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Arakawa Under the Bridge - Group images:
    This is an AMAZING image of Sister, Maria, and Stella, all badass and ready for a fight.
    The men of the Arakawa cast all in black and white suits. Oh, and Stella is there, too!
    Gorgeous poster-style image of the cast and it's just as trippy as the credits are.
    Another awesome poster-style image by this artist with the focus on Sister and Maria dancing together.
    One more poster-style image by this artist of the various characters with their music, which looks great.
    A nicely done group image in black and yellow.
    Tarot-card style image with Maria in the center, which looks fantastic.
    Cute little Flash-style images of the Venus & Maria characters and such.
    The Arakawa girls are totally cute and adorable here.
    Awesome image of Maria, Sister, and Stella as they each are ready for a fight.
    Durarara!! ED style image of the Arakawa cast, because no fandom is truly complete without it!
    The batshit crazy men of Arakawa in a really great image that looks amazing in full view.
    Maria with her hands on two chains, one around each of Sister's and Kou's necks, lolz.
    Group image of the crazies that all live under the bridge.
    I love Kou's expression here with the image of a more normal Sister/Maria in the background.
    This group image of the denziens under the bridge is kind of adorable.
    The cast all grabbing onto each other as they float up and away.
    Chibis of the Arakawa cast in black & white are pretty cute, too.
    Chibis of the whole cast this time, with warm, pretty colors.
    Awesome group image of several of the Arakawa characters.

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Single character:
    Maria portrait style image with her hand in her hair and scissors in her other hand.
    Another closeup of Maria, sort of a mix between cg and colored pencil, is about the only way I can think to describe it.
    Awesome closeup of Sister that looks really intense and has some nicely done shadows on it.
    Beautiful image from the credits and I love the soft use of pastels here.
    Awesome image of Sister in the middle of a fight and looking intense.
    Another fantastic image of Sister, mostly in black&white lineart, with some purple/blue shading that's lovely.
    Beautiful image of Nino underwater as her hair floats up around her.
    Fantastic image of Maria with silhouttes circling around her and a smirk on her face.
    Maria pouring milk all over herself shouldn't be pretty and yet....
    I wasn't sure about this Sister image at first but seeing it in full view really shows off the pretty colors.
    Cute image of Maria in light, almost water-color-like style.
    Another pretty image of Maria with a smile on her face that you know better than to trust.
    Gorgeous image of Maria in beautiful cg and she's so soft and pretty... and then there's blood flying in the foreground.
    Sister firing his gun into the air as shell casings rain down around him.
    Pretty image of Maria again with soft, almost faded colors that look lovely on her.
    Maria tying her apron on with a smile that's a cute little image.
    A close up on Sister with him holding his bible up and an unreadable expression.
    Just a tiny little image, but it's of Sister with his gun and has some really pretty coloring.
    Beautiful image of Nino in soft, light pastel colors that are shiny.
    Ahahaha, Sister with a rocket launcher is kind of ridiculously awesome.
    This Sister portrait has some lovely uses of sharp lineart and softened colors.
    Sister with a gun and bright pink splatters in the foreground of the image.

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Kou/Nino:
    Beautiful image of Kou and Nino as they sink underwater together.
    Kou and Nino looking at each other as they both float underwater.
    Nino asleep on Kou's lap as he blushes bright red is kind of great, too.
    Very neatly style image of Nino in water and Kou in air, as they reach towards each other.
    Lovely image of Kou lifting Nino up in the slick, pretty pastel cg style I like a lot.
    Another pretty image of Nino asleep on Kou and I like the solid cg coloring of it.
    Brightly colored little chibis of Kou and Nino are really cute, too!
    More brightly colored chibi crack with Nino and Kou, which is adorable.

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Sister/Maria:
    Maria poking the eyes of a statue that's dressed like Sister and I immediately start humming that song.
    Oh, god, adorably colored chibis are, like, my greatest weakness on Pixiv, noooo--!
    This image has some gorgeous lineart of Maria leaning against a bleeding Sister and wrapping her arm around a llama.
    Maria sitting on Sister's lap as she shushes him and teases him, to his continued stoic face.
    I know I shouldn't like this image of Sister picking Maria up, especially since her expression is kind of surprised, but. I am a fangirl. :|
    Sister and Maria upside down to each other in a beautifully blue and pink image.
    Lovely image of Maria sidling up behind Sister and leaning into him, the lines of this are fantastic.
    Maria sitting on Sister rather casually as he's pretty much orz about it.
    Maria tucking a finger under Sister's chin and it's kind of really cute.
    Both Sister and Maria with their weapons out and looking kind of really awesome.
    Maria stabbing a bunch of Sister mannequins in a really beautiful image, wow.
    Sister without his usual hood on as he holds Maria in his lap and this is a gorgeous image.
    Speaking of gorgeous art, another Sister/Maria image that I love ridiculously, especially because you almost never see Sister without his habit on, much less shirtless! And Maria is so pretty, too!
    Sister and Maria facing off and, for once, he's the smug one there.
    Maria sitting on Sister again as she smiles gently and he bleeds a little.
    Maria kicking Sister in the ass, making him drop his bible, lolz.
    Sketch-like image of Maria with Sister in the background, which is nicely done.
    Cute sketch of Sister and Maria as she smiles lightly at him and he bleeds.
    Maria chatting away cheerfully while Sister stares stoically back at her and bleeds.
    Sister in normal fatigues with Maria draped over his lap. With a riding crop.
    Maria and Sister standing back to back and ready for a fight, the both of them.
    Sister's arm wrapped around Maria as they both have their usual weapons out.
    More cute Sister/Maria art and it's a bit simple, but still reminds me of just how hard I'm falling for these two.
    Adorable chibis as Maria sits on Sister and smiles/laughs lightly.
    Sister picking Maria up with a flat expression and she smiles and brandishes her scissors.
    Sister and Maria at the beach and it's still kind of weird seeing him out of his usual habit.
    Gorgeous image of Maria sitting on Sister again as he lays face-down in a pool of blood.
    Both Sister and Maria with a gun is kind of hotter than it should be.
    Maria approaching Sister as he sits in the grass and handing him a handkerchief to help dry off.
    Sister and Maria in green shades coloring a sketch that's really kind of cute.
    A red ribbon winding around Maria and Sister is nicely done, especially with Sister out of his usual habit.
    Cute comic strip with Sister/Maria and I'm weak to a lot of the stuff here.
    The usual teasing and face-bleeding that I am growing so very fond of. XD

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Other:
    Kou sitting on Hoshi is kind of a hilarious little image.
    Sister feeding Stella candy and it shouldn't be cute and yet....
    Kou/Hoshi isn't something I thought I'd seek out, but then it was just right there in front of me....
    Ahahaha, Maria and Stella so cute and happy in the first image and then total demons in the second one.
    Sister and Stella in a cute little image, aw.

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