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Gundam 00 - Unsorted:
    Awesome group image of the Meisters.
    Lockon and Tieria in the grass.
    Omg, Lockon and Meister babies, the cute is kind of killing me here. ♥
    Tieria grasping at Lockon, so pretty and adorable, the blush Tieria's hiding against his back.
    Chibi-esque Lockon and Tieria with pretty colors.
    Patrick and Kati! And he's holding her hand! Awww.
    Allelujah and Marie, both of them looking intense and awesome.
    Allelujah pulls Marie close, I really love the lines of this one.
    Allelujah nearly cuddling Marie is actually pretty hilarious.
    Marina holding Setsuna, very cute.
    Amazingly done Lockon driving a car.
    I'll never get tired of Lockon/Tieria wedding art.
    I really just like this image of the G00 girls that has really nice, bright colors.
    Pretty image of Feldt in a shuttle seat and it's really solidly done.
    Feldt and Tieria with Lockon in the background, I'm charmed by this.
    Beautiful image of Marina with pretty blues and yellows.
    Soft, pretty image of Marina with pretty purples on her dress.
    The colors of this Lockon/Tieria image as they hold hands is gorgeous.
    Tieria in a dress still makes me happy, especially with Lockon. Shut up.
    Tieria being served by two Lockons which is very pretty.

Gundam 00 - Group images:
    Cute image of all the Meisters for a milk festival, aw.
    Beautiful cast image in soft, pretty pastel colors that are nicely glossy, too.
    The G00 girls in a pile together.
    Gundam 00 watergun fight is kind of great.
    Cast chibis are SO CUTE especially with such pretty colors.
    Fantastic image of all the Meisters.
    Really nicely done image of several cast members and it's got a great pattern/style to it.
    Adorable Halloween image that looks almost Flash-like in it style, which I kind of love.
    Very nice group image of the Meisters.
    Picnic with the Miesters as Tieria latches onto Lockon hard.

Gundam 00 - Lockon/Tieria:
    Really beautiful Lockon/Tieria doujinshi cover with them in a field.
    Tieria leaning against season 1 Lockon which looks really beautiful.
    Tieria and Lockon almost kissing and happy and the ring on Tieria's finger makes me seriously wibble.
    Gorgeous lines and gorgeous colors on this sweet almost kiss with Lockon and Tieria.
    Tieria in the lap of both Lockons. XD
    Tieria falling into Lockon's lap again with pretty, vivid colors.
    Neil and Tieria in shoujo style that I kind of loved anyway.
    Lockon in a suit, Tieria in that dress, still not getting old. Especially not when it's so pretty.
    Halloween cuteness with Lockon and Tieria.
    Pretty image of Lockon and Tieria back to back with soft colors.
    Lockon carrying Tieria in a kimono.
    Lockon's version of heaven made me lol.
    Tieria in a schoolgirl outfit while Lockon is in a boys' one? Still amusing.
    A pretty kiss in the rain.
    Lockon kissing Tieria in the ocean.
    Tieria in Lockon's lap while they're in yukata and kissing was really nice.
    Lockon and Tieria in formal clothes (well, that dress for Tieria).
    Lockon/Tieria kiss.
    Underwater hug with Lockon and Tieria.
    Tieria in a DIFFERENT poofy dress while dancing with Lockon.
    Ways to wake Tieria up, amusement.
    Formal clothes and finger guns with some pretty colors.
    Still not tired of Tieria in a wedding dress, no.
    Soft, glowy pastels on this Lockon/Tieria kiss.
    Lockon and Tieria in yukata at sunset, I liked the colors.
    Naked Tieria flying towards Lockon in his flight suit, the colors are fantastic.
    Cute little kiss image that I liked.
    Lockon/Tieria wedding at sunset, I smiled at it.
    Lovely image of Lockon pressing his face close to Tieria's in an almost-kiss.
    Tieria between two Lockons, along with some very pretty colors.
    Lockon ruffling a crying Tieria's hair and it's sweet and sad at the same time.
    Tieria holding Lockon close as he closes his eyes.
    Tieria curled up with Lockon as they lay back against a pretty pink background.
    Lockon pulling Tieria close, aw.
    Tieria curled up against Lockon while they sleep.
    Happy, joyful Lockon and Tieria wound up around each other.
    Tieria leaning against Lockon, which is really sweet and pretty.
    They're in their s2 outfits, back to back again, very pretty.
    Doujin cover where Tieria has bunny ears and Japan knows.
    Lockon and Tieria back to back again.
    Lockon pulling Tieria close to touch their heads together.
    Wintery cuteness with the two of them, including a snowball Haro.

Gundam 00 - Setsuna/Marina:
    Pretty image of Marina's arms around Setsuna.
    Gorgeous Setsuna/Marina kiss with some incredible lines, wow.
    Naked Setsuna leaning into Marina.
    Holding hands on the couch while the rest of the cast watches around the corner.
    The two of them lying in a forest together which is really kinda pretty.
    Marina's hands framing Setsuna's face as she smiles softly.
    Setsuna and Marina in festival kimono with fireworks in the background.
    Beautiful image of the two of them in a shallow pond, even if they do look awfully young. But the detail is so lovely.
    Lovely image of Marina patting Setsuna's head as he uses tissues, aw.
    Marina kissing the cown of Setsuna's head.
    Setsuna and Marina on the beach on a sunny day.
    Marina watching Setsuna take off.
    Crying Marina and Setsuna with his head bowed as well.
    Setsuna pressing her back against a bed of white flowers which is really pretty.
    Painting-style look to Marina and Setsuna back to back as he crouches on the ground and she stares up at the sky.
    Setsuna holding Marina posessively which amused me.
    Beautiful, delicate image of the two of them pressing their heads together with soft, lovely colors.
    Marina in a white suit with Setsuna in the background.
    Adult doujin cover? I'd like that, plz.
    Poster-style image of them against a bright blue sky.
    Setsuna giving her a piggyback ride, which is so cute.
    Half-naked Marina and Setsuna.
    Marina carrying Setsuna this time.
    Marina lying on Setsuna, there are some beautiful shades of blue in this one.
    Gorgeous image of Marina laying on Setsuna, the colors and detail are fantastic.
    Lineart (with some patterns of color) of them in bed together, which is really pretty and just what I was looking for.
    Setsuna and Marina back to back on top of a pile of junk, which is so much prettier than it sounds.
    Setsuna with a gun holding Marina close.
    A naked Marina in Setsuna's arms in his space suit.
    Setsuna curling into Marina's torso for comfort, very bittersweet.
    Lovely image of Setsuna pressing a kiss to Marina's forehead.
    Leaning on each other with some nice watercolor-like colors to it.
    Marina with kidlet Setsuna, his gun held in both their hands between them.
    Back to back with the beautiful moon in the background.
    Marina wrapping arms around him, which was cute.
    Kissing his forehead and I love both their hair.
    Setsuna and Marina leaning against each other with soft, pretty colors.
    Quick sketch of them with a glowing orb between them in their hands.
    Setsuna touching Marina's face as they lean towards each other.
    Kissing in a field of white flowers at sunset and I'm easy for soft, pretty images like this.
    Happy, smiley Setsuna and Marina holding each other close with some nicely sharp lines.
    The two of them and a red string of fate on both their pinkies.
    Back to back again, Setsuna gently touching a lock of her hair over his shoulder.
    More sharp lines for them that I really liked.
    Cool poster-style image of Setsuna with Marina and his Gundam in the background.
    Grumpy, posessive Setsuna is grumpy and posessive, but adorable.
    Setsuna's head in Marina's lap is really cute.
    CG of the two of them with a glowing sphere between them.
    Marina wrapping a scarf around Setsuna's neck with snowflakes around them, which is beautiful.
    Marina with chibi kitty Setsuna is SO CUTE.
    Marina holding little kidlet Setsuna close, aw.
    The two of them in formal evening wear as Setsuna carries her home.
    Setsuna carrying Marina again, which is still really cute.
    Baking cookies is beautifully done with the two of them here.
    Setsuna/Marina wedding is just as gorgeous as ever every time I see it.
    Marina dressed for a date... while Setsuna is in his flightsuit, amusement.
    Leaning up for a kiss from him, it's a little on the simple side, but that's what made it work for me.
    Schoolgirl Marina and schoolboy Setsuna late for class is adorable and lovely.

Gundam 00 - Allelujah/Marie:
    Awww, Allelujah hugging the hell out of Marie is adorable.
    Oh, I am totally a sucker for romantic images like Allelujah sweeping Marie close like this.
    Omg, Allelujah and Marie holding hands while in school uniforms is quite possibly the most adorable thing I've seen all day.
    Allelujah and Marie with fluffy... dogs? But the style is nicely anime-cel-esque.
    Marie ramming chocolate into Allelujah's face was pretty amusing, I have to admit.
    The different sides of Allelujah and Marie are nicely done. I love their clothes.
    Allelujah with Marie in his lap.
    Stunning image of the two of them in flight suits and it looks like it could be professional.
    Marie with Allelujah and Hallelujah, the anime-style looks really sharp here.

Gundam 00 - Other pairings and duos:
    asd;flkjaslkj oh my god this is Allelujah asking Tieria to dance, I think? The colors are so glossy and just amazing. *__*
    Jeez, Allelujah and Tieria shouldn't be this cute, but I love that even then Tieria has a gun. XD
    Tieria and Feldt is still weird to me, but I'm easy for it, too. Especially when it's so pretty.
    Sketchy, but totally cute Tieria and Feldt holding hands while in school uniforms.
    Tieria and Feldt in kimono, which was cute.
    Tieria and Feldt leaning on each other against a starry background.
    Graham being straddled by Tieria in that dress and wielding a machine gun. It's like Japan knows.
    Tieria and Feldt in formal clothes, flower petals floating around them.
    Feldt looking over Tieria as they lay back together.
    Really solidly done image of Lyle and Anew holding hands together.
    More pretty Lyle and Anew with soft, gentle colors.
    Tieria's arm around Feldt while the other characters watch on in the background.
    Sketch-like Feldt and Tieria that's really pretty.
    Tieria watches Feldt sleep, which is done in this really lovely style.
    Lyle and Anew holding hands, which is really sweet.
    Regene and Tieria in that dress, I think?
    Tieria and Feldt surrounded by feathers.
    Assassin style Setsuna/Tieria (in that dress) is something I'm totally weak to, yes.
    Soft, pretty Lyle and Anew looking at the nighttime stars.
    Mostly b&w Tieria/Feldt, except splashes of color for their hair.
    Allelujah asking Tieria (in that dress) to dance, very pretty.
    Setsuna and Tieria clasping hands in their s2 uniforms.
    Sumeragi and Murrue from G-SEED, this is very nicely done.
    Cute Lyle/Anew wedding against a bright blue sky.
    Another cute one of Lyle and Anew sleeping together.
    Lyle and Anew running through a field and holding hands together.
    Cute image of Tieria and Anew.
    Lineart of Anew and Lyle that's cute.
    Happy, adorable Lyle grabbing Anew close, aw.
    Anime-style Lyle sleeping against a naked Anew.
    Setsuna and Tieria reaching out to each other as they float in space, beautiful colors on this one.
    Tieria and Setsuna with kitty ears shouldn't be this adorable and yet.
    Anew and Tieria back to back again, done in a really solid style.

Gundam 00 - Tieria:
    Really pretty image of Tieria holding up a giant glowing sphere.
    Watercolor style painting-like images of Tieria in a dress are never unwelcome.
    You know, whatever else I might say about it, I love the season two uniforms, especially on Tieria.
    Tieria in that dress with some nicely done shading.
    Tieria in a schoolgirl uniform is still fun because art like this is so pretty.
    Tieria in that dress against a b&w chess board style floor.
    Tieria curling up in on himself.
    Soft and pretty sketches of Tieria in various concepts.
    Naked Tieria and strategically placed chibi Lockon is kind of hilarious.
    Tieria holding onto himself.
    Tieria without pants is still very pretty.
    I like the color shading here with this Tieria image.

Gundam 00 - Individual characters:
    Sumeragi is really hot in a bikini.
    Beautifully colored Feldt, her eyes and hair are so vivid.

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