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Durarara!! - Shizuo/Izaya:
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo and Izaya fighting like hell against each other and it's just so... fully realized.
    Doodles of the two of them fighting or, well, Shizuo beating Izaya up in the face.
    School uniforms + their normal clothes for Shizuo and Izaya? Yes plz.
    Izaya in various outfits (including a couple of schoolgirl outfits) while Shizuo is like "...."? It's like Japan knows.
    More amusement with vending machines and these batshit characters.
    Shizuo and a cat with Izaya in the background.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap, weapons out for both of them, and Shizuo looks thrilled as usual.
    Izaya in his lap again and Shizuo is still thrilled about the smirky little bastard.
    Shizuo and Izaya sort of back to back and it's a simple image, but still really pretty.
    Cat!Izaya with Shizuo is something I should know better than to like AND YET.
    Oh, hey, finally! Shizuo/Izaya comic strip porn! \o/
    At each other's throats and with violent smiles and a bunch of knives? All things that I love about these two.
    Back to back in this sketch and it's rough, but I like the artist's style a lot.
    Standing in the middle of a crosswalk with Shizuo wiedling a street sign like a weapon and a cool perspective.
    Izaya with a chibi Shizuo that he's tormenting and lolz to the expressions on their faces.
    The two of them on a red sofa and, man, those are some long as hell legs.
    Shizuo petting the kitty headless rider while Izaya snaps a picture and it's the expressions that make it lolzy.
    Sketch of the two of them fighting, all up inside each other's personal space and rough.
    Side by side against a blue/green/gray background and the glowing colors of this one are really neat.
    More fighting between them and I like the anime-style coloring and slick lines.
    One of the hottest mid-battle images that I've come across yet, both for the gorgeous lines and the poses, mm.
    Eating near each other comic doodle and, sure, it's a simple image, but it manages to look cool anyway.
    Nicely done sketch of Shizuo and Izaya again.
    The two of them, each with their own chibi (of the other one) to torment; it's cute!
    Multi-paneled strip of Shizuo throwing more shit at Izaya. XD
    Izaya leaning on Shizuo's shoulder, who is super pleased about it, really.
    More street signs and switchknives as they fight; god, I love this pairing. Especially when it's this damn gorgeous.
    Shizuo carrying Izaya... by the nape of the neck hooked onto the end of a streetsign. Lolz.
    Wrestling with each other while wearing dog collars. Truly, DRRR!! fandom loves me.
    Shizuo/Izaya kissing comic strip and I don't care if it's off character or not. THERE IS KISSING.
    Izaya with a box full of Shizuos in various little chibi forms. Oh, man. I love fandom.
    Izaya sleeping next to Shizuo in a rare moment of not trying to kill each other, done in soft, pretty colors.
    Another mid-battle image where they are reeeeally kind of in each other's personal space.
    Just barely ducking under Shizuo's street sign, Izaya looks kind of really hot here. Well, they both do.
    Beautiful image of the two of them back to back, in more nicely done anime-style.
    Shizuo yanking Izaya close and you all shut up, I just have my needs sometimes.
    The two of them in an image that's a take on the ending credits chain of characters.
    Izaya and Shizuo snapshot where they're yanking on each other's faces and it's beautifully done.
    More street signs vs switchblades as Shizuo and Izaya snarl in each other's faces.
    Sketch of Shizuo and Izaya that's rough, but that only makes it even hotter.
    Two pictures of Izaya and Shizuo that are side by side and nicely done.
    Shizuo and Izaya in an alleyway and this image is really beautiful.
    Why is this so cute? Why do I like Shizuo huggling little kidlet Izaya?
    The expression on Shizuo's face still just makes me laugh.
    Shizuo with Izaya dangling off the side of a building and it makes me smile every time I see it.
    Izaya hiding in a vending machine as Shizuo opens it up makes me laugh.
    Darkened alley makeouts where Shizuo is pressing Izaya up against a wall? DO WANT PLZ.
    Makeouts AND shoving a hand against Izaya's face, all done in lovely anime-cel-style coloring and lines? Yes.
    At the aquarium with Shizuo and Izaya makes me smile, just for the way Shizuo is playing with the fish.
    Shizuo sitting on Izaya while casually smoking also makes me laugh.
    Sketches of the two of them fighting in several different moves, which looks cool.
    Izaya and Shizuo fighting again. Still. It's a rough sketch, but I like it.
    Shizuo about ready to punch Izaya, but then that's not really anything new.
    Shizuo carrying Izaya along like a sack of potatos made me laugh, too.
    Izaya dunking Shizuo's head in the aquarium tank, by the same artist as before, and I had to laugh again.
    Art meme responses that include occasional makeouts. Excellent.
    Bruised and beaten Shizuo and Izaya back to back and, wow, does this one look pretty in full view.
    Cool image of Shizuo and Izaya, each facing a different direction and I like the flat colors.
    Half-naked Izaya in Shizuo's lap as they make out intensely. Yes, finally Japan is giving me what I want.
    Pinning Izaya up against a wall like this and done in a sketch style that I find hot? Excellent.
    I like the soft cg of this, it's very sunshiney and glowy even as they each hold their weapons to the other's throat.
    Izaya draped over Shizuo's street sign definitely made me smile tonight.
    Shizuo gripping Izaya's hood shut just so he doesn't have to look at the bastard's smiling face.
    Izaya shooting Shizuo with a watergun was pretty great itself, but the hotness of this image just makes it that much better.
    Tied up and dumped in Shizuo's lap is one of my favorite Izayas ever. :D
    Beating up on each other as chibis shouldn't be this cute and yet!
    Cheerful Izaya and violent Shizuo about two seconds away from hitting Izaya with a street sign.
    Meme responses in b&w and they're all pretty great.
    Glomping onto Shizuo for a hug is totally a great idea, Izaya.
    Gorgeous image of the two of them back to back with great lines and colors.
    The Shizuo vs Izaya game is one I would totally play.
    Shizuo and Izay fighting again and it looks like Shizuo's winning again.
    Another nicely done fight image as Izaya balances on a fence and Shizuo is about to throw a fan at him.
    This Shizuo and Izaya image has some really lovely, soft coloring.
    Girl version of Izaya with Shizuo in the background? Japan loves me again.
    Shizuo ready to throw a statue right at Izaya, who's practically skipping away.
    Standing side by side and not trying to kill each other seems a little weird to me now. Still pretty, though!
    Ah, there, that's better, now that Izaya's got his switchblade out and Shizuo's picking him bodily up.
    Sideways in opposite directions, another Izaya and Shizuo fighting image.
    Pretty image of the two of them with some really solid lineart underneath the coloring.
    Shizuo and Izaya image that has some really nice lineart to it.
    A bloody and bruised Shizuo holding an equall bloody and bruised Izaya intrigues me.
    More Shizuo and Izaya which is a nicely done image.
    The amount of crap Shizuo throws at Izaya always makes me laugh.
    Promotional style art for Shizuo and Izaya and it's got some fantastic colors.
    The two of them afterwards still sitting on the bed and totally thrilled about what clearly happened.
    Sharing rings with these two is about as lolzy as it sounds.
    Shizuo and Izaya ready to fight actually looks pretty good in full view.
    The two of them literally at each other's throats and in that clean, anime-cel-style I like.
    Fan comic/doujinshi (I'm not sure?) page of Shizuo/Izaya and, wow, can I ever not wait for the DRRR!! doujinshi to start coming in.
    More makeouts in an alleyway with Shizuo pressing Izaya up against the wall? Bless fandom.
    Bloody Izaya and Shizuo back to back with some nicely intense expressions on their faces.
    Both of them on a motorcyle is nicely done and I-- I wouldn't mind that.
    Why must chibis be so freaking cute, it's like they're trying to destroy me.
    The two of them arguing again, even though Izaya looks deliberately smug/bored more than anything.
    Both of them ready to kick ass with a wire fence behind them and both look fantastic.
    Izaya smiling and Shizuo scowling, their arms around each other, and weapons at each other's throats.
    Shizuo in the foreground and Izaya in the background and, shit, there's going to be a ton of DRRR!! art on tegaki, isn't there?
    Izaya tackle-glomping Shizuo who is just so very thrilled about it.
    Shizuo vs Izaya as they fight with their usual weapons.
    Pissed off almost kiss with the two of them is nice, too.
    I know I'm a terrible person but I totally thought this was hilarious. (And I'm going to picture it for the rest of the day as my karmic punishment.)
    Izaya trying to kiss Shizuo and throws his arms around Shizuo's neck.
    Little bitty chibis should not be this damn cute, not with these two.
    I'm fond of the messy lines and sketch-like look of this one.
    Both of them are smiling but definitely not in the same way.
    Black & white lineart of Izaya putting his arms around Shizuo, which looks surprisingly nice.
    Strong, detailed lineart as the two of them get in each other's faces is nice.
    Izaya with Shizuo's glasses in his mouth is kind really nicely done here.
    Another image of them just about at each other's throats.
    Shizuo pulling Izaya towards him by the end, in a gentler manner than usual.
    Makeouts with Shizuo and Izaya is total Do Want Yes Plz.
    The clean, smooth lines here, with Izaya and Shizuo in each other's faces, are nice.
    Fighting again and all in each other's personal space, just the way Shizuo and Izaya should always be.
    Simpler lines than usual but still clean and smooth and I just love this pairing a lot.
    The two of them sitting back against a fence and winding their hands together while refusing to look at each other.
    Totally ooc for both of them to be blushing like this, but it's pretty and they're wound up together, so shut up!
    The two of them as high school students on the roof.
    Beautifully colored chibis with Izaya and Shizuo is something I am totally weak to, yes.
    Izaya yanking Shizuo down by the front of his shirt for a kiss is pretty hot, too.
    Gorgeously colored image of the two of them just standing side by side and still looking dangerous.
    Side by side images of Izaya and Shizuo with their clothes rumpled and half undone, for that one meme.
    Shizuo looks especially gorgeous here but the whole image has an awesome layout.
    Shizuo and Izaya pressed close together and you all shut up, I like them, okay.
    Softly colored, beautiful image of the two of them bruised and battered and leaning against each other.
    I almost passed this one by until I saw it in full view and saw the smiles were covering up the little annoyed tic marks.
    Same for this image, I almost passed it by, until I saw it in full view and really appreciated the detail on it.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap to lean up and kiss him.
    I'm also weak to this pose, with Izaya in Shizuo's arms and wrapped around his shoulders and waist. ....shut up.
    More high school art and as;dlkfjaslkj I want to know mooooore.
    Shizuo being surprised by a dog while Izaya watches in the background.
    Izaya with his hands on Shizuo, on his face and at his throat, in a pretty image.
    I like the pretty blues/greens used here in this image of Shizuo letting Izaya stay close.
    More gorgeous colors and lovely cg with Shizuo and Izaya ready to fight.
    Both of them falling backwards while Shizuo sticks his hands up under Izaya's shirt.
    This comic strip in black & white has some great lines to it, both characters are hot, and makeouts!
    Gorgeously vivid colors on this one of Shizuo with his street sign and Izaya both wrapped up in Keep Out tape.
    The two of them falling down fast and still fighting with each other.
    High up in the city, Izaya and Shizuo walk along a narrow ledge and cast long shadows.
    Shizuo leaning over to just kiss Izaya already surprising him into dropping his switchblade.
    Another long comic strip that starts in a fight and ends in makeouts. Excellent.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap again as he leans up towards Shizuo's face.
    This image of Shizuo's hands on Izaya's shoulders is kind of giant in full view and I liked that.
    Izaya chasing after Shizuo on a crosswalk and it's a huge image in full view and looks great.
    The two of them resting back to back in an image titled "I hate you, I hate you too" which is fantastic.
    Chibis sitting back to back are pretty adorable, too.
    Izaya sleeping on Shizuo who has a hand in his hair; I think it's the chibi-esque style of this one that makes it work for me.
    I don't care if Izaya is ooc here because it's porn up against a wall. I've been waiting, Japan. (Fairly NSFW.)
    More hot makeouts up against a wall, thank you, Japan!
    I am starting to like comics like this because of Japan. *mutters*
    Izaya wrapping himself around Shizuo's arm who looks totally thrilled about it, really.
    Shizuo and Izaya tied up in red strings and it's a really beautiful image.
    Another awesome comic that almost ends in a kiss, except that's going to destroy Shizuo, ahahaha.
    Shiny, glossy colors are always a weakness of mine, especially on a nighttime city image.
    I have this weakness, for kissing someone back over your shoulder and this image hit that kink hard.
    Izaya pulling Shizuo's glasses off and then the follow up kiss up against the wall. Japan loves me.
    Gorgeous three-panel illustration of Shizuo leaning over Izaya's shoulder to kiss him.
    I don't care how IC this is or isn't, because the comic made me laugh at Izaya's expressions. And also it's pretty! And kinda porny!
    Shizuo leaning over the back of the sofa in order to (almost) kiss Izaya.
    I am weak to sketches and this is why because of the lines of this are just fantastic. Plus, kssing!
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo and Izaya right in each other's faces and blood splatters everywhere.
    I love the sketch-like lines combined with beautiful colors on this image.
    The golden filter over this image looks nice with the yellow and black colors.
    The two of them for a Valentine's Day image and they both look really nice.
    More Valentine's Day art with tons of chocolate falling around them and I'm surprised Shizuo's not cramming them down Izaya's throat.
    Shizuo and Izaya tangled up in tape and with a bloody heart over Izaya's chest and bloody splattered elsewhere. That's DRRR!! for you.
    Oh, hi, this is hot with Shizuo pressing a kiss to his shoulder while he's bound.
    Izaya riding on Shizuo's shoulders and leaning over to almost kiss his forehead, surprising Shizuo.
    I really like the motion here when Shizuo and Izaya fight each other.
    Ahahaha, Izaya in a wedding dress while being carried princess style in Shizuo's arms is my new shameful kink. But I love it.
    Hello, gorgeous image of Shizuo covering Izaya's eyes that needs to be bigger because it's so pretty.
    The two of them covered in cuts and bruisees for Valentine's Day and it's beautifully done.
    Shizuo and Izaya still covered in cuts and bruises and beautifully drawn in clean, polished lines.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap is something I appreciate a lot, too.
    Izaya on his knees with a vending machine tipped over next to him and Shizuo's hand in his hair. That's kinda hot, ngl.
    It's the amount of detail in this image as the two of them fight that really caught my eye.
    Shizuo sitting on the ground while Izaya leans on his shoulders, the image is really pretty.
    Izaya leaning into Shizuo's arms and I love the expression on his face.
    Shizuo is just gorgeous in this image and I love him flying paper airplanes and little chibi Izaya's face.
    Shizuo and Izaya chibis are also so freaking cute!
    I also like the lines on this image of Shizuo and Izaya sitting next to each other.
    Beautiful image of the two of them back in their high school days, very vividly done.
    This is a bit rough of a sketch but high school Izaya and Shizuo! Do want!
    Shizuo and Izaya at each other's throats and technically the rider is in the background, but the focus is on these two.
    More glossy colors here on Shizuo and Izaya fighting each other.
    Gorgeous image of the two of them fighting back to back, with their usual weapons of choice.
    The two of them fighting at night and I love how wary Izaya looks and how much Shizuo is clearly going to beat him in the face.
    Shizuo smoking while Izaya lounges and it's a really interesting image.
    Shizuo smoking with Izaya in the background, once in darker colors and then with a slight tweaking to the image.
    Shizuo kissing Izaya's neck while he's tied down roughly.
    Izaya glomping onto Shizuo is a hilarious sketch.
    As is this one as well, where Shizuo has Izaya pinned up against a wall.
    The two of them in the middle of a fight in the middle of the street again.
    Another fight illustration with Shizuo and Izaya, which I have yet to tire of.
    Shizuo picking Izaya up and holding him up over his head.
    Black & white sketch of Shizuo and Izaya in bed together. (NSFW.)
    Pretty meme responses with Shizuo/Izaya makeouts, which are also NSFW, not quite.
    Another pretty black & white sketch of Shizuo bending Izaya over. It's the second panel that made me laugh.
    Multi-panel comic strip of Shizuo and Izaya having sex... well, about like they would. (NSFW.)
    Porny sketches are always welcome, okay. Especially if they're pretty. (NSFW.)
    Another cute comic strip with a meeting between Shizuo and Izaya.
    Another kind of great comic in a strip with Shizuo and Izaya having sex. (NSFW.)
    Even with his arms around Shizuo, Izaya still manages to look psychotic.
    Shizuo grabbing Izaya's face and it's got some really pretty colors to it.
    Shizuo with Izaya slung limply over his shoulders.
    Izaya and Shizuo tangled up in yellow Keep Out tape.
    Hilarious anime-style image of Izaya eating a potful of Shizuos.
    Ahahaha, I had to smile at this, where Shizuo bends a sign post to drag Izaya closer.
    Izaya laying on Shizuo while the latter smokes a cigarette.
    You know what else I should be ashamed of but I'm kind of not? KITTY EARS. And Shizuo gently biting Izaya's.
    Izaya gets pretty good at avoiding the vending machines.
    Look, it's porn okay and I wanted it. (NSFW.)
    Shizuo yanking Izaya forward for a kiss and you can all shut up.
    Chibi Shizuo with the vending machine while chibi Izaya looks cutely at him is adorable.
    Oh, hello handful of pages where Shizuo and Izaya fight as they makeout!
    Sketch-like, but very pretty comic strip page with Shizuo and Izaya again.
    God, I love these two just really kind of ridiculously.
    Izaya having snatched Shizuo's glasses and he looks kind of hot in them, too.
    Shizuo yanking Izaya forward in a really nicely done anime-style image.
    Multiple pages of a b&w comic with Shizuo and Izaya again. (NSFW.)
    Izaya yanking Shizuo down into a surprise kiss.
    Look, it's pretty, okay, and Shizuo is hot, that's all I ask of my porn. (NSFW.)
    Seriously, as long as Shizuo is hot as he's leaning over Izaya on a bed, that's all I want. (NSFW.)
    I laugh at this image every single time I see it. Shizuo and Izaya as timeless opponents, indeed.
    Awesome b&w sketch with a colored background of Shizuo and Izaya fighting.
    Shizuo wrapping arms around a surprised Izaya and there's something about this that I just... liked.
    Lolling at this, too, where Izaya takes off running with Shizuo's bow-tie, until its stretched to its limit.
    Nicely done illustration of Shizuo with an Izaya poster behind him, the messy details work nicely.
    This image of Izaya sleeping on Shizuo as they lean against a wall has some beautiful colors.
    Izaya leaning into Shizuo while sitting in his lap actually looks really good in full view.
    Another cute comic of these two, done in black & white.
    Mostly Izaya sketches but Shizuo is in there as well.
    Izaya straddling Shizuo's lap and holding a knife to his throat is kinda nice, too.
    Gorgeous as hell image of Izaya and Shizuo's fight and omg the glossy colorssss.
    Black & white image with a blue background that has some stunning lineart of Izaya putting his feet up in Shizuo's lap.
    Chibi Shizuo trying to eat while chibi Izaya is... Izaya. XD
    Izaya poking Shizuo in the face is kind of ridiculously pretty with these colors.
    Izaya tugging on Shizuo's shirt sleeve in an image I know I shouldn't like as much as I do, but I love it anyway.
    The two of them back to back with a bright blue sky behind them.
    Shiny, glossy colors on this image of Shizuo and Izaya in bed together are really nice.
    A little messy, but I still like it, this image of Shizuo pulling Izaya into a hug.
    Shizuo pulling Izaya close and I don't care about the characterization, it's pretty.
    Shizuo/Izaya porn that's pretty like typical yaoi manga? Don't care, I love it anyway. :D (NSFW.)
    More Shizuo/Izaya semi-porn in a meme response with this artist's shiny colors. (NSFW, a bit.)
    The two of them in each other's faces as they fight, which is nicely done.
    This image of Shizuo and Izaya has some really pretty colors to it that I liked.
    Sketch of Izaya with Shizuo in the background and I like the lineart of it.
    More solidly done lineart of Shizuo and Izaya fighting with their usual weapons.
    Shizuo wrapping a street sign around Izaya's neck pretty much.
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo with a little chibi Izaya.
    Izaya pouring coffee on Shizuo's head who's tangled up in a yellow Keep Out tape.
    Shizuo and Izaya fighting in the middle of the street in an awesome image.
    Izaya yanking Shizuo over to kiss him while they're on the escalators.
    Chibi Izaya with chocolate and Shizuo in the final panel.
    Shizuo looking normal while Izaya smiles brightly with his knife in Shizuo's face.
    Another epic fight in the middle of the street and, wow, this image is kind of huge in full view.
    The golds used in this image are nicely done, I like how they both look.
    Mostly sketches of Izaya but Shizuo's in there a couple of times.
    Shizuo and Izaya back to back in another promo-style image.
    Yeah, I still don't care that I shouldn't like Shizuo and Izaya with animal ears, especially like this.
    Shizuo pinning Izaya up against a wall and sliding his hands into interesting places. Yes plz. (NSFW.)
    Shizuo curled over Izaya while he works on his laptop. Shut up.
    Poster style image again with Shizuo and Izaya and the keep out tape.
    Shizuo pinning Izaya down while he tries to take a blade to Shizuo's face.
    Shizuo bringing the attack down from above while they're in the middle of the street--this image looks awesome.
    The two of them fighting again/still yet.
    Shizuo force-feeding Izaya and, yeah, that's about how that would go. XD
    Shizuo pulling Izaya in for a surprise hug and it's kind of sweet. ....shut up.
    Pretty sketch of Izaya and Shizuo getting food from McDonalds.
    Both of them are grinning like hell when they're in each other's faces and fighting.
    Makeouts in a black & white strip are all ask for out of this fandom, sometimes.
    Shizuo stabbing Izaya clean through with the street sign is kind of a beautiful image anyway.
    Another Valentine's Day image where they're sharing chocolate and I kind of liked the expressions.
    Another messy but really pretty long comic strip with these two making out. (NSFW.)
    Handcuffed together and Izaya's arms thrown around Shizuo's neck, made for a gorgeous image here.
    Izaya climbing into Shizuo's hospital bed and straddling him to kiss him.
    Interesting lineart in black & white of Izaya straddling Shizuo's lap as they fight.
    The usual Shizuo/Izaya for Valentine's Day, heh.
    Shizuo and Izaya in an alley and this is a nicely done image, too.
    Two images put together of Izaya and Shizuo each facing off for a fight.
    Chibis with kitty ears while Izaya puts a crown of flowers in Shizuo's hair.
    Standing side by side, neither of them are entirely pleased with the other, obviously.
    Shizuo and Izaya at night and I just really like Shizuo in the background there.
    Izaya and Shizuo back to back (sort of) in an image with really lovely coloring.
    Shizuo plastered to Izaya's back in makeouts, which I appreciated.
    Look, I'm just weak to this stuff, like Shizuo and Izaya kissing under a full moon while they both still have their weapons out.
    The two of them in glasses is something I think fandom does just for meeee sometimes.
    Shizuo with his hand on Izaya's forehead and an annoyed twitch to his face.
    A little different from my usual take on them, but I really liked this poster-style image of Izaya and Shizuo.
    Shizuo and Izaya together with a pretty blue filter over the image.
    Lighting a cigarette off each other shouldn't be hot and yet with these two, it kind of is.
    Izaya playing with Shizuo's hair while he's asleep at his desk and I laughed pretty hard.
    Standing back to back in a crowd is kind of a really cool image in full view.
    Another poster-style image of these two that looks really good.
    Fighting in high school with rulers and scissors and love letters.
    Gorgeously colored poster-style image of Shizuo in the foreground and Izaya in the background.
    Ahahaha, Izaya with puppets of himself and Shizuo, with the man himself standing behind Izaya.
    Sharing Valentine's Day chocolate again and, yeah, that's usually about how it does.
    On the roof during school, I really liked this image.
    Hello, Shizuo and Izaya in the rain and totally drenched while Shizuo pins Izaya up against the wall.
    Sitting almost back to back, both Shizuo and Izaya have some really awesome fine lines and glossy colors going on here.
    High school era characters where Izaya is sitting on the desk Shizuo is lifting up? Still hilarious, yeah.
    Shizuo laying his head in Izaya's lap and you all shut up, it's pretty, okay.
    Izaya bothering Shizuo on the roof of the school, while Shizuo's trying to read his book.
    Oh, god, I love stuff like this with Izaya looking delicate and with kitty ears and no pants, the whole nine yards of hilarity.
    I'm easy for arms wrapped around each other and sharp lines, even if this image won't be for everyone.
    Shizuo poking Izaya in the face and I love how pretty and clean the lines and colors are here.
    Sketches of Shizuo and Izaya, both current and a little younger.
    Shizuo drawing on Izaya's stomach while they're both totally happy and serene, no really, has some gorgeous colors and lines again.
    Izaya sitting on Shizuo's shoulders and bending over to get right in his face is still funny.
    There is nothing about this image that I don't find hilariously great.
    A couple of cute sketches of Shizuo and Izaya that I kinda liked here.
    Beautifully colored image of them fighting or at least about to start fighting, with their usual expressions.
    Shizuo standing in front of a pile of wreckage is always fun, but it's Izaya hiding in the background that really made this image for me.
    More fantastic lineart from when Shizuo and Izaya are fighting.
    Animal ear/tails and snuggling, even as we only see them from the back. Seriously, Japan knows me.
    Not immediately fighting for once, Shizuo and Izaya share a more quiet moment, if not a particularly nice one.
    Animal ear hoodies and Izaya being obnoxious at Shizuo! Both things I enjoy.
    Shizuo and Izaya with their arms crossed and letters written on their palms to spell out the show's abbreviation.
    An image of them fighting back to back that looks even better in full view.
    In each other's clothes, Shizuo and Izaya both look kind of great here, too.
    Yeah, okay, shut up, so what if I'm weak to snuggling on the couch, with Izaya in Shizuo's lap as he reads his phone and Shizuo leans into him. SHUT UP.
    More of you all needing to shut up, so what if I like Izaya in Shizuo's lap while feeding him cake. IT'S HILARIOUS AND PRETTY. That's all I need.
    Shizuo pinning Izaya to the wall as they fight and just about kissing him.
    Izaya hugging Shizuo by wrapping arms around him and putting his face into Shizuo's chest. ....shut up.
    Both of them tilting their heads to the side with "" looks on their faces.
    Shizuo lifting Izaya up by the chin by putting a street sign under it and lifting upwards.
    High school era again and resting on each other, which they're both thrilled about.
    Okay, I felt a little guilty earlier about the kind of art I gravitate towards, but I swear I like this kind of art the best, where they both look ready to kill each other.
    Shizuo giving Izaya a piggyback ride during their highschool era, which he's super thrilled about. The colors on the sunset behind them are gorgeous.
    Shizuo and Izaya image with nice, glossy colors to it.
    Shizuo/Izaya kiss meme answers with simple, clean, and nicely done lines and colors.
    Izaya eating a piece of sushi with a little chibi Shizuo on it.
    A handful of Shizuo/Izaya sketches that are all really nicely done.
    Yeah, I don't care, I kinda love this comic because it's hilarious and totally cute.
    Shizuo and Izaya on a balcony and behaving almost sort of nicely except not really.
    Izaya leaning against Shizuo's back and the artist draws them both kinda nicely.
    More high school era Shizuo and Izaya and I still like those clothes.
    Shizuo carrying Izaya who has cat ears and a tail totally made me smile.
    I like simple, clean lines sometimes and I like Izaya and Shizuo in suits even more, mm.
    Izaya straddling Shizuo's lap while trying to strangle him is also nicely done.
    Hilarious sketch of Shizuo giving Izaya a hug who really, really wasn't expecting it.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap (basically) and both of them looking dangerous was nice. It looks kind of amazing in full view, too.
    Awesome image of them in the recording studio with their usual murderous looks directed at each other.
    Izaya being a total twink while Shizuo watches in anger is kind of hilarious.
    More switching clothes and I love how Izaya's are too small for Shizuo and Izaya kind of swims in Shizuo's clothes.
    Ahahaha, this "catch me if you can" image is kind of hilarious all the way around.
    Shizuo and Izaya in a Magnet-style image that looks amazing. And hilarious.
    Another cutely done comic strip with Shizuo and Izaya and kitties!
    This strip may not be for everyone but I appreciate the porn, Pixiv! (NSFW.)
    Any series of images that starts out with Izaya in Shizuo's lap, well, of course I'm going to be interested.
    This is a gorgeous image of Shizuo and Izaya fighting as always--what makes it hilarious is what Shizuo is throwing at him.
    Izaya with a knife at Shizuo's throat and it's another amazingly detailed image.
    High school era sketches of Shizuo and Izaya (mostly) fighting like they usually do.
    Fanbook cover that's beautiful of Shizuo and Izaya inside each other's personal space and sideways.
    Nicely detailed image here of the two of them fighting in the streets.
    An almost simple, yet lovely image of them halfways fighting as usual.
    High school era Shizuo and Izaya again and the colors are a little lighter than I'm used to, but the lineart is good.
    Sharply done Shizuo and Izaya where they're back to back and holding their usual weapons.
    Solidly done anime-style image of Shizuo smirking and Izaya looking pissy.
    Oh, the coloring of this image with Shizuo and Izaya against the bright blue sky, is really lovely.
    The two of them laying upside down to each other, both of them bruised and bloody, is a really good image, too.
    Cute, fluffy image this time (shut up, I'm weak) of Shizuo dipping Izaya backwards with lovely coloring.
    Shizuo and Izaya and kitties! Why is this so cute?
    Ahahahaha, Shizuo and Izaya and FIGURE SKATING is, like, the best combination of fandom fads right now.
    Oh, man, more gorgeous coloring and lineart on this one of Shizuo and Izaya sitting on a sofa together.
    Izaya lighting Shizuo's cigarette as done in black & white is a really beautiful image, too.
    Shizuo pinning Izaya down is really kinda hot, too.
    More sketches of them fighting and Izaya perched on Shizuo's stopsign still delights me.
    Both of them looking dangerous and turning their attention in the same direction.
    Simple but nicely done image of Shizuo grabbing Izaya's shirt.
    The anime-style cg colors here are just fantastic and I love the expressions on their faces as they're totally in each other's personal space.
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo getting right into Izaya's face, blood splattered lightly on both of them.
    The two of them back to back with their usual weapons and Izaya's clearly having a great time.
    Kind of amazingly detailed image of the two of them, with them sharing a sofa and a bottle of wine.
    Shizuo's one hand at Izaya's throat and the other blocking Izaya's hand holding the knife.
    Sitting back to back again, with Shizuo's sign slung over his shoulder and Izaya making "my life is hard" faces.
    Their usual dyanmic in this three page comic is intact and well, even when Izaya's lounging in bedding.
    Izaya nearling biting Shizuo's neck while Shizuo keeps a hand on the nape of his neck is kind of hot.
    Izaya wrapping arms around Shizuo and I kind of love the expression on his face as he does.
    In each other's faces again, while Izaya is wearing Shizuo's sunglasses.
    Back to back and fighting, this image looks really nice (and kinda big) in full view.
    Shizuo and Izaya fighting as usual in a huge and gorgeous image with soda cans flying everywhere.
    Makeouts and Shizuo pinning Izaya down in several places, in multiple pages here? Yes plz.
    Every time I see this image, I laugh, because Shizuo playing tennis with Izaya as the ball is hilarious.
    Both of them with knives and fighting in close quarters in a beautifully colored image.
    I am totally weak to this kind of thing, especially with doggy/wolf/etc. ears.
    Chibis of the two of them that are really cute.
    Sitting on a pile of debris again, though, a little more relaxed than usual.
    More cute chibis of Shizuo and Izaya.
    Shizuo using the street sign to lift the edges of Izaya's coat up.
    Lovely image of them as a mix between Durarara!! and Persona 4.
    Shizuo/Izaya and bright colors shouldn't go that well together and yet I really like this.
    Shizuo and Izaya up close and personal and smirks and glares and knives and pretty colors, all things I love.
    Oh, finally, more makeouts with Shizuo's hand still around Izaya's throat.
    A slightly different look from usual (though, I'm hardpressed to say how) and beautiful in full view and asd;lfkjaslj their handsss.
    Black & white image of the two of them where Shizuo especially looks really hot.
    Shizuo pinning Izaya up against a window, even while he's still smirking in Shizuo's face and the anime-style colors and solid lines are fantastic.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap while he leans over onto Izaya's shoulder and I can't help being fond of art like this, I know. orz
    Handpuppets with Shizuo and Izaya is pretty much as lolzy as it sounds.
    The whole strip here is nicely done but it's definitely the color image in the middle that's the prettiest.
    Another fight between Shizuo and Izaya that's got epic amounts of debris flying around them.
    Shizuo kind of breaking Izaya's brain is also just as lolzy as it sounds. XD
    Hello, more Shizuo/Izaya porn in this really kind of pretty comic page. (NSFW.)
    There is something about the sharpness here in the basic lineart, along with the glossy colors, that's fantastic.
    The two of them in handcuffs and in each other's faces with a pretty style? Awesome.
    High school era Shizuo and Izaya fighting against each other as they usually do.
    I will never not love pretty art like this, especially of Izaya wrapping around Shizuo with Shizuo's sunglasses between his teeth.
    Shizuo jumping down from above towards Izaya, with vending machine in hand.
    Pretty black & white comic strip with makeouts is always welcome.
    I love images of Izaya in Shizuo's lap, especially as he's wearing that smirky expression.
    Shizuo and Izaya with machine guns as they fight each other really shouldn't be kind of awesome.
    The two of them bloody and bruised but with bright, vivid colors and clean lines.
    Even when (sort of) snuggling, Shizuo and Izaya are... still Shizuo and Izaya.
    The detail on Shizuo's face in full view on this image is really kinda nice. Also, Izaya is nuts.
    I laugh at Izaya in a frilly apron because, despite this being a beautiful image, it's still hilarious.
    Awesome image of Shizuo and Izay fighting as they both whirl around fast enough to stir the air around them.
    Post-fight image from their high school days that looks really gorgeous in full view, too.
    Gorgeous image of the two of them fighting as usual, with debris flying all around them.
    Izaya and Shizuo standing back to back with tons of detail on the little chibis' situations around them.
    The cover of this multi-page comic is really solid and brightly colored, plus the doujinshi's lineart is really good, too.
    Shizuo and Izaya in a black & white image where they're both on a bike that has some great basic lineart.
    The cover to this doujinshi and the sample pages, especially the use of reds and the detail on the following pages, is kind of gorgeous.
    Kidlet versions of Shizuo and Izaya just swimming in their normal sized clothes.
    More fantastic lineart of Shizuo and Izaya getting in each other's faces.
    Izaya jumping out of the way while Shizuo snarls at him as they fight like they usually do is lovely and is huge in full view.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap while Shizuo works a hand under his shirt and it still manages to have just the right amount of a rough edge.
    Shizuo walking up to a sleeping Izaya on the school roof during their high school days and I really like the use of the sky background beneath them.
    Shizuo and Izaya kiss that has those almost sort of faded-sepia colors that I like so much.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap again, both of them younger-looking and in their high school outfits, with lovely coloring.
    Sketches and cat ears and makeouts, all things I'm totally weak to; thank you, Pixiv.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap again, this time without any pants and a switchblade at Shizuo's face.
    Doujinshi cover for a Shizuo/Izaya doujinshi, where they're fighting almost in a blur.
    A long comic strip page with really good art and cat ears and makeouts! Thank you again, Pixiv.
    Shizuo giving Izaya a piggyback and I love that it's twitchy even when it's a sort of nice dynamic. XD
    Shizuo carting Izaya off by hauling him up onto his shoulder, which puts neither of them in a good mood.
    Beautifully detailed image of Izaya curled up against Shizuo's back... with a whole lot of cats.
    Almost kiss with Izaya and Shizuo with some solid, nicely done colors and lines.
    The two of them in suits is not bad at all from this artist.
    Shizuo's arm around Izaya's neck and a switchblade in Izaya's hand, in a gorgeous image.
    A series of sketches mostly about Shizuo and Izaya that have some really neat/funny things to them.
    Izaya and Shizuo fighting image and it looks even more fantastic in full view.
    Another fantastic Shizuo vs Izaya image where Izaya's knife has just sliced Shizuo's bowtie off.
    Shizuo and Izaya and KEEP OUT tape with soft, pretty coloring that works for the image.
    High school era image again with Shizuo minus his jacket and Izaya eating ice cream.
    More high school era art, a nine page comic of them noticing each other in gym class.
    Shizuo and Izaya playing chess together on a small, kinda cramed table.
    Epic and amazingly detailed image of Shizuo and Izaya fighting, done in black & white with a red background.
    Shizuo and innocent little kidlet Izaya has no business working this well, but the artist draws them both so well and the multiple pages are really detailed and watching Shizuo tuck kidlet Izaya into bed with him? Precious.
    A series of images of Shizuo carrying Izaya and then makeouts/light porn. The artist really draws them very nicely. *__* (NSFW.)
    Shizuo/Izaya series of images with some fantastic and sharp lineart to them.
    One more by this artist, of Shizuo and Izaya at each other's throats while Izaya's practically in Shizuo's lap.
    Switchblades and streetsigns and glares, all the things that make Shizuo/Izaya fanart awesome.
    Shizuo and Izaya fighting again with Shizuo's hand on Izaya's face in kind of a hot way.
    Even with kitty ears and tails, Shizuo and Izaya are still at each other's throats.
    There's something about the lineart here, on this image of Shizuo with Izaya in the background.
    Shizuo and Izaya in uniforms is also kind of really hot, especially the way this artist draws it.
    This Shizuo/Izaya kiss is kind of hot, especially Shizuo's almost-fangs there.
    Shizuo passed out on an unconscious Izaya is also pretty amusing.
    Another Shizuo/Izaya kiss in mostly black & white but with a hint of red blood trickling between them.
    The two of them in the city at night in a really gorgeous anime-style image.
    Anime-esque image of Shizuo pushing Izaya up against a wall pretty much.
    More fighting between the two of them and Izaya flipping overhead is kind of great.
    Various images of Shizuo and Izaya in different settings, all done in clean, smooth lines and colors.
    AU style mercenaries with Shizuo and Izaya, I believe?
    Anime style almost-kiss on the sofa where Izaya is practically in Shizuo's lap. I appreciate that a lot!
    Shizuo and Izaya in German uniforms is a little hotter than I'd like to admit.
    Shizuo holding up Izaya as he wraps himself around Shizuo. Shut up, it's beautifully drawn, okay.
    With the strong use of red in this image to contrast their dark clothing, I thought it looked really cool.
    Izaya with cat ears and tail glomping onto Shizuo in a nicely done anime-style image.
    Black, white, and red colors look fantastic with the super sharp lineart of this image.
    High school era Shizuo and Izaya standing nearly back to back with their usual weapons and a bright blue background.
    Glossy, shiny anime-style image of Shizuo and Izaya sitting near each other.
    Poster style image of Shizuo and Izaya in high school era clothes and it has beautiful lines and glossy colors.
    Izaya leaning up into Shizuo who's reading while wearing glasses, done in glossy, shiny colors.
    Izaya glomping onto Shizuo and he apparently tastes like strawberry. Also, there's cat ears and gorgeous lines.
    More awesome sharp lineart with Shizuo and Izaya at each other's throats.
    Black & white art of Shizuo and Izaya that's also really sharp and nicely done.
    Izaya and Shizuo lying around with nicely done sharp, clean lines.
    Shizuo chasing after Izaya with a street sign and the light, pastel colors contrast nicely against the blacks.
    Okay, this series of images really shouldn't be cute, but Izaya skipping along after Shizuo and being a total fruit loop is kind of adorable.
    Shizuo and Izaya tangled up together, even their hands are interlocked.
    Izaya watching Shizuo while they're in high school as they lean against a railing at sunset.
    Izaya poking both his own and Shizuo's face in a nicely anime-style image.
    Shizuo laying back in Izaya's lap as they both twitch in irritation at each other.
    Shizuo and Izaya both with headsets that they're speaking into, with Shizuo's arm wrapped around Izaya, too.
    Izaya with kitty ears and a leash around his neck that Shizuo has ahold of, which is hilarious and kind of awesome.
    Chibis of Shizuo and Izaya with their usual weapons at the ready.
    High school era Izaya in Shizuo's lap pretty much and it's a really strong little image, I love the lines of it. And also Izaya kind of sprawled around Shizuo there.
    Bloody and bruised, with some nicely done golden colors, I really liked this one of Shizuo and Izaya.
    A pretty cover and a series of doujinshi pages with some clean, slick lines here are really nice.
    Izaya and Shizuo fighting while wrapped up in yellow tape and it's got some great detail.
    Izaya with kitty ears following Shizuo and a cat is just... it's the "...." expressions on both their faces that make it.
    The two of them at each other's throats with some really clean, smooth lines that I'm weak towards.
    Shizuo leaning over to kiss Izaya just about in a nicely done, rather intimate image.
    Izaya just about in Shizuo's lap with that sort of delicate lineart and coloring that I'm weak towards.
    The two of them in themed kimono and both of them with floral tattoos/patterns on their exposed skin.
    Oh, more pretty coloring with nice use of peach, gold, and black with Shizuo and Izaya back to back.
    Izaya and Shizuo still fighting with bits and pieces of the city behind them.
    Both of them in red track suits with Izaya asleep on Shizuo's lap is kind of cuter than it should be.
    Shoving Izaya down to kiss him, pinning him pretty good, except Izaya's still got his knife and all that? Kinda fantastic.
    Shizuo and Izaya in bunny-eared hoods and their usual ready to fight expressions = awesome.
    Shizuo and Izaya falling together with a yellow and blue background, in an image that's gorgeous.
    Izaya practically in Shizuo's lap with some really nice flat purple/blue colors, as a doujinshi cover.
    Shizuo picking Izaya up and arms wrapped around him as they're both surprised to be there.
    The two of them in striped shirts and wearing glasses and fandom loves me sometimes. *__*
    Awesome mostly black & white lineart with hints of color in it that looks amazing in full view.
    I am kind of in love with this image of the two of them, Shizuo with a puppy, Izaya with a cat, and drawn with all these smooth, delicate lines.
    Shizuo leaning against the chair that Izaya's curled up in, with some nicely done flat colors.
    High school era outfits and walking calmly down a hall with Shizuo and Izaya is nice. Also Izaya has glasses!
    Shizuo/Izaya kiss for a birthday image and it's a simple image, but I really like the bright colors.
    A series of images with Shizuo and baby Izaya and whyyyy is stuff like this so damn cute?
    Sketches of Shizuo and Izaya fighting from a doujinshi by this artist, plus a really pretty cover image.
    More Shizuo/Izaya doujinshi selections with Izaya having longer hair on the cover. Also very NSFW.
    I'm a sucker for cute comics with Shizuo and Izaya, especially with Shinra being loopy in the background.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap with Shizuo's arms in handcuffs around him.
    The two of them on the school roof as Izaya takes a nap and Shizuo watches him.
    More of Izaya practically in Shizuo's lap, who looks surprised more than anything, despite Izaya's knife being out.
    Both of them kind of drunk and wrapped around each other in a fight, sort of.
    Shizuo wrapping an arm around Izaya and grabbing hold of the wrist of the hand holding a knife.
    Shizuo slumped over his desk while Izaya takes pictures, which is a cute sketch.
    Another series of doujinshi samples and I'm kind of in love with the sharply drawn cover and the sharp style the artist has, shut up. (A little nsfw.)
    More sample doujinshi pages and a really gorgeous cover of Izaya leaning back with Shizuo's arm around him.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap wrapping arms around him and curling into him.
    Their usual clothes only colored in blue and white stripes like a fast food restaurant uniform? Yeah, I'm going to be over here lolling for quite awhile. The looks on their faces are great, too.
    The red shirts and black jackets/pants of their school outfits are kind of nice on both characters here.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap again and I'm just kind of fond of the sketch-like style of this artist.
    Shizuo slinging Izaya over his shoulder and smirking while Izaya is totally pleased about that, no, really.
    A single page of doujinshi-style sketches of Shizuo kissing Izaya, done beautifully.
    Shizuo wrapping arms around Izaya and leaning into him while Izaya is just about in his lap--a very pretty sketch.
    Shizuo pushing Izaya up against a wall as they stare at each other, done in a fantastic anime-like style.
    Another really strong anime style image of Shizuo and Izaya as they both turn backwards at the same time.
    Shizuo kneeling down to approach Izaya who's curled up and crying. Shut up, it's pretty, okay.
    Shizuo and Izaya fighting as usual with some really fantastic detail in full view.
    Shizuo grabbing Izaya by his jacket in an image that looks good in full view.
    I am SUCH a sucker for art like this with some surprisingly detailed work on both characters.
    Just a quick sketch of them because sometimes I just need the porn. (NSFW.)
    Shizuo picking Izaya up and pretty much hauling him off, surprisingly nicely.
    Both of them in loose yukata with Izaya pretty much in Shizuo's lap is really very nice.
    The flat colors in this image look really good somehow in combination with the sharp blacks and lines.
    I wasn't quite sure about this image at first, but looking at it in full view? It's kind of huge and has great detail!
    I love Izaya with hickeys all over him while Shizuo looks pissed as usual as he's got a hand clamped on Izaya's shoulder.
    Shizuo pinning Izaya down in their usual fights. Well, except for Izaya's wrists being bound.
    Izaya wrapped up in a scarf with Shizuo's arm grudgingly around him as they sit in the snow.
    Poster-style image of the two of them, each with their weapons at each other's throat.
    Shizuo holding a kidlet version of Izaya as they press a light kiss on each other.
    I never get tired of stuff like this, Izaya pantless as Shizuo picks him up, Izaya's knife still at his throat.
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo picking Izaya up as he's bloody and very faintly smiling, while Shizuo yells a lot.
    Izaya holding up a DVD case with an earlier fanart image on it is kind of great.
    Izaya leaning into Shizuo as Shizuo captures his wrist and has a street sign at the ready.
    Shizuo visiting Izaya in the hospital and it's kind of a little hilarious.
    Shizuo leaning over Izaya in bed as they're both really only half dressed.
    Lovely image of Shizuo leaning over Izaya again and there's a light, airy feel to it that's nicely done.
    Barrettes and headphones with Shizuo and Izaya and sometimes I love what this fandom has done to me that I don't even blink.
    Izaya in Shizuo's lap as he wraps arms around Shizuo and I'm really fond of the artist's colors.
    I'm just weak to stuff like this with Izaya's knife between his teeth and each of them grabbing at each other even while already scuffed.
    Gorgeously detailed and colored Shizuo/Izaya image of them in their yukata and the vibrancy of the colors is fantastic.
    Shizuo with a little chibi Izaya as he sits on Shizuo's drink with a cup.
    Shizuo giving Izaya a piggyback ride while Izaya holds an umbrella and they both look thrilled about this.
    Cover for a Shizuo/Izaya doujinshi which has an interesting style--mostly focused on Izaya, though.
    Sharing a stick of Pocky in the way only Shizuo and Izaya can do.
    A series of images mostly of Shizuo/Izaya (though, a few of others as well) that have an interesting style to them.

Durarara!! - Shizuo/Celty:
    Fantastic image of Shizuo and Celty back to back with glossy, solid colors and, yeah, I'm slipping ever closer to shipping them.
    Another pretty image of Shizuo and Celty with bright, vivid colors that I really like.
    Really gorgeous image of Shizuo and Celty ready to fight with their usual weapons. ....yeah, okay, they're getting their own section now.
    Cute lineart of Shizuo and Celty from the back as they sit near each other on a break.
    Beautifully colored image of the two of them walking along, Shizuo with his street sign and Celt with a bag of groceries.
    Shizuo grabbing Celty as they fly through the air in the middle of a fight.
    The two of them on Celty's bike with some really solid, fine lineart.
    Lounging on each other again with their weapons in the background behind them.
    Beautiful little black & white image of Shizuo smoking the cigarette in Celty's hand.
    Weapons at the ready again, this is a cute little image of the two of them.
    Shizuo and Celty version of the ending with them in various different ouftis, which is adorable.
    Shizuo with kitty Celty lounging around on his head, which is also adorable!
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo with his arm around Celty with these bright, clean, vivid colors for it.
    Another awesome doujinshi-style image in black & white with Shizuo and Celty leaning into each other.
    Shizuo hefting Celty up, motorcycle and all, in an awesome image here.
    The two of them wrapped up in KEEP OUT tape never gets old, honestly.

Durarara!! - Shizuo:
    Shizuo is smoking hot and I like the rough, yet sharp lines here.
    Shizuo in the car at sunset, still looking super hot.
    Blood dripping down his face and Shizuo just looks hotter.
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo with blood splatters and beautiful coloring on it.
    Another amazing image of Shizuo with some really beautiful anime cel-style coloring.
    Shizuo as a dog should not be this hot. I blame the glossy coloring.
    Shizuo with a cat in his lap, more pretty and shiny coloring here.
    High-school age Shizuo looking just as violent (and hot) as ever, done in a really solid style.
    Smiling Shizuo with a can of soda and he actually manages to look kinda nice about it.
    Shizuo in the middle of a fight, smirking and in his bartender outfit, mm.
    Sketches of various poses in mid-fight and as;dlfkjalskj I love how batshit crazy he is.
    Another image with blood on his face, the red standing out against the rest of the flat colors, which looks cool.
    Shizuo lighting a cigarette that's throwing a little light on his face in the shadows.
    Pretty image of a surprised Shizuo and I liked the clean colors and lines.
    Shizuo with a street sign that's slung over his shoulder, more shiny coloring.
    Hotass Shizuo is hot and, god, I am still just completely not over the bartender outfit.
    Beautiful image of Shizuo looking annoyed, with a pretty cloudy sky in the background.
    Shizuo image where he's actually sorta happy looking for once.
    Shizuo sliding his bowtie off and looking hot, along with more shiny coloring.
    Different shots of Shizuo done in a really nice anime cel style.
    Hello, Shizuo actually bartending by mixing a drink, that's very nice of you, Japan.
    Thoughtful looking Shizuo in his bartender outfit, it's nicely done.
    Shizuo in a high school uniform and, yup, still looking pretty pissed off. And hot.
    Gorgeous b&w lineart of Shizuo in a fight, this one is really beautiful.
    Shizuo on the pavement and smoking a cigarette, why is he so hot?
    Seeing him weild that street sign should get old for me but it still hasn't yet!
    Adorable chibi-esque Shizuo with his streetsign in hand and beautiful colors on this one.
    Awesome sketch of a pissed off Shizuo done in that slightly rough style I like.
    Beautiful image of Shizuo done in soft yellow/gold/peach-ish colors.
    Shizuo with an awesome tattoo on the back of his shoulder and looking hot.
    Shizuo in motion with a powerful as hell kick.
    Covered in blood again and still looking pretty terrifying.
    Shizuo hefting a vending machine in one hand while loads of soda calls fall out towards the ground.
    Smoking and looking thoughtful, Shizuo is really hot here. always, yes.
    Shizuo on a simple red background but the colors and fine detail on this image is gorgeous.
    The casual way Shizuo kicks people as he slings his street sign over his shoulder is kinda hot.
    Shizuo fighting with gloves on is also pretty hot, mm.
    Shizuo pulling off his bow-tie with that hint of a smirk is really hot, too.
    Shizuo eating a hamburger in an image that's also beautifully done.
    A street sign slung over his shoulder and that smirk on his face, Shizuo is really hot.
    Shizuo smoking on a break is also really nicely done.
    This sketch of Shizuo with pretty coloring looks really good in full view.
    Two pages of Shizuo illustrations of him in his usual bartender outfit and, man, he's hot.
    Shizuo in a bunch of different outfits, all of which look really good on him.
    Shizuo with a cigarette in hand and a smirk on his face.
    Shizuo on a break with a cigarette.
    Another image of Shizuo while he's smoking and looking hot.
    Sketch of a pissed off Shizuo that I thought looked really nice.
    Shizuo overheating and yanking at his collar to cool off.
    Clutching at his chest, Shizuo still looks really nice here.
    Shizuo at different ages and I really like this artist's style somehow.
    Shizuo with his usual weapons in a really nicely done image.
    Fast food server Shizuo really has no business being this hot, dammit.
    Bloody Shizuo wiping it away from his mouth is really hot.
    I'm a sucker for Shizuo's hair in images like this, I admit.
    A beautifully done black & white image of Shizuo smoking where the lineart is sharp and fine.
    Shizuo standing in front of a vending machine and looking really hot as usual.
    Shizuo in the fur-trimmed coat this time and, wow, is this ever a beautiful image!
    Hello, sketch of Shizuo with his shirt unbuttoned and bandaged around the middle and looking awesome.
    Shizuo sitting on a pile of wrecked debris and I love how most of the image is b&w, with only a few bits of color.
    Oh, hello again, gorgeously colored image of Shizuo with an unreadable look on his face.
    The blue-green-ish tint on this image of Shizuo with some really fantastic lineart is really nice.
    Simple but nicely done image of Shizuo with pretty uses of yellow/gold.
    Another simple but brightly colored image of Shizuo that looked nice in full view.
    Really kind of peaceful image of Shizuo in regular clothes and smoking on a balcony.
    Shizuo resting with his street sign propped up in his arms, which is a lovely image.
    Shizuo with his usual manic grin and gorgeous coloring is nice, too.
    A bunch of meme responses with Shizuo that are all nicely drawn and kind of hilarious at times. My favorite is the Kamina glasses.
    I'm easy on cg coloring especially when it's the warm, pretty colors like this.
    Shizuo with a dangerous look on his face and some warm, glowing coloring.
    Nice, light sketch of Shizuo with a kinder expression than usual.
    Shizuo gesturing with his hand is a nicely done image, he looks good as usual.
    The detail on Shizuo's hair and in his eyes, is really nice.
    Shizuo tucking his glasses into his pocket with a serious look on his face.
    Shizuo illustration where he's kind of fighting like hell, but it's a pretty image.
    Shizuo with "Izaya" written across his chest in blood and I love the blank look on his face that's totally a calm before the storm look.
    A blood-splattered Shizuo calmly picking out a new shirt to wear.
    Nicely done close up of Shizuo looking a little scuffed up, but hardly anything serious.
    Simple but pretty close up on Shizuo again, where the colors are nicely bright.
    Another one of those simple images that's done by an artist who draws beautiful characters.
    More beautiful Shizuo art that has some really pretty lines to it.
    A bloody Shizuo wiping his lip and his sunglasses are in his hand--asd;lfkja I love him a lot.
    Shizuo wrapped up in red DANGER tape and smirking like hell.
    Shizuo in glasses is one of those things that I'm pretty sure I'm going to want for a long, long time.
    Shizuo in samurai/traditional clothes this time and he looks really hot, of course.
    All the different color highlights on this image of Shizuo are really interesting.
    The lineart on this Shizuo image of him at night is sharp and fantastic looking.
    Bright, vivid yellows and reds on this image of Shizuo smirking ar nice.
    Beautiful close-up of Shizuo with a street sign slung over his shoulder.
    High school era Shizuo with a sucker and a cranky look on his face.
    Sketch of Shizuo that's also really kind of hot.
    The sharp lineart on this image of Shizuo is really nice, even the flat colors work well.
    I'm weak to this kind of cg style, though, I'm not sure I could precisely say why.
    Screencap-style image of Shizuo against a bright blue sky behind him.
    Anime style cel coloring on this image of Shizuo in more normal street clothes is really nicely done.
    Shizuo wiping the blood off his face with a determined expression that clearly means everyone should run.
    Shizuo drinking his juice with a cat near his knee in a really nicely done image.
    Little chibi Shizuo with cute little animal ears as he clings to a cigarette.
    Shizuo with his bowtie undone and some really strong lineart that looks great.
    Shizuo in kimono with these flat colors looks really awesome.
    Various scenes of Shizuo's life done in a solid anime sort of style.
    Shizuo from above with gorgeously vibrant colors and strong lines, which looks fantastic.
    There's been a lot of Shizuo in a yukata art lately and I am not complaining at all.
    Shizuo out in the snow while he's in his yukata this time.
    Shizuo in that blue and white yukata and holding a pipe in his hands, where he looks fantastic.
    Black & white image of Shizuo with his shirt flying open and the dangerous look on his face is kind of hot as hell.
    Shizuo in that blue and white yukata with the pipe in his hands again.
    Awesome as hell Shizuo image of him leaning back against a fence and smoking with a blue, blue sky behind him.
    Another in the blue and white yukata as Shizuo walks along with his usual bent street sign weapon.
    Shizuo and his cranky face as he smokes that pipe while wearing the blue and white yukata.
    I am growing very fond of that yukata in fanart, especially when done in black & white lineart with the blues being the only colors.
    Shizuo leaning against a vending machine during a smoke break with some solid lineart to it.
    Shizuo's alarm ringing as he wakes up in a very nice, clean cg style image.
    Shizuo in his white and blue yukata in a soft, lovely image.
    Simple, but gorgeous image of Shizuo standing and smoking a cigarette.
    Another gorgeous image of Shizuo in that yukata, this time with a giant umbrella to go with it.
    Another soft, beautiful image of Shizuo in that yukata that looks so good on him.
    Shizuo cooking is always a fun sight, especially in a nicely done anime-like style.
    Shizuo pulling on the black gloves with an awesome smug grin on his face and asdl;fkjasl so hot.

Durarara!! - Izaya:
    Izaya and his batshit crazy smile does not get drawn often enough.
    Rough sketch of Izaya that's still really pretty.
    Izaya looking back over his shoulder and it's got some really great patterns and colors to it.
    Intense and gorgeous Izaya with blood spatters as he's licking his switchblade.
    Izaya smearing blood along the wall, which looks better in full view, imo.
    Another beautiful Izaya image. This time with his fur-trimmed hoot with doggy ears. Yes.
    The sharpness on this Izaya image somehow works for me. The attention to detail doesn't hurt, either.
    Izaya against a large moon background and the combination of that and the colors used is really nice.
    Izaya holding out a can of soda and smiling, which you absolutely should not trust.
    Holding out his hand like this, Izaya looks really kind of lovely.
    Lovely blue-tinted image of Izaya with his best evil smirky face on.
    Izaya against a full moon background with a switchblade in his hand.
    With his jacket half around his shoulders, Izaya still looks batshit crazy and dangerous.
    Smirky Izaya is still hot and I like the almost simplicity of the lines and colors.
    Pretty coloring on this image of Izaya with a side ponytail.
    Beautifully colored Izaya image with all these really vivid, bright shades on the nighttime city.
    More art meme responses with Izaya (and one with Shizuo, but only half in there) that look cool.
    Various colored sketches of Izaya most of them showing off what a nutter he is or else how hot he is.
    Even when he's just lounging in a chair, Izaya still manages to be totally batshit.
    Izaya unzipping his jacket without a shirt on underneath.
    Izaya sitting on a pile of junk including televisions with the rest of the cast on them.
    Pretty image of Izaya as he's crouching on the ground.
    More pretty lineart, this time of Izaya and it looks just as awesome.
    Izaya with a kitten crawling along the hood of his coat, holy shit, I think the cute is melting me. That's kind of wrong, but... so cute!!
    Izaya ready to fight and using DO NOT ENTER tape as a weapon is pretty, especially in full view.
    Really pretty image of Izaya at sunset, even if he looks totally evil here.
    Puppetmaster Izaya is kind of hilarious, especially with the expressions on their faces.
    Fantastic Izaya image again, pulling off his coat and his wrist wrapped up in Do Not Enter tape.
    Izaya on a railing ledge is beautifully done, the colors are awesome.
    Holy crap, Izaya is really, really hot when wearing glasses and going through paperwork.
    This image of Izaya eaning up against a wall is simple in concept, but nicely done.
    Another lovely image of Izaya with a full moon in the background.
    Izaya sitting above the city and grinning over his shoulder.
    Nicely done sketch of Izaya again.
    Beaten up Izaya laying back on the ground is kinda pretty here.
    Izaya doing what he does best, egging people on to try to kill him.
    Chibi-esque Izaya in his hood and making little faces, WHY SO CUTE?
    Izaya in vivid reds and a surprisingly neutral expression on his face.
    Izaya with his switchblade and it's a nice character portrait.
    I'm a sucker for this style, where it's got soft colors with messy lines on the sketch.
    Izaya with Shizuo's glasses as he smokes a cigarette. ....I'm shallow, I don't care.
    Shades of red always look good on Izaya, too.
    Izaya eating sushi in a very nicely done image with fine, clean lines.
    Izaya sketch of him laying back with his clothes rumpled and shucked halfway up? Yes plz.
    Izaya on the ground with his arm being lifted up, while he's bloody and bruised. It's a beautifully done image.
    More of Izaya lying back on the floor in the dark, with his eyes a vivid red and his wrists pinned down.
    Izaya in black & white with just a hint of coloring on the rest of the image, which looks really cool.
    Izaya walking down a sidewalk during the night and this image looks even better in full view.
    Another nicely done Izaya illustration with his coat flaring around him.
    I kind of love Izaya a lot, especially when he's lounging on a giant heart with "I love humans" on it. Along with a skull. Awesome.
    Izaya eating sushi in a beautifully drawn image here, too.
    Izaya in a bathtub is a pretty image, too.
    Lounging on the sofa with a knife, Izaya is still pretty hot.
    I just kind of liked this one for the look on Izaya's face.
    Izaya with his shirt half-sliding off and a surprisingly non-psycho look on his face. But it's pretty!
    An image in mostly red, yellow, and black with a crow flying to Izaya's hand, is kinda cool.
    Izaya leaning back against a balcony overlooking the city.
    Izaya bringing his knife down in a faintly bloody arc.
    Izaya covered in blood and looking very ruffled, but still smug.
    Izaya with a fake halo and holding his switchblade made me smile.
    Izaya with his temporary hobby and his switchblade are kind of ridicously hot.
    Holy crap, that is a lot of Izaya (and, okay, one Shizuo at the end) in a ton of different poses.
    Tied up in Keep Out tape is one of my favorite ways to see Izaya. :D
    Valentine's Day Izaya and I kind of love his belt ridiculously.
    Izaya weilding Keep Out tape like it's a weapon.
    Izaya with a full moon behind him and his usual evil smirk.
    Another image with sharp lines and glossy, shiny colors for Izaya.
    Izaya portrait that's really pretty, too.
    Little chibi kitty Izaya is ridiculously cute, jeez.
    It's the expressions on chibi Izayas faces that really make this image.
    Gorgeous image of Izaya tossing playing cards into the air with other characters' pictures on them.
    Izaya pulling his hood up against the rain coming down around him, with some really nicely done anime-cel style art.
    Another Izaya illustration that's got some good lineart with yellow coloring to spice it up.
    More black & white lineart of Izaya that looks pretty nicely done.
    A black, red, and white illustration of Izaya that looks really cool.
    Pissed off looking Izaya surrounded by knives is another really good image.
    Bunny ears and tail on Izaya (without pants even) shouldn't amuse me this much and yet it does.
    A bunch of Izaya meme responses that's a really huge image in full view.
    There's something about the combination here, of Izaya's expression and the shiny colors, that worked for me.
    Izaya is a total creeper a lot of the time, especially when he's laying on the ground, licking blood off his own face.
    Izaya lounging on the sofa and I like the basic lineart of this one.
    A bruised and slightly bloody Izaya shouldn't be this pretty, dammit.
    Cg styled image of Izaya that looks kinda cool in full view.
    A furious Izaya in shorts and a bow in his hair made me laugh.
    Izaya sketches including some more kitties!
    Izaya lounging amongst roses and their petals in a really shiny, glossy image that looks great.
    Izaya laying back with ribbons all over him and a starry sky in the background.
    I just like the sharp lines on this image of a blood-splattered Izaya again.
    Izaya with purple sunglasses is nicely done in anime-cel-style coloring.
    Illustration of Izaya eating that's all long lines and sharp detail on him.
    Izaya smiling kind of cutely and pointing at his own face and I really kinda like the lines of this.
    Izaya playing with that chair and what happens because of it makes me laugh, too.
    Pretty image of Izaya sitting on the curb and waiting.
    Izaya eating his beloved sushi in a nicely done image.
    There's something about this Izaya image that I just kind of really liked.
    Really kind of beautiful image of Izaya standing on the street and grinning like hell.
    Pretty Izaya art of him with flames at his back, while he's not particularly bothered.
    Izaya with his usual knife done in another poster-style image.
    Solidly done image of Izaya where I also like the bright colors of it.
    I love cracky art of Izaya, especially with little chicks dressed like the various DRRR!! characters.
    Izaya playing a guitar which is kind of a cool image.
    Izaya wearing Shizuo's glasses and being all slinky and smirky, like he does.
    Izaya standing among a bunch of bent street signs is kind of a cool little image again.
    Standing on a ledge with the city sprawled out before him, this Izaya image is nicely done.
    I really liked the colors here on this image of Izaya.
    Another nicely done anime cel-style image of Izaya with his switchblade.
    Izaya in front of his messy desk and a smirk on his face as he holds his arms out.
    Izaya in samurai clothes shouldn't work, but this was kinda hot.
    Matching image of Izaya wrapped up in red DANGER tape.
    Izaya with black feathered wings and a splash of red for his shirt and his eyes.
    Izaya's crying face shouldn't look this good, honestly.
    Izaya standing at at window at sunset, which is nicely anime-style.
    Izaya surrounded by flowers and a switchblade in his mouth is kind of lovely.
    Sketch of Izaya that's really pretty as a hand grabs onto his wrist.
    Closeup on Izaya with his switchblade, done in warm peaches/oranges.
    Izaya and bloody streaks running in front of him and his eyes glowing a vivid red.
    Anime-style image of Izaya with his coat fluttering behind him.
    Izaya breathing hard in a sketch with sunset colors that's really nice.
    Izaya sitting in the rain with his hood pulled up in an image that looks even better in full view.
    Izaya trying to be cool and smooth despite the vending machine that's only centimeters away from his face.
    Izaya lounging in a chair, surrounded by cards and roses, is kind of hot.
    Izaya with Miku from VOCALOID is a bit of an odd mix, but this image is really pretty.
    I really enjoy these meme responses with various expressions on Izaya's face.
    Black and white image of Izaya that looks almost like a doujinshi panel, which is nicely done.
    Izaya dressed as VOCALOID'S Miku except in a darker version of her oufit? Yeah, hilarious.
    Izaya in blacks and soft blues as he's pulling his hood up in a nicely done image.
    Fantastic underlit Izaya with his cellphone out at the ready almost like a weapon.
    Izaya with a handcuff around his wrist that he's about ready to lick, while it's being yanked on.
    Izaya asleep on the roof with a blue jacket thrown over his school clothes.
    Gorgeous image of Izaya who is halfway to undressed with a red ribbon wrapping him up.
    Izaya with KEEP OUT tape swirling around him in a really gorgeous image.
    Izaya against a full moon background and the dark, slick colors look fantastic.
    A series of black & white images of Izaya that all are nicely done.
    Izaya surrounded by shadows and some intensely vibrant reds in this beautiful image.
    Poster-style Izaya image is nicely done in the anime's style.
    Fantastic image of Izaya in black & white except for the little touches of pink on his accessories.
    A bloody Izaya being pinned down to the bed and still remaining smug.
    Sketch of Izaya in slightly darker colors that looks really good.
    Black and white lineart of Izaya with his pink headphones again.
    Gorgeous image of Izaya in a black and white suit with the pink headphones and belt.
    Izaya upside down and fluttering around him are the signs of the trio--a cellphone, a sword, and a tattered yellow scarf.

Durarara!! - Groups:
    Poster-style image of all the characters in bookmark-like strips.
    Durarara!! Moon is only the greatest thing I have seen all day. THE CHARACTERS DRESSED AS SAILOR MOON CHARACTERS. Awesome.
    The DRRR!! characters are all pretty hot and I'm weak to simple but nice art like this.
    This image looks really good in full view, too.
    I cracked the hell up at this, the two different karaoke rooms going on.
    I just had to smile at this, with Izaya flirting with Mikado and Shizuo does what he always does around Izaya.
    Izaya with Kida and Mikado with Shizuo ready to crack a streetsign down on the back of his head.
    Izaya getting a piggyback ride from Shizuo while Kida and Mikado watch with "...." reactions.
    Awesome strip of the DRRR!! characters in bookmark-like panels all in a row.
    The DRRR!! cast piling up onto Izaya, which is kind of hilarious.
    Shizuo and Izaya fighting over Mikado is kind of seriously hilarious.
    The cast of Durarara!! in a lineup together-- a simple, but cool image.
    Beautiful sketches of the DRRR!! characters and I think Izaya might be my favorite of the lot. Of course he would be.
    God, all the characters here (Shizuo, Kida, Mikado, and Izaya) are beautifully drawn. Also, Shizuo continues to be hot.
    A really fantastic group image of the DRRR!! cast and all of them look great.
    Oh, man, this image of the older cast falling through the air as they act like idiots is gorgeous.
    Comic strip with makeouts between Izaya and Shizuo? I am totally there.
    Another nice line-up of the cast and, man, I really do love these characters.
    The sheer chaos of Ikebukuro in this image is great, too.
    I just like the expressions on all of their faces here. XD
    This cast image is actually really fantastic with it's clean, sharp lines and bright colors!
    Really nicely done illustration of Celty, Shizuo, and Kasuka.
    This poster-style image is also kind of great for all the detail put into it.
    Awesome cast image of the DRRR!! characters and, wow, this thing is long as hell in full view.
    The DRRR!! cast falling through the sky is kind of great, too.
    Mostly Izaya sketches but there's occasional (porn!) moments of him with other characters. (NSFW.)
    Ahahaha, the final two panels of this strip make the whole thing totally worth it. XD
    Messy, but nicely detailed multi-page comic of the characters.
    Kasuka and Shizuo ganging up on Izaya and, yeah, I would read that fic.
    Portraits of Izaya, Mikado, and Shizuo which all look really pretty.
    Shizuo and Izaya in the foreground for the focus of the image, with Celty in the background.
    Beautifully done group image with Shizuo in the center and everyone looks so pretty.
    Stunning image of Shinra in Celty's lap where she's wearing this beautiful dark blue formal dress.
    Cute image of a handful of cast members (the usual popular ones) done in soft, nice colors.
    Genderswapped Durarara!! cast is actually pretty cool as well.
    This cast line up of pretty much everyone from the series looks awesome in full view.
    Very nicely done poster-style image of several of the cast members, done with the shiny colors I like.
    Really cute image of Kida, Mikado, and Anri having lunch together under the sakura tress.
    Fantastic image of my three favorite characters--Izaya, Celty, and Shizuo, all done in the anime's style really well.
    Collage of the DRRR!! cast with Shinra and Celty in the forefront.
    Ahahaha, little kidlet Izaya with almost every major character and then some Shizuo/Izaya at the end. Japan knows me.
    Shizuo+Kasuka/Izaya image? Yeah, I can't lie. I'd read that fic.
    Another image of Shizuo and Kasuka feeling Izaya up and, yeah, I'd still read that fic.
    A really kind of adorable group of chibis as normal sized Izaya walks past.
    Awesome high school group image of the older characters.
    My three favorites again--Shizuo, Izaya, and Celty--in a shiny, slickly done image.
    Another of my three faves done in bookmark style images put together.
    The older characters lounging on a sofa and all looking pretty hot.
    Nicely done image of the Dollars.
    Oh, this image is lovely of Kasuka, Izaya, and Shizuo in their high school clothes.
    Shizuo with Kasuka and Izaya, both of whom are in dresses. Aside from that, I'd totally read that fic.
    Much of the main cast all striding forward in a group lineup which looks pretty fantastic.
    Wow, those are some beautiful images of the entire cast just about in this long strip of images.
    Hilarious little group image in chibi-ish form and the Izaya one and the Shizuo one made me laugh.
    Fantastic group image of the main characters and the skyline of Ikebukuro.
    High school era group that's almost a sketch, but looks really nicely done.
    Ahahaha, this amused me because, yeah, babysitting all those brats has to be difficult.
    Izaya, Shizuo, and Kasuka all wrapped around each other is nicely done.
    Shizuo and Izaya with Mikado (whom you really kind of have to feel badly for) in an image that has some fantastic detail in full view.
    Shinra, Celty, and the kidlets is a really adorable image.
    Kida, Mikado, and Anri in other people's clothes is kind of great.
    Very pretty image of the group again, I really like the semi-flat colors of it.
    Shizuo, Celty, Mikado, and Izaya all on a pile of debris.
    Mikado and Anri sketches/comic pages with Kida occasionally in there as well.
    Even in (sort of) group images, Shizuo and Izaya are always all over each other. XD
    High school era comic page that's actually got some great lineart in full view.
    Pretty image of the cast at sunset, with a neat perspective on it.
    Really kinda cool group image of everyone gathering around for Mikado's birthday.
    I really love the use of color on this image of Kida, Anri, and Mikado, each of them with a different, vibrant color is pretty.
    Really kind of great cast image of some of the more eccentric characters.
    Another birthday group image that's really kind of totally cute.
    Shizuo and Izaya both taking one of Celty's hands while they're all dressed up in party clothes. My favorite trio!
    A long line of the cast with some really nicely done lines to it.
    Ahahahah, oh, I love this image of Shizuo dangling keychain Izaya for kitty Celty to swipe at.
    Alice in Wonderland themed image of Shinra, Celty, and Shizuo.
    Izaya and Shizuo both feeling up Mikado while Kida chases after them in the background.
    Several of the popular DRRR!! characters grouped together by hair color/styles.
    Why are kidlets so cute even in the DRRR!! series?
    Mikado, Kida, and Anri in a warmly, beautifully colored image that's really pretty.
    Simon making Shizuo and Izaya sit down after a fight to stop that and eat sushi instead.
    Shinra/Celty + Seiji/Celty's head is kind of a creepy, yet lovely image.
    Shinra and Celty in a lovely party dress as they fly through the air together, this one is fabulous.
    Kida, Mikado, and Anri again, the three of them in different primary colors looks cool.
    Shizuo and Kasuka as Super Mario Bros, but it's Izaya in the background that just makes the image.
    I'm a sucker for characters in suits and this one of Shizuo, Mikado, and Izaya is nice.
    Gorgeous group image of the older characters.
    Beautifully colored DRRR!! characters in a comic strip image for Valentine's Day.
    The DRRR!! characters all laying around in a circle, which has some nice lines to it.
    Another pretty image of Mikado, Kida, and Anri that I thought looked really cool.
    Another awesome image of the cast--Mikado and Izaya and Celty--done in black and vibrant red.
    Cuteness with Shizuo, Celty, and Shinra, which makes it hard for me to know what to ship all over again.
    Police lineup of several DRRR!! characters that looks really kinda awesome.
    The motion of this image of Shizuo, Izaya, and Kasuka is what I really like. That and Shizuo looks awesome.
    Like I could resist a multi-page comic of Shizuo, Izaya, and Kasuka, when it has some nicely sharp lines to it.
    The older characters in a nicely bright colored image together.
    A collage of the Dollars with bright, cg/jewel-tone colors to contrast the blacks.
    Another fantastic group collage/poster image that has a ton of characters crammed in.
    The Dollars in a style I liked with a lot of color highlights that work for the image.
    Really kind of gorgeous group image of the DRRR!! characters lounging on a couch together, with a fantastic use of reds and blacks.
    The DRRR!! cast in black & white with only a splash of color for the flowers in their hands and their eyes.
    High school era characters again with sharp lines and a nice use of blues/blacks vs reds/blacks.
    Really cute Mikado/Kida/Anri image that's got a nice golden, sepia-esque coloring.
    There are just some people who should never be in schoolgirl uniforms.
    I like the style this artist has, drawing the high school era characters against a bright blue sky.
    Celty with cut up Shizuo and Izaya and ahhhh I love art of my three favorite characters together.
    Shizuo's life is difficult with both Izaya and Kasuka in it.
    High school era characters in yukata while staying together, as they all get wrapped up in the antics is kind of great.
    Poster-style image with Celty in the middle that I liked.
    Izaya and the Heiwajima brothers as kids in a shiny, glossy image.
    The DRRR!! cast is pretty full of crack sometimes and this one made me smile today.
    Alice in Wonderland style DRRR!! cast image in bookmarks style is lovely here.
    The high-school era group as waiters is kind of a great little image.
    Izaya pressed between Shizuo and Kasuka is... yeah, okay, I'd read that fic.
    Fantastic group image of the DRRR!! cast with Mikado at the center while everyone leans into him.
    Another beautifully done image that's in promotional poster style for the series.
    Group image that has sparing use of color except the use of it on the little accents like ties and weapons.
    Shizuo and Izaya fighting as always with Shinra and Celty towards the front.
    Shizuo, Shinra, and Izaya as chibis all smiling happily, while Shizuo and Izaya try to hurt each other behind Shinra's back.
    High school era characters again and I really like the sharp, clean lines of this and the light, flat coloring.
    The older characters from DRRR!! all in formal clothes which is a gorgeous image in full view.
    Beautifully done Kida - Mikado - Anri image in bookmark-like images together.
    Mikado, Anri, and Kida all blushing in a nicely done group image.
    Izaya, Shizuo, and Kasuka in semi-chibi form with Izaya's tackle glomp towards Shizuo kind of hilarious.
    Totally cute image of Anri, Kida, and Mikado all falling/jumping down together.
    Izaya, Shizuo, and Kasuka all with cat ears and it's like this fandom is bound and determined to make me happy.
    Poster-style images with the DRRR!! cast members all in various little animal ears always makes me happy, too.
    Very nicely done group image with clean, bright colors and a solid anime-style look.
    One more clean cg style image from this artist, with several of the regular (older) characters.
    Really kind of amazingly pretty poster-style image of the Durarara!! series, though, my three favorites are front and center for the most part.
    Cute image of Mikado, Anri, and Kida as they link hands and form little hearts with their fingers.
    Lineup of the Durarara!! cast done in flat colors that look really kinda awesome.
    Another cast lineup that looks fantastic, done in sharper colors this time, each of them having an aura about them.
    The high school characters in an image with some nice lineart.
    A comic strip with Shizuo failing at basketball while they were in high school because of his unique makeup is kind of hilarious.
    High school-era gym class antics that are glossy and shiny, which is nice.
    Shizuo/Mikado with animal ears and in chibi form, while Izaya lurks in the bushes.
    Shizuo and Izaya fighting over Mikado once again in chibi-esque form with shiny colors.
    One more of Shizuo and Izay fighting over Mikado because I really, really don't mind that.
    Alice in Wonderland style Durarara!! cast image is kind of hilariously great.
    As I scrolled down through this image, wondering what was at the end... then I got there and LOL. It hit me just right.
    The Durarara!! cast in suits (well, Izaya and Kasuka at least) that's kind of really nice.
    The Dollars group jumping into the air in celebration against a bright blue sky.
    This series of doujinshi images is actually Shizuo/Izaya, but there's a lot of interaction with Izaya and Shinra that's really kinda interesting.
    Shizuo and Izaya lounging against an oversize computer with an image of Mikado on the monitor.
    Shizuo with a tied up Mikado in his arms while Kasuka gives him a look.
    Shizuo saddled with a bunch of younger brats (Mikado, Izaya, Kasuka), which he is totally thrilled about.
    Shizuo with Mikado pulled back against him while Izaya tries to feed him cake. ....I'd still do that threesome.
    Beautiful poster-style image of the cast that includes most major characters, all surrounded by yellow tape.
    Genderswitch with the Kida - Anri - Mikado trio is kind of awesome here.
    A cool cast collage image with Mikado and Anri in the center.
    Cute watercolor style image of the DRRR!! cast in a collage.
    Ahahahaha, the main trio beating the crap out of Izaya and it makes me lol so hard because I know they'd love to.
    Kadota, Izaya, Shizuo, and Shinra in a rockband image that looks awesome.
    Beautifully colored image of Izaya, Mikado, and Shizuo and I really like the almost thematic colors on them.
    DRRR!! crack is the best especially when it makes Izaya's life difficult. And then gives him a Shizuo plush doll.
    Beautifully colored trio images, the top one of Celty - Mikado - Izay, the bottom one of Kida - Mikado - Anri.
    The four high school boys in their gym outfits and Izaya is being his usual little shit self.
    The four high school boys in a really shiny, glossy image.
    Gorgeous cast image that has everyone crammed in and drawn with shiny, glossy colors.
    The four high school boys in an image with solid lineart to it.
    Solidly done group image of the four high school boys together.
    Fantastic banner-style image of the main Durarara!! cast all in a row.
    Mostly black & white image of the four high school boys, with red for the sofa and blue for their eyes.
    Beautifully colored trio image of Anri, Kida, and Mikado--the shiny quality of it is lovely.
    The four high school boys in various outfits for different school sports.

Durarara!! - Mairu and/or Kururi-based images:
    Gorgeous image of Izaya with the twins as they're all dressed in black and white.
    Ahahahaha, the twins dressed up like Izaya and Shizuo is hilarious.
    Izaya crying on Kururi as Mairu leans back against him as well.
    Izaya with the twins and I love Mairu holding a blade to his throat pretty much, lolz.
    Izaya asleep on a bed with the twins and it's actually almost really sweet. So long as they're all unconscious.

Durarara!! - Other:
    Kida in various costumes and poses, which the art is very cute for!
    Kida welcoming Mikado to Ikebukuro, which is really cute.
    Really stunning closeup of Anri, the colors used on this are just beautiful.
    Another cute Anri portrait that also has the pretty glowing colors I like.
    The DRRR!! version of Sailor Mercury and it's like. My fandoms are uniting. *__*
    A pissed off Shizuo with Celty in the background.
    Awesome image of Celty with the headless horse in the background.
    Shrina and Celty dancing while wearing beautiful formal clothes.
    Another awesome image of Celty that's almost like a painting.
    Gorgeously colored image of Shizuo sleeping on Kasuka.
    Celty and Shizuo sitting side by side on a curbside.
    Shizuo and Kasuka posing for a picture, even though Shizuo's not that happy about it.
    Gorgeous image of Shizuo and Kasuka clinking their bottles together.
    More of Shizuo and Kasuka while they're eating burgers side by side.
    Shizuo and Kasuka with kitty ears this time! o/
    Fantastic image of Celty with shadows and smoke everywhere.
    Snapshot of Shinra and Celty on a camera and it's really cute.
    Man, all the different ages here all look really gorgeous.
    Shinra and Celty and two babies and OMG I love this ridiculously, too.
    Another lovely illustration of Shinra and Celty dancing.
    Izaya and Celty image that's really kinda fantastic looking.
    Kida wrapped up in yellow tape while Mikado leans over his shoulder.
    Really cute image of Shizuo and Kasuka, where Shizuo is ruffling his hair and they're both smiling.
    Shinra holding up Celty's hand to almost kiss it as they're walking along.
    Another pretty image in glossy b&w of Shizuo and Kasuka sitting side by side.
    Shinra holding Celty in his lap and I'm very fond of the shiny, glossy cg colors of this one.
    Shizuo picking Celty up and holding her in his arms and, shit, I might be a little okay with this.
    The novelty of seeing Anri crawling on Izaya alone would have made me cave on this image.
    A comic strip in b&w of Shinra and Celty's utter cuteness.
    Another cute image of Shinra and Celty with them both in formal clothes.
    Kasuka leaning against Shizuo in a softly colored and almost gentle image.
    I like glossy colors like this on an image of Izaya and Kida.
    Wow, this image of Anri is really gorgeous, too.
    Really pretty standalone image of Celty putting her helmet on.
    Pretty image of Shizuo and Kasuka and I love Kasuka's flat expression no matter what Shizuo does.
    Shizuo and Celty tilting their heads in confusion together.
    Simple but lovely sketch of Kasuka actually smiling softly.
    Izaya and Mikado I believe, back to back, with their switchblade and cellphone in hand.
    Cute image of Kasuka with some interaction with Shizuo in the background.
    Shizuo and Kasuka sharing a chair this time.
    Pretty image of Shizuo and Kasuka wrapped up in each other.
    Shinra and Celty adorableness and, yeah, I still totally think they're cute, too.
    Shizuo leaning onto Kasuke's shoulder and pressed along his little brother's back.
    Kasuka leaning against Shizuo in a softly done picture image.
    Shiny, glossy art of Mikado and Kida that looks really nice.
    Another gorgeous image of the Heiwajima brothers and cellphones at nighttime.
    Ahahaha, okay, this one definitely made me laugh at Shizuo.
    Really kind of gorgeous image of Izaya and Namie, the colors are fantastic.
    Shizuo pulling Celty close with his bent street sign.
    Shizuo carrying Celty after her helmet has fallen off, with really pretty anime-cel-style colors.
    Super pretty image of Shizuo and Kasuka from two different perspectives.
    Awesome image of Celty riding on her horse with her scythe out at the ready.
    Adorable image of Shinra and Celty as he pulls her in close and the smoke forms a heart shape.
    Shinra carrying Celty as she tries to shove his face away, both of them in formal clothes.
    Shinra and Celty kneeling together is a really cute, sweet image.
    Kida putting flowers in Mikado's hair, which is really kind of sweet and cute.
    Shizuo and Kasuka doing the FITS dance, lolz.
    Beautiful Celty image with a full red moon behind her and her shadows.
    Shrina and Celty on a swing while wearing formal clothes and, man, it's so darling!
    Izaya talking to Mikado as something comes sailing towards him, lolz.
    Various scenes of hilarity or adorable with the Heiwajima brothers.
    Shinra kissing Celty's cheek in a shiny, glossy, and pretty image.
    Celty's smoke forming a heart-shape is never not kind of seriously darling.
    Izaya and Kida, I believe, which is a gorgeous image in full view, wow.
    Beautiful image of Anri with shadows wrapping around her wrist.
    Gorgeous image of Shinra and Celty, with her in a school uniform and sitting in his lap.
    Poor Mikado's life is really difficult sometimes. But this is cute.
    Beautiful image of Mikado with his cellphone and the blues of the piece are glowing.
    A bunch of Mikado images in a collage style illustration that has some solid lines and colors to it.
    Lovely image of Shinra and Celty in old-fashioned clothes and in a flowery field.
    Another beautiful Shinra/Celty image of her in a cute party dress.
    Celty in a lovely, sexy white dress with small wings floating behind her, everything tinged with pink.
    Shrina and Celty floating upside down to each other while she's wearing a pretty black dress again.
    Shizuo offering Celty a smoke which is really kind of hilarious and super pretty.
    Vaguely sepia-toned image of Shizuo and Kasuka that's pretty.
    Anime-style Shizuo in a kimono and singing while Kasuka blandly tosses confetti.
    Another Shinra/Celty hug as he sits back and she leans into him.
    Izaya and Mikado staring at each other in a two-panel image.
    Shizuo and Kasuka taking a nap on each other in a really nicely done image.
    Shinra lifting Celty's helmet off her while black smoke pours out around her.
    Adorable and softly colored image of Shinra and Celty back to back, each of them with little hearts rising up around them.
    Shizuo and Kasuka as kids in a collage of different moments.
    The Heiwajima brothers as kids at a train crossing, done almost in a flash sort of style that looks cool.
    I like the coloring on this image of Anri, the reds glow nicely.
    Promotional poster for Kasuka (well, "Yuhei") is very nicely done.
    Kasuka and Shizuo wrapped up together in a really pretty image again.
    Awesome image of Mikado and I really love the colors and lines of it.
    Pretty image of Anri looking almost melancholic.
    Shizuo/Mikado image that's a little rough, but I really like the basic solidness of it.
    Shinra and Celty with her smoke making a heart which is always kind of darling.
    Kasuka taking Shizuo's cigarette as he leans in towards his older brother and it's a beautifully drawn image.
    Shinra staring at Celty's head in a jar in a really gorgeous image here, too.
    Beautiful image of Mikado holding his phone and with touches of a very vibrant blue.
    Izaya/Mikado both with glowing eyes as they get way inside each other's personal space and each have their own weapons out.
    This Shizuo/Kida image is really kinda cute, I have to admit.
    Izaya and Mikado with masks and crowns and all sorts of interesting details.
    Kasuka dressed and sitting like Shizuo is also kind of really hilarious.
    Shinra and Celty in high school uniforms as she hands him a note.
    Izaya and Mikado again and I like the darker tones and the contrasting reds and blues between them.
    Kida and Mikado eating fast food while Kida has an arm around Mikado's shoulders.
    Mikado surrounded by multi-colored hearts is really kind of totally cute.
    Izaya bending Mikado backwards and just about kissing him, which Mikado is very DNW about.
    Pretty sketch of Mikado straddling Shizuo and I can't say I ship it, but... I kind of don't mind it. >_>
    Shizuo, Mikado, and Izaya three-part image that's nicely done.
    Mikado with a chibi Shizuo with cat ears is just so damn cute a concept that I can't help myself, okay.
    Magazine cover mock-up with Shizuo and Kasuka.
    More cute Shizuo/Mikado with bright, jewel-like colors, especially on Mikado's vivid blue eyes.
    Kasuka leaning against Shizuo's shoulders in a cute anime-cel-style.
    A series of Kida/Mikado doodles in various situations and circumstances, which is cute.
    Comic strip with Shizuo/Mikado makeouts and I am not complaining at all.
    Shizuo leaning into Kasuka in a softly colored image.
    It's a bit of a messy image, but in a good way because I'm kinda weak to the style--Shizuo/Mikado almost hug cuteness.
    Another beautiful Shinra/Celty image where he's holding her and she's putting one hand over his mouth.
    Celty picking Shinra up with one hand and her smoke, while he grins sheepishly.
    Kasuka curled up in Shizuo's lap in an image with some really cool patterns on everything.
    Gorgeously done Shizuo and Kasuka, the latter holding an adorable cat in his arms.
    Shizuo leaning back against Kasuka in a beautifully colored image.
    Mikado in Izaya's clothes while Izaya himself lounges on the ground between his feet.
    Shizuo and Kasuka again as Kasuka wraps arms loosely around his shoulders.
    Shinra and Celty marriage image with them both wearing white outfits.
    I love the use of blue on this image of Izaya and Mikado.
    Awesome image of the two sides of Anri, one her and the other Saika.
    Anri and her sword as KEEP OUT tape swirls around her.
    Anri and the slasher in an image that looks good in full view, with some nicely done shades of red.
    Celty and Anri cuteness and I'm kind of weak for the DRRR!! girls.
    Izaya and Celty's head should really not be kind of pretty and yet....
    Gorgeous image of Anri that's done in this soft, feathery cg style that's so pretty.
    Another awesome image of Anri and her sword because I've been trolling Pixiv for her all afternoon. *__*
    Another of Celty and Anri and, yeah, still continuing to love the DRRR!! chicks.
    Celty portrait/bookmark-style image with her shadows whirling all around her.
    Simple but lovely image of Celty with her head attached and Shinra's hand gently touching her face.
    Celty weilding her scythe and looking really awesome.
    AHAHAHAHA Celty with the boys from Arakawa Under the Bridge and they're exchanging helmets and I really love Pixiv sometimes.
    Kasuka perfume image omg (well, okay, more like Yuhei perfume) AND THAT IS HILARIOUS.
    But not as hilarious as this Yuhei perfume image where Kasuka is dressed AS A DEMON WITH BLACK WINGS for the "ad". Lolling forever.
    Shizuo and Kasuka in a ferris wheel car in a really beautifully done image.
    Beautiful image of the Heiwajima brothers where the artist does a beautiful job with their hair and the warm, glowy colors.
    Okay, Celty in the suit and Shinra in the wedding dress is still pretty hilarious to me, I gotta admit.
    Simple, but solidly done image of Anri without her usual school uniform jacket.
    Beautiful image of Anri with her sword in one hand and a yellow scarf in another.
    Izaya and Kida image that's lovely for the way the black and yellow colors swirl around the two of them.

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