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Junjou Romantica - Usagi/Misaki:
    Misaki sitting on Usagi's lap as he eats his birthday cake, which is a darling image.
    Chibi versions of Misaki and Usagi as Misaki leans over to talk to Usagi, with Suzuki-san in his arms.
    Usagi and Misaki in bed with Misaki pretty much at his limit and Usagi really into him. Bless the fandom for porn, really. (NSFW.)
    Misaki and Usagi chibis for Halloween done with lots of shiny purples and orages is so cute.
    The two of them in black suits, each with a different colored hat they're pulling onto their heads.
    Usagi wrapping a scarf around Misaki as they both hold stuffed bears in their arms.
    Usagi and Misaki in bed together, but fully clothed this time, with a stuffed bear between them, which is adorable.
    Usagi/Misaki meme responses of various ways they touch each other, whether sweet or humorous or sexy.
    Misaki in various outfits and poses, including one where he watches Usagi sleep, a blush crossing his face, aw.
    Christmas-themed Usagi and Misaki and Misaki is not wearing a whole lot of clothes, no.
    Usagi/Misaki meme responses with different totally adorable moments.
    Usagi and Misaki on a giant Valentine's Day box with Misaki looking blushy while Usagi almost smiles, which is a beautifully done image.
    Usagi and Misaki in suits, Usagi in white and Misaki in black, as Usagi plunks his fedora onto Misaki's head.
    Usagi with Misaki in a wedding dress while he's a suit and it's a very nicely done image!
    Misaki asleep on Usagi while Usagi reads and it's very nicely done, in addition to being totally darling.
    Usagi and Misaki image that's a lot like the manga's style, down to the way this could almost be a color splash page for it.
    Really kind of gorgeous Usagi/Misaki image of them in matching dark suits, with a bouquet of flowers in Misaki's arms.
    Chibi versions of Misaki and Usagi that are really kind of adorable, too.
    Misaki with sunflowers and a surprised look as Usagi leans over his shoulder--very bright, and sunshiney.
    Misaki curled up on Usagi as they lay outside under the trees, in a lovely and sweet image.
    Chibi mailmen versions of Usagi and Misaki as Misaki has a GEH look on his face. Also, animal ears and tails!
    Misaki and Usagi chibis in a cute little black & white image, aw.
    Another image of the two of them in bed with Misaki blushing as Usagi smiles and pulls him in.
    Misaki and Usagi sweating a lot and Misaki's kind of at his limit... and then you get to the final panel of this comic strip.
    Usagi sticking his hands up Misaki's shirt and also down his pants.
    Another splash page-like image of Usagi with a book as he leans back against Misaki, which is really cute.
    Usagi reading a book while Misaki snatches his glasses off with a big smile, aw.
    Lineart of Usagi pushing Misaki to the floor and gently touching his lips while Misaki is surprised.
    New Year's image with Misaki and Usagi as they each hold up painted banners.
    Flash style chibis of Usagi and Misaki as they sit side by side, a stuffed bear in Misaki's lap.

Junjou Romantica - Nowaki/Hiroki:
    Younger versions of Hiroki and Nowaki, I believe? Which is RIDICULOUSLY CUTE, I am kind of melting a little.
    Nowaki and Hiroki in bed together as Hiroki throws his head back and there's a lot of detail to the image.
    Lineart version of the above as done in black & white, where you can really see the detail of the image.
    Nowaki and Hiroki in the bath with flower petals and rubber duckies that you KNOW were Nowaki's idea. (Somewhat NSFW.)
    Beautiful image of Nowaki gently touching Hiroki's face as they're surrounded by flowers.
    Wallpaper style image of the two of them as Nowaki laughs and pulls Hiroki close.
    Nowaki and Hiroki sketch as Hiroki blushes and Nowaki smiles gently at him.
    Nowaki picking Hiroki up and carrying him and a;sldkfjaslkj I am a happy fan now.
    Nowaki and Hiroki as they lean backwards and Nowaki wraps an arm around him.
    Another image of Nowaki and Hiroki as Nowaki wraps arms around him. And Hiroki even has pants this time, though!
    Nowaki pulling Hiroki back towards him and wrapping arms around him.
    Hiroki in a loose shirt on Nowaki's lap and I can't help it, I love those two so much.
    Nowaki and Hiroki in winter clothes as Nowaki yanks him close for an almost-kiss.
    Nowaki and Hiroki in Chinese style clothing and Nowaki is fantastic in dark blue, but Hiroki in the red dress is awesome.
    Nowaki and Hiroki being cute together on the sofa and Nowaki gently touching Hiroki's face.
    Nowaki wrapping arms around Hiroki again from behind as he smiles brightly and Hiroki is surprised by this.
    Nowaki dipping Hiroki backwards as Hiroki blushes cutely.
    Nowaki wrapping an arm around Hiroki as his shirt is undone and they're sitting on the bed.
    Nowaki spooning up behind Hiroki as they curl up in bed together.
    Hiroki leaning into Nowaki as their clothes hang loosely off the two of them.
    Nowaki wrapping arms around Hiroki from behind as he presses his face to the back of Hiroki's shoulder.
    Hiroki hopping up to wrap arms and legs around Nowaki as they both smile brightly and happily.
    Hiroki with cat ears and his usual expression is great, too.
    Nowaki's thoughts are hilarious as the expression on Hiroki's face behind him.
    Beautiful image of Nowaki/Hiroki as Hiroki leans back into his arms.
    Nowaki pressing Hiroki into the sheets and gently touching his face.
    A doujinshi-like comic image with Hiroki and Nowaki, a little NSFW.
    Comic strip with Hiroki and Nowaki again as they're having a discussion on a bed and then an adorable hug, aww.
    Oekaki of Nowaki and Hiroki as he leans against Nowaki's chest with his usual expression.
    Hiroki cooking with chocolate and Nowaki coming up to wrap arms around him.

Junjou Romantica - Other pairings:
    I can't help being fond of Akihiko and Hiroki as kids especially when Hiroki has that adorable >:< expression on his face.
    Another of Akihiko and Hiroki as kids as they read a book together. In animal costumes.
    Christmas time Miyagi/Shinobu which is very nicely done and really cute. Especially at Shinobu's pissy expression.
    Chibis of Shinobu glomped onto Miyagi along with some really cute coloring.
    Akihiko and Hiroki as kids with some beautiful, soft coloring.
    Shinobu and Misaki curled up together... with kitty ears and tails. Japan knows its audience.

Junjou Romantica - Groups:
    Misaki, Hiroki, and Shinobu all in a naked pile together. Not graphic, but maybe not quite SFW either.
    Another of Misaki, Hiroki, and Shinobu as they're in formal wedding clothes--Hiroki at least is in a suit.
    Lineup of chibi characters that are all super adorable and I love them all.
    More New Year's cuteness with normal sized Misaki with a bunch of chibis crawling all over him.
    The three different pairings in chibi-esque form and glossy lines/colors that are totally cute.
    Shinobu, Misaki, and Hiroki again in cow-print yukata in a lovely image.
    The different possible Hiroki pairings all in meme responses and, hiiiii, I kind of totally loved this image.
    Beautiful group image with soft, feathery colors that I really like.

Junjou Romantica - Single characters.:
    Misaki with a super drippy, melty popsicle and it's just as suggestive as it sounds. (Kinda NSFW.)
    Cute image of Misaki in normal clothes and he really is kind of darling.
    Beautiful image of Hiroki in wintery clothes as tears start to well up in his eyes.
    Nowaki in a red and black yukata as he leans back on white sheets.
    Misaki in tights and strawberry print underwear bent over and touching himself--just as pervy as it sounds. (NSFW.)
    Misaki hugging Suzuki-san is really kind of a totally cute image.
    Hiroki in a red kimono/yukata as he lays back against white sheets.
    Misaki in winter clothes, including a hat with little pompomps, is too ridiculously cute.
    Gorgeous sketch of Hiroki with his usual pissy look, aw.
    Nowaki with his doctor's outfit kind of half-undone as he lays back against white sheets.
    VOCALOID style Misaki combines two of my favorite fandoms! :D
    Misaki sundae is kind of really NSFW.
    Chibi kitty ears Hiroki is really kind of more darling than it should be.
    Misaki in a dancer's costume and he's really kind of cute so I can't be mad at this image.
    Misaki asleep on the couch in a really sweet little image.
    Cute image of Shinobu with some nicely done glowy colors.
    Pretty image of Nowaki in the autumn with a red leaf in his hand.
    Cute image of Misaki holding a stuffed bear in his arms, with a wary/cranky look on his face.
    Hiroki image with a softer, more bittersweet/melancholy look on his face.
    Beautiful image of Hiroki looking softly downward, eyes closed and flowers in his hair.
    Hiroki sketch with his usual pissy >_> look.

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