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Final Fantasy VII - Unsorted:
    Whoa, Sephiroth looming above Aerith is beautifully done.
    Rufus, Rude, and Tseng as done by the same artist
    Cutest fucking Zack/Aerith walk ever aww!
    Super adorable FFVII girls at the beach
    Tifa and Aerith as maids!
    There's surprisingly little Sephiroth/Cloud, but Japan makes up for it by giving me cat ears
    Also any complaints I have kind of pale next to yet more Zack/Aerith cuteness
    Gorgeous Sephiroth
    There's a decent amount (given the number of pairing images) of Cloud/Tifa, but this one is one of my favorites just for the lol.
    This one makes me all wibbly, though.
    Same for this one.
    Super awesome Tifa on Fenrir.
    You know, I didn't think I'd care that much for this Sephiroth until I looked at it in full view and somehow that really worked for me.

Final Fantasy VII - Group images:
    Gorgeous chibi campsite image with the whole cast.
    Wow, this one of ShinRa Inc characters looks fantastic, they are all completely hot.
    All of the clones piling onto their bike, lolz.
    ....LOL. I might be a terrible person, but this image is total LOL to me.
    Aww, I'm still weak to art of the CC crew.
    Zack, Aerith, and Cloud image that is really, really sweet.
    This is a really pretty cg image of the cast.
    Hotass image of the Turks, all in mid-fight pose.
    Okay, I can recognize Cloud, Sora, Lightning, and the guy from vsXIII, but who's the chick? I know I should know her, but I can't place her, it's driving me nuts. (I guess she's Aya from Parasite Eve? ...she totally looks like Larxene, though.)
    Aww, Zack giving Cloud a half-hug while also holding Aerith's hand.
    This time it's a CC-era Sephiroth, Cloud, and Zack image, which makes me pine for fic from that time all over again. *sigh*
    A little more focus on the boobs than I'd have liked, but this image of Tifa, Yuffie, and Aerith is actually really pretty.
    The girls of FFVII. Well. Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud in a dress anyway. Actually very pretty!
    I just really like the warm colors and adorableness of this group image.
    Very nice poster-style image for AC.
    Totally fucking epic image of Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith and the others. The details omg. *__*
    A lightly colored cg style image of Zack, Cloud, and Aerith.
    Zack and Aerith taking care of Cloud with Sephiroth in the background. The basic lineart of this is really nice.
    Silhoutte of the buster sword and a wolf, I really like this.
    *snort* Aerith staring right through Cloud to look at Zack was kind of wrong, but hilarious.
    I'm not sure why the FFVII girls are getting tickled by ghosts, but it's got beautiful colors and they seem happy, so it's more adorable than anything.
    Nice almost-a-sketch image of Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth.
    Awwww! Little chibized version of Cloud petting the wolf while Zack and Aerith watch.
    Apparently Tifa and Aerith aren't nearly as sparkly and pretty as crossdressing Cloud. XD
    Really sweet domestic scene with Zack, Aerith, Sephiroth, and Cloud.
    I love it when mommy and daddy decide Cloud needs a hug. XD
    Awesome poster-style image for Crisis Core.
    Sweet image of Zack, Aerith, and Cloud, all glowy and bright.
    Oh, man, this Halloween image with Zack, Sephiroth, and Cloud is adorable and so pretty.
    Adorable CC-era Sephiroth, Cloud, and Zack walking along.
    Zack and Aerith being cute while Sephiroth steals Cloud away, it's like this one was made for me! XD
    Poster-style image of Cloud, Yuffie, and Aerith that looks fantastic in full view.
    Sephiroth/Cloud and Zack/Cloud meme responses are totally adorable and fun.
    Awww, group hug with Zack, Aerith, and Cloud with little Angeal, Sephiroth, and Genesis chibis along the bottom.
    Lovely collage of the cast done in a poster-style image for VII.
    The girls of FFVII in chibi form on top of over-sized baked goods are SO ADORABLE.
    More chibis of the girls of FFVII in their adorable clothes, Aerith's pretty dress, Tifa's cowgirl outfit, etc.
    I can't resist the chibis, okay, not when they're in this pretty coloring with this artist.
    Tifa, Yuffie, and Aerith holding hands while they lay in the grass together.
    More chibis of the FFVII girls with Yuffie, Aerith, and Tifa surrounded by candy.
    I really had to laugh at this b&w cast image of a snow scene. The snowman that Zack and Cloud are building is great.
    Whoa, this black & white cast image looks kind of totally amazing in full view!
    More cute cg of the FFVII girls and I'm weak to bright coloring like this.

Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth/Cloud:
    Sephiroth and Cloud back to back and the details on the wings are beautiful.
    I should probably not like this SxC image as much as I do and yet. :|
    Sephiroth and Cloud back to back.
    TENTACLE MONSTER SEPHIROTH that is attacking a DO NOT WANT Cloud is hilarious.
    Cute image of Sephiroth and baby Cloud all dressed up.
    Oh, how can I not laugh at a Sephiroth vs Cloud image where Cloud resorts to pulling Sephiroth's hair?
    More of Sephiroth and Cloud trying to scratch his face off. I know I shouldn't laugh and yet.
    Sephiroth/Cloud moment right before a kiss.
    Sephiroth dragging Cloud's shirt up also never gets old for me.
    Mockup of a game cover with Cloud and Sephiroth and pretty coloring, I love the way this looks.
    AC-style Sephiroth with his hand on Cloud's shoulder, not quite perfect but neat to look at.
    Anime cel-style image of Sephiroth leaning over Cloud and holding his wrist.
    Oh, man, this image is just gorgeous, of Sephiroth pulling Cloud back against himself and the awesome coloring in it. *__*
    Technically, this is DFF but it's Sephiroth and Cloud, so into the FFVII section it goes. Japan loves me with Cloud's dress and putting Sephiroth around him when he's in it.
    Cloud in Sephiroth's lap and I like the details of this one in full view.
    This style isn't for everyone, the super skinny stick type, but I don't mind it sometimes. Plus, Cloud is in Sephiroth's lap and I'm easy.
    Same artist and style as the above, but... there's Cloud in Sephiroth's lap and makeouts. You all shut up.
    Oh, hello, kiss meme responses that are really beautiful and KISSING, I LOVE IT, SHUT UP.
    I love doujinshi covers like this, where Cloud is serving Sephiroth tea while wearing a schoolgirl uniform just because it's awesome. *♥ fandom*
    Oh, Sephiroth, I want to do that, too--shove food in Cloud's mouth and look at him like that.
    Sephiroth and Cloud in Lamento style and, yes, this is kind of awesome.
    Beautifully colored chibis with Sephiroth and Cloud and I don't know what this can't make better.
    Cloud's fists against the materia that's encasing Sephiroth in another really pretty image.
    DFF Cloud and Sephiroth where he's pinning Cloud up against a low stone wall.
    A collage of sketches and doodles of Sephiroth and Cloud in various situations, where the art is really pretty.

Final Fantasy VII - Zack/Aerith:
    Cute Zack and Aerith image.
    Scene from FFVII:CC where Aerith comforts Zack in the church.
    I like this cute one of Aerith touching Zack's face.
    I may have linked this one before, but I don't care, because this Zack/Aerith image is gorgeous as all get out.
    And one more Zack talking to Aerith image because it's also pretty.
    Beautifully colored Zack and Aerith in the church amongst the flowers.
    Aerith running towards Zack, both standing on water, it's really sweet and lovely.
    Gorgeous image of Aertih's hands on Zack's face and the colors are just beautiful.
    Awww, this image of Zack and Aerith against a night sky is really cute.
    Zack walking with Aerith as she pushes a cart of flowers, which is cute.
    Oh, the softness of Zack and Aerith holding hands with pretty colors is very nice.
    Zack/Aerith bright and totally cute.
    Zack carrying Aerith off while riding a chocobo and, oh, my heart.
    Oh, a lovely image of Zack and Aerith from CC and it, too, completely has my heart.
    Lovely image of Zack and Aerith touching foreheads while he holds her.
    There is something about Zack's smile and the way he's looking at Aerith that makes me melt over this sketch.
    Zack and Aerith both with wings as they float along together and, oh, my heart.
    Another soft image of Zack and Aerith in a field with a rainbow. God, I'm such a sap for these two.
    Zack and Aerith on Halloween and it's really freaking cute.
    I'm weak for formal clothes and dancing, so just shut up, all of you.
    Aerith in Zack's lap while they each both hold a string of flowers and, seriously, my heart at this image--!
    I am weak to bright, vivid colors that just about glow like on this Zack/Aerith image.
    Zack lightly kissing Aerith's cheek as he hugs her and tons of flowers in the background.
    This strip of a comic is the cutest thing ever and I just about melted into goo. Then I got to the final panel. ......oh my god. My heart.
    Lighty, airy illustration of Zack and Aerith that just makes me happy at how pretty it is.
    Zack tying a ribbon into Aerith's hair and if the prettiness of it weren't enough, holy crap, the cute.
    Oh, there's something about the colors of this one of Zack and Aerith that I just really liked.
    Zack and Aerith in their CC clothes and falling through the sky--SO CUTE.
    Zack and Aerith doodle that has light, watercolor-like coloring that is cute, too.
    Halloween cuteness image with Zack and Aerith in adorable little costumes!
    Light, cute colors on the two of them as they're curled up in the flowers together.
    A light, airy illustration of the two of them talking on the phone.

Final Fantasy VII - Cloud/Tifa:
    Really gorgeous Cloud/Tifa kiss, wow.
    Pretty image of Cloud and Tifa in bed together.
    I think I may have seriously just about melted at this image of Cloud and Tifa on top of the water tower, it is so fucking adorable.
    Oh, I totally adore the colors on this one, they're so soft and bright and sweet.
    Tifa wrapping her arms around Cloud from behind in a really sweet, gentle image.
    Cloud hugging Tifa lightly while she leans against his chest, aw.

Final Fantasy VII - Zack/Cloud:
    The look on Cloud's face is kind of hilarious.
    Ahahahaha, oh, the flying tackle glomp of doom is hilarious, too.
    Aw, Cloud slumped against Zack as he sleeps.
    Zack and Cloud from CC, the anime-cel-style of this one was really solid.
    I just think the lineart and details of this image are kind of super hot.
    Oh, man, Zack and Cloud and an explosion of chocobos that is super adorable.
    The usage of various shades of blue by the artist is really nice here.
    Little bitty Zack and Cloud chibis running along, aw.
    And then little bitty Zack and Cloud chibis get a few boo-boos, lol.
    Zack and Cloud back to back, each with a buster sword.
    Zack and Cloud apparently arguing over the buster sword. XD The lines look much better in full view.
    Little wolf Zack glomping onto little Cloud shouldn't be this cute and yet. :|
    Beautifully colored Zack and Cloud chibis on a pile of DQ slimes. All right. But it's really cute!
    It really isn't my pairing, but I love art like this kind of a lot, it's very sweet.
    The artist did a really good job with the anime cel-esque style here.
    I really like the flat colors on this Zack and Cloud back to back, especially in combination with the lines of it.
    Aw, Zack kissing Cloud's forehead, very pretty and bittersweet.

Final Fantasy VII - Other Pairings/Duos:
    Okay, I admit, I totally lolled at this.
    So, Reeve/Tseng is totally not my pairing, but this image is really pretty.
    More Reeve/Tseng that is surprisingly pretty.
    Cloud giving Denzel a ride on Fafnir.
    Cloud/Cloud is kinda awesome.
    Not necessarily something I would have sought out, but Reno and Elena are super nicely done here.
    Axel and Reno are kind of hot together like this.
    Okay, seriously, Reeve/Tseng should not be this gorgeous.
    Cloud/Cloud always makes me happy. XD
    Yet another image of Cloud/Cloud.
    Cloud and RedXIII in a field, very cute/pretty.
    Whoa, this image of Vincent and Yuffie is kind of seriously amazing.
    Holy shit, this Aerith and Cloud on a ferris wheel is one of the cutest things just about ever.
    I have to admit this watercolor styled image of Cloud and Aerith in the lake is beautiful.
    Omg! Sephiroth/Zack doodles! That are really cute! There's even smooches! Do you know how rare that is?
    Soft and lovely image of Tifa and Aerith, man, I could totally ship those two for serious.
    I think I just really like Aerith's dress as she touches Cloud's face.
    Sephiroth and Zack lounging on each other and staring at each other's hair, I love this one.
    Cute Tifa and Aerith image, I like them holding hands.
    Cloud giving Denzel a ride on Fenrir.
    Lovely Aerith and Tifa image of them jumping down together and I love their hair swirling up behind them.
    Cute chibi-esque cg style with really bright, jewel-like colors on this Aerith/Tifa image is fun.
    Aerith birthday image with Tifa where they're chibis sitting on a pillow-laden bed together. So cute!
    Ghost!Aerith leaning over Tifa to put a clover in her hand and, wow, am I weak for these two.
    Chibis holding hands and with the same lovely colors on Aerith and Tifa again.
    I just kinda like this simple illustration of Tifa and Aerith--I'm definitely on a kick for them.
    Bright, cutely colored illustration of Tifa and Aerith back to back; the lines are so smooth and clean in full view.
    Aerith and Tifa in white Christmas outfits with cute red and green snowflakes behind them.
    Beautiful sketch of Aerith/Tifa with delicate lines and the two of them curled up together.
    Aerith kissing Tifa's cheek who is adorable in her surprise at the kiss.
    Aerith and Tifa in bright, clean cg colors with their hands linked together as they stand close.
    A little fanservicey for my usual tastes but the gorgeous cg coloring is pretty aces.
    Lovely sketch of Aerith's arms around Tifa with a soft use of color and their hair is so cute, too!
    Aerith and Tifa again, this time in really adorable witch dresses for Halloween.

Final Fantasy VII - Cloud:
    Gorgeous image of Cloud on Fenrir.
    The Honeybee Inn girls and the look on Cloud's face never fail to make me laugh.
    Cloud against a darkened sky as the sun starts to shine through.
    Gorgeous colors and amazing details on this image of Cloud and the Lifestream.
    Another image of Cloud on Fenrir, which continues to be kind of really awesome.
    Cloud lying on the Buster Sword, done in really soft, pretty colors.
    Nicely done Cloud image that's a little rough, but really good.
    ....I have to admit, I lolled.
    A really beautiful image of Cloud with his feet dangling into a pond, the colors are fantastic.
    Gorgeous image of Cloud on Fenrir, wow.
    Cloud with a giant ass bow in his hair> Also still funny.
    Cloud in a modern day school uniform.
    Cross-dressing Cloud. With the Buster Sword. XD
    Bloody Cloud shouldn't be kinda hot. And yet.
    I think this might just be the prettiest cross-dressing Cloud image I've seen to date. Or at least right up there.
    Cloud and... a bra? Well, okay. It's pretty, that's all that matters. XD
    Another very pretty Cloud, kinda half-naked in a pool for no reason other than that he's really pretty that way. :Db
    Cloud in the room with all the cats makes me laugh. But also it's pretty, too!
    Little bitty Cloud on a chocobo is so cute.
    A really pretty image of Cloud with the Buster Sword, the colors are nice.
    Oh, I really like the lines on this image of Cloud, it's really pretty.
    More art of Cloud being really hot in a dress while wielding the Buster Sword.
    There's a cool perspective on this Cloud image and some nice usage of blues.
    Adorable little chibi Cloud with giiiiiinormous head.
    Really gorgeous image of Cloud with incredible colors.
    Cloud is super thrilled to be in that dress again, really.
    I am super weak to beautiful coloring like this.
    Wow, that is quite possibly the sluttiest cross-dressing picture I've seen yet. I approve, Japan!
    Caramelldansen Cloud! XD
    Yeah, I'm still not tired of Cloud inna dress, especially not when it's that pretty.
    Cloud with headphones, which is also pretty.
    Little chibi Cloud crawling through a YouTube window is great.
    Little chibi Cloud with gorgeous colors not happy about that dress again. I swear, I'm not even looking for them, they just keep popping up!
    Oh, I love the use of blue against the b&w lineart for Cloud, it's a very cool effect.
    Cloud in his AC gear with some cute colors.
    Simple, but very pretty image of Cloud from CC.
    I know I probably shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do, but chibi Cloudette in skimpy clothes is actually kinda pretty.
    Mopey chibi Cloud with bright, vivid colors is so adorable.
    Cloud in a maid's uniform and thrilled about it, really, and clearly this artist loves me.
    Moodyface Cloud in that dress from the game, which never gets old for me.
    Cloud in a dress as a mock ad for perfume? Also funny.
    Pretty Cloud image, I like this very blue eyes.
    Another really pretty Cloud image with a ton of detail on the accessories he's wearing.
    The three outfits Cloud wore throughout the FFVII timeline, done up in a lovely image with a nice glowing effect.
    Cloud with a tiger for 2010 and I love how peaceful and quietly content he is here.
    Cloud meme responses with different looks, including a bunch of animal ears, yes.
    Stunning image of Cloud in a cave that you really need to see in full view to appreciate.
    Black & white Cloud page that looks like a doujinshi panel, is lovely.
    Cloud sketch that is also pretty nicely done.
    Cloud in the white tree branches looking up at the sunlight filtering down.
    Cloud as a Yankee and then Cloud in his dress and, seriously, I love this fandom sfm.
    Schoolgirl uniform-wearing Cloud is still awesome, I don't care what anyone says.
    ALSO still awesome and I won't hear any different about is Cloud in the pretty purple dress and long haired wig.

Final Fantasy VII - Single character:
    Tseng and his gun, really kind of hot.
    Super pretty Yuffie in the style of AC.
    This image of Sephiroth has some seriously amazing detail, holy shit.
    There are some really lovely colors on this Sephiroth image with Zack in the background.
    Really beautiful image of Aerith, where the pinks and purples are just so vibrant.
    Very nice cg style (ala AC) image of Zack.
    You know who's always super pretty in art? Aerith always is.
    Another awesome image of Aerith as she casts magic.
    Tifa on Fenrir with the buster sword is super hot, I have to admit.
    Wow, Sephiroth with totally epic hair and wing.
    Another really pretty image of Vincent this time.
    Aerith praying that's really soft and lovely.
    Lovely black and white Aerith image.
    This image of Vincent has some incredible uses of red.
    Intense close-up of Sephiroth with some nice colors.
    Pretty image of Tifa pulling on her glove.
    I like the hint of sepia tones in this image of Aerith.
    Another really pretty Aerith image, the pinks and yellows are very nice.
    This image of Sephiroth and sack boy Sephiroth never fails to make me smile.
    Super cute Zack chibi with some great lines on him.
    Omg, Zack is HOT AS HELL when he's all bloody and serious faced.
    Really gorgeously done Red XIII image that has amazing lines and colors. And his taaaaaaail!
    Happy smiley Zack and his giant ass sword! :D
    Beautiful image of Aerith in the grass from CC.
    Another really beautiful Sephiroth fanart, which I don't think I'll ever tire of.
    There's just a hint of color to Sephiroth's eyes that's really nice here, the lines are beautiful, too.
    Aerith almost kind of looks a little like a doll, but it works for her character.
    Chibi Vincent holding onto his coffin is kinda cute.
    A really lovely image of Aerith that I really liked.
    Aw, this one is so happy and light and airy with Tifa jumping through the air.
    Aerith does look a little young, but the way she's skipping with her basket of flowers is cute.
    Zack with one wing and pretty colors.
    Sephiroth image that once again has some amazing colors to it.
    Zack with the Buster Sword and a feather in his hand, I like the shades of blue and black.
    Nicely done image of Sephiroth with the glossy cg colors.
    Sephiroth sketch this time with some actually pretty solid lineart.
    Colored Sephiroth illustration that has smooth, glossy cg colors.
    A lovely, soft image of Aerith in her flowers and praying quietly.
    Sephiroth illustration in dark gray-greens that has really neat, smooth cg coloring.
    Sephiroth in various ShinRa outfits over time, from the recruit outfits to SOLDIER to his final outfit.
    Aerith with wings against a soft blue background.
    Little chibi Aerith making a giant dish of something and being really freaking cute.
    Zack sketch that's simple but lovely for the bright blue used on his eyes and uniform. Also, ZAAAAAACK.
    A lovely Aerith illustration of her sitting while surrounded by giant flowers and her skirt flaring around her.
    I just like the details here, on Aerith's hair and the pretty flowers in the background.

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