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AngelBeats! - Group images:
    I can never quite decide if I ship Noda/Yuri or not but this series of images that has one of him kissing her hand is sweet. Same for Otonashi kissing Tachibana's forehead and Yui kissing Hinata's cheek.
    To be honest I never expected to find much Yuri/Tenshi art (or Yui/Iwasawa) but Japan surprises me once more with this cute series.
    Otonashi surrounded by several of the characters and I love how I ship him with each and every one of those characters.
    Totally cute image of Otonashi, Hinata, and Yui and I would watch those three idiots together for a long, long time.
    After ep 6, I shipped Naoi/Otonashi as well but the look on Hinata's, Yuri's, and Tenshi's faces here is hilarious. And reminds me that I ship all of that. Again.
    Gorgeous Operation Start! group image of several of the AngelBeats! characters Yuri has under her.
    Several of the cast in cat ears as they also pretty much tangle themselves up into one big pile. Or at least Yui does.
    Gorgeous collage from episode 6 that kind of makes me love everything all over again.
    Yuri and her group of fighters all with their guns (and Noda's halberd) at the ready.
    Very pretty cast image with the AngelBeats! logo over the top of them.
    Otonashi, Hinata, and Yui again and, yeah, I still love that trio a lot.
    Hinata picking Otonashi up as Noda is apparently chasing after them. Man, Otonashi's life. XD
    Hinata, Otonashi, and Noda with their baseball gear and Otonashi in the middle, of course.
    Shiina balancing Noda and Fujimaki on brooms on her fingers and just. LOL.
    I love how this series of images is so much of what I ship because, well, I'd ship just about EVERYTHING in this series.
    CRYING AT THIS IMAGE of Otonashi offering Hinata a bite of his food and... then Naoi happens.
    Otonashi picking puppy Naoi up while Hinata cries on him and asdl;fkjas;lkj oh god the scene this is a parody of was so hilarious.
    Gorgeous image of Yuri and the SSS in a welcome to the group pose.
    The Hinata - Otonashi - Yui trio of TOTAL DUMBASSES is still one of my favorites.
    Hinata and Naoi fighting over Otonashi with Noda in the background? BEAUTIFUL.
    The two Naoi brothers following their father into the sunset and it's kind of a heartbreaking image.
    This is mostly Hinata/Otonashi but the cover has Yui flailing in the backgroud and I wouldn't say no to that threesome, Japan.
    Hinata and Naoi fighting over Otonashi again and I have yet to tire of this kind of image at all.
    Pretty image of Noda with Hinata and Otonashi wrapped up in each other in the background, sort of.
    Gorgeous image of the main cast in an ending like the Durarara!! ending, which is fantastic.
    I love how I ship all of this and I love those kiss meme responses a lot.
    Boys Dead Monster, aka a band with the boys this time, is really kind of neat, too.
    Otonashi leaning into Hinata in Yuri's thoughts and Otonashi and Tachibana's expressions at her are kind of great.
    Otonashi putting his hands on Tachibana's shoulders while Yuri makes a face and leans back against him.
    Sketches of the various characters with a strong focus on Otonashi, all of which are lovely.
    I love this image hardcore because, seriously, I will ship Otonashi with EVERYONE IN THIS IMAGE.
    Otonashi, Hinata, and Yui trio again and I still have great fondness for these three.
    Hinata and Otonashi bonking Yui on the head and Iwasawa in the background, making for a great little image.
    Kind of an awesome group image, just for the dramatic poses... and then Tachibana and Shiina fighting in the background, lolz.
    The reactions of the NPCs to Tachibana's situation just makes me laugh every single time I see it.
    I really like the colors of this image but also I'm just weak to the Hinata/Otonashi/Yui trio.
    Cute little chibis all posing with their usual weapons/items, which is really kinda cute.
    Naoi and Hinata both sidling up to Otonashi and this is still completely hilarious.
    This cast image looks really pretty in full view.
    Otonashi teasing Naoi and Hinata with a cat toy, as they're all in chibi form.
    This is a fantastic trio image of Hinata, Yui, and Otonashi in different school uniforms.
    This is a gorgeous collage of "now" and "then", showing the current characters and flashes of their pasts.
    One more gorgeous collage from this artist, showing the characters all in various situations and poses.
    The AngelBeats! girls (well, and Naoi and Oyama)... all with KITTY EARS, YES. ♥
    I love images where everyone glomps onto Otonashi and I'm like, "Yes. I ship all of this."
    Hinata, Otonashi, and Naoi meet a bad end with the multiple Tenshi.
    Hinata and Naoi both trying to feed Otonashi and the expressions on all of their faces are hilarious.
    Adorable image of Yuri, Tachibana, and Yui and asdl;kfjaslk I love the AB! girls kind of a lot.
    Naoi and Hinata both after Otonashi again as they corner on him a hospital bed.
    More of Naoi and Hinata glomping Otonashi, Hinata wrapping arms around him and Naoi gently nosing at his hand.
    Softly colored group image with much of the main SSS cast and I really like this style.
    Beautiful image of the AB! girls as Yui, Yuri, and Tachibana sit around a headless statue.
    Otonashi stuck between Hinata and Naoi as they bicker and it's the look on his face that kind of won me over.
    Yui, Noda, and Shiina are an interesting mix of characters, but this is very nicely done.
    Noda, Yuri, and Fujimaki all look kind of amazing in this image, wow.
    Hinata and Yui arguing over food and Otonashi. Probably mostly Otonashi. XD
    Really neat group image done in poster-style of the SSS with their weapons out.
    A series of images of Girls Dead Monster as Iwasawa slowly disappears.
    The Girls Dead Monster girls are nicely done here and it's huge in full view.
    Amazing group image with pretty much everyone in it and looking beautifully clean and detailed.
    Hinata and Naoi both curled up on Otonashi while they're all sleeping and it's kind of hilarious, too.
    Three images together of the main girls (Tachibana, Yuri, and Yui) in a cute image.
    Naoi and Hinata fighting over Otonashi is still funny, yeah.
    Huh, I haven't seen much Naoi - Otonashi - Tachibana art before, but I'm certainly not opposed to that trio, either!
    This one is a bit more unpolished, but Hinata's, Otonashi's, and Naoi's hair are all beautifully done, so!
    God, how much do I love Yuri > everyone in comic strips like this one? So much!
    The AB! cast and their usual dorkery is something that always makes me smile. I love Shiina casually sitting on Noda's halberd especially.
    Poster-style image of Naoi, Otonashi, and Hinata in varying degrees of focus.
    Otonashi torn between two of Tachibana while Hinata and Naoi rage in the background.
    Adorable Yuri - Otonashi - Tachibana image with warm, almost glowing colors used on the sketch.
    Nicely done poster-style image of some of the characters that don't get as much focus.
    Hinata, Naoi, and Otonashi's little sister all crowding around Otonashi in a cute image.
    Beautiful image of Hinata, Yui, and Otonashi from the baseball episode as they face off into the lightly cloudy distance.
    I love group images with Otonashi and a bunch of characters where I can look at them and go, "Yes. I ship Otonashi with everyone here."
AngelBeats! - Single character:
    This portrait of Yui as she does her little doggy pose is too damn adorable.
    Pretty image of Tenshi that has nicely done glowing outlines on the leaves around her.
    I really like the manga-like style on this image of Tenshi, it's something a little different that looks very nice.
    Smirky Naoi art shouldn't be as much fun as it is, but after having just watched ep 6....
    Gorgeous image of Yuri with headphones as she lays back and the AngelBeats! logo is on the white background behind her.
    Another gorgeous image, of Naoi this time with his jacket draped over his shoulders and a determined look on his face.
    Another pretty, almost-manga like image of Tenshi that has a light, airy feel to it.
    Various sketches of Naoi and asdl;kfjaslj it's amazing how fast I came around to liking him.
    Naoi leaning back on flower petals and tears welling up in his eyes and as;ldfkjs my heart.
    Tenshi with wings and shimmery, sparkly colors again.
    Yui singing on stage with food tickets fluttering down around her.
    Naoi with his gun in an image that looks very nicely done in full view.
    Portrait-style image of Noda with his giant axe slung over his shoulder.
    Noda with his halberd again which I find myself wishing he got just a smidge more attention in fandom.
    Soft, pretty image of Tenshi as she plays the piano, which I really liked, too.
    Hinata laying back with his shirt open and his wrists wound up in red ribbon.
    OMG SHIINA ART, I LOVE SHIINA like really ridiculous amounts, especially when she's being badass and dumbass at the same time!
    Another Tenshi image with pretty colors that looks nicely done in cg here.
    Crouching Hinata with his handgun at night as they get ready for an operation.
    Tenshi standing in a colorized field as feathers float around her, which is beautiful.
    Cute sketch of Tenshi as she waits in the hallway with her bookbag.
    Tenshi on a bridge at sunset as her hair billows off to the side in the wind. Which is seriously gorgeous.
    Yui being adorable as hell as she is wont to do.
    Tenshi with her plate of mabo doufu in a cute, lightly colored image.
    Yui making a v-sign over her eyes and beautifully colored, I liked this one's coloring a lot.
    Tenshi hugging her teddy bear which shouldn't be kind of wibble-inducing, but it really is.
    Nicely done image of Naoi in a solid cg-like style that fits the anime well.
    Gorgeous image of Tachibana in a wallpaper-like image of her in mid-air.
    Sad Hinata in the rain and, again the colors are super pretty in full view.
    Tenshi eating with a softness and sort of vaguely earth-toned colors that are pretty.
    Gorgeous image of Tachibana in the flower field with that totally adorable hat on her head.
    Another lovely image of Tachibana in soft, light, airy cg colors that are pretty.
    Tachibana eating her dinner out under the beautiful starry nighttime sky.
    Cute image of TK that I thought was solidly done.
    Pretty image of Tachibana in a sort of whispy, paining-like style.
    Nicely colored portrait of Hinata with some vibrant blues.
    An Otonashi portrait this time that has a similar sort of feel to the colors, except in oranges.
    Tachibana's hair whipping around her as she stares upwards is lovely.
    Another cute Tachibana image done in a strong cg style.
    Another very nicely done TK image and I think this one is even better.
    Tachibana eating her mabou dofu with a blank, unreadable look on her face.
    This Yui image is gorgeous even if it's a little too close to a panty shot for my comfort. But still. Beautifully done.
    Naoi crying in the rain as he slowly drags the hat off his head.
    Nicely detailed cg style on this image of Tachibana in a promo-style image.
    Oh, man, Tachibana with wings is a beautiful image in full view.
    Bookmark-style image of Tachibana at sunset, where everything nearly glows with the vivid colors.
    I love Yui's character design so much, especially when she gets clean, shiny art like this.
    More cute Yui art is never unwelcome, not when it looks so cute in full view.
    Creepy, but really kind of lovely image of Naoi that night in the rain, with blood splatters everywhere.
    Beautiful image of Naoi from that night in the rain, with his eye glowing red.
    Cute cg style image of Yui with her smiling brightly.
    Beautifully colored cg style image of Shiina this time, as she balances stuff on her fingers.
    More Shiina awesomeness with her attacking while still holding shit on her fingers.
    Nicely done image of TK from an artist that I like their work of.
    Beautiful image of Iwasawa crying as she's singing the song she really wants to sing.
    Another nicely done image of TK, which I'm surprised I haven't seen more of.
    Noda after a battle as he rests with his weapon against his shoulder.
    Gentle, sweet image of Tachibana as she's surrounded by feathers and looking over her shoulder.
    This image of Yui is another one that's gorgeous in full view.
    While she's a little more moe here than I'd like, I can't resist a really cute image of Tachibana asleep.
    More cute cg style art of Yui with her hands on her hips and a cute expression.
    Pretty image of Tachibana as her hand sonic guard skill forms on her arm.
    More pretty art of Tachibana again as she leans back a bit, her hair and feathers fluttering around her.
    Awesome image of Yui as she's singing and meal tickets flutter down around her and the colors are amazing.
    Wallaper-like styled image of Naoi with a determined expression and rose petals fluttering around him.
    Hinata being sent into the ceiling while he has this dreamy look on his face and, oh, I can hear the music from that episode already.
    I love the colors of this Yui image, they're so beautifully done and she's so pretty!
    Soft, pretty image of Tachibana where her white hair almost glows is kind of lovely.
    Tachibana with paint splatters behind her that look like multi-colored wings.
    I know I shouldn't like this fanservicey image of Shiina in a bikini for no reason, but... she's so pretty!
    Yuri with glasses is kind of totally a hotass and I really liked this image of her.
    Cute image of Yui doing her puppy pose and being kind of adorable.
    Gorgeous image of Tachibana with sparks flying around her as she releases a Guard Skill.
    Beautiful image of Tachibana with wings as she's curled up on the floor and they curl around behind her.
    Soft, lovely image of Tachibana as she holds one hand to her ear and one against her heart.
    Yuri with a gun is all kinds of awesome and is also beautifully colored.
    Simple, but lovely image of Tachibana with her HandSonics out.
    Tachibana against a shimmery night sky and the soft, almost cg watercolor feel of it is lovely.
    Shimmery, sparkly image of Takamatsu as he poses dramatically as he falls downwards.
    Bittersweet image of Yuri as she cries, but smiles a little at the same time.
    Simple, but nicely done Yuri closeup at sunset, which looks better in full view.
    Simple but lovely sketch of Yuri and I am seriously delighting in how much pretty art there is of her this time around.
    This image is a little fanservicey but... Yuri in glasses! I'm weak, okay.
    I like the messy sketch style here on this image of Yuri, especially because the colors are vivid.
    Fantastic image of Noda with his halberd ready and pointed.
    Gorgeous image of Yuri in a black uniform that's a bit on the fanservicey side but so very pretty.
    Another pretty image of Tachibana done in a really solid style.
    Gorgeous image of Tachibana with wings and her hand guards at her sides.
    Tachibana falling backwards which is also a lovely image.
    Lovely (and really kind of huge) image of Iwasawa as she sings her song.
    Lineart of Yuri crying that's fantastic in full view.
    Beautiful image of Tachibana with feathers floating around her as she pulls her knees up to her chest as she sits.
    Beautiful image of Tachibana yet again with pretty feathers all around her.
    A collage of TK images that are cute sketches.
    There's a lot of Tachibana art I like and this one is no exception, but there's something really pretty about her eyes in full view.
    Tenshi flying down through her digital sparklies as her guard skills glow on her arms.
    Tachibana with two different colored eyes is a really lovely image as well.
    Tachbana on a piano as she reaches a hand upwards.
    Tachibana wallpaper-like image that's really big in full view.
    This is a beautiful image of Hinata with a lightly cloudy sky behind him, some lovely uses of blue.
    Gorgeous image of Tachibana with transparent wings and feathers floating around her.
    Pretty image of Tachibana at night with the moon full behind her and some nicely done detail on her wings.
    Another gorgeous image of Tachibana with translucent wings as she leaps through the air at night.
    Tachibana's hand being grabbed as they walk through the gardens and it's really pretty in full view.
    More fanservicey than I'd like but pretty Yuri art is pretty Yuri art, especially when she's asleep on a sofa after school.
    Tachibana being pulled along again, this time with a pretty rainbow in the background.
    Cute image of Tachibana with white wings on her back again.
    Another cute image of Yuri that looks a bit better in full view.
    Beautiful image of Tachibana falling backwards with some amazingly vibrant colors for the background.
    Peaceful image of Yui playing her guitar with some amazingly vibrant colors again.
AngelBeats! - Hinata/Otonashi:
    This lineart of Hinata and Otonashi sitting back to back, done in almost flat colors, looks really good.
    Otonashi desperately hugging Hinata as he pretty much took a running leap at him, I imagine, with a lovely bright white background, giving it an airy feel.
    Sketches of Hinata and Otonashi in various poses and situations, with some nicely solid coloring.
    Hinata leaning in towards Otonashi who is totally thrilled with this, really.
    Hinata half-draped over Otonashi's lap and it's one of the few times I think I've seen it as Otonashi/Hinata.
    Otonashi and Hinata asleep on each other with the AngelBeats! logo on the background behind them.
    Hinata glomping onto Otonashi in a flying tackle that's cute.
    I love that a fandom isn't complete until you have a Magnet-style image. AngelBeats! is one more step towards completion. :|b
    The two of them scuffed and dirty as Hinata drapes an arm around Otonashi.
    Oh, god, chibis with animal ears as Hinata licks Otonashi's wounds and asl;dkfjaslj I am weak.
    Hinata grabbing Otonashi's tie between his teeth as he wraps arms around Otonashi.
    The two of them in school girl outfits because Pixiv knows what it takes to make a fandom complete.
    Otonashi leaning into Hinata in an image that has really pretty colors to it.
    Hinata basically feeling Otonashi up while Otonashi is TOTALLY PLEASED WITH THIS is never not going to be funny.
    Hinata and Otonashi eating lunch as they sit side by side and Hinata is... Hinata.
    Hinata and Otonashi in really close quarters done in a cute almost anime-like style.
    Hinata leaning into Otonashi's personal space and giving him one of those looks again.
    Another one of Hinata's arm around Otonashi in a cute image here.
    Back to back with their guns in hand, this image has some pretty, bright coloring.
    Hinata's arm around Otonashi in an image with really pretty, soft colors.
    Hinata and Otonashi pointing guns at each other and upside down to each other in a lovely image.
    Cute poster-style image of the two of them that's solidly done.
    Hinata smiling brightly and leaning against Otonashi's back and grabbing his hand.
    Hinata just about pouncing on Otonashi in a really beautifully done image.
    Another image of Hinata basically glomping onto Otonashi and Pixiv really does enjoy these two, don't they?
    The two of them not quite holding hands as they stand almost touching shoulders.
    Awww, little chibi versions of them as Otonashi cries on Hinata.
    Ahahaha, Hinata teasingly poking Otonashi's cheek while the chibi versions of them have the greatest expressions on their faces.
    This time it's Otonashi kissing Hinata's hand in a beautifully warmly colored image.
    Oh, I am so weak to this kind of cg of the two of them in the rain as Otonashi rushes over to the injured Hinata.
    This cg-style image of almost makeouts looks really good in full view.
    I'm a sucker for an almost sketch-like style, especially when it comes with nicely done almost faded colors like this.
    Otonashi and Hinata cuteness, including a top image of chibis with puppy ears! So cute!
    Tearful almost-kiss in the rain with Hinata and Otonashi is nicely done, too.
    Cute, almost sketch-like image with light, airy colors of the two of them, with Hinata chibis crawling all over them.
    Hinata kissing Otonashi really well with Yui's hilarious "....!?" expression in the background.
    Otonashi in Hinata's lap after Hinata's been wounded and Otonashi leaning carefully against him.
    Gorgeously colored image of the two of them jumping into the air with their guns.
    The colors and lines on this image of Hinata laying on top of Otonashi are really nice.
    Ooh, I really like the lines here and the flat, bright colors that look pretty.
    Hinata leaning in towards Otonashi like he's going to kiss him just about.
    Hinata leaning in really closely to gently touch Otonashi's face and it's really pretty.
    Beautifully colored image of Hinata and Otonashi as they wrap arms around each other, with a bittersweet feeling to the image.
    Otonashi and Hinata asleep on each other in a light, airy image that's just lovely.
    Ahahaha, YES, WEDDING DRESS ART, no popular Pixiv pairing is truly complete until this happens!
    Hinata flipping up the schoolgirl skirt on Otonashi to expose the boxers underneath is another one of those images that a pairing isn't complete without.
    I'm just a sucker for the slick, smooth style that this artist used on them here, I guess.
    I'm also a sucker for pantless Otonashi as he and Hinata get up in the morning.
    The two of them sharing a sofa and I really like the sunset-style colors used on both of them.
    Hinata and Otonashi sharing earbuds and holding hands as they lean against a wall.
    In full view this image of Hinata and Otonashi with their arms around each other is really nice.
    Hinata tucking a blanket over Otonashi as he lays down on the couch, which is kind of hilarious.
    Oh, I am so easy for art like this, where it's light, airy colors on a cute sketch and an almost kiss between the characters.
    Hinata wrapping arms around Otonashi and holding a gun in front of them at the same time.
    Otonashi leaning on Hinata as he sits back against the fence on the roof at sunset.
    I am weak to cg style like this, especially if it's Hinata kissing the back of Otonashi's shoulder. (A little NSFW.)
    I like the sketchy feeling of this image as Otonashi leans into Hinata.
    Hinata wrapping an arm around Otonashi from behind and what I really liked about this image was the bright colors.
    Back to back with their guns and the slightly darker, yet glowy colors work nicely here.
    I had to link this one just for the second page (out of three) where there's a really prettily drawn kiss.
    Hinata and Otonashi being trapped in a small space is a cute image that I liked for the pretty colors, shut up.
    Cute image of the two of them studying... well sort of, more like lounging around, really.
    More art of these two that I liked because of the shiny, glossy colors.
AngelBeats! - Otonashi/Tachibana:
    Tenshi picking Otonashi up and carrying him out of the tunnel and asd;lkfjasl; I love it.
    Oh, man, this is a beautiful image of Otonashi's arms lightly around Tenshi as he holds his gun and she's nearly floating.
    Tenshi wrapping arms around Otonashi as she leans against his back just a little.
    Cute art of Otonashi ruffling Tachibana's hair and it's almost cutesy in style, but I really like the artist's work.
    Tachibana crying on Otonashi in an image that's really pretty in full view.
    I love the coloring here, almost like brushstrokes, but softer and more transluscent.
    Cute cg style image of Otonashi grabbing for Tachibana's hand and smiling at her.
    Totally cute image of Tachibana kissing Otonashi's forehead in a simple, sweet image.
    Amazingly pretty sunset image as the two of them hold hands as flower petals swarm around them.

AngelBeats! - Otonashi/Naoi:
    I love Otonashi's expression here, but not as much as I love Naoi's sparkly-eyed one.
    Naoi curling into Otonashi in a really adorably colored image.
    Naoi glomping onto Otonashi's arm and smiling adorably, which is so cute.
    Cute image of Otonashi grabbing Naoi's hat as they walk along at sunset with the group.
    Chibi-esque version of Naoi glomping onto chibi-esque Otonashi's arm, plus pretty colors.
    Naoi with animal ears and sitting in Otonashi's lap is kind of ridiculously adorable, shut up.
    Really beautiful image of the two of them as Otonashi puts a gentle hand on his head and pulls him close.
    Otonashi holding a crying Naoi which is really nicely done and reminds me how much I really felt for the little shit in that episode.

AngelBeats! - Yuri/Tachibana:
    This is just a gorgeous image of Yuri and Tachibana with their arms practically around each other.
    Gorgeously colored image of Yuri as she holds Tachibana's chin and looks at her.
    Beautiful image of them pressed together and linking hands, with wings behind them and feathers floating down.
    Tachibana leaning against Yuri's chest in kind of a really cute little image of them.
    Pretty image of the two of them leaning on each other's shoulders, in soft, light colors.
AngelBeats! - Other pairings/duos:
    The Naoi kids climbing that tree and asl;dkfjal;skjsj my heart.
    Iwasawa and Yui playing their guitars and singing back to back.
    The Naoi brothers together as they both look up and asd;lfkjaslj so cute, dammit.
    Yui and Iwasawa playing together is really sweet and adorable.
    The Naoi brothers holding hands as they lay on the ground afterwards and just. Ow.
    Tenshi and Naoi during the baseball game as she's dressed for coaching, so adorable.
    Tenshi eating mabo doufu while Yuri freaks the hell out in the background.
    Noda with Yuri in the background as they face away from each other and... I'm still not sure if I ship this, hm.
    Lovely image of Yuri and Tenshi as they lay upside down to each other in a shallow pool of water.

    Okay, Pixiv is starting to win me over here with all this pretty art of Fujimaki/Oyama.
    Another pretty Fujimaki/Oyama image that's a bit more painting-like.
    Fujimaki just picking Oyama up and carrying him like a sack of rice because Pixiv knows me.
    Noda and Naoi at each other's throats (or, well, faces anyway) would be a super hilarious rivalry, omg.
    Oh, this is a beautiful image of Naoi and Tachibana with a neat texture to them.
    Hinata and Yui clawing at each other in a fight of the dumbasses is a beautifully done image, too.
    I love the coloring and detail on this image of Yui and Iwasawa when you see it in full view.
    Gorgeous image of Fujimaki/Hisako, which isn't a pairing I'd have expected, but I'm happy to look at the super pretty.
    Tachibana playing on the piano while Yui lounges on top of it and watches her play, which is beautiful.
    Oh, man, this Hinata/Noda blowjob series of images is kind of beautifully drawn.
    Hilarious image of Hinata and Yui as they're being dumbasses and wrestling with each other/fighting.
    More hilarity with Yui and Hinata and, man, they're cute.
    Oh, god, Oyama having to confess to Tachibana, as done in a soft, gentle, hazy filter? LOL.
    Otonashi carrying his little sister on his back for Christmas and, oh, my heart aches all over again.
    Another of Otonashi carrying his sister around during Christmas, with shiny colors and a sketch-like feeling that's just beautiful.
    Noda and Tachibana in chibi form are both kind of adorable here.
    Beautiful image of Yuri pulling Hinata away from her rack by the back of his head, lolz.
    Another beautiful Valentine's Day image of Yuri and Noda and I-- I'm not entirely opposed.
    Yui hanging off Hinata and, man, Pixiv does not disappoint with this ship sometimes.
    Iwasawa gently kissing Yui's forehead in this soft, pretty sketch.
    Cute image of Yuri in glasses with Noda blushing around her adorably.
    Hinata and Yuri sitting back to back with a pinwheel in his hand and I... do not object to the idea.
    Noda/Yuri almost kiss and... Pixiv may be winning me over a little here.
    Otonashi sleeping against Noda's shoulder and, shit, I think I still ship this a little.
    Hinata and Yuri standing back to back is really kind of pretty, too.
    Hinata and Yuri back to back again in an even prettier image and... yeah, okay, I think I officially am tipping towards shipping it a little.
    Adorable image of Fujimaki and Oyama as they quietly hold hands.
    Beautiful image of Yui rocking out and then the Iwasawa joining her in the second one, sort of.
    Yui and Hinata sitting back to back as she plays her guitar and they both sing.
    The Dead Girl Monster girls are definitely cute and adorable here.
    Noda hugging a crying Yuri in a beautiful image at sunset.
    Jesus, sometimes this show breaks my heart and then fanart further stomps it by drawing Otonashi carrying his sister around on Christmas.
    A picture of the Otonashi siblings when they were younger, happy and smiling, ouch.
    More of the Otonashi siblings smiling and happy, I love the use of orange colors here.
    Both versions of Otonashi (current and alive) and his sister in a beautiful image that's so bittersweet and yet adorable.
    The Otonashi siblings walking around on Christmas and this one really breaks my heart again.
    Yuri with an Otonashi plush in a really cute little image that I liked.
    Hinata and Yui fighting and HAIR PULLING which never fails to be hilarious.
    The Otonashi siblings in another bittersweet but cute sketch.
    Hinata and Yui being idiots WHILE Hinata has a gun in his hand. I love this cast of morons.

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