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- RPF - An excerpt from the Joss Whedon, Tom Fontana and Aaron Sorkin reality show. by Ashlea - *hyperventilating with the laughter* Oh, my god, this is like the most brilliant thing EVER. Seriously. I would love this drabble on concept ALONE, but that it's well-written, funny, and snarky? Oh, my god, I LOVE IT. I keep rereading bits and pieces from it and bursting into giggles all over again, because, HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh, my god, it's genius! This is my kind of RPF, because... man, I can't spoil any of this for you, just know that it's fucking GENIUS and go read it NOW. (RPF, but the tolerable kind.)

American Idol: Touch + Crutch by plasticeneposes - [Note: These two fics are entirely separate, but I'm putting them together into one rec anyway.] Okay, see. Way back in the first season of AI, I had this vague interest in the idea of Simon/Paula but never really got that deeply into the fandom and it was just sort of a fleeting thing. But I never entirely let it go, either, no matter how the show progressed later. And I saw this author had written a couple of fics and I couldn't resist and I tried to, but then the second one touched on Paula's difficulty having a good interview and it was just. These two short fics were little moments about how they gravitated towards each other, that quiet pull that was there, and I-- I thought, yeah, if it was fic like this, I could totally read more of this pairing. Dammit. Stop writing good fic, people! (Simon/Paula.)

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