those story ideas that is surprisingly simple, if very solid, on its own, but depends on the skill of the author's execution of it to be either simply "okay" or to be "great". I believe this is the second fic I've read by this author and I've adored both of her stories, because she has this way of writing such beautiful insight into her stories, that it's not just about the surface details, it's about what they say about a person. In this story, Sanji notices people's hands and what they tell about each person. Each paragraph is absolutely lovely and so very telling and true about each character's personality. I adored this. (Some hints of Sanji pairings, but it would be difficult to pin down. Zoro/Sanji if I must say something specific.)

- One Piece - Perfect Recipe by Celeste - You've probably been able to pick up on my love affair with this author's OP works because... well, really, they're just so on the mark for how I like these characters that I sparkle and bounce every time she posts even just a short little drabble fic. And this was no exception, only 342 words, but I had to include it, because it's just... it's such a neat little idea, the parallels of different kinds of "recipes" and the way Zoro and Sanji interact and all that fun, sharp dialogue. It gave me my needed OP fix for the day. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Romance of Two Idiots by Celeste - Ahhh, yay! I pounce on anything Celeste writes for these two because she really has a knack for that "This is so stupid, why do I like that idiot?" dynamic that's just so incredibly much fun with Zoro and Sanji. She writes in that style that could be very choppy or unrealistic (trying too hard to be 'hip'), but I think she pulls it off well. Plus, it's fun to see Zoro trying to be "romantic" while Sanji screams at him for being so stupid and not getting it and Zoro's wondering why he bothers with the whole thing because it's all so STUPID and I just enjoy the hell out of the sparks that fly between them. <3<3<3 (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Messing With the System by Celeste - I'm sitting down this morning to catch up on One Piece fics and I'm re-realizing that I really <3 the onepieceyaoi100 comm because so many of the fics are just the right size for me to read and enjoy. This one is no exception--it shouldn't have been any longer than it was, it was nicely paced, Zoro's characterization was just fun as he stared at the unconscious Sanji, irritation just radiating off him the entire time. I loved that I could just picture the expression on his face as he intently glared at Sanji, thoughts roiling through his head and the way you don't know what exactly set him off, but... the ending was perfect, because that's just so very like them and like One Piece. I totally giggled out loud at the right tone of it. (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - And Eat It, Too by X-parrot - I always feel a little better after I've read a really good One Piece fic, especially when it's about Zoro and Sanji and has that sort of... even when they're getting along, it's not like they're exactly nice to each other and when they're not getting along, they're even worse to each other and... every time I think about this fic, I think about what stands out most for me, the way it was resolved, the way their fight was resolved and that just seemed like such a... them thing. Oh, and the practically tangible taste of chocolate cake. I have no idea how X-parrot did that or made it so hot, but... yum. <3 (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Moment by Celeste - Ahh, again, I have such mad love for ZoSan fic, their dynamic where... even when they're about to have a Moment, it's always in that way they have--not that we'd have it any other way, of course. ^_~ And I love that they're both such... boys in reaction to anything that might even come CLOSE to feelings and the way they just sort of... find a way to keep moving in their usual patterns. I adored this fic, especially Sanji with his thoughts. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Newlyweds by Celeste - Interestingly enough, one of the things I liked best about this story was Sanji's interaction with Nami, because it's nice when yaoi fans can write yaoi without forgetting that Sanji has a huge, giant crush on Nami, but the two don't necessarily clash with each other, they just somehow... all manage to fit together. Add in aggrivated!Sanji, amused!Nami, not-quite-oblivious!Zoro, and some really wonderful, sparkling dialogue, and you've got a fic I really liked. I also liked the way Zoro was... er... somewhat nice? Plus, the ending line and Zoro's version of fishing really made this one worth reading. ♥ (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Truths and Consequences by Sherry Marie - This was utterly fun to read this morning, hitting all the right buttons for me, capturing that dynamic with Zoro and Sanji that I love so much so very well--they fight and swear and snarl, but there's something else underneath it, an attraction there, even if it's not said in so many words. The point I knew I adored this fic is when Sanji went to confront Zoro for his feeling guilt at his role in Sanji's recent wound, when Sanji snarled at him that if they were to ever really fight that Zoro would KNOW who he was... I fell in love. Because it created that flash that fight in my head for a moment and... indeed, it would happen no other way. If Zoro and Sanji ever truly fought... it would be them, all of them, no mistaking who they were or false parallels to anyone else, nor would it be anywhere near routine.'ll have to pardon me, I just got all sparkly over that moment and had to gush. But the rest of the fic is great, too, lots of snarky dialogue, lots of great little moments with all the characters in that wonderful One Piece sort of way, and Sanji being cranky at being forced to take it easy. Who doesn't enjoy that when done well? >D (Eventual Zoro/Sanji, I think?)

- One Piece - And Eat It Too by Sherry Marie - You know how there are fics that come along just at the right time to pull you back into something you love, the kind that catch you in just the right frame of mind and make you laugh? Well, I've been sliding back towards this series again lately and this fic was posted yesterday and was just funny enough, just snarky enough, just faintly... *waves hands* well, what do you call Zoro/Sanji fic where Zoro "bakes" a cake for Sanji's belated birthday, but they still bitch and scream at each other about it? Certainly not sweet. Whatever it is, there are some hilarious lines in the fic, the kind that just cracked me up (many of the commentors picked up on the line that made me laugh the most, too XD); this being the kind that's just... FUN. I also completely believe Zoro would be that terrible at "baking" something. <3<3<3 (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Lies by Yochan - I could swear I'd read/rec'd this story before, but I can't find it in my listings, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, this is Zoro/Sanji sex a little more violent than I usually read, but I can't say I disagree, either, given that the intensity and antagonism that was genuine, but still you knew they didn't hate hate each other. The writing is lovely and they're fighting even in the middle of sex, furious and angry. Plus, I adored the final line, that's just pure One Piece right there. XD (Zoro/Sanji, NC-17.)

- One Piece - The Walls Have Eyes by Kinbu - Two things made me like this story--the hint of lime with Zoro and Sanji, which was very nice, lots of pretty images in my head and leaving me in a good mood. The second was the end, which was quite amusing and totally left me laughing afterwards. *laughs* God, I would do the same in a heartbeat. So much fun. (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Nothing Special by Celeste - I'm not sure how I managed to miss this fic when it was first posted, but when Celeste posted the sequel recently, I went back to read and wound up really enjoying this fic. One of the things that stuck out most for me was the way Zoro reacted, in that it wasn't too over the top, the way he was in denial or too protesting about how his birthday was just another day, that he wasn't a parody of himself in what the day meant/didn't mean. But it was also the way Sanji and Zoro would talk to each other, still snarky, but also not too over the top and the way Sanji was just evil while being something almost like sweet. ....that's such a vague rec, but, hell, just go read it, I enjoyed it a lot. <3 (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - A Simple Happy Birthday by Celeste - And then the sequel, where the reverse happens! This time it's Sanji's birthday and Zoro has to figure out what to do about it. Some of the suggestions he goes through just cracked me up (Like when he'd imagined kidnapping Nami in her sleep and tying her up by the rafters of the galley as a present, the fact that he’d have to deal with Nami voluntarily made him instantly scrap that idea.

Even if it would be hysterically funny to see the ero-ero cook have to deal with a supremely pissed-off navigator on his special day.), especially because they were all designed to annoy, but in such a way that it wasn't really hurtful, it was just... their antagonistic way. I also liked the way the ending was written, it was just the right note for it. >D (Some slight Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - In a Name by Celeste - You know, I'd feel badly for Sanji in this fic, except that I'm too busy being amused to properly feel badly for him. Because the author does a really good job of capturing Sanji's reaction to being called "Roronoa Sanji", especially with the way the rest of the universe just doesn't seem to GET the part that bothers him, they just continue right along with their single-minded determination to capture the pirate, which is just... SO One Piece. Plus, the ending was cute. XD (Zoro/Sanji implied.)

- One Piece - Blood by Erithil - And this fic was cute, more really solid characterization between Zoro and Sanji, the way they don't lose the edge either of them have, the way Zoro can be worried, but he's still Zoro about it or the way Sanji is... well, Sanji. XD Plus, I liked the way the dynamic played out, especially the end when he finally sees Sanji, after following the trail of blood into the kitchen, and Sanji's reaction to Zoro's worry was cute. XD (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - The Cure by X-Parrot - ....ahahahaha, god, this could have been such a flat little fic, but the author's talent for pacing it perfectly, putting all the right tones to all the little details is what really pulled this one off for me. It's short, but it doesn't need to be any longer than this and I still crack up just thinking about it. So much love. <3 (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Swordsmen According to Sanji by Cairnsy - Hee! Oh, this fic was such fun, the dialogue and feel of it so entertaining that I went back to reread the whole thing before writing this rec up. Because the characterization is so sharp here, each of the characters has their own little moments of brilliant characterization, yet feeding off each other, to create a bigger situation. Which seems like an odd thing to pick up on, but bear with me here. Sanji's taunting was great on its own, because it was sharp and done in such a way that was so very like him, but then Usopp would react and it was so perfectly him that it popped straight into my head, then Zoro would growl in the background, still doing his push-ups and not letting himself stop until they were done, and the whole thing kept climbing up and up until the climax of the fic and it was all done fabulously. And the ending? From the moment Zoro is finally done with his push-ups to the very, very end? Awesome. This story has one of the best pay-offs I've read in awhile. <3 (Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Frying Pan by paxnirvana - You know, for all that this was supposedly not a 'serious' attempt at the Zoro/Sanji pairing, it was remarkably clever and sparkling in that way that I crave from the fandom. Neither character was completely shoved into a stereotype, instead it made each character somehow so damned sharp and actually a damned fine read. Because... OMG, Zoro whacking Sanji over the head (to drag him off because handjobs on the deck just aren't cutting it anymore) with one of his own frying pans and the way the rest of the crew reacts so oddly to something Zoro's not quite getting (And yet! And yet! Zoro wasn't a moron! Oh, god, how I loved this Zoro.) and the beautiful, clear, solid characterization of Sanji. Well, and that the fic totally captured the One Piece-style feel to it, not just silly or outrageous, but that same sense of cleverness and that sweet reaction I have to the entire crew's actions. I just... I loved the dynamic between Zoro and Sanji, I never got the sense that either of them were really weakened in favoritism of the other, neither ever lost that sharp edge to them even while there's this wild attraction between them. I think that my have been my favorite part, that almost-stinging sense of attraction that I couldn't deny between them. Just... oh, god, so brilliant. So genuinely good. I babble incoherently, obviously. (Zoro/Sanji, hints of other pairings.)

- One Piece - After by paxnirvana - What I loved about this story? The weight of it, the seriousness of it, the tension (of whatever sort) between Zoro and Sanji that felt like it could have slipped between the pages of canon, that it really could have happened at the end of the Alabasta arc, but without being parody about it. I think my favorite line of the piece had to be: So, just like his cigarettes, he's not looking at Nami-san, because if he did, he'd have to move. Have to adore and fawn and worship her beauty properly. So he stares at the swordsman and wonders how many more wounds like that the impossibly stubborn bastard can survive. I love that there's a certain connection here, that certain something shining between them that's never gone anywhere, but I believe it, you feel it in the story, rather than just being told it's there, all wrapped up in one of those not-quite-conversations they have after fierce battles, where it's more name-calling with obvious undercurrents than it is actual words. Really lovely fic, really good fic. (Some slight Zoro/Sanji.)

- One Piece - Question Time! by paxnirvana - .....CHOPPER IS SO CUTE. No, really, it's a special fic that can use Chopper really well without making him too cute or a walking cliche, but this fic does beautifully with the character. Especially when he asks Sanji some rather... sensitive... questions. Which is just more cuteness and I think I was practically flailing in my chair because it was so beautifully in the same style as the manga, right down to Usopp in the background that was brilliantly timed. But it's also that the ending of this fic? Very nicely done, achieving just exactly the right tone it should have. Well, that and, omg, it's so great to see Zoro actually being almost protective of Chopper... in his own special way, anyway. ♥ (Some Zoro/Sanji.)

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