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Dragon Quest IV:
    My favorites do tend to be the Kiryl/Alena ones. ....I'm weak to that type of pairing, I know.
    Group image with Alena going after a liquid metal slime, which I love because she's the only one to ever get critical hits on those bastards.
    Hero and Eliza (I think?) that's really pretty and light colors.
    Gorgeously colored group illustration with the hero and the girls.
    Nicely detailed and solid lineart in this group image.
    Beautiful, soft Alena with some gorgeous details.
    This image of Meena and Maya as kids.
    Fantastic image of the hero in full armor that is seriously professional looking.
    Kiryl in bright, pastel colors as he looks out a dark window.
    Alena, Borya, and Kiryl on their journey, very cute.
    Beautiful image of the twins done with lovely colors, wow.
    Adorable Halloween Alena as a witch, so cute!
    Beautiful image of the hero and Kiryl, I believe?
    Another gorgeous image of the twins.
    Alena punching Kiryl in the face which is drawn surprisingly pretty.
    Another cute Alena and Kiryl sketch that's super cute.
    Cast image during the final battle that's done poster-style and looks pretty cool.
    DQIV adorable cast image as they sit around with a picnic.
    Pretty image of the hero done with soft colors.
    Cute image of Alena with claws and a Slime in the background.
    Super awesome bookmark-style cast image that has some great details and colors.
    Pretty, soft image of the twins, I just really like the colors.
    Cute little cast image.
    Beautiful image of Kiryl and Alena sitting on the clouds and laughing.
    Cute gender-switch cast image.
    Pretty image of the hero looking angry/intense.
    Kiryl (minus the hat) looking pretty on a sidewalk.
    Alena kicking ass with Borya and Kiryl in the background.
    Another pretty image of the hero in soft, faded colors.
    Cute little cast image again.
    Another gorgeous image of Alena poster-style with Kiryl and Borya in the background.
    Gorgeous Alena image with her yanking on her glove in a serious business way.
    Gorgeous image of the male and female versions of the hero.
    Cute little Alena and Kiryl sketch that's light and airy.
    Doodle of McRyan, Alena, Kiryl, and Borya walking along, with a Slime.
    McRyan protecting a Slime from the wintery cold.

Final Fantasy IV:
    Rydia and Rosa, which I have a weakness for. Even if fandom denies me, western fandom-wise.
    The four element bosses, who I remember being kind of bastards.
    Pretty group image, Rydia especially looks very nice. And again.
    Cecil often gets some really nice art, too.
    While it's not my favorite pairing Edge/Rydia gets some really nice art. And I'm weak to the pretty art.
    Cecil/Kain/Rosa trio art never really gets old, either.
    The real star of the show is, unsurprisingly, Rydia. There's a decent amount of art for the series and all characters, but it's totally Rydia that gets the most and the prettiest stuff. Seriously, it's just pages and pages and pages of green. XD
    Very nice Kain, the CG-style coloring is well done.
    Kain and Edge, an odd pairing, but pretty at least.
    Really, really pretty Rosa image.
    Cecil and Kain, gorgeously done.
    Cecil/Kain image from the beginning of the game, when Cecil still wore the dark armor.
    I can't say I ship Cecil and Golbez, but this image certainly is beautiful.
    There are some super pretty colors on this image of Kain in his dragoon armor.
    Beautiful image of Rydia with gorgeous colors and almost a stylized look.
    I know she looks a little jailbait-ish, but the colors on Rydia here are beautiful.
    Oh, I really like this image of Rosa, the colors are pretty on her, too.
    I believe this is Golbez and FuSoYa? It's really, really beautiful.
    Jesus, some of the FFIV art is pretty as hell.
    Really incredible (especially in full view) epic art of Cecil vs Golbez.
    Poor Kain. But this group piece where they change around outfits is still really nice.
    Cecil with a bunny! Awwww!
    A nicely done Rosa cg style image.

Final Fantasy V:
    Technically, this is probably more Dissidia, but it's just Bartz and FFV character, so I'm giving it its own section here.
    A lovely image of Terra coming out of an egg. It sounds weird, I know, but it's very pretty.
    A great FFV cast image, the colors are really pretty.
    Bartz image that has some gorgeous lines and soft colors.
    Nice image of Bartz with a bloody axe that does a good job with the anime cel-esque style.
    Bartz with a crown of flowers in his hair.
    Really cute image of Bartz with a chocobo.
    One more cute little FFV group image with bright colors.

Final Fantasy VI:
    I really liked this image of Terra, the glowy colors were super pretty on her.
    This is a cute and adorable image of Terra and a Moogle.
    Another Terra image that's really pretty and has vibrant colors.
    Creepy but beautifully done Kefka.
    Even creepier (yet still looks nice) image of Kefka!
    There's some really amazing detail on this still creepy one of Kefka.
    Pretty Terra against a red backdrop and lots of pink.

Final Fantasy VIII:
    Really pretty Squall/Rinoa omg, the trawling for art was worth it just for this one. <3
    Wow, this image of Squall on his bike is kind of really hot.
    You know, the longer I hang out on pixiv, the prettier Squall gets.
    This is a really pretty Squall/Rinoa kiss with some lovely glossy colors.
    Pouty-faced Squall is never not great.
    Oh, man, Laguna makes Squall's life so hard, you guys.
    Squall and Rinoa curled up together while they sleep. ♥
    Squall and Rinoa during that long, loooong walk.
    Beautiful image of the main family of FFVIII.
    Squall sheltered under the wings of his summons, I really liked this.
    Omg, the Carbuncle on Squall's head and the gorgeous colors!
    Tiny little chibi Squall and a Marlboro.
    Even cuter Squall and a Marlboro.
    The main family of FFVII, all happy and smiley.
    Gorgeous as hell Squall image, the lines and muted colors are fantastic.
    Squall and Selphie are kind of super, super adorable here.
    Another really cute main family image, with little baby Squall just learning to walk!
    Absolutely amazing Squall and Quezacotl image, wow.
    A really kind of stunning Squall vs Ultimicea image.
    I really kinda liked Squall's shirt a lot.
    Awww, Squall and Rinoa and she makes his life hard, too. <3
    Squall and doggie (Angelo, I think?) that's really cute.
    The cuteness of this Laguna and kids image just completely melts me.
    Awww, chibi Squall and Chocobo are adorable!
    Ahahahaha, little chibi Ultimicea absconding with Squall!
    Another gorgeous chibi-esque Squall with amazing colors.
    Squall/Rinoa kiss that I love unreasonably.
    Slightly stylized, but that just makes this Squall image all the hotter.
    Squall image that's mostly black and white except for the startling blue of his eyes.
    Cute image of Squall and Rinoa with heart-shaped perfume bottles (one assumes) in their hands.
    Naked Rinoa with angel wings, leaning against Squall.
    I love Rinoa pulling Squall down to kiss him, that's her, all right. <3
    ...okay. Squall, Rinoa, and... chick Squall? Whatever, it's beautiful.
    Very cute image of Squall and Rinoa dancing.
    Squall and Rinoa half-naked pillow fight.
    Squall, Rinoa, and chocolate for Valentine's Day.
    Another Valentine's Day image with Squall/Rinoa and pocky.
    Squall kissing Rinoa's hand, it was sweet.
    Rinoa leaning against Squall's back.
    I think what wins me over on this Squall image is his little determined face and the amount of detail on his clothes.
    Lucky Star Squall! That's great. XD
    Wow, this one of Squall and Ultimicea is gorgeous, the use of various shades of purple is fantastic.
    Squall riding a chocobo! The flat colors really work for it here.
    Really gorgeous image of Ultimecia, both her wings and dress are awesome.
    Squall and his summon are also awesome as all get out.
    I just like the concept of this half-Rinoa, half-Ultimecia image. (NSFW.)
    Squall's face is kind of hilarious, but this hug with Rinoa is also really pretty. XD
    Another of Squall and gunblade that's really kinda pretty.
    The intense color of Squall's eyes is nice here.
    Squall in the orphanage with his child self in the background.
    Hot image of Seifer from FFVIII.
    Little chibi Seifer is not happy okay. >:(
    Awesome semi-black and white Zell image where his tattoo looks great.
    I love it when artists use really pretty, bright colors on images of Zell.
    Adorable cast of chibis that has some really great detail on it.
    Nicely done Seifer wrapping Zell up in his coat.
    Beautiful close up of Squall with fantastic detail on his hair.

Final Fantasy IX:
    Wow, this image of Zidane and Garnet is just gorgeous.
    Another really gorgeous image of Zidane in water.
    Beautifully done Zidane image with awesome colors.
    This image of Zidane and Garnet has amazingly soft and glowy colors.
    Omg, Zidane awesomeness with some fantastic colors.
    Lovely, soft image of Zidane and Garnet on top of a tower.
    A lot of these Zidane/Kuja images are probably actually more Dissidia-based, but I'm going to stick them here for now. This one is gorgeous, of course.
    Ooh, the bright, vivid colors of this Zidane and chocobo image are great.
    Tiny little Kuja watching Zidane sleep, which is surprisingly pretty.
    Really pretty, if stylized, group image.
    Another cute image of Zidane with his swords.
    Really gorgeous as all hell image of Zidane with his sword again.
    Pretty image of Kuja, even though he's crying, I think?
    Kuja and Zidane arguine, I think? There's pretty leafy background outside the window, too.
    Kuja lying back in a shallow pool which is actually really pretty.
    Absolutely charming little group image as they walk down a street.
    Really adorable and charming little group image that looks even better in full view.
    A pretty, if banged up Kuja sleeping against some greenery.
    Zidane and Kuja sitting on a log, the style is really cool and pretty.
    Really pretty amazingly detailed GIANT CAST image.
    Zidane hugging a chocobo is super, super cute.
    Image of Zidane and Kuja that's not bad.
    Heh, Zidane and Kuja switch outfits which is great.
    Zidane/Garnet image that's pretty cute and I really love the colors.
    Pretty Kuja image, I thought.
    Beautiful lines with this image of Zidane and Garnet lying together in a hug.
    Zidane planting himself in Garnet's lap which is very cute.
    Really gorgeous and detailed image of Kuja.
    Cool image of Zidane that looks semi-stylized that I liked.

Final Fantasy X:
    Really kinda sweet and awesome image of Tidus and Jecht.
    Tidus and Jecht stretching together, it's nicely done.
    I'm just really amused by Jecht giving Tidus a noogie. XD
    Awesomely done image of Jecht in the water.
    Jecht carrying Tidus as flames surround them, very nicely done.
    Summer time Tidus with a blitzball with some beautiful shades of blue.
    Jecht and Tidus chibis play blitzball together, sort of.
    OMGGGG, little baby Tidus clinging to daddy Jecht's leg is the CUTEST THING EVER.
    B&w sketch of Tidus vs Jecht, which looks pretty cool.
    Jecht giving baby Tidus a shoulder ride, aw.

Final Fantasy XII:
    Pretty RW!Penelo
    Super hot group image!
    Balthier and Fran and lounging, verrry nice.
    Beautiful Fran image and her outfit is amazing in full view.
    Penelo in mage costume.
    Bright, golden colors on this Penelo image.
    Penelo and Larsa in Halloween costumes.
    FFXII Christmas cuteness.
    Fran prettiness with gorgeous hair and her face looks lovely.
    Beautiful Fran with a sort of messy style that's actually super detailed.
    Gorgeous Larsa image, his clothes look amazing.
    A bit more comic-book-esque than I'm used to, but I liked the image of this Fran image.
    AMAZING Ultima, her wings of fire are beautiful.
    Nice one of Al-Cid.
    There's some fantastic detail on Ashe's clothes and her face.
    Pretty image of Fran in the forest.
    Fran leaning back and her body is incredibly drawn here.
    Another beautiful Ultima image.
    Chibi Ashe and Rasler that is super, super cute.
    Chibi Ashe and Rasler with fruit this time.
    This Fran image actually looks really nice in full view.
    Balthier in golds and whites, very pretty image.
    Oh, hey! Pretty image of that goddamned firepony! (I shouldn't hate, it was easy the second time around, but it was a total fucker for a novice game player the first time I tried.)
    Adorable chibi Fran shooting arrows into apples.
    Beautiful Fran image of her with her hair loose while she sits on a dock at night.
    Super cute women of FFXII image, very brightly colored.
    Fantastic Judge armor.
    Light, airy, pretty Penelo from RW.
    Penelo chasing Vaan on the beach, circa RW.
    Ashe + sword with some gorgeous reds used.
    Fran doing Penelo's hair, I love it just for the interaction of two of my favorite FFXII characters.
    Penelo in a pretty dancer's costume.
    Beautifully detailed Larsa image.
    Group image of a campsite in the Estersand, I believe.
    Amazing Balthier and Fran lounging on a sofa.
    Penelo in a gold+cow print version of her usual outfit, that surprisingly works.
    Ashe in Archadia with amazing detail.
    Fran, Ashe, and Balthier in the Deadlands.
    Looking at this image of Ashe in the castle/ruins/whatever look terrific in full view.
    Penelo Christmas cuteness.
    Penelo in a dungeon with sunlight streaming in.
    Viera kids which are adorable.
    I really like this Fran image.
    Basch and Noah.
    If you look at this one in full view it really does have some amazing detail.
    Beautiful Fran image and her outfit is amazing in full view.
    Penelo in mage costume.
    Bright, golden colors on this Penelo image.
    Penelo and Larsa in Halloween costumes.
    FFXII Christmas cuteness.
    Fran prettiness with gorgeous hair and her face looks lovely.
    Beautiful Fran with a sort of messy style that's actually super detailed.
    Gorgeous Larsa image, his clothes look amazing.
    A bit more comic-book-esque than I'm used to, but I liked the image of this Fran image.
    AMAZING Ultima, her wings of fire are beautiful.
    Nice one of Al-Cid.
    There's some fantastic detail on Ashe's clothes and her face.
    Pretty image of Fran in the forest.
    Fran leaning back and her body is incredibly drawn here.
    Another beautiful Ultima image.
    Chibi Ashe and Rasler that is super, super cute.
    Chibi Ashe and Rasler with fruit this time.
    This Fran image actually looks really nice in full view.
    Balthier in golds and whites, very pretty image.
    Oh, hey! Pretty image of that goddamned firepony! (I shouldn't hate, it was easy the second time around, but it was a total fucker for a novice game player the first time I tried.)
    Adorable chibi Fran shooting arrows into apples.
    Beautiful Fran image of her with her hair loose while she sits on a dock at night.
    Super cute women of FFXII image, very brightly colored.
    Fantastic Judge armor.
    Light, airy, pretty Penelo from RW.
    Penelo chasing Vaan on the beach, circa RW.
    Ashe + sword with some gorgeous reds used.
    Fran doing Penelo's hair, I love it just for the interaction of two of my favorite FFXII characters.
    Penelo in a pretty dancer's costume.
    Beautifully detailed Larsa image.
    Group image of a campsite in the Estersand, I believe.
    Amazing Balthier and Fran lounging on a sofa.
    Penelo in a gold+cow print version of her usual outfit, that surprisingly works.
    Ashe in Archadia with amazing detail.
    Fran, Ashe, and Balthier in the Deadlands.
    Looking at this image of Ashe in the castle/ruins/whatever look terrific in full view.
    Penelo Christmas cuteness.
    Penelo in a dungeon with sunlight streaming in.
    Viera kids which are adorable.
    I really like this Fran image.
    Basch and Noah.
    If you look at this one in full view it really does have some amazing detail.
    Fran perched on the edge of... the Bahamut, possibly? Idk. But it looks great.
    Fran with her hair down is really pretty.
    These are some beautiful sketches of Balthier and Fran.
    Little Viera girls that's a really pretty image with pretty colors.
    Awesome image of Penelo and Belias.
    A really beautiful sketch of Balthier.
    Basch and Ashe in bed together, yes plz.
    Pretty close up of Fran.
    There are some beautiful colors on this image of Penelo dancing.
    There is some amazing detail on this Fran image in a more complicated battle armor, it's beautiful.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    A beautiful Naesala/Leanne one
    Naesala and Tibarn
    Soren again

Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright (I'm just gonna call them by their PW names since it's easier orz)
    a;sdflkjalaksj Pheonix and Edgeworth as done in the Touch Detective style, I seriously nearly snorted my drink up my nose at this.
    A really sweet soft image that I like kind of a lot.
    There are a lot of really super-hot Klavier images, too.

Kingdom Hearts:
    Amazing Alice in Wonderland-style image.
    Super cute Roxas Halloween theme.
    Roxas weilding dual keyblades.
    Sora, Donald, and Goofy and it's so pretty and so damned adorable.
    Pretty Cloud image.
    Aww! Various forms of Sora as chibis, including anti-Sora.
    Awesome image of Sora in a XIII coat and the blue of his eye is amazing.
    KH version of Cloud that looks really awesome.
    This image is seriously one of the most gorgeous pieces of Axel + Roxax + Xion images I've seen.
    Gorgeous Axel and Roxas in samurai clothing, the patterns on them are awesome.
    Another gorgeous image of Axel and Roxas, the colors look amazing against the nighttime sky.
    Blindfolded Riku carrying Roxas and it's also gorgeous.
    Beautiful image of anti-Sora almost reaching out to Riku, very nicely done.
    Really cool group image of Roxas, Sora, and Riku with their keyblades.
    This is a really amazing group image of OrgXIII, the details on it are fantastic.
    The blues of this Sora and Roxas in a shallow pool in combation with everything else is really, really nice.
    Roxas and Axel against a nighttime sky again, I like the style of this.
    Roxas in a tree, looking down at Axel.
    Roxas weilding the two keyblades.
    Adorable highschool days with Roxas, Axel, Sora, and Riku.
    Roxas and Axel sitting on their ledge with ice cream.
    Riku and Roxas on the ledge with ice cream this time.
    Roxas at sunset, the oranges and yellows are beautiful here.
    Awesome as hell Roxas vs anti-Sora. *___*
    Silhouttes of Roxas, Axel, and Xion.
    Another cute image of Sora.
    Roxas fading away while Axel doesn't watch--heartbreaking, but really lovely.
    Riku/Sora porn! EXCELLENT. (And definitely NSFW.)
    Pretty Riku/Sora kiss.
    Awesome colors and lines on this image of Sora being chased by Heartless.
    Really pretty Kairi and Namine, I love the colors and lines here.
    The colors for Axel's hair and eyes practically glow right off the screen, I love that.
    Pretty Roxas and Axel that's bittersweet, but still lovely.
    Really kinda hot as hell Axel with amazing colors, the way his hair and eyes look is fantastic.
    Roxas vs Organization XIII Moogle is kind of adorable.
    Really cute, bright colors on this semi-chibi-esque image of Aerith.
    A really nicely done Seifer with pretty colors.
    Yuffie apparently attack glomping Squall, lol.
    I totally love Leon and Yuffie, whyyy is there not more fanart of them?

    Wow, I love this group image, the detail is amazing.
    Beautiful Amaterasu against a sunset that feels very much in the spirit of the game.
    Really stunning Waka vs Amaterasu fight that has a really cool perspective, too.
    Pretty stylized Amaterasu and Waka in a tree.
    Beautiful swirls on Amaterasu here.
    Amaterasu running along that nails the style of the game.
    Issun spreading the word about Amaterasu, very pretty and in the style of the game.
    Gorgeous Waka image with his sword and in the style of the game.
    Amaterasu and Tsubaki looking at a tree.
    Another gorgeous group image with a whole bunch of various characters.
    Whoa, that is a hell of a lot of characters smooshed into one image.
    Amaterasu and brush gods, I love the playfulness of this one.
    Waka and Oki prettiness.
    Gorgeous and amazingly detailed image of Amaterasu, Issun, and Waka.
    Beautiful watercolor-esque Amaterasu and the brush gods.
    Another beautiful image of Amaterasu running, flowers trailing in her wake.
    a;sdlfkjasl;kj Chibiterasu with a DS stylus for a sword on her back and I love this one.
    Amaterasu with little baby pups playing around her.
    Pretty image of Waka and Amaterasu with some nice lines.
    This image looks really kinda cool in full view.
    Image of Chibiterasu being the cutest thing ever, holy crap.
    Super awesome image of the cast playing the Wii version, it's beautiful, too.
    Omg AWESOME! A Okami/Mononoke image!
    Gorgeous image of Amaterasu and Oki and Shiranui.
    Oh, I also really love this image of Waka that's really intense as he's fighting.
    Really kinda incredible group image, wow.
    I think this is Waka tucking Chibiterasu in, but whatever it is, it's lovely.
    Beautiful image of Amaterasu with one of those final weapons that looks amazing.
    Amaterasu looking down at Chibiterasu by her side, very cute.
    Amaterasu with a flower by her ear that Issun is crawling up onto.
    Various incarnations of Inoue's characters, very pretty.
    Cute mix of the heroine and Takahashi's characters.
    Another cute mix, this time of Seki's characters.
    Issun and Amaterasu done in a hazy, but pretty style.
    Waka holding Amaterasu... who's chewing on a bone in the meantime.
    Issun and Amaterasu holding Wiimotes... while Ammy chews on hers, lolz.
    Ickle baby Issun and Amaterasu hug, d'awww.
    Cute Issun and Amaterasu crowding up towards the 'camera'.
    Lovely image of Waka with sharp lines and colors, I like this style somehow.
    Waka playing his flute under a sakura tree while Amaterasu and Issun listen to him, propped up on his knee. My heart.
    Lovely image of Amaterasu in a field bursting with flowers.
    Chibiterasu climbing all over Amaterasu's face and oh god the cute is nearly a physical thing.
    Cool image of Sakuya and Amaterasu with some great lines and colors.
    Oki, Amaterasu, and Waka all in a pile.
    Beautiful and peaceful image that I just want to take with me forever.
    Little Chibiterasu rolling around on her back, awww!
    Beautiful Halloween image with Amaterasu and Waka and I love the blue shades used on the forest.
    Amaterasu and Waka in a sort of yin-yang image that looks pretty.
    Pretty image of Waka in light, airy pinks and blues.
    Amaterasu and Waka with a scroll of the forest in the background behind them.
    Gorgeous image of Waka without his mask and a shroud over his head as he looks backwards.
    Gorgeous image of the chibi brush gods and the detail put into this is fantastic.
    Chibiterasu chewing on a piece of corn and, oh, god, the cute.
    Waka leaning on Himiko and sometimes I think maybe I ship that just a little. Just a tiny bit.
    Amaterasu and Waka sharing food in the trees and, oh, it's so pretty.
    Amaterasu leaping up onto Waka and it's beautifully done, too.
    Waka playing his flut against a full moon in the background.
    Amaterasu and Waka sharing food, which is adorable.
    Lovely colored sketches of Chibiterasu rolling around or chewing on bones and it's so much cute.
    Amaterasu with the brush and trailing flowers and leaves behind her.
    Napping near the revived sakura tree, Amaterasu looks lovely against the beautiful backdrop.
    Amaterasu with the sparrows as they all pile into one big hug! So cute!
    Amaterasu trailing flowers in her wake and this one is so cute and airy.
    Amaterasu getting a new hat from an adorable girl (I forget her name, the one from Kamiki village maybe?), which is super cute.
    Lovely image of Amaterasu walking on water with lanterns floating along in it.
    Beautiful collage of the cast and I love how many characters are here.
    Waka in a golden field and the use of yellow-gold is very pretty.
    Amaterasu in front of the revived sakura tree looks really good in full view.
    Halloween cuteness with Amaterasu and Waka in chibis.
    Waka illustration that I thought was cool, as he holds Yami in his arms.
    Waka and Amaterasu curled up side by side, which is pretty.
    Issun spreading the word on Amaterasu and, oh, my heart breaks again just remembering that.
    Amaterasu and Issun traveling along, after she's been shruken down.
    New Years Waka with trinkets tied up into his long, long ponytail.
    Amaterasu taking cover while it rains and Issun holding a leaf up over her nose.
    Repede from Vesperia and Amaterasu face off against each other in various scenes.
    Really pretty image of Oki and I love the vivid blues of it.
    Fantasy image of the Ainu with the Arc of Yamato in the background.
    Pretty take on human Amaterasu and, man, I still love this kind of thing.
    Stylized image of Amaterasu while she's fighting Orochi and it looks awesome.
    Waka image that's got light, airy color and looks beautiful.
    Another nicely done Oki image that I liked.
    Oki and Samickle (I think) back to back in a pretty image.
    Awesome as hell image that seems to go on forever, with a long line of the cast.
    The cute of this image, I think in the Poncle village?
    Lovely little image of Rao that I liked.
    Ninetails image that looks really kind of rad.
    Human versions of the brush gods is another one of those things that I freaking love.
    Amaterasu sleeping while curled up with the two sisters from Kamiki Village.
    Oki back with the Ainu tribe and, oh, god, my heart.
    Waka and Oki back to back and you know I hardly ever see art of just the two of them.
    Fantasic little doodle of Amaterasu with the Okami cast in the background.
    Beautiful image of Waka that has some great lines and colors.
    Waka smiling really happily while Amaterasu pops up over the bottom of the image.
    Pretty little image of Waka and Amaterasu sitting side by side.

Professor Layton:
    Adorable Luke is kind of a staple of Layton fanart that I have yet to tire of.
    Ditto there being a lot of Luke and Layton adorableness.
    Though, my favorites tend to be the ones with all three of the main characters as a trio. Or, hell, Legal thrown in there, too.
    There's also a lot of Legal and Luke together, too.
    In comparison, there's not as much art with Flora (with or without another character), but occasionally there's some cute stuff.
    I may be a terrible person, but I lolled. XDDDD (Though, I think it should have been Flora with Rena's weapon.) Also, there's Layton and Mackenzie (I have no idea what her original name was) and I'd-- I'd read that crossover.

Super Mario:
    Mario and Princess Peach kind of amazingly done here.
    Princess Peach is all sparkly and pastel and cute.
    Another cute image of Princess Peach.
    Ahahahaha, Princess Peach dressed as Yoko from Gurren Lagann, which is kinda great.
    I love the sharp, clean lines of this image, especially Peach.
    The style of colored pencile-esque looks here is charming.
    Adorable image of Peach in a Mario-like outfit of her own.
    Peach with an adorable little pink GBA.
    Peach in a sort of Old West-ish dress that I thought was cute.
    A kind of awesome image of Peach from the back.
    I really liked this sort of slightly more mature Peach with Mario in the background image.
    Sexpot Peach shouldn't charm me as much as it does.
    I'm just easy for pretty hair and colorful eyes on this Peach image.
    Charmingly adorable of several games including Peach from Mario.
    Lovely use of pastel colors in this Peach and Daisy image.
    Peach's dress has some great detail here.
    Kinda cool updated version of Peach's outfit.
    Peach's dress is cute here, too.
    Gorgeous image of Peach in red that I loved.
    All the cute little mascots and Princess Peach look kinda awesome.
    I also liked the slicky, shiny colors on this image.
    Darling image of Peach with a teacup as she uses Toad as a chair.
    Cute, charming little sketch of Princess Peach with some lovely uses of pink.
    Another pretty image of Princess Peach with her umbrella.
    I love the strong lines and colors of this almost sort of cozy winter image of Peach and Mario shopping.
    Cute CG style image of Princess Peach again.
    Oh, man, flash-style image of several Princesses, including Peach is darling.
    Peach in her old-fashioned pink car is great.
    Peach and Daisy in school girl uniforms is actually kinda cool.

    This one is nearly professional looking
    A nice one of Bonten and again.
    Pretty Bonten and Ginshu
    Group image that's nicely detailed
    Tokidoki doesn't get that much art as far as I can tell, but there are some cute ones.
    Same for art of the main trio
    Very pretty Ginshu again.

Black Cat:
    Holy crap, is that a Creed image? A gorgeous one at that?? Wow. *__*
    This is a really gorgeous image of Eve, wow.
    Adorable Eve on a bench with a black cat.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Unsorted:
    Really cute Sakura image, cute colors and style.
    Another cute poster-style Sakura image.
    More adorable Sakura done in poster style.
    I suppose this is more TRC, but still. Really nicely done Sakura and Syaoran racing in Piffle world is still Sakura and Syaoran.
    I really love this mid-spell Sakura, the colors are pretty and I adore the details.
    Cute Sakura with soft pastels, adorable.
    Oh, the detail on this image of the CCS cast is really nice.
    The detail on Sakura's dress is especially nice.
    Awww, adorable Sakura and Syaoran! <3
    Sakura in a cute white and pink dress that I liked.
    Really lovely Yukito with Sakura in the background.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Groups/duos/other:
    Amazingly detailed New Year's image of Sakura (her outfit is fantastic!), Keroberos, and Tomoyo.
    Touya picking Sakura up and a;sldkfjas so cute!
    Nadeshiko holding Sakura as they both smile brightly.
    Really nicely done Eriol image with a soft, almost unreadable look.
    Very pretty image of Syaoran in his green and gold outfit.
    Really cute image of Syaoran again, this time in his school uniform.
    A more golden-toned image of Syaoran in his uniform, minus the jacket.
    Sakura and Tomoyo in her room with Kero-chan and his snacks floating nearby.
    Lovely image of Yue that has some solid uses of blue, white, and purple.
    Lovely and peaceful Tomoyo with flowers in her hair.
    One more pretty image of Yue because I can't resist.
    And then one more of Eriol because I can't resist this one, either.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Sakura:
    Sakura in her pink/white/red dress sitting on the blue, blue roof of a building is a beautifully colored image.
    Cute image of Sakura in her school uniform as she's holding a bag to her chest.
    Christmas Sakura adorableness that is also brightly colored by this artist.
    Another totally adorable outfit on Sakura that I really liked from this artist.
    The soft, almost feathery colors on this image of Sakura in a white dress are lovely.
    Beautifully colored image of Sakura in her pink and white dress that looks almost simple, yet it's very pretty.
    Sakura laying back in bed with the cards surrounding her.
    Little Valentine's Day chibi of Sakura in an adorable pink dress.
    Adorable chibi of Sakura with smooth, clean lines and colors.
    Beautiful image of Sakura in bright, shiny cg of her in a lovely white dress with pink accents.
    Another beautifully colored Sakura image as she falls backwards in that puffy outfit of hers.
    Cute Sakura image in a yellow shirt and cute blue shorts.
    I'm just really weak to pretty colors and super cute clothes on Sakura like this image.
    Sakura is totally adorable when she's clenching her fists and yelling.
    Closeup on Sakura in that frilly outfit that's very cute.
    I'm really fond of the colors on this sketch of Sakura.
    Bright, cutely colored Sakura image in her poofy pink and white dress.
    Sakura in a bunch of her different outfits in a collage-style image that's cute.
    Sakura in three different dresses in a series of images that are all really cute.
    Sakura in another adorable dress that the artist drew for her, which I am very fond of.
    Cute blue dress on Sakura that's a sort of Alice-like one that I liked.
    Oh, this is beautiful, a lovely image of Sakura with her ruffly dress and the cards.
    Anime-style Sakura image with Kero-chan and she's wearing that cute pink and white dress.
    A lovely white dress with aqua accents to the image is cute.
    Sakura in a simple white dress and black jacket as she twirls around in the falling petals.
    Sakura in a golden-colored outfit that has some great detail on it.
    Sakura standing in shallow water with some lovely, airy colors.
    Beautiful image of Sakura in a huge dress that's blue and white and green, as wings unfurl on her back as well.
    Another beautifully designed dress in white and gold for Sakura.
    Halloween Sakura is an amazingly detailed image of her in a witch costume.
    Two magical girls battling and, seriously, the detail on this is amazing.
    Sakura wrapped up in ribbons as she sits in a chair and holds a glowing heart--once again, amazingly detailed.
    Yet another adorable new set of clothes on Sakura as she stands outside with her wand.
    The blue and white outfit with the gold bells on it is really cute when this artist draws her in it.
    This Sakura image looks kind of amazing (and huge) in full view.
    Beautiful anime-style image of Sakura falling backwards through the sky in her pink and white dress.
    Same image with different coloring, making it look more manga-esque.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Syaoran/Sakura:
    Syaoran toweling Sakura's hair dry in this really pretty sketch.
    Sakura kissing Syaoran's cheek in a beautiful birthday sketch.
    Sketch of an almost kiss with Sakura and Syaoran again.
    Super pretty sketch of Sakura and Syaoran kissing when they're a little older looking.
    Sketch of the two of them in their school uniforms and hugging cutely.
    Sakura and Syaoran ala Little Red Riding Hood is all kinds of adorable, too!
    Alice in Wonderland styled image this time, with Sakura and Syaoran.
    Lovely sketch of the two of them touching foreheads as Sakura wraps her arms around his neck.
    Sakura in a catgirl maid style outfit and Syaoran in a chef's outfit, with a cake between them.
    Little kitty chibis that are curled up together are so cute!
    You know what I'm still weak towards? Cute clothes on Sakura and Syaoran.
    Halloween art that's adorable, with Sakura and Syaoran.
    Sakura covered in a food-based dress as Syaoran feeds her for a cute birthday image.
    Sketch of Sakura and Syaoran sharing a stick of Pocky and blushing cutely.
    Kidlet Sakura and Syaoran as they smile brightly at each other and she wraps arms around him.
    Sakura and Syaoran mini versions as they're in a giant fruit parfait glass.
    A naked Sakura with pink wings flying towards Syaoran as she smiles so brightly.
    Syaoran and Sakura holding hands as they walk along at sunset.
    Sakura in Syaoran's arms as they are so cute--and Tomoyo films them in the background.
    Fantastic image of Sakura in Syaoran's arms as he's got his sword out protectively.
    More Christmas chibis adorableness with OMG ANTLER EARS on Syaoran's hood!
    The two of them flying together on her wand with the wings in the back.
    Sakura grabbing Syaoran's hands from behind as they're both in school uniforms.
    Sharing chocolate on Valentine's Day is totally adorable, I have to say.
    Sakura and Syaoran in a tree and it's a seriously darling image.
    Sakura jumping into Syaoran's arms is another lovely image from this artist.
    Walking along at sunset and holding hands again and s;ldfkjasl they are so cute forever.
    Sketch of a kiss with these two as they're both wearing (mostly) white and it's lovely.
Code Geass:
    You know why I can't resist Geass art? Because of art of CC and Euphemia like this one, that's just gorgeously colored.
    Suzaku kissing Euphemia's cheek.
    Beautiful anime cel-style image of Suzaku and Euphemia that looks professional level.
    Suzaku and Euphemia with red ribbons.
    Epic CC in costume.
    Suzaku and Euphemia chibis with soft and really pretty colors.
    Wow, this Lelouch and sleeping CC against a tree image is amazingly canon-like.
    Gorgeous blues and greens on this Lelouch/CC image.
    Another beautifully colored CC image.
    Really pretty colors on this Lelouch image.
    Cute Shirley image with pretty, warm colors.
    Pretty Lelouch hugging Shirley outside on a windy day, very peaceful.
    Lelouch grasping Shirley at sunset, gorgeously done.
    Cute Lelouch and Shirley image.
    Lelouch and Shirley in school uniforms.
    Pretty Shirley in a white dress.
    Super cute Shirley image in a pink and white shirt.
    Adorable Lelouch and Euphemia with pretty colors.
    Gorgeous Lelouch and Nunnally with amazing details on their filmy clothes and the roses.
    Another gorgeous Lelouch hugging Nunnally.
    Nunnally in a black dress with flowers, which is beautiful.
    Beautiful reds and golds in this Shirley image.
    Cute Christmas Lelouch and Shirley.
    Really beautiful group image with angel wings and flowers.
    Suzaku and Euphemia wedding image, really soft and pretty.
    Chibi butlers with Suzaku, Shirley, and Lelouch.
    Shirley and Kallen hugging, I love it when artists draw the girls together.
    Lelouch and Shirley holding hands as they walk along, with light and airy colors, so very pretty.
    Lelouch and Shirley with the heart-shaped hats.
    Lelouch and CC back to back, poster-style image.
    Pretty Lelouch leaning on CC.
    Gorgeously light colored Suzaku carrying Euphemia chibis.
    Shirley with little Lelouch statue beautifully done, like it could almost be official art.
    I love pretty, slick colors on with beautiful lineart like with this Shirley image.
    Incredible Suzaku in white, Lelouch in black with amazing details on the clothes.
    Gorgeous Shirley image with glowing colors and a wonderfully happy expression.
    Suzaku, Nunnally, and Lelouch, really beautiful image.
    Pretty stylized Shirely with her hair all over the place and big green eyes.
    Cute Shirley image in a white shirt and black skirt.
    Pretty Lelouch and Nunnally hug.
    Shirley facing a sunset with some beautiful cg in full view.
    Super cute Euphemia and Shirley.
    Gorgeous details on this Lelouch and Euphemia with her arm through his.
    Lelouch vs Suzaku, incredible details and colors, I love Suzaku's sword, too.
    Beautiful cg and costume designs on this image of Suzaku, Lelouch, and CC.
    Lelouch holding a flower out to Nunnally.
    I really like the details on the clothes of this Lelouch/Shirley image.
    Lelouch in CC's arms, fantasy-style.
    Cute Shirley image with pretty, warm colors.
    Shirley in a bikini.
    Another pretty Shirley with her hair flying around her.
    Cute angel Shirley.
    Cute Shirley with mini Zero and Kallen as well.
    Shirley image in soft, pretty colors and a cute smile/wave.
    Lelouch and Shirley leaning in close.
    The detail on Lelouch and CC's clothes is amazing here.
    Oh, wow, this manga style group image is amazing, the soft pastel colors are beautiful.
    Lelouch and CC image that is so sharp and amazing, even beyond how much I love them in school uniforms like this.
    Happy, smiley Shirley.
    Shirley and Euphemia in pretty, ruffly dresses.
    Lelouch and CC reaching hands out towards each other as they lay on the floor and it's a cool poster-style image and also beautiful.
    Lelouch's head in Shirley's lap.
    Lelouch holding Shirley's body.
    Another awesome Lelouch and CC image with them in their detailed formal clothes.
    Kidlet versions of Lelouch and CC while piled on each other and eating pizza.
    Beautiful colors on this Lelouch and CC image that looks professional level.
    More pretty angel Shirley.
    Shirley laying in a pool.
    SUPER adorable mini Shirley with Lelouch in a cup.
    Lelouch and Nunnally with beautiful clothes and loads of details again.
    Awesome group image that could almost pass for official art.
    CG style group image that's really nicely done as well.
    Lelouch and Shirley holding hands, with really light and pretty colors.
    Shirley, Suzaki, and a kitty, beautifully done in white and orange, I love it.
    Adorable Shirley with wings, stylized and in pastels.
    I'm very fond of the light colors on this Shirley sketch.
    Angel Shirley that's also really cute.
    Pretty CC against a moon backdrop, I love the colors.
    Really gorgeous CC in the rain, the colors are amazing.
    Aww, little baby Nunnally kissing little baby Suzaku's cheek.
    Pretty Suzaku image.
    A cute image of Shirley in a white dress that hits my weak points, shut up.
    Really beautiful image of Lelouch and CC in white as she sits on a fence, the clothes are awesome.
    Cute and light, sweet Lelouch and Shirley with him holding her close.
    Lelouch and Shirley both reaching for a chess piece.
    Lelouch and Shirley at the beach, very cute.
    Cute image of Lelouch touching Shirley's face and, shut up, I can like my OTP if I want.
    I just really like Shirley's hair here.
    Again, I just really like Shirley's hair and her dress.
    Cute image of Lelouch sleeping next to an adorable Shirley.
    Shirley placing a crown on Lelouch's head with some interesting lineart.
    Super, super adorable image of Shirley in beautiful, clean colors.
    Adorable Shirley image with her lovely hair.
    Another cute Shirley image with an adorable expression.
    Lelouch and Shirley with adorable heart hats.
    Gorgeously colored Shirley image with beautiful shades of orange.
    I really liked the soft colors and lines on this Lelouch image.
    Same for this image of CC, it's very soft and pretty.
    Beautiful image of Euphemia and Suzaku that has this really great style to it.
    Have I recommened this one of CC in a beautiful purple outfit before? Either way, it's lovely.
    Super beautiful image of Suzaku and Euphemia laying in the grass.
    Oh, man, this image of Lelouch and CC lying together has some amazing colors and looks great in full view.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of Lelouch and CC with amazing colors and details on their epic clothes.

    Pretty Kanda and Rinali, I love the warm, almost sepia colors of it.
    Kanda and kidlet Rinali, more pretty colors and adorableness.
    Rinali and little kidlet Kanda shouldn't be this cute AND YET.
    Gorgeously colored Ravi illustration.
    Awesome perspective, lines, and uses of red on this Ravi image.
    Really lovely almost kiss with Kanda and Rinali again.
    Pretty Rinali on a black and white floor.
    Ravi and Rinali cuteness in nice pastel colors.
    Cute Rhode and Rinali image.
    A really cute image of the main four characters, Rinali pinching Kanda's cheek is adorable.
    Oh, I kind of liked this one of Kanda and Rinali in a forest.
    Hot as hell Kanda with intense eyes even as he's half-smiling.
    Pretty image of Rinali standing high up on rock croppings, her hair blowing in the wind.
    I really like the detail of Rinali's fighting jacket and shorts and boots.
    Oh, man. This image of Kanda holding Rinali close with one arm is gorgeous.
    Kanda kneeling a circle of magic, ready to attack and it has some really nice colors.
    A really kind of cool take on Tiki Mick.
    Kanda, Ravi, and Allen trio done in warm, bright colors.
    The main four characters drawn in black formal clothes with pretty splashes of color.
    Allen and Kanda in an orante walkway at sunet, I liked the details of it.

    Omfg, there's Kuririn/18 wedding day fanart! Japan doesn't let me down for once!
    There's also Vejiita dressed as Piccolo, which I admit made me lol.
    a;lkdsfjaslkj stylized Vejiita/Bulma art that is quite possibly the cutest fucking thing ever.
    I am not ashamed of my love for Vejiita in a suit, either.
    Semi-realistic (idk what else to call it) Freeza and crew
    Vejiita and Bra
    Bulma teasing Vejiita
    I never get tired of Vejiita, Bulma, and Trunks family images.
    Trunks and Goten and donuts! Adorable!
    Goku and Chichi curled up and smiling big grins, the way these characters always should be.
    Goku vs Vejiita, fantastic colors and details.
    Nicely done group image that captures the spirit of the anime well.
    Trunks and Goten finding Saiyajin armor and it's SO CUTE.
    Ahahahahaha, Vejiita and Bulma's parents, forever lolz.
    Freeza and baby Vejiita, very nicely done.
    I will also never tire of Bulma vs Vejiita images.
    I may not care for GT, but Bra going Super Saiyajin with Vejiita in the background (GT designs) was kinda great.
    Nicely done group image again.
    Vejiita and Bulma wedding as he carries her (and is thrilled about it) and it's so much fun and so pretty!
    Oh, I really liked this one of Gohan, Videl, and the kids, the colors are very nice.
    Beautiful Mirai Trunks with a studying Gohan.
    Goku splashing around in the bath with Trunks and Goten.
    Sharply done Trunks and Gohan in their altnernate storyline.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of the Saiyajin after a battle, along with Piccolo.
    Awesome image of kidlet Trunks on Vejiita's lap, who looks thrilled about it.
    Trunks giving Goten a piggyback ride, which is adorable.
    Vejiita's group in business suits, which is nicely done.
    ADORABLE Goku and Chichi hug, I love the colors, too.
    Goku and Chichi hug again.
    Intense sketch of Radditz.
    Little kidlet Gohan clinging to Piccolo's cape.
    Kinda awesome Goku in SSJ4.
    Bloody Vejiita in Saiyajin gear.
    Vejiita being glomped by his family as they're out shopping, the pastels work surprisingly well here.
    Oh, man, the Goku - Vejiita fistbump, it hits me where I live.
    Vampire Vejiita and Witch Bulma for Halloween is so cute.
    Vejiita, Gohan, and Kuririn sitting around with the dragon balls.
    Kuririn too shy to give 18 flowers just yet, awww.
    Little chibi Vejiita and Bulma where she's trying to get at the dragonball he's holding, so cute!
    Beautifully done image of the Briefs family, I love the lines and details.
    17 and 18 riding on 16's shoulders.
    Kidlet Vejiita in royal armor with Freeza in the background.
    Trunks and Goten as kidlets trying on the Saiyajin armor that's way too big for them.
    Stylized Vejiia and Bulma back to back along a dirt road.
    Vejiita and his Saiyajin team looking intense as all get out.
    Cute Vejiita/Bulma doodle.
    Briefs family get-together that's completely awesome.
    Vejiita giving Trunks a shoulder ride while Bulma walks along with them, amusement.
    Vejiita and Bulma tied up in ribbons together.
    Goku vs ape!Vejiita, nicely done.
    SSJ4 Goku and Vejiita back to back.
    Smirky, smug Vejiita looking down.
    Nicely done image of the Saiyajin.

Fruits Basket:
    Really adorable group image in chibi-esque form.
    Soft and sweet image of Tohru holding kitty Kyou.
    Smiley and happy Tohru and Kyou, which is really sweet to see.
    This sketch/lineart piece really does an amazing job of keeping the original manga's style.
    Another adorable chibi-esque group image, aww.
    Really pretty image of Hatori staring out the window, the slick colors and lines are pretty.
    Awww, Kyou and Tohru on the roof in soft, fuzzy colors.
    Super adorable image of Tohru holding kitty Kyou again!

    While there is not that much GetBackers art on pixiv, this image of Ban and Ginji is gorgeous enough to make up for that.
    I'm not as fond of delicate Kazuki as Japan is, but even I have to admit this Juubei/Kazuki image is gorgeous.
    Omg, Juubei and Kazuki as kids with the paint splotch on Juubei's nose! SO CUTE.
    Another delicate Kazuki, but I have to admit it, too, is gorgeous as hell.

    There are some beautiful colors on this image of Shin and Yankumi.

    Super adorable image of Shuuichi, the details are surprisingly nice.
    I actually really like this image of Ryuuichi, Shuuichi, and Eiri.

Gundam SEED:
    Fantastic Deark and Mirialia in anime cel style cg.
    Pretty wedding-themed image.
    Kira and Lux leaning back and holding hands, surrounded by Haros, which is super cute.
    Cute little image of Fllay that I liked.

Gundam Wing:
    Relena and Dorothy, I did not think j-fandom would give that to me! Certainly not as clean and adorable as this.
    Relena and Noin, the soft blues of this are lovely.
    I really love this one of the major political players, especially since the colors are so soft and pretty.
    Really, really beautiful Relena image.
    Really fantastic cgi style on this Heero and Duo image. *___* But, then, Sean-Nos always does gorgeous stuff.
    Speaking of. Duo and a black cat, very nice again.
    Gorgeous Heero and Duo magic-style, the details are just fantastic.
    This one looks best in full view, but the colors and fine details are beautiful on this one.
    Beautifully colored Duo and Quatre, really solid details, too.
    Even better and more vivid colors on this Duo and Quatre image.
    Duo with some really amazing details.
    Wufei in b&w + red that looks gorgeous.
    Duo in a gorgeous tattered red cape and giant scythe.
    Sally and Noin with lovely, soft colors! <3
    Pretty sunset colors on this Quatre playing the violin.
    Catherine image with really pretty colors.
    Really cool style on this Zechs image.
    Super cute Trowa and Catherine in circus gear.
    Duo in the cockpit in mid-battle, I really like the details of it.
    Pretty Duo image.
    Various Duo images, the artist does a good job with him.
    Another super cute Duo image.
    More pretty Duo art.
    Nicely done Heero and Duo, the slightly rough look works here.
    Another really nicely done Trowa and Catherine in circus gear.
    Heero and Duo again, lying back on a bench together, amazingly detailed.
    Lovely and soft colors on this Relena image.
    Oh, wow, this is a gorgeous poster-style group image and it even has Relena and Dorothy and Zechs in it! It's like the artist loves me.
    This image of Mariemeia is amazing, the lines and soft colors are just beautiful.
    Wufei and Sally in Preventers uniforms cuteness.
    Relena in her solo ED outfit, very cute.
    You know what I'm still not tired of? Duo with bat wings, it's still pretty rad.
    Cute image of Duo in a scarf.
    Another cute image of the G-boys in their usual clothes.
    Awesome Duo image.
    Nicely done Treize image.
    Really kind of amazingly well done Heero and Duo against a starry sky.
    This image of Noin has some really beautiful colors.
    I thought this image of Trowa with a mask was nicely done.
    Absolutely amazing image of role reversal between the G-boys and the Doctors.
    Really nice group image of the G-boys on a sunny day.
    Aww, lookit the postcard-style images of the four of them!
    Beautiful Relena close-up that seems almost simple, but there's a surprising amount of detail.
    Same for this Duo close-up which has the same sense of soft lines and colors that's so pretty.
    Fantasty Heero/Duo b&w image with pink in the background that looks sharp and is beautiful.
    Duo and Deathscythe image that has a lot of interesting colors.
    Duo close up image with some sharp colors, too.
    Beautiful Hirde image with soft, yet bright colors.
    Cute image of the G-boys in capes and formal shirts.
    Another pretty Relena close-up.
    Poster-style group image with some really warm colors and cute designs.
    Heero sitting by a window in his St. Gabriel clothes.
    Several anime characters but also including little Heero and Duo Halloween costumes.
    Adorable little Catherine chibi in her circus outfit.
    Duo ala a Vocaloid is really kind of adorable.
    Gorgeous three-panel illustration of Zechs and Treize, it just looks fantastic.
    Group image of the pilots that I thought looked really cool.
    Another cool group image of the pilots that I liked.
    Heero in the cockpit of his gundam that has some neat color highlights.
    Duo lounging on the couch with pretty colors.
    Chibis of the pilots with bright, clean colors that are adorable.
    Sean-nos group image of the pilots with a bright sky underneath their feet.
    Heero and Duo touching foreheads and soft, pretty lines and colors.
    Beautiful, soft image of Relena in her Sanq uniform.
    Anime-style Duo that was nice.
    Heero sitting on a pile of books with headphones on and some lovely shades of blue.
    Beautiful Duo with Deathscythe's weapon, it looks almost colored-pencil style, but I like that.
    Various sketches of Quatre.
    Pretty image of Heero and Quatre back to back with the stars laid over them.
    I'm not a huge fan of the mechs themselves, but occasionally the art of them is pretty cool.
    Heero and Duo in white outfits and Duo with black bat wings on him, which is adorable.
    The use of blues in this Hirde image are lovely.
    Beautifully done Heero illustration of him shirtless on a bed.
    Chibi pilots group cuteness.
    Treize looking evil, which was solid and nice to see him for a change.
    This Heero/Relena formal wear illustration reminds me that sometimes I think Relena threatens to be my favorite character. *__* She's so pretty here.
    But then Sean-nos has a new Duo image and I remember, oh, right, I really do love Duo the most. ♥
    Duo taking his hat off briefly.
    Kinda awesome Shinigami!Duo image that looks even better in full view.
    Group image of the pilots lying back on the floor that looks kind of amazing in full view.

HeartCatch Precure:
    You know, it's art like this of Blossom and Marine that made me fall for the damn series in the first place.     Another gorgeous image of Blossom and Marine with the pretty detail and clean lines that look amazing in full view.     Chibis of Marine and Blossom that are totally adorable and have the same great coloring.     Erika doing Tsubomi's hair is really darling, too.     Erika waving cheerfully is also a really cute image.
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni:
    Solidly done anime-style image of Hanyu.
    Adorably cute Rena smiling.
    Bright, sweet, airy Shion and Satoko that's adorable.
    Shiny, glossy Rika and Hanyuu adorableness.
    Another cute Satoko and Shion image with adorable images.
    Blood-splattered Rena done really well.
    I just like the colors used on this Rena image.
    Keiichi, Rena, and Mion in the junkyard.
    Rena and Mion at the festival, done in beautiful pastels.
    Great poster-style image of the Higurashi cast all under stress.
    There are some strong lines on this cast image, it looks really professional.
    Awesome crazy Shion image that I loved.
    I thought this Keiichi/Rena image was adorable.
    The highlights/patterns of Rena and Mion's hair looks cool.
    Mion and Rika in kimono at twilight is beautiful.
    Rena and Mion in Western-style wedding dresses is cute.
    Brightly colored pastels of Mion and Rena in kimono again.
    Cute and brightly colored image of Rika, Satoko, and Hanyuu.
    Rena doing Rika's hair is adorable.
    Cute nighttime image of Keiichi and Rena with fireflies, I think.
    Image of Rika standing on the road.
    Butterflies floating out of Rena's hands is lovely.
    Hanyuu giving Rika a tearful but happy hug.
    You know, Keiichi/Rika isn't a pairing I gave much thought, but this one is really cute.
    Cute image of Rika and Hanyuu.
    Beautifully colored Rika at night with a butterfly.
    Bloody Mion with a knife.
    Cute image of Rika and Keiichi reaching towards each other.
    Crazyface Rika with her machete.
    Keiichi and Rena crying.
    Cute little chibis playing tag and setting traps, adorable.
    Rena hugging cute little kids never gets old. XD
    Lovely image of Rika and Hanyuu.
    Rena holding a bloody Keiichi.
    Bloody, crazy Rena on the ground with a machete.
    Pretty Rena image with nice use of pastels while still being dark.
    Various characters trying to use the payphone to call for help.
    Little chibis of Rena and Keiichi.
    Chibis of the entire cast are absolutely darling.
    Keiichi in Mion's cafe outfit is still great, too.
    Happy, smiley Rika, awww. I love the light, sunshiney colors, too.
    Cute image of Mion and Rena, with some nice use of pastels.
    Awesome group image of all the characters that looks even better in full view.
    Cute image of Rena, holding her bloody machete behind her.
    Shion and Satoshi being adorable as they're all happy and sunshiney together!
    Mion and Rika playing with UFO catcher and trying to win Keiichi! All in chibi form! So cute!
    Adorable little chibi Keiichi this time.
    Pretty stylized image of Rika with gorgeous colors and textures.
    Adorable image of Keiichi and Rika with a mop and baseball bat.
    Keiichi and the others in the junkyard that looks amazing and has such detailed work.
    Lovely cg of Shion that uses bright, warm colors I'm weak to. Plus, it's just damn cute.
    Keiichi with his hand over Rena's mouth, who's blushing adorably, and I love the colors of this one.
    Keiichi vs Rena from their fight against each other.
    Keiichi, Rena, and Mion all exchanging clothes, snort.
    Rena equipped for bear, wow.
    Satoko holding on Satoshi and Keiichi and it's really adorable!
    Shion and Satoko image that's kind of ridiculously sweet and adorable.
    All of the cast in Shion's cafe uniform which is kinda cute.
    Rena whispering Keiichi's ear (or close to it) and I... do not hate this ship.
    Mion and Shion sort of collage that's really pretty.
    Group dogpile that's adorable and happy.
    Satoko playing with handpuppets of Shion and Satoshi, aww!
    Unconscious Keiichi lying on the floor.
    Rena and Mion (I think) in magnet style and, oh, man, I adore this.
    Lovely Rena coloring with a bunch of Higurashi chibis in her arms.
    Cute image of Rika as a catgirl again.
    Rena and Hanyu image done in cg style and that's cute.
    Rena surrounded by chibis of the rest of the cast and, man, that's cute.
    Pretty image of Shion with bright cg colors.
    Simple and sweet Keiichi/Rena image of them back to back against the ocean background.
    Rena in a bridal gown that's beautifully done.
    Another Rika and Hanyuu image that's just so cutely colored in this cg style that I couldn't resist.
    Gorgeous image of Rena in a shallow pool of water, three different images on it, all beautiful.
    Shion and Mion chibis in designs like Shion's cafe uniform.
    Mion giving Rena a hug and it's really sad and sweet at the same time.
    Adorable Satoko image on a sunny day in the country.
    Shion and Mion at the beach, which is pretty.
    Shion and Keiichi single-page comic adorableness.
    Rika and Satoko in cute clothes with cat ears and a cat tail, aww.
    Pretty image of the rooftop fight on the school between Keiichi and Rena
    Beautiful and adorable image of Rika and Hanyuu clasping hands together and smiling hard.
    Bloody Rena with her machete in a sea of blood as arms rise up out of it to grab at her.
    Beautiful image of Keiichi and Mion in matching white shirts and undone ties.
    Mion and Keiichi in maid uniforms and I definitely had to smile at this one.
    Rika and Satoko image that is just really freaking cute.
    Rena and Keiichi at a festival done in the same warm cg that this artist does all their work in.
    Mion and Keiichi sharing an mp3 player.
    Keiichi and Mion in maid uniforms with really pretty colors.
    Another pretty image of Mion with warm and lovely colors.
    Simple but lovely image of Mion surrounded by falling leaves.
    Pretty image of Hanyuu in the moonlight on a shallow pond.
    Pretty image of Hanyuu again and I really liked the little flower patterns across her hair.
    Rena with her scarf wrapped up around her and holding her machete in her arms.
    Shion and Satoko walking along the country road at sunset.
    Mion and Shion image with beautiful cg coloring that I liked.
    Mion image that's cute and has light, airy cg colors that I liked.

Hunter x Hunter:
    Amazing Kuroro image.
    Really nicely done Nefelpitou image.
    Kuroro image again.
    Kinda creepy Illumi image.
    Hisoka, Gon, and Killua playing cards.
    Beautiful Biske image.
    Hisoka and Kuroro.
    Cute, adorable style on this Biske image.
    Hisoka in mid-battle pose.
    Beautiful Kuroro image.
    Another lovely Kurapika image.
    Leorio and Kurapika with cute flat colors.
    There's some really nice use of color on this Kurapika image.
    Nefelpitou doodle.
    Cool image of the Chimera Ant characters.
    Adorable main cast image.
    Another pretty Nefelpitou image, the shading is really cool.
    Killua and Gon image.
    Cute Killua image.
    ....I could really come to like all this Nefelpitou art.
    Especially when it's awesome Nefelpitou art like this.
    Gon touching Killua's face, this is adorable.
    Kuroro image.
    Pretty Killua image.
    Really pretty Killua image.
    Cool image of the main cast.
    Fantastic HxH character illustrations.
    Killua and Gon practicing their Nen abilities.
    Killua and Gon practicing again.
    Main cast group image in modern clothes and lounging on rocks.
    Fantastic and pretty Gon and Killua.
    Stunning Hisoka with his hair down image.
    Another well done Hisoka image. You know. Holding his own bloody ripped off hand. Right.
    Hisoka without makeup STILL shouldn't be this hot AND YET.
    Hisoka and... a sheep? Whatever, the image is still beautiful.
    Cute Gon image.
    Really beautiful Kite image.
    Beautiful Illumi image of him surrounded by feathers and knives.
    Gorgeously done Nefelpitou image again, the solid anime-style colors and lines are great.
    Pretty Kuroro image.
    Another amazing Kuroro image.
    Group image of the Genei Ryoudan.
    Cute Biske image.

    Oh, goddammit, I didn't want to get into Inuyasha art, but I'm super weak to lovely Sesshoumaru and Kagura art.
    Pretty cg Sesshoumaru image.
    Sesshoumaru and sword, it's a nice little doodle.
    Sesshoumaru leaning against a tree.
    Sesshoumaru in a lake.
    Nicely done Inuyasha with bright colors and a pretty leaf pattern.
    A gorgeous one of Inuyasha's parents.
    Soft, pretty colors on this light and airy Sesshoumaru.
    Inuyasha and human Inuyasha back to back and I kinda liked this one in full view.
    Stunning Kikyou image, it's so delicate and pretty.
    Gorgeous image of Sesshoumaru in a forest.
    Cool style on this Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha image.
    Super cute Kagome and human Inuyasha.
    Rin cuddling Sesshoumaru's fluffy tail, adorable.
    Cute Inuyasha image.
    Another fantastic Sesshoumaru image.
    Beautiful b&w image of Sesshoumaru holding Kagura.
    Not my pairing, but this one of Kouga and Kagura.
    Kidlet Inuyasha in kidlet Sesshoumaru's lap and it's kind of adorable.
    More lovely Sesshoumaru and Kagura, sitting back to back on sakura petals.
    Beautiful Rin reaching upwards with Sesshoumaru in the background.
    Nicely done bloody human Inuyasha.
    Gorgeously watercolor style painting of Sesshoumaru and kidlet Inuyasha.
    Sesshoumarou in mid-battle pose, it's really solidly done.
    Very nice group image, I really like the amount of detail here.
    Another gorgeously done Kikyou image in anime style.
    Sesshoumaru in pretty pastel colors.
    Amazing image of Inuyasha's parents.
    Male cast memebers shirtless, I appreciate the fanservice.
    Beautiful Sesshoumaru and Rin walking in a field at night.
    Inuyasha and Kagome with weapons.
    Kidlet Inuyasha and his mom.
    Pretty Inuyasha and Kagome.
    Naraku and Kagura.
    Inuyasha family, the kids look thrilled. XD
    Human Inuyasha that gets Takahashi's style down nicely.

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu:
    Family illustration, the only one missing is Ame. XD
    Adult Guu!
    Weda and the kids, really pretty pastel usage here.
    Another adult Guu.
    Super cute Guu and Hale.
    This is a really pretty cute!Guu, wow.
    Another cute Hale and Guu.
    Adorable, adorable Mari in the rain.
    Awww, Mari and Hale.

Juuni Kokki:
    Pretty Yoko and Keiki, I love the clothes and hair and slick cg colors.
    Nice colors and details on this Enki image.
    Keiki, Enki, and Taiki, brightly done but very cute.
    Gyousou and Taiki very solidly done.
    Beautiful colors on this watercolor style image of Yoko and Rakushun.
    Amazingly done group image of just about everyone.
    Yoko and Keiki in soft, gentle colors.
    Another amazing group image with pretty much everyone.
    Yoko in forma clothes with a lot of pretty details.
    Beautiful Keiki with Yoko in the background.
    Poster style image with pretty colors.
    Pretty and slick colors on this Yoko image.
    Cool Yoko with Keiki in the background.
    Beautiful image of the female characters.
    Yoko and Rakushun walking along, looking like a storybook picture.
    Cute Enki image.
    Yoko image with her hair swirling around her and light colors.
    Keiki against the moon which looks really pretty in full view.
    Yoko and Keiki with their arms around each other.
    Yoko doing Keiki's hair. XD
    There are some beautiful details on this Yoko image.
    Really pretty group image with warm yellows and dark blues.
    En-ou profiles that look really good.
    Yoko image with a lovely outfit and flowers in her hand.
    Chibi ADORABLENESS with Yoko, Keiki, and Enki.
    Pretty group b&w sketch.
    Keiki and Taiki prettiness.
    Yoko and Rakushun with an oversized leaf for an umbrella.
    Hotass Yoko in a lake.
    Gyousou holding Taiki adorableness.
    Sort of stylized Yoko and Keiki with lovely colors.
    The accessories on this Yoko image are kind of stunning.

    Gorgeous image of Togame that captures the style of the anime so very well.
    Another gorgeous image of Shichika's arm around Togame.
    Shichika carrying Togame with a pretty traditional background.
    A more watercolor like style to this image is interesting to see with this show.
    A very autumn-like feel to this image from the actual red and gold leaves falling around them.
    Togame's hair in this image alone would have made it worth clicking on.
    I believe that is indeed Shichika using Togame's hair as a scarf, which makes me lol really hard.
    Togame lying on Shichika which is really kind of cute. Even if I worry a little about her skirt.
    Several pages of colored sketches of the Katanagatari characters, all of which are lovely.
    Shichika picking Togame up again and carrying her, with some really fantastic leaf patterns all through the image.
    Man, Shichika is pretty in this single-page comic with bright, clean colors.
    Shichika grabbing hold of Togame again as they go jumping through the air.
    Togame and Shichika sitting next to each other and I like the patterns here.
    Pretty image of Togame falling backwards and I like the detail on her hair.
    This time it's a pretty image of Nanami and I could totally stand to see more of her.
    Cute sketch of Togame in Shichika's lap.
    Pretty, clean lines and colors on both Shichika and Togame here are nice.
    Almost sort of SD image of Togame which is really cute!
    A more shoujo-esque styled image of Togame that really has some nice detail on it.
    I like the almost stylized look on this image of Togame.
    Cute little single-page comic of Togame tripping onto Shichika.
    Another cute Togame image with some click lines and colors.
    Pretty reds and whites and pinks and oranges in this image of Shichika holding Togame.
    Sort of stylized Togame again which I'm growing very fond of.
    Another lovely image of Nanami with lovely, glowing colors.
    So many colors on this image of Togame flying into Shichika's arms!
    Awesome image of Togame and Shichika ready to fight!
    Such pretty lineart for Shichika and Togame wound up together, I only wish there were more colors. *_*
    Stylized a bit, but still lovely image of Togame and I love her eyes.
    Togame leaning against Shichika who's leaning back against a tree as well.
    I love the sketch-like lineart with glossy cg colors mix on Togame and Shichika here.
    Scenes of Shichika fighting and protecting/doing what Togame says, which look awesome.
    Cute image of Togame curled up on Shichika and, god, all this fanart is making me ship them even more.
    The colors are a little darker than usual here but they still look really good on Shichika and Togame.
    One more pretty one of Shichika and Togame.
    Awesome Flash-style image for Togame here and I love this one a lot.
    Togame curled up in Shichika's lap and it's beautifully colored and matches the series.
    Another watercolor-style image that's just so very pretty with these characters.
    Awesome image of Shichika fighting while Togame is swept up in his arms.
    There're more blues in this image than usual (though, there's still plenty of reds) and I like Shichika this way, too.
    Pretty image of Togame's hair being wound around Shichika.

Kodomo no Omocha:
    Whoa, I never expected to find Sana and Hayama art, at least not cute like this!
    Sana and Hayama cuteness.
    Gorgeous coloring on this chibi image.
    Sana and Hayama again.

Lost Universe:
    Omg! Canal and Kain art! YES.
    Another super cute image of Canal.
    And yet again, Canal being cute.
    ....I sense a theme. But that's okay, Canal's my favorite anyway.
    Canal and Kain again.
    And, finally, the cast being cute together.

    Kakashi and Ginko, I lol'd.
    Pretty Ginko in a cave
    Really beautiful Ginko walking in a forest, the detail and size of this is amazing.
    More prettiness and I really like the anime-style colors of this one, too.
    Simple Ginko, but nice
    This one is really cute, too. Ditto.

Nabari no Ou:
    Gorgeous image of Yoite and Miharu holding hands on a sligthly chilly day.
    Very pretty image of Yoite, actually smiling for once.
    Really pretty image of Gau.
    He might be a stick here, but Raikou is still super pretty in this style; I love the lines of it.
    Yoite in different clothes for once and looking very pretty in this black/white/red image.
    Raikou and Gau again, this image was nicely done.
    Amazing image of Yoite and Miharu back to back in a garden, the detail and vivid colors are fantastic.
    Pretty image of Gau sitting in a bookroom with a book in his lap.
    This Shijima image actually looks kind of really cool.
    Simple, but pretty image of Raikou in a bed of red flowers around him.
    Almost simple, but with really soft, lovely lines, this Miharu image is really nice.
    Another soft, lovely image of Shijima this time.
    I'm really liking this artist's style on this soft sketch of Raime, it suits her character really well.
    Bookmark-style images of the characters, I just really like the concept of it.
    Okay, Gau sleeping on Raikou is pretty cute, I gotta admit.
    Soft, pretty sketch of Raikou this time.
    B&W sketch of Yoite with flowers against a dark teal background, it looks nice.
    Cute Miharu sketch, the gree of his eyes is nice.
    Shijima's eyes look kinda creepy here and yet it's a really cool/pretty image, too.
    Pretty use of greens in this Yoite sketch.
    Simple, but lovely Raikou with a sheer veil over his head.
    Miharu and Yoite back to back.
    Raikou and Raime in a yin/yang position and I wish more artists drew these two, especially when they look this neat.

Natsume Yuujinchou:
    Gorgeous image of Natsume and Madara.
    Natsume and Madara again, lovely chibis this time.
    Beautiful colors on this one of Natsume and Nyanko-sensei.
    More gorgeous Natsume and Madara.
    I really like the colors of this one.
    Adorable chibi Natsume and Nyanko-sensei.
    More pretty colors and patterns here.
    I like the details on this one.

Ouran Koukou Host Club:
    Kyouya illustration with glossy colors that I'm weak to.
    The twins covered in cake icing.
    Kaoru and Hikaru hugging and inside each other's personal space.
    Kyouya carring bride!Tamaki and I know I should have standards, but I really, really don't. Plus, this is beautiful.
    Beautiful image of Tamaki and Kyouya sitting back to back in their street clothes.
    Kyouya and Tamaki touching foreheads and holding flowers, very sweet.

Prince of Tennis:
    Ryoma dragging Sakuno along adorableness.
    Tezuka and Fuji with a camera and a cactus.
    October birthdays with Tezuka, Atobe, and Ohtori.
    Seigaku group image that has some really nice, slick lines and colors.
    Ryoma and Sakuno holding hands as they run along, with really nice, glossy colors.
    ADORABLE Ryoma and Sakuno as he plunks his cap onto her head.
    An armful of gifts for each of them, Ryoma and Sakuno are still adorable here.
    OMG BABY RYOMA smiling like hell and the oversized cap on his head!
    Ryoma's grumpy expression as he locks an arm around Sakuno and Karupin each is kind of adorable.
    The colors on this Ryoma/Sakuno image are really nice, the soft blues and pinks complement each other nicely.
    Ohtori and Shishido in suits that both match their coloring.
    Really gorgeous Tezuka/Fuji image with some fantastic lines and details and I love Tezuka's glasses in Fuji's hand like that.
    Pretty image of Fuji with an apple in his hand.
    Seigaku group image/collage that really made me nostalgic for their hijinks.
    I believe this is also Tezuka/Fuji as well? It's super, super pretty regardless.
    Pretty image of Fuji and Ryoma in those red/white/black uniforms, done in a pretty sketch style.
    Tezuka and Fuji carrying groceries home in this really light, warm image.
    Really kind of adorable Sanada/Yukimura image with bright, glossy colors.

Princess Tutu:
    There's a handful of really nice Fakia/Ahiru images
    Oh, wow, this Tutu image has all these delicate swirls and filmy clothes and it's just beautiful.
    Mytho and Rue sketch as they're dancing, which is pretty.
    Princess Tutu dancing on a lake, pretty and light colors.
    Fakia and Ahiru dancing with a pretty yellow dress and tuxedo, I love this.
    Fakia and Ahiru in fairy ballet costumes, I love it.
    Tutu and Kraehe with delicate lines and colors, very pretty.
    More pretty Kraehe image with lots of delicate details and pretty costume.
    Softly colored Ahiru in Fakia's arms and she has a lovely poofy dress.
    I'm really weak to watercolor style images as well as Mytho/Rue images.
    Angel-themed Ahiru is super cute.
    Ahiru in a white costume and holding ballet shoes, with pretty cg colors.
    Slightly older looking Ahiru in pretty ballet dress.
    Chibi Tutu and Fakia, which is adorable as all get out.
    Pretty Fakia and Tutu dancing with warm cg colors.
    Anime-style poster image with the main cast.
    Another Fakia and Ahiru with pretty, bright colors for her and darker for him.
    Gorgeous Kraehe and raven image.
    Adorable in cute little lacy dress.
    Rue and Ahiru face to face and feathery wings around them and soft, pink colors.
    Rue and Kraehe prettiness.
    Another beautifully done Rue and Kraehe.
    Mytho and Tutu dancing under the shelter of a swan's wings.
    Fakia holding Ahiru's hand as they walk done in a sort of cg screencap-like style.
    Edel and Fakia changing Ahiru back which has her landing in Fakia's lap naked.
    Pretty little image of Rue and Mytho as she leans in towards him.
    Fakia leaning in towards Ahiru, his finger crooking under her chin.
    I just like the layout of this image of Fakia, Tutu, Mytho, and Kraehe with clockwork in the background.
    Soft, pretty Princess Tutu image.
    Adorable and perfect Ahiru image.
    Bruised and battered Fakia and Ahiru as they touch each other gently.
    Fakia wrapping arms around Ahiru as he rests his chin on her head and I'm just weak to the cuteness of it.
    Adorable, adorable doodle of Mytho with baby Rue as she dances and holds his hand.
    The more I look at this poster-style image, the more I really like it and the surprisingly solid lines of it. Edel is especially well done, imo.
    Gorgeous image of Kraehe that looks even better in full view.
    Little chibis of Tutu and Fakia that are just so darned adorable.
    Ahiru landing in Fakia's arms and I love the light, airy quality of this one.
    I'm at a bit of a loss to describe this one, but it looks very pretty in full view and has some cool themes to it.
    Ahiru and Tutu holding hands in a pop-up book; it's cute.
    Soft, gentle Ahiru sketch in light, pastel colors.
    Image that has an interesting style, a sketch of Tutu with light coloring.

Ranma 1/2:
    I'm a hardcore Ranma/Akane shipper, but... I will probably always carry a tiny, tiny torch for Ranma/Shampoo that I can never quite get rid of. Gorgeous art doesn't help.
    Cute Shampoo image with neat cg colors.
    Another pretty Shampoo, in a slinky Chinese dress.
    ...I still don't precisely ship it, but Ranma and Shampoo are lovely.

Shaman King:
    Anna and Yoh cuteness.
    I really like the colors of this Yoh and Anna again.
    Yoh and Anna against a sunset.
    Yoh and Anna back to back.
    Yoh attempting to kiss Anna is kind of super cute. XD
    Incredible Hao image.
    Yoh and Hao image.
    Ren and Horohoro image.
    Yoh and Anna cuteness.
    Really fantastic Yoh and Anna poster-style image.
    Yoh and Anna in each other's laps.
    Amidamaru image that looks really good.
    Nicely done group image that looks like a poster.
    Ren and Horohoro in an hourglass.
    Super awesome image of Hororho.
    EVEN MORE super awesome image of Horohoro!
    I really like the slightly older look to this Horohoro image.
    Omg, chibi kiss under the leaves is so, so cute.
    Super cute image of Horohoro and Kororo.
    Okami style Horohoro image? YES PLZ.
    Slightly bloody, but still nicely done Horohoro again.
    There's a nice quality that's almost like anime-cel-style on this image of Horohoro.
    Team Yoh dorkery. XD
    Nice sketch of Horohoro.
    Horohoro and Hao, I believe. Very pretty.
    Aww, these chibis are super adorable again.
    Another surprisingly pretty image of Hao and Horohoro.
    Horohoro and Yoh that I really liked.
    Group cuteness that I also liked.
    Horohoro in mid-fight and looking awesome.
    Oh, man, I love this one of Horohoro, too--the colors. *_*
    Horohoro image that has some seriously gorgeous blues in it.
    This is a really pretty image of Yoh and Hao against a lovely sky.
    Oh, wow, the reds and whites and greens of this image are just beautiful.
    This is a really nice image of Hao again.
    This image is another one that has really amazing lines and colors. *__*
    I really love the lines on this image of Yoh kissing Hao's forehead, they're really fantastic.
    Omg. Yoh, Anna, and a baby and you know that this is exactly how it would go. I LOVE IT.
    Yoh, Anna, and Manta in a really kinda cool style, I liked this a lot.
    Pretty image of Anna with her beads.
    Why are Yoh and Hao chibis so damn cute? The bright, shiny colors really help, too.
    Another cute image of Yoh and Anna, simple but really nice.
    Yoh and Manta trying to cook! XD
    Anna, Manta, and Yoh and boxing! XD
    Another super-adorable Mankin group image, after a fight.
    Cute image of Yoh again.
    I never get tired of hilarious Yoh and Hao images. XD
    Another image of Anna and her beads.
    Oh, I like this one of Anna and Yoh side by side.
    Itty bitty Yoh is really cute, too.
    Horohoro on a porch with Yoh in the background.

Shin Seiki Evangelion:
    Amazing image of Kaworu holding Shinji close, it's really gorgeous.
    Kaworu dipping Shinji, again this is really lovely.
    Every so often there's an Asuka image that really hits me, this one's soft colors are beautiful.
    The artist did a really pretty Rei one as well.
    Pretty Rei and Asuka this time.
    The use of incredibly vivid reds on this Asuka image are terrific.
    Oh, man, the cg style of this image of Rei is gorgeous, the colors are beautiful.
    Awesome image of Unit 01, wow.
    Then there's an Asuka image by the same artist as the Rei one and the colors are just as intense and amazing.
    Kaworu image by the same artist and just gorgeous like the other two.
    Really stunning image of Kaworu with wings, the reds are fantastic.
    ...a pairing I never really expected to see much of, Kaworu/Asuka, but this image was kind of really neat.
    And then immediately after, I saw another neat one, wtf.
    Okay, now I'm clearly caught up in the Kaworu/Asuka corner of Pixiv and I'm finding it hard to leave, it's just so... novel.
    Cute little group image of the pilots all kind of attempting to curl up into one big pile.
    Kaworu pressing his forehead to Asuka's as she blushes and looks teary. And pissed.
    Kaworu feeling Shinji up in front of the Evas, which is kind of hilarious to see their reactions. But also this image is really nicely done.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Unsorted:
    Utena and Anthy with beautiful details and colors.
    Utena and Anthy with some nice details.
    Pretty Utena, Sailor Moon, and Slayers art, three of my favorite female characters even.
    Mikage sitting alone in Nemuro Hall.
    Mikage and Mamiya done in poster-style like the SKU promotional images.
    Very pretty Anthy, Utena, and Dios, done in the style of official art.
    Super ADORABLE chibi Anthy and Utena with super cute.
    Anthy and Utena again.
    Chibi Juri, very cute and nice colors.
    There's almost a sketch-like quality to this one of Utena and Anthy but it really works for it.
    Group image with some really bright, vivid colors.
    Utena and Anthy with some pretty colors.
    Movie style Utena that's done well enough to just about be mistaken for official art, at least around her face.
    There's really some amazing detail on this image of Utena, the ruffles on her clothes are fantastic.
    Another professional level poster-style image that looks amazing.
    Anthy and Utena in modern clothes and I really like the use of pink in this, I surprisingly don't get tired of it in this fandom.
    Nicely done Utena image, a pretty shade of pink used here.
    More Utena and Anthy poster-style art, it's solidly done.
    I'm not sure how much I like the mosaic-like effect here, but this image really is nicely done beyond that.
    This image looks really nice in full view, it's very cute and the artist has a good style and the details are really fine.
    Pretty dvd mock-up covers: Anthy, Utena, Nanami, Touga and Saionji, Wakaba, and Juri.
    Pretty Utena image.
    Another pretty Utena image, I really like the concept of this one.
    Utena art again, very pretty shades of pink.
    Utena and Anthy, very cute.
    I really like the way fanart uses that style of blank bodies with the clothes and this one is especially nice.
    Utena and Anthy poster-style image again.
    Very nice details on this one, very solid colors.
    Gorgeous Juri art, pretty colors and lovely lines.
    This one of Nanami looks really pretty in full view.
    There's some amazing detail on this one of Utena and Anthy, they both look gorgeous.
    Utena image with pretty colors and pretty lines.
    Utena and Anthy with some really vivid pinks and reds.
    Beautiful Utena and Anthy in mid-duel, very lovely.
    Utena and Anthy with amazing details.
    More beautiful colors with Utena and Anthy.
    Juri and Shiori with some really nice details.
    Ruka/Juri/Shiori trio that looks amazing in full view, the details look fantastic.
    This one Utena looks really nice in full view as well.
    Utena and Anthy with some amazing detail on the hair and clothes.
    Pretty Utena in a coffin, very nicely detailed.
    Utena and Juri with some amazing details again.
    Utena and Anthy, some amazingly bright, vivid colors. Also NSFW.
    Beautiful cg-style Utena and Anthy, really worth a look.
    Utena and Anthy as kidlets, very cute and fits with the series really well.
    Cute Utena and Anthy in the middle of a duel.
    Pretty take on Ruka and Juri, nice colors with this one.
    Group image that looks neat.
    I love the soft, pretty pastels of this Nanami image.
    Pretty Utena image.
    Utena and Anthy again, very cute.
    Utena and Anthy with the blank bodies again, the details of it are fantastic and it really fits with the series. And the full version.
    Pretty Wakaba image.
    Pretty colors in this Utena and Anthy image.
    Utena and Anthy flying towards each other and hugging, very lovely.
    Cute little Saionji image.
    Utena image that's solid and nice.
    This Utena image is really pretty in full view.
    Utena and Anthy chibi-esque and really cute, very nice colors.
    I kind of really love the way Utena's eyes look in this one.
    A little rough, but I really like the colors of this Utena image.
    Pretty movie-style Utena and Anthy again.
    Pretty Utena image, more pretty pink colors.
    Utena and Anthy with some gorgeous details and colors, it looks fantasic in full view.
    Utena and Anthy with a pretty softened style and super cute chibi-esque style.
    This one also looks nice in full view.
    Pretty Nanami art in different outfits.
    Cute Utena art.
    Fantastic detail on this image of Utena and Anthy.
    Utena and Anthy, nicely done in the style of the anime.
    The lines and details of this Utena and Anthy image are fantastic and sharp.
    Adorable chibis with Utena and Anthy again.
    Cute details on this one, very pretty colors.
    Super cute Anthy image.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Utena/Anthy:
    Utena and Anthy's faces are especially lovely in this slightly NSFW image as they press together.
    The two of them falling backwards together while holding each other close and looking directly at each other.
    Utena/Anthy screencap-style image with their designs from the movie.
    I like the faded colors on this image and the sort of stylized look to it.
    Cute image of the two of them holding hands in their usual duelling outfits.
    Flash-style colored silhouttes/shadows with them in street clothes and I especially love Anthy's white dress.
    Lovely image of the two of them once again in their duelling clothes.
    Stylized, Lisa Frank-esque poster image of Utena and Anthy that's kind of really cute.
    This image of Anthy kissing Utena's hand while they're in duelling outfits is nice in full view.
    I love the pinks in this image, especially Anthy in her totally adorable spring pink dress!
    Utena and Anthy facing each other and linking hands together as they're in their duelling clothes.
    Soft, pretty sketch of Anthy leaning against Utena that has some matching soft, pretty colors.
    Anthy in her pink dress again as she and Utena touch foreheads and cry happily a little.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Utena:
    Pretty Utena image.
    Naked Utena with strategically placed hair and sword has some really fanastic lineart, especially on her face and eyes.
    Gorgeous image of a slightly battered Utena as she holds her hand out and smiles.
    Utena with her short-looking hair from the movie, in a nicely done screencap-style image.
    Flash-style colored silhoutte of Utena of her in her lovely pink and blue dress.
    Soft, almost feathery image of Utena that has some fantastic detail to it.
    Crying Utena doodle that I thought was well done.
    Cute painting-style image of Utena with her sword out for a duel.
    I'm a sucker for bright, vivid colors and images that are huge in full view.
    Cute little Utena chibi with her sword raised in the air as she smiles.
    Utena in her schoolgirl uniform that's tattered along the shoulders after a fight.
    Another cutely done image of Utena in her duelling outfit with her sword.
    Male and female versions of Utena as they're upside down to each other looks cool, too.
    Utena in her underwear with a rose signet shadow/tattoo on her leg.
    Utena in her schoolgirl uniform again but what I really like about it is the softened, hazey colors.
    The heavily inked lines on Utena here make for a neat looking image.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Groups:
    Lovely image of Anthy, Utena, Juri, and Shiori in their duelling outfits, all pressed together.
    Touga, Akio, and Saionji all wrapped up together in an image that keeps the spirit of the anime's style.
    SKU cast in the style of the Durarara!! ending that is all kinds of fantastic, wow.
    Anime-style image of Akio, Anthy, and Utena.
    Gorgeous image of the SKU girls all in various colored Rose Bride dresses.
    Beautiful collage of the various Utena characters with really rich reds and pinks to it.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Other:
    Mikage holding his hand out while standing in the doorway of the room with all the little windows.
    Touga and Saionji with their colored rose signets behind them.
    Nanami and Miki in the same style as the above.
    Beautiful image of Ruka and a blindfolded Juri and asldkfjasl;kj I know I shouldn't but oh how I ship them.
    Pretty image of Juri in a solid cg style.
    Beautiful image of Anthy floating above a rose inside a bubble, with the castle in the background.
    Pretty image of Nanami with a white rose in her mouth and her shirt open almost all the way, slightly NSFW.
    Juri in black with spring flowers in her hair and a fan pressed lightly against her lips.
    Pretty cg image of Mikage that looks even prettier in full view.
    Really pretty Lina/Gourry
    Lina on Dragon!Filia that is awesome
    Cute Lina and snowman with Naga in the background. In her usual outfit. XD
    Xellos and Zelas comic amusement.
    Really pretty Martina image.
    This group image has some really amazing lineart, wow.
    Amelia in Naga's outfit, which is surprisingly cute.
    Lina in mid-spell, I love the long lines and use of light in this image.
    Amelia in blue and it's totally adorable.
    Another adorable group image.
    Pretty use of reds in this Lina image.
    Lina wandering along, I love the fantasy-style clothes the artist drew on her.
    Adorable group image of the cast falling against the sky.
    Beautiful image of Lina looking upwards.
    Another gorgeous Lina image as she holds a Laguna Blade.
    Gorgeous group image with the main cast and Syphiel and Martina as well.
    Group image that has some really great detail.
    Gourry and Zelgadiss in Otome no Inori outfits. <3
    Beautifully done Phantom of the Opera Zelgadiss.
    Group image with a nice anime cel-esque style.
    Group campsite image, very solidly done.
    Awwww! Chibi Lina/Gourry wedding image.
    Soft and pretty Lina/Gourry kiss.
    Lina against a darkening/lightening sky that looks really nice in full view.
    I also never get tired of the main group tearing into food images.
    Beautiful, light and airy Valgaav image.
    Pretty Lina about to cast a spell.
    Val and Filia in school uniforms.
    Fantasy remake style Lina and Gourry.
    Lina cg image that's got some beautiful vivid colors.
    Vivid colors on this Lina and Amelia.
    Lina and Zelgadiss in a forest.
    Lina and Gourry fighting together.
    Pretty Xellos image.
    Xellos and Zelas in pretty, slick cg colors.
    Lina and Gourry sleeping on each other.
    Gorgeous Gourry image. And this one as well. And one more, beautiful colors.
    This one of Gourry is once again just gorgeous.
    Lina and Gourry in the grass.
    Xellos, Amelia, and Zelgadiss group image.
    Gorgeous Mazoku group image that looks amazing.
    Gourry holding Lina, very cute.
    Lina/Gourry epic hug.
    There's some beautiful lineart of this Lina image.
    Pretty Lina image with a ball of light spell in her hand.
    Group b&w image with color Lina out front, very pretty.
    Lina/Gourry kiss based on NEXT ep 23.
    Pokota sleeping in Zelgadiss' hood, so adorable.
    A different kind of demon form Zelgadiss that looks really cool.
    Pouty Zelgadiss in a cathood that is the greatest thing just about ever.
    Anime cel-style group image and I love how slick and professional this looks.
    Lina sitting on Gourry's shoulder, with pretty, slick colors.
    Super cute Gourry and Lina.
    Lina and Gourry on the beach.
    Lina and Gourry both in dresses, super adorable.
    Gourry carrying Lina over his shoulder.
    Lina and Gourry sleeping against each other.
    Gorgeous Xellos image with a great intensity.
    Pretty cg on this group image of the guys crossdressing.
    Really amazingly done and spot on with the anime style Valgaav image.
    Adorable chibi Zel with really pretty colors.
    Multiple stand-alone images all with really pretty, soft colors.
    Gorgeous coloring on this group image.
    Awesome group image of all of them walking along and arguing in that way they have.
    Lina out in the snow with a totally cute pink outfit.
    Lina and Naga in high school uniforms which is kind of hilarious.
    Really beautifully done Gourry image of him without his shirt and a soft look on his face.
    Gorgeous image of the main four all in one group hug.
    Cute image of Lina in a green, white, and pink outfit.
    Nicely done collage of the various characters/situations from NEXT.
    Lina looking awesome with a fireball in hand.
    Gorgeous image of Xellos with some fantastic detail, colors, and lines.
    Adorable group image that's crammed a surprising amount of characters in.
    An illustration of Gourry this time that's just as gorgeously done.
    Brilliantly vibrant colors on this image of the Mazoku are fantastic.
    Xellos bothering Lina while she tries to read a book late at night.
    Xellos without his cloak and taking his gloves off as well.
    Beautifully done Xellos image of him resting his head against his propped up knee.
    This time he looks a little more evil, which is probably more appropriate for Xellos.
    One more by this artist because I can't resist how pretty her Xellos looks.
    Lina and Gourry in school uniforms as he gives her a piggyback ride and, man, is this ever cute.
    Little chibi Lina for Halloween is ridiculously adorable.
    Xellos and Lina laying back in the grass and, despite that this isn't my usual ship, I kind of really like this one.
    The anime-style colors here on this image of Lina and Gourry ready to fight are nice.
    A more painting-like style on this image of Lina and Gourry ready to fight again.
    Lina and Gourry with bunny ears and totally cute, adorable pastel colors.
    Cute little image of Zelgadiss that almost makes him look a little younger.
    Lina image with an upward perspective as she's ready to throw a fireball.
    Cute little multi-panel comic with Lina getting tied up and Gourry... looking flatly at her then taking a nap on her. XD
    More cuteness with Lina/Gourry and she's bandaging his wounds.
    Black & white sketch of Lina that's solidly done.
    Lina and Gourry chibis that are also brightly, softly colored.
    Soft, airy colors on this Xellos/Lina image are nice, too.
    More adorable mini-comics of Lina and Gourry where he's wounded.
    Gourry with puppy ears holding a little chibi Lina in his arms.
    Nicely done Zelgadiss image with a serious look on his face.
    Awww, more mini-comics with Lina and Gourry being domestic.
    Gorgeously colored Lina/Gourry where they're curled up on pillows and Lina's sleeping.

Soukyuu no Fafner:
    Holy crap, that's a gorgeous Fafner illustration of the cast all at an aquarium and it looks fantastic in full view.
    Beautiful image of Kazuki reaching for Soushi who's in the distant background and it's a sad, but lovely image.
    Another fantastic group image that is super pretty in full view.
    Soushi holding on to Kazuki from behind who's half-naked and, why, thank you for that, fandom.
    Portrait of Kazuki in his uniform that's also really nicely done.
    Laying back in the grass, just a peaceful moment for once, and I really loved that.
    Beautiful and angsty poster-style image of Soushi and Kazuki. Just like Fafner art should be.
    Another angsty poster-style image of Soushi and Kazuki that captures the anime's style.
    Whasshisname illustration of him at sunset and it's really beautiful.
    Kazuki in uniform and with kitty ears. Japan knows its audience.
    Beautiful poster-style image again, only this time done in a more watercolors-like style.
    Oh, man, is this ever cute and really kind of hilarious.
    Sketch of Soushi while he's sleeping is really gorgeous, too.
    This birthday image of Soushi, even though he's sort of smiling, somehow breaks my heart for him all over again.

Soul Eater:
    Gorgeous Maka image
    Beautiful illustration of Spirit and younger!Stein (everything this artist does is worth checking out, omg, I piiiiine for her to get a regular site!)
    Another one by the same artist (the full version is gorgeous) and her Soul/Maka is nice, too
    There is a shocking amount of Maka/Chrona that is really, really pretty stuff! Actual shoujo ai sometimes, even! It's like. Who are you and what have you done with the Japan I know??
    Kind of dark, bloody Stein/Spirit just like I like it.
    There is also a lot of really awesome Death the Kid art, including some SUPER ADORABLE wee kidlet with Shinigami-sama art.
    There's not a super-ton of Soul/Maka, but I've still found some of the best art for it here.
    You know what they also do up all awesome? Batshit Crazy Maka, which I totally approve of.
    Stein and Spirit, gorgeous colors and details.
    I really like the lines on this Soul and Maka one.
    Maka and Chrona chibi adorableness, I like the CG style of it.
    Gorgeous Maka image, beautiful colors and pretty details.
    I just really like the solid colors of this Soul and Maka image.
    A little too up Maka's skirt for me, but this one is still utterly gorgeous to look at.
    Same for this one, it's still worth it for the really pretty use of reds and oranges and the perspective of Maka weilding the weapon.
    Maka with multiple blades again.
    Bright, pretty cg coloring on this one that I really liked.
    Soul and Maka against a very bright blue sky.
    Soul and Maka in formal clothes as Soul plays piano.
    Soul and Maka falling through the sky, very pretty.
    Maka and weapon in the style of the anime, very nice.
    Maka with loose clothing is kind of hot.
    Soul and Maka with loose clothing hugging each other.
    Soul and Maka in formal clothes, pressing a kiss to her cheek.
    Soul and Maka in school uniforms and holding hands.
    Soul/Maka in formal clothes and surrounded by flowers.
    Soul and Maka in formal wear and playing music.
    Chibi Maka cuteness.
    Maka in mid-attack that looks gorgeous.
    Soul and Maka draped over each other.
    Pretty Maka image again.
    This one nicely captures the feel of the anime.
    Another pretty Maka with her weapon image.
    I just like Soul's fingers tangled in Maka's hair here.
    Soul and Maka happy snuggling.
    Bloody Maka
    Nicely done Black*Star, Maka, and Kid image.
    Maka in a really pretty dress!
    Beautiful soft colors on this Kid image.
    Soul carrying a battered Maka and it's super sweet.
    Fantastic image of several of the adults, I love how solid this looks.
    Maka and Chrona cuteness.
    There's some fantasticly strong Stein/Spirit image.
    Stein/Spirit in German uniforms.
    Stein and Spirit as waiters, which looks pretty nice.
    Really intense Stein image.
    Stein dragging Spirit along, I like the solid colors of this.
    I'm still amused by Stein goofing off with the chair while Spirit stares down at him.
    Adorable Stein and Spirit chibis with raining down pictures of baby Maka.
    Pretty, soft colors on this Stein and Spirit.
    A gorgeous Spirit image, I am so weak to this style.
    More pretty and soft colors on this Stein/Spirit image.
    Gorgeously done younger Stein and Spirit.
    Stein and Spirit and yanking on Spirit's tie.
    Really pretty Tsubaki with snoring Black*Star in her lap.
    Pretty Maka and weapon again.
    Pretty and slick image of Black*Star, Maka, and Kid again.
    Super cute Eruka image that's all delicate colors and lines.
    I don't even know about the costumes, but this image of Stein and Spirit is otherwise beautiful.
    Beautiful splash page style art of several of the Soul Eater older characters.
    Stein portrait that's also nicely done.
    Stein/Spirit image where Stein is leaning over Spirit and there's a pretty sky in the background.
    Cute image of Maka with her weapon, the use of reds here is nice.
    Stein and Spirit walking along while holding hands, which shouldn't work, but somehow... it sort of does? Idk either. XD
    Oh, this image of Stein resting in Spirit's lap looks really nice in full view.
    Stein and Spirit when they were younger, done in almost pencil-color like style.
    Beautiful image of Stein as he looks back over his shoulder.
    The lineart for this image of Stein/Spirit is wonderfully detailed and pretty, especially for such an otherwise simple image.
    Another Stein/Spirit done in the style of a doujinshi front/back cover image.
    Stein and Spirit making out on the couch and it's a pretty image? Japan is starting to spoil me.
    Spirit being offered a red flower as he sits pouting on the curb of the street.
    Spirit with his shirt half off as Stein drags his tie off with his teeth. Awesome.
    Stein lighting up a cigarette done in lovely nighttime colors.
    Younger Stein/Spirit again and the soft colors along with the way they're looking at each other is just ♥.

Spirited Away:
    Stunning piece of Chihiro with Haku who is in his dragon form and this is just. Everything fanart for this movie should be.
    Adorable image of Sen and Haku as they fly along together.
    Chihiro hugging Haku's face when he's in his dragon form, aww.
    An amazingly beautiful piece of Chihiro riding Haku in his dragon form, wow.
    Haku/Chihiro hug that's really sweet and I really like the cg style of it.
    Chihiro leaning into Haku as they fall downwards and their hair streams upward, which is beautiful.
    Haku and his dragon form with some beautiful uses of blue and white.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann:
    Gorgeously done Simon and Nia, but sort of NSFW.
    I really like the vivid colors of this one.
    This Simon and Nia image is amazing, especially in full view.
    There's a fair amount of T&A in this image, but I really love the colors in full view and it's really kinda pretty.
    Simon and Nia again, facing away and beautifully done.
    More gorgeous Simon and Nia, so light and floaty and just. Wow.
    Another profesionally level Simon and Nia image, both with the colors and details.
    Simon and Nia mermaid, which is really lovely.
    I love the Nia art in this category is fantastic.
    The soft, delicate pastels of this Simon and Nia image are fantastic as well.
    SUPER CUTE Nia on the beach.
    Nia and Yoko, very cute and pretty.
    Super cool group image, poster-style.
    Very cute Simon, Nia, and Rossiu.
    Two Nias, both of her designs look fantastic.
    Kamina with Simon and Yoko, beautifully done.
    Amazingly done Simon and Kamina back to back, wow.
    This one has some more amazing colors.
    Nia in this image is beautiful, the colors and details are amazing.
    Simon and Nia are adorable in wedding outfits!
    Even more amazingly pretty Simon and Nia wedding art.
    Chibi wedding art this time!
    Pretty much everything about this one of Simon and Nia is amazing
    Lord Genome, Simon, and Nia all HARDCORE, I love it.
    Simon and Nia gorgeous wedding image, I love this one, too.
    Simon and Nia as kids, being adorable.
    Nia in super adorable clothes, especially her hat omg.
    Another great Kamina, Simon, and Yoko poster-like image.
    More super-cute Simon and Nia as kids.
    Simon/Nia wedding image with some gorgeous pastel colors.
    Yoko, Nia, Simon, and Kamina walking along, more gorgeous colors.
    Beautiful wedding outfits image again, Nia's eyes are fantastic.
    Rossiu hugging Simon and Nia, aww.
    Watercolor-style Simon and Nia.
    Simon/Nia makeouts, pretty colors again.
    Simon and Nia with a kiss to her temple and it's lovely.
    Super cute Nia image with bright sea-green and pinks.
    The colors on this Nia image are just stunning.
    Another beautifully done group image.
    Simon and Nia image that's got some amazing detail and color again.
    Nice use of reds on this Kamina/Yoko image.
    Simon and Nia series of doodles, the details are fantastic and as;ldkfjasl the one where they're sleeping together is great.
    Nia and Yoko in the bath adorableness and prettiness.
    Nia in pretty swirls and lace.
    Stunning image of the whole cast drawn inside a giant spiral, with Simon at the center. Awesome.
    Long as hell image again, this time of scenes of Simon's painful moments that forced him to grow up.
    Another spiralling image of the cast as they get older and it looks fantastic.
    Simon with the drill on his hand in a really nicely done image here, too.
    Simon, Yoko, and Kamina and their giant robot, all giving thumbs up.
    I almost passed by this image done in poster-style, it was almost a little too stylized for me, but it looks so awesome in full view that I couldn't resist.
    Nia wrapped up in Simon's coat and I still totally love her hair.
    Simon and Nia grown up and holding hands together--it's a really sweet image.
    Viral and Yoko is a bit of an odd match-up, but this image looks pretty awesome.
    Awesome poster-style image of adult Simon with Anti-Spiral!Nia in the background.
    Really fantastic poster-style image again of the cast at twilight and huge as all hell. *__*
    Cute, but also lovely image of Nia in her original outfit.
    Simon with his coat flaring around him as he walks towards the starry night sky.
    Simon and Nia as kids and happy and smiling as they hug each other.
    Simon and Nia half-naked from the end and they both have their Serious Faces on.
    Pretty image of Nia in the foreground with Simon looking into the distance in the background.
    Kamina with an explosion at his back looks pretty awesome, too.
    Collage-style cast image looks really good and I love all the different moments it put in.
    Lovely image of Yoko and Nia in formal dresses together.
    Beautiful image of Simon and Nia holding each other close, done in light, airy colors. And there's a baby. Do want.
    Simon and Kamina poster-style image as they're digging underground and find the drill.
    Adult Simon with Anti-Spiral!Nia as she floats down to him in a really cool-looking image.
    Simon and Nia as adults with her lovely wedding dress.
    Chibi-style group image with the whole cast really just packed into it.

WORKING!! - Groups:
    Cute image of Souma, Takanashi, and Satou from the ending credits.
    Adorable group image with Kyouko, Yachiyo, Souta, Souma, and Yamada.
    Another cute image from this artist of Souma, Satou, and Yachiyo.
    Inami and Takanashi are adorable for both their expressions, but the other three in the background are hilarious, too.
    Cute image with Souma teasing Satou about his feelings for Yachiyo.

WORKING!! - Single character:
    Adorable image of Poplar as she's carrying a tray with a parfait on it.
    This is sort of simple image of Inami, except when you look at it in full view, it's beautifully done.
    Simple but very sweet image of Yachiyo in light, airy colors.
    Three of Yamada in this mini-collage of her in various poses/outfits.

WORKING!! - Satou/Souma:
    Satou grabbing Souma by the front of his shirt and scaring the crap out of him.
    Satou putting animal ears on Souma just so casually like this kind of cracks me up.
    Souma and Satou standing side by side in a solidly done image here as well.
    Souma leaning over to kiss Satou's cheek, who is giving him a look.
    Satou hugging Souma from behind and pressing his face to the top of Souma's head and, awww.
    Doodle of the two of them wrapping arms around each other and kissing.
    More of a teasing air this time but still with the bright, warm colors this artist does well with.
    I'm still a sucker for brightly colored images, especially of these two as they're cooking/presenting food.
    Souma pulling Satou down for an almost kiss and it's beautifully done.
    Oh, hey, WORKING!! porn with Satou/Souma! I was beginning to doubt its existence! (NSFW, of course.)
    More Satou/Souma porn and it's really gorgeous as Satou bends over Souma as they're curled on the floor. (NSFW, of course!)
    Simple but nicely done image of Satou wrapping his arms around Souma.
    A series of Satou/Souma images, sometimes makeouts and sometimes just dorkery, that are lovely. A bit NSFW, but not very graphic.

WORKING!! - Other pairings/duos:
    Yachiyo breaking Satou's heart and, despite that, it's a cute, adorable image.
    Another cute one of Yachiyo and Satou as they sit on a sofa and don't look at each other.
X/Tokyo Babylon:
    Lovely image of Subaru in red and black.
    Almost sort of stylized Seishirou and Subaru from during TB.
    Oh, I love the style of this, Seishirou with Subaru inside a pentagram.
    Aww, Seishirou hugging an embarrassed Subaru..
    Seishirou and Subaru in more X-ish designs.
    Oh, man, Kamui, Kotori, and Fuuma as kids is beautiful.
    SUPER ADORABLE Sorata and Arashi, aww.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers:
    Cute Shin doodle.
    Nicely done Kayura image.
    Really pretty and soft group image.
    Pretty Ryou image.
    Another pretty group image.

    Gorgeously colored Yami Yuugi image.
    And another beautifully colored Yami Yuugi.
    Beautiful Pharaoh image.
    Beautiful Kaiba and Yami Yuugi, I believe.
    Pretty Pharaoh image again.
    Nicely solid Kaiba image.
    Pharaoh Yuugi again, I like the almost sepia tones.
    Wow, the colors on this image of Bakura are amazing.
    Light and airy Bakura image this time, which is super pretty.
    Even better solidly done Kaiba image.
    Really kind of fantastic Mokuba in front of... the Kaiba company, I think?
    B&w image of the Kaiba brothers, I really like the lineart here.
    Another lovely almost b&w sketch of Pharaoh Yuugi.
    Pretty Bakura image.
    Little chibi Kaiba adorableness.
    Amazingly done group image poster-style.
    I'm not sure about the concept of this Yuugi, Yami Yuugi, and Kaiba image, but the actual art is pretty, so, well. :D
    asd;lfjkasl;kj Kaiba holding Mokuba in his arms hits so many of my protective brothers kinks, you don't even know.
    Yuugi and Kaiba poster-style image.
    Pretty tearful Yuugi image.
    Yuugi and Yami Yuugi surrounded by presents, very nice solid colors on this one.
    Kaiba and Yuugi again.
    I like the dark colors on this image of Yuugi.
    Awesome Pharaoh and dragon image.
    Kaiba vs Yuugi card game! XD
    The details of this Kaiba image look really nice in full view.
    Gorgeous Kaiba and dragons and a guitar.
    Another awesome poster-style image Kaiba image.
    More beautiful Kaiba and Yuugi image.
    The golds and purples of this Pharaoh Yuugi are amazing.
    Poster style image that looks really cool.
    The colors on this Kaiba and Yuugi image are soft and glowing and gorgeous.
    This Kaiba image looks amazing in full view.
    Stunning intensity on this Kaiba and Yuugi image.
    Another Kaiba and Yuugi image with beautiful colors as they lounge against each other.
    Group image with some terrific detail.
    Kaiba and Yuugi in action.
    Beautiful b&w Kaiba and Yuugi panels.
    Yuugi with stars filled with various moments.
    Kaiba and Yuugi in uniforms on a school roof, with amazine lines and colors.
    Kaiba and Mokuba adorableness.
    Nice anime cel-style Yuugiou poster-style image.
    Kaiba and Yuugi in cool poses. XD
    Kaiba in uniform with really nice details.
    Beautiful lineart of Kaiba again.
    Kaiba and Yuugi walking away.
    I love the colors of this Kaiba and dragon image, it's gorgeous.
    Nicely done, if a bit pastel, Kaiba image.
    Gorgeous Yuugi and Yami Yuugi.
    Another beautiful Kaiba image, with a card on fire.
    Brightly colored, almost neon Kaiba and Mokuba adorableness.
    Kaiba and Mokuba in white, very cute.
    Mokuba adjusting Kaiba's tie omg so cute.
    Gorgeous Yuugi and Kaiba back to back.
    Kaiba and Mokuba hug, awwww. <3
    Pretty character design on Kaiba here.
    Poster style image that looks really cool again.
    Beautifully detailed Yuugi image that looks kind of amazing.
    Kaiba summoning a dragon again.
    The oranges and golds on this Yuugi image are nice.
    Yuugi and Yami Yuugi spraying each other with hoses.
    Gorgeous Pharaoh Yuugi again.
    I just really like the colors of this Pharaoh in a pool of water image.
    The use of black against the various colors of this Pharaoh image is nice.
    Cute smiling Yuugi with pretty watercolors.
    Amazing intensity on this Pharaoh Yuugi image.
    Another nice Pharaoh Yuugi image.
    Pretty younger Kaiba image with gorgeous colors.
    Very nice Bakura image.
    There are some beautiful colors on this Yuugi image.
    Really gorgeous image of Kisara.
    Another really pretty image of Kisara.
    Kaiba and Yuugi with some nice lineart.
    Nice Pharaoh image again.
    I really love the bright, almost pastel colors of this Kisara image.
    Beautifully done Yuugiou trio.
    Kaiba and the dragon, nicely done.
    Kisara with the dragon flying around behind her, beautifully done.
    The full view of this Kaiba image is kind of amazing.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous Seto and dragon, wow. The full view is stunning.
    Beautiful Kisara sketch.
    Gorgeous Kisara looking at the sky image.
    Really cool Bakura image.
    Kisara with stars in her hands, very cute and pretty.
    Kaiba image that is a great use of b&w with blue eyes.
    Another super adorable Kaiba and Mokuba image.
    I also love the colors of this Yuugi image that almost looks like a screencap, only prettier.
    Beautiful Kisara and the dragon, I love the whites and blues.
    This image of Yuugi with a card is really gorgeously colored.
    Awesome Kaiba with a guitar.
    There are some amazing colors on this Bakura Malik image.
    Another gorgeously colored image of Yuugi again.
    Kaiba and Mokuba image that looks really amazing and as;dlkfjasljk oh man now I want fic again.
    One more image of Yuugi with cards for now. XD

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:
    Amazing Hiei image, summoning a black dragon.
    Really kind of fantastic Mukuro image.
    Beautiful Youko Kurama image in soft, pretty cg.
    Very nice Hiei in red, the black dragon tattoo on his arm is still awesome looking.
    Simple, but super adorable doodle of Hiei and Yukina.
    Beautiful colors on this cg image of Kurama.
    More Hiei and Yukina cuteness.
    Botan and Puu lounging on a bed.
    Yuusuke and Puu (in dragon form), nicely done.
    The two sides of Kurama, very pretty.
    Youko Kurama sketch, very pretty lines on this one.
    Beautiful image of Botan and Yukina, they're both lovely.
    Another pretty Hiei image.
    Really cute image of Hiei and Yukina with their necklaces reacting to each other.
    Pretty use of reds in this Hiei and Kurama image.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji:
    Cuteness with the main trio.
    Pretty Tami and Kanda image.
    SUPER cute Izumi and Kiba.
    Stylized chibis with the main trio again.
    Kento chibi with animal ears looking thrilled. Never not going to be great.
    Kuroshitsuji puns? Still funny.
    And what else is still funny? Mei-chan sheep.
    This one is really pretty, too.
    Daimon and Miruku are both adorable.
    KR connections are still funny, too.
    Oh, man, I love it when Mei just TOWERS over people.
    Pretty Rihito and Kento again.
    I love both expressions on Rihito and Kento's faces. XD
    I actually kinda really like this one.
    This one of Rihito is a little rough, but not bad at all.
    Beautiful one of Rihito and Shinobu.
    Adorable one of the girls of the cast, I really liked this.
    Nezu and Fujiko!


DCU (Comics and Animated universes):
    I wasn't originally planning to do much linking to comic art on pixiv, but this image of Robin being all awesome and kickass kind of made me cave.
    Omg Christmas Robin is so cute that I may explode.
    Teen Titans Halloween (based on the animated version) is kind of the most adorable thing just about ever.
    Oh, I love this sketch of Babs as Batgirl, it's beautiful.
    Seriously, not my usual preference for looking for art, but. This image of Harley and the Joker is kind of amazing.
    I also really love that artist's take on Poison Ivy.
    The expression on Babs' face is kind of great here.
    This is a cute image of Ivy and Harley.
    Speedy and Aqualad that looks really cool.
    Robin and Starfire (again, from the cartoon version) that's really, really cute.
    Whoa, Batman on that bike is really kickass.
    This poster mockup looks really fantastic.
    I admit it, I lolled at this.
    Really kind of awesome image of Selina if you ignore the boobs.
    Styelized but awesome image of Batgirl.
    Tim!Robin chibiness is so damn cute that I could just huggle it for an hour straight.
    Oh, lord. Robin in an egg that Kon and Bart find is about the greatest piece of comics fanart ever.
    Really kinda awesome image of Cass' Batgirl.
    But I will always love this version of Batgirl the most, this looks terrific.
    Teen Titans total cuteness, Starfire is adorable here.
    Itty bitty Kid Flash adorablness!
    I really like the stylized feel of this Robin and Starfire image.
    Kon and Tim standing on top of the world, aww.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    Omg, Mac and Bloo Halloween image is so freaking cute.
    Mac and Bloo as best friends.
    Wilt and Cheese is such a great combination.
    Okay, this image of Goo and Bloo? Worth the entire site RIGHT THERE. It's perfect.
    Bloo and Wilt done in that Flash-looking style that's perfect for the show.
    EuroTrish cuteness.
    The main group at Foster's hanging out on the couch.
    The entire cast in Halloween costumes, kinda stylized and totally awesome.

Powerpuff Girls:
    I did not expect to look for PPG fanart on pixiv. But one of the first ones I saw was this image of the girls looking slightly older and it's got these beautiful pastels and just. I'm weak, okay.
    Angel Bubbles and devil Buttercup for Halloween!
    Somehow this super stylized image of the girls really worked for me.
    The anime's character designs are really cute especially when an artist keeps the spirit of the style.
    Bubbles is and always has been my favorite and the blues used for in this oekaki image are are lovely.
    Doodle of the three girls that has some really great bright colors.
    Buttercup watching the sakura while eating a picnic lunch.
    I loooove bright, vivid colors, so this image of the girls hit me just right.
    Cosplay Bubbles! So freaking cute!
    The girls in their usual SD styled selves that really nails their style nicely.
    Girls vs boys in an image that's really cute, too.
    Omg, the girls in SD style in Chinese clothes are super cute!
    Blossom with a Valentine's Day heart with bright, glossy colors.
    These sketches of the girls look really nice in full view, I thought.
    An adorable double-team attack with Blossom and Bubbles.
    Holy shit, little mouse Bubbles with a giant block of cheese is ridiculously cute.
    Bubbles giving Buttercup a hug is super, super cute, too.
    Litty bitty Powerpuff Girls cheerleaders with beautiful colors!
    Girls and the professor for Christmas, which is super sweet.
    The Professor hugging the girls which is just d'awwwww.
    More really pretty colors with the girls in the original design.
    There is so much adorableness in this Halloween image of the girls.
    More super adorable Powerpuff Girls cheerleaders!
    Cute little image of Blossom.
    Sprite version of a little game with Buttercup vs Mojo Jojo.
    Cute poster-style image of the girls with some really sharp, clean lines.
    Awww, Bubbles and Blossom as nurses are seriously adorable.
    Another great image of the Professor hugging the girls.
    This image of the girls is a bit of a simple style, but it's definitely cute.
    Another really cute little Halloween image.
    Bubbles with a great BRING IT expression on her face.
    This time it's an image of the boys and Him.
    Awesome image of Blossom that looks really pretty.
    More art of Bubbles being really cute.
    The pastel colors on this image of the girls riding ponies is perfect.
    Powerpuff Girls as Vocaloids? YES.
    The girls hold the key together with the Professor and Mojo Jojo in the background.
    Another really cute image of Blossom in PPGZ design.
    I am still totally not tired of the Professor hugging the girls art.
    The girls and 10th anniversary cake!
    The girls in fancy dresses, which is also very cute.
    Little oekaki of Blossom trying to comfort a crying Bubbles.
    Blossom and Bubbles playing around with each other.
    The trio of girls looking very cute in the original cartoon's style.
    Mojo Jojo vs Buttercup as they run with their surfboards, the purples and greens of this are great.
    An alligator trying to eat Blossom's head, who hardly even notices. XD
    Bubbles and Blossom with a teaparty that is adorable.
    Cute little Blossom image.
    Awesome image of Blossom done in poster style with the chibis in the background.
    Cute stylized image of the girls with some bright, pastel colors.


The Nightmare Before Christmas:
    I wouldn't have thought an anime style image for The Nightmare Before Christmas would work, but I kind of really like this.
    Jack and Sally's style of Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Star Trek: TOS / Star Trek XI / The Next Generation / etc.:
    I had a random idea to go see if there was any ST art on pixiv (which is totally batshit of me, I know), but then I found a really kind of pretty Troi image, so.
    The cast as done in Lucky Star OP style, lolz.
    Kidlet Spock surrounded by vid screens and the uses of blacks and blue/greens here is gorgeous. This is why I wanted to hit up pixiv for ST art.
    There are several ships in space on pixiv that are really kinda neat to look at!
    Younger looking Spock that looks pretty in full view.
    Interesting Spock and Kirk image., that is one gorgeous Kirk/Spock morning kiss fanart.
    Mini Spocks! XD
    Spock surrounded by Tribbles. XD
    Another cute kidlet Spock sketch.
    One more nicely done Spock sketch.

Harry Potter:
    Fantastic group image that does an amazing job with each and every character.
    Group image during the parents' age and it, too, looks amazing.
    Gorgeous image of the Mauraders and this is why I can't stay away from j-fanart for this fandom.
    Sirius and Remus surrounded by dogs and wolves, this one is beautiful, too.
    Mauraders era group image again and I'm still charmed by the warm colors used.
    Remus surrounded by the others in their animal forms and just. It's really sweet and touching.
    Sirius and Remus sketch of them in bed together--another lovely one.
    Harry and Dumbldedore image that looks amazing, too.
    Current day group of the adults and Harry, it's a sketch/oekaki image, but very nicely done.
    Cute scribble of the trio with Sirius and Remus in the background.
    Remus, Harry, and Sirius portrait that looks just... well, perfect.
    Heartbreaking image of the twins crying and touching foreheads.
    Stunning image of the Mauraders in a snowball fight, one of my new favorite images in the fandom.
    Awesome group image of everyone flying on their brooms. Or attempting to fly.
    The HP girls are adorable here.
    Luna and Draco which I liked because it's more about how they both have lovely, blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

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