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Final Fantasy XIII - Unsorted:
    Whoa, this image of Lightning and Sazh is incredible.
    Lightning vs Noctis image that is also gorgeous as hell.
    Beautiful lines and details on this image of Lightning.
    The cg on this Lightning image looks really nice.
    Lightning image that has some incredible detail and is beautiful.
    Lightning pixel image that looks really pretty, I really liked it.
    Nicely done image of Noctis image again.
    Oh, I like this one of Lightning and Cloud, I love how similar they are.
    Pretty Lightning image again.
    Adorable little Lightning with a Moogle that's chibi-esque.
    Super cute image of Snow and Oerba.

Final Fantasy XIII - Groups:
    FFXIII has one of the hottest female casts and this image of them in kitty ears and their underwear capitalizes on that nicely.
    Chibis of Vanille, Lightning, and Snow are pretty cute, too!
    Sample page from a doujinshi and, oh, man, do I ever want doujinshi for this game.
    Every time I look at this comic of the Lindblum crew, I laugh again.
    The Final Fantasy XIII cast in black business suits is kind of a great concept.
    Oh, man, this three page comic with Hope, Lightning, Snow, and Serah is just darling.
    Yeah, every time I see this one, I have to laugh. I laugh out of love, honest!
    Okay, the Hope/Lightning moments in this comic are kind of ridiculously adorable.
    Oh, I like this group image a lot, of Sazh, Lightning, Snow, and Hope.
    Several of the main cast in costumes of various FF staples that totally made me grin.
    Hope, Lightning, Fang, and Vanille as chibis and all curled up on each other, aww.
    A happily ever after comic strip is totally adorable and sweet and what I want for them all.
    Hope and Serah as chibis, trying to heft their respective partners up to carry them.
    Collage-style series of sketches for a hypothetical Final Fantasy XIII-2 and asd;lkfjaslkj the Hope/Lightning future one is worth it alone.
    Another series of sketches in a collage, focusing on the fights between Lightning and Snow.
    Multi-page cute little fan-comic thing that features all of the main cast and a really adorable cover.
    FFVII + FFX + FFXII girl chibis all sitting around in a hot spring together, which is kind of fantastic. (And more, but those are the main ones.)
    Another hilarious comic strip with pretty colors and Snow's life being hard.
    FFXIII cast adorableness with warm, soft colors to the cute little chibi-esque sketches.
    Cast image of all the main characters and they actually look happy, which is nice to see.
    Four characters from the supporting cast is an image that actually looks really good in full view.
    Hope-centric collage image of a smattering of doujinshi-like pictures spread out across the surface.
    Snow and his group of mercenaries, which are really kind of a happy, fun bunch in this image.
    Painting-like image again, this time of the FFXIII girls.
    Lightning and male!Lightning interacting with the cast is kind of a super fantastic awesome image. XD
    Snow, Hope, and Lightning, all with some hilarious expressions on their faces.
    Lightning, Hope, and Vanille all being cute together in this adorable lineart image.
    I can't resist the cuteness of this one of Lightning, Hope, and Serah.

Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning:
    Lightning with her shirt just about all the way open is kind of pretty, epsecially around her hair and eyes.
    Chibi kitty Lightning with a fish in her hands is kind of adorable.
    This one of Lightning shouldn't be so damn cute and yet it kind of is.
    The soft, glowing pastels on this image of Lightning that the artist uses are some of my favorites.
    Lightning and Tales of Vesperia's Yuri in an image with some really nice lineart.
    3D cg styled Lightning as a chibi is kind of ridiculously adorable.
    I liked the painting-style feel of this portrait of Lightning in full view.
    At first I thought this might be too fanservicey, with Lightning's shirt all the way open to show her mark, but it's actually really pretty, imo.
    Lovely image of Lightning looking off into the distance, away from the front and I like the colors here.
    Simple, yet lovely lineart on this sketch of Lightning is really nice.
    Beautifully done Lightning and Cloud image that's worth a look just for how pretty it is, but also how similar they are.
    Lightning in various outfits from across a whole bunch of different FF games--I'm only sad she wasn't in Cloud's AC outfit.
    Fantastic lineart of Lightning in sharp, crisp black & white.
    Beautifully colored image of Lightning in her swimsuit, which looks best in full view.
    Oh, man, Lightning in a kitten maid costume is way more adorable than it has any right behind.
    Lightning portrait with bright, vivid colors on her that I really liked.

Final Fantasy XIII - Hope:
    Really kinda cute little image of Hope that might be too cutesy for some, but I couldn't help being fond of it.
    A slightly more grown up looking Hope, I think? Well, whichever way, the sharp lineart of this is fantastic. *__*
    Beautiful sketch of Hope that's light and airy and has some pretty pastel colors.
    Hope laying on his side and it's a lovely image with almost faintly glowing colors.
    Soft closeup of Hope done in those glowy colors I like.
    Hope at sunset that has some lovely usage of oranges.

Final Fantasy XIII - Other characters:
    Hope and his Eidolon is kind of a neat image, too.
    Hope with the baby chocobo perched on his shoulder is totally cute, too.
    Gorgeous image of Jihl even if I still kinda think she can DIAF.
    I question the wisdom of this pose, but the nice, clean cg colors on Serah here are lovely.
    A cloaked Vanille holding a crystal between her hands.
    A beautifully drawn Hope image with some fantastic and sharp lineart.
    Cute image of Vanille lounging in a chair.
    A bunch of meme responses with Vanille looking really kinda cute.
    Beautifully done cg colors on this image of Vanille are totally my thing.
    Cid getting a ride on a giant Moogle also made me smile.
    Vanille in the traditional mage outfit is seriously kind of darling!
    Crystal version of Serah in black & white is really nicely done.
    Chibi Sazh really shouldn't be this cute and yet he really kinda is.
    Lovely close up of Fang in soft details and colors.
    Pretty image of Fang surrounded by tree branches.
    Really rather pretty image of Jilh with some really nice basic lineart.
    Brightly colored image of Vanille that actually looks pretty good in full view.
    Totally adorable image of Vanille being presented a cute little flower--the coloring on this is beautiful.
    Watercolor style image of Sazh this time.
    Bruised and determined Snow that has some surprisingly soft lines and colors.

Final Fantasy XIII - Hope/Lightning:
    Lightning asleep while Hope leans over her and I just kinda liked the layout of this one.
    Lightning giving Hope a bath is kind of ridiculously cute.
    Sharing a single set of pjs, Hope with the pants and Lightning with the shirt, is one of my weaknesses.
    Any comic series that starts out with Lightning asleep in Hope's lap and then has 11 pages of adorableness gets a thumbs up from me.
    Beautifully colored image where Hope is wrapping arms around Lightning from behind as she sits in a warmly colored room.
    This kind of image of Hope in Lightning's lap and beautifully drawn is the kind of art that got me to start caving on this ship in the first place.
    Hope a little older and and almost kiss with Lightning as they wrap arms around each other... yes plz. >_>
    Hope's shocked face as Lightning seriously pushes him down is kind of hilarious.
    Sketch of Hope in Lightning's lap that's really kind of lovely and I love the forehead touching.
    Hope and Lightning curled up together with pretty uses of pinks and yellows.
    Hope/Lightning meme responses with gorgeous little sketches AND MAKEOUTS. :D (A little NSFW.)
    Oh, Lightning's thought bubble totally got me to laugh out loud a little.
    Two hugs with Lightning and Hope, one rather innocent and one decidedly not.
    Lightning and Hope in the grass and holding hands, one of Hope's in her hair, which is darling.
    Gorgeous image of Hope with a film strip of Lightning's expressions along the side.
    Another gorgeous image by this artist of Hope and Lightning back to back with the beautiful sky in the background.
    The colors on this image of Lightning putting a hand on Hope's head are gorgeous.
    Really kind of gorgeous image of Lightning and Hope upside down to each other on a starry nighttime background.
    Lightning curled up in Hope's lap as they kind of snuggle/sleep is really nice.
    Hope curled up against Lightning this time is also really sweet, too.
    Hope bending over Lightning with her head in his lap to lightly kiss her, done in lovely watercolors.
    The two of them leaning on each other and holding hands in cute more modern-ish clothes.
    Sweet image of Hope leaning into Lightning and almost touching cheeks and she's really pretty here.
    Hope/Lightning sketches for White Day are kind of ridiculously adorable.
    Sketch for a promotional image for a Hope♥Lightning anthology and, man, totally do want.
    Summery, sunshiney Hope and Lightning in a field of flowers and lovely pastel colors; this is one of those images that totally conned me into shipping this ship, dammit.
    Hope and Lightning with bunny ears and adorable detailed clothing! I'm kind of in love with this artist a little.
    I love the pastel colors from this artist again, especially as Lightning feeds Hope cake.
    One more from this artist because I can't resist. Not with more adorable clothes and Hope/Lightning leaning against each other.
    This is another one that got me to cave on the ship because it has them both in glasses and omg they are both SO HOT. *__*
    Lightning hugging Hope to her and putting one hand on his head, which is adorable.
    Lightning leaning in towards Hope as they both smile happily and it's very sweet.
    Hope and Lightning in bed together, both of them in loose white shirts, as he pushes her down to almost kiss her in a gorgeous image.
    Another one of the two of them in bed together, which is more with the adorableness, but still gorgeous.
    Sketch of Hope licking Lightning's hand and, look, I have certain weaknesses, okay.
    Lightning thinking of Hope with animal ears totally made me smile, too.
    Lightning with a flower in her hair as Hope leans down over her, which is a cute image.
    Hope with a flower behind his back as he approaches Lightning in a field, done in watercolor style.
    Another 17-page sketched comic with Hope and Lightning being totally adorable idiots about each other that makes me weak. Shut up.
    Lovely poster-style image of Lightning, which has something added in each of the three images here--the last one is my favorite for obvious reasons.
    Beautifully colored comic strip with Hope and Lightning being adorable again.
    Hope huggling Lightning from behind, which is really kind of cute, too.
    Okay, I kind of had to love this one of chibi versions of Lightning and Hope riding Odin.
    There's also a Snow image in this series, but I'm mostly linking it for the lovely image of Lightning in a pretty dress while Hope wraps around her.
    Cute little Hope/Lightning meme responses and asd;klfjaslkj I totally agree that the idea of him growing up to be taller is kind of great.
    This series of images of Hope and/or Lightning has some beautiful ones in it--I love the glowing, soft colors but I also love the little comics!
    Lightning and Hope chibis as they hold hands behind their backs, which is adorable.
    Gorgeously colored wedding image and asdl;kfjaslkj yesss more of Hope growing up to be taller! :D
    Multi-page comics of Hope glomping onto Lightning are never not hilarious and adorable.
    Another four-page comic thing with Lightning and Hope being cute and the artist's sketch style growing on me.
    Taller!Hope and Lightning leaning into his arms as they're both in darker clothing.
    Another beautiful sketch-like image of Hope leaning against Lightning's back as she's in shock.
    Chibis and animal ears and Hope flying towards Lightning for a hug? Yeah, that's all I need, shut up.
    Absolutely stunning Lightning/Hope kiss that has amazing details and gorgeous colors; the kind of image that I want to share with everyone to drag them into this ship with me.
    I shouldn't like this comic as much as I do, of Lightning and Hope waking up in bed together and Hope finding skimpy underwear and realizing just what Lightning is/isn't wearing. But the art is getting really good from this artist!
    Speaking of artists who are getting really good, I'm still all over this artist's sharp lineart and soft, pastel colors, with older Hope/Lightning looking so pretty.
    More multi-page comics of Hope/Lightning snuggles and I'm kind of growing to really love this artist a lot.
    Lightning and Hope leaning on each other as they share a pair of earbuds, which is really sweet.
    Lightning giving Hope a hug with these glowing, soft colors that are so pretty.
    The two of them in regular clothes and lounging on a couch, which is pretty in a soft sort of way.
    Hope glomping onto Lighting who's surprised by it, with some cute lineart to the image.
    A daydreaming Hope where he's dreaming about himself and Lightning while she's "...." at him? Fantastic.
    Little lion-faced chibis of Hope and Lighting are really cute.
    I had to link this one, okay, it's Hope and Lighting in PreCure outfits!
    An older Hope kissing Lightning's hand and, oh, I am so weak, you all shut up.
    Multi-page comic with Hope and Lightning and strawberries and cute little kisses.
    Totally cute little sketched comic with Hope and Lightning being adorable.
    A series of Hope/Lightning kisses when they're a little older and, wow, this is so inside my wheelhouse it's not even funny.
    Beautiful image of Hope and Lightning standing side by side with some fantastic shading/highlighting in the colors.
    This two page comic of Lightning kneeling across Hope's lap to kiss him is by an artist who is really growing on me. Also, I love her dress, shut up, all of you.
    Hope pulling a blanket up over Lightning in a really sweet and lovely image.
    Older looking Hope and Lightning sharing a salad and it's such a happy, upbeat image.
    A 19-page comic of Hope/Lightning and learning how to ride a chocobo and the occasional light kiss and adorable blushing. My favorite things for this fandom.
    More of Hope and Lightning when they're older and shedding clothes as they lean into each other.
    A series of sketches with Hope and Lightning, including makeouts when they're older and then some high school AU art. It's like this artist knows.
    Hope holding onto Lightning as she's wounded and has lost her gunblade.
    Beautiful image of Lightning leaning into Hope with the pretty, glowing colors I love so much.

Final Fantasy XIII - Fang/Vanille:
    Really pretty Fang and Vanille out in the field together.
    Fang and Vanille at sunset is another beautifully colored image.
    A series of seventeen sketches of Fang and Vanille, all of which are adorable or kind of awesome--I loved this one a lot.
    Fang and Vanille in crystal, half in and half out of the state, which is lovely here.
    Fang and Vanille when they were younger and getting into scrapes and afterwards they're adorable.
    Another beautiful image of these two, as Vanille leans into Fang's arms.
    Vanille and Fang in their underwear combined with the strong anime-style cg of this is nicely done.
    Chibi-esque Fang and Vanille with light, solid colors that are cute.
    Another painting-style Fang/Vanille image that's nicely done.

Final Fantasy XIII - Other pairings/duos:
    Cid and Fang is kind of a ridiculously hot image, even as they're just standing near each other.
    Adorably cute sketch of Snow and Serah, awww.
    Beautifully drawn Vanille and Hope being cute with each other and holding their hands together.
    Another of Vanille and Hope holding hands as they walk along together is darling.
    Dajh riding on Sazh's shoulders and omg this is utterly darling.
    Vanille getting a ride on Hope's shoulders is also pretty damn cute.
    Cid kissing Lightning's hand and as;dlkfjasl ahahahaha, her face is great.
    Wow, this Mr & Mrs Smith parody image is kind of hot--I may have to appreciate Jihl's character yet.
    I can't help it, the Vanille + Hope stuff is totally adorable sometimes and I like the cg colors here.
    I can't help being fond of Snow/Serah, he's so completely nuts about her, and this image of her in his lap is cute.
    Cute black & white sketch of Sazh and Vanille, which grew on me as a duo after they spent so much time together.
    Cid/Fang isn't a ship I would have necessarily gone for (though, I can see where one would get it) but this is way too pretty to pass up.
    Vanille and Hope chibis again which are totally adorable and have some great coloring.
    More Hope and Vanille and cute, sunny little hugs between them.
    Beautifully colored Snow/Serah cover in a doujinshi-like style that's fantastic.
    Lightning and Vanille is not a combo I come across often, but this is really neatly done.
    Lightning giving Sazh a piggyback ride definitely made me smile this morning.

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