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Final Fantasy Dissidia - Unsorted:
    Beautifully done heroes of the game.
    Another group image of the heroes of the game, nicely done.
    This chibi group image of the heroes is seriously threatening to make me flail.
    Adorable FFD chibis and the flat colors work nicely here.
    Gorgeous chibi cast of heroes, the colors are stunning.
    Really lovely chibi Terra image, more gorgeous colors.
    Really fantastic group image of the villains, the amount of detail on the full view is fantastic.
    Line up of the heroes, really pretty art to this.
    Cloud, Onion Knight, and Terra which is all pretty reds and pinks and blond hair.
    Gorgeous Terra image.
    Amazingly gorgeous Cloud, Squall, Tidus, and Bartz image.
    Gorgeous Squall and Bartz image.

Final Fantasy Dissidia - Group images:
    Oh, I really like this group image of the heroes.
    Okay, group image of biker gang FFD? Kinda really awesome.
    Cuteness with various Dissidia characters.
    Group image done in poster-style that looks amazing.
    Completely awesome group image of the heroes as they fall while ready for a fight.
    The various villains from Dissidia playing their respective consoles which never fails to make me lol.
    OMG, I'm not sure what gave the artist this thought, but fishie versions of the heroes in beautiful colors is A+.
    Not actually Dissidia, but it's multiple FF chibis, so this was the best place for it.
    The soft colors and amazing lines of this cast of heroes make this one of my favorite FFD images.
    Poster-style image of most of the main cast, but Squall, Bartz, and Zidane out in front, the colors on this are lovely.
    Dissidia art is making me even weaker to chibis, after stuff like this chibi pyramid.
    Group of chibis with fox ears, awww!
    Little group of chibis getting a lecture, Squall's face seriously makes this one.
    Kind of hilarious group of villains and heroes dorking it up.
    So much lol to this image with WOL's horns just about skewering Bartz. Their expressions are great.
    859 chibi pileup onto the WOL and omg Squall's face. Beautiful.
    The various chibi groupings combined with super pretty light, almost pastel colors, makes this image awesome.
    Another time when Squall's chibi face just completely makes the image.
    Also not strictly Dissidia, but the best place for an awesome Sora, Bartz, and Vaan image.
    Bartz and Terra glomping onto Squall is kind of adorable.
    No matter how many times I see this group image, it never fails to impress the hell out of me with how gorgeous it is.
    The cast of heroes all walking along together.
    A short little comic that's really pretty cute.
    I seriously kind of laughed really hard at poor Bartz's expense here.
    I love the details and colors of this super cute chibi group image, each one is individually worth paying attention to.
    Omg, totem pole with chibis is kind of hilarious.
    And the rest of the cast for Dissidia Academy, awesome. I just love the concept.
    I have no idea what's going on in this image, but it's chibis and it's pretty. That's enough for me!
    Another nicely done group image that's got these really warm, pretty colors. And Zidane pinching Squall's face. :D :D :D
    Tidus, Firion, and Cloud in a really pretty lineart splashed with warm yellows.
    Oh, lord, little baby chibis of Terra with kidlet Squall and Cloud is one of the cutest things I've seen all day.
    Really pretty image of several of the heroes and Cosmos.
    There are images that really make you love a fandom. And Squall's life being difficult. This is one of those images.
    Oh, lord. Lion Squall and wolf Cloud chibis should not be this cute. AND YET.
    I guess Tidus and Firion having a conversation that makes Tidus think of Yuna?
    Nicely done group image of the heroes that works really kinda well with the flat, pastel colors here.
    I don't know what's better about this group image--the adorable chibis or the pretty colors.
    This poster-style image of all the heroes falling through the air is beautiful, it looks even more amazing in full view.
    Even in larger groups, I love that Bartz and Zidane totally glomp onto Squall.
    Awesome image of Cloud, Squall, Tidus, and Bartz, all of them look really hot.
    Solid group image of the heroes that I liked.
    A sepia-toned group image that I thought was cool.
    Squall gets the best facial expressions. Also, Zack!
    Super adorable chibis that are also actually really well done!
    The usual trio plus Cloud, which is really a cute image. And Squall's smiling for once!
    Stylized chibis of Squall, Bartz, Zidane, Terra, and Onion Knight with pretty colors.
    Oh, god, this image of several of the characters in various skirts/dresses never fails to make me laugh. Their faces. XD
    Tidus dragging a trail of other characters behind him, his :D face is great.
    A stiff breeze is not the best idea for a lot of these characters, no.
    How much do I love FFD version of Snow White? LIKE A WHOLE LOT. :D!
    More lolarious fairy tale fusions with the Dissidia cast! :D :D :D
    The detail and colors and just everything on this image are amazing.
    Fun image with WoL, Cloud, and Bartz.
    Cardcaptor Bartz is super lol, especially with Terra in the background and Squall!Lion as Kero.
    I love Dissidia group images when they manage to combine crack and pretty colors.
    I seriously can't decide who's expression/posture is the greatest in this image of Cloud, Zidane, and Squall.
    Another beautiful group image that has some really fantastic detail.
    You know, the characters almost look like kid versions of themselves, but it just makes them cuter. And the colors on Cloud, Tidus, Cecil, and Firion are beautiful here.
    A really beautiful little image of Bartz, Terra, and Zidane, it's just adorable to the max.
    I really kinda like the warm colors and solid details on this group image.
    I love pretty much everything about this completely awesome massive group image, every little connection between the heroes and villains is either hilarious or HILARIOUS.
    Bartz and Terra dancing, while Squall and Zidane do their usual expressions in the background.
    Awww, lookit the little baby sleeping Squall!
    Really solidly done group image of pretty much the whole cast.
    I could have sworn I'd seen this gorgeous group image before, but it wasn't in my files. Ah, well, it's beautiful enough to look at twice, if not.
    Cute little Dissidia comic strip with some nicely done art. Their faces! XD
    Hilarious group of chibis with little monsters, the detail on this is great.
    The colors on this image of Zidane, Terra, Bartz, and Tidus piling onto Squall while Cloud and Sephiroth are in the background are lovely.
    AND THEN THERE'S A FOLLOW UP COMIC OF AWESOME. Possibly I may have linked those before. I don't care!
    Really nicely done little chibi images of just about everyone in the cast.
    Squall, Bartz, and Cecil in various poses.
    Another summery beachtime fun image.
    Beautiful poster-style art of Cosmos and the cast of heroes with (cheerful female) characters from their original world with them.
    I thought that this was some really cool lineart with Cloud, Tidus, Zidane, and Squall.
    IDEK about 589. Neither does Cloud. XD
    Okay, Cloud's hair breaking through his helmet is kind of seriously hilarious.
    Line up of the cast of heroes in different outfits and I seriously cannot pick a favorite out of all the hilarity.
    I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN to describe the awesomeness of school girl Cloud taking care of Bartz, Zidane, and Squall as kidlets. The background details are awesome, too.
    This image of Squall, Cloud, and Tidus actually looks really good in full view.
    You know what I would totally go for? More pretty 789 art.
    ....I could also go with more Bartz, Cloud, and Squall art, especially if it's solidly done like this one.
    Nicely done image of all the heroes.
    Cloud, Terra, and the Onion Knight cuteness.
    Some of the villains of DFF.
    High school girl versions of Cloud, Tidus, and Squall shouldn't amuse me this much and yet.
    Tidus, Cloud, and Squall image that's pretty cute.
    Pretty totem-pole-esque image of several of the heroes.
    Incredible and amazingly detailed/colored DFF cast image, the sheer amount of characters is fantastic.
    Poster-style cast image with some nice lineart to it.
    Dissidia heroes chibis crawling out of the PSP, which is so so cute.
    Squall, Cloud, and Tidus with some pretty colors and adorableness.
    Pretty cg style group image with an odd selection, but I really like this one.
    Zidane, Cloud, and Bartz is an odd mix, but this image is great.
    Really kind of awesome group image of Squall, Terra, Bartz, and the Onion Knight. It looks kinda awesome in full view.
    Various characters from DFF in suits standing on a checkered floor, which looks really pretty.
    How hard would I play this game, a mix of Okami and DFF? So hard.
    And the other side of the Okami/DFF fusion with the villains and it's just as epically awesome.
    Lovely image of three of the DFF characters that's almost sort of in Amano's style (soooort of), except kind of prettier.
    Same artist and same concept of a group of DFF characters sitting in the grass and having a lovely, airy style.
    One more by the same artist with three more characters kneeling in the grass.
    No, sorry, still one more yet by the same artist as the above few and, man, it's pretty in full view.
    DFF characters in red track suits and I have a weakness for stuff like this, with modern-type clothes.

Final Fantasy Dissidia - 589 images:
    Solidly cute image of my favorite FFD trio in the grass,
    Squall's :| face in this 859 image is kind of great.
    859 chibi pileup!
    If Squall holding a baby or Bartz spinning a baby or Zidane giving a shoulder ride to a baby doesn't make you smile, there's something wrong with you.
    Chibi pileup of sleepy adorableness.
    Squall with a box of kitty Bartz and kitty Zidane is great.
    This image was one of the first that started winning me over to this trio, Bartz and Zidane making Squall's life hard by glomping onto him is so great.
    Another of the "classic" 859 images (to my mind) that first won me over.
    Squall singing karaoke, yes.
    Omg, Squall, Bartz, and Zidane riding a Chocobo together, it is seriously so completely cute.
    Another of my favoritest images! Bartz and Zidane glomping Squall, YES.
    The three of them in modern clothes.
    Bartz holding Zidane and Squall. I love Zidane's expression for serious.
    The three of them running along.
    SUPER HOT art of the trio on thrones, the sharp lines and colors are amazing.
    Squall doesn't know those idiots, I'm sure.
    More 859 cuteness that I liked.
    YES, the trio sleeping in the grass, another of my favorites.
    The trio in white shirts and ties, nice.
    Okay, Squall with baby Zidane and baby Bartz on their way to kindergarden. SO CUTE.
    The trio eating ice cream and the colors and summer time feel are really nice.
    Squall, Zidane, and Bartz relaxing in a field, it's very cute.
    This is a doodle more than anything but it shows why Squall's life is so hard.
    Okay, Bartz and Zidane fighting over Squall? Brings happiness and joy to my life.
    589 band AU, yes.
    Seriously, I love Squall's face kind of a lot.
    Ahahaha, I know I shouldn't laugh, but the trio dressed as the FFX-2 characters is still funny.
    Bookmark-like images of Bartz, Zidane, and Squall, with really nice, warm colors.
    Beautiful image of the three of them, everything looks great--the lines, the colors, the details.
    I love the colors of this image, but also how much fun they look like they're having.
    Another chibi pileup of cute.
    It's awful to laugh at Squall's pain, especially with a sword through his head. And yet.
    Cute little chibi sketch that's actually really kinda pretty.
    Chibized trio as they all sleep on each other, aw.
    asd;lfkjasdl;kja oh god. Squall, Bartz, and Zidane sleeping under fat Chocobo's wings and this image is just beautiful in so many ways.
    Nicely done image of the three of them.
    Pile of sleepy cute!
    Aww, Squall, Bartz, and Zidane huddling around the kotatsu.
    589 cuteness again! o/
    I really like this 859 image, the eyes are a little bigger than I'm used to (at least on Bartz), but the style is one of my favorites, I'm just weak to it.
    The three of them in cg chibi form that looks super adorable.
    All of them in one tangled sleepy pile, which is hilarious and adorable.
    You know what else I never get tired of? Bartz and Zidane sleeping on Squall.
    I am such a sucker for beautiful, beautiful colors on this image of the trio.
    *squeaks* The 859 chibis here are adorable!
    It's the expression on Squall's face here that really makes this image. XD
    Oh, I like the lineart of this one and the new outfits for the three of them.
    More chibi prettiness! The colors are nice, same for the expressions on their faces.
    589 hug that's really kinda cute, aw.
    589 in school uniforms and all riding one bike.
    More 589 cuteness. :D
    Oh, man, as if they weren't adorable enough already, 589 sprites are kind of lethal.
    Another great image with the three and Squall's 'ugh my life' expression. XD
    Jesus, even just little doodles of the trio makes me all XD over them.
    Zidane and Bartz just want to show Squall that they like him, okay. :D
    There's some gorgeous coloring on this image--it leans a little Squall/Bartz-ish, but Zidane is there, too.
    This time it's Bartz/Zidane with Squall in the background. XD
    I'm really weak to this style with sharp lines and warm, vaguely sepia-esque colors, especially when it's these three.
    Adorkable Bartz, Squall, and Zidane again.
    Lord, Zidane and Bartz with cat ears while Squall's life is so hard? Hilarious.
    *flails* The cuteness of Bartz, Squall, and Zidane as chibis riding a chocobo (barely, in some cases) and gorgeous coloring is seriously kind of making me flail.
    The costumes that are adorable! The lion's head that's stuck on Squall! XD!
    Oh, I love the soft, but rich colors on this 589 image, they're lovely.
    Totem pole of hilarity. Squall's life is hard, you guys.
    The trio in modern school clothes again.
    589 on total crack, wtf. XD
    Cute sketch of the trio again.
    Bartz and Zidane dragging Squall along again, which also never gets old, especially with such pretty colors.
    Sporfle, the trio in dresses, which are actually very nice dresses.
    It's a little bit sketch-like, but the flat colors also really worked for me here.
    There's a beautiful bright blue sky behind the happy, sunny trio in modern clothes.
    The three of them in semi-chibi-esque form is cute.
    More of Squall, Bartz, and Zidane in modern school uniforms.
    Cute art of the trio as usual that looks very nice in full view.
    The usual suspects in slight different/more formal outfits, it was cute.
    Zidane on Squall's shoulder while Bartz is on the lookout is all very cute.
    Gorgeous image of the three of them and chocobos and brooms.
    Not my usual thing, but it's kinda pretty--Squall and Bartz kissing Zidane's cheek.
    Squall taking care of crying little chibis.
    Zidane and Bartz dragging Squall along again.
    589 cooking madness. XD
    Bartz draggin Zidane who's dragging Squall along, very adorable.
    Zidane on Squall's shoulders is cute. I dunno want to make of Bartz. XD
    Zidane stuck in a tree! They have to help him! XD
    Oh, man, the coloring is really beautiful here, the separate panels look nice, too.
    Cute lineart and nice, warm colors are a good combination.
    The trio as a cleaning crew again, apparently. XD
    Happy smiley trio with their arms around each other, aw.
    The three of them, each with a chocobo. Except Zidane's is lolful.
    Sparkly trio sketch that's cute.
    Omg, Squall giving Bartz a piggyback ride while Bartz wears his jacket and Zidane hops along with them, is super, super adorable.
    Zidane raining petals down on Bartz sleeping in Squall's lap.
    Zidane, Squall, and Bartz with no personal space to speak of.
    Why Zidane is suddenly a furry I'm not sure, but the image is really pretty.
    The trio at the beach.
    The three of them sharing an umbrella.
    Oh, man, gorgeous coloring is gorgeous with these three, the oranges and reds look great.
    The three of them hanging on for dear life. XD
    Group hug with animal ears and tails cuteness.
    Cute image of Zidane sleeping in their laps, aw.
    Chibi Bartz and Zidane clinging to Squall's pants. XD
    The shiny colors on these Squall/Bartz/Zidane chibis are very nice.
    Pretty colorized version of the trio.
    Omg. Chibis with little animal ears hats is the greatest thing just about ever.
    It's a little rough, but I really like this image of the trio lounging on a sofa together.
    Squall's life is still hard around these two.
    Definitely a difficult life for Squall, but I have great fondness for that kind of art.
    Chibis of the trio are pretty cute.
    I also never get tired of Bartz and Zidane glomping onto Squall.
    I like the bright colors on this image of the trio lounging on each other.
    Gorgeous image of the three of them at a festival with Pikachu masks.
    I like the warm colors on this stylized chibi image.
    Squall's birthday party is kind of great.
    Lolling really hard at Zidane and Bartz flying tackle pounce here.
    The one time Squall is all smiles in this trio. XD
    Summertime chibis are adorable.
    High school summer AU style that's really pretty.
    589 and birthday bows cuteness.
    Zidane and Bartz chibis clinging to Squall's leg, very cute.
    The trio on a chocobo is just as great as it promised.
    Awww, the trio as chibis sleeping on each other is never not adorable.
    The trio fighting amongst each other is kind of hilarious.

Final Fantasy Dissidia - Single character images:
    Incredibly detailed and amazing Warrior of Light, bloody and determined.
    Gorgeously done Warrior of Light in that same smooth and glossy style.
    There are some truly stunning Terra images with soft colors and curled up with Moogles.
    There is a surprising amount of pretty Kuja art.
    No, seriously.
    I really love bright, just-this-side-of-neon colors on Zidane like this.
    Bartz as every single FFD hero is lolarious.
    Squall looking pensive. And pretty.
    Smoking hot Squall in mid-fight, the detail and use of color on this is fantastic.
    Pretty Terra image with soft, lovely colors.
    Holy shit, this WOL with an arrow of fire image is gorgeous.
    Gorgeous as hell image of Squall and his gunblade, the use of grays and blues here is especially awesome.
    Man, slightly bloody Squall shouldn't be this hot, but it is.
    This image of Squall is gorgeous in full view, holy shit. *__*
    After a few traumatizing images that I had to scroll really fast by, it's nice to have cute chibi Squall to help soothe me.
    I love chibi Squall, especially when his eyes are that pretty electric blue.
    More chibi Squall that's beautifully drawn, I love the softness of it.
    Pretty image of Bartz leaning back, it has some really fine lines to it.
    You know what never gets old? Hotass Squall fanart.
    Gorgeous Squall in SeeD uniform that has a really nice richness to it.
    Cloud with a foxtail that is really kinda pretty. And ears!
    Bartz with the gunblade and buster sword, really nice lineart on this one.
    Another really beautiful image of Bartz with a cool semi-faded look.
    Squall in mid-attack, I thought it looked neat.
    Wow, this image of Bartz is really pretty! Stop making me interested in FFV, fandom!
    Hot, mid-action pose with Squall, I really like the perspective on this one.
    Another mid-action pose that's really kind of great, with Cloud this time.
    Awesome image of Bartz with a summon, I believe? It looks amazing.
    Beautiful close-up on Firion this time.
    This is a beautiful image of Terra, both the lines and the vivid colors.
    You know who gets a lot of incredibly gorgeous art for him? The Warrior of Light, wow.
    Holy shit, the detail on this Warrior of Light image are incredible. The DRAGONS OMG. *__*
    There are some pretty blues on this Warrior of Light image.
    Yet another Warrior of Light image that has some amazingly sharp lines and colors.
    Another nicely done Warrior of Light image, which I have yet to tire of.
    Goddamn, I don't want this artist to draw anything but Dissidia art pretty much forever.
    This is a beautiful Emperor image with some gorgeous silver colors.
    Amazing image of Cecil with incredible detail and colors.
    Hotass image of Bartz again, very nice!
    Pretty sketch-like image of Bartz.
    Still yet another amazingly done Warrior of Light image with gorgeous colors.
    Cecil from FFIV that's very solid and just looks cool.
    The two different versions of Cecil done in soft, airy colors that are very pretty.
    Cute image of chibi Cloud who has a gorgeous blue for his eyes.
    Holy shit, that's some amazing detail on that Warrior of Light image. Those DRAGONS!
    A really cute and pretty Terra image with various characters sort of in the background.
    A nicely done image of Bartz again, this section is really turning me into a fan of his.
    Yeah, idek about Bartz sometimes. XD
    There's some fantastic detail on yet another Warrior of Light image.
    Awesome, happy image of Bartz with his sword and smiling.
    Beautiful image of Terra with a Moogle looking off into the distance.
    Simple, but I really like the lines of this image of Bartz.
    Cecil holding flowers with some really beautiful soft colors.
    Bartz with an almost bittersweet sort of smile.
    Gorgeous lines and use of soft and or glowing colors on this Warrior of Light image.
    A really pretty and nicely drawn Zidane leaning on his sword.
    Bartz on a chocobo with a fruity drink and pretty colors.
    Adorable little chibi Squall with a thinger on his head.
    I love the colors on this itty bitty little Onion Knight.
    Pretty Zidane image again.
    Even as a chibi, Squall is still a hotass.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous art of the Warrior of Light trapped in a crystal.
    Kuja seriously needs to stop being pretty and stop having such great colors in his art.
    Beautifuly almost kind of hazey, foggy Cecil.
    Itty bitty Onion Knight cuteness.
    Squall attempting to feed a chocobo a carrot.
    Cafe themed bunch of chibis Squalls making a drink, aw.
    There are some very nice smooth lines and colors on this Zidane image.
    Lovely lines and soft colors on this Warrior of Light image.
    Squall's birthday party makes his life so hard.
    Gorgeous image of the Warrior of Light here.
    as;ldkfjaslkj man Squall at sunset against a tree is super hot.
    Squall's half-smirk is also really hot.
    Beautifully done Firion image of him in a ready for battle pose.
    Technically, there are several of Bartz here but it's still just the one character. The various Bartzes fighting in this image look cool, too.
    Totally adorable Terra birthday image with an awesome cake in it and awesome anime-cel style coloring.

Final Fantasy Dissidia - Other Pairings images:
    Pretty colors on this one of Terra with the Onion Knight sleeping in her lap.
    Terra and the Onion Knight, I swear eventually Japan is going to make me ship everything in this game.
    No, seriously, eventually you find enough pretty art to ship EVERYTHING in this game, including beautiful Bartz/Cloud art.
    ....and then Tidus/Cloud to round things out.
    Zidane and Kuja should not be this cute together.
    Why WOL is holding a Dragon Quest slime or why Squall is there, I don't know. But it's pretty.
    Cloud and Terra isn't something I would have thought I'd like, but this was pretty at least.
    Bartz and Cloud this time, as they flop over each other while sleeping in a field.
    Squall and Tidus against the bright blue, blue sky.
    Seriously, poor Zidane. Also, random FMA characters?
    Squall and Zidane hanging on for dear life.
    Pretty sketch of Squall and Firion, I believe?
    Sephiroth and Squall is really kind of pretty, I love the use of white-blue here.
    Tidus/Cloud really shouldn't be hot. And yet it kind of is.
    Hee, Squall with a smiley Zidane in his lap, I like the lineart for this.
    Bartz and Firion, I think? It's really beautiful.
    Bartz and Terra image that's got some seriously pretty lines.
    Zidane and Bartz back to back and both looked totally thrilled with each other.
    Squall and... you know, I'm not sure. But it's pretty.
    Zidane stealing Squall's lion, hee.
    Bartz apparently really not happy with the WoL. XD
    Bartz, Cloud, and a Chocobo! XD
    Ahahahaha, oh, lol at Terra and Cloud switching clothes, that's so great.
    Okay, Sephiroth/Warrior of Light is not a pairing I would have thought of on my own, but this is amazingly detailed and pretty.
    Bartz/Cloud still makes me lol a little, but... I'm not opposed after images like this.
    Or another Cloud/Bartz image like this one where they're in modern clothes.
    Another Tidus/Cloud image that I can't say I hated....
    Tidus crying over Jecht, aw. D:
    Apparently I found a bit of a run of Tidus pairings here, because I liked this Tidus/Bartz image, too.
    Another pairing I would not have thought of, but don't entirely object to, is Zidane/Bartz.
    Cute image with really warm colors of Terra and Onion Knight, aw.
    Light, airy colors on this Cloud and Terra image are nice.
    Bartz and Zidane are totally loveable idiots here. XD
    Super pretty image of Bartz and Terra leaning into each other.
    Seriously, I'm convinced that I'll eventually find every Dissidia pairing possible, and at least one image for them will be as pretty as this image of Bartz and Terra.
    One more image of Bartz and Terra because I had to.
    I think this is Firion vs the Emperor? Any which way, it's very nicely done.
    Squall/Zidane as a pairing isn't really my thing, but the art is pretty.
    Zidane/Bartz that has soft yellows and golds to it.
    More Zidane/Bartz prettiness that I should probably be ashamed to like so much.
    Cloud cutting Bartz's hair is actually really well done.
    Cute image with nice colors for Bartz and Tidus.
    Solidly done Sephiroth and Jecht.
    This is... Sephiroth and Golbez, I think? They have pretty hair.
    No, seriously, Sephiroth and Kuja should not be this cute together.
    Squall yanking Firion back by the hair.
    Really... kinda hot Firion/Tidus makeouts.
    Jecht and Terra, which is surprisingly cute. One more checked off my list! XD
    Okay, Terra and Gabranth should not be this adorable.
    Nor should Terra and the Emperor be this cute/pretty.
    And this time it's Terra and Bartz, I am checking so many off my list now. XD
    Terra and Kefka are ignoring each other.
    Tiny little Cloud and Zidane are also really cute.
    Squall and Firion is kinda pretty.
    Squall and cute little happy chibi Tidus.
    Another one of Squall and Tidus, in the grass this time, and Squall is still hot.
    Okay, Squall/Zidane still makes me feel kind of squicky, but this image was really pretty.
    ...and another cute one of Squall and Zidane, semi chibi-esque.
    Cute image of Cloud and Terra holding hands as they fly off.
    Whoa, this image of Cloud and Terra lying back is really beautiful.
    Cloud and Terra beach cuteness with everyone else in the background.
    Pretty image of Cloud and Terra (again) in a shallow lake with lots of nice detail.
    Cloud and Terra fighting side by side.
    Cosmos with Terra sleeping on her lap, which is really pretty.
    Ahahahaha, even with Terra, Cloud still wears the dress. XD
    I still can't say I ship it, but this Cloud/Terra kiss is pretty.
    Bartz and Zidane with chocobos, which is cute.
    Cool image of Sephiroth and Kuja, I believe.
    Gorgeous image of Warrior of Light vs Firion that I really liked.
    Very nicely done Squall and Firion image that I liked.
    Squall and Zidane back to back oekaki was cute.
    Okay, the more I see of cute, soft Cloud/Terra, the cuter I think it is.
    Terra in Cloud's lap by the same artist is even cuter.
    Onion Knight clinging to Terra is kinda cute.
    Zidane hopping into Squall's arms and I can't say I ship it, but damn it's still cute.
    Warrior of Light and Firion image that looks even better in full view.
    Another image of the Warrior of Light and Firion with some really sharp, clean lines.
    Gorgeous Firion vs Warrior of Light, the kind that makes it hard to complain when I get lost in that corner of fandom.
    Warrior of Light and Garland I believe, beautifully done, the details are fantastic.
    Bartz/Terra is not something I'd have thought up on my own, but this image is really pretty cool.
    Firion/Terra this time but just as pretty and well-done as any other.

Final Fantasy Dissidia - Squall/Cloud images:
    And, okay, I have to admit that this Squall/Cloud image is really gorgeous.
    Squall and Cloud oddness that I just don't know what to make of. Except to lol at their faces.
    You know, I never really used to ship it and I probably still don't, but hot Squall/Cloud like this are kind of winning me over.
    Squall and Cloud in an empty desert at night.
    Okay, this Squall/Cloud image is one of the ones that was gorgeous enough to start really winning me over.
    The almost faded look of this Squall/Cloud image is really nice.
    Awww, Squall vs Cloud chibis that are seriously so freaking adorable.
    Cloud sleeping on Squall is kind of adorable, Cloud is very pretty.
    This is kind of some really nicely done lineart for these two.
    Oh, shit, the chibis are damned adorable yet again.
    Hot lineart of Squall and Cloud, I love the details.
    An almost kiss that's cutely done.
    Squall versus Cloud that's really kind of hot.
    Chibis are still really kinda cute.
    Ahahahaha, Squall/Cloud chibi fight for dominance, very cute.
    Ooh, pretty image of Squall and Cloud in a field, the colors are very nice.
    Wolf-eared chibis of these two shouldn't be this damn cute.
    Cloud/Squall for once, I guess? XD
    Squall in uniform and Cloud in that dress, both of them as chibis, this is super adorable.
    I have to admit, that's a pretty hot makeout session.
    Squall and Cloud pretty much in each other's laps.
    Nicely stylized Cloud vs Squall fight.
    Okay, even I definitely have to admit that this almost kiss is super hot.
    Chibi Squall in uniform with chibi Cloud in a dress? Still amusing.
    Pretty image of Squall pulling Cloud in close.
    I had to lol, because I've used potions like that in fic, too. XD
    Lots of different Squalls and Clouds with pretty, bright colors.
    Pretty lines and use of simple colors for this image of Squall and Cloud.
    Very cute image of Squall and Cloud with Pokemon, Chocobos, and Moogles.
    Squall and Cloud with chains and collars.
    This Squall/Cloud almost kiss is really nicely done, they both look very good.
    Both of them as girls made me smile, I admit.
    Squall with little chibi Cloud sitting on his shoulder.
    The two of them surrounded by flowers and confetti and Moogles, which is very cute.
    Squall and Cloud back to back in formal clothes.
    Beautiful art, plus Squall and Cloud switching clothes? Yes plz.
    Squall/Cloud kiss that's decent.
    Cloud and Squall exchanging outfits and yet they both look kinda awesome that way.
    Squall and Cloud back to back with an interesting perspective on the image.
    Cloud and Squall fighting each other and I love the blue energy swishing around both their weapons.

Final Fantasy Dissidia - Squall/Bartz:
    This is not a pairing I expected to fall for, but between the 859 art and pairing art like this, I'm only human, you guys. :|
    Seriously. A Squall/Bartz kiss shouldn't be this pretty. Also lolz to Zidane in the background.
    Hee, Squall draping his jacket over Bartz while sleeping is adorable.
    Squall is still THRILLED to have Bartz trying to sleep on him.
    Squall and Bartz standing in a field, I really love the colors of this one.
    Bartz leaning on Squall again, who still looks thrilled.
    Really, really pretty almost kiss with Squall and Bartz.
    Bartz leaning back on Squall. Leaning really far back.
    Squall/Bartz hug from behind, this was kinda pretty.
    Seriously, Squall's life is so hard. XD
    Happy, smiley Bartz and less than pleased Squall.
    Pretty image of Squall and... ghost Bartz?
    Squall giving a sleeping Bartz a piggyback ride. Goddammit, I think I like this ship.
    Lol, Squall with a baby Bartz on his face.
    *snort* So, if Bartz falls asleep in Squall's lap, Squall is totally going to draw on his face.
    Grumpy Squall with Bartz :D'ing in the background.
    Squall/Bartz kiss that's really beautifully done, the lines are sharp and awesome.
    Squall leaning against Bartz in a desperate sort of hug.
    Squall and Bartz dancing! XD
    Squall/Bartz in mid-action pose, it's cute.
    Pretty and softly colored Squall/Bartz, one of those that further crumbles my willpower.
    Speaking of which. This one is another one, a mini-comic this time, that I kind of go a little *__* over and cave just a bit more on these two.
    Another image where they're kind of ridiculously pretty together.
    More Squall/Bartz cuteness, dammit.
    Yet another really kind of fantastically detailed Squall and Bartz back to back image.
    Ooh, the details on this Squall and Bartz image are really nice. Also, Squall is hot.
    You know what keeps me coming back to Squall/Bartz art? Aside from it being really addictive. It's because Squall is super hot.
    Squall and two of Bartz, actually really pretty.
    I am seriously a sucker for the sleek, glossy, soft combination on the colors for these two.
    Squall pushing Bartz up against a tree is kind of hot.
    Some nicely drawn sketches of Squall and Bartz again.
    This is actually really cute, Bartz glomped onto Squall while daydreaming about Squall kissing him. XD
    Nicely hot image of Squall and Bartz almost makeouts.
    Squall and Bartz in another almost kiss this time with bright, shiny colors and clean lines.
    Squall/Bartz slinkiness that I really kinda liked.
Final Fantasy Dissidia - Sephiroth/Cloud images:     Cute little doodle of Sephiroth giving Cloud a rose.
    Sephiroth and Cloud holding Pokemon shouldn't be this cute and yet.

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