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Bleach - Unsorted:
    Byakuya and Rukia snuggled up together sleeping, adorable and really pretty.
    Ichigo vs Ulquiorra in a big ass fight.
    More Ichigo and Orihime, looking adorable and very pretty.
    Smoking hot Renji and Rukia, hair down and gorgeously colored.
    Urahara and Yoruichi, nicely colored.
    Gorgeous Urahara/Yoruichi again.
    More pretty Byakuya art.
    Rukia and Orihime, really beautiful art omg. *____*
    Spot on Ukitake and Hitsugaya, adorably curled up together.
    Aizen and Hinamori, really amazingly well done with pretty fabric patterns.
    Another nice Byakuya and Rukia with pretty colors.
    Ahahaha, Orihime pulling on Ichigo's new hair, this is so, so adorable.
    Chibi Hitsugaya picking Matsumoto up and this is seriously freaking cute.
    Cute Rukia and Orihime at the beach.
    Matsumoto kissing Hitsugaya's hand, I love the role reversal of that. XD
    One more of that pairing from the same artist, which is really pretty, too.
    Ulquiorra with a flower, which is nicely done.
    Ichigo vs Ulquiorra in their monster forms.
    This image of Nnoitra and Szayel and the other Espada is really gorgeous.
    Nnoitra image that also looks really awesome.

Bleach - Group images:
    Adorable as hell chibi Espadas.
    Really kind of awesome Espada fanart with Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Nnoitra.
    Zangetsu and Shirayuki, I have to admit this is really pretty.
    Cute image of Ichigo, Orihime, Renji, and Rukia as maids/waiters.
    An image that's pretty cute of Renji, Rukia, Ichigo, and Hitsugaya.
    Bleach chibis that look fantastic.
    Chibis of much of the cast are really super cute.
    Group image of the Shinigami that's nicely done.
    Ichigo, Orihime, and Ulquiorra in a school setting and warm, lovely uses of orange.
    Arrancar chibis with slick, glossy lines and colors.
    Arrancars dressed up as Vocaloids is kind of super hilarious.
    Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, and Orihime group hug that's beautifully colored and super adorable.
    Awesome image of the Vizards.
    Beautiful image of the Espada as they lounge around.
    Another beautiful image of the Espada lounging around and they're all gorgeous.
    Shunsui and Ukitake during their academy days (and Yamamoto on the porch) is a lovely image.
    This Halloween group image is just ridiculously cute and nicely done.
    Shinji, Aizen, and Gin with animal ears is the cutest freaking thing just about ever.
    More of the Arrankar group images that are beautifully done.
    Really pretty single-page comic with Orihime, Aizen, and Gin; the coloring is lovely.
    Another fun Halloween image with Matsumoto, Hitsugaya, Kira, and Gin.
    Super adorable illustration of the Bleach girls in cute matching dresses.
    Dramatic images put together of the Arrancar.
    Byakuya, Renji, and Rukia illustration that I thought was nice.
    Fantastic group image of the original main cast (and Renji) all wrapped up in winter clothing and being theirselves.
    Ahahaha, little chibis running through the forest with Ichigo, Shirosaki, and Kaien.
    Really awesome AU style group image of the Arrancar.
    Rukia, Orihime, and Renji all with different kinds of pigtails. I had to laugh at Renji's face.
    Solidly done lineart illustration of Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Ichigo.
    Everyone cooing over Hitsugaya still makes me laugh, yeah.
    A party with the Shinigami goes about how you'd expect it to go.
    Cutely done cast image of the Vizards.
    Ichigo looking over his little sisters as they curl up in the blankets together; I can't resist the cute of it.
    Really kind of cute little group image of Neliel, Nel, Ichigo, Shirosaki, Nnoitra, etc.
    12 pages of Hitsugaya/Matsumoto hilarity, along with some Hinamori mixed in there. Plus, the art is really cute!
    Yumichika, Kira, and Akon chibis with animal ears, which is so freaking cute.
    Awesome doujinshi cover, though, I really wish it had been larger here.
    Another group illustration of the Espada that was interesting to look at.
    If I ever doubt Bleach is a cracky manga, I just go look at fanart like this, honestly.
    Poster-style image that looks like a splash page in the HM arc, with the Arrancar.

Bleach - Single character illustration:
    This artist has a really strong style and Hirako looks great here.
    Another really nice one by this artist, this time of Urahara.
    Orihime looks a bit off here, but she's smiling so happily that it's worth it just for that.
    Lovely Orihime surrounded by piano keys and notes, I love the colors.
    Whoa, amazing art of Ulquiorra's final form, the details are fantastic.
    Ulquiorra's final form all in white looks amazing, too.
    Beautiful image of Shirayuki with snow falling into her hand.
    Another beautiful take on Shirayuki, the colors are gorgeous.
    This time a gorgeous Shirayuki with the sword over her shoulder.
    Well, as long as I'm looking up beautiful Shirayuki art....
    One more super pretty Shirayuki that I liked.
    Really nicely done Gin image.
    Oh, this image of Shinji as a Shinigami captain looks amazing.
    Pretty, soft image of Yoruichi.
    Another pretty Shinji image with delicate lines and colors.
    Shinji in black hakama that looks amazing.
    ....I wasn't even trying, but somehow I wound up on more great Shinji art.
    Pretty image of Ishida that I liked.
    Amazing image of Yama-jii with fantastic uses of orange.
    Fantastic image of Shinji with his long hair and a nice use of light.
    Cute image of Orihime, a bit simple but very cute.
    Neat image of Zangetsu this time.
    Pretty image of Shirayuki in light colors again.
    Cute chibi-esque image of Ichigo.
    Super adorable Orihime image with warm colors that are pretty.
    Hitsugaya in glasses is nicely done.
    I also like this image of Orihime, it's simple but kept KT's style nicely.
    Pretty image of topless Matsumoto, slightly NSFW.
    Nicely done Grimmjow image.
    Yoruichi in a bikini top, her face looks lovely.
    Rukia and Orihime both about to kiss Ichigo's cheek.
    I thought this one of Orihime in a bikini was kinda cool.
    Cute little Gin with cute little fox ears.
    I really like the colors on this lovely Byakuya image.
    I also liked the use of reds and blacks and whites on this Ulquiorra image.
    I thought this was a nicely done image of Hiyori.
    Tearful Orihime in her torn Las Noches outfit, which I like mostly for the warm colors and cute lines.
    Orihime crying, but it's still really lovely, the lines of it look wonderful.
    Orihime with her hair fanning out around her as she lays on white sheets, her clothes rumpled. The lines of it are very nicely done.
    Lovely, soft Orihime sketch that I adored.
    Zaraki image that looks really cool, it's almost water-color-esque and somehow that really works.
    I'm just easy for Ichigo art, shush.
    Lovely and delicate Shirayuki image.
    Very nice closeup of Shunsui, I like the colors and the rough sketch-style really works.
    Orihime walking along an autumn road with someone walking behind her and we all know who I like to think it is, but it could be anyone, I suppose.
    Awesome image of Zaraki in somewhere between sepia-esque and b&w.
    Shinji shopping for hats is pretty lolzy.
    Another nicely done Nnoitra image that looks like colored pencil style.
    Totally adorable Orihime image that's got some lovely bright colors.
    Ichigo's mask breaking as the shards fall away and his hair is insanely long.
    Another image of Ichigo as his mask breaks around him, done in anime-cel-style that looks really good.
    Ichigo's new form from The Lust arc.
    Beautiful image of Shirayuki and I love the purple/gold combination of her eyes.
    Cute sketch of Hiyori in light, airy colors.
    Rukia watercolor image that's really lovely.
    Very nicely done Ulquiorra in his released form.
    Byakuya portrait that's pretty and nicely done.
    Renji on the black floor with his red hair spreading out around him.
    Ukitake sketch of him smiling happily, which is nice to see.
    Rukia as a devil for Halloween is really adorable, too.
    Halloween Rukia image again and the vivid, bright coloring is fantastic.
    Very nice lineart of Grimmjow in his released form.
    More cuteness with Rukia in a Halloween image.
    Awesome portrait of Renji that looks like a doujin cover.
    Rukia portrait that looks like a painting.
    Pretty image of Matsumoto in a very revealing kimono and umbrella.
    Shuuhei illustration that's really nicely done, too.
    Szayel-Aporro with a batshit expression but the image is really beautifully done.
    Grimmjow illustration with soft grays and blues that work with his character and mood.
    Another mopey Grimmjow illustration that's still nice to look at.
    Okay, here we go, a smirking and toothy Grimmjow illustration this time.
    Ichigo illustration that makes good use of the blacks and golds/oranges.
    Renji wrapped up in bandages and nothing else and they're coming undone and... mmm.
    Human Mayuri being hot kind of seriously disturbs me.
    Lovely image of Rukia and the purple of her eyes is especially vivid.
    Cool-looking image of Ulquiorra in his released form.
    Lovely Orihime illustration in a kimono with pretty patterns to it.
    More pretty Shuuhei art and I liked the uses of purple and black here.
    Pretty Yumichika illustration that almost has a simple feel to it, but it's lovely.
    Simple illustration of Orihime but the soft, warm autumn colors are just lovely.
    Hyourinmaru illustration that's also very nicely done.
    Grimmjow illustration that looks fantastic, the blues and reds look great.
    Cute illustration of Orihime in her Hueco Mundo outfit.
    I actually kind of like this image of Grimmjow with flowers falling down around him.
    Orihime curled up in a ball, floating somewhere and without clothes, but it's the "purity" kind of naked.
    More awesome Grimmjow art of his regular and released forms in a fiery blaze.
    Tousen lying back on the ground in a semi-sepia-colored image.
    Nnoitra in his released form done in black and white, which looks pretty good, too.
    Nicely done portrait of Neliel in her adult form, but still in her tattered clothes.
    Really kind of awesome illustration of Hyourinmaru with his gorgeous hair.
    Gorgeous image of Aizen walking out a doorway and, yeah, I still find him kind of totally hot.
    Cute image of Hinamori, which I really haven't seen a lot of lately.
    This image of Ulquiorra actually looks really KT-like in full view.
    Ulquiorra in his released form is really kinda pretty.
    Little chibi Hyourinmaru is beautifully colored here.
    Cute little Orihime illustration in her HM outfit; I'm just fond of the bright colors for her.
    Cute little chibi of Ururu with a broom in her hand.
    Pretty black & white image of Ulquiorra in his released form.
    Pretty screencap-style illustration of Orihime looking sad.
    Ichigo having nightmares with this artist's really clean, shiny anime screencap style.
    Byakuya as a kid is a nicely done image and I kind of love his hair.
    Sketch-like illustration of Ukitaki in black & white, very pretty.
    Fantastic portrait of Shinji sitting on a bus bunch with a bunny sitting next to him; this one has great lines.
    Ulquiorra images that look really interesting and neat; plus, boy are there a lot of them.
    The bright, anime-cel style colors on this shirtless Ichigo illustration are really pretty.
    Grimmjow by the same artist and the colors are just as shiny and solid as before.
    Different versions of Tousen that look really cool in this image, too.
    Rukia reaching for a Hell Butterfly in a style that looks really spot on with the anime.
    Rukia doodling on Kon for New Year's is kind of a really great image.
    Simple, but very nicely done portrait of Ulquiorra in the anime's style again.
    Shinji and Shinji, as he originally was and his current appearance.
    Stylized chibi of Rukia for New Year's and both her clothes and expression are cute.
    Really kinda awesome image of Kuukaku for New Year's and, man, I miss her.
    Nnoitra portrait that's also nicely done.
    A little more fanservicey than I'd prefer but I love Neliel so much that I don't care.
    Sketch of Byakuya, his younger self and his current self.
    Cute little Hiyori image with some pretty coloring.
    Another nicely done Nnoitra portrait with slick, shiny cg colors that I'm easy for. This time with boobs.
    Shinji doodle that I thought was kind of cute and I liked the bright colors.
    Anime-style portrait of Shuuhei this time.
    An Ukitake portrait this time, where I really like the colors used.
    I still wish she had a real shirt on, but this Neliel portrait is nice, too.
    Really awesome Hitsugaya image with his ice dragon that also looks amazing.
    Black & white image of Ulquiorra that I liked just for his hair being all over the place.
    I almost skipped over this image of Hyourinmaru but looking at it in full view really changed my mind.
    Doodles of Mayuri, both in his current form and his original form.
    Zaraki image that's got a rough edge to it that fits the character.
    Nicely done Hitsugaya illustration as he's wrapped up in a scarf and surrounded by snowflakes.
    Byakuya screencap-like image this time and, okay, I had to smile at the tags on this one.
    Simple, but lovely little Rukia image done in that cg style that I know I'm easy on.
    Another screencap-style image, this time of Ulquiorra.
    Yeah, okay, still weak to art of Muramasa like this one.
    Three sketches of Renji that all aren't bad at all.
    Mayuri may be creepy, but this image is still really nicely done.
    This Grimmjow illustration actually looks really nicely done in full view.
    Komamura illustration that's not badly done, either.
    Hiyori ready for a fight and looking pretty damn badass.
    Renji image in that anime screencap style and the artist did a really solid job on this one.

Bleach - Other pairings & duos:
    Hey! Art of Tatsuki and Chizuru, I never thought I'd see the day! XD
    Surprisingly cute Nnoitra with baby Ulquiorra.
    Lovely lineart of Rukia and Shirayuki back to back.
    Orihime and Rukia in messy school uniforms, which I loved.
    Sketch of Orihime and Rukia that's messy, but really cute.
    A really lovely image of Ukitake and Unohana that I really liked.
    Whoa, a gorgeous image of Byakuya and Renji in black suits.
    Another pretty image of Ukitake and Unohana in b&w with some gorgeous lines.
    I also like this image of Rukia and Shirayuki, it's cute.
    Bright, sunny image of Shinji and Hiyori that I liked.
    Another image of Shinji and Hiyori as Shinigami, I love the delicate lines of it.
    Shinji and Aizen as Shinigami, with Aizen kneeling before Shinji, very beautifully done.
    Very nice image of Aizen and Gin in their captain's uniforms.
    Another nicely done image of Urahara and Shinji with light, airy colors.
    Solidly done Hitsugaya and Matsumoto with bright colors.
    Kon and Ichigo image that's really pretty.
    It's almost a simple sort of sketch-like style, that I really like with Renji and Rukia here.
    A little rough around the edges, but I really liked this one of Shunsui and Ukitake.
    Very nicely done Ryuuken and Isshin that kept KT's style nicely.
    Cute image of Hitsugaya and Matsumoto that's darling.
    Almost kiss with Rukia and Orihime, which I was very fond of.
    Nicely done Urahara and Shinji with some nice detail.
    This image of Zaraki and Yachiru has some great anime cel-style coloring.
    Renji and Rukia eating cake in each other's laps, very cute.
    I like this one of Rukia and Shirayuki. that Kira/Gin in that order? I-- did not expect that.
    Cute orange, black, and white image of Orihime and Rukia that I liked.
    Shirayuki/Rukia kiss that I liked the colors on.
    I never get tired of Hitsugaya being just the right height with Matsumoto.
    Lovely, softly colored image of Shirayuki and Rukia.
    Shirosaki in Zangetsu's lap which is nicely done.
    Unohana looking down on Renji, all scary.
    Aizen and Gin in water and flowers, very pretty.
    Nnoitra and Nel naked together, kinda NSFW.
    Renji and Rukia animal ears are seriously so freaking cute.
    Renji/Rukia grocery shopping that's really cute and really pretty.
    The colors and lines here on this image of Kira and Shuhei are really nice.
    Szayel-Aporro with Nnoitra in the background and it's a lovely image.
    Cute image of Rukia and Orihime in school uniforms and sticking their tongues out. Why is there not more RukiHime in existance?
    Matsumoto and Shuuhei is a nicely done image.
    A beautiful image of Ruki and Shirayuki with lovely uses of soft white/blue/purple.
    Urahara touching Shinji's hair (and Shinji's expression over it) is hilarious.
    Yumichika and Rukia is not a pairing I've seen done before (not that it's a pairing) and the novelty is interesting.
    Gorgeous coloring on this image of Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru, wow.
    Grimmjow and Ichigo image that's also really nicely done in bright colors for their hair.
    Ichigo and Shirosaki chibis are really cuter than they should be.
    Shuuhei and Renji back during their academy days.
    Shirosaki getting a piggyback ride from Ichigo, in chibi form. I was amused.
    More chibis again, this time with Ichigo and Renji--very cutely colored.
    Simple, but touching image of Byakuya and Hisana in colorized b&w.
    Hitsugaya and Matsumoto in wedding clothes and the lines are nicely sharp and detailed.
    Yumichika carrying Yachiru is both novel and really adorable.
    Beautiful b&w image of Shuuhei and Komamura, like a doujinshi splash page.
    Nel kissing Nnoitra's cheek and the lineart is really good.
    More Rukia and Orihime in school uniforms! ♥
    Absolutely adorable Rukia and Orihime that's bright and cheerful, two cute chibis against a bright sky.
    Gin and Hitsugaya this time and the feathers and wolf ears and nighttime sky are all very pretty.
    Gorgeously colored illustration with a bloody Shuuhei and Renji.
    Orihime in Grimmjow's lap and if the art like this keeps up I might semi-ship it pretty soon. orz
    21 page comic of Shuuhei/Renji and I-- ....well, shit. That was kinda awesome. (NSFW.)
    Kaien and Ichigo illustration and, man, how much fun would those two have been?
    Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru image that's solidly done.
    Another of Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru in a sketch that's still really good.
    Hitsugaya and Gin with fox masks, it's just an interesting image to me.
    One more of Hitsugaya and Gin in a black & white (colorized) image that's interesting, too.
    Cool image of Ichigo/Shirosaki done in anime cel style.
    Shuuhei and Tousen image that's nicely done.
    Tousen and Shuuhei as chibis and frying up little hotdog octopi, which is really cute.
    Byakuya/Zaraki image of the two of them back to back, nicely done.
    Shuuhei in a foresty garden with Komamura in the background; very pretty.
    Really strong image of Aizen and Shinji back when they were Shinigami together.
    Human-looking Mayuri playing with baby Nemu and it's really pretty, but still kind of fucked up.
    Yeah, I'm kind of weak to Hyourinmaru and Hitsugaya even when it's a little suspect.
    Really pretty gorgeous illustration of Ukitake sleeping on Shunsui.
    Shunsui touching Zaraki's face, which I enjoyed both because it was nicely done and for the novelty.
    Beautiful image of Byakuya/Hisana in black & white and, oh, this is all it took to have me back in love with them.
    Cute doodle of Shinji and Hiyori done with nice, bright colors for their hair.
    Hitsugaya feeding Yachiru from a dish of ice cream and this is kind of ridiculously cute.
    More cute Shinji and Hiyori looking ready to kick someone in the face just for fun.
    Cute Christmas art of Renji and Rukia done up like a card, with them dressed in formal clothes.
    Pretty almost-kiss illustration of Nnoitra and Neliel.
    Ulquiorra/Grimmjow illustration of them in maid outfits. Yeah, I was amused.
    Shunsui asleep against Ukitake while he gazes out the window; very peaceful and pretty.
    Hiyori piggybacking onto Shinji back in their Shinigami days; this illustration is kind of great.
    Rukia and Shirayuki illustration that's a cg style I'm easy on and I really like their pretty kimono.
    Shunsui/Ukitake makeouts that are pretty firmly NSFW.
    Oh, man, chibis with Gin are never not really fun illustrations.
    This is another one that's really nicely done even if it creeps me right the hell out.
    More Gin/Hitsugaya, which isn't really a pairing I ship, but it's hard to resist the pretty art of them on a sofa like this.
    Wow, I haven't seen Ikkaku/Yumichika art in quite awhile, but this is really cute.
    Chibis of Hitsugaya and Matsumoto with their usual dynamic, which I love.
    Chibi Matsumoto dragging chibi Hitsugaya while he tries to do paperwork, which is darling.
    This time it's Christmastime chibis with Matsumoto and Hitsugaya.
    Pretty cg style image of Byakuya and Rukia done in sort of blue-gray colors.
    I don't care of this image is filler-based or not, because this image of Kouga and Muramasa is gorgeous as hell.
    Shuuhei and Renji image that's not bad at all, either.
    Lightly colored illustration of Neliel leaning into Nnoitra is pretty.
    God, I love HitsuMatsu and their hilarity and constant boob jokes.
    Komamura and Shuuhei isn't something I can say I ship, but this was pretty cute.
    Really sweet and lovely image of Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru and the connection through their hands.
    Beautifully done Shunsui/Ukitake image of them laying together and smiling happily.
    Shinji and Urahara working together in a lab and this image is really kinda cute.
    Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru in modern clothes and recording together.
    Ichigo's reaction to a half-naked Yoruichi is still pretty funny, yeah.
    Hiyori pulling on Shinji's hair back when they were in their Soul Society outfits.
    Hitsugaya and Matsumoto for Christmas and, yes, I'm still weak to them.
    Man, Ichigo's hair when it's long like this is kind of really pretty, especially with this coloring.
    Another cute image of Shinji and Hiyori back during their time in Soul Society--her grumpy face and his smirk are so cute.
    Soft and faded, yet pretty image of Byakuya and Hisana.
    Shit, I'm weak to chibi stuff, especially if you give me pretty colors on Grimmjow and Ulquiorra.

Bleach - Ichigo/Orihime:
    Ichigo draped over Orihime, it's really cute and I love her hair all over the floor.
    Oh, lord, chibis on a giant watermelon slice shouldn't be this adorable.
    I really kinda liked this image of soaking Orihime on Ichigo's lap, the colors are very nice.
    Happy and smiling Ichigo and Orihime, I seriously love her ruffly shirt and Ichigo's arm around her, aww.
    Cute sketch of Orihime in Ichigo's lap again, I'm just amused by it because it's my favorite pairing. <3
    ADORABLE Ichigo and Orihime animal chibis that are so cute I could scoop them up and snuggle them forever.
    Cute Ichigo and Orihime dot dot dot'ing that I liked.
    I adore the beautiful autumn colors used here, along with the leaf background.
    I am seriously just so weak to Casa*N's art the more and more I see of it, because she does stuff like an IchiHime in the grass pic that's so very sweet.
    Orihime licking Ichigo's finger was very cute.
    Adorably cute Ichigo/Orihime from Casa*N again.
    Ichigo and Orihime in b&w, well, with red patterns in the black areas, and I love the concept of it, with Ichigo bound and blindfolded while Orihime is in a lovely dress and ribbons. There's something very slinky about it.
    Ichigo leading Orihime along as she hurries to catch up, scarves wrapped around both their necks. I'm very fond of Casa*N's work.
    Ichigo and Orihime back to back on a starry night; it's very cute.
    Interesting image of Hollow!Ichigo and Orihime of him holding her wrist and kissing her shoulder.
    Ichigo snatching Orihime up for Halloween, as done by Casa*N's artist; and it's totally adorable.
    Sketch of Orihime crying over Ichigo's body from when she says goodbye to him.
    Black & white illustration of Ichigo and Orihime from scenes from the manga.
    Adorable image of Ichigo and Orihime leaning in towards each other, with a cute little crown on her head.
    Very soft, cute sketch of Ichigo pressing a kiss to Orihime's forehead.
    This comic strip is really good in full view of Ichigo and Orihime and his released form.

Bleach - Renji/Rukia:
    Renji and Rukia with animal ears is ridiculously cute, awww.
    Black & white sketch of Renji and Rukia sitting together on a cold night and looking at the sky.

Bleach - Ulquiorra/Orihime:
    My feelings still haven't changed, so why are you tormenting me with stunning Ulquihime fanart like this, Japan? Jfc, that's pretty.
    Another Ulquiorra/Orihime school uniforms image, this time at sunset.
    I avoided Ulquiorra/Orihime art for a long time because the fandom kind of drove me crazy, but. I need more Orihime art, okay. And there are a few insanely gorgeous pieces out there like this one, where the lines are amazing.
    ....really, only j-fanart sites can get away with Ulquiorra/Orihime school outfits like this, imo. (Shut up, I know.)
    The vivid colors on this Ulquiorra/Orihime image are really beautiful, Orihime's hairrrr.
    Ulquiorra and Orihime in forma clothes that's nice.
    The lines and details of this image of Ulquiorra and Orihime image are the kind I'm totally weak to.
    Ulquiorra and Orihime touching foreheads together, it works because it's fanart, okay.
    Ulquiorra in monster form with Orihime, which is really pretty.
    Sigh, goddamit, Japan, why is this Ulquihime hug so pretty?
    You know what shouldn't be this cute? Ulquiorra and Orihime as Howl and Sophie. But look at how pretty Orihime is!
    Cute, uber-shoujo style Ulquiorra and Orihime with bright, lovely colors.
    Technically, I believe Grimmjow is also in this pic, but it's mainly centered on Ulquiorra and Orihime and I have to admit that it's very pretty.
    There's some really gorgeous use of oranges and blacks on this UlquiHime image.
    Ulquiorra and Orihime in the bath with some really cute lines.
    I think I just really like the swish of Orihime's hair here.
    They may look about twelve, but I like the softness of the colors and designs.
    The light use of peach color against the b&w here is really nice.
    More brightly colored UlquiHime art that's pretty.
    This comic strip panel of an Ulquiorra/Orihime kiss has ridiculously pretty glossy coloring.
    I admit, Ulquiorra's expression kind of makes me laugh, but Orihime is lovely as she's asleep.
    Almost black & white Ulquiorra/Orihime image where she's wearing a really lovely black dress.
    A chibi heart in their hands, this Ulquiorra/Orihime image is really cute.
    Pretty image of Orihime leaning against Ulquiorra.
    Orihime is adorable in her fuzzy winter coat and I'm totally a sucker for Christmas art, shut up.
    Lovely black & white image of Orihime touching Ulquiorra's face.
    Soft, pretty Ulquiorra/Orihime illustration and she's so lovely with a happy smile on her face.
    Lovely image of Orihime in a pretty dress as she glomps onto Ulquiorra.
    Another lovely Ulquiorra/Orihime sketch that has all these pretty whispy lines.
    Orihime and Ulquiorra in a shallow pool and surrounded by roses.

Bleach - Urahara/Yoruichi:
    I wasn't sure before I clicked on this link, but this Urahara/Yoruichi kiss is really beautiful.
    I also like this one of Yoruichi leaning into Urahara.
    I really like the way Urahara and Yoruichi's faces look, even when I know I should be paying more attention to the frilly garters. XD
    Sketch of the two of them back when they were in Soul Society together.
    Urahara glomping onto Yoruichi and it's kind of a hilariously great image.

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