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- Peace Maker - untitled by Lady Jaida - Ahhh, I love psuedo-stalking people, because it lets me find little treasures like these, even if they BREAK MY HEART BECAUSE THE AUTHOR IS MEAN. I mean, really. Oh, sure, Peace Maker has a ton of angst in the acutal series, but is that any excuse for a fic/author to hurt me by not writing about fluffy, happily ever after Hijikata/Souji? IS IT? I didn't think so. Hmph. That said, this is a beautiful piece, like all of Jaida's other works, the light touches of Hijikata's hands on Souji's skin combined with soft details of Souji combined with the things Hijikata thinks when looking at him... it's wonderful and painful at the same time, because I know where things are going. It hurts me. ;__; And this fic is lovelier for it. (Hijikata/Souji, vague spoilers for things to come.)

- Peace Maker - Haru no Tsuki by Sabina - I actually read this one after I read the previous one, but I'm switching the order of the recs around because this one should be read first. (Or at least I think so, because I'm a dippy fangirl and need fluff to fix things. ;___; ) This fic was... painful in a very quiet, subtle way that never hammered me over the head with it, instead softly sidling up to me and looking so sadly at me. There's also a dreamy quality to the story that's nice and adds an interesting atmosphere to it, but it's that last scene... it hurts. (Spoiler warnings.)

- Peace Maker - untitled by canis_m - Ohohohoho, I am so falling in love with these two already--I mean, I'd fallen for them from the first time I laid eyes on them in the manga about a year and a half ago, but actually catching up on the manga and watching more of the anime, I'm falling further in love. And then I go and read fic like this. Fic that's beautifully in character, fic that I can see, fic that sparkles... and I fall further in love. Souji is absolutely, positively wonderful here, just so very clever when he goes out to play (and I giggled when I realized exactly what and how they were building what they were building) and when Hijikata and Souji interacted... oh, it was wonderful. Much love. (HijikataxSouji.)

- Peace Maker - Spring Haze by Lishypo - *hums~* This was beautifully suggestive--the R rating is appropriate, I wouldn't have put it higher than that, but it does hint at sex and does so wonderfully. The author painted a lovely picture and yet, at the same time, wove in just a little bit of angst and showed some wonderful character insights into Hijikata and Souji's relationship. The way Hijikata takes comfort from Souji's presence, the way Souji understands and the way things are a little bit better afterwards... I love. Plus, lovely, lovely writing and beautiful sex. I don't ask for more. (HijikataxSouji.)

- Peace Maker - Broken by Luckykitty - Right now, the Peace Maker fandom is still in infancy, so little stories like this help flesh out the characters, give these little hints at insight into the characters, and are like little treats to nibble on to satisfy our cravings as we get deeper and deeper into the series. And I adore that there seem to be a number of well-written little treats, ones that use the angst of the series lightly and with deft fingers rather than piling it on too thick, like this story does. (The deft fingers thing, not laying it on too thick.) The moments Hijikata thinks about or witnesses, the way he looks at Souji, the way Souji is... it's one of those things that make me insanely jealous that I didn't write something this lovely and subtle. I babble now. Sorry. (HijikataxSouji.)

- Peace Maker - Rainy Day by nekojita - *hums~* This was a nice little PM story that I enjoyed thoroughly--not just because there was smut, but because there was smut that was specifically tailored to these characters. Smut is a wonderful thing, but it's always best when it's about the characters I'm looking for, not just any two random bishounen--and that's what I got here. Souji especially shone through wonderfully, his light, cheerful manners were shown here, along with Hijikata's more serious nature, but that he genuinely cares for and loves this young man. And the little detail that Souji can't really hide things from Hijikata was wonderful and so very telling and this rec is just degenerating into incoherency. Lovely characterization, lovely smut, lovely fic. I enjoyed. (HijikataxSouji, som graphic content.)

- Peace Maker - When Morning Comes by Jan - I adore this little ficlet for being such pretty smut, while still maintaining the intensity of the characters and the sex. It doesn't need to be terribly graphic, because it's getting across the sensation rather than the description. There's beautiful imagery here, a lovely sort of intimacy and strength. *happy sigh* I am happy fangirl now, yes. (Hijikata/Souji, R-ish content.)

- Peace Maker - Onnagata by Karabana - I'm not sure what posessed me to read PM fic today, other than I happened to stumble across a link to a short-ish story and I thought, eh, what the hell, might as well at least skim it rather than chucking it into the already-hy00j backlog I have. I was pleasantly surprised to find writing that was actually really lovely, that captured Souji's personality, attitude, and relationship with Hijikata just beautifully well. It's mostly a fluffy story (with bits of angst here and there, much like the lighter moments of the series itself), but it's... it's the way Souji talks to Hijikata, half an innocent pout or coy look, half far more world-weary than anyone his age should be. It's the way there's an intimacy between the two lovers that never really has to be remarked on to feel it, especially when they're alone and Souji is getting dressed. It's the lovely, lovely prose and just... *flails* it felt like Hijikata and Souji! More than just being well-written it felt like THEM. I love. (Hijikata/Souji.)

- Peacemaker - Spy Games by Tayles - One of the things I liked most about this story, beyond the Hijikata/Okita smut ♥ is that I thought the author did really well with Souji's character every time he encounters Yamazaki, that Souji always has that dangerous edge to him that not even the stealthliest of ninjas can sneak past. But it's also the way Hijikata is around Souji when no one else is supposedly around, the way such a gruff person can be almost gentle in the middle of sex, while still keeping the passion that he obviously has. And Souji... lovely Souji, who is so many things wrapped up in that thin, delicate-looking body, who is more aware than most people might realize. <3 (Hijikata/Souji, graphic content.)

- Peacemaker - At Dawn by Yochan - I haven't read Peacemaker fic in awhile, but Jan linked to this fic and it was short and I had time at 4am to read a little and I just... got sucked right in, god. Because, for all that it's not really often touched on in the series, there's a heavy sense of tragedy looming over these two, no matter how strong they are or how well they carry themselves, and this... oh, this was just aching because the author wrote it so deftly. I could absolutely, utterly see both Souji and Hijikata reacting this way, the entire time I had a knot in my fangirl heart because it was so them and just... I don't want to give any of it away, much less the ending, because it was all brilliant. *curls up in a ball in the corner* (Hijikata/Okita.)

- Peacemaker Kurogane - Ippon by Tari Gwaemir - Wow, this was lovely on so many levels, so many things went into making this a fabulous little story. There was the beautiful use of kendo that had this lovely natural flow to it, very extensive use of it, but yet wasn't so overwhelming that I had trouble following, what with knowing nothing about the art of it. There was the lovely characterization of both Hijikata and Souji, there was the lovely hint of something there without being too overpowering, there was a faboulous Kondou in the background and just... this is one of those little pieces that I could so easily imagine slipping into the canon as I knew it. ♥ (Hints of Hijikata/Okita, but could have been gen.)

- Peacemaker - Before You Go by tetsui_no_tate - Do you know how long it's been since I read any Peacemaker fic? Much less Peacemaker fic that blends humor and a hint of smut together so well like this. Souji is beautifully in character, that sort of mischievious quality he has, the penchant for making Hijikata's life both fantastic and hellish. The sense of amused scheming in the fic, the way he plays his cards just right to get exactly what he wants, the way he's almost sort of clever about it, the way everything goes just as Souji directs it... it was great fun. The sex was light in the fic, it wasn't entirely the point, but it was still gorgeous and hot and perfect for them. I just. Yes. I can totally, totally believe Souji would do this. And poor Hijikata. Except, no, not really, he totally deserves Souji. ♥ (Hijikata/Souji, R-rated content.)

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